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April 11, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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April 11, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina to get worse. One of James chapter from whence come wars and fightings among you, come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members that I would love to be able to get up there this morning and speak to you on the subject of how to avoid conflicts in your life and as I mentioned, the problem is that would be an extremely short message.

Although you would love that you cannot avoid conflicts. Now there are things in steps you could take that I could certainly share in a message that would help eliminate or avoid some conflicts. It would kind of keep some conflicts from getting worse. Whatever the cases, but in life, you're going to have conflicts God's word never says that we don't have conflicts, but God's Word gives us instructions on how to deal with them how to resolve them. What we call biblically and I have found that you can try anybody's advice. Go to any book you want to and that's fine, but you will never really accomplish what you need to accomplish to you get in the Bible and do it God's way and have a name and right there. So let's look at God's word from whence come wars and fightings among you. Let's pray Lord I love you and Lord I pray that you give us wisdom today.

Thank you for what you've already done the good day. We've already had. So encouraging the Lord.

Thank you for every person here in Lord I pray that you would minister their hearts as I'm not able to God I'm preaching your word because that's where the power lies got I'm asking you to do the work that I cannot do.

In Jesus name we pray.

Amen. But before going further, we have come to understand what is being talked about here. Notice the first phrase in verse one, from whence come wars and fightings among you were talking here about conflict between us and individuals, but it's saying more than that. Know what you notice that word wars from whence come wars. This is a Greek word that literally means this warfare. It literally means a constant process. It means a single encounter or a series of encounters with a single enemy. It means literally a battle that is raging. You see this word wars is speaking not of our conflicts with others. It is speaking of our conflict that we have within ourselves. You and I need to understand that there is a battle raging inside of us. It is a battle. If you are saved between what we call the flesh and the spirit.

If you've never been saved, then there is a spirit that has never been regenerated in your life. It's never been made alive until you get saved but once you are saved, you now have a battle between the flesh and the spirit and that is a series of encounters with the same enemy.

It's you against Satan is literally the battle that is within us and I want you to understand this morning.

Most of our conflicts do not come from outside.

They come from inside of our own selves that he uses this word from whence come wars and fightings among you. So whenever God's word uses two words is always a reason, and there would be some that was it will be easier.

They both kind mean the same thing… But one that no know we use the Bible the way we use it because there's a reason for everything. This word fightings is a different word.

It literally means battle but it means strive versus driving it means controversy.

It literally means an individual battle with numerous enemy. You see this word fightings is the word that we have four conflicts that we have with other the wars is what's going on inside of us know fightings is what's going on outside of you see every day when I'm around you or not. I have a battle that is raging between my flesh in my spirit that the conflict that I bear, but because of that conflict that often causes conflict between me and those around me. That's fightings. So James asked this question.

So where does this conflict begin this conflict that is inside of you and the conflict that is without you. Where does that all start I want you to notice number one today I want us to look at this subject. First, all conflict is a source issue. All conflict is a source issue.

We have to figure out what is the source of all this. What causes these conflicts in marriage in church and relationships at the job, between siblings, between parents, what, what is this all start what is the source of notice what he says in verse one. He says from whence companies, wars and fightings. Notice what he says come they not in its even of your lust that war in your members you looking at me this morning. I hate to be the bearer of such wonderful news. But you know the source of your conflicts is you know you and I can blame everyone else. All we want to and we can bring up some good points of why that it well yeah but I have called because this person is done this because this is done is because my husband is done it because my wife is done this because my sister did this in my live and my mom did this in mind. Add to this that we could we could do this all day.

If we want we can come up with all kinds of good reasons or we can just look at God's word and he said where these things come from these conflicts that you have in your life they come from your lusts in your members comes from us now were not getting any further to we admit that now is much as I can give you Bible there still going to be some that are one of bring up things and listen on the first day there are sometimes people do horrible things to us and yes were not were not talking about sinful acts were not talk about that. That's not one of speaking of, I mean that normally we begin to have conflicts and relationships in our life really deep down, the issue is in us, but most people don't want to admit that you say what why is that the issue will notice as he gives us his mercy, God gives it all to notice. First is that our conflict is a source issue in the first source he brings up as our desires. He says literally.

He says your lusts in your members.

Your lusts this this word lust means literally a desire that overtakes us. It means literally that we want something so bad meet, be it a material thing or we want a person to do such and such so bad or we think that so-and-so should be doing this for me that those desires end up bringing conflict in our life, our desires, your lust, he said here's what happens when we begin to accumulate and think of ourselves so much that we look at life as well. I did not get this and I have not received this in this person did not do what I think they should do. For me it brings up the second cause he says is our disappointment. Notice what he says in verse one. He says literally where, where do these findings come from. They come from your lust in your members a look at verse two, he says he lust and have not disappointment. He said literally that these desires are creating conflict in your life and then as you allow those desires overtake you when those desires are not satisfied he have not brings, notice the third thing is our desperation.

You see, conflict begins with the frustration listen to me now that we want more than we have.

We think our husband should be doing this we think our wives should be doing this, we think the pastor should be doing this we think our fellow church member are employee or I employ are whatever the cases we think they should be doing this. I am not getting from them what I think I should getting quiet in here. We have more people with this way more quiet, listen to me. Our desires turn into disappointments and those disappointments turn into desperation you say what you mean, look, if you would verse two.

The second part of verse two, he says, EE Hill and desire to have and cannot obtain. We mean you kill. Was he singing literally here also in your wanting thing tonight to start stabbing people know this is figurative understand God what he saying this that you literally get to the point then you become so desperate that you do not care who you hurt or how much damage you do. I am just going to continue to pitch a fit and complain and accuse and argue and have conflict with individuals to make sure they know how disappointed I am in them not doing what I want. He says it literally becomes desperate.

You know desperate people do desperate things in desperate people that are just unhappy have to find a reason they can't admit that it's them.

So we have to point our fingers at people hello, this is not fun is no bedroom door appear, but this is where the rubber meets the road.

Notice last we see our damage look at this phrase he says in verse two. Ye fight in war. Now were blessed this church to have former military men and women how thankful we are for that we could never think of further service to our country is when you serve our country. You serve us.

We appreciated and we have at this church in years past have individuals that have served in World War I and World War II and all kinds of in between and conflicts have you want to determine what every one of them that have any experience with that will tell you this that when it comes to war or conflicts.

There is always damage. There's always damage lives are always damaged, no matter who wins or loses their still damage. He says this that literally your your lust have overtaken you that now you are fighting and warning and that is going to cause damage to your relationships in your marriage is in all things in your life if you allow it to continue, it will bring our desires turn into disappointments that turn into desperation and that creates damage. What was the source. My lusts in my members. All conflict is a source issue. Let me say this, all outside conflict begins first with inside conflict. You see, we can always point to a person or circumstance, or thing and say this is why am unsatisfied. This is why am unhappy. This is why my needs are not met. But, dear friend.

The problem really is inside. There are things lacking between you and God. All conflict is a source issue notice number two all conflict is a spiritual issue now not making this up. I'm not just coming up with his I need a couple extra points will look at God's word and I guide my jobs to outline it so you can understand. Notice if you would verse two member all conflict is a spiritual issue in verse two he says he lust and have not you kill, and desire to have an cannot obtain Ye fight in war and noticed now he's getting to where the rubber meets the road. He's getting really down deep to the source of some issues.

Notice what he says. He says she have not. That's one of the reasons were so disappointed and were so unhappy and so discontent and have so much conflict in our life.

He said he had not because he what you see is really a spiritual issue to listen to me once you get this please don't miss this God says this you're upset and you're disappointed in you have conflict because you want things that you can't get or you want things that were given to you and he says one of the reasons you don't have those things are. You don't have that happiness you don't have that fulfillment. You don't have that satisfaction in your life, he says, is because you never asked me are is is a lightbulb start to go off a little bit now.

We understand God said hey you want you can get and then you go so far. He'll kill and try to get and you still can't get it and now you're so desperate you'll find an war and cause damage with other things and you still don't have it and he said I'll tell you one of the reasons you don't have is because you never even thought to look to me for hold on so first point under all conflict is a spiritual issue listen number one is this our dependence is on individuals instead of God is the first problem our dependence he is saying here, we've allowed it to become dependent on individuals instead of on God. He said you're fighting with others because of what you want.

You have started to look to them for your happiness. You started to look to others for your joy. God says you never came to me for you become dependent on individuals instead of dependent upon God not have time this morning give you all the verses in God's word that proves that God says that joy only comes from the Lord.

Happiness comes from things.

Joy comes from the Lord. Happiness is a result of something happening. I've got to do something else to get happy I got to have something else to get happy we we we would gotta keep having more to be happy, but joy comes from the Lord.

Joy is there even when things aren't happening. God says you never asked me you have become dependent on individuals instead of God. Listen to me when you and I begin to think that our joy in our contentment should come from people, or it should come from circumstances. Corrine should come from things we are placing an impossible expectation on visual we look at marriages. If put my contentment now succumb for my husband and when my husband doesn't do what I think my husband should do now. I'm not content in different if your husband did everything you wanted him to do. You still wouldn't be content while disappointed because I you know I I I think I do wonderful things. My wife and my wife doesn't do this and my wife asked this way my wife this to my wife that different if she didn't, you still would be happy because your happiness, your joy, your contentment should never come from an individual and the reason you and I have so much conflict in relationships is because were except were expecting something from those relationships that those relationships could never give people come to church. Well not get fed by that preacher or real. So I did meet your expectation anybody asked did you meet mine how many services have you not been here. Do I have the right, come your house and saying you did meet my expectations. I'm disappointed in you, O preachers open open market for everybody to say whatever right well I don't know they just breached along the bridge to Shorty whatever but for some reason we can't just sit down and let's just be about this all you sleep well I preach.

We want you to know that doing and you don't take it with you this morning.

Our dependence cannot be on individuals has to be in the Lord. Otherwise, if you begin the stop and really look at your life you'll find whoever it isn't whatever it is there's always something about it that you don't like. There's always something about every relationship that you feel is lacking. There is always something about everyone that you have a relationship with whether it's at work, whether to charge or whether it's at home that they somehow are always disappointing to you, from whence come wars and findings among us from your last and your members. Notice the second thing he says here that all conflict is a spiritual issue. He says she ask not. So that's why you don't, you have not because you asked not now. It's as if God read our mind, and he knows exactly where were going to go where we always go we always got an answer for everything. Only it were my the only one here I'm struggling this morning. Am I the only I guess not.

If you struggle with any of this if you've Artie resolved all your conflicts. Maybe I'm creating some new conflict to resolve this morning. I don't know. So God knows what were going to say is what most people going to say, yeah, wait a minute. I did ask God. I did pray I did and God never answered where he met a preacher I know your séances still bent out of shape because it really the problems in me and not others in and God says one of the reasons you don't have that content is because you never came to me for what I have free drive found on the God about it and I certainly have said that to verse three he says ye asking that he just said universe to you have not because you asked not now. He answers this point that he knows were going to bring up well, but I did pray admit people like that you know the they think that God, they're just surveying whether God is worthy of their belief will look at this whole thing there buddy claims about God. I want to see if God's really worthy for me to believe in him. Dear friend, listen, he is worth is not work because we decide he's worthy enough to believe he's God, but notice what God says.

He says ye ask is give you some to say what the problem is not me. I did ask.oh yeah, but look at verse three, he says, ye ask and receive.

Not here. We are still we don't have it.

We didn't get it.

He says you have not because you didn't ask any said in sometime just because you asked any receive not.

Why, because ye ask amiss, that you may consume it up on your last peers are lost again. The same thing that goes around verse one. The causes will start the process. Here we are arrived back at the beginning, look at me want to get this the first probably says is this that our dependence is on individuals that of God. Notice.

Secondly, he brings up our desires are selfish instead of spiritual and a lot of times God says you know what why can't bring contentment in your life is because not because with you. It might be you're asking what you're asking for the wrong reason. You say you're going to God. God please help my husband godly so my wife I mean really that you know and we act like it's a spiritual reason, but deep down it's selfish because I'm still trying to get God to make them do what I want. I'm asking him is because really what I'm asking for is to consume my own desire so you really want to know where conflict is a preacher for women. What about all these interpersonal relationships and and what about all the step-by-step step 1234 how we listen. That's next week.

That's next week. You need a week to swallow all this to finally get to the point where I have to get to the point to realize it's me, it's me, it's me, God says your dependences on individuals is that to me and your motives have become selfish instead of spiritual conflict can bring that out in you. By the way here about Tonto, the Lone Ranger, there arrived to Acadian Lone Ranger is right is a little bit front could you know Tonto always had to write a little bit behind. Like to see him do that nowadays has arrived to this canyon. All of a sudden I looked up and there were Indians lined the top of that canyon.

They all had their arrows pull back and Tonto in the Lone Ranger run this canyon Lone Ranger looks up and looks back at Tonto and he said Tonto.

One of the world. We do Tonto answered back while you say we white men. Also Tonto is all Indian. Why is conflict often can bring out the realists conflict can bring out the old selfish nature. God says you have not because you asked not you never even came to me about can ask your question was the last time we went to God and prayed before we went to our wife and complain was the last time we went to God and spent some hours in prayer before we went to her husband and tell him everything we did like was the last time that we got down and prayed. Is that getting on Facebook. You know sometimes I wish instead of put everything on Facebook like people do want you take that same energy and start spreading the gospel. I'm glad you have your beliefs will have beliefs but you know what, this is the one thing we can count on. So let's get on a spread that you know what happens. Often times listen.

It's literally that we ask for selfish reasons.

Because the thought about us. Now we have conflict and we create the conflict and now we accuse everyone else of being the cause of the conflict, all conflict is a source issue. All conflict is a spiritual issue mask you imagine how it would help any church any given church.

Can you imagine how much it would help that church if that church as members learn how to resolve conflict biblical yell thing that would help this church can ask you this because your sample bridge was all the support.

Could you imagine how it would change marriages if husbands and wives could learn how to resolve conflict biblically.

Number three all conflict is a sin issue.

All conflict is a source issue you got another source and its us all conflict is a spiritual issue. It's literally we haven't gone to God or if we did it was for selfish reasons and so now James is just kinda slowly bringing us along, giving us the reasons making things clear Rimmer assembly required in relationships.

Things don't just come together.

Put together were going to have to build them to make them what they need to be. So now James just blunts he just lets it out you'll find in the book of James.

We just went to the book of James that here church on Wednesday nights. Not long ago with her the whole book, you'll find that James uses certain language, certain words and and James this and all the sudden in in chapter 4. Here in verse four, it's out of character out of everything else.

He just says he is all yours and adulteresses will I mean words were talked about how you know we conflict. He does have a may be kind of all of a sudden your budget shares a bunch of centers in the world now disparate and I know you understand this, but just the understand this is a principal given from the Old Testament in the Old Testament God made it clear to his people that when they were unfaithful to him.

It was like they had committed adultery on God. They had left God for someone else now want to give these verses just so as we go we don't say something and assume that everybody understands were talking about. Look at this verse in Isaiah 54 verse five.

For thy maker is thine husband and who's our maker God he is thine husband, the Lord of hosts is his name, and thy Redeemer, the holy one of Israel, the God of the whole earth shall he be called. Listen for the Lord hath called the as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou was reviewed say it like so God pictures us here as a marriage relationship with God and when we are unfaithful to God. We are adulterers, or adulteresses to God, thank you for listening to me whom you received a blessing from our broadcast.

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