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March 22, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. As we read these verses in Isaiah create want you to look if you would again it verse 17, which was our key verse and really has our theme in it which was really the theme of this entire chapter. Thus saith the Lord thy Redeemer, the holy one of Israel. I am the Lord thy God which teaches the need to profit which deleted the by the way, that thou shouldest go. Lord we love you today Lord we ask that you would bless this particular subject. You had it on my heart for a long time and Lord everything today has been pointing to this subject that as we follow you. We can still trust you when we do not know which way to go.

We can trust you, Lord, I want to thank you for your faithfulness in leading us, despite our unfaithfulness in following you, Lord, I pray that you would help us to see and notice today how important and vital it is to the Christian's life to simply follow you in Jesus name we pray. Amen. In Isaiah chapter 47 the chapter before the Lord was dealing with the Babylonians and really am not going all that.

But all their faults and their mistakes. In chapter 48 he is talking to the children of Israel because in the house of Jacob. Obviously that lineage that obviously the line of Christ would end up going through this family, but he talks about the house of Jacob, and obviously what were talking about here is the children of Israel when they were led out of Egypt and they ended up in the wilderness wandering for 40 years and we have talked and preached about that so often over the years, but let me just remind you that the children of Israel did not have to wonder 40 years they could've gotten there in a few days. The reason they wandered for 40 years is because they did not follow what God told him to do. It's that simple. Now, in this passage we often use that phrase God led the children of Israel out of Egypt.

This chapter is an example of God providing a better life, a better place.

A better future, a better family a better lineage, a better opportunity a better everything and this is also an example of God's people not listening not following and not obey. Although God had all the better over here God's people became bitter over here and it all ended up in the fact that they just wouldn't follow God led them to do now. As we look at this passage. This has a whole lot for us to learn and I want to share my heart with you today. In a sense that I'm afraid that so often people are living the Christian life. They just really don't understand or haven't grasped what it is to follow the leading of God. It would keep us out of so much trouble it would keep us away from so many issues it would bring so many better things to our life into our family and even to this church. God leads but we don't follow. I want to talk about that today. Notice verse one here either.

So house of Jacob, which are called by the name of Israel and are come forth out of the waters of Judah. Notice that the waters of Judah. That's when he led them out of the out of the Egypt obviously and they went to the parting of the Red Sea. He said the waters of Judah which swear by the name of the Lord and make mention of the God of Israel, but not in and not in righteousness. Notice this first verse he just kinda makes a statement and let everybody know this is where we are. I mean this is this is where we stand. Don't you like somebody to get right to it that you hate somebody to beat around the bush. So either just talking the talk and also and you realize you know what they're trying to get such and such across and they might've had a chance of the just what it said it, but now that they've taken in our my time just because I'm mad I'm not going to give a bit like that. Like I thought about buying that car to limit user fumbled wicker all right anyway. Number one want to notice the statements he says in this verse number one.

He said you were called. He says here this house of Jacob, which are called by the name of Israel.

You have been called in by the way, if you are a believer in Christ today. You've been called to you and I need to realize this isn't just we get saved and we just doing want to do the rest of our life.

We get saved and then we are to follow God work called what was the need to be called it means to be to be called to do something you been commissioned to would be a good word notice. Secondly, said not only you called your chosen verse one usage are called by the name of Israel and are come forth out of the waters of Judah. He said, literally. I spared your life. You literally were going for certain death, and here I parted the waters of the Red Sea and Pharaoh's armies coming in after you and you don't know a lot about the Bible maybe remember the old movie with Charlton Heston in.

It was very biblically accurate. Not really, but you let other defect in the graphics. It was on. You know they always show it. On Easter I don't know what the name of it is that they go through the whole thing with you know, Moses and all the stuff I don't know the name of yeah sounds same United Way.

Also, my boys are simulation others every stressing our members a kid you know that he gets to the graphics of the water, the parting of the Red Sea in our generation of kids thinking oh my goodness I was cutting edge when house kids you know it's like a cartoon man on the waters endorsement like that listener has God led them through the waters of the Red Sea, God said listen, I chose you. You could've died could've left you alone and in all these things but but I not only have called you but I chose you. I want you to do something. By the way, if you been saved. Not only are you called but you've been chosen, God has sunk you listen you might be sitting here today in your believer in Christ you don't even know this, you might not even know this right now. But God has a special plan for your life and you cannot even imagine what he wants to use you to do can even imagine. It amazed me. Sometimes we just totally oblivious to what God would be doing or would want to do in our life, we kinda think were worthless and we think well not much use and I don't have a lot to offer and often times we sit right here. We don't even understand how God chose us to do some notice. The third thing he tells me said not only you call not only are you chosen your connected notice what he says this is interesting. He says which swear by the name of the Lord, that word swear means oath or commitment. He said you been calling you been chosen and you have literally made a commitment to me.

You made an oath were connected. I thought I mean you you know you see and you came to me and said you are in bondage and now we are starting Pharaoh. And when you we need you to lead us out here and get us out of this bondage. God said I made a commitment I made a note when you and we had a bond we had an agreement that I let you Egypt. Notice what he says. Fourthly, unfortunately, says you are counterfeit. Notice what he says. He says you make mention of the God of Israel, but not in truth, nor in righteousness.

He said you talk a good talk and you say all these things, but it's not true you're not sincere. You don't really mean and what we see about the children of Israel so often there over hero Bobby love you. We need such such thing God gives it and they argue again another man, and they nearly go to this thing God comes back in the apologetic and in their fickle up-and-down up-and-down up-and-down this what God said. He says you make mention of me and you talk about me you got a lot of things to say. But it's not real it's not true. So all of a sudden they know exactly where they stand right with God says this. Listen, you have been called you been chosen.

I thought we were connected.

You are counterfeit you see different how do you know if your realtor counterfeit.

The real people follow him counterfeit handling counterfeit. Maybe I'm saved on not say nothing counterfeit like you really want to serve God or is that just all you said you make mention we hear a lot of people talking a lot of things God's love Lord one serve. Do you really notice if you would verse three he says this. I have declared the former things from the beginning and they went forth out of my mouth and I have showed them and I did them suddenly and they came to pass want you to notice these things out of verses three through eight really go very quickly this morning. It will be done, but you gotta get this entire passage, God literally makes a legal case to the children of Israel number one.

I want you to see this. Look at verse three. God always has been and will be sovereign. Notice will look what he says in verse three he said, I declare these things from the beginning. That means before you are was I was in charge way before you showed up and I'm to be in charge way after you're gone. I declare these things. I knew these things.

I created these things from the beginning.

Notice first three and they went forth out of my mouth sovereign God says, and I show them notice this.

I did them suddenly and they came to pass. Whatever God says is going to do. He does he says I it started with me in the beginning I'm the one the Senate on the one that made it happen. On the one that caused it. On the one that made sure it took place. It came out of my mouth. They came out of my commandment, sovereign, and you're not different. May I remind all of us today, God sovereign were not God always has been and always will be sovereign, number two, when you look at verse four. Because this what God says to them because I knew that thou art obstinate that mean stubborn thou art obstinate, and thy neck is an iron sin new and eyebrow brass.

You're just stubborn hard and said I knew it. Notice verse three God always has been and always will be sovereign verse four man always has been and will be stubborn. There is life. God is sovereign. We are stubborn thus creates the conflict with always been God says hey, I'm sovereign. Let me tell you something I knew you were obstinate. I knew you'd be stubborn. Why, because God knows our frame. The Bible says he knows can I say today that you and I have a tendency to be a bit stubborn.

Maybe it's just your pastor.

Maybe the godly members of Corwin Baptist Church are not stubborn in the least. Maybe it's just me, but I think overall honest we have a tendency to be stubborn against a sovereign God.

Notice where what he says in verse six thou hast heard.

See all this and will not either claret. I have showed the new things from this time even hidden things, and thou didst not know them. God always has been and will be sovereign man always has been and will be stubborn. Notice verse six.

God always has been and will be smarter is that you did know what I knew it I told all this you know what I got I got showed you getting things I showed you new things and you didn't know it. Guess what I know things thought says that you don't know may I remind you today as we go through life and and and we feel maybe God was bitterness but I want to do this if I don't know what to do and I don't know what God wants me to do it. I don't know about you be here go there this job not get this job, my family not do this. Going to church not going to church. We have all these decisions, and different. I want to know God is sovereign.

We are stubborn, but he's always our he knows things that we don't know it always been that way we can. You and I we often try to figure out the mind of God, give up you can't figure it out. Notice number four in verse eight.

Yea, thou heard us. Not EA Val newest not yea from that time that fine ear was not open.

Another words that's where it all started when you quit listening for I knew that thou would steal very treacherously and was called a transgressor from the womb.

Notice again verse eight. From that time that fine ear was not open, dear friend, I want to get this God always has been and will be sovereign man always has been and will be stubborn. God always has been and will be smarter number for trouble always has and will begin when we stop listening is where it always starts. I was a pastor of see a lot of times God blessing people you know they've made some decisions and grown and done these things and God begins to blessed and they get used to that blessing and then before long now.

They kinda quit listening now. Well I'm good now and when you blessed me so much I just can enjoy this for a while. Before long, God's not the priority God's house is the priority for things of God are priority. His word is a priority and that's when trouble start when we quit listening to God sometimes are times you want to just and in Christian love grabbed by the neck and I'm sure there's times it people out of Christian love want to grab my neck just want to shake like you think Mr. yeah you thanks class to you. Thanks, Don. All this for you while you turn your back on it now, why are you leaving him in the DOS now for trouble always starts when we quit listening to the following of God.

May I as we begin in verse nine. Let me give you the list of these things will go home today, God begins to describe how I will lead you what you notice in verse nine, number one want you to see this, he says, for my namesake will I defer mine anger and for my praise will I refrain for the that I cut the knot off God says.

This fee establishes where they are verse one and then ADE establishes how things are in verses three through eight. I'm sovereign you're stubborn. I'm smarter in trouble. This always starts and it started when you quit listening to me and so now God understands this is what they've done. But God says if you're willing, I'll forgive and I'll give you another chance and and I'll give you another opportunity notice number one we see God's refraining.

I love this in verse one. He said for my namesake will I defer mine anger, may I say this God makes it clear that his anger and judgment would be deserved different you know if God decided to judge us. We would deserve it. God says you know it it's for me and my sake that I'm going to defer mine anger which means it's nothing you've done that deserve for me to stop my anger.

It's only me in my decision. That means this it makes it clear that his anger and his judgment would be deserved in different it would be in our lot number two I want you to see this out of this verse, God makes it clear that it is his decision either way, what is he sovereign God says is for my sake on the defer mine anger. It's it it it's for my praise that I'm not to cut you off, but either way, it's his decision. So like you and I make that decision. It's not like you and I can control that. Look at me hard, sovereign.

The third thing I see in this verse is this that God makes it clear that his decision is based on his agenda and his prey.

He said I'm going to give you another chance.

I'm going to refrain from cutting you off, which means just judging you be set on the refrain for my sake and for my praise and different. I want you to understand everything God does in our life is either for his agenda or for his praise.

The problem with you and I is everything we do is for our agenda or our praise God lets in the right height of my decision not yours.

Whatever I decide it's good to be based on what I want and whether I get the glory, for it while notices for thing he says God makes it clear that he controls our very existence.

If you would've verse nine he says for my praise will I refrain the that I what cut the knot off. That means God controls whether you even take your next breath or not, means God can cut us all like that notice. If you would. The second thing in verse 10 we see not only God's refraining but God's refining diversity and he said, behold, I have refined the but not with silver. I thought when I first saw this. It was some kind of refining process with silver. Now we know it we would that we refined goal, but I understand there's a little bit of a process like that that could be done with silver and I thought maybe say like you know we always verse when I'm tried all come forth as gold.

And I could refining of gold or whatever the case might be, but that's not what he's talking about here. This works silver literally means money or income. It literally means that prosperity Ellison get this. This is what God is saying on the refrain mine anger. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to refine you and this is how God said notice this piece and I'm not going to refine you with silver which would mean prosperity. He said I have chosen you or the in the furnace of affliction and other words I'm going to refine you, but I'm not getting use prosperity to do it. I'm going to use affliction to do it. Are you with me this morning, thereby stay with me we don't have a son but I want to get this understand this refining is always part of God's leading. When God is refining you and there's difficult things in your life you don't understand what God's doing and why is this process why is God allowing us. If you are going through the refining process and all of us have that sometime or another. I want you to understand that is part of God's and where to follow. So I do like the refining process. Nobody does. But that's part of it. Notice this out of this verse to refining is necessary, refining, does refining take something that is invaluable and it makes it valuable.

You understand for you to do something for God.

Refining is necessary or we will be useful. Notice this, it is during the refining process that many people quit following because they don't like. God says you deserve mine anger but on the whole mind right now I would do is on the refine you, to mold you. I'm to make you into what you need to be so that you can be useful for me and that is often where people quit because difficulty comes God is making us into what he wants us to be, but we get mad and we quit listening what you notice this God says I have not refined you with prosperity or possessions.

God said, I have refined you with affliction, may I say this that often times prosperity doesn't teach anybody anything that you can learn a lot from. But may I say that oftentimes God's not going to make a great change in you by just giving you a bunch of stuff. God's gonna refine us through affliction. Now what you know to some very important notice, God says, I have refined you with affliction, but he says specifically, a what of affliction, a furnace God says is I refine you.

I have chosen the furnace of affliction that can I ask you something. What happens in a furnace first thing is there's heat when you're in the furnace it's hot and dear friend, some you might be in your life right now you're in the furnace and I'm to tell you that he is going to be applied. Second, what happens in a furnace.

There's pressure pressure builds up in a furnace why because the third thing it's confined there's nowhere else to go for a furnace to work. It has to be closed off, dear friend, this is what God said. I'm gonna do.

I'm in a close you off.

I'm going apply pressure. I'm going to apply heat.

Let me tell you what else takes place in a furnace. There's a breaking down of something when you put wood in a wood furnace.

What is it doing burns the wood it breaks it down. What you do when you put metal or something in a furnace, it melts, it makes it moldable left furnace breaks something down dear friend.

That's what God said he has to do it. I sometimes he has to refine us in the furnace of affliction. What you notice number three verse 11 almost done what you see God's reason. He said for mine own sake, even for mine own sake, will I do it for how should my name be polluted and I will not give my glory unto another notice.

God's reason.

He says whatever I do, let me take the reason I do it it's transfer it's for my sake it's for my name and it is to make sure that my name didn't get polluted. It is to make sure I get the glory. Because this verse God says I'm not to give my glory to anybody. Did you hear that God says I'm not given my glory to any body that means this often when we are being refined. It is to accomplish his plan. It is to protect his name or it is to make sure he gets the glory. That's always his reason notice. If you would number four we see God's reminder verse 13 to 16 I will read it all. But God begins to give his credentials. He says that I lay the foundation of the earth.

My right hand span the heavens. I love this verse 13. How does one read this part. Notice the end he says when I call it to them, they stand up together. He said I made the heavens, I made the earth when I call Mike and make him stand up to down, who brings the rotates, the son who rotates the earth rotates all the planets who hung them in the space crew keeps everything running God right in his hand. I love this God's reminder in verse 13 and 16 you know often when you and I are being refined. That's when we need to be reminded reminded of what notice verse 13 my hand that lay the foundation of the earth. God created notice. The second he says my right hand span the heavens, what I call and then they stand up together. God controls notice verse 13 God commands. He says what I call unto them. Notice if you would.

Verse 16.

God commissions like the universe, 16. I have not spoken in secret from the beginning from the time that it was there my and now the Lord God and his spirit has sent me did you hear that now the Lord God in his spirit had sent me. Jesus is saying God and the Holy Spirit have sent me. He's commissioned I don't know how you look at you and I need to be reminded he created. He controls he commands and he's been commissioned. I notice a lot of information on a Sunday morning but hold on almost done.

Notice verse 16 we see God's request. I love this notice the first phrase if were to follow God said, I let you I had a better place. You didn't listen you rebel you did your own thing and this is all the tappet now probably give you another chance I got one request verse. We were 16, come ye near unto me here ye this is what God says I do for the fall.

They were to start this over. You gotta get close to me. And you gotta listen while really hard now why did God say that will you know the only way to follow is to be close enough to hear that one of you if I have him sit here and I have maybe a particular item that I got put together and I don't know how to put it together and you know how to put it togetherů A superrich on the giving directions of how to put this thing together mainly Rubik's cube.

I don't know how to do a Rubiks cube right get the whole thing quickly. You know, maybe some of you do is a bridge on the show had so you get you go out that door you go all the way. About a mile down the road and you start give me directions might help me one bit.

You give me directions. But why does an adult because I can't hear and dear friend.

Oftentimes God is leading the were not close enough to him to hear it, and is not up to him to do all the work he said wrong. I had to mail drawing. I do you. We've got to get him and when we do we talk to listen listen they want to get if you feel you're having trouble finding God's direction in your life.

If you're having trouble knowing the way you should take than what is needed is for you to draw near to him.

That's what not get this book. That book you know take this course take that course just get near to him. Notice if you would, in verse 17, as always happens. God's repairing see God refrain. Then he began to refine the but it's all for a purpose, God doesn't put us in the furnace just to let us melt into nothing. God refines us so that he can repair us notices repair verse 17 thus saith the Lord thy Redeemer, the holy one of Israel.

I am the Lord thy God. Notice this, which teaches deed to profit which lead at the by the way, that thou shouldest go notice God's repair.

He said I am going to teach you how to profit now you say all right God can teach you how to make money not we need to, although that would be great. What he is saying that were profit. Listen to me, it means valuable, profitable what God is saying I am going to teach you how to be profitable I am to teach you how to be the kind of individual that can do some God hung to teach you how to be somebody that will accomplish something that will be profitable in the kingdom of God. Notice this, the only way to make something that is broken to be profitable is to put it back together. Are you looking at me member the furnace, it breaks things down. The only way to make something that's broken. The only way to make it profitable is if you fix it's not profitable, unless you put it back. Thank you for listening to me whom you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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