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Kingdom Pursuits - A Trailblazer & A Tiger

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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July 4, 2020 4:06 pm

Kingdom Pursuits - A Trailblazer & A Tiger

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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July 4, 2020 4:06 pm

CEO of Trail Life USA, Mark Hancock and Martin Bennett, author of the book Wounded Tiger.  Such a blessing of a show.  PLUS Robby has something that will put a 4th of July smile on your face.  Thanks to some sweet kiddos.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore well we have a fun fourth kingdom we I know I'm excited all this goes. So first off, we have Martin Bennett. Here is the author of a book called wounded tiger and he's got this whole idea. There will be celebrating the sin quickly. The 75th anniversary of the end of the Pacific war. While 75 years ago so no wonder we don't have a lot of renderings left right mix Martin through and be in the Fourth of July. You wouldn't think that the guy who led the Pearl Harbor attack would be later after the war, bring his kids to America where they became citizens allow and so yeah that's that's about your book right one to talk and so this is quite a story of a Japanese man and you know how. Essentially, God came in and showed him some stuff. So it's a timely story because with racial conflict being in the forefront of all the news around the world. Most people don't understand the racial conflict in the roots of the Pacific war between Japan and the United States.

Pachuta, that the Pearl Harbor attack. He hated America. He hated Americans he felt that Americans consider themselves superior to the Japanese and he resented that he is a Japanese felt their race was superior to other races so a lot of conflict in their how how it's all resolved is quite interesting and that is really are the heart and soul of wounded tiger was beautiful. And speaking of conflict Mark Hancock with Lisa CEO at twilight USA and they are calling for the USA to invite someone different to the first ever Independence Day national backyard cookout event welcome Mark Jeremy's great leader. So originally I guess you wrote this op-ed in the kind of caught on fire or so to speak, so you're Ben Briones, on the whole idea of a national organization outdoor boys organization to his colleague Christ as our troops have figured out a way to get together still use their backyard for liking about the outdoors.

We started backyard theory a couple months going out over 16,000 families across the country.

Join us backyard for the four were due to backyard cookout camp out and were encouraging people invite people who are not like them know whatever that means. Invite somebody different over. We may disagree on a lot of things, but you can disagree about welcome hamburger on the were encouraging people to reach out and embrace people are likely likable and enjoy an afternoon somehow cool so you guys not been on my cell before would not know necessarily always have this timeless little them so you know it's a Fourth of July's. And speaking of 4 July. Here is your pre-Fourth of July quiz, but it's actually the Fourth of July so it's on 4 July. So you have to think about this one.

What did Luke Skywalker Satan John Hancock George Washington and the boys. I am not May 4 be with. Come on now Mark, that's a little bit funny and then I select being our initial shot. What's big cracked and cures your luggage. That would be the liberty bellhop's there you go and what ghost haunted King George III. That would be the spirit of 76 see that that will fit. Maybe you heard about the cartoonist in the Continental Army.

I did not Robbie. He was a Yankee doodle or Yankee doodle or I would be wrote that they are so where did George Washington by his hatchet at the shopping mall go you know this is definitely a bad job, but I do find it hilarious that you might what was Thomas Jefferson's favorite Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and what did King George.

Think of the American colonists why they thought they were revolting and what kind of tea you probably heard this one the American colonists thirst for. Of the 13 colonies which colonists told the most jokes with the Pennsylvanian and I do love this. What happened as a result of the Stamp Act. The Americans licked the bread know what would you get if you cross George Washington with cattle feed running out a song. I know the father of our country.

Very good to get if you trust George Washington home with nasty insect Mount Vernon okay okay and I love this one on the oh yeah what did the why the duck saving. He was a far quicker and put them in the front and on. As you know this but someone told me they don't have the Fourth of July of the country seem strange to skip from the third and fifth, but whatever if you endured all that you deserve a chance to win today on kingdom pursuits you you can eat a hot dog and are so I'm just gonna go with what is the real independence biblically. So what is the real Independence Day biblically. If you can answer that call us at 866487884 866-34-TRUTH what is the real independence day.

They can do that again some really really nice for everybody from the loaded loaded with five so it's a firecracker.

Fourth, just tell us what is the real Independence Day biblically 866-34-TRUTH 87884 really fun. I thought about this morning. I think I have so getting back to the wounded tiger Martin.

I know he wouldn't like my dad jokes, but nonetheless he came to Americans so how did you come across the store added God bring this into your life because I know it's been such a part of your life. The number one question I get asked.

So from an early age I gravitated towards true stories always like biographies like two-story movie and as an adult I have spent years on the life of research and like John Newton, the man wrote this song amazing Grace. She was a slave trader in the 1700s and I wrote a screenplay on his life and actually that's in the works on the back burner, but I stumbled across a story of Pachuta that the Pearl Harbor attack, and as I start researching it I thought, how is this world does not know the story was absolutely mesmerizing and astounding size but about three years researching this thing.

The more research I did the better it got it that this is just unbelievable. If you look it up on Amazon. You'll see the reviews it got the highest five-star rating of any novel that I've ever seen or can find one book of your work that does the people think the best red light. I like see elements of a great story so I screenplay and that I later know Japanese house on the way back. I'm shocked that we are not calling to tell us what is the real Independence Day bit 866-348-7884 some is working well come back to our where we hear how God takes to build the kingdom we have with us today. Mark Hancock ECU CEO trail life USA where there calling on Americans to invite someone different Independence Day national backyard cookout of cookout event and Martin Benner Bennett, my work, my mouth will catch up with my brain in a minute, Martin Bennett, author of wounded tiger in the coming 75th anniversary of the end of the Pacific war.

But first, a plan for key is in Richmond.

She has an answer to the riddle so what do you think is the original real live Independence Day. You are exactly right in that cool this morning like when Jesus came out of the he defeated and he was free to move about the country will not let his claws on that I agree with you that wow and and how cool is it that we are clearly free to have a backyard cookout today to invite our neighbors to eat hot dogs and love on them and share the light of what true freedom is running all that's a beautiful thing and in I love that whole concept we talked about and what a truly great nation is a Christian card.

I shall been staring sharing the spark that is God with those it settle. Thank you. We have a special let me ask you since I have your idea or would you rather have it. Would you rather be styling in profile and in the Christian card I T-shirt I have a few of those, or would you rather have a book from the prize fault. Well, we will send 1 Your Way. Vicki, thank you so much for listening for Conan today and a happy and blessed by so that was quick.

While I love those calls so we got this fun fourth and and Mark if you guys had a chance since you been doing this for a while.

What if you want to. Some of the feedback you get well. People are lying. I personally did with national backyard campout were right in the midst doors and they like to be family to felt pent up. They went on the backyard camp. The uploaded videos and pictures to the website backyard and you just got to see all of the country people just being an excellent week. It was a backyard movie partnered with the program's progress animated movies beautiful thing. We live stream that thousands after they watched the backyard. This one of the backyard cacao with the emphasis on getting somebody you don't like you will feature we had a lifestream last night with Edward Graham, Billy Graham grandson partnered with operation Christmas Child will direct green patriot Academy any quicker vice president of family and father Shannon bouquet everyone on their talking about you being in the backyard and in using this time to reach out reach out to people is a healing way for our country reach out begin begin the healing one between other just by drawing backyard that list of people you know I hate is missing as I am, but I don't know. You can unpack who those people are church will ever Graham is with Samaritans purse and Rev. Billy Graham grandson Titleist was America's first, but he was also a veteran, and special forces. I think part teen years and that is a decorated and he greets everybody talks about the importance of freedom and Rick Green is present.

Patriot Academy which is an organization that urges young people and understanding that the Constitution may freedom that we have the Christian organization and course Focus on the Family around for years and Danny worked at the vice president, parenting and family. He talked about the importance of using the outdoors to growth to grow our family Focus on the Family one vice president and Shannon bouquet father Shannon bouquet with humanlike international international organization that stands for humanlike.

He talked about freedom in America as a nation that uplifted you life about your life really around around the world. That was a good set of folks tosses about about reaching out, so he is a Catholic assuming since his father. I mean, how could you let me know so these folks are all in the same place the same time know they were all in different places.

I was in my backyard South Carolina Danny down Colorado. Edward Graham was in North Carolina's weather had gorgeous father bouquet. I think with family and Rick green were reckless, so we will patch altogether. Lifestream is watching now at their first time lifestream yesterday for clock still hosted by this that you feel like this is hosted by a man named Eve Togo as a country and West Africa and he had received an operation Christmas Child shoebox of the child and so he he is the MC and we got that out to kick out to us Outlook out the field of market location and simply record the lifestream so Mark was there like some interaction between people just saying what they had to say and then went on to the next one or did with actually interacting with that we were able to do that lifestream. But we are all interact with each.

They are part back to even share his testimony about how you received shoebox of what I meant to him that lack would be starting it lately like you said, having having course, Samaritan's purse was just strongly evangelical Protestant organization than having father bouquet*I thought I was so that that was part of her messages is that that were different, but we need each other I think is absolutely so speaking of different. We got Mark got Martin and I was thinking Martin like the name your book is wounded tiger and he was clearly different. He was in America. Can you kind of explain what you meant by wounded why use that in the title was born in the year the Tiger and see the title represents both him and in the nation. Japan Japanese.

The country felt that they had been sidelined and marginalized by the major powers of the world, not respected, and Pachuta wanted to be proud of his country. He wanted to go forth, but he was really he was hurt when he came to United States and he heard a lot of anti-Japanese sentiment that was needed at the same kind of things going on today with with the racial strife and and he was personally angered by all the way Americans are treated Japanese so nothing to wounded tiger and of course that the fund of the story. In the interest is how his life changes and how he brings into his life. An American who was a bombardier who ends up in Japan as a prisoner of war and the Covell family were teachers and missionaries in Japan fled to the Philippines. Restorers have nothing to do with each other. Eventually come together in the end, but to complete the concept of wounded tiger.

Ultimately, everyone is really wounded tiger. We have potential for beauty and power were held back by wounds, our own choices and the choices of others and we really can't be who were called to be until something happens in we become who were supposed to be and that's really the character arc of the redemption story of Woody tiger admits to Pachuta say that minutes can you say that 10 minutes to pick Yamamoto to lead the Pearl Harbor attack is also handpicked to lead the Midway attack and the sky was in the middle of everything. In fact, going to next month which will be with the anniversary of the atomic bombing. FEMA August 6 which it was in Hiroshima the day before the bomb was dropped and the day after it was dropped. He got a phone call gets called away tens of thousand people were killed. He should of been there and even afterwards, she thought.

Hello my not dead.

Why didn't I not your wedding night die, and this was one of the things that start to have him turn his eyes upward and see.

Someone must be watching over me. Something is happening. I want to understand and eventually you feel that this is how it's it's it's it's a phenomenal book and a lot of what were your life's passion is been is about trying to get this thing to be the kind of movie that it should be right right up and I've received for offers to get funded. But they're all secular offers which problem with that except Bill required retaining full creative control and you know anything about the story and the movie unbroken at the end of the story Lewis M3 is life is touched by Billy Graham and some of things happen spiritually will become all that and I thought that have alright so you see we still have so we got a lot more coming from trilogy USA and the question is 866-34-TRUTH 784 come back your passion and uses to build the kingdom or in this case maybe serve a hot dog for somebody that's not like oh we are so excited because we have Amy, where there is now Amy Cobbett was the host. You may know of the cure comes on the Truth Network at 1 o'clock and and a lot of other affiliates across This country, but it is also a live show an opportunity for you to call in and share your views on things and Amy, you've got such a cool show lined up today.

You got some 9/11 stuff force now you will only aim 110 800 Lane. I think Eric will be cooling me out at a higher calling and dedicated it but I at 1 PM.

You guys are such a delightful name his own story is one of those where she's willing to tiger and I was asking about Martin saying a minute ago, you know she had a lot of stuff in her life but she was set free by the gospel and and have six of love for the Lord and a joy that she shares with her audience and you know it's so cool that you bring healing on so many things and in there's a lot of healing that still left to be had from what happened on 9/11 and their aim a lot and you realize all that rain more likely out so cool you know. Second Corinthians chapter 1 says right. We were comforted with God's comfort so we can comfort others with the comfort we are comforted with if you may be familiar with that.

You know, Amy, is the poster child for that idea like God comforted her, and so now she's out there with her show, comforting everybody else. I just love the way you do it Amy and you do so much prayer, because in in so many ways. Your story is tied back to prayer. I don't care any type possible and great knowing that it cannot be that is so cool thank you Amy God bless you guys have a great show today. It's coming up 1 o'clock on the Truth Network 1 o'clock Eastern soft urine Salt Lake City are urine in Violet this morning. You gotta pick it up there at those times so this 1 o'clock Eastern.

Thank you Amy God bless you bye-bye alright so moving back to Martin. I think that that is so phenomenally cool what you said that we are all wounded tiger's and and I also love what you said at the beginning of the show that he felt like that Americans felt superior to him because he was Japanese after one the powers will put together the league of Nations, which was a precursor to the United Nations, and during that time, Japan was one of those founding nations in the put portals called the racially quality proposal and most of the nations of the league of Nations approved it, but some said no, it's not possible that a person of color would ever be equal to a white person and they killed it and this is very anchoring to the Japanese people, and today you know course United Nations United States we accept that back then they did not and when Pachuta came United States, the discrimination against Japanese Americans was quite intense Chinese as well and the it was it was quite terrible and he had really no idea so it just made him all that more than angry toward America and Americans. I couldn't help but note this similarity Martin to your own story and that what you said your first endeavor was along the ideas of great stories was on Newton and essentially the author of amazing grace right. Lester is aptly astounding, and so well when you take what happened to her and wanted tiger there. He met with this grace. Right when we treat somebody like were superior to them. It's it's amazingly ungraceful, but grace is apparently how he got back on track story wounded tiger was fiction, it wouldn't work because it's just too far out to be believed, but one but it's actually true and the things that happen in his life. The thing that changed Pachuta was when he saw someone else treating their enemies with kindness and love any thought. Why would you do that why don't you destroy your enemies. Why would you be kind and loving toward your enemies. That was the beginning of really the sun rising in his own heart to believe that that change anything and saw the story of the story. He said he felt ashamed because he knew this person was right and he was wrong so it takes humility for appealing to happened that was the very beginning so we have places in Raleigh. He's calling in today clear on kingdom pursuits good morning Robbie. It's wonderful to talk with you. God bless you man. Love you happy and you know that other stuff you know, I find it interesting that you got the gospel of Mark talking about certain things and doing outreach thing like you doing like you know Sharon hotdogs, but all future hamburgers as well because that's something that I do every once a little bit with the we, there's a ministry called the bread of life. We haven't been able to do the last few months, but you there with all the stuff that's going on and then you got brother Martin talking about a book call wounded tiger will shorten that you know we all have one that we are dealing with and a lot of you know, you expand a little bit which one did you know there are so many people that are winded out there and I'll feel the tiger is a very important thing because Tiger not only it is a strengthening thing because when you get one. Do you know you're going to need strengthening and are you going to need healing and I just tell you, man. You got so many people that you bring on the show and you have them share the things that they share so vitally important for people to be understand because what this radio station is all about is Ruth and I have a feeling that you know people are going to hear the truth of people going to know the truth and under some type of work brought. I just wanted tell you that I appreciate you are very thankful for you and I love you and say to each one of these people that are on the radio today.

This is what this day is all about and you know each day is a created date for us to be a part of out more outside of the creation part of Genesis all about creation and what he does with us and for some right.bless you, thank you my friend. Thank you brother. I'm a talk to little while because you're on my list of people to call today.

My different place, but I got what you brother thank you for doing this. God bless your brother Martin Mr. Martin Wright Hospital Mark so speaking of that Gospel of Mark E mentioned clearly that being outside is so critical kind of to 4 July in my in so many different ways being out in God's beautiful and that's what real life really is instilling in boys right give them an opportunity to show they have what it takes their we are and a lot of people are questions what is acrylic USA will work Christ centered boy focused character, leadership and organization work or not an outdoor organization that having a Christian experience. We are at our core Christian ministry that uses the outdoors to raise godly man we got 30,000 members now in all 50 states organized churches troops on what you what you expect from boys outdoor organization troops and controls and handbook uniforms program and the boys are enjoying the outdoors that's so awesome.

Well, we have one segment left kingdom pursuits that were excited to share more with Martin who obviously has so much to share, as does CEO Mark Hancock with life USA.

As always, you can find out all about these guys get Martin's book on Amazon so awesome well come back to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God passion and uses it to build the kingdom on this fund fourth of July we were hoping that people will take Mark's advice and go out there and have a cookout. Invite people that are like because that's the beautiful thing about grace when you think about it, you know that's a word I feel more than I perhaps could define like when you're around somebody who you can tell that you're the favorite. You can tell that you're highly loved in and appreciated. Even if you tell bad jokes and all that's grace.

And Jesus is full of fat and so when we can be around other people and show them we love and accept them are really excited to have around, you know that that is amazing grace right and that amazing grace that obviously there would be tiger saw is what can change the world as we have opportunity in our backyards.

To do that this very day. It's so exciting Mark II really love the initiative that God gave you and some of our people to be uploading pictures all day to your website to show what's going on in the backyard challenge their they are acrylic not only the videos photos from past events, but also from him this weekend before uploading pictures of the backyard or videos recorded but graded the app that's embedded on a journey can upload videos very easily and some boys from Creelman out in the field were greeting everybody else is adults were stone is what is going on the grill and tons of recipes ways to enjoy the outdoors are links to the partners to work long on phytoliths and also as a map United States. Enter your ZIP Code little flag on the area where your euro unit participating in the event you think back, you know, I was obviously told to be internalized, but I certainly was a Boy Scout and the love and acceptance that you feel as being part of the patrol part of the troop and being linked together with men that do kinda show you and guide you.

It is a critical part really of of what I consider you know what God was doing early on in fathering me and showing me in all things that I would use the rest of my life. And so, how cool is it that God has your whole organization out there doing that for boys like women left last couple years, parted from some of the more traditional beliefs and waited date they conduct themselves.

That's really how or why trailer sounded as we knew that there were a lot of people who would like the original thing and that's why we're unapologetically Christian and specifically boy focused. Those are two things that that the boys get source or to let go of dynamic growth because people who had the experience that you have an organization understand the power of them male focused leadership in a Christ centered environment that makes all the different boys are trouble is when you look at wards are twice as likely be special education three times are like the ADHD.

There, behind girls and everything will academic category. They need a program that is typically at their strength them being called toxic work work will reminding them of the classic masculinity that they have in terms of strength they have laughing loud strength of the header being seen as weakness were encouraging the boys an independent and trying hard and in competition. No sort of thing that is really what went made America great is great character trait that built this country while reintroducing those 2 Generation Boys Trl. life USA seven and Martin nine. The book is amazing. I couldn't be more excited about the concept of the movie. But what's the one thing in the story that you just you know, you kind of save the best for last. How did he actually find Christ will the title for the book wounded tiger is the true story of the pilot whose life was changed by an American prisoner by a girl he never met this girl, he never met is really the focus of the story, and she had no intention whatsoever.

She didn't know for what you did at all, but it was through her actions and what she did that was astounding different you know when he found out about it.

His world was turned up, upside down, he just wanted to understand who this person is what they did and why they did it. I can't tell you that story because it gives it away but it just shows what this woman did she just look for opportunities to love other people and she inadvertently, accidentally became a fulcrum of transformation if we choose life and some encouragement to other people's you never can tell with simple acts of kindness towards others how they will affect them. You don't know the impact she would never in a million years of imagine her life would be a part of transforming going was hand-picked by Avril Yamamoto to lead the attack on Pearl Harbor, where he spent years after the war, encouraging people, others to serve God. Unbelievable story, absolutely.

Well, so again it's called wounded tiger. You can find the kingdom as long as well as all kinds of links to the backyard event and for life USA where first of all just so amazingly grateful that you would listen to us today be able to sit through all my jokes that I love telling you, and then you've got all this truth, Nancy Rice got encouraging prayer which is really special is how to spend the entire day with dominant tell you that's what James is got in store for you, followed by masculine journey starts here and now we talk about judgment on that journey, followed by like the cure is coming on at 1 o'clock you got so much truth is this is the Truth Network

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