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We Are Welded

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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November 22, 2020 11:44 am

We Are Welded

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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November 22, 2020 11:44 am

Wow!  Powerful.  A couple of Pastors and some missionaries all in one room.  Well, one of them is on the phone.  But they all become one - welded together.

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Christmas gift why not want the chicken under the Truman leaving irrevocably as Christmas gifts for chicken maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell those eggs at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia. 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family and Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation see chickens and camping hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network person where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Delmore sound like wow like we just got off wonderful Christian cargoes. There were people showing how thankful they were for stuffed on the spirit of this blessed in hours. My producer was blessed and so is something like wow I've been excited about this particular show from a couple different angles for so long and I'm so thankful for what God is doing in the areas that we are going to be talking about today, but probably for the first time amount how many years I'm not real because I want you to be able to enjoy what all is going on and I want to have. I wants to be involved just like you are so wonderfully involved in the Christian cargo show a few minutes go and call in because this topic is like on everybody's heart and everybody's mind so first up we have pastors Jay Stewart and Derek Hawkins is not a great name on distinct Eric Hawkins man is awesome. But their book is called welded and it's forming racial bonds that last like these guys are pastors in the first bill share a little bit of their story. But you know clearly one is black and runs why idem a method that they welded and to meet these guys, you would see that they they are in fact welded and so how do we cross this racial barrier, especially in the most segregated in a place of America, which is in our churches, and so along those lines you got, you kind of wonder about these things to you.

You got questions for these guys who are living at in real time. Collis 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so Pastor Jay I better call about Nick is got three different pastors today, but JR maybe just a little bit about you know how when you and Derek got welded yet. First of all Robbie, thank you so much for having us alone today to be able to share just what God is doing in us and through us, which is amazing. His timing in the midst of so much division and anger and confusion in our nation that we have a great privilege of releasing our book this week. It just came out this week and is just getting incredible reviews but appreciate Chapman a song I was born and raised in the deep South in the 60s and have been pastoring and in ministry for almost 4 decades, but back in 2014 God allowed me to meet an incredible guy named Eric Hawkins and God began forming a relationship between us that was just absolutely fueled by the Holy Spirit and we had no idea where it would lead. We just knew it was a kingdom thing that we were to be connected. We didn't know there was a merger coming. We didn't know there was a book coming.

We didn't know there was a story that would go to the nation that God knew all of that in 2014 when he had our paths cross and it's been amazing. What is happened over the last six years and are not excited yet. Let me just tell you click had to guess with Elsa Derek from your perspective, though every thank you so much for having us on the Saturday Minnesota privilege to be here today to share a story passage in a student's is a hero in the faith is for those people that you meeting your lifetime and it is make things better for everybody is that they come in contact with his leadership, his vision more important that this is family and just the way that he leads and bills of this automatic capacity back in 2014 on a whim I actually went to take my daughter to get a hairnet on the Saturday morning not typically less than the 71 about my wife asked me to do something that didn't really want to leave the comfort of my cows that they would not be agencies that listen to basically talk about element more so she's gonna see my list of the trip but I did that and begin to drop my daughter off downtown in Salisbury, North Carolina and Pastor Jay at planet Is in my hometown was menorrhagia Salisbury North Carolina called the refuge. Of course I'm taken over church in Greensburg Ocala called the house of refuge deliverance ministries. How ironic is the name and so I'm walking take my daughter might identify something to do, you know blows time away so I take of walking up the street a few blocks away and I see this huge red sign. This is the refuge like I'm blown away by the side of the figure this out. Take out my phone and I put the member area except when I call I call may be a few days was a Saturday went to got a call on the Monday I call a Monday, but it doesn't lead me to the Salisbury campus. It actually leaves me just right outside of Charlotte and Concord Annapolis area and what happens is they pick up the phone. The receptionist picks up the phone and they say sitting with the graphic designer. His name is Marcello and I go in I meet with him. Anything you need to be passed today. Stewart is an apostolic father.

I think you need to meet him. He visually invited me back a few weeks later to a service embedding leaks.

It was there preaching a revival and I never forget Rob that the filling that I had when I drove home that day the president got his summa car and then I was literally in tears as I left. I never felt the present got to be honest it does my actual first experience since I was maybe like 12 years old and a white church and so just seeing that.

But this was totally different. Will I meet Pastor Jay in the concourse area he's going on sabbatical. The next month and he says if you get in contact with me I'll meet with you and he was a man of his word. I was a man of my word, I reached out to them.

I think the same week, but he responded when he came back and we begin the meat over the course of the next year and 1/2 and got bless is blessed life. And like I said, they say we we never saw this. It was God's better narrative that he was writing. There are stories while remaining like wow but but I love the name of the book just been a car guy now ever welded but I have poorly by these be Robbie did a bird come by here and drop all this living is share with you that in order to weld. It takes a lot of heat and and I actually welded with silver and and and the guy even told me. I remember well that in order to know if the silver was hot enough to draw the bead that you need in order to welded you needed to be able to see yourself in Oaxaca and met and spent one parallel it out when you think that that actually Jesus is welded us like to him.

But in order to really reflect that in order to reflect that bike. Wow.

Can we you know be welded like this is just a beautiful title and and and I think that of of the journey, but again I don't want people to miss this opportunity so you can hear these guys hearts and this is a live show okay and so I know that you eat your struggle right here 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH my but my son played actually Division I basketball, UNCG, and so when we were in high school usually played on all these teams and one of the teams he played on was the light disciples or somebody Greensboro. It was an all-black team and I was out of the church, Greensburg, there is an awesome team. We went to the national championship and we got invited to their church and cellular here.

You know, you know, obviously couldn't be more white and the only ones walking into this church in downtown Greensboro and I felt the segregation for the first time. However, I completely felt the love I mean I felt the worship and I and I sensed like you had talked about Derek that God was clearly there right so you can't help but come away with a question what is going on. I mean, why is it that this is is is so clearly but it was uncomfortable all clearly admit now I know you know but if you want to feel loved. By the way, you just just walk in the one of those churches are not then I can say what you doing here, Whitey. I may sit development.

And I think the Dr. Martin Luther King says this he says one of the most the most same hour in the Americas.

11:00 AM on Sunday mornings and so technically no believing in God.

My other pastor friends here today to unload his by my name Scott is really good at this particular Thanksgiving here and so you just kind of thinking we got so much more, please call. I know you had a Sprint would like to know your thoughts. 866348788. Welcome back to Kingman versus where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom.

Today we are blessed and honored to have with this Pastor Jay Stewart and Derek Hawkins with her new book welded forming racial bonds that last as well as my good friend Matt Willis who we haven't heard from yet but when hear from them right now and he's trying to get his friend Don because he got this huge amount always talk about somebody's always had a heart to share the gospel across the worldly submissions pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, and Matt you guys have got a big deal coming on the four fields of kingdom growth. Yeah, that's right. So next weekend, November 28 and 29th and get more One of the greatest missionaries in the world today is going to come to Winston-Salem next weekend.

So his name is Nathan Cinque friend of mine because we were missionaries together in the same city in South Asia for a few years and he really shifted my paradigm and and the four fields of kingdom growth is some material that he's created. That really helps you to get a new perspective it's really for people who are discontent with the status quo. In other has a vision that's bigger than themselves.

It really simplifies ways that we can get involved in God's kingdom.

So that's can it be Saturday night from 6 to 8 PM. In fact, when you're the website there's one thing you won't see so this is a little you know. Added value to listening to the radio, you know today is that if you're a pastor or a missionary or someone like that full-time active in ministry. There's going to be leadership session iron on iron from 10 to 4 this coming Saturday with Nathan so he is awesome at leadership development and iron on. I just come from that verse in Proverbs. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another, and so there's that he's going to preach at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem on Sunday morning and then there will be an event right after church as well about engaging South Asia which is 1.7 billion people in the world today just a few NNN in different times with different situations.

But that again. You know, we can hopefully have Nathan on here shortly.

We've we've got that set up but right now we got a collar that's for Derek and them for pastors. J.

Which by the way you I may have mentioned that that that they have the honor of being the key to cholos pastor and an even one of the meat meat meat meat and things got it done in my life is Nikita show comes on now called man up at 1230 and and and you can see the effect that all these men had on each and the hearts that they have forgotten what God is doing through these ministries. Absolutely phenomenal.

So J in Durham here on kingdom pursuits good morning, I help to take care of my magic passionate topic for me asking you know that I am an American and integrated when I was younger. Derek and Allison have a grandchildren slot by race by race and passionate, and as a Christian and a very start to play boy death, that is my dog. In order to bring us some reconciliation beginning and on the understanding all the rain between black and white. My understanding is that in my art I had needed through May 13 20 between black and white on the 90 day parade on the menu. Even if you're trying granny on the rock. It is in the diaper at the area. Speaking from right to cultivate thing on the I think if I had to type that can pull a I don't know if you know about making chronicler number of cases that happen when against the Asian-American year and allowed jump in there. So are you telling me I'm just can't understand what you're saying that some people blame Asian people for covert where public side by talking and when pregnant found in all your particle yet okay make. I constantly renew any hacking. Connie undid her knee to make it happen any time not go to the site clean. I know I have my story. My skin has been on the 90 thought had been cast to me. I'm not. I I still say I really do.

But it would be helpful. I know for 10 understands. So when you are saying is that since I'm I'm hearing you right that not only are people bright judging you because you're Asian but in some way shape or form their insulting you and feeling like somehow you personally responsible for covert I lady from my Connie coming to get active country you serious, so I again I hate to jump in trying out you want to know that I don't want to eight and I don't want yet yet what the heck Dale with a hot body. People I need to talk to you because I can assure you Jay that had you not made this call. I never want against in a million years that this is going on pastor yeah I would love to thank you for calling yeah and for small images are not one of my daughters is a nurse and I just want to thank you for your service as a nurse your nomination note we talk about in our book Jane that one of the prerequisites for revival is unity and the enemy is constantly at work to try to divide us because what's at stake is what I believe is one of the greatest moves of God that we've ever seen in our nation and ironically after slavery was abolished in America and black people in America could not get business and could not start businesses. It was the Asians that were in America that stepped up to help the black people get their start now. Unfortunately, we see tension between Blacks and nations in America through the protest and the riots that were there was a lot of tension there but I'm so side sad to hear that you've been personally attacked.

That's not what our nation is about, and it certainly not what the kingdom is about. But here's my encouragement for you today, the priority of Jesus. The last thing that he prayed before going to the cross. In John 17 was for unity and here's what we been challenging people to do.

Jane asked the Lord to allow you to be the fulfillment of the prayer that Jesus prayed and even in the midst of the attacks that your being subject to God wants to use you as a shining example of what it means the Scripture that says love covers a multitude of sins, let the love of Jesus flow through you in the midst of this, and I promise you it will stand out and will be on full display. Because God is looking for people just like you who will carry his heart for others, and I know enough to know that she ever hear anything. Thank you, Che is always you bless me a blessing.

Thank you for calling today is so awesome after that date. In order for people to engage in it, never married a topic. I agree Morrison here's what I want to encourage you to get two copies of our book and give one to someone who looks different than you and now I bless you Che have a great Thanksgiving. Glad you called. All right, well, good news we have.

Nathan shrank with us and by the way, so you have of you. Something that you've experienced long as racial tensions or something that you feel you got a question for Derek or for for pastor J8663487884 866-34-TRUTH so Nathan, so glad that you are with us now and and Matt what what what would you lead Nathan to share with us while Nathan has made more of an impact on my life than anyone outside of my own family. So I think highly of them and am glad to call them friend, but I left for him to share some of his vision because he is not in a rare position to be able to see the whole world and to see where God's at work and and just to have a God sized vision so Nathan love free to share.

Thank you, gentlemen. What are primitive to join today opportunity and say the same about Matt Willis. For those of you who know Calvary Baptist Church or for that matter, the Willis family all the way back to Matt's grandpa way we benefited from documenting and curriculum like master like I remember being just a child in learning from Avery Willis writing in the late 80s and so it's a privilege to not only join your call today, but be introduced by a brother like that and I would just offer to your listeners today.

I had the chance to join us in the prayer for laborers we have that in Luke chapter 10 verse number two where Jesus was mobilizing, organizing, and extending his own disciples out to buy two for the sake of engaging villages and towns in the province of Galilee first construction factor.

The imperative that there is construction because specifically because the laborers are few. I jump in on you Nathan.

That's it.

Amazing verse, and yes, that is certainly field out there so we got a lot more king ever since coming with Nathan and you can hear all this other stuff that we need to hear you 866-34-TRUTH 7880. Welcome back to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes to build the kingdom. We currently have poster children.

As we have pastor Derek and pastor J with their book, welded on racial reconciliation and while this really an opportunity for you to engage in something I know were all feeling in my chain describing is not so easy to talk about but I will should be courageous or I should say I'm I'm planning people. Be courageous and can call and ensure what the real experiencing and and let's talk about it or around the table was a friend not just describe that fact. Once you tell us that quote.

It was great thing about Revelation 7.

I intend that there is going to be a people from every nation tried people in language saved in heaven worshiping God that since were going to stand before God's throne together forever. We need to sit around the table together. Now right so all along those ideas and sitting on the table. I have Amy Carbo who is the host of the QR that's coming on and just in your own household.

Let me just say there's prejudice that goes on. You may not be aware that but this Thanksgiving, I bet you have this uncle that's not too thrilled about sitting on the table with and so I have one anyway. Amy your show is going to be about relationship right perfect timing for what you guys are doing today right today at one on the cure line.

What might lie out the relationship. I will be at farming out direct personal and spiritual example my relationship with God and depend on how we relate to ourselves that we will have enough time complaining that content in the show, you know, Amy is a dear, dear friend and you know this is a real show or you can call ensure what you're really thinking about this and you can have core there to talk to so same number 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Get ready at 1 o'clock for Amy, thank you so much for all you do.

Amy got busted. Okay so pastor Derek right because today's church right because you guys are welded.

Can you kinda describe that for me and do you actually feel like that there people beginning to get a grip on worshiping with each other white people and black people. I guess I absolutely meant to share my first experience doing a lot of interviews and the first time I listened to Kayla it was a opening your opening experience for me and I had to get adjusted and I think what happens is when we focus on the narrative, the false narrative that the media creates it will make you feel as though unity is not possible or that unity is not happening so I thank you thank God for the store that tested and I've been able to share because what happens is it takes you into our lives personalize personal upbringings inside of our congregations to let you know the struggles behind what we faced and I believe that there are challenges, but I think it's more things that we agree upon that we actually separated us and we always talk about this focusing on the positives instead of the negatives listen.

It's amazing we go to Starbucks and drink Starbucks together we can go to Krispy Kreme to get a bill that together we can come a set of our sanctuaries and worship together and there's so many things this man and have in common and so our worship together we we believe in the word of God is a phenomenal preacher. The warship has been. I found the presence of God in worship contemporary CCM worship traditional African-American worship and we mix those together and what we've done is our worship team goes down once a month to leave at our main campus we have teaching and preaching weep sermon player prep together that we just wrote a book together so we do life together. What I would challenge anybody to solicit is that I want you to challenge it and let sit as early as finding someone. Don't force it. Let the Holy Spirit created it's our job, according to Ephesians 43 to make every effort to protect unity as so I think our job is to protect and preserve unity and I think that when we do that will be able to share the narrative more people see that is actually possible is gonna take a little bit of work might take a little bit of time. You might feel a little bit uncomfortable but at the end of the day were all going towards the same go and I believe it was going to get there and well actually a lot farther than what people might actually think that we chat and when I think about this. Matt is really no quince and I don't think that God picked you for this particular show because Jay's comments just blew me away. But you have a different view, having been around Asian people in worshiping with Asian people. That's right. Spent time in East Asia and then lived in South Asia for seven years as well, so I also know what it's like to be the minority. You know, and so see the tables kinda flipped you know as well so have great compassion you know for all people and so cool you guys and Nathan you met apparently down in South Asia right that's correct. I think Nathan still on the call is only evidently is, and that's where I was leading you yeah you know I'm interested in Nathan's Erie Cayman, you know, at this point the conversation. I know I missed out on some of the beginning but not clearly.

You know he's he's there trying to sit around the table with people and I like it. Yeah, that's right.

And he's done a great job empowering throughout South Asia.

I think one of the things that we do in ministry. Sometimes as we think about what can I do. But if we have a bigger God's eyes vision asked the question we take what's it going to take what is it going to take it in a place like South Asia where there's over a billion people, you realize I can't be the plan. I can't be the center of the strategy I need to see where God's Artie at work and join them and equip local believers to be selling the seed making disciples. Nathan taken similar, apparently we need that you know what you what you've learned so taken similar bid to whet what your to be teaching on Saturday where we are engaging the biblical word that is often translated into describing how in that training, we can cross social linguistic and ethnic barriers for the sake of the gospel and aunt Max said in a minute ago is really in pursuit of that day in maternity one will be gathered, leading nation tried people language in worship and service to the house. I'm doing great how do we cross barriers of language and ethical or social division with the truth of the gospel where the gospel seated.

So how do we make disciples of those God calls to respond and aunt disciples remain.

How do we actually form a church, consistent with the Lord's expectation consistent with the reality, the eschatological reality that every nation tried, people, language, or may be made against one under the Lordship of that's our intention. Over the weekend with Matt and Lord willing. That's where we dedicated our lives in service in South Asia and the awesome. I know that it's God's talking on your heart like my need to understand more about these are, you know you heard the cry of Chase heart and and and you couldn't help but note that there's work that that needs to be done and just sharing that you know hey you know the love one another.

It does have this really broad concept to it right past it does, it's easy to say that it's a little different story to walk it out and to live it out but it is the heart of the Lord and God is calling for us, especially in these last days to learn how to sit at the table like Matt was saying earlier and it's absolutely imperative to what God wants to do in the earth right now. One of the things that Derek and I've learned in this whole last six years is so important that we seek to understand more than we seek to be understood. Often times we come to the table and we have an agenda. We want to make sure that our opinion is heard or that our agenda is achieved and really when we come to the table we have to lay that down and say I want to walk away from this conversation with more understanding of that person, then I do make sure that they understand what I'm going through who I am or what my opinions are and when we when I stopped preaching and started meddling right here and so beautiful I just love that. So wow, this is your opportunity call in with your view on all the stuff that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 have a short section left to go called and don't forget all this is the kingdom pursuit conference all that stuff like welcome back to kingdom pursuit where we hear how your passion and uses it. Wow, I hope you've enjoyed the show as much as I see what God's lines of things and and brings them there for things that I can know and things that are being hurt that I have no idea had no idea at all that was going on but you know this is an amazing resource and for such a time as this pastor share with us the resources how people of course we got it kingdom pursuit that Connie got right there in Amazon order it but you guys. You got it website and and clearly you have this opportunity.

Engage your church in the narrative right, absolutely. We encourage people you can order the book for your church for leaders or small group curriculum coming out with the book as well. You can go to welded or absolutely go to Amazon order the book and we just encourage people first folder two copies. Like I said earlier, give one to someone who looks different than you, but for pastors, leaders even business owners. This is a great tool in the corporate world's great tool in your business and a great tool in your church.

Absolutely, you know, and very cool. It has their picture on the front seat you get you get a picture and if you get Unitas feel blessed as I sat through the interview where these guys were talking on the Kia and and so to see that this is more than what they're just saying this is a real friendship here and really see that wow if I begin to walk into this truth that it that God is going to bless it like your can have a blast yet.

Psalm 133 because where we dwell together in unity. That's the place. The Lord commands us blessing and Kellan Matt you guys. Yeah, there's a way that people can follow-up as well because were inviting people, not just to an event though they could learn more about that account right but really inviting people into a movement and a paradigm. So there's a few other websites if they can write down quickly or we put up on the website as well. No place is a great place to be able to get some resources training videos with people like Nathan that are Artie recorded.

If you can't make it to the events this next weekend is a podcast with Steve Addison were Nathan other like-minded people around there and then is a place where people could go to find out more how they could pray give, go to the nations because Nathan is actually the IMB international mission board affinity leader for all of South Asia so you know, inquiring minds to scout them out.

Matt so what are the four fields.

The four fields.

CVS memorizes the test it's it's it's entry, evangelism, discipleship, and then church formation and there's actually 1/5 part if you see the picture there on the website that flywheel there in the centers leadership development and multiplication. And I love that word discipleship.

You know, it's obviously what the great commission is for the so much more than that you know is we get a chance to share on the Truth Network now you something that you heard today lit up your switching out like man all had thought about like you know really and and and to go share what God is teaching you. Obviously, then, can light somebody else's fireworks like somebody else's fire and so you see these people in South Asia or UCP Plymouth in churches. They got yeah I would really like to go into a church like that one. One thing that I mentioned earlier is vision how important in division is God's vision, and I think one of the challenges that the church has the big C church has today is we've lost the vision for the open fields to repeat the process. Once we got church usually divisions just because it's make it bigger and better. We have to reenter the empty fields that my best Scripture that is in my mind for COBIT right now is open your eyes and look at the fields do not say four months more and then the harvest until you open your eyes look at the fields they are ripe for harvest. As Jesus saying, don't just wait wait on your book Derek until like you know after culvert. I mean, that would be the time to release right thing and I think this is the time of the Lord is the thing that I will I will look to share that racial reconciliation immunity is not just good ideas guys vision and so that's God's vision for for the are for our churches for our lives is to live out their reality and the reason that the Lord allowed us to release the book and this time is because there's so much division chaos and what better narrative detail the story of God bringing racial ethnicities together through the gospel, even what Matt is doing a passage.

In doing so many other people like you.

Robbie was given us an opportunity to be able to share our stories across the globe and people who watch and listen all across North Carolina, South Carolina. We just want to say thank you for allowing us the opportunity do us a favor today and go purchase the book. You can get the e-book immediately. Today you can download it today if you want to do that, you can go also.

In order the book on Amazon right now we would appreciate your support.

I dare to bless your life is given picture to make.

So this Thanksgiving is your your company sit on a tape on the site and you may be a parent like I am, and I don't know if like this in your house that I've been in the Delmar house enough times to know likely to my kids are going to disagree on something, especially politically, as their older and I think about the joy in my heart when I see unity between them where all the sudden their love for one another so much more important to them than what they believe about things and and and just think what the father himself when he sees this situation of churches coming together worshiping together people coming together, love, and on Asian people, whatever that may look like Paul Michael is our opportunity, but we need to understand we need to dig into the culture and see kind of what those obstacles are. You can find out about those in the book is called welded corseted or conference with Nathan. Obviously, this is world-renowned as can be an opportunity, there this Saturday All their aching now. Stay tuned. Got so much truth hurting prayer until you also and then followed by asking her to start tearing out in the cave lives time to man up, so they got so much truth. This is the Truth Network

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