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April 13, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina reading chapter 4: skin wars and fightings among come they not hence, even of your lust that war in your members.

Let me quickly review them will pray that we talked about the fact it's on your sheet that all conflict is a source issue.

It all comes from the same source we talked about the fact that one of the sources, our desires is from our own lust, our own desire to have and we don't control that. Keep that in check. It can cause conflict. Saying things disappointments.

He says you lust, and have not and often times our desires for things that literally we shouldn't have creates a scenario where we want things that we can have, we begin the desire things we shouldn't have. And yet we say were living for the Lord will. That means that now organ.

One things that we can have and that creates conflict and the third is the source of our desperation is that we get so desperate and so kind of frustrated that things haven't happened the way we wanted to, or we haven't gotten what we wanted, or the person or the individual did not meet our expectation and we become to get desperate now.

We don't care what damage we do, we just we just want to make our point and now we create problems which brings us last to our damage which he says you fight in war in war and fighting always leaves damage, it always leaves a residue of some kind so all conflict is a source issue. Secondly, talk of the fact that all conflict is a spiritual issue. He said, literally. You have not because she asked not and it becomes a spiritual issue because we get to the point that we tend to depend on people for contentment is that of the Lord. We depend on people to meet our needs instead of the Lord in and spiritually speaking, that's the wrong way to look at people and life in and secondly he says when you do ask you ask amiss. It means that not only have we gotten to the point that we depend on people's of the Lord. But now our motives have become selfish spiritual and he said so conflict is not just a source issue is a spiritual issue and thirdly all conflict is a sin issue and he literally obviously makes this clear that friendship with the world is enmity with God, and often times as we grow closer to the world and start wanting desiring the things of the world that always takes us further away from God and so you have to understand the source how this comes about and in so doing, maybe we can help eliminate some of it, you can eliminate all conflict elements a this this morning. I cannot control what another person does, but I can control what I do I cannot control what another person says and while they might say some things that would create some conflict I can control how I react to and so you and I need to understand the things we'll talk more about that just a second and then that broadest two requirements for resolution. So the Lord literally gives us this is the reason this happens.

This is the source of this.

This is why this takes place, and now these are the things that are needed for you to take steps to resolve this conflict in your life.

Verse six he says, but he giveth more grace and we talked about the fact number one that resolution requires grace. We need God's grace we don't deserve it. We have an earned it, but of working to resolve some of these things were going to get some of these relationships right in and fix this conflict that shows up so often in our life. We need God's grace and then we need to learn to show God's grace, it all comes down to God's grace means this I needed from God, but I need to give that grace to others.

That's hard to do. Second resolution requires humility and as I mentioned earlier this morning. This is where most Christians never make it past and they wonder why they can't get conflict resolved in their life, but this is just step number two when they can't get past this to humble themselves. Resolution requires humility and notice that humility comes from seeing who we really are in comparison to Christ. Humble yourselves.

Verse 10 says in the side of the Lord, not the side of your neighbor not on the side of the person.

It's agitated you or that has hurt you. Secondly, humility must be centered on Christ, not the person I'm not humble because all I don't humble myself because I think that the person deserves it. I humble myself because God deserves it. My humility is centered on him, not the person because the person is going to do some things, often times that I think I don't.

They don't deserve my humility. They don't deserve me to humble myself to them. But God does.

And so and so doing, that's how conflict is resolved. Thirdly, humility spares us of opposition from God. God resists the proud, so if I don't show humility. That means now that God is against me and God is fighting against me and you do not want to fight against God will give you little hint yes who wins every time.

Notice, fourthly, humility allows God to take over as humble yourselves in the side of the Lord and he will lift you up when I humble myself even though I think the person doesn't deserve it.

But when I've done what's right between me and God, and I humble myself. Now God can take over. You don't have to lift yourself up. You don't have to raise yourself up. God will lift you up.

It's a wonderful principle number three we talk about that resolution requires submission submit yourselves therefore to God. And it means that literally I have to submit to what God wants. Remember, humility is the attitude but submission is the action if I humble myself to the Lord, that will show up in my life by the fact that I submit to his will. It means if I feel the way I should in my heart towards the Lord and that's with humility, then that will manifest itself by me submitting to him and notice resolution requires resistance and we talked about the fact that conflict ultimately is the work of Satan. It always is.

God is not the author conflict Satan is and I have to resist Satan to remove conflict I have to resist Satan to resolve conflict and I have to resist Satan to repel conflicts, all part of it and that brings us to today's super dry was here.

Some of you might not of been here. We want everybody the same page because over three weeks. It's hard to get all the notes into kind of process everything. So I want you to have it things will be on the screen. Today, and on your paper, but I want you to be able to take it home because you've gotten the knowledge and were trying to give you the truth. These three weeks, but now the hard part takes place is when you leave church and you have to put it into action and I can't wait to share with you what God laid on our hearts for today. Let's pray Lord I pray as we continue as we bring this to a close. The God we will just simply understand that your word and we are to obey it in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Verse eight. Our next ingredient that is required for resolution is intimacy resolution requires intimacy but look at verse eight.

Drawl, not a God and he will draw neither you cleanse your hands, ye sinners, and purify your hearts, ye double minded. So notice three things here and remember resolution requires intimacy to preach what is that mean resolution requires intimacy with Christ.

Millicent, we do not get closer to each other by trying to get closer to each other we get closer to each other by getting closer to Christ. You and I need to spend less time trying to get closer to people and we need to spend more time getting closer to the Lord. You'll find that the more time you spend getting closer to the Lord, you automatically in the closer the people, but that is not normally conflict because I just can't get on the conflict is between us and the Lord and notice as he said findings and wars in verse one everything all way down to this chapter has been about our relationship with the Lord and it means that have a listen.

Want to get this point today and please don't ever misunderstand something I say slumming make this clear. Not all conflict in your life was created by you now much of the conflict in our lives.

Was not necessarily created by us or started by us there's going be times in your life or another individual did or said or whatever and initiated the conflict but look at me.

I am not saying that conflict was created by you. I am saying this that the Bible teaches that the only reason. Conflict stays in your life is you that I cannot read what I said I cannot control with this person did. But when I allow that to become conflict on the one wrong. That means that I need to do my part biblically to resolve that conflict.

And then I need to let it go. Now look at me today.

Some you might say why have conflict with an individual preacher on Tryon and I have made efforts, but they just will not have a resolution to this than dear friend, look at me you didn't create but you are determined and should be that it's knocking to stay in your life you need to follow biblical principles and try to resolve that conflict into everything you can do that once you've done everything that God has told you to do. Let it go. Seven. There still anger you can help that member you cannot change a person, but you can change you, so you that you might not of created it, but it continues because of us. Everybody on the same page.

I notice if you would under this resolution requires intimacy.

First, we must prioritize fellowship with God, draw nigh to God, he will draw nigh to you, you know that often times when you and I go through conflict with an individual or individuals. We will begin to feel alone or isolated.

If I sometimes might have conflict with my wife or you might have conflict with your husband or whatever the case might be, even though it's one individual there such a major role in your life begin to think nobody cares for.

I've often seen in marriages that here's a husband-and-wife and and maybe a wife didn't initiate or create a conflict, but because there's so much conflict in their so much.

They begin to feel what if this person doesn't love me. Nobody problem loves in different often times during conflict.

Listen to me is when we begin to think that nobody cares and during conflict is when we begin to pull away from people and often during conflict is when we begin to pull away from chart because we think of this conflict. Everybody must be angry with me. Everybody must just not love me. Everybody doesn't like me and dear friend Satan has fooled. That's not what you needed that time. I'm here to tell you what the Lord says is drawl night and me you and I put too much weight and people.

God says the way to resolve this conflict and during this conflict is for you to draw anatomy. Look at me if if our if if resolution depends on me drawing 90 you get this. What if you don't let me drawing 90.

If my wife and I are having conflict and I'm just not to be happy and I adjustment or content we get this conflict settled and I did everything I could do try to resolve this conflict, but my wife will not let me know.

I have a problem. That means I have. There's nothing I can do. That's why God says you need to draw on me. You and I need to quit worrying so much about drawing either the individual we need to draw and I got our priority must be fellowship with God not fellowship with people you see because it give me know what you get this. Oftentimes my conflict with individuals will create conflict in my life with God. This person did me wrong a lot of times people get mad at God for what this person turned their back, my husband, my wife just forsook the marriage and left me mad at God about this not do anything about that. I didn't create that God had nothing to do with that. So what happens now my conflict with an individual has now created conflict between me and God. That's why God says right now you need to drawl nine to me and I will draw nigh to you if you ever needed God, you need him now, so we must prioritize fellowship with God is to draw anatomy all drawing. I do notice.

Secondly, we must practice forgiveness from God.

He said cleanse your hands, ye sinners now have a little bit of an issue here. We cannot cleanse ourselves if we could cleanse ourselves, then we wouldn't be sinners, so he's telling here and it makes no sense at first he's telling sinners to clean themselves wall of the sinner to clean themselves and they wouldn't be a star. He's telling somebody that's dirty to make themselves clean and we can't do that so preacher what's the problem here what God is saying is this cleanse your hand, ye sinners, which means this sinners cannot clean themselves. The only way for sinner to come clean is forgiveness from God and you and I need to accept that forgiveness. What this means is this at this time of conflict God says.

First you draw anatomy you get close to me.

Second, you just make sure that your heart is right you cleanse your hands, you accept God's forgiveness delicately want to get this oftentimes you have conflict with people and it seems very unfair and yet normally, if we really look into our life. There was some things that we did wrong to anybody here at Denton at 1150 anybody still here this morning. Oftentimes there was wrongdoing on our part to God says that you draw anatomy first and then you cleanse your hands, you make sure that your right, make sure you get your self right notice. Thirdly, he says, purify your hearts be double minded Melissa. This means we must prioritize fellowship with God, we must practice forgiveness from God.

But notice. Thirdly, we must put our focus on God. Another words, this there's conflict in my life because I'm double minded. What is the Bible say double minded is double-blind is I want both sides of the fence. I got you know I got part of my heart. And though with the Lord apart my heart in the world and and I, want both and I want this and I want that and literally that causes internal conflict and when you have internal conflict. You're always going to have external conflict and so if you're ever going to get resolution on the outside. We have to get resolution on the inside and afraid to get resolution on the inside. We got a drawl night a God we got it we have to accept his forgiveness and make sure that we have since taken care of in our life. And then we need to make sure that were not double minded that were not trying to ride both sides of the fence, but that our focus is on God. Until then there will be no real resolution to any conflict. Why, because you might get something right with the person, but if you're double minded in your heart that you'll never be right on the inside were not right on the inside than we are not right. Everybody understand it so far.

I know this is a lot of teaching. But you got to get this because churches need this marriages need this every area of your life needs this so resolution requires intimacy notice next resolution requires restraint is a big one.

But if you would. Verse 11 speak not evil.

One of another brother. He that speaketh evil of his brother and judges his brother speaketh evil of the law and judges the law know there's a problem with this, but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law but a judge is what got say don't still speak about don't don't criticize and speak evil of other people and don't judge your brother because if you judge your brother then you have put your self up in a position that now you are judging the law. The problem with that. It means if you judge the law, that means you're a judge.

It means you are not a you're not the object of the law and if that's the case what you're saying is, is that you are above the individual. So when you speak evil of your brother or you judge your brother what you're saying is I feel I have the right to be above you and I have the right to look at your faults without ever having to look at mine given notice of the court of law. The judge went before he passes since the judge didn't get up and save Pinellas and before I passed since about this. Let me just say there's some things in my life is not right either.

Let me share those with you is not about the judge. It's about the accused look at me. Here's what you say. If you want resolution you're going to have to show restraint restraint from what preacher number one to learn to restrain your mouth restraining our mouth. Second, restraining our judgment, speak not evil of another. That means this and that's what we normally do honey what we have conflict with an individual now where we have conflict in our life and we don't like that and we are analyzing it and we want to make sure that we are right in it when we see our side of things and what we do. We begin to go to our friends.

We go to people and we got other church members and and again like I said earlier I don't mean this bad. Don't think because I say something that I'm saying something is wrong. Listen to me, driving is dangerous. It doesn't mean I'm against. There are some problems that can come up when you drive a car, but it does mean I don't think you drive a car. I'm saying when it comes to your the social world and Internet all these things, what happens is we are so connected to people that as soon as we have conflict we try to get everybody on our side and God said don't speak evil of another. Why, because if you ever get that resident that that conflict resolved, that person now you draw a whole bunch of people into it now that don't have resolution with that person. Now they're mad at all the things you said that person did and asked him how many of you have been drawn like that. I'm and also some of you, you find out somebody said something, don't and you know what now you're stressed out and mad about something that you had nothing to do with what it was also set up zones over the when I do this I just don't think that's right. You want even they are all now you have conflict in your life that had nothing to do when you so that's what we have to stop speak not evil of your brother restrain your mouth by the limitation when you get conflict, especially in a home relationship. Husband and wife whatever you just cannot shut your mouth. Speak not evil will we know some things to say, don't we speak, not evil, and he said secondly or judge of five brother restrain your judgment. That's where you and I get in big trouble because we begin to think we know their motives.

We know their heart. We think we know where above and there just ignorant and I take some different. That is pride in God is now against you. You and I need to make sure listen is not my position to judge my brother or sister in Christ.

It is a sunny morning crowd agree with me.

I would think the church people would be thrilled to say amen when the pastor says it is not our position to judge our brothers or sisters in Christ. Everybody talks about how old. First of all they do is judge what you're hearing a pastor tell you is not our place. Now we are. The Bible says to judge sin. The Bible says were to make sure we but were not to judge individuals because were not the judge, and that creates conflict in different I'm here to tell you if you want to resolve your conflict. It's gonna require restraint's not going to be easy, but we have to do it. Notice this next as drawing to a close with verse 13 want you to see this. That resolution requires perspective resolution requires perspective. Notice in verse 13. Go to now he that say today or tomorrow we will go into such a city and continue their year and buy and sell and get gain. In other words, y'all those of you that make plans and just think that you know you you you have all the time of the world and that you know what's going to happen. But in verse 14, where as you know not what shall be on the morrow for what is your life. It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away for that he ought to say if the Lord well we shall live and do this or that, but now you rejoice in your postings. All such rejoicing is evil what you mean perspective. Preacher resolution requires perspective and I challenge you in your life.

You're not even really going to be motivated to resolve some things. Unless you have this kind of respect for perspective of what number one is perspective of life is what he says those of you that think you got all the time in the world you've Artie made your plans and you think things are fine. You don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, you don't even know so you and I have to get to the point took to look at ourselves and say you know what my time is short. Is it really worth me allowing this conflict to continue for months. I mean, when you and I realize how little time we actually have. I mean it in and I know there's conflict with family and different things, but you know what if if there's a conflict between you and your wife are you and your husband and I'm here to tell you and and everybody's always told me I'm a full believer in this now because we have three children and to them did make they were sick this morning and things and and but I'm here to tell you that it goes fast and my wife are trying to raise our kids and it goes like we just I felt like I can occur when yesterday and my kids were tiny.

The and and and now they're not in it and is like always I like where to this and I realize it's going so fast. Our time is so short. Do we really want to ruin much of it with Tom conflict so that you and I have the right as he says here perspective of life. He said what is your life. It is even a vapor. You and I need to realize how fragile and short it isn't. If we would realize that maybe we would make such a big deal about our side of the argument in our point that we want to make an realize that the conflict isn't worth ruining this short period of time. We have, I was this so yesterday was my wife's birthday.

We read for birthday. My mother-in-law told me this, this, I guess it was last Wednesday night.

It was as if life is a is a vapor and she was helping in one of the junior churches from our bus ministry and she loves that ministry and she is helping in that one of the men in our church was giving the lesson and he was talking about this passage in and he was all about.

Your life is even a vapor trying to get these the small children understand how short life is and he said how many of you even know what a vapor is and how many you can say things change over the years so my loss at this little boy and she gave his name was sitting next to Herman when when the gym of March are said how many of you know what a vapor is that little boy looked up at my mother-in-law went not back on a vapor is not a vague life is short, life is short. Resolution requires perspective. I wonder how many times individuals look into a casket of a family member and look with regret at the years that were wasted with conflict. Second is perspective of the Lord's will requires perspective, this what he says hey your life. Just a vapor. It's fast. Second thing you and I need to keep my look at verse 15. He said for what he ought to say is if the Lord will we shall do this and that you and I to resolve conflict. We need the right perspective of life, but we need the right perspective of the Lord's will means this, that in my life. It should be about what Daniel wants. It should be about what the Lord wants instead of me making my plans tomorrow.

According to what I want to do or what I think needs to be done what I ought to say is if God wants this done I'll do another words you're gonna resolve a lot of conflict in your life if you determine right now that God's will is going to be top. It will make a lot of decisions really easy to see your decisioning and be based on our well wonder what mambo things to do what daddy thinks to do and I wonder why want to do it what it what are these people think a lot of my friends Think Different listen when it's just God's will that simplifies thing. You and I have a lot of conflict in our life. Many times you know why because we want our will and it's against God's will and will just resolve that conflict right now that you know what if it is what the Lord wants without your will resolve some things we need the right perspective on life. When you right perspective on the Lord's will notice. Thirdly, we need the right perspective of ourselves is what he said in verse 16, but now you rejoice in your boasting all such rejoicing is evil, what you and I often do in conflict with an individual, we will bring up their failures and we will be glad to share our accomplishment. Why did such and such and I've done such and such and I've always such as that. You know, we use those words always and never I've never done something like that really you have never read the doughnut either.

Whatever. What you and I do when we argue in conflict what were saying is all I can thinking of is everything I've done right and all I can see is what you've done wrong. We don't have the right perspective of ourselves is what the Lord says your boasting and rejoicing in your boasting she that is evil, means this if I have the right perspective of myself in conflict, shouldn't I be willing to mid. Maybe I've done some wrong things to maybe I've messed up to. I know this person did such such and I know it's probably but you know what I haven't been perfect. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone in 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services. Life all Armenian honor website and church. Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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