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February 28, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina verse one of Ezra chapter 9 now when these things were done. The princes came to me saying the people of Israel and the priest and the Levites have not separated themselves from the people of the lands doing according to their abominations even of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Bears eyes the Jebusites, the ammonites, the Moabites, the Egyptians and the Amorites, for they have taken their daughters for themselves and for their son so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands EA the hand of the princes and rulers have been chief in this trespass. Ezra says obviously is was the man of God, the prophet, prophesying to Israel at this time element I was going on.

Ezra chapter 9. They been through battle being taken over by country after country know why were they being taken over. Why were they being defeated, why were they being passed from one kingdom to another kingdom from one king to another king from one captivity to another captivity at a Y because they are turned away from God. God's protection. It always kept them from that they turn away from God.

And when you turn away from God. You and I we can go have our fun to lose God's protection and will miss it at first over that day comes when you're sitting in that ditch of sin. All you give anything for the protection of God.

At that point in Ezra chapter 9. For some reason this captivity. All this oppression all the stuff had just stopped for a little while we weak we don't even understand in the book of Ezra exactly why this happened. There was no clear-cut reason except God just did but for some reason everything was calm down a little bit even though they were under the ownership of another kingdom and Israel had been passed back and forth to the people of God that the Jewish people had been passed back and forth as if they were prized, but for some reason the persecution, stop for a short period of time all the oppression all the bad things that happen all all the pillaging and killing of the wives and the taking of the goods at all stop just for short. Tommy don't know why it is during this chapter in Ezra's pleading before God, seeing what was going on with his people. Verse three when I heard this thing all that had been going on with the people.

When I heard this thing. I rent my garment my mantle and plucked off the hair off my head, and of my beard and sat down, astonished, or astonished or confused, bewildered, like how did this happen.

Verse four then were assembled on to me. Everyone that trembled at the words of the God of Israel because of the transgression of those that had been carried away and I sat astonished until the evening sacrifice and at the evening sacrifice. I rose up with my heaviness and having rent my garment my mantle. I fell upon my knees and spread out my hands under the Lord my God, and said oh my God I am ashamed and blush to live up my face to the my God for our iniquities are increased over our head and our trespass is grown up under the heaven since the days of our fathers, have we been in a great trespass under this day, and for our iniquities have. We are kings and our priest been delivered into the hand of the kings of the lands to the sword to captivity to a spoil into confusion of face as it is this day. Verse eight and now for a little space grace have been shown from the Lord our God to leave us a remnant to escape to give us a nail in his holy place that our God may lie in our eyes and give us a little reviving in our bondage, for we were bondman yet Oregon has not forsaken us in our bondage, but have extended mercy on to us in the side of the kings of Persia to give us a reviving to set up the house of our God to repair the desolation thereof to give us a wall and Judah and Jerusalem father as we preach this morning on a little space of grace. What I really need you this morning. Lord, I believe that you have given us a little space of grace you have given us opportunity to get things right to be where and what we need to be Lord I don't know how long we have to you, and I don't know how long we have till that last track is been given out and that last bit of the Gospels been told to others. Lord I don't know how long we have, we might have a year we might have 100 years we might have less than an hour. All I know is Lord, that we as a Church of God to do more in the time that we have Lord we got to get ourselves right. Lord we need a reviving in our midst and Lord I thank you for this little space of grace. Lord I ask that you help us as we look at your word this morning in your name we pray. Amen. Want to look at a couple of things that happened to the children of Israel ago.

Verse one into if you would. The Bible says in the middle of the verse.

The people of Israel and the priest and the Levites have not separated themselves from the people of the lands. Look at verse two. For they have taken their daughters for themselves and for their son so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands. First thing I see what happened to them as separation was not practiced.

Or that's not a word you want here on a Sunday morning. Is it so what's wrong with practice. This of the word I'm talking about separation. See what it happened and the reason they had gone to the point they were Ada's because you got a point. You couldn't tell them from the other people you couldn't tell the holy people from the unholy people see you and I can get to the point they become so comfortable life nowadays is not popular but he was God in a church you want to just get up and make people feel good.

Never talk about sin person should never feel guilty, you should come across as possibly mean anyway and unbound with the sometimes I think I struggle because I just try so hard to not come across that way. But, dear friends, the Bible still teaches the principle of separation from the world. It is still a biblical principle and we have been given illustration after illustration of what happens to a group of God's people when they begin assuming will themselves with the world that you can't tell the difference. I'm saying were acting the same going to the same places listing the same stop participating in the same things looking the same. Acting the same talking the same and now are asking the world to come into our church and our church services in our church things that go on a church looks just like things that happen in the world. They look just like concerts that happen that that around the world and before long he can't tell the difference between the church and the world in the world and the church and the Christians don't look any different than non-Christians for longer so mingled overall just getting along and say separation was not practiced is or was heavy he was burdened because he could see it. I noticed second that verse to the last part.

It says the hand of the princes and rulers have been chief in this trespass. I find not only had separation was not practiced. But second scandal was by the position. There was scandal by the ones that were in charge.

Another words the leadership was doing wrong JY believe that often times we are in the position we're in because over the years, those that have been in leadership have gotten caught up in sin gotten caught up in mass and all of a sudden before long you believe who you trust and we get up to this point, but often times we look at it people and we rebel apart one and the other telling people everything they're doing wrong when it's been going on in the preacher's household.

I'm irritated over the years there been those in leadership. By the way our country right now. If there's anything that describes this. Our leaders are the chief in this trespass we are to the point we can trust Washington we can trust our leaders. Half of them. I'm sure there's good ones and I'm not saying that I'm just saying on a whole you can't even get to that position anymore.

Nowadays, unless you are dishonest. That's where we are in America third I'll get off that very quickly. Verse four then were assembled on to me. Ezra says everyone that trembled at the words of God.

In other words, not everybody was scared of what God had to say anymore.

I find third, that self-righteousness was pervasive.

What this means is that there was very few that feared God anymore. See there was Ezra said there gathered in the me those few that still remained that rolled out the words of God.

There was a day were you to get the Bible out if and you would say what God had to say about sin and individuals would literally tremble because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit about living a pure and holy life, but that's gone nowadays. In fact, now it's gone now. They get mad at the preacher that even preaches on very few are scared of what God has to say anymore. We raised a generation that doesn't give a flip what God has the say what the preacher has to say.

Maybe Michaela mom and dad have that I can listen to a police officer and I can listen to a judge and I can listen to mom and dad you think, or listen to the man behind the pulpit but make fun of. They criticize on days I preached 10 years in evangelism preached in 31 different states and on Sunday I have preach and I have watched individuals. I just knew you know, sit in the seat there cracking jokes about what you're preaching about different things to listen to me dear friend you can have a big time and they can have fun, and they can laugh it up making the party after the service, but there's gonna come a day when they're burning in hell if they never been saved there to remember that night that they made fun of the preacher of God's word dear friend listen to me. You and I out a still slim ball at the words of God. In this book, it ought to scare us and we ought to have a healthy fear of God but the people had gone in fear of God anymore.

God could do differently safe while you are you trying to jump on everybody this morning. No, dear friend I'm here to tell you what it church fears God will there is an energy there's an excitement to serve God. There's an urgency. You don't have to beg and plead to get people to come and you don't have to give away something to get them to show up at the start because they want to because they're trembling at the words of God. I noticed, fourthly, verse six and said oh my God I am ashamed and blessed to live my face to the name of the one that had done it, but he was so ashamed of what his people and done we say God I'm ashamed to even look at you I find fourthly that Shane had perished.

No, but it was a shame anymore.

There was no shame they could live a lifestyle that was totally against what God had given his word and they were proud of it. They weren't ashamed anymore. You know there was a day if you're gonna participate in different lifestyles that you would know you did it but you just didn't want because you know what right, but with a nowadays. Not only is it. There's no shame anymore. They're proud the talk about just live in a promiscuous lifestyle, I'm talking about participate in things. It is so far against God's word. There's no shame anymore. When we do wrong.

There's no shame anymore when when we say things and do things and in all the things that are used to bring shame to the people of God, we used to say, God, I'm ashamed of what I've done and am ashamed that I thought those things nowadays will not ashamed anymore. We don't anymore and for, the conviction is not there anymore. You know why because we grieve the Holy Spirit of God so much by how we live is almost nonexistent in I noticed for the user you get on a song as Tony, what happened to them. Now that the shoe fits on Tony what happened to their mama don't have in you.

I don't know you, God, and put you in here. He put them in here is for us to learn so if they get mad at me. They can get on me when I get to heaven. My my old Satan try to get my Mike Downey gonna work all pull this one out of the pivot if I have to. It's going to be heard today what I have this be whatever's at that verse six. I'm ashamed let my face and leave this for our iniquities have increased over our head and our trespasses, grown up into the heavens with verse seven. Since the days of our father have we been in great trespassing. To this day, and for our iniquities. I find for that sin was prevalent is prevalent in America now and I still here with me is America prevalent now say preacher you're preaching awfully hard on a Sunday morning will dear friend if you're here you have children you better be glad you're in a church that has a preacher that will get up and preach hard on a Sunday morning and be honest enough that you know what hey, if we don't do it if somebody is like. I can't believe that a person would even say anything negative out of work different.

Listen we gotta preach the whole counsel of God. I've got a burn for our church. I got a burn far people.

I got a burn for my own family and I'm telling you right now we've got to be honest and we gotta say this is what this is what's happened in the past. This is what's going to happen to us and it's what's happening to our country right now sin was prevalent. Ezra said this week sin so much as literally were over our head and it he said it's risen above our heads. You can turn on the TV and not see sin all over America. We are over our heads in it. And here's the problem it's starting to do that in the church now promiscuous this adultery, fornication, lasciviousness is rampant in the church building in our people you know that now, as of last year.

The divorce rate amongst Christians has matched the divorce rate amongst non-Christian.

There were not coming in by the bath been divorced if they is not the point. I'm just in here today say we're struggling just as much in the church as they are in the world. It's getting to the point we can say they anymore, we gotta say all of us. All of us to solicit will all and all of this is amazing. In verse seven, at the very end, he gives a result of all this. He says this he says to the sword. We been delivered into the hands of the kings of the land notices to the sword. Second, he says, to captivity, or slavery. Then he says a into a spoiler so we been spoiled all the blessings of God. All this in its official notice because the sword is because slavery is because it is because sin is because all this stuff. Notice of the last. It says and to confusion of face that sadness, confusion of face would mean more. The people of God.

Why are you so sad you know why they were so sad they were in captivity they been taken by the sword. They been put into slavery all their goods had been spoiled and now they were sad I've ever seen my day were individual, say, born-again Christians, and I'm included the average that you could look at us and we look sad as can be where the people of God, don't we have a lot to look forward to don't have a lot to be thankful about, but were pertinently were hurt in because of what we become super drone about all that would verse eight, nine, and I would let you go I am to take the offering for let you go today. We were safe all this Ezra says got a shame look at you. I'm so he says because of how we become the direction we are going to see what's happening and I can't even look up. I'm ashamed to look at you I just feel so bad and guilty for what always done, but in verse eight he says, and now for a little space race have been shown we don't know why it has relied things had stopped for a season. We don't know why that captivity had stopped by the persecution at stop we don't know why the killing of the Jews had stopped, but it all stopped just for short period of time and Ezra says now God has given us a little space of race. Why will he gives four things he says if you notice first.

He says to leave us a remnant to escape.

We see first deliverance. Ezra says God has given us a little space of grace for deliverance. This is our chance this is our opportunity to make it right. This is our chance to get out of this life.

We believe it to get out of this long that we've been in to get away from mingling ourselves with the world and participating in all the things that are doing God is giving us a little space of grace and dear friend I've seen in my life. For some reason, individuals that are living wrong and heading out the wrong God will give you a base to repent deliverance to leave us a remnant just enough to escape. He reminds me of that wonderful verse that says that God has promised us a way of escape. You and I have a holy priest that has guaranteed there's a way for us to escape the bondage of sin. I noticed secondly he says that is a remnant to escape and to give us a nail in his holy place you say what in the world.

Does that mean we get to give us a nail we mean preacher.

This is simply a term that describes the rebuilding of the temple. You see, because when they have been taken captive. The temple was not down burn down all the things and Ezra said God has given us a little bit of time for us to rebuild the house of God is in all the confusion and all the captivity and all the stuff that's going on. We forsaken the house of God. We got away from it burn down.

We got rid of it now were just doing other things. And before long we can't get used to not having the temple before long. We get used to not being in the house of God. Ezra says God has given us a little space of grace, so that we can rebuild those nails back in the temple erect the house of God so we can go in and get the doctrine of God wanted to give them a little space of grace for deliverance and second for doctrine different churches important church is why Christ died for the church if it's that important to him it to be that important to us and know what I believe when we start to get to the point of these people got into you know what what what you look at Dobson you realize are just folks not going to church one how many saved individuals within 10 miles of our church are sitting at home today not sick, not whatever just not interested. Could you imagine and think how many churches we have in this area and there's people in a Midsummer full this morning. Even with that, there are a whole bunch of people that been saved by the grace of God's not in church. It's not interest Ezra says God's can give a little space of grace for us to get back in the house of God. We've left it. We've gotten away from it and we've got a make it important.

Once again he said what you notice thirdly is says that our God may lighten our eyes. What is that mean it means direction, thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. The Bible says what he is saying is this God's given us a little space a grace so that God can enlighten us. God can wake us up. God can show us the right direction show assay were heading wrong were heading in a dangerous area were heading in a dangerous direction and we need to head in the right direction and dear friend I'm here to tell you that if you stay out of the house of God, you will not get that right direction. You notice that he says we gotta rebuild the temple before God can enlighten our eyes differ in you and I need direction from God so important for us and our family went to notice. Fourthly, look at verse eight and verse nine Larry University and give us a little revising in our bondage.

I wrote this down, that he gave a little space of grace for determination. You know what a little reviving will do for you. It will get us out of askew out of his about why I don't think is about war, but it's her, it's kind of a redneck term. I guess it gets us out of the funk so that word is not about what is semi like I don't know you okay were on the same page. Your lunch saying something which they are preacher preached on funk this morning Ari gets us out of this funk we've been in just apathetic don't care lazy don't really feel like going to church. Don't really want to go do this don't want to talk to the person about the Lord and just every little thing hurts our feelings and every little thing offends us in every little thing. It's a subset and then we start looking around in the grass is always greener everywhere else that you and it watched it happen.

Folks, all it takes is one little thing for you to get bent out of shape about it at church is like a snowball effect. That little thing.

It just begins to grow and before long now you're looking for things to see and now you're scrutinizing just try to find some males you don't like about a church and before long it'll get to the point that every other church. Everything they do is wonderful. And therein we could do this right you get to the point they know that you like about a church anymore. Eli all started with a little thing and it just snowball the menu so nobody told me that George nobody likes me and nobody was there to reach out to me before long a person had been a church for three months but somehow where unfriendly, because we haven't spoken to. How can we do have are not here. It all happens to his dad there. Some days I come to the point when I say nobody was to hear what I have to say today. Okay when I was right okay but you know I'm saying something. Those things happen to you. We need a little reviving the most exciting part about this and I'll let you go there's more that I was in a share of our times gone that were little housing as fast as and I read and I said Lord what we need a car was a little reviving me we need a lot of reviving but you understand what I'm saying God we need wheat wheat we need a revival to start we need.

We need this apathy to just some of the breakthrough that we need folks to start caring like they used to and folks target low bid energy like they used to and start a all I desire to me and I you know I love my church. I want to help my church and I want to I want to honor God with worries put me in and I want to worship him and serve him and as I God we need wheat we need a break and we need something. This word little verse eight said God is giving us a little space of grace for deliverance away of escape for doctrine, rebuilding the house of God. I notice what he said. Thirdly, that our God may lighten our eyes. God give us some direction and some determination reviving God.

That's it. But that word little intrigue me that word. Little this Hebrew word and I'll spare you the whole town you were in all the stuff limited with that word little means it does not mean small, it means a few. Now there are times in order to gobble the word little. I looked them up used at that word little is a different word for little and it means small tiny little but here that were little does it mean a small reviving. It means the word for a few it means this that you did not mean that you're going to have a big revival for a lot, it means that you will have a big revival for a few it means is that there might not be a lot of people get revival but a few people are going to get a big revival and you you and I need here is what I'm praying for as a pastor I might not be able to get everybody revived it I might not get everybody excited about revival stuff you would get excited just if you want revival just if you would long to see what God could do at this chart God will give us a little reviving a whole batch of people. We just need a few to get revived that'll start spreading.

I'm asking you this morning: Baptist Church needs is a little reviving.

We need a few that'll get revived.

We need a few that'll get determined and just look at the devil spit in his eye and say you've done everything you can do lately but I am not going to let it get me it is time for you to be pushed in the background. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world and like your little bit saying that I have revival in my life revival in my family got my seat in my view, be revival in the service of God would just give revival to a few father, we thank you for this morning. Lord I don't even agree with you for having me preach this this morning. Lord I know I do what you want me to do, Lord.

I just beg and plead that a few of our folks with put things aside that buggy and bother hidden make us complacent and would you help us Lord to be one of a few that would get revived not because they like brother Daniel.

They might not like me at all because we love you, as this is your house God. I pray that you would begin a spark of reliable, if nothing else. A few of our thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 336-993-5119 or occur when Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenian on her website and church. Thank you for listening or would broadcast God bless you

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