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April 19, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Genesis chapter 48 verse nine and Joseph said unto his father, they are my sons, whom God hath given me in this place and he said, bring them, I pray the unto me and I will bless them.

Jacob is 147 years old. If you were here he would get the oldest father of the year by far. Joseph, his son comes to him and he shows Ephraim and Manasseh, his two sons and Jacob when he sees. Obviously those two children. He says Joseph bring them to me.

I want to give them a blessing like verse 10. If you would now the eyes of Israel by the way, this word Israel throughout this passage is the surname the spiritual name for Jacob. So that's were talking about when it says Israel its meaning. Jacob at now the eyes of Israel, or Jacob or DM for age so that he could not see any brought them nearer to him and he kissed them and embrace them now. If you can, through our earthly eyes. Imagine hundred and 47-year-old grandfather taking his grandsons given him a hug, giving them a kiss. Imagine the pride.

Imagine the joy those of you that her grandfather's. I guess all you can understand that. I know how I feel about my sons and I know how I feel about my children. But I hear that when you become a grandfather it's that's all she wrote, and I'm looking forward to that day. I hope I make it there and if I make it there. I hope I'm still functioning. I think or something like that barely functioning. Now it seems like verse 10 he kissed them and embrace them.

Verse 11 and Israel said unto Joseph. I had not thought to see thy face, and low.

God hath showed me also thy seed and Joseph brought them out from between his knees and he bowed himself with his face to the earth, and Joseph took them both, Ephraim, and his right hand toward Israel's left hand and Manasseh in his left hand toward Israel's right hand and brought them near to him in Israel or Jacob stretched out his right hand and laid it upon Ephraim's head who was the younger and his left hand upon Manasses guiding his hands wittingly for Manasseh was the firstborn verse 15 and blessed Joseph and said God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac did walk the God which fed me all my life long unto this day. The angel which redeemed me from all evil.

Bless the lads let my name be named upon them in the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.

Now the verses following Joseph gets a little bit disturbed because it seemed he thinks his dad has mistaken the younger from the older giving the blessing to the wrong one, but later on in the verse when I can do with all that today Jacob knew exactly what he was doing, but I want to look at these verses this morning and and I like to preach on this subject a father's blessing a father's blessing. Father, we thank you for all that you've done.

Bless this morning in your name we pray.

Amen. You know when your dad your children go through four stages. First they call you dad then they call you daddy, as they mature. They call you dad. Finally they call you collect at the true fact by the way before cell phones. We had Leah use long-distance you know back in before the cell phone age I was looking up some different facts and statistics and Mother's Day had the largest number of long-distance calls for a number of years and Father's Day had the greatest number of collect calls for years. True for true staff. That's a true fact that shows the difference in Mother's Day and Father's Day. If Mother's Day is Mozart and Father's Day is chopsticks on the today that right now and his dad's we get the socks in the underwear and all that good stuff that we get for Father's Day. Sometimes, but aren't you thankful when you get a card that one of your children have made for you. Nothing could beat it. Both my boys made me cards this morning and I would take anything for it except maybe a new car, something like that.

I've heard it said that fathers are what give daughters away to other men who are nearly good enough so they can have grandchildren that are smarter than anybody else. Talk about greeting cards. I read this I thought this was interesting since Father's Day cards are always last minute purchases 16-year-old boy was out late with his friends one night. Suddenly he realized it was Father's Day and he had neglected to buy a card for his dad. After much searching, he located an open store but was disappointed to find only two cards left in the fathers. I'll selecting one. He brought it home and somewhat sheepishly presented to his dad.

Upon opening it. His dad read this message on the card. You've always been like a father to me and his dad looked at the boy puzzled and well dad, the boy tried to explain is either that card or the one that said now I'm a father to fighting save on a heart attack on that one would need only look at this passage if you will, and you probably won't get the message. If you can somehow imagine the scene here.

Joseph, a proud father.

Now, the two young boys.

And here is the patriarch Jacob, the dad member Jacob, the one that thought Joseph had been killed in thought that he would never see Joseph again. Remember Jacobs the one that he had Benjamin and he sent Benjamin with the other brothers and when they did ran out of food and he said listen, no you go back, but if you don't bring Benjamin back don't come back at all because I don't think I can handle the disappointment. I've already lost my beloved Joseph and you can't have me lose Benjamin to all of Joseph's older brothers.

You know the story how they ran into Joseph in Egypt, and different things and all the transpired and here's Jacob that thought he would never see his son again now.

Not only did he get to see his son again. But God allowed him to see his sons sons and Joseph a proud father. I remember the day that Daniel was born and read on an only child and my mom lost a child before me and she lost one after me. Remember, as it youngster going to the hospital. Not realizing what was up.

I was just for five years old and are going up to the hospital to see my mom. She had just lost a child. Their second one that she had lost and I was for five I didn't understand why she was there but I remember going to the hospital. Dad snuck me in for some reason there was some kind of a flu bug or something and in that the town where they're at in if you're under 12, you are allowed to go on the hospital they've done that at Forsyth and different things in the last months, but he snuck me in to see mom. I remember us going up the stairwell. The back stairwell and that was carrying me very quickly and and we went into the hospital just to remember seeing mom laying in that bed. I'm an only child and I got married later in life. It took a lot of convincing and I was 30 before I got married and my wife and I when we had Daniel. I knew that my parents were already older and I told my wife I said I'd love to everybody says they have three, four, five years together is married and I I would recommend that by the way, I think it's great.

You need some time together but I was Artie 31 and my mom my mom and dad were already older.

At this point, I knew they'd be 80 before the graduate high school and I said I want to be able to enjoy grandkids so I didn't know how long it would take us to have children and God blessed us almost immediately. My wife got pregnant and I'll never forget my dad had a big blue Hawaiian shirt on. He said I just want I want that baby to be able to see me. I like well I said that everybody's baby in the hospital saw you and I are sure to brush it up with the picture today.

If I thought about just to see my dad that big bright blue and white hibiscus Hawaiian shirt and when we had had the baby I was in their Odyssey for the delivery and then they let the family in and my wife is hold nothing.

Maybe her mom and she let her mom hold being forget how the whole succession went, but finally I took Daniel and walked over to Dennis.

Here's your grandson. Words can't describe that to a new father hears Joseph looking at his older father and saying dad, here's my son's, and Jacob, the grandfather says Joseph I you know, his eyes were dim.

He couldn't see very good. He said Joseph bring them over here to me Camaro want to hold on. I want to pray for them and I want God to bless these young men. Once you notice number one as we see here that Jacob began to describe to Joseph and these two young boys. The God that he served.

I want you to notice this number one Jacob began to share God's faithfulness look if you would've verse 15 as he speaking to Joseph this is Jacob, 147 years old talking to his son holding his grandchildren.

Look at verse 15 and he blessed Joseph and said God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac did walk he looks at his son Joseph and he says hey. Me tell you something the God that I serve in the God you serve is the same God that was faithful to your grandfather and it was the same God that was faithful to your great-grandfather and it is these sons great-great-grandfather God has been faithful to every generation.

God has always met the needs that we've had. We've worshiped him and honored him and he is describing here to Joseph God's faithfulness.

The same God that Abraham served is the same God I serve.

And Joseph the same God that your grandfather Isaac served is the same God that you serve today and the same God have me Jacob. Your dad is going to be the same God of your sons Ephraim and Manasseh, may I tell you, dear folks here today. The same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that were reading here.

Joseph, his son and his two sons sitting on the lap of Jacob. That same God is your God here this morning. God has been faithful since that day he was faithful for that day. He was faithful after that day. He has been faithful up till today and he'll be faithful after today until he takes his home to heaven he will keep his promises. He's been faithful here to tell you, us preachers will let you down. I would give everything I could not to let you down, but I will. I'm human and flesh. I've got flaws upon flaws, but different.

I want to know today when you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, you are putting your faith and trust in a faithful God that does not change Jacob and by the way, if you think about it. Jacob here is basically saying everything in front of you speaks of change hears Jacob 147 years old. He had changed in hundred 47 years.

He looked a little different then than he did when he was 20 and hears Joseph that used to be the one sitting on his dad's knee and now Joseph has to have his own pennies placing them on his dad's name everything and then seeing spoke about change and how we age and how time goes in and you know what you can look in the mirror today and you're gonna look different in 10 years you can't stop some of that, not fearsome surgeries.

You can get, but you're still to be able to tell anybody seen Kenny Rogers in the past two years.

Come on when you think A-Rod is on TV that does not look like any Rogers it's all about having some work done. They backed the dump truck full work on him. You can do everything you can do to try to stop change in age in life and all you can do all listen to me, but I'm here to tell you one thing, there's only one thing that will never change, that's God. Jacob looks at his son Joseph and he knows you're getting ready to raise these two boys and obviously Jacob wrote EEE raised 12. He said I know your get Ray to go through a lot.

Let me taste something God is faithful. He's been God to your grandfather. He's been God to your father. He's been God to your great-grandfather he will be God to you. I challenge you this morning God will be God to you and that will never change. Second thing he says here he speaks of God's feeding notice.

If you would, in verse 15. He says God before whom I fathers Abraham and Isaac did walk his faithfulness.

The God which fed me all my life long into this day, so he taught his son Joseph about God's faithfulness, and second, he teaches them about God's feeding. He said let me tell you something, Joseph God has met every knee I've ever had. God has always put food on the table. God has always met the needs even when I didn't know how is going to happen.

Remember who Jacob was.

Jacob is the one that had run out of food. They were ill or in a drought area was out of food thinking his son Joseph had been killed. He sends his other sons to go to Egypt to find out if they can get some got a ration of food look at me and when it was all said and done, they were moved to Egypt to a prime piece of land they got all the feeding all the food all the blessings God provided all through his son Joseph. God is provided. All that for us of his son Jesus with a something God will feed you will take care you. Be not dismayed what bad mood. God will take of you be needs his way beings, God will take care you to sing it with me God to today.

Can you through who have read today or all the way, he will do, don't say you today and Ms. Carol Horn, would you stand up in the back lost a husband been through that Ms. Carol front of everybody your gunner, but has God always said you as he always taken care of. You have a seat. I could have 100 people in this building, stand up and tell you the same thing. I'm adjacently look at me, you can look at any of us and you could find fault in us where we let you down, whatever on the taste, something you won't find one of us. That'll say that about God because he's been good all of us.

That's one common thread you say why can get along with anybody at church you want to be able to get along with somebody at church. You all have some in common. God's been good to you again to you is because everybody here, and surely we can fellowship about that. Thank God for his feeding Jacob looked at Joseph. You know you can imagine, I don't know the emotion that went on that day, but maybe Joseph standing these two boys thinking of how my going to take care these two boys will be able to meet their needs will I be able to provide you know, here I am in an intimate been a prominent position got a lot of responsibility. The bottom to fall out anytime these handing these boys and I can see that understanding look of Jacob that only a grandfather could have it how your body gets wound up in and worried and in a grandfather just kinda got a look at this like when I called the phone about brother Joe and I think The church is mad at me. I think the ready to get me out here all the stuff you know kind of thing. But Joseph well it's okay because I'm retired I don't really cares what he says is like they always find a new sheriff, Daniel reveals been there done that he seen God always feed the scene.

God always be faithful Jacob in 247 years member out local member Jacob the rebellious liar.

The sneak, the one that cheated everybody in the one that he had always outwitted everybody in the one that that always got what he didn't deserve because he had food and manipulated. Remember, that's the guy and he had gone through that whole gamut again what he wanted and thought he had the talent and then he went to the thing of being humble and then it ended up finally one night he got the wrestling match with the Holy Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit. God always wins. Those matches when he came out he won Jacob anymore.

He was Israel in this past and he said, let me tell you something Joseph God's always been faithful even when I was faithful to him and he's always fed me till this day. He said fathers and say something. Of all the things you can leave your children, you better leave them the legacy in the teaching that God is faithful and he will take care of them want you to notice. Thirdly, in verse 16 God's forgiveness is what Jacob said.

He said God before whom my father Abraham and Isaac did walk the God which fed me all my life long into this day the angel which redeemed me from all evil. He speaks about God's faithfulness and takeoff for that. He speaks about God's feeding and none of us would be here without that all but the best thing of all. He speaks about God's forgiveness so he redeemed me from my evil, the wicked person was. And yet God redeemed me from that. He forgave me. Aren't you thankful for God's forgiveness. Us men can be stubborn. Can we limit the Kayla Mrs. again just the ladies answer us men can be stubborn. Can we okay story I read this and readers digest one time everybody always asking somebody better answer that I was reading readers digest one time and everybody always us in the word you read Reader's Digest simply as you read yours as well to.

I don't even get it everybody's house I go to and use the bathroom or sit in that basket right by the toilet so that's why read very interesting. By the way, but thought about this. This couple that was vacationing and they wrote in the Reader's Digest about the store I thought is interesting and I want a copy to pace and wanted you to hear this. I think it was 1993 Reader's Digest. It was, I finally found the story but want to read this to you so this vacationing family. The dad and the kids and wife on the car and they came across a large sign that read Road close. Do not enter the dad proceeded around the sign because he would confident is confident that he knew the area well enough and it would save them time. His wife was resistant to the adventure but there was no turning back for this road warrior.

After a few miles of successful navigation, he began to boast about his gift of discernment. His proud smile was quickly replaced with humble sweat. When the road led to a washed out bridge.

He had to turn the car around and retrace all of his tracks to the main road.

When they arrived at the original warning sign, he was greeted by a message that was written on the back of the sign that they didn't see when they first came through on the front part of the sign. It said Road close. Do not enter on the backside it said welcome back stupid. So apparently there have been some in there before I met my dad, and one time we were in a van travel somewhere trying to get somebody's house to eat in the wrong directions and even when turndown is 11 road and it turned from paved to dirt and gravel and then dirt and I said dammit I will think were going right. My mom's an intern around as directions.

I no longer go through here and we hit it. Apparently it was a place for. They had taken a part of a barren field and made like a dirtbike track and we went to the shrubs and we all of a sudden our whole van, with which we went down this big swell. It was I'll never forget it and my dad will never forget it either because my mom made sure he never forget that us men are stubborn us men have our own way of doing things in us men many times are convinced were right about things to tell you something me and sometimes were doing our best and we think when we work we were doing what we think is right.

But I'm here to tell you we still make mistakes and we still do wrong and even as Bentley got pride and family what you know were strong and we don't want to show weakness but I'm here to tell you. You and I how to be thankful this morning that God forgave our sinful lifestyle and forgave our mistakes and pregame our stubbornness in and forgives all our things that that would serve God wrongly, and he's forgiven us and cleansed us and cleaned us out. There is anything you can down the next generation is the fact that if you will call on him and put your faith and trust in him will forgive you of your sin. God's forgiveness want to notice two things here at the end and I'll let you go about experiencing this passage. Look at verse nine.

If you will, in verse 11, verse nine and Joseph said unto his father, they are my sons, whom God hath given me what you notice verse 11, Jacob says to Joseph. I had not thought to see thy face, and low God have showed me.

Also, thy seed, there's two things and just this passage.

Besides those points of giving it a C number one, we see the blessing of his family. Jacob said Joseph I wasn't even expecting to get to see you, and yet God has let me not only see you but your children and Joseph when he walked in the Chicopee said dad. These are the sons that God has given me see I find the pattern through both Jacob and Joseph.

They recognize that their family was a blessing from God. I'm here to tell you don't take for granted the fact if you have children and have your mom and dad might still be living or whatever the case might be, that's a blessing of God.

The family you have.

That's a blessing that God's given you. Jacob was thankful for. Why because he thought Joseph was dad. Oftentimes, we argue and fight with each other's families and yet we don't even realize how important and special they are until they're gone.

My trying to pick on anybody. We get the Odyssey my own family home was I could use and not for like I'm offending but with a semi-dad is just been lost without my mom, my dad would sit there and tell you how much you love my mom and an EE nobody could brag on her, probably more than he could. But even after she was gone. My dad had no clue how Patty was going to miss her. You don't know that until they're gone. Jacob literally thought that Joseph was dead. He went through years of warning because he was dad in Jacob's eyes, but all of a sudden God brings Joseph back into his life and he realized he wasn't down this whole time.

Imagine how thankful he was just to see his son. And yet God rewarded him to see the next generation with a some granddad's that are here grandpas God's given you lifelong enough to see them grin.

Young's we want to thank God for that.

So blessing from God.

See the blessing of his family, but once you notice.

Secondly, the blessing for his family. Look at verse 15.

If you will be the first part and he blessed Joseph and said we were 16 and the angel which redeeming from all evil blasts the lads and let my name be upon you see here Joe and Jacob realize that family was a blessing and that it was important for him to pass that blessing onto his family.

Granddad's dads I'm talking to me.

I'm a dad, you and I have no idea how important it is for us to get down on our knees to God and begged him to bless our children will encourage a grim grandpas grandfathers blessing is a family family is a blessing from God.

But it's important that you bless your family to pray for them which you teach them that you leave that legacy.

I am thankful for my dad. My dad's been awfully good to me. I'm gonna go down tomorrow to get the car and drive down to see my dad can't see them on Father's Day. He's preaching on preaching, but of all years, so I need to see him and he needs to see me on the go down see my dad and come back when the taste of that. I love my dad and there might be a lot of earthly things that my dad might not leave me, but he has left me something that I could never put a price tag.

Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC.

You may also contact us by phone in 336-993-5119 or near the Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenian honor website and church. Thank you for listening. The Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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