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March 8, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today.

Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ.

Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina 78 all of David this what David said the Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear the Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid when the wicked. Even mine enemies and my foes come upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear, though war should rise against me in this will I be confident. One thing have I desired of the Lord that will I seek after that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.

For the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me, he shall set me upon a rock. And now my and now shall mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me, therefore will I offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy. I will see gay I will sing praises unto the Lord is a good versus our thing. Let's pray Lord I pray you would encourage our hearts today for your word as you often do in Jesus name I pray, amen. It was interesting in verse two you see words like enemies and foes.

In verse three you see the term host and war in verse six, you see the word enemies.

What is amazing amazing all these terms that David used speaks about warfare, but in verse three we see this phrase though an host encamp against me and then in verse three and though war should rise against me. So what David is describing in these first six verses is that there was literally he felt a war that Satan was raging against him. He said his enemies.

His foes were after him.

He said they tried to get me and they stumbled, then a host came about me. He describes this way the individuals came against me.

And when God protected me from that.

Then a group of people came against me, and it seemed that David here is talking about everywhere he turned something was against him and what is amazing is that although you see that all this is going on and it is clear from reading these verses that he was in the midst of a battle. What is also clear is that while he was in the midst of this battle. David still had hope no limit to how important hope is it vital when an individual feels like they have no hope that individual begins to die. I am remember not sure this with you.

But when we had caved in the hospital and lived at the hospital, really the easiest part to me. I don't know how my wife feels about it, but the easiest part to me of all that we went through was the four months in the hospital. Everybody says will me that that will be difficult, and it was many of you that have been the hospital two, three, four weeks, I've had some you. You called me and said I don't how you did it for four months and you know unless you've been there you have no idea what it's like. But during those months, and watching your child to open-heart surgeries and watching all the stuff. It was when we got him home.

That was the hardest to me. And when you don't have the security of a nurse or a doctor being there in the care is up to you it's it's a very different type of feeling and I have told you that you know it was a couple weeks after we got home I ended up with the shingles and the doctor said I was distressed voted on. Of course it was that same period of time that I took over this church. I'm sure that had nothing to do with it used to bother me when I hear some people say over the natives and enjoy his honeymoon. For a while there were no honeymoon. Here I don't know who's talking about that or who is ignorant enough to think that maybe some pastors you know walk into a church, never honeymoon. Free there was no honeymoon.

Here I mean I walked in and began and it hit the Vino the proverbial fan immediately and so it's been work since the day I got here and I've loved every second. Well I love most of it and am a big but what got me is that we got. Came home and the care that he demanded. First, we just were used to it. We watched it but you know we had done most all of it but it never been just us.

There's no nurse. If you have trouble with the feeding tube or have trouble with machine. The nurse to come in and and for the first time and in my wife and I both found out later that we would take showers. We would just cry in the showers and try not to be weak for the other person.

But what got me is is that it was so overwhelming the care that I began to feel that this is the way life was always going to be and it would never change and I felt like I had no hope. I felt like there was no hope of this getting better that there was no hope of relief and I have never felt that in my entire life. And you know why a lot of individuals suffer from depression.

It's because they feel they don't have any hope there's nothing in the next day to look forward to. And there's nothing in the next week to look forward to. And there's nothing in the next month to look forward to. In fact for them.

There's nothing in the future to even look forward to and when there's no hope, discouragement and depression. It makes camp and David here in the middle of what he termed war. This wasn't all. I've had a few difficult days.

David described it as more and I believe it was war physically, but even more importantly, it was war emotionally dear friend. You know when circumstances get you down.

The battlefield is in your mind. That's where Satan attacks you in the midst of these battles. David here makes it clear that he still had a solid challenge you this morning. Like David did. Keep your head up. Notice I wanted to read your couple phrases I thought was interesting Manning GK Chesterton said this, there is no medicine like hope no incentive so great and no tonic so powerful as the expectation of something better tomorrow. Hope and when you don't have it read you this. I thought Emily Dickinson said that she said hope is a thing with feathers that perches on your soul, and hope can fly away very quickly. The dictionary describes hope like this to have a wish to get to do something or for something that will happen or be true to have a wish to get or do something or for something that happens to be true, especially something that seems possible or likely not. I found that definition very confusing. Webster smart but on that one. What is he saying here he saying this that hope is something that is almost a 50-50 chance. Hope is something that might come and hope is something that might not come.

What is interesting is you and I if you are saved and you are a believer in Christ. Hope is not that with us. We do not have to wonder or wish for something or for hope to come into our life dear friend if you been saved by the grace of God, you have hope. It's not something that's possible. The world looks at it as if something that may or may not happen dear friend has already happened. If you're saved I want you to notice these verses and this was very important to me. At least it was to me.

Jeremiah chapter 17 verse seven says this last is the man that trusted in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is the wonder of folks coming.

The Lord is our hope.

When you read this to your first rig is 1313 and now abide in faith, hope and charity, these three, I find that hope is something that can oftentimes leave very quickly, but to us as Christians hope should be something that is always there number one this morning and these these points will be on the screen. Number one I want you to notice.

From what David said I want us to learn something. Number one, we see this that our confidence in the Lord provides hope as David said that there was still hope. I miss all the battles that were raging here. How did David have that hope he gives three things in these verses that provided hope for him number one. He said that his confidence in the Lord provided hope. Verse one.

The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear the Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid. He says I don't have to have fear and I don't have to be afraid of anybody. Why, because the Lord is my light, my salvation and my strength number one of this I want you to see that he had confidence in God's provision. Now these three things that David calls the Lord here. It's very interesting black. I know that most time.

Nobody else does, like I do, but I got excited about this. Number one. David says that the Lord is look verse one my light second. He says that the Lord is my salvation and third in the second part.

He says he's the strength of my life or my strength.

So David says that God, the reason I don't have to be afraid of anybody. The reason I have hope. I don't care who's against me is because God is my light and he's my salvation.

And he's my strength know what was David saying about that.

What is interesting is as light or as God is David's line David saying that God delivered me from darkness. He's my light. You know that's what light does cancel how darkness David said I don't have to be afraid because God is my life. God took care my darkness. When David said that God is my salvation that God kept him from damnation. And when David said God is my strength. That means that God David from defeat. So, as his why God kept him from darkness as the salvation of God kept him from damnation as his strength God kept him from defeat. David set out to be afraid of anybody say something if you're saying and you know it you have nothing to fear but let me be more specific you got nobody to fear. That seems to be were scared of the most people. Now if you're not saved her this morning. We love you. If you're not say you have a lot to fear.

You got death to fear. You got hell to fear but if you been saved by the grace of God. God takes care of hell. God takes care of your enemies. He's your light, your Savior is your strength.

He is everything that you need one of each of these verses. Colossians 113 who have delivered us from the power of darkness and have translated us into the kingdom of his dear son, my light leverage of this verse in John chapter 5 verily, verily, I say and you needed here is my word, and believe upon him that sent me hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death on the life God my what Lou my salvation following people my light my salvation in the region. Other verses your following so closely was nice know what folks are with you and like what book we are okay first review chapter 15 verse 57 but thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through the Lord Jesus Christ God our strength God our life God.

Our salvation God our Savior God our strength listen to me.

David says I've got nothing to fear because I have confidence in his provision. What you notice likely look verse two, three. David says not only do I have confidence in his provision, but I have confidence in his performance. If you would verse two when the wicked.

Even mine enemies and my foes came upon me to eat my flesh. What happened they stumbled and fell.

David is going back anything this let me tell you why I trust in God because of what he's provided but also what he performed in the past. Notice verse three though in most should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear, though war should rise against me in this will I be confident. Verse two and three. David says that God has saved me before God is provided strength before God gave me like before God's taking care of me before God's got everything before he's provided all my needs. He's taking care of me. He's been with me their everything and if he's not then he'll do it now. So I got nothing to fear nobody to fear because God's approval before what you know something this morning you can have confidence in his performance. Look at me. David had hope in the present because God had proven it in the past. Anybody else want to say ouch. Anybody else want to say I feel bad things I've doubted God. For after all the gods done in the past all that God is done before for me and all the times God's proven himself, dear friend, look at me. We can have confidence in the Lord and that should give us what you notice number two this morning. Not only we see from David that our confidence in the Lord gives us hope. Number two are commitment to the Lord provides hope.

David said that my confidence in God gives me hope. But secondly, David describes here that the fact that I'm committed to God gives me hope. Notice would verse four. This is a wonderful verse one thing David said, have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after boy you talk about focus and priority. David said there's one thing that I'm gonna seek after notice this, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life will would that be nice for everybody to wish that they could just live at the house of God for their entire life is very quiet in here.

Most don't want to last till 12. David says I'd rather spend my life. I wish I could spend my life in the house of God with a long way to go.

Don't take hold on before you know a lot of preachers I click were better about me take some I go down I want to live at the church either. These days, I'm glad to be able to get home so not much on beaver critical here, but don't you think of all this, we could use a dose of an old-fashioned desire to go to church okay preacher you say all right what was David committed to David mentions three goals in this verse. Three things he shooting for. This is what gave him confidence.

This is what gave him hope this is his commitment. He describes the commitment he's making to God and that commitment gives him hope number one David here is committed to lingering notice what he says that I may dwell in the house of the Lord. David said, my goal is to hang around God. My goal is to linger around him. When David said the house of the Lord here that is always a picture in the Old Testament of God's presence, remember that they had to go to the holy of holies to get the forgiveness of sin, because in the Old Testament that was the picture of the presence of God, because Jesus hadn't come yet. And until Jesus came when he came. Then we got the Holy Spirit enemies.

The Holy Spirit is present inside about all the time.

So Jesus goes with us everywhere we go.

These days, the house of God was known as the presence of God. And David said I just want to stay close to God all day long.

You know what to give you hope in your life for you to get as close to God as you can. The closer you get to God the less you fear about this world. The closer you get to God the less you care about what people are saying.

David says I want to well know that word well means it means to reside permanently. Everything that were before you have me give you one instance Psalm 23 the very last verse.

This is what David the very writer here said this and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever dear friend it means to reside permanently. You know what's great about vacations. You get a way to get away from work and all the things we know one of the worst things about vacations you got to come home. Some of you like to get home. Most on this dad's as they see the money going out pitching pitching pitching and that they would mind of a seven day vacation turn into a one day vacation. You know the ready tobacco. You know I enjoy get away.

But you know what you got come home but David said this in Psalm 23. One of the greatest things about heaven is the fact when you get there. You don't have to leave I will dwell in the presence of the Lord forever. And David said this because I want to be with God forever in heaven. I want to stay with God forever on earth I want to be as close to home as I can get.

I just want to hang around and I just want to linger is one of feel like I just want to see a lot of people also. God. We shouldn't have to get a cloud in the budget by cyclist and a dog show to get people to charge.

We all want to be here. David was committed to lingering David here is describing that he has a desire to be were God is to be in the place for God's worship to be in the place where God is honored. That was David's heartbeat. I want to have everything to do with God, and I want to be as close to God as I can be and I just want to linger around, oh dear folks, wouldn't it be nice if we just wanted to be close to God. Second thing, David was not only committed to lingering. We see he was committed to loving this is what David said I want to behold the beauty of the Lord. David is saying this I want to seek his face.

I want to behold the beauty of the Lord. David saying I want to love him so much that I can literally reach out and touch his face. I want to behold the beauty of the Lord, you know, dear friends, that ought to be. Our desire is well. Mustering David here is not only committed to being more the Lord is but he is committed to worshiping the Lord while he's there. David said I want to be in the house of God forever.

But while I'm there. I want to seek his face like me different you know it is not enough just to show up at church when you show up at church we audit seek his face is not enough to sit in the pew and say I'm here were glad you're here. But I'm saying what God desires as we show up in his house that you seek his face means when we get here where we hear where you want to worship him. But that means were active and we sing praises and we given we really get involved because we love God that we love his house preacher Friday night sitting on get so tired of preaching means that her dad is doornail's know I means or did not because people aren't there there there because once they got there. That's where it ended different. You know, churches, churches, and you walk in the door and is not me walking in the door churches.

Once we walk in the door.

We worship David was committed to lingering he was committed to loving. But third, David was committed to leaning notice what he said I want to inquire in his temple. He said I want to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple. David here is expressing his desire to call on the Lord to commune with God, David here saying my desire is to be so close to you God that I can't do one thing without talking to you but I can't make one decision without seeking your faith in God. I just want to stay so close that I am leaving on you so desperately I can't do one thing without God.

That word inquire means to beseech you, ask God's direction in your life before you make a decision on where you go, what you do and the kind of people are poor when you get married or this or that or change jobs or go to school. Whatever the case is who cares what you want. Why does God want folks don't trust yourself where flesh where rotten to the core. At least this preacher is with I can't trust my desires. I gotta find out what does God want from me.

Where does God want me to go one is God want me to do. And David said that I am dedicated to lingering God's house to love God while I'm there, but I'm going to lean on him the rest of my life with a something was when you linger, God, and you love God and you lean on God, you will have hope. To be honest with others like to be a whole lot left to discourage and depression when you're that close to God, and why a lot of people don't have hope they don't have God want you to notice. Thirdly, in my times, almost done want you to see thirdly, that not only we have David shows he says my confidence in the Lord gives me hope.

Then he said my commitment to the Lord gives me hope but third we see that David says that my comfort in the Lord provides me hope. David said I'm not just confident in him and I'm not just committed to him.

I am comforted by him.

Those who would verse five and six for in the time of trouble. Have you ever thought of. There is no better time that you need comforted that when you're in trouble for in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me, he shall set me upon a rock.

Not me. I'm just too excited to read the next verse, I gotta go ahead and take what we see.

David said, first, that God has a sheltered place, he said. David said in my time of trouble. What did God do. He hid me in his pavilion. Now I am a Florida boy. I wasn't born in Florida.

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, Baltimore on so we call now to give this interesting tidbit. If I've been born two weeks earlier I'd been born Los Angeles, California, Nevada, been born before that I've been born Dallas, Texas, Nevada been born before that I would've been born in Delaware, so when you're desert of angels you don't know where you're going be born in California and Texas law from Baltimore. The only place as the worst baseball team in the Cubs you know there was worst on from Baltimore and I'm a Cubs fan. The tours baseball teams in history. I'm just think I'm a loser anyway I'm from Florida. I grew up down there, high school years and played ball, and I like playing basketball or use my dad's joke. I like basketball so much.

Now I am one anyway. I was a point guard our basketball team.

We won two straight years of state championships in basketball and I was the point guard for the basketball team and I know I don't look like point guard and I you know I'm not a very good point are now short.

I was always very fast for my size. But now the sizes taken over and but when I was in high school we had an outdoor court near our school we did have a gymnasium where the small school in our our school district and yet we won the state chapter 2 years in a row and we played schools at six, 700 students we had. I think hundred and 10 students in our entire school and we had a little basketball courts and outdoor park there in Florida and that's what we would practice basketball limitations. We go out there and we would need only be a be knockdown drag out we be playing basketball. Let me taste something interesting about Florida, especially in the summer it rains every day. I mean, you have a beautiful day out your thing in the scraping put their tops down the convertibles and literally within five minutes the storm will come in and it'll lightning and thunder because of the heat and it'll dump rain like you've never seen an old dude for about 15 to a minute and then will go on. I got a clear day, it might happen to three times a day like that and we play basketball doubtfully be out there playing all somebody you would hear who met lightning would strike and at that park there. They had a pavilion way up there. That was over there and had a huge big part in a bountiful corn and some outdoor shuffleboard courts of Florida know that shuffleboard court that handball courts of different things, and by that lightning would hit him we would just keep playing that lightning we get closer, you know teenagers were just up and I mean it would hit trees and stuff and we would just keep it and then all of a sudden that ring was start to gush, and we are so hot were glad for the rain we would keep plan another taste on their would come sometimes, but that storm would become so bad that we would not run to our car and we would not run home. We would run through that pavilion on for protection. You know you and I do we go through life and we have trial to trial to trial, we try to handle and we do all these things let me tell you what David said in my travel, God gave me in his thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone in 336-993-5119 born in Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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