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Kingdom Pursuits - Such A Joy!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 15, 2020 2:25 pm

Kingdom Pursuits - Such A Joy!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 15, 2020 2:25 pm

What a story, what a life changing mission.  Matt & Ed from The Persecution Project update us on their completed and still needed medical missionary work in Nuba.  Listen. It will change you.

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Kingdom pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits. Now live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Delmore.

Wow. Wow. Do we have a show for you today on Kingdome Pursuits?

As most of our listeners are aware of the persecution project that we partner with a many times on projects and even last Christmas, we are talking about this hospital that they needed in the Nuba Mountains because people had to work literally days and days to get medical help because of the persecution there in the Sudan. And the good news is that today we have Ed Lines and Matt Chancey with us to discuss that. The hospital is made its way there, but now we've got to supply it right, guys.

Absolutely right. Morning, Robbie. Great, what show you? Robbie? Yeah, it's great to be with you guys.

My old friend Ed and Ed, I'm not going to play with your name at all today, I promise.

And Matt, you said you can play with mine. That's pretty gently opaque in that suit.

So, Matt, give us an update. What's what's happened?

Well, we're very pleased to report that after a long and difficult process, as you can imagine, not only working in a very difficult part of the world, very remote part of the world, a part of the world, it's been under a economic and military embargoes, 2011, and then not to mention the corona virus and all of the travel restrictions and closed borders and just in all around difficulties. God has nonetheless bless the effort. And we have finally finished the construction of the maternity ward, the maternity hospital attached to the G. Gabr Hospital in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. So praise the Lord for that. This is a facility that, when it's fully furnished, will be able to provide lifesaving care to as many as 60 women and infants at a time in patient care, which is just unheard of for that part of the world. So we praise God for that. We thank your listeners because truth talk listeners have been really, really troupers for us and have been very generous. And so we're read to part right now where we need to fill the hospital. There is the buildings up. We've got the solar panels up. It's ready to receive patients. We need to just start putting in bed furnishings and then eventually medical equipment, baby monitors and incubators and things like that to help these moms. So, yes, really exciting times for us. Bite all of the bad news that we hear. There's a lot of good things happening in the world today and in thanks in large part, God working through truth talk listeners.

Yeah, it's it's really amazing thing because I remember. You know, back at Christmas thinking about that, but, oh, my goodness. Did we see that? Nobody saw on the horizon that knew the need that there would be for medical things for those, you know, people who really suffered on all sorts of levels. Now we add Koven in there and if you've been down there to see it.

Yes, I was there just prior to Kovik hitting the United States back. My trip back in early March was diverted from going through Europe and I had to make a direct flight from Africa to the U.S. to avoid that, you know. That was when Kova was really striking Europe pretty badly before it got to the U.S. But that was my last visit there. And they had progressed to the point where the Walls Roof Foundation, solar panels, electric wiring, windows, doors, lights, band. So they were all there. They were putting down the tile on the floor. When I was leaving. And so now the focus is on our phase three, raising funds for the furnishing so that these women can get the help they need and the and the babies.

She is pretty exciting, you can go to Kingdome Pursuits or Persecution Project dot com, either one, but I have it all there at Kingdon Pursuits. You know, there's pictures of all the medical stuff that's going on there and kind of give you the backstory of what's going on. But Bob is joining me now in the studio. It's really good to have you back, Bob. But, you know, it's Riot's Kenyan pursuit. So you've got to have, you know, Robi's riddles. And so here we go.

So, you know, you guys gave me the medical term today.

So speaking of medical, you know, Ed, I'm sure you won't be shocked to learn. I'm sure you won't be shocked to learn.

That said, OK. You know, Dorothy, from somewhere over the Rainbow, you know, red lips. That's her. Well, her medical instructor, you didn't know she had one, but he was the wizard of gauze.

You could laugh to or groan or do something on the ground. Yes. He was there in the Nuba area, by the way.

You know, Matt told me that the nurses in the new hospital, they call the shots all the shots.

I got them.

And, you know, there is a small problem with the medical library there where this new hospital and these things happen. Now, the doctors keep taking out all the appendixes.

Can't read the book now.

Oh, now. And, you know, I don't know if it's like this in the States, but the Newbon pediatricians or their doctors with, you know, very little patients.

And you put that together at a minute, Bob.

And they go out the window and see the crowds swarm. And to get this corn.

And I'm going to tell you that the Sue Damien is that we said today, Damien, people say blacks, Sudanese there. You guys do that. The Sudanese people, they never argue with the Newbon doctors.

You know why? Why they have inside information.

I get it. I learned how to say movie. No, you didn't.

Well, I'm sort of a newbie. Sudanese. Sudanese, yeah. Educational. Say, you know, at the end of all that, I would actually and I do have a Bible written for so long.

The I's my idea of medical. So which proverb in the Bible. It's actually about medicine and you should take it to heart.

Which proverb in the Bible is actually about medicine? And you should take it to heart if you know the answer to that.

Bethanne, tell him what that win. Oh, I'm going to go deep, deep, deep, I tell you. Into the Kingdom Pursuits prize pack. There's T-shirts, there's books. There's all kinds of great stuff. And we're going to drop it in the mail for them.

Robbie to do is call in and tell us there's a proverb in the Bible, it's about medicine. And from what I understand, you ought to take to heart, you know. Solomon knew this kind of stuff. So eight, six, six is the number to call in if you didn't know.

Eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four is the number to call in and tell us, you know, again, simply which proverb in the Bible is about medicine. And, you know, not that I'm giving any hints, but I understand, Bob, that you ought to take it to heart.

I'm not sure I have a clue. Oh, well, but I'm not a riddle master.

Our listeners are. I would be shocked if we don't. In fact, the lines are ringing. They're calling in. They probably have it.

But moving on, Matt. Have you been down there, too, yourself to see the facility there in the new hospital?

Well, I've been many times to the area. I've not been. It was there because all of the borders were closed. I was in California when Ed was born in Sudan, and I had probably a more difficult time getting out of California.

The dad had kids get out of.

But. But I've been to the hospital many times. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Ahmed Zacharias, the head physician who showed he, too, needs. He's from the Nuba. And he chose to stay behind during the war service people instead of going off to, you know, a scholarship at a medical school elsewhere. And, you know, probably having a much better career, better pay and everything. But he decided, hey, my people need me here. There was only one physician at the time. In the Nuba Mountains.

That was Dr. Tom Catena, great American hero. I hate to cut you off, Matt. Well, we got it, we got it. We got to go to a break.

When we come back. We're going to find out more about how the heroic folks that stand behind them kind of interested to know where Brad is. But we got so much more coming up on the persecution project.

And Bob, we've got Mackenzie and Nancy both have answers to this riddle. I'm telling you, Bob. Mr..

Welcome back to Kingdome Pursuits, where we here have got takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom.

Today, we are so blessed to have with us my good friend Bob, but also Ed Lyons and Matt Chancey with the Persecution Project and the Persecution Project, as we have mentioned. Actually is worked with Christians or Priest Peace Treaty it all over the world. But for years we've they've been heavily involved with the people there in the Sudan, the Sudanese people, which I now know how to say it.

And then detailed doggedness through case.

But you know what's going on there is not even in the least bit. I mean, Ed, can you kind of share with our listeners that what these what the Christians have actually faced there in the Sudan?

Well, I can tell you, one of my trips there in 2015, only on the ground for like seven to 10 days. At that time, the North Sudan government was actively bombing the people in the Nuba from its off airplanes flying overhead. So in those seven days, I was on the ground there.

We were bombed for time. We had ground to ground artillery shot at us on a Sunday right before church service began.

They were lobbing these artillery shells over the mountain and they think within one hour, they say, lobbed about 40 at us and then stopped. And we went out and went ahead and had worship service under the tree. About 150 people in that community came out for that service. And then there was also during that seven day period where we visited a hospital and a community, we had lunch in this community and 15 minutes after we left that lunch, one of their big fighter jet, the Sukhoi jet, came through and shot four missiles targeting a school there. So that's just a typical time period now from 2015 when the attacks were very active. Now they're they're basically battling a humanitarian embargo that's still in place by the government around this region.

Yeah, Matt. Could you kind of give our listeners a feel of a mother who is gonna have a baby in that area and she's a Christian? What is she going to face?

Well, you can actually list a listen to one of those moms. If you go to our Web site or you go to Nuba Hospital dot com or we talk about our program, we have a film called Madina Star, which you all have advertised in the past. Right. And it's one of the mothers from the very community that'll be served by this hospital. She talks about having to deliver her son Nadol in a cave during a bombing. She was very pregnant. And then one of the planes came over and started bombing. She fled to the caves with a lot of other people in her community and she went into labor. The when I met Dr. Ahmed in 2016, it was the day after his hospital had been bombed and he was hit. He was nearly killed. The guideline next to him on the ground was cut in half and killed instantly. But Dr. Ahmed was hit with shrapnel in his back. But he survived. At the same time, about six women in the community miscarried. From that, just the trauma of that that one bombing episode. So being a mom in the Nuba Mountains is not easy. And even though it it I'm glad it mentioned. Right now, there's an uneasy ceasefire going in place and it's holding it's fragile, but it's holding. The biggest killer from the very beginning has not been bomb and bullet. It's been food and medicine. It's been the lack of food and medicine. It's been the humanitarian blockade that is this trying to the Islamist element in the government of Sudan is trying to push these people out of the Nuba. And they've used food and medicine as greater weapons of war than bombs and bullets.

Yeah, it's it's it's it's a terrifying thing. And, you know, what a neat opportunity we have here with a truth network to share this message and also for you all to to, you know, be in prayer for what's going on with this hospital project. And if so led, you know, you can certainly they would appreciate your donations for the furnishing. You know, obviously, there's a medical equipment that they desperately need and all those things, again, you can go to the prosecution project or that, like you said, the the Nuba hospital project.

Is that what the other Web site, Azmat, Nuba, Nuba Hospital, dot com, that in you be a hospital dot com and that you can see a little little thermometer showing how close we are to reaching our goals for the furnishing. We re right now it's the seventy five thousand dollar budget. And at last check, we are we're just around twenty thousand little, a little more than twenty thousand dollars from our goal. So it doesn't take much. I mean, you had something like 250 listeners contribute around eighty five dollars each. I mean that we would reach our goal immediately and we could get beds and and mattresses and sheets and all the things we need to start putting women inside that hospital. And then we'll the next phase, of course, will be getting the equipment will be a little more expensive, obviously. But, you know, getting people in the building and getting them treated is a very important thing, because if they had Ed can testify a lot of times during the rainy season when they have a huge influx of patients, you've got literally people under the trees with I.V. lines hanging from the trees because they just don't have any room to put people inside. So that's something we're trying to address.

That's awesome. Well, moving on to our riddle. The good news is we have two rivers from there that that have been holding on for a while.

So we got McKenzie is first and she's in Raleigh. McKenzie, you're on Kingdome Pursuits. Good morning.

Good morning. How are you?

I am wonderful. So do you know which proverb in the Bible about medicine, which I should say before I say that is.

Nancy, please hold on. Even if she gives us the answer that you had in mind, because I would definitely want to talk to you. But Mackenzie, who do you think or what proverb in the Bible was about medicine? But you should take it to heart.

I think I'm a cheerful heart, good medicine guy. That's the best.

I love that, don't you? And it's a broken spirit. Thus dry up the bones.

And like, wow, these people in the Nuba Mountains, you know, we don't want them. But if you if you go watch that video, McKenzie, I am telling you, you will be the joy that's in. I forget her name, Matt. Once when Adina Madina, the joy that's in her soul that you can see it that at that video's absolutely wonderful.

Mackenzie, you're absolutely right. So we're going to send you out. What would you prefer, a t shirt or a book?

A book sounds great.

Well, we have lots. I have all sorts of actually signed books from authors that have come in on our show. So we will get you on Mackenzie. Thank you for calling in today.

Thank you so much.

God bless. Bye. So next up, we have Nancy, who is in Chapel Hill.

I love that. I used to work in Chapel Hill. So, Nancy, you're on Kingdome Pursuits. Good morning.

Good morning.

So you might know of another place in a proverbs that has medicine there. But or if, you know, if you had that one in mind, just share with.

Is that one in mind? I've been doing the proper lately, and I like that.

Oh, good, good, good.

And so have you got that sort of a way that that speaks to your heart?

Oh, yeah. Because, you know, we're supposed to be very thankful and.

I find that when you do, you can't have any. And you can't you're just but Joy comes out because you realize how blessed you are.

You know, and if you aren't having a thankful kind of heart, you just dwell more on yourself than and get depressed. You know, I do know.

You don't, don't you? That's so amazing.

You said that because when I'm having a bad day, it's usually because I'm focused on me. And the best medicine for that is to find some way to help. And it a period every time that my bad days or are me days when I get focused on myself.

That is an insight that we all could could use, Nancy. And.

And when you think about it, I guess I've told this story before, but now I can never get over it. There was a one of the gentleman with the Ransom Heart Ministries was dying of cancer and actually did die.

But during that time, he he broke into this horrible fever and he was, as he described his name is Craig McConnell. It was the most pain that he'd ever experienced in his life. And he had a wonderful conversational intimacy with Jesus. And so he's asking Jesus for help in this pain and in this fever and all that's going on. And Jesus says to him, I want you to pray.

For other people right now and you know, Craig. Like what?

It's my turn. You want me to do what you know and. Yeah. Go ahead, Nancy.

Robbie, there's also you know, I always feel that Christ, as a healer, that is Madison and what lately have come to my heart so much. I just wish I could be that woman.

All it's mentioned in a couple different books, but like Mark comes to mind where Jesus was traveling and a woman touched his cloak.

Oh yeah. Because, Alan, just enough touching. She'd be healed and he just like, wow.

And stop this because of her faith. You know, so that I see when you're talking about medicine, you know, there's the healing aspect.

All right. US. That is one way.

It sure is. And Nancy, thank you for calling in winning today. Would you rather have a book or a T-shirt?

A book, please?

All right. Well, we will get to another book sent out. And you have a great day. And I think I may at least see you on Zoome or something tomorrow in Chapel Hill.

Yes. Yes, you will. God bless. Thanks, Nancy. Have a great afternoon. When we come back, we got.

Welcome back to Kingdome Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom.

Today, we are so excited to have with us Ed Lyons and Matt Chancey with the Persecution Project, which is finished, the building itself of the hospital, the Nuba Mountains. But now we need to get some beds in there for these ladies and gentlemen, especially ladies that are you, you know, with child and that kind of thing, that we can bring some new Christians into the into the world. And it's a wonderful thing. And it's so amazing. You know what you guys are doing. But I got Amy Kabo.

Who Amy. You know, if you had to hear Amy Cavas daughter say Amy Karbo, it's always exciting. I love to hear it. But Amy, you guys, this is the host of The Cure.

And today, you guys got a cowboy on.

Oh, yes. Actually, I'm the backup, Amy. Yeah. Oh, yeah, the backup. I got Boris.

I have wonderful how special I get to talk to Boris on the radio. That is wonderful. So, yeah, we're the same. It's the same. Right.

We going to. You're right. We're very excited to have him after Cowboy Robinson.

There you go. And so we have you know, Boris, as you can tell, is not from the western area of the United States.

I think they don't have a cowboy.

Oh, you have a cup of coffee.

So and it's really cool because it's a live show. It's on one o'clock. And this is just a delightful couple. And they have such amazing guests. But this this guest this week, Boris. Right. Is is really taking God in. Really, that western area of the United States and seeing God in nature itself, right.

Yes. And the good thing is they grow their own food. They have just unique idea about approaching Christianity with an environment that tells sustainability and just holistic approach. I guess we're gonna hear him out.

That's wonderful for us. I'm so excited. Again, people call in with their questions. It will be live today on The Truth Network. And you guys have several stations set around. Ambassador, if anybody is listening, I want those. They'll be on today at 1:00 o'clock Eastern. So thank you.

Borning, Robbie. It's great to hear you today. You too. Thank you. Bye bye. Bye.

If he didn't want me to tell you that he wasn't Amy.

That was his riddle. That was his riddle. That, by the way, if you're listening, that's the voice of Bethanne. My amazing producer, who I should thank as much as Pawson them. Thank Jaspreet Cash. You know, she does a great job, Don Chipp. Absolutely. It's just what a wonderful thing to be able to come in here Saturday morning, have all this fun with all my friends.

So speaking of friends, we got mad and we got to add and so add, whereas Brad Phillips, who is a you know, that's my question.

Is he also in the States?

Well, not not yet. As far as I know, he has been confined in Kenya throughout the Kovik crisis. And they were really strict with shutting down their travel. So getting in and out of borders. So he and they even walked down, had had these curfews in place where I think it was from seven p.m. to 5:00 a.m. each evening to the morning. They had to be in their own. So his travels was greatly restricted. Fortunately, that the borders were a little bit more porous for our emergency relief supplies that we were bringing up into the Nuba. So our drivers and the trucks carrying all the are our ministry efforts were not impeded by the pope it because they recognized the importance of all these other things that we're doing, the relief items that we're bringing in the medicine. And so they've allowed our drivers to continue. And getting all that up into the Nuba. So that's a blessing.

Wow, that is so Brad is still in Kenya. Yeah, Brad, is that. I'll just jump in. Brad is Ed's that he's been confined to quarters, so to speak.

It doesn't mean he hasn't been active because the good I'm so glad he's over there because our attitude needs most of our our staff to actually implement the projects on the ground. Are Sudanese that they can go in and out a lot easier than Westerners. But it's nice to have someone based in Kenya. He is. We've used Nairobi as sort of the launching pad for a lot of our operations in and out of Sudan. Brad's been able to coordinate efforts from from the office in Nairobi. So that was great because we've been and I've been just, you know, like everyone else also confined to quarters, right. During this dark period. So we're doing just great and we haven't gone over there. They'll do the work.

It's kind of neat to see God at work in all this. Before we knew the Kovik crisis and the extent of it all, we had our workers up in the Nuba region of North Sudan and them our logistics officer was based at that time. South Sudan. So that work continues. Brad was in Kenya. So all the supply chain there was continued on them. Badenov get back here in the States. Yeah. Yeah. They're testing to see.

It'll definitely crazy times, but we're we're blessed to have Bob Young here with my Christian junkier guy. But Bob, I know you may not be familiar with all this as I am, so I'm curious your questions for these guys.

Well, you answered one of them because you had mentioned having a baby. And and when he mentioned that Ivey's hanging from trees and and and is this is this that the whole area there or is it how far do you go before it's different than that?

Well, this is several hours by walking to the to the mother of Mercy Referral Hospital, which is also in the Nuba. It's also several hours walking if you go south across the border into South Sudan in a refugee area called Yeeda. And there is some hospitals there as well, field hospitals. So for the people who live where we're building Dr. Armitt Hospital, they're there in the middle of nowhere in terms of medical care. So they have to now have to foot it to get anywhere for several hours. There's not many vehicles unless they can find a rare vehicle and hitchhike. It's a very difficult process. One of the things we did provide, Dr. Ahmed, is with a nice an ambulance that he can use as a big, rugged Land Cruiser that he can use to move people and emergency moving people to the referral hospital. There's something he's not able to treat at his hospital.

Well, last time I think I was gonna say if everybody's welcome, then there's probably not red. So any kind of vehicle you have would have to be all terrain then, wouldn't it?

Right. Well, they do have roads, but their roads in quotes, because they're the roads are pretty rough, as you can imagine. They had they did of some infrastructural work inside the Nuba during the few years of peace they had from about 2003 to 2011. So but but, of course, those have not been properly maintained. The conflict restarted in nearly 10 years ago. So you need to have a very, very tough vehicle.

Yeah, it's been quite a story. And for those who aren't familiar with it is it's those of us who've been with the truth for a while. It's to our present himself. But, you know, one of the first things a persecution project did was to dig wells because people don't have any water. I mean, they were having to go miles, Miles. So do we have pictures here, the truth network or steer itself out there, you know, interviewing people with a microphone in their face?

I was on that trip. It was great.

I mean, do is just he was loving every minute of it and he was so moved by the people there and their courage. I mean, he just he literally left the area with nothing but a pair of shorts on and gave away all of his clothes. He gave away no shoes. And he was wearing a pair of shorts barefoot on the airplane out.

That's our boy. I know, right?

You know what? Stu was excited to find some of the Sudanese people were as tall as he was. And so his shoes fit them perfectly.

It's accurate. It's perfectly good.

You know, you could just see it. And and so we've been close to this story for a long, long time.

But it's it's so tragic that, you know, the Christians have been targeted there, yet God has been so faithful in the joy that you see the thing with Madina song, if you watch the video, you will see Bob as it is here is this person that really, for all intents and purposes, ought to be in the murmur, you know, motel.

They they are checked in and, you know, but instead they're clearly, clearly in the Trust Tabernacle.

So when we come back, we're going to hear more from Brad and Matt. And we need to hear from you. So I've got a question for. We'd love to hear it. Eight six six three four eight seven eight eight four eight six, six, three, four. Truth. We'd love to hear from you. Call us when we come back.

Welcome back to Kingdome Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom.

And along those lines, you know, we've heard Ed's story before, how he got involved with the persecution project. But I find it more than cool that God finds people with a heart, you know, for this kind of work and some at work. We're interested in your story. How did you end up where you are with persecution project?

Well, the short version is about 20 years ago, I received a phone call from Brad Phillips and he said that he was incorporating persecution project, which he'd started about three years before as a as a as an offshoot of another organization. And he wanted to incorporate the organization in his own right. He needed directors. So he said, would you? We'd been friends for a few years. And I said, well, what do you need for me? He said, Oh, nothing. You just attend a few meetings.

And that's a bad idea. And I was young and stupid and I didn't know, you know, all that.

So when someone says, oh, you don't have to do anything, you should just actually run in the other direction.

But I'm actually grateful.

That said, I said yes because, Wolf, for five years, I really didn't do anything other than just the basic board governance and oversight stuff. But then that all changed in July of 2005 when I took my first trip into Sudan. And it was just tickets, as they say it was. I was I was all in and in that place for the last 15 years.

I've met many, many, many times. I've lived in Africa for eight years with my family, first in Kenya and then in South Africa, so that we could be closer to the work. And it was just a fantastic experience. And it's become a wonderful I've grown a lot in the process more than anything else, I think, because I first approached this whole subject of Christian persecution as sort of, you know, my duty as a Christian to help my brothers and sisters in Christ. But the more I got to know the actual people on the ground who are persecuted, the more I realized that this is actually a great privilege for us to stand with our brothers and sisters. We tend to think of them as victim. They're not victims. They are front line troops because we have to remember that this is a spiritual battle ultimately that we're fighting. And the persecuted are the ones that God has chosen to put on the front line, dealing with it, with the the ultimate enemy of our souls. And we're the privileged ones who just get the hold the baggage in the background and also to maybe, you know, be privileged enough to pass them some ammunition, so to speak, so they can continue the struggle. So I think I would just challenge all your listeners to just think of it that way. You know, these people do have needs, but they are not victims. They are very strong. And we the one thing that we do as an organization. We're not going to say we don't want to take credit. It's kind of going into an area and doing ministry. We are going into an area where we're finding Christians who are already doing ministry and we all we can. Dr. Ahmed was already doing medical ministry. Madina was already active in women's ministry and teaching children in their community. We just get behind what they're doing and say less healthy. We want to help you do what you're doing. So that's been sort of how my perspective has changed over the last 20 years. I was a young.

I was just going to say it's so much that way. I remember when I started doing a devotion at the nursing home that was behind the car dealership I worked at. I've been doing it now for 20.

But at first I thought, wow, we really go do this nice thing for these people. Yeah. And then the next thing you realize, man, these people are loving on you and you have all these mothers like it says, Mark, Chapter 10. You're gonna have 100 mothers.

And and all these people are praying for you and in end, just investing in your life. And. And you see all those things. Some I'm wondering, Matt. Was there somebody in that trip in 2005 that just like, oh, wow, God, this is why you had me come this so I could meet this person or something along those lines? If you got a story like that.

Yeah, I mean, I think the first the first person I met, strangely enough, was the leader of the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement. His name was John Garang. He was a Christian Dinka who had been educated in the United States. And he we ran into it, as it were. You know, what a strange occurrences were. We landed at a place called New Site to visit an orphanage. And I got to meet a lot of the orphans and students that were at this school. And it was just that was my first experience. And it was just it just blew me away. And then the president, the newly appointed vice president of Sudan, who was this rebel leader, flies in to this little airstrip and he spends a few hours on the ground on his way. He was on his way to Khartoum to take his oath of office, which he did with his hand on a Bible, not the Koran, but he did it. He put his left hand on the Bible and gave his oath of office in English to send a message to the Islamic government that things were going to change. And he was tragically killed 30 days later in a mysterious helicopter crash. And what that told me taught me was that, you know, this is the real deal here.

There's people are really taking risks to stand for the truth. And what am I going to do? You know, just watch. Watch it happen or I'm going to be a participant as hell.

How? And we are we fighting for a cause worth dying for? It's just absolutely wonderful, Matt. And we're so glad you came again. You can go to Tom again where they can go to to get involved.

Matt, go to Nuba Hospital dot com and you be a hospital dot com. You go also persecution project. Talk more about it and learn more about our ministry.

You go and be in prayer and. Thank you guys again for all you're doing. Edwards, love having you again, buddy. Thank you. Thank you. You guys have a great weekend.

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