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God Shows Up - BIG TIME

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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November 29, 2020 12:13 pm

God Shows Up - BIG TIME

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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November 29, 2020 12:13 pm

What starts pretty normal soon becomes something that will give you goosebumps. God is SOOOO good.  Enjoy.

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Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the family? Why not a chicken? Stick a bow on top, put the chicken under the tree, and who knows, you may even have a couple eggs to fry up for breakfast Christmas morning.

Give the gift that keeps on clucking. A chicken. Okay, maybe it's not the perfect gift for your family, but it is the perfect gift for a poor family in Asia. A chicken can break the cycle of poverty for a poor family. Yes, a chicken.

A chicken's eggs provide food and nourishment for a family, and they can sell those eggs at the market for income. When you donate a chicken or any other animal through Gospel for Asia, 100% of what you give goes to the field. And the best gift of all, when Gospel for Asia gives a poor family an animal, it opens the door to the love of Jesus. So give the perfect gift for a family in Asia this Christmas. Give them a chicken.

Call 866-WIN-ASIA, or to see chickens and other animals to donate, go to Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. Now, live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robby Dilmore. Where's Robby? Hey, this morning Robby's a little under the weather, and I'm Jerry Mathis, Raised Body Shop and Record Service, sitting in for Robby with my good friend Bob Young, the Christian junkyard man he used to be.

Now he's just a Christian man. How about that? There we go.

There we go. It's great to be here this morning, and it's always a pleasure to sit in and fill in and help out in any way I can with this show and the previous one. And Robby, we hope you get to feeling better soon and just hope things are well for you. Yep, certainly is missed this morning, and I'm going to break a lot of people's hearts this morning because I'm going to tell you, we're not going to be doing riddles.

Save that for Robby, so y'all will be all geared up and ready for him when he gets back next week. This morning we've got a couple guests to be coming on. One will be Dwayne Carson, which is with Date That Word, and I'm really interested to hear his story and what he has going on.

And also Mary Kay Rath, who is going to be talking a little bit about the Hope and Love Foundation. This morning also, when we're sitting here and get going, we just talked about in the last show, Christian Car Guy Radio was talking about just the fact that, man, we've already moved, fixing to move out of November into December, and just how, man, it just doesn't seem like it's possible. I sit here and every time I say it, I'm just in awe that time has flown by. Well, the weather's not really feeling like December out there this morning or that December's right around the corner or within the next day or two, and I found myself kind of not feeling like, you know, this doesn't feel right, and nothing about this year has felt exactly right. We just hope that everybody's dealing with the shutdown and the lockdown and everything as best they possibly can, and just remind everybody to, you know, put your faith in the Lord and you'll get there. I've struggled, I'm sure everybody's struggled, the fact that we didn't have our usual family gathering and things have been so much different.

It's just really, it's just throw you for a loop. And it's just never been more important to trust that God's got this and that we'll come out on the other side. Yeah, one thing that I know with all the confidence in the world is under this call, our Lord and Savior, by surprise, I mean, we may struggle through it, not know how to react to things.

But, you know, we have to just trust in God that he is in control. This morning, one of the guests this morning is Pastor Dwayne Carson, and I've got him on the, he's not in the studio with us. He's on the line, and we're going to put him on the air, and I am really curious to figure out what this ministry is, Date the Word. So, Dwayne, you're going to have to get me up to speed here. Well, good morning, Jared and Bob.

Sorry that Robbie's not there, but Date the Word is a concept that we came up with about 20 years ago, in which when you say a date, 11-28, that's today's date. I've got a scripture for it. Today's Date the Word is Matthew 11-28, where Jesus said, And so there's 365 days and 366 with the leap year, and each one of those dates, I have a verse to go with it, and just a unique way of being able to connect Scripture with numbers that are easily remembered.

And all this came about because of one roommate one day just said, hey, look at the clock, it says 6-33, what do you think of? And I said, Matthew 6-33, he said, yeah, when I see numbers, I just try to think of Scriptures. And so later on, I was doing a Bible study, and a group of guys asked a question on how I went about memorizing Scripture.

And I told them how I'd done different ways of memorizing Scripture, and they just said, but here's something weird, guys, if you tell me a number, I try to have a verse that will go with it. For instance, if you just told me what your birthday was, I'll try to... Okay, we're going to throw one out there. We're going to throw Bob's birthday. Bob, what's your birthday? 7-22.

Oh, my, that's pretty easy. 7-22 is 2 Samuel 7-22. 2 Samuel 7-22. Therefore, you are great, O Lord God, for there is none like you, nor is there any God despite you, according to all that we have heard with their ears.

Bob, how do you like that one? 2 Samuel 7-22. Well, you rang my bell right off the bat with Matthew 11-28, because so many times in my life, I'd be laying there in bed, just knowing I needed to be asleep. But my brain would be racing and just zooming around, and I looked up a Scripture about rest, and there it was. And it just, he'll give us rest. It was so key in me getting to sleep so many nights when trauma or turmoil or what are we going to do tomorrow, how are we going to make payroll.

And it just helped me clear my head, and the next thing I knew, I'd be asleep and getting some rest so I could function the next day instead of sitting there stressing about the upcoming day or whatever had happened that day. Yes, sir. And Duane, like I said, I told the story of what got you connected to doing this, and let me go ahead and give out the number, because this is a call-in show, and hopefully we'll have some of our listeners to call in and give their birth date, and maybe you can mash that up with Scripture.

The phone number to call in is 866-348-7884. And Duane, and so it says pastor, so I guess you are in the ministry, and let me ask you, because when I first heard your name, my daughter's a graduate of Liberty University, and I think there's a connection there. Yes, sir. I was going to look back, and I had not, but am I right or wrong?

Oh, yes, sir. I grew up in Madison Heights, Virginia, which is across the river from Lynchburg, and I got to witness firsthand the building of Liberty University. Never thought I'd be a part of it, and in 1984, the Lord told me to go to Liberty University. Back then it was Liberty Baptist College, and since I got there, the name changed, and I ended up spending 27 years there.

And one of the greatest joys of my life was being able to invest in students, invest in those college students. I was a campus pastor there for Dr. Falwell, and one of the things we stressed while working there was the memorization of Scripture. So the Bible study that I was telling you about was with a group of LU football players back in June, I think it was 2001.

Wow. That's, you know, one thing about Liberty University, and I love their slogan, is preparing, you know, you to be for the ministry, no matter what field it is, and that's just so cool. No matter what the field is, we wanted students to go out to be a champion for Christ in that field. I love what Dr. Falwell always said, we want to put Christian in front of everything. I'm a Christian doctor, I'm a Christian lawyer, I'm a Christian businessman, Christian teacher. Well, Duane, will you stay on line with us and later on we're going to try to get us some calls and try to get some dates and see if you can give us some wisdom with Scripture.

And I tell you what, that's where all wisdom comes from. Again, call and show 866-348-7884. Kingdom Pursuits, we'll be back with you in just one moment. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, and again, this is a call and show 866-348-7884.

I'm Jerry Mathis, Raised Body Shop and Record Service with Bob Young. We also have on the line Alicia, I think she's going to call in and ask Pastor Carson her birth date and see if you can, maybe this may be the date that stumps him. You think so? I don't think so.

He seems pretty knowledgeable. Alicia, are you on, you hear us? Hello? I don't know what's wrong here.

Let me see if I can figure this out. All right, I'll tell you what, we're going to, Alicia will just hang on the line. I'm going to go to Mary Kay. Think we can do that Beth Ann?

Mary Kay Rath. How are you doing this morning? I'm doing great, thank you. All right, I can barely hear you, the baby on our end and everything. This morning we're going to, Mary Kay's calling in, we're going to talk a little bit. I'm going to let her just sort of have the floor about the Hope and Love Foundation and what that's all about and how we can help and how our listeners can help and contribute and the ministry that that is. Jerry, first I want to say thank you for having, for allowing me this opportunity to talk about Hope and Love Foundation. It is a foundation that's about 10 years old, the mission of which is to love, serve and inspire hope in those who are battling cancer. And specifically, the Hope and Love Foundation serves the pediatric oncology patients at our local Brenner Hospital here.

And it was founded by a family, last name is Bullis. In 2010 their daughter, Rema, was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of childhood leukemia, ALL, with Philadelphia chromosome, which makes it very rare. And during her cancer treatments and recovery she also survived a severe case of meningitis and a stroke and all kinds of challenges physically. One of the things that remains constant for them was the support that they got from their local church and family. And being in the battle themselves, they witnessed firsthand the unique ways that a pediatric cancer patient and their family needs to be served. For instance, when a child is sick in the bed, battling cancer, one parent or grandparent or family member typically loses the livelihood of income because they are needed there at the hospital to serve that child. And different things. A child goes through things totally differently than an adult. So in that light, Hope and Love Foundation serves those children and their families.

Going by the instructions of First Thessalonians 511 to encourage one another and build each other up, that's what we do. And COVID and this pandemic has changed what that service looks like for these families. Normally, we go in with meals that serve the entire family because, you know, they get tired of hospital food. We bring in gift baskets to welcome each child and that basket contains the immediate needs that they will have when they're admitted. A child is typically sent directly from the doctor's office to the hospital with very little preparation. But because of COVID, no one is allowed in that lockdown unit at Brenner for the safety and protection of the kids.

So our service this year has looked entirely different, unfortunately. We're not allowed to have the parties with the kids that we often have. We look for any reason to celebrate, really. We bring them Bibles and one of the things that makes Hope and Love Foundation unique from all the other service groups is that we are allowed to share the good news of the gospel with the children and their families. We are allowed to pray with them.

We ask them permission for that. Can we pray with you? We have a team that prays over them. And in any given year, on average, Brenner serves approximately 125 pediatric patients. So they come and go for their treatments and what their individual needs are. There's a clinic there, but all of that looks different this year because of COVID. So, Sarah, you asked me to share about Hope and Love Foundation.

That's the basis of our foundation. Yeah, and Mary Kay, if someone wants to help, how can they do that? Is it a website or contact you? And how could they help? What's the need that you have? And before you answer that, just the fact of being able to go in and share the gospel, just how powerful that is because you know what?

They need to know that they have a Lord and Savior that loves them. This story really rings true with me. When I was in the third grade, my body was rejecting one of my kidneys. And I only had to spend a week in the hospital. But back at that time, not even your parents got to stay all night.

Everybody had to leave at seven o'clock. And just to know as a third grader, being in the hospital and how much support would have been a really great thing. And it just sounds like an awesome thing you're doing for the young people.

Absolutely. Changing lives. How can we help, the listeners help? We have a very specific way right now because 2020 has been a uniquely challenging year for all of us, but especially for these families who have children who have received that cancer diagnosis. On top of those obvious challenges, those kids are among the most vulnerable when it comes to contracting viruses.

And so these extra precautions and restrictions that are in place prohibit people from coming in. Just as you just noted, the support of family is extremely important. But that circle of care that the kids have gotten has reduced significantly because people, extra people, not just our foundation, the visitors are not allowed in. So a very specific way that we serve these children and their families every year is with typically a Christmas party. And typically in past years, we purchase a gift for every patient and every immediate family member. And we've provided Christmas for them in the past. And Jerry, you've been part of those parties where we present oftentimes the only gifts that these families receive are what the Hope and Love Foundation provides.

This year, because we cannot have a party, because we cannot even really go shop for the gifts that we have in the past, everything's online now. The social workers and the people that serve this specific group of patients at Brenner have gotten together with us and we've come up with this idea. So instead of an actual gift that the family will receive this year, we are going to give each family a gift card. It's enough to serve that family to provide for their needs because each family is different, right? So last year we provided Christmas for 80 families and that equated $20,000. And our goal is the same this year, to collect $20,000, but instead of the actual wrapped gift, they will be given a gift card and the workers at the hospital are helping us with that. The nurses help us.

They tell us what the family's needs are. And so our goal is to collect $20,000. Now, how do we do that? There is a link on our website. So the website is, and it's all spelled out.

No anpersand in that one. It's There's a donate button as soon as you get to the website. Or there's a specific link that we've set up in Derry. I don't know, can that be posted anywhere? Yeah, I think we can get that posted. Later on it'll be on Kingdom Pursuits.

We'll get it posted there so people can just go to the Kingdom Pursuits website and be able to link it from there. Hey Mary Kay, this is Dwayne Carson, and I know all about this ministry because Rima was one of my students. I'm the head of school now over at Salem Baptist Christian School, and I am so glad we're on this program together.

And I'm going to do something that I may need to ask forgiveness for later from Robbie and Jerry and Bob and I guess from Stu. But I just want to say this, based on you being on here today, I am going to pledge $2,000 to this Hope and Love Foundation for you to get these gift cards. And I challenge listeners right now to go to the website. This is one of the best ministries that I've ever come across. So much love is shown to people who just really need hope.

When I was first told about it by the Boulos family, I just fell in love with this. And so I make a pledge of $2,000 to you and challenge listeners to go to your website and help you out so that you guys can make the biggest difference in this year's Christmas. Hope that's okay. Wow. That's all I can say is wow. I can't. We start putting this together and stuff, Bob.

You know what, unless you just know God is in control, man, I tell you. I've got a little something to add to that, too, when we get back, because it's just it's wild how this has fallen in place. Mary Kay, can you stay on line for just a couple more minutes after the break? And we'll be right back once again. Calling show 866-3487. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits. Let me see here on the line with us this morning live from Miami, Florida.

I'm sure it's probably a little warmer in Miami than it is here in North Carolina is the host of the Truth Network's program, The Cure. At one Eastern time with Amy Carbo. Amy, how are you doing this morning? I'm blessed. Thanks to God. Thank you. And you are we're doing fantastic.

I tell you what, sometimes in here and I'm sure you have the same stories where you just see where God is in control. And this is one of those one of those mornings here at the Truth booth. That's for sure. Tell me what's up with your show today. I know it's going to be a fantastic show, always is. And so much and there's so much truth in that program and that you do and and the guests and stuff touch so many people's lives. What do you have in store for us this week? Oh, thank you.

It's going to be an amazing show today. We have Quetelle Dacombe, also known as the queen activator. She sees queens and survivors with a beautiful concept and sweet approach. Having experienced childhood sexual abuse, yet she became an inspiration to many. Just comes to show how someone can start out with a very rough start.

Yet make a difference in the world and find their purpose. Oh, look forward to that. Amy, again, just have a blessed show and I know you're going to touch people's lives. Good hearing from you this morning. OK, back to Mary Kay and Dwayne. Wow. Let me tell you, Bob sitting here, we were sitting there and I said, we got our hair standing up on our arms and stuff. You know, God's got to put this together. I had no clue that there would be a connection there.

And Dwayne, then I also had another connection. I didn't realize that you were with Salem Baptist School, which my daughter is also a graduate of Salem Baptist. So all kind of connections there. I hear that all the time. That is a school that has really touched a lot of lives through the years. Absolutely. And Mary Kay, again, give us that, how we can get in touch with you. And and again, I know from what little bit I've seen of it and stuff.

And as you mentioned about that, that the founder of this, I think that I think last year when you had the Christmas parties, her and the daughter were there and stuff. And it's just, you know what? How God, you know, instances, things that happen in our lives we think is just terrible and stuff.

And then God uses it for for his purpose. Man, that is just so powerful and stuff. And the lives that are being changed and stuff, it's, you know, being able to see Jesus Christ in a situation looks so dark.

Thank you. Again, a vivid reminder that God is at work all the time, all around us. And sometimes he invites us into his work and it's always an amazing thing. And then when he connects the dots like he did this morning, we just kind of have to chuckle at that. Of course, that last commercial was perfectly timed because I had to compose myself. I got pretty emotional, Dwayne, after you spoke. So thank you for sharing. And our common connection is God, of course.

Yes. And I want to give an update quickly that Rima is fine, although she was given such a small chance of survival. She's 18 and going through all the normal 18 year old things. And she's healthy and well.

And she was served well by not just the school, Dwayne, but by her whole community. If someone makes the donation at, all spelled out, and the link will be here on the Truth Network website as well. They are a 50, what is it, 5013C. They are tax deductible. So any donation that's made to this nonprofit foundation is tax deductible. It's 100% volunteer organization. So all of your donations, you'll get an email receipt and it's tax deductible. And we would take every donation, small, large.

God will use it and combine it and use it for his glory for the benefit of these children. Great. Every hair on my arms was standing up while ago and on the back of my neck because we used to be involved with a toy ride that happened for Brenner's Children's Hospital. And, you know, I didn't know how that was going to happen during the pandemic. So this will be a viable option that I mean, we we've done that for years and had a dear friend. His son was treated at Brenner's Children's Hospital and he had such a heart for them.

And Mr. Jimmy Brown, he lost his son to cancer, but he received such excellent care and he would collect through the year and then come to some businesses and ask us to help. And then they would go on the toy ride and and, you know, you just trying to figure out how these things, you know, how is that service going to be? How's that going to come full circle this year?

And then God just says, Bob, right. Here's how it's going to happen. And so I think I've got a little. I'll be able to send some love your way to and I might know other people that that are trying to figure out what to do instead of the toy run. Because I'm not sure they're going to be able to pull that off this year with the pandemic.

It sure has changed things, hasn't it? I am daring. I know each other well. And I go by the adage that many hands make light work. If we all do what we can do to serve others, God will use it. Yeah, we are honored to be part of this group. Yeah, but we have to also be willing to when God opens doors to walk through it and to be able to. You know what?

We don't have to bring anything but ourselves sometimes. And God will make it work. And then again, if you want to be able to help with Hope and Love Foundation, it's and also there'll be a link on the website. Also, Mary Kay, I think even on her Facebook page is Mary Kay Rath. You can look it up.

It has some pictures from some of the past events and stuff. And, you know, Mary Kay, your ministry is just so, you know, it's just humbling because of work full time. The name probably sounds familiar because of Dan and Mary Kay Rath, the couple that sells houses, realtors and stuff. And I just I'm just so grateful to be able to call you a friend and and coworker for Jesus Christ. I'm just humbled by that. And Duane, and then what you're doing and stuff, it's just awesome.

I mean, you know, it's little things that that they just put just plant the seeds and stuff. And before we let Mary Kay go, give us your birth date and we're going to see what Duane matches up to you. What my birthday?

What's your birth date? And Duane is going to give you the verse. One twenty one.

Oh, that's way easy. One of the best of all time. Philippians one twenty one for me to live is Christ to die is gay. What a great birthday verse. That's a great verse. I'll take it.

Absolutely. You know what? Again, God just works it all out. And Duane, and as you know, this morning I found out a lot about you. You didn't know. And I think it's pretty cool when I found out the Liberty connection and also the Salem Baptist school connection and stuff.

And it's so important that that these kids growing up have that option and be able to to learn. You know what? You can function in this world as a Christian.

And I'll tell you what, Duane, we didn't get many callers up and ready to wind down the show. I'm going to give you my birth date and see what that what that passage is for twelve fourteen. Twelve fourteen. I'm thinking Romans and twelve fourteen.

Let me see here. Romans twelve fourteen. It's going to call on you to rejoice. That's verse fifteen, isn't it? Verse fourteen. Bless those who persecute you. Bless and do not curse. I need to remind myself of that verse a lot. Bless those. Now verse fifteen is going to say rejoice for those who rejoice and mourn for those who mourn.

But verse fourteen, bless those who persecute, like Jesus did. Well, Duane, Duane Carson with Date That Word. I appreciate you being on air this morning with us. Mary Kay Rath, thank you so much for being with us.

And Bob, for sitting in the studio with me. And we have another segment. Oh, we did. Oh, yeah. What am I doing?

I'm looking at the clock wrong. Hey, y'all hang on. Don't don't go away. Hey, welcome back to Kingdom Pursuit. I kind of pushed out the door a little early. I got so wrapped up this time. Yeah. Yeah. Must have been.

Must have been. Well, Duane, we're back to you. I'm glad you didn't lose you.

Glad you didn't take me at my word. You know, this this morning, it's been pretty, pretty amazing, amazing morning. One with Mary Kay and then your connection, then pledging two thousand dollars and Bob stepping up and stuff. And you know what? Those those kids and those families need to be able to see Jesus Christ in a dark time. And then it's those little things. And as you know, we all say so many times is many hands makes light work.

And you know what? God wants us to be a community and a community of believers that pitch in and minister to and with each other. So true, so true. You know, generosity is the new form of evangelism when people see Christians giving. It really connects with them that that is what Christ is about. You know, God so loved the world that he gave. And we as Christians, when we're giving, we're modeling like God.

Yeah. And you know, and and with with you, with your background, I mean, with the with the college at Liberty University and now with the Salem Baptist, we're able to see where you know what? That's almost when we see the culture of today. That's a piece that that that our younger generations, unless somebody teaches it and also shows it and lives it, you know, is getting kind of lost and sort of sort of a thing thing that's not recognized. And people don't don't see the value in it because everybody, you know, we live in a culture now that you want something for everything you do.

And they don't realize the eternal effects is really what we should be seeking is what what God is eternally going to do for us. Well, so many times, so many times if I'm having a you know, a less than great day and then the things that happened that just fell in our laps today, that beyond a shadow of a doubt, you know, God had a hand in this. You know, here it's a kind of year that we're not sure if they're going to be able to do the toy ride. And, you know, people want to do something for the kids at Brenner Children's Hospital. And and then, you know, I'm just kind of feeling in today. I'm usually not here this day. And I just decided, you know, it'd be a great day to be there. And since Robbie's not going to be here, you know, me and Jerry do do pretty good to cover for him from time to time. And just in a fill in row, I get this laid in my lap. And it just just really has been a blessing for me to see this happen and the way it unfolded and the way God just reached down and slapped me in the face and says, hey, you know, I'm in control.

I've got this. Here's here's what you're going to get to do this year. It's not going to be the same thing you've done for years. You know, we're going to do it a different way.

And then this way I can contact folks that I know is involved with the other, you know, the way we used to do it. And maybe I can't promise, but with a little help, I think we can make a real big difference. Absolutely. And Dwayne, one thing and I know sort of goes off that we're going to really thought was just some basically be talking about dating the word and stuff, but especially finding out about you being involved with this Christian school and with what's going on. I just love just just for a moment to get your your take on the importance of kids being in school and the role of a Christian school in the world. And we're we're living in today.

Well, I really appreciate that question. You know, Salem Baptist Christian School, we're seeking to offer and we don't apologize for this, a Christian education. We're seeking to provide a Christian world view. And and when we look at scripture, we are taught not just to read it and not just to study it, but to apply it to our lives. And what we're trying to do at our school is, first off, help our students apply it to their personal lives, where it brings about transformation and they're living the way God wants them to live. But then when they go into the world, they go into the world as salt and light, and they're able to use biblical principles to transform wherever they may be living. And we stress very highly involvement in the local church. We stress that you want to wherever you're at is just what you did at Liberty. You always have the word Christian in front of whatever you're doing.

And then you become one who transforms the culture. You're able to go in there and show what Christ's likeness is and what Christ's living is like. So I'm very much believing in Christian education for training our young people, getting them the word in their mind. When I was growing up, I went to a public school and was taught the Lord's Prayer. We were taught the Ten Commandments. That's not happening now for a lot of our students, and they're missing out. And so with the Christian school, we're going to teach academics at a high level. We're not going to compromise there, but we are going to work hard as well to teach God's word in their lives and have them learn God's word so they can apply it.

Absolutely. Thank you, Duane. I enjoyed this morning having Duane, you on there with me, Mary Kay Rath, Amy Carbo, and in the studio Bob, and of course Beth Ann with her expertise on the other side of the glass. Again, Kingdom Pursuits. I'm Jerry Mathis, and you all have a great week. And if you can, get out to church tomorrow. This is the Truth Network.
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