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September 30, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina want to continue in our series of C my Jesus last week we saw him as our shepherd and this week we want to see him as our Potter say why did you pick this one for Father's Day.

Isaiah chapter 64 verse eight only to turn there, but I want to read this to you but now, O Lord, thou art our father, we are the clay and thou are Potter and we are all the work of thy hand, you know, being a Potter is much like being a father to talk about that this morning. Jeremiah chapter 18 and I'm excited about preaching this this morning. Jeremiah chapter 18. You sense that all and will begin reading verse one the word of the Lord which came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying, arise, and go down to the potter's house, and there will I cause the to hear my words. Then I went down to the potter's house, and behold errata work on the wheels and the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter. So he made it again another vessel, as seems good to the potter to make it then the word of the Lord came to me saying, O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter saith the Lord.

Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom to pluck up in the pulldown and to destroy it.

If that nation against whom I have pronounced turn from their evil. I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them.

Father, we thank you for this morning. Lord, we thank you for being our shepherd. We thank you for being our father Lord I thank you for being my personal Potter and Lord, you have treated each of us in this building.

Personally, all of us have spent time on your wheel.

Lord I thank you for the personal attention in the personal care that you give to each of us. Thank you for treating us that important Lord I pray as we look at these eight verses this morning that you would give us wisdom and insight as to the role that you have told us you play as a Potter to each of us in your name we pray.

Amen God here in this passage is saying what happens in the potter's house is an illustration of what happens in your house towards God is saying this. What happens between the potter and the clay illustrates what happens between us and God the father and he gives this a verse illustration to somehow enlighten us on the role that he plays in our life. The relationship between us and God and what a dynamic relationship. It is, it is often difficult for us because we cannot see what God sees and we don't know what God knows and the entire time that we are on this earth and once you give your heart to Christ and you are saved in and you are his child, and he becomes your shepherd and he is your father the moment that begins God begins working in molding on each of us, though I haven't amen right there. That's why it is very important for us to never be judgmental of each other that we are to judge the Bible says between right and wrong we are to judge between what is of God and what is of the world, but we ought to be careful to judge each other you know why because it's not my job to be your Potter it's God's job to be your Potter.

It's not your job to let me manipulate you. I don't want to manipulate you. It's your job to let God mold you I'm not your Potter you are not my Potter God is the potter of all of us will God do his work. May we never compare vessels, that's a free one for this morning. Sometimes I want to look at some people and say who do you think you are. You think you're just the best vessel in the house. You think you're so much better or nicer than anybody else imitate something God's the one that's molding and is not done yet.

When you jump right into it. I did he write that down. That was just as of God this morning we get back to my plan here in these verses God gives some very specific things, especially in verse three and four and we obviously will finish the rest the verses tube.

I want you to notice in verse three first the plan. This was the plan first three, then I went down to the potter's house, and behold, notice this, he wrought all work on the wheels so that was the plan. I want to notice that phrase, he wrought a work that's always the plan for God to do a work in your life. That's the plan.

The plan doesn't include what you want or what you think is best. The plan always includes letting God do what God wants to do. Letting God make a work out of your life letting God mold you into what he wants you to be.

That is always the plan I noticed out of this phrase a couple things.

First I noticed is that the potter is the one in control.

He wrought a work. The potter is the one in control of the verse six. This is what God says behold, as the clay in the potter's hand, so are ye in my hand. That means that he's the one in control. We are in his hand and he is to do what he wants to do regional verse Romans chapter 9 verse 21 says hot hath not the potter power over the clay of the same lump to make one vessel on to honor and another on to dishonor.

Cannot say something folks whether we like it or not we are the clay he is the potter and the potter has control over the clay whether you know it or not realize it or not want to admit it or not, God is in control in your life that we can submit and make it easy or we can fight and make it hard but you take note this morning.

God is the one in control.

I find this also that the potter had already envisioned what he wanted the vessel to be notice that he wrought a work on the wheels. That means this. He doesn't just get up and start doing something randomly. That means that the potter already had in mind what he wanted that lump of clay to be. We don't know if you wanted to be a bowl will what OB wanted to be some kind of a picture for fluid. We don't know if he wanted to be something else we don't know exactly what he wanted to be. But what we know is is that he already knew what he wanted when he put them on the wheel and can I say this God already knows where he wants you to get in your life. God already knows what he wants you to be God already has a plan for your life. He knows what he's doing.

He's the one in control. I find this also that the potter had a reason for every action that he took and that reason was to make that vessel into what he had envisioned, dear friend. Everything that happens in your life is in an accident. It's not just a circumstance is not just something that happened to randomly go on in your life was to be different. God has a reason for everything that he does or he allows now if you step out of God's plan and you start doing things on your own and you start creating circumstances on your own, you're on your own. But if you sit there on the wheel and you let God do what God wants to do. I'm letting you know there is a reason for everything God allows. It's not always easy and is not always fun, but there's a reason God is doing it and there's a reason God is allowed it and the reason he's doing it and the reason is allowed, it is because he is molding you and making you into what he already envision you to be. I find this also that the vessel had no say in what it wanted to be bothered into a lump of clay and say hello. Clay what would you like to be today. Clay had no say they some dear friend. We really don't have a say in what we need to be now we can do what we want God's given us that freedom but cannot say when it's God's plan. It's up to him, not us. It's not up to what we want. We don't really have a say in that it's you know what we are God's creation. We are the clay he's the potter. It's not up to us.

We don't have a say in it. It's not really.

According to our plan or our desire. It's what God has envisioned and plan for us.

It's up to him and whatever he does, whatever goes on in our life that he causes or allows it is always to write that work on the wheel. He is writing a work on that wheel. It all about, the plan, what you noticing the process he says is he wrought a work on the wheels.

Plural. So that's the process that he uses to make that lump of clay into the vessel you wanted to be. He has to put it on what they call the potter's wheels back in those they things are little bit different now, but back in those days they were stone wheels and there was a couple of them and and he would turn those wheels and many times now we have things he turn with your feet and different things and that starts that lump of clay, spinning, and it allows the potter to do his work. I noticed a couple things about this. Number one is this the wheels were rough and hard.

They were stone wheels. Listen to me those wheels didn't give an inch when he threw that clay on those stone wheels go stone wheels didn't give. They didn't bend they were comfortable they're not cushiony. They have to be hard and they have to be durable because not all when he gets done with that vessel that will has to do the next vessel and then I will has to do the next vessel next vessel so it's really not about comfort for the clay and it's really not about the comfort of the vessel, it's about what is necessary to be able to make that vessel into what God wants it to be. So he puts it on the wheels. The wheels are rough and hard, and what those wheels do is they provide friction wheels. The are turning a vessel at a speed that all the sudden the potter's hands when they go on that clay provides friction with the speed of that clay spinning and that's how he mold. Let me tell you how God mold you and how God moves me he causes friction. He's making a work but he has to be able to mold us has to be friction see that vessel has to turn and that clay has to begin the speed and that potter knows exactly how to hold those hands to form that vessel into a vase to form that vessel into a bowl. The foreman and whatever he's making.

Are you looking at me those wheels are turning their not giving that clay is going through circles and going around to get a bid in your life. You feel like you just going around a bunch of circles probably were right on God's will, and that has to provide friction for the potter's hands to mold that clay can I say this that I noticed from this that the potter controls the wheels to that means this God controls how much friction you go under God controls how much he allows in your life can I say this not only does God control you as the vessel but God controls the wheels that provide the friction that means this God knows that vessel had enough, it can't take anymore and God can stop the wheel is not like the wheels controlled herself and hey were just were just a victim of circumstance and swear victim to whatever happens in this world.

Listen at me. I want to know God not only controls you. But he can control the circumstances around you. He's the one that brings the friction pennies. Also, the one that can stop the friction he's promised that he will never put on us than we can bear.

And I say this also that it's never fun being on the wheel, but it is necessary to say focus on things happen in your life that make you grow and mold you into what God wants you to be. It is rarely fun, but it is always necessary. Some of those things have to take place for God to be able to make you into the vessel.

He wants you to be want to notice. Thirdly, that he says this. Look at verse three that I went down to the potter's house, and behold errata work on the wheels verse four and the vessel that he made of clay was marred so we see the plan the process. And thirdly, we see the problem.

The vessel that was in his hand was marred. That means is that this particular vessel. For some reason did not stand up to the pressure of the process. Now we do not know if it was marred while it was on the wheel. That's what we would assume I don't know if it was marred after he had formed it and took it off the wheel and dropped it. I don't know maybe got off the wheel and the clay didn't react like it was supposed to. I don't know maybe get that clay through the heating process when you make ceramics and pottery you have to put it in the kiln, you have to be heated.

I don't know maybe he formed it into what looked good to him and he put it into the count and it got to be heated and all of a sudden it crack.

We don't know when it was marred and we don't know how it was marred. All we know is that that vessel that he had worked on was marred. That's a problem you know I find in my life now little bit doing some more counseling and things is always the question is what happened you know that sitting right here in this building. We have individuals vessels that are marred. You know right now sitting in front of me there individuals that God is working on and for some reason or another we in our life did not stand up to the pressure like we thought we would. For some reason or another and we we thought we were doing well and we thought were going along good and all of a sudden Satan just got a hold of some areas of our life and for some reason there's just some things that didn't go like we thought they would go ahead and sitting right here this morning. You might be a vessel that smartphone vessel that maybe God had molded it and as part of the process but didn't stand up for the process to go to bed while he molded Jeff Corey could have been when he turned the heat on, but for some reason we didn't last. The way we thought we will all across America and charges this morning. There are marred vessels, and they sit down. The pastor's office and oftentimes they say I don't know what happened. I don't know if it was on the wheel.

I don't know if it was in the oven. I don't know what happened. It broke I'm not what I thought I was and am not what I want to be and I'm just struggling and I don't understand. Listen to me dear friend, God put this story here let you know sometimes vessels get marred. Sometimes it happens sometimes with the best of intentions. Sometimes we didn't have control of the friction. We did have control of the wheel. We didn't have control the process. But whatever happened, whatever came our way.

It has left us from our and I want to know dear friend figure sitting here this morning and maybe life hasn't been what you thought maybe you didn't turn out to be the Christian that you and hope to be. Listen to me dear friend, don't turn me off, yet don't call me all we still have some more verses to go vessel was marred. All I know. From this I don't know how I got marred. I don't know where in the process it got marred.

I don't even know how it went particular Margaret had. I don't know if it crack.

I don't know if it broke I don't know what happened. All I know this is that from this story that vessel never left the hand of the potter. It was in his hand at the start.

It was in his hand when it broke to tell you something. Whatever happens in your life.

If you're saved and you know it you are in the hand of the potter. He doesn't let you go. He doesn't throw you away. Once you notice the last two points, the second half of the story in verse four. Once you notice we would say fourthly, but these are two are words that I want to share with you. Number one I want to notice the restoration.

The restoration will give you what it verse four and the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter so he threw it away then say that doesn't so he made it again another vessel, every one of us in our little suits and ties and dress clothes and in our little stuffy little outfits that were going to charge, bless God and thank God your dress. Good night everyone of us to come down all of our high horses morning to get to this altar and say, God, thank you for giving me a thank you for making me again when I cracked. Thank you for not only what I messed up and when I cracked under the pressure. Thank you for let Amanda put me on the wheel again. I noticed this about that phrase. So he made it again another vessel I find number one.

He did not give up on the vessel and I want each of you know this morning. He has not given up on you. You might have given up on you, your family might've given up on you. Your friends might've given up on you, but the potter hasn't given up on you. He still sees a vessel in your life that he can use. I noticed secondly about this is that he would not waste his time on that vessel.

If he did not think he could be great again. If that potter thought there's no chance that this vessel could be usable. He wouldn't waste his time, but the fact that although it broke and he decided to put it back to the process again. Although the point that he had to go back and put all the time into it again that he had already given it tells me this, he wouldn't waste his time. There's too many vessels that need work. He went waste his time if he didn't see something great in that pile of clay let you know dear friend, you might not see anything great in your life but God shored and I want to know if your teenager here this morning for a young person you may or may not have a future ahead of you, and you may or may not have dreams that things are going to do, but I'm letting you know something right now. God sees something great in you, you might be hearing you say preacher I been through a divorce I been through some hard things in my life all listen to me different. Don't give up on your self because God hasn't given up on you.

He still sees a vessel he can you find this also that he had to put it to the same process as before knows one thing for somebody that's maybe marred their vessel a little bit or somebody that's been through some rough patches. It's one thing to come up and say you know what I want God to still use me. I believe that he can. That's wonderful. But guess now what that means you gotta go right back to the molding process and you gotta be put right back in the oven to be what God wants you to be see a lot of times we say were thankful for a second chance, but we don't want to have to go through any pain.

We want to have to go through any friction. We don't want to have to fight against anything. Listen to me different.

God will still use you but you have to still let him have his way. That's the requirement I find this also and from this phrase that he made it again. It it means this. We don't know if he made it into the same kind of vessel or something different. I don't know you know that I believe sometimes in our life. We can mess up to the point that maybe we could do exactly what God had originally intended us to do, but God can always make us into a vessel that he can still use you say preacher there some things I've done and I can ever do such such will you know there's very few of those by the way, but you said okay but guess what, there still a whole bunch of things you can still do there still a lot of things that goes a lot of vessels God can make you into that are needed.

Maybe you can be that particular face that sat in the King South bless God you give me a bowl sit in the potter's house, you can be something for God and I'm here to tell you, God wouldn't remake it didn't see something great in it.

I find this also that it was still formed into what the potter wanted when he remade it folks listen. It was still about what the potter wanted. I'm here to tell you different. There's always a second chance at life. There's always chances to serve God. God loves you and called still wants to use you and God will still remake you in the what he wants you to be. But it is still about what he wants, not what we want and I do know this. Lastly, that this vessel was not done until it seemed good to the potter notice this phrase it says so he made it again and I love that part he made it again another vessel. Notice this as seeing good to the potter to make FICA say this nicely look at me. We are not done so. He says were done, weatherman times, things I've gone through and I think bless God you know handle that one must be must be done. Boy was I wrong, not try to get worse over dedicating Kate in the nights been a common motion we can.

We got the pictures that we just not looked at for a few months were sitting in our living room and I was putting pictures on a CD.

I saw images of him in the hospital again just brought it all back to sit there, tears coming down my face in the lives of what you doing, so I'll get these pictures ready just broke my heart is my dear friends, we faced open-heart surgeries and all this out, I thought, man, Lord.

I don't know why you're doing this, but we we weathered the storm and we thought boy that's it's finally over working to get through this. Then they come in tell us he has cystic fibrosis and that will probably kill him before his heart ever will when I thought we had all we could take. I thought we got as far as he was good to make a scope. I thought the wheel had stopped but it hadn't listen to me dear friend doesn't stop and it's not over till says it's over. Quit complaining about it when I'm open about it crying about it saying how unfair life is about the potter will still going as a reason what you notice fitfully the repentance will give you whatever 6O house of Israel. Now he comes to the illustration he just told what the potter did and how he remade it and gave it another chance. Then in verse six, O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine and O house of Israel in verse seven a is interesting verse he says at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation and you get a bit confused if you try to overthink these verses what he saying here in verse seven is this. He says that what instant I decide that I'm going to judge this nation knows what he says and concerning a kingdom to pluck it up to pull down and destroy it just like the potter Yanks that clay and mold that Clay God says that one instance I decide to judge this nation and I'm going to do this nation. What I feel needs to be done to get whatever's ever say if that nation against whom I have pronounced turn from their evil and will repent of the evil.

I will repent of the evil that I thought the doing to them, God said when he gets to the point that I say you know what I'm looking to use that vessel. I've reworked it and reworked it and reworked it just will not respond.

God says just like you Israel. Just like the potter. If it gets to that point at the instant I decide to judge you if you will repent of your evil and submit to me, I will repent of the evil I was going to do to you again and God says if you repent to me, I will repent to you if you will submit to me that I will. The judgment that I was getting ready to hand out all you know what it takes to remake your vessel here this morning. It takes repentance. It takes us getting right with God. Listen to me dear friend, the instant that we become moldable that very instant. We become unusable.

The incident that you and I can no longer be molded by God is the answer is that we can no longer be used by him. He, Rachel, and ask you to come if you will give you whatever 60 house of Israel before Rachel sings this song want to get this that phrase oh house of Israel is an interesting phrase if you trace it back.

We find out all the times that God use that phrase with Israel look at me.

It was always at a time when he was pleading with them. It wasn't like me saying brother Joe. It's like me saying, oh brother Joe please would you it's a pleading it's verging on baking.

God loved Israel so much and he saw all the great vessel that it could be, and Israel was fighting against him. Israel was doing its own thing. Israel was having its own way. Following one) all Israel wasn't going to be what's best and they knew I wasn't what God wanted. They were still doing what they wanted to do and God said, O house of Israel. If you would just repent. Much thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone in 336-993-5119 or Erwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church.

Thank you for listening or would broadcast God bless you

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