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Is The Church Hiding Behind The Mask?

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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December 6, 2020 2:17 pm

Is The Church Hiding Behind The Mask?

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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December 6, 2020 2:17 pm

A frank and real discussion about the affect of Covid on the Church body.  Plus, how we can make a real difference  this Christmas with just a chicken.

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Christmas gift why not the one with the chicken leaving applicable waves as Christmas gifts chicken maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide food and nourishment for family and they can sell those eggs at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia. 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them a six explanation see chickens and camping hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network kingdom pursue here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore.

I can honestly say is been few shows in my ear that I couldn't show. And if you've heard, we're gonna be talking about some I don't normally do on kingdom pursuits of your familiar with me. I try to stay away from controversy usually but in today shower diving in headfirst. I am going to try to remain neutral in the midst of all this, but I understand there's already been quite a bit of screaming going on about it, but Larry George, my good friend from slow missionary homes sent me a text I can tell you little bit of the story. He helps out missionaries from around the world and he sent me a text. I think it was actually Thursday morning trying and it talked about this pastor in Hong Kong who had gone against what the government said and then met with his church and he not only got thrown in jolly in solitary confinement for nine months already. Yes and he talked about are we hiding behind the mass night not saying when I spoke to where Macedon was not get that. But are we as the church.

That's right. Our time at international events in a more specifically in America hiding behind the mask right and in in the L that you carve out a course we also have some other stuff, besides Larry today.

Lots of other stuff that we got Larry and I want Larry to get a chance to try to introduce his topic here. Well I guess what brought this subject up to me was I was reading about in the evangelical focus magazine in Europe about this Chinese man that was arrested in Hong Kong, and the reason he got arrested he is a Christian got arrested for congregating with a group of people we don't know how many and they try to blame it on covertly put them in prison for 10 months. Solitary confinement lights on 24 seven every day to try to get to try to break them as they call them and activists is what they did. I started to read that and then Robbie Alderson, I received an email about the same time from a friend of mine is running a ministry in Thailand about the effect of coalbed that is had on them being a missionary think they hardly have the support right now because when in America a lot of times if we don't go to church. We don't give our offering will give our offering people get paid and whose last will get paid, but a missionary and I got to looking at that and the more I was thinking about that. I was thinking in my hiding behind a mask because you know what our face expression shows what we think as a person. If I walk into a restaurant and I see a waitress and looks at me and she's got the scowl on her face, then I think, well, you know she's got a problem not go near her, or if I see a friend of mine walking down the street and third waving in the got a big smile on her face something a I need to go talk to them but if you're wearing a mask.

I have no idea that expression only to the rise, Robbie. I can't tell you the number people. I walked up and said hey how are you and realize I don't know they are looking inside know you are but that's true so we want to have a frank discussion along these lines today and we want to give you if you're frustrated about the masks and frustrate about the church's position on that meeting and frustrated about those kind of things we want to hear from you, but also if you're frustrated by people are not wearing mass and not being safe and those kind of things were not an in enema do my best to try to stay right in the middle of that let everybody get a chance to say what they feel and let's just talk is a church like friends like I know that Larry loves Christ, and I know a lot of people are dearly loved Christ that believe wholeheartedly in the mass so you know where is where does God want us to fall in this and those kind of thing so 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and along those lines we have with us Brian Kerrick, who was with gospel for Asia and if you been listening to Truth Network you know we got this critter campaign going on Mr. chicken and all sorts of stuff. Welcome Brian Michelle we are so glad I got to tell you that your website and the critter campaign is like so cool when you can buy a chicken you can buy a goat 65 bucks where you get a sheet all man SG premier sheet by the business.

So that's a good day. I mean I'm saying that's not bad for first so no doubt, no doubt yeah and it it's right and I don't know who thought of this. That way, but it what was really a brilliant strategy.

Brian really effective tangible way to demonstrate the love of Christ.

People who receive it as well as people who are able to provide for people in desperate need of interest. You know we we think of a lamb like your sheep or go I mean, we might think of it in our mail-order L are you the means to make money, but a lot of people it means the difference between being able to eat or not, are being kicked the school are not just being able to wake up in the morning and actually have look forward to sound simple, but they are they they make huge differences in the lives of people that actually set year in December and no matter where you fall on the mask decision. You know were trying to get the gospel out and you know we want to share Jesus Christ with these people and what a way to do that with a gift that can keep on giving through the critter campaign, but I've never had a call in all my years of doing kingdom pursuits from British Columbia, but we do have one now we have Phil is in British Columbia so let's go to him. Failure on kingdom pursuits good morning good morning are you I am wonderful so how are things in British Columbia well so you had a view I guess on the whole hiding behind the mask idea yeah yeah what what the reality and I church here commission of the little evangelical line and reconciliation network and your North America and what is really important that our church did your ad that COBIT emerged. And no, I'm not sure where restrictions are at another part United States and the family here, but in our province right now churches or are asked not to have in person gathering and there's obviously a number of different opinions on that. And that's very challenging actually pastors and church leaders even produce some conflict. Unfortunately, our our church very early on discerned you know what we can actually we can either fight this or we could see this through the lens of a disciple making opportunity and the invitation for us to the church to get outside the building and if they Lord, have we actually made our building and the patterns and the ways in which we've been screaming ministry and that we actually diminished our capacity to reach people and to engage people who won't actually come into a building upper and we were even seeing patterns of Christian meeting less frequently in the way in on a Sunday morning analytic instead of at least here in Canada instead of in a regular attendant gone over the last 5 to 10 years from know every Sunday to like once a month were regular so suddenly our discipleship capacity and are missing at the end of Larry had been earlier. Our capacity even to give it diminished because we see all of all of Christian life, primarily through the lens that spent Sunday centric instead of Jesus and missing Patrick so we reframed our entire spend our entire church life over the last number of months into essentially a network of small communities and column hubs basically like how strict it to degree where we bring people together there together the group of people and their thinking about what it means to take responsibility for the city and engage their neighbors to engage different things going on in our city as that ambassadors of Christ and to be both the gospel and people omission people and fellowship people where to make the system awesome picture that Larry is this is great still see the work that you're doing a got a plan long time ago. COBIT even start see God's it works with gospel ages and their critter campaign is a work when he got a mask on or not and where can hear so much more. We got somebody called from Ohio somebody from Raleigh allow their loaded and we got more from Brian from gospel phrases. Stay tuned. So much more since I should tell you 866-34-TRUTH 78840. Welcome back to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and today were so blessed to have with us Brian Derek from gospel for Asia's critter campaign which is critter is going on right now. Process Truth Network as well as our good friend Larry George was slow missionary towns, and his friend Mark to Freddie's we haven't heard from it all yet, but were fixing to with their topic hiding behind the mask, and Larry, I love the quote you just you just gave me from the Brooklyn rate will Vance have never said this.

It was really good about missionary said we are like a room full of lamps, all brilliantly lighted and trying to dazzle each other on Sunday. We enjoy our own company so much that would become members of an exclusive club instead of missionaries. Some missionaries bound for Africa were laughed at by the boat captain, you're only going to die there. He said, but the missionary replied. Capt., we have already died before he started the love that right, Marcus. You were bound for Africa and you keep being bound for Africa, but it absolutely has lived there for about eight, nine years in the canyon worked in many different countries ourselves and in Uganda, Tanzania, PRC, what you're finding in America.

On this particular time is very interesting to say the least.

Would like to go back together called and I believe from Canada that was talk about the church and how they were approaching things in how the doors know what they do with their doors open and close and things like that. One of things when I got here in the coven was starting to ramp up was I kept hearing people say got to get our doors open with got to get her doors open.

I'm thinking why do we have to get her doors open. Why can't we go out and talk with people. Why can't we go out and meet with people.

Why can't we just go out and speak with people. Why do we have to have her doors open on the church just to do that and that's one thing that really start striking me and start looking at things in that order the doors being closed how we can actually open the doors to how cool is that an Brian and you guys situation. I love the way that the either you came out with this campaign this year so that those people can now go out and talk to their neighbor with a chicken or a pig or a Bible or attract what were you guys just you know offering all these things are gifts are just amazing. Actually, about COBIT and the impact that it evident people in a lot of work in people bread winner what you call it day labor like they don't have any money and like in the parable of the vineyard Jesus told when vineyard owner goes out to find people to work, family, and on and the house to go out to get to hopefully get hired that day and it didn't get hired that day. He doesn't need well with all the lockdown and everything that means none of the day labor like literally tens of millions if not hundreds of millions day laborers can't get any work which means they can't get anything and so you know what we're trying to get people through these things, but just to make sure they have food like that but you get the video goat.

It is the heir apparent is amazing what happened to member one family I met and the dead. Two young kids and I couldn't put them in the school because they couldn't afford the goats.

I'm sorry to their two children.

You know when we we provide them with cargo and and it ended up that there goat at kid and they were able to settle like one goat actually was exactly the amount of money for them to put this child to school for the entire year, and otherwise they would never have the education, so I am just wonderful. Well we have so many calls from all the countries we got Dr. Duane cost fellow who is on with this doctor you're on what we lost. We lost Dr. Duane that we got. How is: from Ohio. So how your on kingdom pursuits good morning good morning. I would love to hear your view. In Ohio you live in a colder climate. I like Larry known for number knowing grade that he enjoyed his family were involved in down there probably like many good thing we have been paying attention to people who are been prophetic to the church in general are 30 or 40 years and what they're saying about the kind or enter a couple of notable one is that it did grant her one of the work number 30 new deal not waste the opportunity and the other is the notion of what" though a international missionary in the Bible are called the light movement, which basically do Boxster may only want the foster millions of gathered small gathering people and are all and we were in church, big church and it closed up and all though our home group closed up to the leaders were not given any guidance on how to handle it and what we were thinking one. Why can't we just gather the people felt they were safe enough to do it.

A few people in a home or even out in the back yard to me, pray, worship the Lord a little bit NetBeans to be what happened in Iran going to church is writing in Iran even though they can't gather any big gathering never could do whether there was covert or not. What they did is when it is small gathering all they pray they witness they shared and grown to a million questions and a lot what to do in Germany in World War II. They began in a small gathering within 01, though, like the overall message is post we may be losing an opportunity to learn the old and that we might have to use in other harder, fellow brethren, and other places in the world absolutely now it seems like anytime the wind changes. You gotta reset your sales and you know as a sailor, I'd I'd I just relate to that and that's that's absolutely wonderful help.

Thank you so much for calling them from hearing from Ohio. God bless you.

Keep up the good work. Thank you, thank you so next up we got to Dr. Duane were to try to get them again doctor you're on kingdom pursuits good morning good morning so tell us a great time. I'm sorry would tell us your view on the whole hiding behind the mask concept. Well, I've got great respect for the minute we just spoke before I see a lot of those things going on and that something that we as a church just have to be ready for because part of persecution will drive us to do new things and new avenues, and so I applaud them guys. My take on that from my perspective here. Michigan is hypocrisy. To the fullest. We have leaders all around the US.

There is the mayor of Houston, Texas to get the governor in California.

We've got the city mayor in Los Angeles and you guys can do this, you can't go anywhere for Christmas. They want us to stay at home, but then there out doing the same thing and they get busted and they're getting busted with people around him with no mask than what I said what I know is the virus is real but we also understand that we've never done this before. As far as when the flu season comes and so why now and I see a different side of this and again I applaud everything that the other gentlemen have said and we need to do those things but also have been understand. As Americans we have freedom with our Constitution and that is been attacked over and over, not the First Amendment gives us the right to me. And so it goes back to early on the in my view that the government said let's do this for three weeks four weeks and this will stop the spread. Okay, so we got together we prayed and I was shocked to hear the spirit tell me do it for short-term so I did and I was ready to fight.

And so we have to be with the spirit leaves and I think that's the key. The queue here is that everywhere the key is that the Holy Spirit has to be supreme in our life and before we do anything we should be going to him in prayer and in an scan in Scriptures and so but for me it was like let's do this and after a while they should lessen the amount of people getting covert it didn't. Long story. I drive to Alabama to my wife because her plane ticket would not allow her to come back to scope it hit during that time it was right after Easter and add that after Easter is when we drove back home but on the way down I went through major metropolitan cities and I this is what I was hearing on the radio all away down. Hospitals are full full full there to the brink and I went by major hospitals drove around their parking lots and didn't see anybody there on the way home we did the same thing and that we went by one hospital in and in Kentucky and they had a huge we actually made a wrong turn and we will try to get something to eat and we went around this big hospital and had huge tent others that covert testing nobody there. There's two cars in the whole parking lot so what's going on here is what I think is a greater story and we all know as Christians.

One day the Antichrist will call and we know that in order to get to the point before he comes no matter what your view is that my pretrip guy and as a matter you view. We know is common and we know that we don't need to be afraid of that because were going to be with the Lord. But these things have to start coming in the sequence. In order for one person to have the ability to run the whole system. I'm not against masks, I am against the fact that I don't believe in yet I found any maker of mass will all say that this does not stop viruses masks. I don't like, I don't wear them when I don't need to.

They are everything that Larry was saying we lose our intimacy with other people, but we also have to understand that other people don't always view our beliefs and so I think it's a bigger agenda and the agenda is to shut the church down shut people down and that also cause people to start saying hey the government knows best so every time they tell me to do something were to jump at it and we have to be careful of that.

I hear you completely and if you have an opposing you can call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We really want to have a frank discussion when you feel you sits where do you stand on these things we want to hear what you you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got a lot more critter campaign, on the Gospel for Asia as well as a number of dollars trying to get in the state. 10. We got so much more common on this edition of the number to give him a call in 866-3487. Welcome back to pursuits when we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom.

Today we are so blessed to have with us Brian Derek from gospel for Asia's critter campaign critter some really really neat stuff going on there. I personally just some as I mentioned in my you can really sink your teeth into what they're there and we also have cores Larry George with his hiding behind the mask. We got all these callers really get to an estimate of it. You name it. Cabo is with the cure. She's got a awesome show coming up today same year on kingdom proceeds good morning I am. I'm having a wonderful time were talking about the mass today. So as you might imagine, we've got plenty of calls. People want to talk about that you're talking about childhood abuse today on your show people be able to call in at one are you talking about your own story there. Amy while going about their own glory and now I need an itinerary I can connect well with me where and when I think there's a connection we are when an opportunity to see the cleaning people that have gotten the short end in so many different ways. Thank you Amy for the show and for people to give a chances to share their own story and appreciate it so much and again that show comes on at 1 o'clock Eastern on the Truth Network. Thanks, Amy Douglas will next up we got Janice been all gone forever in Raleigh. So Jan, you're on kingdom proceeds good morning good morning not doing Robbie it isn't Janet is Janice I'm talking a long time. It's good to hear you and I'm sitting 6 feet from these guys so were not really.

I feel your pain morning I agree with this black collar. I don't think it had anything to do with the end time right were going to turn Down with the bathwater. He public health. It is bad thing that we are having to deal with it. Maybe through date. It may be happened tonight exactly how it started. I'm not blaming anybody, but we been given to deal with. I am not on a church staff.

Ideally, it would have in microbiology and immunology, and all three died the everything that comes through. Now I'm going to rent a couple of things.

First of all, I definitely think you should wear man and when the vaccine available. I think you should get the next thing think that power going to personally nine opinion we are at home. I have not been to the guy's retort March become a Anti-shopper and I'm going to say technology that started their friend right now. I had some local churches that have talked with local pastors about how their ministry changed parking lot church will attract people will not come into a building and there hearing the gospel drive. Because it are being offered at church. It drive through. Box have been given away at Thanksgiving there with a mask ministry that was started.

Several churches back in the beginning to make man for people a lot. I need a man to go out but they don't have them made them some days were spent with another ministry to Haiti because the people of Haiti didn't have math. Okay, there are that it come there's the chart that the daily device every day I daily device you go online you can think just about any turkey one day and their Sunday servant that you technology.

Yeah, take advantage of it. Then Bible study offer communion and allow people in home who are isolated to protect the paint on their seat. I do okay but that I have. I have a question. I just have a question I can bring. So I teach special needs ministry and I think a lot of people know that accounting I have long time and I teach is in class every week and have since the beginning of however, two thirds my students can't do that because that technology sends them off the edge that they can't look at the screen. They can't interact with it. That's not possible for them to be involved in the fight right and so every well understand I I personally love to love to have a classic Calvary where people would come if they felt they weren't no risk because I would have no problem being there with a mask you know and and teach the class.

At least be able to interact with these people that have been totally isolated number two correct I teach. I I've done a devotion at a nursing home for 20 really, and a course they shut me down. However, they let me get my jokes into them so they still tell my jokes try to come up without sound system so that I could come out in the parking lot until my jokes and I'm trying to figure out how to set the sale, but I just want to know from your standpoint I get where you're coming from and I think you have every right to do what you want, but why don't I have the right to do what I want done with you and I worked with the special needs class chart now my biggest thing about that would be my first reaction.

I'm not really thought that my gut reaction gather friend would be willing to do what you do wear math and meet one-on-one, you can find meaning with people in our carport and find a faceplate.

I realize winter is coming and people are not quiet. I know I I am with you on that one.

I am Jan I unfortunately got all these other people and I got to get back my critter campaign. So one more sentence okay but I do Jan, let me just say that you are dear, dear friend. And I've known you for your time really really really appreciate your calling and your courage to stand up for what you believe. Thank you, Jim got blessed by alright so we have got Brian we gotta talk about is critter campaign a little bit more because this this stuff is going on right now.

People that see these promos of the Truth Network what what was be something brine that you would want to bring to their attention that they may not hear from us are like an animal like chickens for letterboxing goat or go through hundred $40 water buffalo for somebody or a lot of other needs and other ways to give it tangible it at least an easy to demand way and get a Christmas present for Jesus, but one of the things like we do it on the mission field is mosquito infested thing called disease: dengue fever and share one situation where there is people working out the last of a people group.

They lived up on a mountain and we are workers and not far from them.

Found out that day. They were actually dying all the skin of my disease. And so, knowing that they just to grab mosquito bus mosquito nets and I went out there and distribute them to the people to help them and that's why just because Jesus loves you the Christ emissary share the gospel and they just wanted to help these people and you $10 $10 apiece for getting in like you know in your room you go to bed. Why where his hand break Brian but I see the mosquito net for $10.

It's right there.

I mean hundred dollars you get 10 people you will not get done she fever brought in whatever we had so much working ever since you want to call in 866-34-TRUTH 878-8480, well, come back to your passion and that I am so thrilled just come in break here to have my dear, dear friends, if you have been listening to Truth Network you would know the name Karen Mulder wisdom of the wounded and so it's kind to have wisdom right in these times and in I know from a lot of experience with Karen.

She's been for the Truth Network wisdom for many years so Karen is so good to have you back. I'm talking a long time. I gotta make sure I get the right lineup. Karen, are you with me. Wonderful, wonderful yes yes I finally click click the right button on soft so I am grateful for all you you you you have done with the Truth Network and with your nephew, Larry. She's my favorite aunt five or if there's ever a time discourage the caller so share what I was. I'm really curious about your thoughts on the subject. I don't know you are on and were ready to hear your voice. That's me, it's me think she's on the delay so she somehow or another, she may be listening to the radio at the same time so we apologize for that little bit of the dead air that we just had to try to rearrange Karen so that she can hear in real time as I can hear the radio coming on in the background so we'll get to that though our doing that will go back to Brian with gospel for Asia and then you are talking about mosquito nets you got some other really cool stuff on your website and clean water, and we take granted, but a lot of people are never going to village and people just bake some fresh bread and they wanted to give it wanted to sit down with them and the guy next spoke the language in Chandler weight of water and I drift along the river and it would brown kitchen and out, going to village and eight and we were building a church right in the middle five villages become the center of those five villages. But the thing that made it the center was be able to well that the property with the church last people were so excited to show us that they actually had clear water and fell for you know like somebody can help an entire village get clean water in this case it was five diligence dog walking space never had access to clean water before $1400 tonight a lot so like to look for a family or for a cluster of homes, bios and water filter $30 and we had one missionary where to village that's exactly bios and water filters and people once again. They were just drinking water to match and your got and anything on the clean water, but these were a group that had never been considered human by others because it was so subhuman, so racist against them and but for them. The miracle that God loved him so much that he would actually give them bios and water so there like your God gave us their life that we gotta get Karen I'm sorry well ma'am about a minute left so Karen I apologize week we got back to you can hear me okay okay so we got about 50 seconds for you to share.

I hated that short but tell us what your thoughts are well and I'm hoping to make it different if I need to do what you like, you are not reaching out and helping other people. The line my wet banquet that you can find a way to reach out and lift them of the look for coping. 19. What can I that we can tell me how to care for the who are lonely. That's what I'm common thread through all the people called in as you know, we can still get you know somewhere that somebody's hurting and get within 6 feet of him and still show we care some way.

Karen and I love that your website does has wisdom of the wounded just absolutely beautiful. I imagine you might have some of those list of the hundreds come out the season right thank you so much Karen. I want to give Mark a chance a little bit to respond in Africa right if you've got this whole situation where you gotta go get with people I yes absolutely and is listening to the caller before about technology, and that's fine here in some of the other Western countries we can do some of those things but some these other countries were not able to do that and by the way, Brian, thank you for all things that you're saying about clean water and all that because that's what we do in all these countries in South Sudan to get water out of the Nile and you literally have to take your hand and move the junk off the top and one waterless bad anyway but there's no technology there. We have to go into their personally and meet people. I originally social distancing arrived love. Gotta move it up.)

We want to thank Alan sign Adam signs excuse me, Adam.

Signs made all this possible for Larry. We certainly want to thank you for Asia Adam signs as their king.

The pursuit you can see their phone number called a manager, you need to sign right they help support the Truth Network as well. Of course gospel for Asia. Don't forget critter thanks Larry, this is fun well and thank you for praying for this country.

This is the Truth Network

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