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June 27, 2020 1:12 pm

Kingdom Pursuits - Authors & Stories

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June 27, 2020 1:12 pm

Authors Peggy Consolver and Todd Nettleton.  Plus some riddlers try and answer Robby's riddle.  The riddle he says was his easiest one in a long time.  Turn your ear to this one and be changed.  Remember to share it with a friend.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore how much fun we are going to have today I'm I'm so excited about it. We have some amazing and just to start off with. We have Todd Nettleton and Todd you may know as the voice of the voice of the martyrs. I'm sure you're often described as that right Todd.I thank you EI it really is a neat thing that God is taking on this adventure to hear so many amazing stories, especially for such a time as this right. I can't over the last 20 years down literally what hundred of Christians who have gone through persecution and just ask questions and hear their story. In situations like that, be able to kind of Some of the Wisdom That That They Have Learned about Arctic.

It's an Absolutely Amazing Thing.

And Clearly God Gifted You to Be Able to Both Listen, but Also to Find God in the Story. I Think I America I Ever Been Persecuted. I Don't Anticipate That I'll Be Persecuted. Maybe God Had That in Mind for Me but so I Let American Christian and and Just Try to You Know What, What Are the Left Can I Take Home and Do That This Person Is Doing. What Lessons Can I Learn from Them and Then Thankfully I Have Opportunity to Share with Other American Christian and I and Hopefully We Learn from Those Who Have Suffered for Christ Because They Have so Much to Teach Us. They Do and so the Cool Thing for Us Listening Today Is We All Get a Chance to Learn from What Todd Is Gleaned from Years and Years and Years of Being Able to Hear the Stories and so on and on about You but I'm Just beyond Thrilled and When You Have That Together with We've Got Peggy and I Always I've Had Began Several Times I Was Done with the Last Name. I Think It's Console over in My Right, Peggy, for Once, and Peggy Is an Author and and She Wrote the Star Name or the Unchosen Dessert Last That I Think Is Released Recently. Was It All Last Fall, but the Way Peggy Describes and I Love the Way She Describes Her Novels. She Says Their Bible Studies Disguised As Novels.

So in That Cold That's Kinda What God Gave You Is a Passion Right Peggy Really Is A Lot Of Just a Love for the Word of God and and Being Able to Do That in the Story Form through Novel Actually Action Novel Young People Think They Parted All by the Time Aaron Greg There's A Lot Of Action but I Know Peggy Has Been.

I Think I've Had Todd on a Couple Times but You May Recall, I Know Peggy Recalls That I've Got to Do My Rentals Okay so Speaking of Study Right Being a Car Guy When I Got Cancer. They Sent Me to the Oncologist and I Thought What Does the Study of Car Horns Have To Do with Cancer Oncologist and I Thought You Know Maybe I Should Run Faster Than a Roadrunner like Baby You Know How College I Milked That One Pretty Good This Thing Taking, She so Anyway Not Know This but Peggy Taught Gravity before She Started Studying the Bible and Now She Knew the Students Would Fall for World so Your Son Is Okay Bring Their Own. You Might Have Said Next, Peggy Went for No Study and Fungus Because She Felt It Would Really Help Mold in My As Opposed to Chemistry Where They Were Just Out Of Their Element, so You Knew at the End of All That We Do Have Actual Rental You Can Call in and Win Today so You Know, the Study of Jesus Genealogy Is a Basic Requirement for Dissent Education. So Which Women You Know, since Peggy Brought up Women Which Women Are Listed in Genealogy, so We Have a Number Winners Today Is One That I Think Is Glaringly Obvious There's Other Women 866-34-TRUTH 87884 If You Could Mention a Woman in Jesus Genealogy and If You Can Do That, Though in the Kingdom Pursuits That We Always Try to Make the Prize You Know in Alignment with How Great Your Answer Is so You Know We Got Some Great One.

You Can Call in of 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Here We Go so You Know Todd in This Season. Are You Seeing Some Different Kind of Stories Coming Out Of the Voice of the Martyrs. I Don't Know the Story I Recorded an Interview Yesterday Radio about China You Know We We Talk about the Coronavirus Going on. We Believe It Came from China and You Would Think That the Chinese Government Would Be so Focused on Coronavirus That They Wouldn't Have Time to Persecute Christians.

I Contacted I Was Actually the Persecution Kept Right on through the Coronavirus and Picked up a Little Bit of Persecution That Working in China Right Now Is the Worst Week of Being in a Generation.

In Fact, Chinese Christians Harking Back to the Cultural Revolution. The Last Time It Was Difficult for Christians in China so We Are Seeing Some of the Same Thing Nigeria As Well. Nigeria Went on a National Lockdown and You Would Think Well There Will Be Less Attacks on Northern Nigeria with Everyone Thing Called, but Instead We Have Been Repeated Attacks from Local Wrong from Lonnie and so the Persecution Has Right on Going with the World Fighting Now Is One of Those That Jumps out at You That You Can Kind of Share with Us a Little of What Actually Happened.

Well, You Don't Want a Story That on My Heart Pastor from China Church Would Close down in at the End of 2018. The Church Was Rated Government Came in and Said Hey You Cannot Meet Anymore.

The Pastor Was Directed Novel of the Deacons Were Arrested and Member of the Pastor of Anyone Ye Was Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison Simply for Leading an Unregistered Church and Illegal Church in China and the Interesting Thing about Longing and about His Church and They Were Very Open about What They Were Doing.

They Actually Put Their Services Online.

He Put His Servant on YouTube That It Wasn't like They Were Trying to Hide That. They Simply Said Hey Were Church Were Worshiping Jesus Christ Is Not a Political Act Were Not Trying to Overthrow Our Government Were Just Worshiping Jesus and Studying the Bible Together When He Was Arrested. A Letter Was Released after That and It Is Fascinating to Me How He Had Prepared for Persecution to Come in That Letter That You Know This Letter to Be Released. If I'm Arrested. That Was a Possibility He Thought about It and Got to Bring in on You That Music Means We Can Break Some Work on Find out about This Letter. I'm Very Excited to Learn about This X We Come Back We Got so Much More Kingdom Pursuits Come up with Peggy Talking about Leaving the Star Name or in the Unchosen Landing Started There. Find out about This Letter but We Need Your Call. You Know Those Women in Jesus Genealogy 866-34-TRUTH Welcome Back to Pursuits Where We Hear How God Takes Your Passion and Uses It to Build the Kingdom. Today We Are so Excited to Have with Us Todd Nettleton, the Voice of the Voice of the Martyrs As Well As Peggy Kingsolver. She Is the Author of the Star Name or in the Unchosen and Her Novels. She Calls Him Action Novels Actually Bible Studies Disguised As Novels.

You Can Find Both in All Their Information Todd's Bio and All Sorts Information on Which the Martyrs of Martyrs and Kingdom so It's All Available and You Still Have Time to Call You and I'm Shocked That Him Nobody Is Just My Real 866-348-7884. You Know Who Which Women Were in Jesus's Genealogy. One of the Simplest Type Handling Time.

I'm Shocked but Hey, We Have Stuff All Your Dues Calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

I Know We Left You Hanging on This Letter from Todd.

But before We Go There.

I Was Going to Talk to Peggy for a Minute and Ask Her about the Star Name or the Unchosen Who Is the Star Name That My Character Who Are Real Real People Group in Chapter 9. So I Made but I Believe from What Actually Said to Joshua That Were Looking for Someone I Idled That the People around Them Were Worshiping and so I Believe from the Name of the Stars, Which the Quality of Name in God so When You Said That That's an Interesting Study Are You and You Seen Something in the Names of the Stars That You That You Felt like Was Interesting. I Read a Book by W*There*Please Add Lori Kolb Look That and Start Middle Eastern Language Hereto for Your Know Having Some of the Stars in the Current Life Constellation Can't Find around the Campfire Wednesday People with Now Is That Heretofore and Hereafter.

We We Barely Know We Don't Know What Happened.

What Name like the Heavens Declare the Study This Beautiful Well the Good News Is It Is Peggy That We Have Lots of Rattlers All the Sudden Conan, First off, We Have Steve Is in Charlotte This Morning Steve You're on Kingdom Pursuits, Good Morning. I Am Excited.

I'm so Excited, so Have You Got Again Doris Yeah I Do.

I Know One Okay Right Moabite Woman Who Married Bo, She Heard One. In My Opinion Really. Yes, He Is from the Lineage of David and Boaz Work Very Well Known about the Kind of David a Named One of the Pillar Element Couple Right There Come from the Moabite, Which Were Incredibly Cruel and Evil Group of People, but God Can Do Anything That's Marking It. Of Course I like What Your Thoughts on That.

But I Think It My Immediate Thought Is You Know If You Had a Genealogy without Leaves, You Know What I'm Thinking That Would Be What It Would Be Ruthless and You Know My Mind Is That Now I Think You're Exactly Right. And I Think That from My Perspective, That Is One of the Most Beautiful Stories of the Bible and One of the Story of the Coming of Upright All Filled with Erotica and Really Really Is. Thank You Steve, That's Awesome God Bless You All.

You Can Enjoy a Given for It. So Some Prize Closet for You. God Bless the List and State Bless You Bye-Bye All Right, Next up We Have Georgia Georgia Marsh Who Is Also in Charlotte Were Not Bad in Charlotte Today. We Got All Sorts of People.

Conan Georgia You're on Kingdom Pursuits Component All My Hand on but Don't Mention a Mark Is People Calling You. 41. As You Mentioned Tomorrow What You Can Ask Kmart Which in a Tougher Discussion.

I Think You're Probably Right. But Tomorrow, What a Story like You Know Ruth Is Quite a Story.

But Tomorrow My Goodness, I Mean I Would. That's a Story of Stories I like Oh Wow.

How Can That Story Be in the Bible but Is Just Beautiful That God Shares Stories like Tomorrow Where Here's This Woman Just Trying to Do What's Right and Being Held down by Culture That Really Doesn't See Women the Way That That That Obviously Jesus Did. So I Think That the Fact That She Made. The Genealogy Is beyond Beautiful. And That Judah Was the Actual Father Prisons You Mentioned in an and It Showed His Weakness so Now It's Really Cool with Such That's so Beautiful All, Thank You so Much for Conan Georgia. God Bless You All for Winter.

I Got a Good Price for This Coming Back to Georgia. God Bless, I Can Is in Colfax North Carolina Candor on If I Can Get the Right Button to Go down Candor on Kingdom Pursuits Good Morning Good Morning I Am Grateful That You Can't or Really Know Was a Harlot, but More like but You Know Right There and She Married Saul Stallman for yet, but I Really Called Mother Nettleton a Question Is Still on Where He Most Certainly Is on Here so Todd Can Scott Kim's Got a Question for You, but You're Actually Right about Rahab and so You Think It Was Pronounced Solomon in the I Was Taught Was Salmon but Your San Solomon.

You're Right You're Right Not Get Much Spam I Get It Mixed up Solomon Last Taught to Use the Word Shocking. Somehow Neck Reluctant Remember, but I Was Very Strong When the Genealogies in Matthew 10 Calls Right That's a Shocker That Todd Anybody Else That Can Question Food for Time You Ever Saturday Lord Willing, I'll Be Listening to You This Afternoon. Thank You Also Listen to Stand in the Gap in Applicable Stars Which Their Program Was the Light of Day Work. I Don't Know Sam Will Work That Pastors and They Were Talking with Some People from China Mentioned, When You First Came Home and I Were Talking about. We Know about All Persecution in This New Leader Shut down All the Churches but They Were Talking about. They Were Harvested People, Body Parts and Selling Their DNA. One I Made It Sound like You Know Photoshop Type Thing about That.

We Have Heard Stories of Salable Organ, Even 20 Years Ago There Were Available and and We Do Believe Some of Those Came from Prisoners, but They Dated China That You Mention the DNA Part of What They're Doing to Fight against the Coronavirus. They I Got in Here Because What They Say They're Doing to Try to Get the Coronavirus Is Collecting DNA on and so Putting Together a Surveillance Date with Patient. They Also Have Cameras Everywhere Literally 600 Million Cameras with Facial Recognition so They Are Putting Together Something That I Think Even George Orwell Would've Been Uncomfortable with an Update Update with the Back Studying There. There Anticipate No Doing That Here in Our Country It's It's Kind of Scary Stuff.

Thank You Kim for Your Policy Question and Solicit so Much. Another Break Maybe Thinking I Forgot about the Letter That I'm Sure My Family Come Back and I Might Mention That. And I See Some Other People Call Him There Might Be Another Answer to Know Women in the Genealogies Is Maybe the Most Obvious 866-34-TRUTH 7884 State Marketing and Welcome Back to Kingdom Pursuits Where We Hear How God Takes Your Passion and Uses It to Build the Kingdom. We Are so Blessed Really, to Have with Us Today. Todd Nettleton Leaves the Voice of the Voice of the Martyrs and Working to Get Him the Second We Got Peggy Kingsolver, the Author of the Store Name or in the Unchosen. These Are Action Novels, Bible Studies, Disguised As Novels, but Next up We Actually Have with Us Today Am so Excited. We Have My Good Friend Amy, and I Cannot Tell You I Really I've Had a Chance to Meet Amy and Her and Her Husband Boris Now for over Year.

I Wish Every Listener Could Meet Amy and Boris. They Have Such Joy like Oh My Goodness, This Must Be Jesus. This Is Grace. This Is What It Feels like That Be in the Presence of Somebody Who Loves People Loves People Well and so I'm so Excited to Show Today.

Your Kinda Going on That Right Amy or Talking to James, but Beverly about God Driven from Understand the Termination All during the Whole Hold Can Only Get an You May Be Wondering What Time This Is, Well, 1 O'clock Today. You Know That That's a Deal Is a Live Show This Beautiful Thing and Amy Shares This Stuff Live so You Know What an Opportunity for Listeners to Call in and Share What They're Feeling about the Current Situation Is That They're Doing within Their Lives with the Same Number You Called in Here 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Thank You Amy for Sharon and Furby on the Station One Less by so Todd I Know I've Held It's Way Too Long to Hear the Story. The Letter Didn't Interest. Been This Long, but Hey, I'm Still Dying to Know about the Letter.

I Guess You Better Sit up the Story Little Bit First for Those Existing and in the Letter That Was Written by Pastor Wong, the Leader of the Early Rain Covenant Church. He Was Directed at the End of 2018. At the End of 2019. He Was Nine Years in Prison, Years in Prison Right Now in China Serving That Nine Years, but He Had Written This Letter for His Arrest Because He Knew That What the Possibility and He Wanted to Let His Congregation and Also the World Know That He Was Ready Willing to Suffer for Jesus Christ Thought about It and Plan I Would Encourage You to Find This Letter Online but Let Me Highlight One of My Favorite Part Where He Talks about the People Who Will Interrogate the Police Official.

The Prison Guard Go to Hold Me Will Be Trained by Angels. The Person Who Interrogate Me Will Eventually Be Interrogated by Christ with in Mind the Lord Has Made Me Pathetic and Sad to Those Who Are Trying and Who Are Holding Me Ask the Lord Pray for Me to Use Me and Give Me Patience and Wisdom to Bring the Gospel to Them.

So Even before He Was Arrested He Knew There Would Be People Who Would Interrogate Him.

People Who Would Question Him and He Was Already Thinking about My Opportunity to Be a Witness to Them to Share the Gospel with Them. Please Pray for Me That I Will Be Able to You That Opportunity. Well That That He Had Counted the Cost Had Already Decided When I Get Arrested I'm Knocking to Be Depressed. I Feel I Got up Forgot about Me I'm a Person on the Other Side of the Table Is Someone That Jesus Died for Their Chance to Hear about It Because I'm Here with Them. Well You Know When You Think about the Beauty of What You Just Heard This Pastor Knew Ahead of Time to Write This Letter so the Holy Spirit Kinda Told Him, and When I Think about This. There Wasn't the Famous Apostle. He Wrote Wanted to Letter from Jail That His Name Was Paul, As You Might and Repeater. Excuse Me Know It Was Paul.

Paul, Peter, Got out, You Know, in the Middle Nine, Paul Wrote the Letters but the Other Thing That That Occurs to Me Is It in Our American History. There Are Some Beautiful Letters.

If You've Never Read Them. Martin Luther King Jr. Wrote Letters from a Birmingham Jail, and They Were Written to the Church. I Mean Literally to Us and If If You Want Some Wonderful Reading. It's Also Available Online. But He Knew That That God Would Come in and and He Would Hear What Was Going on and Things Will Change in Birmingham and Certainly No That Was One of the Step in the Many Step Processes That We the Love That We're Enjoying Right Now so Wow Todd 11. A Moment in History. Another Letter from Jail and I Fired (Maybe American Christian Whole Idea of Counting the Cost. He Could Be Arrested. He Was Willing to Be Arrested but Thought through All of That Ahead of Time and Already Made How He Would Respond like a Cat Think There Might Be a Lesson for American Christians about Just Thinking Ahead and Count the Cost and Understanding What Were to Advance the Kingdom of Christ Is Worth My Comfort. Is It Worth My Feeling Picked on. Is It Worth My Going to Jail. Yes, It's Worth All the Thing and We Can Count That Cost Ahead of Time so Scott a Minute. Really It's It's like Wow, What an Opportunity Which Really You've Told Me before Another Time, Chances We've Had to Talk That These People That Are Martyrs Don't Feel like You Know They've Been They've Been Feel like They Been Given This Unbelievable Opportunity Running Blessing and Mark of Honor. That Got Me with the Privilege of Dying for Christ. One Daughter and That a Scriptural Thing Is While You Think of Hebrews Chapter 11, the So-Called All of Chapter in the Middle of That Chapter. There's Alignment of the World Was Not Worthy Literally the People Who Gave Their Lives for Christ Were Too Good for This World. That's How the Bible Talks about the and When You Hear Their Story That When You Hear How They Respond to Suffering Sense That They Kinda Feel That Way Too. Like Wow This Is Such an Amazing Blessing and Privilege for God to Give Me the Opportunity Some Beautiful Intake You Getting Back to Your Book. You Know This.

The I Was Just Wondering As You Were Listening to That. What Were Some of Your Reflections Are You Talking to Me. Yes Ma'am Okay I Believe from What I Read in the Bible, 19 I Just Believe There Are Many Great Word That We Often Skip over Don't Realize Glory. Now That's a Treasure Map and Dig up Those Gems Is Just to Sit Back and Look at Them in My Go All the While Looking I Found so Share One of Those with This Baby Well to Do It Right That Book Where Kurt Came That Day Will Be Slain to Well When You Read the Defendant Are Named Go to Joshua Chapter and Okay the Story Is There This People Group Is Usually Called to Be a Night but There Are 20 Were Those Who Were to Become and That Is What Happened in the Story They Were They Were Not to Be God All the Other Now Working to Get to Leave the Saving Part When We Get Back so We Got to Go to a Break Will Be Right Back More Pursuits with Tom Middleton. Welcome Back to Pursuits Where We Hear How God Takes Your Passion and Uses It to Build the Kingdom and Today Were so Blessed to Have Two Individuals Exactly like That We Have. Peggy Comes over, the Author of the Star Name or in the Unchosen When She Does Action Novels, Bible Studies, Disguise Is Novels, and Todd Nettleton Is Really Vouches for an Honor to Have Them on Here.

He Is the Voice, the Voice Martyrs Been Doing This a Long Time and I Think All the Cool Things That God Has Entrusted Him with on the Air to Share These Amazing Stories of Current Christians Can Find out You Know What What like Biblical History Stuff Is Going on in Our Own Time. This Is Absolutely Amazing. So Peggy, When We Left Our Hero God Was Fixed and Free the Slaves on the Book of Joshua to Tell Where I Just Fighting with. I Believe I Can Privilege and to Get That to That People through History, Rationalized Their Taking Way by the Current That They Were Cursed to Become. But When You See the Prophecy of Being Fulfilled in the Gibeonites in Joshua Nine I Do Not Believe There Is Any Other Theory, Slavery Had It All Were All Made in the Image of God and Oh My Goodness, I like to Enslave Somebody That's in the Image of God. I Can't It's It's It's It's beyond My Thinking for Sure That's a Beautiful That's a Beautiful Devotion That That You Have Right There inside. It's the Book Is Called the Star Name or the Unchosen. It's Right and and and Todd. I know we don't have a whole lot more time, maybe a couple more minutes if you got another story that you that you could share with our listeners. Well, I would encourage people to go to which is the main voice of our website.

On Monday we are honoring those who break down their life for Christ. 29. According to church history is the daily apostle Paul was executed outside the city of Rome. Every year we did the day of the Christian martyr and we provide some resources. There's a video of downloadable resources were maybe a cool class teacher or a small group leader this year were honoring Pastor John Paul Cook. We he was killed in the Central African Republic in 2017. He planted a church in a Muslim neighborhood there in 1993 he served the church faithfully for more than 20 years. In 2017 there was a civil war going on. Many of church members that even his own family Pastor John Paul maybe we should go somewhere else for a while. Maybe we should back off. No, God called me to the church, what would it say to my church members appoint hard time came I left it would say the wrong thing.

It would say that that I'm falling back in the day on February 7, 2017 he was martyred he was killed by Islamic militia members who came into that Muslim neighborhood and that we don't want to church here, they killed the pastor they looted the parsonage they looted the church and then they burn both of them to the ground so we are honoring the memory of Dr. John Paul and not only on 2017 when he was killed but for all those 20+ years before that, where he faithfully served in a difficult circumstance in a difficult situation, but he faithfully served Christ right up to the day where he was given the opportunity to lay down his life for Jesus Christ.

While in so just hate to clean my own ignorance, but I did not know that that was national martyred share with our listeners again what that's called in and how they can get to the Christian martyr that which is the main voice of the martyrs website. We have all the Christian martyr resources. There's a link right at the top of that page, but where we honor the memory of those who gave their lives for Christ but also we hope we inspire American Christians that you know I think every story of a particular Christian that we hear or read. We ask ourselves, okay, what would I do in that situation and I think that's a great question to ask because it drives into the Scripture drives us to pray and say Lord boy I want to say that I would be faithful even with the gun in my face.

Help me, help me to have that kind of courage so that's what day of the Christian martyr is about to get it next Monday so if you're in a church or class probably tomorrow is the day to remember that in all of those resources they are free their digital so you can download them and that we want people to honor the memory but we want people to be inspired by the faithfulness of people like Pastor John Paul sensibly. Thank you so much for that, you know, Peggy's got a number of other books. Besides writing Peggy, what are the other books you dimensional click on a few seconds guide for the first time I will be guide for the second one question 50 wonderful so you can go.

Again, the kingdom and find Peggy's website clear. Meanwhile, you got so much truth, naturally encouraging prayer.

James Banks is next, followed by masculine journey starts now

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