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Boot Camp Banter & A Surprise Call

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 18, 2020 10:43 am

Boot Camp Banter & A Surprise Call

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 18, 2020 10:43 am

It's all about the heart this week.  And this podcast is FULL of heart.  You will love it.  Wait!  Is that who we think it is calling in to share a story?!?!

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The cuticle offer the devil's worst nightmare with the and out podcast where we talk to real men who have real stories will realize it is time to man up your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds in joy at Sherritt but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Well, I have such a fun Saturday have all my friends I got to give Bob a greeting card. I show and so now I get my good.

Sam name with mass concerning radio we have for boot camp coming up November 12 through the 15th really talk about. Obviously the boot camp and and people doing that and then my other friend in a really these are these are people I walk I really really really close friends of mine, James Banks, Dr. James Banks can be calling in the second segment with a story it's election story about a man it came to store I'm in and tell you you want to hear this story just blew me away and I was like James, would you mind sharing that story tomorrow on my show in and and so he agreed to call ins will get to hear that story but you know me talking about camp bedpan and so you know you and Sam's completely ready for this.

Speaking of camp, specifically boot camp and parks arrangement in Park Springs where we do our not only do they have this amazing jam where Jack Dempsey trained camp.

I have this great catch and release late in which to finish some huge bass and Crombie and Sam will tell you about how to use line on the last bass I caught one night when he came in he was blushing you know I was blushing and militarily. Now he'd seen the lake bottom take of me and the pine trees as you might imagine. They have lots of their they bring their trunks to wait and I've seen in this start to lean meat they login and you might even guess this after a day of swimming in the lake you may have seen the pines do this and they sleep like a log and listen specially for you and you know there are a lot of dogwoods and 13 beautiful United you tell that dog would try that on your kids later. Always tell a dog will bite absolutely, so all that said, we do have an amazing little Bible just as we have hundred and $99 boot camp like your husband or whoever you want to send you know you answer this middle learning camp?

Simple, who was the branch manager in the Bible. I mean think about Bible characters which one was the branch manager, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Sam thinks he has that they do that, they went after I just told you are like hundred and $99.

Yeah they get the whole pack those meals and their delicious they get almost all the events starts Thursday through Sunday and no joke. It is no joke, and anybody's ever been those with evaluative most of what you get when you go there to get a chance to hear from absolutely get her back. November 12 through the 15th 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I got a Telesis who was the branch manager in the Bible branch manager in the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and yes we are. We really, really some of the neatest campers we ever met came from kingdom pursuits with them as a member contract can we have you know I'm just thinking the Ritalin still has me stumped. Yeah yeah yeah really syncing your routes on the great campers have come from the King number two from winning the prize package and I'm looking forward to my becoming this time it is because and last time at the last Boot Camp. Most of the people that came came off the podcast all over the country and listen to the podcast messenger and radio and so now that was really neat because it was in a people that walk up to you that you never met in your life and and they know you because there and and with that, you know, you get to they get to binge listen through the yeah it was really different. You know you still going to boot camp in and not either heavens returning people are having new people that come obviously but have not really had that many listeners that were there and said it was weird to have them be able to date they knew some of the stories in limine from the podcast even radio show lots of different things and so it was very interesting to have that type of effect absolutely will guess what they have different calling clicks. I got Elder Romero is in Gastonia, so Christian Garg. I show good morning are you trying to sound so glad you called it and I bet you know the branch manager was in the Bible that you can't answer this I mean he was on the tree for sure. And actually all sorts of ways I can to combat it that you're absolutely right.

It's Jesus praying like a lot of heart-ally Barnett Well, we are so excited in in our producer, get your phone number. We will get you all signed up.

Now get your email and stuff and will get Information on how you will join us in the whites only you know what, three weeks yeah just a few weeks away. Can't wait to there is either will thank you Elder God bless.

Look for the main that is really really cool same here How fun is that that's incredible.

You have the first color and be able to go and want to go and so that's that's an awesome thing. Can't wait to meeting their animated link to an eight you know I always can't help but just think about the Robbie Gilmore pre-boot camp Robbie Jim and what happened in my life right. I remember meeting him. That was a different experience. Thank you Sam really I think about all the things that I dearly, dearly love and I see God in them. Now that I didn't know I'd like this week. This very week. I got to take Harold you if you listen to the messenger and radio show. He's our 77-year-old old guy. He's when we pick and he says in a Robbie. I've never gone sailing right and he knew I bought the sailboat which is not easy to get into the sepulchers is not that big and and I got to take him sailing and I would've never thought prior to my first boot camp that what part of my heart coming alive is God would want me to say and what all in this if I got to show Harold with the telltales were and what it meant to let out the sales and he too could see God in the sailboat as you begin to get your heartbeat. You see God and things that you never want to see him absolutely. I think there are times in we chalk things off is up is as frivolous, you know that they really don't mean that much maybe a no I don't need that day away to go up to the mountains and this can hike around a little bit.

I don't need time to work in the yard, whatever that might look like for you the things that can bring you joy in your heart really needs a joy even in this specific place for Sam's want people to miss the grassy it is looking to try so here Dr. James's story be blown away what happened on James welcome back your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. Today we have a very wonderfully passionate Sam main messenger and radio and now when when we been waiting for.

I told you about this story is amazing.

Dr. James Banks is encouraging prayer with us here but if you really carefully listen to Christian card I theater more recent episodes you might notice that GMC goodwill is now on the phone with and so fired up and ready to go. Does thou have us the story for a good guy said that believe me already.

Okay well working at home in the doorbell rang and it looked like it was someone taking a survey you know I try to answer that it was clear that someone was home and went to the door. Kind of interesting guy standing got his clipboard and he just put a door hanger out there and he's kind of opposite and he's all tatted up and pack up an interesting To Mr. clean without any hearing. He says I'm I just have five quick questions for you. Doing survey on climate change and just want to ask you what what you think climate change.

You think it's an issue.

Yes, I do think that that the climate has changed things warmer. Right now, but the question is whether or not that's that's man-made and he said that's fine. Would you support political candidate is going to do something about climate change as well. Honestly, you know, I'm not sure how much difference we can make and that not knowing if it is man-made. In looking at you know China and India put out so much more than we do and so I can't really say that I would carry it out over two so far and then he shows me the three candidates that they're supporting.

These are definitely not the candidate and would would you support it.

Any of the well this one went to the listing know I'm afraid not, but will you know I was trying to have a cordial conversation with them because we live in such a polarized climate and the truth is that we need to see ourselves as citizens of heaven first and so I was just trying to talk to him as a citizen of heaven and I said you know the real reason why I can't support any of these politicians is because I really believe in the sanctity of life and as someone who believes that life matters to God and that unborn children matter to God. I'm going to follow. Accordingly, and then I thought But go ahead and swing for the fence and I said you know it is a black man you might be particularly interested in knowing about some of the history of Planned Parenthood and I said eugenics has a lot to do with and course eugenics has to do with the preference of certain races in the population so it's it's really the ultimate definition of systemic racism and execute. Did you know who Margaret Sanger. He said no I didn't and I told him a little bit and I said you know she even received a letter congratulating her on her work from from none other than Adolf Hitler will limit. Let me write this down this is interesting. I'm going to look into this morning said you know there's a reason why there are so many Planned Parenthood clinics in the inner-city and and it's not good.

Did you know the majority of children who have been aborted are our black female's and you know it was just part conversation about something that that matter to both of us and then the conversation took a turn that I didn't anticipate, and he said you know I had a grandmother who was pro-life living.

Let me tell you more about and he told me about his his grandmother, who would go door-to-door sharing your faith and one day she was actually at a man's house having a Bible study and the man raped her and she decided he told me to have the baby and he looked at me and he said that baby was my mother. I wouldn't be here if not for my grandmother's strong lifespan.

So here we are, you know two individuals who you know it would seem to be polar opposites, but were having this great conversation about the value of life and how much we matter to God.

Isn't that awesome. I heard yesterday and I was like you has to tell this story and then there's more and White Sox.

There's a little bit you. I have to tell you is if you're not aware James writes for our daily bread is a fabulous writer in weeks is his devotion. By the way is this something you don't want to miss it is if you got our daily bread look in this Sunday's devotion that stands but his new book that's out is called hope lies ahead, and he had in his son, who was addicted to opiates who is now a pastor down. Wilmington wrote this book together on the journey that they went through off of hope lies ahead. And so James what happened next thing a box of those books had just been delivered and they were sitting right there at the front door and I told him a little bit about what I do that I'm a writer and in a pastor and and I told him about Jeff's story and told him that this was a wonderful thing that God had given him a new identity in Christ no longer saw himself as an addict. He saw himself as a child of God, and I pulled out a copy of the book from the box and handed it to him and he looked at it and he said it is this for me and I thought well Lord I'm committed here.

I have to give this book so I said yes, absolutely.

It's for you and many civil could you sign for and I said of course I'll sign it for you and you know it was just again another opportunity to share faith and I believe that we should do that when when someone comes to our door that maybe there's a reason why the Lord brought them there instead of just hiding my wife and I sometimes have a difference of opinion on this, but I like to just go out and have a have a quiet conversation and anyhow sorry I given this copy of hope lies ahead night. I thank him for four going door to door and walking back out to his vehicle and funniest thing was that as we were talking I found out that he's actually supported same candidate that I know you just never know what you know what twists and turns. Things are going to take God is good and you know we can. Scripture says to to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in you, but but do this with gentleness and respect. And, you know, for me, I'll tell you this whole matter of the value of life sanctity of life is so vital because how can a party talk about the importance of children in their future or justice and then allow for that which would cause the death of innocence before they even have a chance to breed and anyhow I you know I just felt like that was what the Lord would have me talk about and it ended up being a great conversation yes it James I'm so grateful you called in today my friend something so I got to hear that site and now I'm never going to forget and next time something comes my door. Remember some great segment encouraging per coming up after right after we finish our ranking to proceed thanks and you guys want to hear that because it's given the little bit as I recall something about while let you introduce it, since you wrote it will it it has to do with when we sin and messed up and we just need to know that there's hope, not an encouraging turn just a few minutes. I got Andy from the camp, and Samson state. Even Amy, your kingdom today. We are so blessed that with my good friend Sam Maiman. We have Dr. James thanks what we are talking about the upcoming boot camp November 12 through the 15th and I will mention again that Dr. James book hope lies ahead if you go to kingdom you can register for the boot camp which would be wonderful if you want to get his book, which we talked about their you can order right there from Amazon.

It's it's a kingdom and I can tell you that's one compelling story is his son Jeffrey holds does not hold anything back. And what really went on. This is use a pastor's kid right and you can hear James and and and I was telling Sandra to break that pastor little and he was had Dr. James Enders. He said James you sound a lot holier than you know that full is so amazing that my good friend.

Speaking of good friends we have Amy Cabo on the phone and Amy is the host of the cure which is coming up at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network so excited that you guys are doing home church today so welcome Amy and I among Dell well where in the community which you know under the COBIT and I was thinking about that. What a great topic right now that home church is a great way to get back into that close fellowship people so desperately need to think that like church thing about knowing the kind of very helpful one. It really is, and again this is a live show. It's not like oxygen calling and share your thoughts with Amy and then be looking for to thank Amy and I was so excited to hear your show complex all right. Also with this today.

We have my good friend Andy Thomas who we refer to Ms. when Sam and longer lives is a community when when you really are. If you think about it when you're at home with your family.

That's when you get called all the names right. That's when that's when you know people can really be real and that's the thing I love about all church ideas to see if it gives you that community. So I love your topic got checked, that's right. That's exactly right. That's exactly right. So look for dear since I Andy dear (today and I is q. week.

It's peak weekend right actually Tammy and I are driving your way. I went to Gallipolis today so how beautiful but if we can always people listen anything in lamp do I want to come November 12 through the 15th and here's your moment in the sun. You gotta tell him well above all about you thing about sailing cruise or whatever. So yeah yeah got a few years to catch up with Harold by Harold. He applied the verse you have not because you ask not to tell you. All three of you or anybody else for that matter, that if they want to go sailing.

You know I've got the boat and we had to do is to say man I got this open because I love it and and Harold had a blast. But it was really fun. I wish I could. I wish I could. You have to drop the master now is to likes not quite big enough to now is a lot now that the centerboard would be hitting the mind and it would be ugly. So in the past that are now blushing for her that might my centerboard would also be blushing things that he would be hitting the lakes bottom so you're not like the author can't yet you only have a few seconds here to share now is getting okay I will keep looking back eight years ago, November 15 to the 18th right like right out here the anniversary of the year 2012 I went to my first boot camp not really know what to expect and that knew that grandma the art, but like it was like man alone, a just didn't feel like it. Amendment there was more to the gospel than what I had thought perspective and missed one totally changed my life. So much so that become part of the ministry and have a band of brothers. "Through a lot of different you don't know what you don't know, but you learn a lot. You figure out thing thing at blind spot for what relationship with you finding God truly your father and just really experiencing more polite way created to be uniquely man the different dog.

There are two gender have different orders directly do have different just different ways of looking at something you know you know we talked about the court desire but did you live the battle to fight to rescue all all those things made a lot and I have to speak about Bobby and Darren.

One started out how much we are blessed to have available to in the area and I went to grab into the boot camp for quite a few years out with the one on Colorado which was awesome. It was God had something for me there to, but I was of me realize how much of what goes on at boot camp in Colorado thing happen right here in Carolina it's the same message but if people with different and unique story that God always finds a way to have the right right message from the right person for the right heart powerful think it was great and a question for you on that. So if you been coming to boot camp for roughly 8 years. Let's call that somewhere around 14 to 16 boot camps how the world can you keep getting getting stuff from boot camp. The minute it's the same talks.

You know we do very little bit. That's basically the same talks if someone has been no boot camp and is thinking about. Well, should I really go back and heard it, what keeps you coming back and isn't. Is it fresh each time for you okay go. A lot of times we we are all thinking so you know, a lot of times we don't going.

We don't think about deeper context. We did like I'd like mandate of salvation on things and all will. Every time that you go back and muddy, giving you a different God different. A lot of times that those stories will be different be different when unique perspectives from different all all ordained by God calming the last thing you know, experience, and get new freedom from that wound healing from that learning is different is like support always, I may need to come back more segmented.

So I come back to your passion. One of the says Robbie well Robbie wears you of all the different cool things you get to be involved in what would you say is the most passionate.

I would tell you that for me personally where I've seen the most fruit in my own personal ministry and the most hearts change lives changed that God come in and do things. It just blew me away. I would, I would have to say it's been doing and working with the mass and journey boot camps, which again is coming up November 12 through the 15th of 13 you can register, but Andy is FairPlay would unite Sam always does this to see you know he he has these questions that we never thought of. And now all of a sudden you hear ago so I would turn his own question back on him like Sam if and you have anything to 16 boot camp.

You probably been the 30 I mean yes it fresh for you.

I think couple things are different. I think where I'm at in life. God's always the same start there.

You got the same yesterday, today, tomorrow. What's different when I go to boot camp as I'm in a different place than I was at the last boot camp and I could be in a better place could be the worst place by not using the same place right life never stays the same.

The one thing is constant and is always changing and so I'm coming boot camp from a different place and a lot of times it's it's in a better place in on some closer together not been in the past and so God has something new to share with me in on every time I think that in I got a talk coming up, cannot talk backwards and forwards a given that a handful of times and heard it in a 2530 times God is new every time you know and and he share something with me this last boot camp. I've been struggling with some stuff with some online dating you know that I had had Dinan and really struggling with some things and in a talk you did Robbie really just got came out we spoke to my heart. Help me put some things in perspective and really change how I felt about you know just dating in general. I just have not really wanted today because I want to wait on God's timing in on it in and set such a long story. I don't really have time to share it all. But it's is really good for my heart and something that was a nugget of several nuggets I got that that weekend that I really needed for my heart it'd really been troubling me and so is very grateful for that boot camp and in your desire to deliver that message you gave you known it was just a passage from song of Solomon want to give you the hardest time about that but quoting it alive get out. I get teased a lot about it but obviously God uses that humor back at me and says oh yeah there's there's a nugget for unit comes right from song of Solomon, and similarly you gave them or for talk and Rodney responded, you know I don't family warfare talks. I sat through the mounting warfare talks I've done and Rodney's agreement blasting right across the eyes like all I do have that agreement that I disappoint my father and I and I found the father. I mean after how many boot camps. I find a severe father wound that I was was just under layers layers like you always say Shrek assesses the layers is the thing that's great about your story with your father. You know it's done. Talk with you boot camp that is living. He share to talk with you right now and there are some some great healing and stuff there, but even there there's been healing and greatly relationship you had with your father before he passed away. There was still some wounding from down deep that God had to get at and that's not a disservice to your memory of your dad actually brings you closer to him in the long run is as God works in that area and let you understand him about an Andy you experience the same thing. Even in the talk that you gave your father by God talk just blow you away thinking God is truly my father and and walking that out and being able to talk about Harvey to get that all now incredible that will and then be able to be honored at me when I first really got my father deeper level it was, you know, like most things where you go back to figure out life better. Whatever I get that you just click of really digging into that but being able to actually talk to keep bringing thing deeper into my story. My work that I carry my dad leaving me to have anything like a teenager and just how much God had commanded that feeling, and really become just to be able to experience their story and there they found out Bob really came alive, and I'm excited for a while because it's so meaningful if there's anything that I feel like the gospel of the play is given the last word. So we got about 30 seconds. Clay go ahead and jump in and until I hey brother Andy, you know, I would just like to throw it as I remember when I was going to what I was going through with you know. Years ago when I got to come through the first 116 or 30 or anything like that, but it's well worth it if I can those people that are listening to what is being said about what is often this is the Truth Network

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