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May 26, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina verse one of Psalm 146 if you will praise ye the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul. Now notice that first phrase these talking to others.

Praise evil Lord. The second phrase is talking to the Lord.

Praise the Lord. The third phrase Susie talking to himself. O my soul, verse two, while I live I will praise the Lord I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being verse three. Put not your trust in princes nor in the Son of Man, in whom there is no hell. His breath goeth forth, he returned to this earth and that very day his thoughts perish happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God, which made heaven and earth, the sea and all that therein is, which keep with truth forever. Then were given a list of what God can do notice if you would verse seven which executed judgment for the oppressed, which giveth food to the hungry, the Lord loose with the prisoners. The Lord open at the eyes of the blind, the Lord raised at them that are bowed down, the Lord loveth the righteous.

The Lord preserve with the strangers he relieved with the fatherless, and widow, but the way of the wicked.

He turned it upside down.

Wait a minute, here's a whole list of wonderful things he does and then that last thing he says, but the way of the wicked. He turned it upside down as they were supposed to praise God that he judges sinners yeah you should so that sounds mean preacher know.

Listen to me.

The fact that God judge will judge sinners means that God keeps his promises. It means that God tells the truth, and he does not sway from it. If God didn't judge sinners he wouldn't keep the promises he made to you either to the last verse, verse 10, the Lord shall reign for ever, even thy God, O Zion on to all generations. And as we begin is how we end praise ye the Lord. During these verses we are told that God is going to be praised for one simple reason. He is worthy he's worthy of, I have a dear friend that and I mentioned this before, that was head of security on Air Force One and I told you before that President Bush at that time came to Greensboro in this my friend call me so would like come on Air Force One, and so I got a very personal tour of Air Force One through the head of security.

I got to see things that any tours would not be able to get to. I got to go into President Bush's private quarters and even his private restroom. Not that means anything but and I know he used a Braun electric razor. I saw it and I blessed us in Lord help, but not to cut our president anyway and I got to go to the communications room and all kinds of places and different things that that nature and he had guarded the last four years of President Clinton. He guarded the entire eight years of President Bush and and then he retired. Once the elections were finished a few years back and he decided that he just really didn't want to be head of security anymore for Air Force One, now listen to me the president when you're in that when you are in the Armed Forces. Whether you agree with him or not you are to protect him. That's your job. Why because he's the president but you admire him, only if you feel he's worthy God is not praised just because he's God, God is praise because he's worthy. His office demands it.

But his love motivates it is morning duty for you to get you excited. His office demands that we praise God, but I want to because of what he's done for me worthy. Let's pray this morning, Lord. We love you help us as we look into your word. In Jesus name, amen.

Verses one through two we find simply hear the challenge to praise, but this is very interesting to me and I want to notice very close look at verse one. Praise you Lord.

Praise the Lord all my soul while I live I will praise the Lord I will sing praises unto God while I have any being number one, we see a call to praise. This is the challenge.

This is what the psalmist says.

Praise ye the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul, it means this that he, the psalmist basically says any calls upon his own soul to praise the Lord that means this. There are times when your body cannot find reason to praise, but your soul can always find reason to praise God. That is how one individual was down and broke it in disease and burdened, and said that is how individual like that can still praise God. That is how individual that's been done wrong and abused and treated wrongly, and things have been unfair and yet an individual like that can still somehow say God is good and I give him praise means that your body and your mind about and I feel like it, but God saved your soul, and so yours always feel like praising God. I am with camping Thursday night Friday night. I know that sounds like sounds like that you are in a tent, I took a tent. Sounds like you have blowup mattresses. To put it and I had that sounds like you had some fans try to keep it cool not have that something had a heart that you cover over the tent because it always rains when you're camping I had all that, but I slept in a nice comfortable bed in the room. I got as far as to unpack the tent out of the car and we went to a campground in my wife's family for two nights and is the only time of this in the year were to be able to get to do anything with them and and so it didn't work out. They had the hurricane was weak before they didn't have power at the campsite. And you know me and we got three kids and it was just all the stuff and I was really looking for any good reason. Anyway to get a room in the main building of the campground and I'm glad I did it rain both nights and I while they were getting wet. I was laying in a nice comfortable bed had my own bathroom.

It was it was wonderful and that I was there camping and and Saturday morning we left in been keep in contact with Girling Dobie and Ralph there do got been back and forth to do just about every day for the past eight, eight or nine days and am and she was crying and she said it just it it is that this really bad y'all know the whole story of their supposed going to try to do's procedures to make his life manageable. They went in and it's worse than they thought they were not doing any procedures. They recommended just to turn everything off. Send him home, let them die at home and Girling was crying and and yesterday morning. He'd gone into seizures and he had an infection in his lungs and he has pneumonia and Girling call she says you know it's just hard preacher after 57 years together and I said Girling.

I don't know what you're going through at all and we left and went back from the coast officer went back to Durham so I can go to Duke Hospital and Ralph made a little bit of improvement with the pneumonia in their plan today is again moving to another room, turn everything off and kinda see how he does see if they can get the pneumonia there doing a brain scan to find out why is having seizures in different things and I guess in a sense, it almost looks like the handwriting is on the wall, and him it's hard for me because Ralph and Girling have been two people have been very nice to me since I've been here there in older there an older couple, but they still even on the young guy they just love me and was always kind never had a crossword never had any criticism of me or in any reason, and sometimes in electronic written on the him to since I was older folks. They don't think they do but they just because you're young, they just don't like you and they say they do but they just don't like anything you do because you're young and they basically accuse you. Sometimes we don't like older people.

Although you do and in all these things and I know that you have to think on it had happen here and you know if I got everybody's been wonderful and sweet and kind here, and they have, but Ralph Girling just been supportive from the start. I mean, they just listed out.

We love you and and they've just been kindly love my wife and we called today on the way to church and I called up and I been going up to see Ralph Cossey and Julie is going with me a couple times and here he is just about on a ventilator and he's in horrible shape this morning is in the car coming with church.

Julie was in their stuff and so I called Girling and she was talking me. Tell me what they're gonna do Turner thing off and move in the room and I heard this morning in the background and she said Holland Ralph will say some and all the stuff on the different amino things and he's in intensive care.

There and I heard him say that annual and she said yes.

Is Daniel and he said you tell him give Julie a hug for me and I told Girling is that you tell him that's the easiest thing anybody's ever asked me to do. I was up at Forsyth Hospital with him and after his defeat later was going crazy and it shocked him seven times at night before and they brought the food and while I was there with them and Ralph was eating and I will sit in a nurse trying to get them up in the sets we could eat all the stuff sauce it over the background so he bowed his head and he prayed and he just said, you know, very just, humbly, and he prayed a little bit.

He said Lord bless our church the Lord bless brother Daniel blessed Julie bless Kayden and the boys said amen thanks for the food and Girling came over to the nurse work.

She says Dino since the day you became faster. I've never heard Ralph pray that he did not pray at the table out in public at a restaurant at home in the bed. I've never heard him pray were he did not pray for brother Daniel Miss Julie Kayden and the boys. I've never heard him not pray for you.

You know what sometimes your body does not feel like praising the Lord's, and overlaps hospitals. Probably one of the godless men's ever come through Carla Baptist Church inverter sent they had to meet with the family last night give the family. Very bad news and they visit basically told him that you know that if some happen in bird is coded wiser in the hospital he probably going to ventilator it would never come off of the rest of his life. They said you gotta make some decisions and they had to make some decisions as a family and purchased it to last night. Don't say something I don't understand it and a lot of things run for the lot of you that have dealt with Lawson and and people that are sick and I understand all that but all I'm getting to is this that there are times when your body and your mind does not feel like praising the Lord but your soul is what will live forever in eternity either in heaven or hell.

And if you've been saved by the grace of God. Just five seconds of thinking about what hell would be like your son wants to rise up out of your body and praise God for what he's done. Called to pray. Second, we see a commitment to praise notice. If you would worse do know this is this excited me this excited. Listen to what the psalmist is here while I live I will praise the Lord he said as long as I have breath.

So we see under this commitment to praise one. There was a living commitment as long as I live. I am going to praise the Lord God. He did not say as long as he felt like it.

He said as long as I live.

That means this is going be a whole lot of times in life where you don't feel like praising God or anybody but you are just going to have to make a choice of the will, because God has saved my soul and given me heaven for an eternity. I don't care what's going on around me or who does what I'm going to praise God. Anyway, it's a living commitment and dear friend, you won't do that unless you commit to is not just automatically happen and you're not just going to feel like it when you wake up and everything in your body hurts believes that you can feel feel like but if you've already made a commitment I will praise the Lord. That was one thing that's great that's a wonderful challenge but notice this, not just a living commitment, but a lasting commitment. Notice what he says I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being did you hear that, he says, only to praise God here on earth as long as I live.

And then after that as long as I have any kind of obedience say Brad. He said being that means this for an eternity in heaven. I'm going to praise them up there is a preacher you don't know if you will you will if you get there you will. I don't know about you but I want. It's hard enough to praise God here on earth to do so. You know what I'm to praise God no matter what. Anyway me tell you something. This psalmist says this. I'm not just good appraisal while I live on that appraisal while I have any being whatsoever living commitment and a lasting commitment, then the book the book. The chapter changes little bit notice this verse there was a call to praise the second there is the caution to praise Jesus.

They were supposed to praise all time. Now you say there's a caution that won't help notice this in verse three.

Put not your trust in princes nor in the Son of Man, in whom there is no hope.

His breath goeth forth, he returned to this earth in that very day his thoughts perish. We are caution here not to ever give praise to man. Now you and I live in a society where all we do is praise individuals. We live in a society that is obsessed through entertainment and sports, and we praise Lebron James. That's only for three weeks is where Lebron James is going to play. I'll give a flip where he plays. I care about you before you not have a 10-year-old. He cares a lot, but other than that what you notice. First he says that man is a powerless creature notice. This put not your trust in princes nor in the Son of Man, in whom there is no hell man cannot help you about it in. I don't get me wrong, you got understand that last word in the verse three that were to help. What is interesting here in the Hebrew it means this is basically salvation, deliverance and victory is what that word means. So were not saying that there's not times in your life where individuals help you is not what were saying were talking about for salvation for an eternity for anything lasting. Man has no power or ability to help you or to change your destiny so don't put your faith or trust any of them don't praise them.

Don't brag on them.

You brag on the one that has provided an eternity in heaven for you, man is a powerless creature notice. Secondly, man is a passing notice what he says in verse for his breath goeth forth, he return it to this earth and that very day his thoughts perish man perishes that you're here one minute you die, you go to the grave. You go on the ground man to God. The soul lives forever. But man the bodies go so not only is man powerless, but man is passing.

Then he says why would you praise an individual that is temporary when you could praise a God that is eternal. Every bit of praise you give an individual here on earth will die with that person. But every bit of praise that you give to God here on out will last for eternity. Caution don't praise me dear friend everybody around you is going to praise man. We as Christians, we praise God. God gets the glory for everything which I sell about this church and I can't always control every little thing is not my desire to control thing. In fact, there's very little here that I actually I guess control because I just I'm just that type of personality.

There's things that happen here. People get upset about.

I had nothing to do with any know about because you're the pastor you blame all the pressure cookers out of the Baltimore. The pastor made this change will no pattern.

Any know about the things I do know about you to criticize me on that. I don't know how things God is able to let people do their jobs.

Use of the listen to me and our side.

I do not want anybody singing from this pulpit or preaching from this pulpit were playing an instrument in this building that would dare somehow desire or get any glory or praise for I'm not interested in that everybody felt when we have such that when we have this group that group. Whatever the case might be in differently wore my lead at times. We have individuals. I don't know, but I'm not interested on people that I got to go get a loan from a bank to afford to be able to have them come senior and the whole time they see here. It's a big show and everybody clap their wattage as well.

Wonderful how great they are not hungry. God is in this church to bring glory to God, not individuals. That was that was free.

That was free and I got 11 minutes.

Number three I want you to see the cause for praise right challenge. I got inside.

Praise caution don't praise individuals you go to praise God I so why what is it that God's done that is so great that were supposed to praise him. Not only will we live by while we have any being for eternity notice. If you would verse five. Interesting.

Here the psalmist shows us why an individual who knows God has many reasons to praise him. We were spot.

Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord. If you have put your faith and trust in God in the only God, you, you have your hope and trust in him happy. You should be. Then he begins number one, we see the greatness of his power.

Verse six the greatness of God. The greatness of God, labor six, which made heaven and earth, the sea and all that therein is which keep it truth forever. That means this is he begins to give the reasons why we should praise him first, were given the reason of the greatness of God and under that we see first the greatness of his power.

That means is he made heaven and earth and all that therein is the God of creation is the one that said, let there be, and there was he's the one that made the very ground you're standing on.

He's the one that made the breath that you are breathing. He's the one that created the body you were born with everything that hath breath praise the Lord because he's the one that put breath in it. The greatness of his power.

Number two, we see the greatness of his promises, but if you would verse six, which made heaven and earth and the sea and all that therein is notice this, which keep it truth forever. That basically means that we can praise God because God never lied. Never does lie and never will I he keeps truth forever if you promise that he's going to do it to praise somebody like that. I don't know if you're like me, but I would say something I don't really always want somebody to agree with me and I don't dislike individuals that think differently or feel different about anything that I do what I do want to somebody that's consistent just be honest with me. Don't tell me I like this and then you go to the person you're different just be you just be truthful with a savant or praise God because he's never lied to me he's never misled me.

He's always been honest and he keeps truth forever. The greatness not only of his power, but of his promises.

Secondly, not on the greatness of God.

But now we get into the nitty-gritty. We see the grace of God. Notice if you would verse six, which made heaven and earth and the sea and all that therein is, which keep the truth forever notice for seven which executed judgment for the oppressed number one under that he fights for the helpless. Why do we praise God because he fights for the helpless. He executed judgment for the oppressed.

Those who cannot fight for themselves. Those who do not have the clout or the ability to stand up for themselves. God stands up for them. He fights for the help was likely to be verse of the verse of the verse for this, but for sake of time this morning. Seven different UI to be thankful that God fights for the helpless. We got individuals sit right here in this building that are involved in lawsuits in court cases and all kinds of different things and only how many times individuals will come to me and they say man you know you look at half the time in the legal system. Much of it is just a joke and it's who you know and it's through this person in any of you that have ever dealt with that you know that actually drives you crazy takes forever to get anything done. Nothing is ever fair and it cost an arm and a leg, and I know all that, and you get to the point that you just name it. I just can't figure all this out. I just can't seem to know what to do quite you glad that God fights for the helpless notice number two. He feeds the hungry verse seven which executed judgment for the oppressed, which giveth food to the hungry, not merely daily bread spiritually, but he gives us daily bread physically dear friend if you ate today or if you have any yet today if you ate yesterday or if you have any yesterday and you ate the day before you got that food because God provided.

Not unless you are fasting. If you went that long without your crazy too much good food out there right now. Okay, I'm telling you what you and i.e. God provides. We owe him praise for unfortunately we more than he provides comes we just got to go crazy. But anyway, that's another sermon that's a totally other sermon waiver seven notice this, which executed judgment for the oppressed fee helps the helpless, which giveth food to the hungry he feeds the hungry notices. The Lord loose with the prisoners he freeze the hostage.

You and I were in bondage to sin, but he freeze the hostage was always back when Paul and Silas are in the jail God freedom. Now you and I were in the sin jail God freed us. We have reason to praise him this morning because PS freed us from hostage. What you notice as we begin in verse four, verse four, if you will.

I really like this to be verse eight was a verse four, number four defies for the helpless. He feeds the hungry freeze the hostage.

Now we have another section here beginning in verse eight, the Lord open at the eyes of the blind, the Lord raised them better bow down.

The Lord loveth a righteous number one we see under this route number four in our list under the grace of God he lights a blind God gave sight to the blind. Not only does he do that physically. Obviously, sometimes not only does he do that physically in the Bible we see instances but God says that our hearts and minds were blinded by sin and God gave light to the blind. The Bible says thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light in my path.

Number five, verse eight, he lifts the broken, not just give me what the Bible gives here notice if you would, the Lord opened the eyes of the blind, the Lord raised the them that are bowed down he lifts the broken sum you might be broken this morning. I mean you are bowed down and broken things, circumstances, people have absolutely broken. You will guess what you got reason to praise God today.

You know why is he lifts people just like so you can come into a church about ready to give up and you can walk out with sitting in the victory song because God's word lifts the broken want you to notice if you will, in verse eight.

This last phrase the Lord loveth the righteous to me today why you and I have reason to praise today not only because he likes the blind. He lifts the broken but number three because he loves the believer, the Lord loveth the righteous different. You might've had family, turned their back on your people turn their back on you, but God loves you.

That's a good reason to praise him this morning when she noticed this last section, beginning obviously in verse nine. Notice this, the Lord preserve with the strangers he relieved with the fatherless, and widow, but the way of the wicked. He turned upside down. We see first in verse nine he safeguards the strangers listen to me. This is important because the psalmist even praises the Lord here because obviously God watches out for those who were not even part of the nation of Israel, dear friend. Jesus came to die for the Jew and the Gentile. That means this God. He helps you and saves you and died for you even if you're not a Jewish person, even though there his chosen people. He not only died for the Jubilee done for the Gentile. That means is that he reaches out beyond his chosen people and loves you. He safeguards the stranger.

Secondly, we see that he supports the sufferers, but verse nine he relieved with the fatherless, and widow who were the fatherless, and widow fatherless of the ones whose parents have died. Who are the widows, the ones whose office either mate has died. Obviously, these are people that have suffered. These are people that have suffered loss. These are people at a face loneliness that a face despair that have faced great loss in their life and the Bible says that he supports, though, thank you for listening to me whom you received a blessing from our broadcast.

The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church.

Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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