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January 25, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina Mark Chapter 11 this morning.

Verse 24 says, therefore saith you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them working to begin in verse 11 today so that we can understand. Let me say this before we jump right in. Tonight we have a fellowship time. What encourage you to be here for that we are to have an abbreviated service tonight and I am going to take a very great risk here, I encourage you your feel free to come comfortable and casual tonight. We have barbecue ice cream and low will of the weather stays nice were to be out there will have chairs and tables and that we want to enjoy fellowship time now. Do this on a Sunday night. I normally wouldn't because you been in revival Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night you been faithful and we want to have this fellowship time as a thank you to our church and were to have an abbreviated service and you can come comfortable.

I told my son as a class, don't come to comfortable.

Hopefully it will be chilly enough that we won't bear a lot of that, or take that great risk and amounting to say what how I'm learning the filter and I got a little karma mirror every morning filter and I don't do that, but come comfortable and casual, and in this. Have a good time fellowship and I want you to spill barbecue on your good tire.

Whatever the case might be, but but again, this is still God's house, but we are encourage you to do that tonight will go right down. How about 645 and will have our fellowship time and I just want to thank you again for your faithfulness to the meeting. Verse 11 of Mark Chapter 11 and Jesus entered into Jerusalem and into the temple when he looked roundabout upon all things, and now the Eventide was come, he went out onto Bethany with the 12 and on the morrow when they were come from Bethany. He was hungry and seeing a fig tree far off having leaves. He came. If haply he might find anything thereon, and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves for the time of figs was not yet in Jesus answered and said unto it.

No man eat fruit of the hereafter. Forever. And his disciples heard that's important for you to understand what went on. Jesus came to the street. There wasn't any fruit on it. So Jesus spoke to that tree and he says nobody is ever going to eat from you again.

Now are a preacher you say what is the you know give me some Daniel allergy instead of biology. I've often wonder when I read things like that. I wonder if that tree is still there, alive, but no fruit. We don't know exactly where that tree is will never know, but I believe in so much of the power of God that he can keep a tree alive, but he can also keep fruit from coming on it when that be interesting. I don't get a ticket goes been five months trying to find that tree locking or notice.

If you would as we a we have to understand that to understand where were going now verse 14 and Jesus answered and said into it. No man eat fruit of the hereafter.

Forever in his disciples heard it, and they come to Jerusalem and Jesus went into the temple and I had just been in the temple. He looked around he had observed, they went out and saw this tree in it.

We know what happened there.

Now he is going back to Jerusalem back into the temple.

Notice this and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple. I believe when he went into the temple.

The first time in observed piece all this going on and I and and and listen to me. The Bible says that you can be angry and sin not. We know that Jesus was angry and we know that he turned the tables over were to read about this, but I'll be honest with you I think when he first when I can't prove this, and if you don't agree, this is not a problem were still going to have if you can say you don't have an evening group is not wrong but I think that he went in the temple's all this going on, and so that he did not act in any wrong anger. I believe he went prayed and figured exactly what the father would have them to do and I believe that he went back into the temple and the Bible says when he went back in this time. Notice he began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers and the seats of them that sold and would not suffer that any man should carry any vessel through the temple.

Notice this and he taught, saying unto them, is it not written, my house shall be called of all nations. The house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves and the scribes and chief priest heard it and sought how they might destroy him, for they feared him because all the people was astonished at his doctrine and when even was come, he went out of the city and in the morning as they passed by. They solve the fig tree dried up from the roots and Peter calling to remembrance say than the him master behold the free tree, which thou cursed is withered away. And Jesus answering saith unto them, have faith in God. Now look at me. What was the whole point of all this, the whole point of all this is that when Jesus went by that tree and saw there wasn't fruit. He said a from now on forever. Nobody is going to eat fruit off of the street and then he went on to do other things. And then when they came back behind the disciples saw all that they had weathered and that there was no fruit on it bag it is it hey it really happened, what he just said and that's why Jesus said have anything did I not say he that's what I was going to do and you know what II say the same thing to you and to me this morning. Often times we we really going things happen we say will God really did. That's what he said he would hold and I did miss in my life and I've had to suffer for some of those things that anybody I blow it out.

I had to pay for some of those things did not in that what God said, sin will do people say amen I prayed and prayed and prayed and God answered my prayer and faith in God sees a bridge in the middle. This was the whole point of the money changers. Well, here he found men that had taken something God had designed to be done his way and man had come up with somehow how they could make money out of it and they twisted something that God had made. And they used it to try to do something for themselves.

Everybody got me so far. Do you know you and I have done exactly the same thing to prayer. We have taken something that God designed for us to accomplish his will. Prayer has always been about us doing in finding out what God wants and praying for that to be done and over the years, you and I have twisted that to. Now we use prayer to try to get what we want. We use prayer to try to get God to do what we want God to do that, all of a sudden they come back to the tree and it's exactly what God said.

He said listen, have faith in God. If I said it. I'm going to do it now. Where does all that go from there, a Holland this is all part of the plan.

Verse 23 for verily I say unto you, know this is now how God makes the application they see the tree, to say the trees were the way he said, have faith in God.

Verse 23 for verily, I say to you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass.

Now hold on right there. They were a lot of people get lost. Notice if you would, in verse 23, verily, I say if you, whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be cast into the sea that the individuals saying that I would be like saying back to the mountain. Notice and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass. It does not mean those things that those individuals say it means the things that God said would come to pass will come to pass this era, you cannot miss this is everybody understand that God is saying if you go to a mountain you say mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea and don't doubt one that God said he would put that mountain in the sea. All those people take that verse to say what if I look them out to say get in the sea, and I don't doubt one bit what I said if you don't doubt one bit what God said. That means if God didn't say for that mountain to get into the sea. You can pray it all you want to prevent men as not good to me now amount to going to Betsy. It means that God said the mountains going to going to the sea when you pray, and you believe God said he would do it and I believe God's going to do it and I'm not good God said, then it'll happen to you and I are trying to come up with what we want done because we said it. We thing to do. It that's not what prayer is prayer is as being close enough to God to find out what God wants and what God said is going to do and then we begin to pray God do what you said you were going to do and then it's done by was the right books on how you can get exactly what you want in your prayer life and dear friend. That is not biblical. Prayer is about you getting what God wants in your life were not even reading the key verses, yet Marty started over 24 therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, we need Ray believe that you receive them, and you shall have. The problem is we don't start reading early enough to understand this verse and we don't read long enough to verse 25 and when ye stand praying, forgive, if you have ought against any that your father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

But if you do not forgive, neither will your father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses. Little phrase you shall have them. Let's talk about prayer little bit this morning, Lord. We love you. Bless our time together in Jesus name we pray a myth number one you're keeping noticeably on the screen. Number one, verse 24.

Once you understand this principle number one.

The activation of prayer is desire. The activation of what makes us pray. What activates that what is it that is going to get you and I to do what God told us to do anyway and that is to pray and to go to God on our behalf.

Look at what you get this let me tell you what makes you pray your desires.

Do you know what you pray for what you desire. That's what you pray for that sort. Prayer always begins in the desire of the heart. That's why I get down and I pray I go to God why because I have a desire for God to do such and such, whatever it might be now only to get down as I did last night on the pray God, would you heal right God, if that's your will and that's what you want done. I believe your word you have. You have told us in proving that you can do whatever you want to do and so God we want your will. Whatever is God if it sure will heal grade Testament and revoke it please God will reveal Ray Testerman then probably on desire.

Listen want to get this, we begin to pray for the things that we have begun to desire to give you some statements and I want to get this this morning answered prayer is birthed out of godly desires to go back and explain this number two godly desires are birthed out of godly living.

Number three godly living is birthed out of a close relationship with God, let me say it all again because you got understand his point answered prayer is birthed out of godly desires, like any God like an answer prayer. That's not according to his will.

So for me to get answered prayer in my life means that I gotta start asking for things that are according to God's will is a bassist everybody now listen get this now put on your thinking caps answered prayer is birthed out of godly desires.

So how do I get godly desires, godly desires are birthed out of godly living. If you're not living right.

You're not can want what's right.

Number three okay so for me to get answer prayer. I gotta have godly desires. How do I get godly desires you get godly desires by living in a godly way all right will.

How do I get godly living in my life, godly living is birthed out of a close relationship with God limiting how prayer works. You get real close to God, and you begin to have a personal thriving relationship with the Lord and that begins to change how you live and as it begins to change how you live.

It changes how you think and then all of a sudden look at me folksy begins to change the things you want. Also, people didn't want to go near church. Now they want to be in church although some people don't want to read the Bible. Now they want to read the Bible more all of a sudden people that you know that they didn't want anything to do with it with a Christian life, work, or clean living, or any of this dump all of a sudden because now you begun this close relationship with God and it is produced godly living. And now you begin to have these godly desires that now we begin to desire things in our life that God wants for us when we get out on our knees and we began to say, God, would you do such and such. We are now asking God for the desires of our life. But our desires are godly and when our desires are godly. Now God can answer prayer.

The promise you and I are asking a holy God for unholy things. The problem is you and I are going to God asking for what we want but we haven't been living close to them and would not have godly living and that godly living has not produced godly thinking and godly desires. So were still praying for things that are carnal instead of praying for things that are godly. Number one the activation of prayer is desire. Verse 24 what things soever ye desire God knows that's what you're gonna pray for, so you and I have got to live in a way where we begin to have godly desires again evokes the closer you get to God the leisure to be worried about the God provide such such type of car for you.

The closer you get to God the more you're going to pray God, would you say market works with me God. Would you say John that lives next door to me God. Would you somehow soften their hearts say how God can change desires to give this quick illustration I was flying home Friday from Florida. I had to leave five in the morning to drive to the airport about two hours for my dad's house and had take back a rental car and then I am went through security and it was a wild morning.

I mean, it was just one of those mornings. Everybody's mad everybody's angry everything is lined up and for some reason I was just, not are normally not. They are just worn out and tired. Whatever the case might be, and so I was just common. I got the plane and and I was one of the first ones to board the plane I was I was three rows from the back 30 1C was my seat, and it was a plane were those two seats and three seats and I was in the two see I always get in. I'll because I can exit I can you know if somebody stinks like get up walk around a little bit you know it's easy to get to the bathroom. If you need to go to step over people. Whatever the case might be, and so I had an aisle and so folks are starting to load on that plane and I was sit way back and way up this this lady came in and she had a big old bag had this car seat things.

She walks in and the stewardess stops as we got to check that car seat thing and so they went back up and she comes and she's got this baby looks like it in, and this baby was seven months old and she had this baby shed his bagel bag had a blanket. She's calloused of walking on an end when somebody gets on the plane with the baby. What is everybody sitting there thinking, please, not me. But when you've had children or you have babies you look at it different and I've never done this and I'm not one that says I don't want to sit with me. I'm not one that says I want them to sit with me is just, whatever that leg on that plane. I've never done in my life and I don't know why but I said, God let her sit with me. I just see it on her face. I said let her sit with me. This is a long way back in an airplane and I just got a watch and seat after seat after seat after seat after seat and she got all the stuff got right to the seat in front of me. She says I'm in there and I said you got the baby. I wanted to hold the baby and help you.

I am so glad she does, so I got up as a leakage of value and help it under there. I said, I sent home a stranger not weirdo us have been meaning to hold. I said little girl and she looks she's a spitting image of Kari in our church to: Jeremy's baby girl. Kari and I said I got a girl in our church looks just like this girl and I said I said she was okay.

So I held I held her so she got the bag and he got a blanket got in there and she was you know she was hold the baby in her seat and I said oh good good good. I said I got three boys of my own and I was a talk in less it. My wife flew with our babies one time and I sit there is a couple men that that were near her that she had. She had our baby, and then are infant with her and I said those men really helped around us of what a blessing and in and she's just, looking you know and I'm sure she's thinking this guy's out there crazy, you know, and so we got the plane were sitting there in a were just talking and I said yes with a girl in our church that I pastor a church in Kernersville and here we are leaving Tampa.

She says why live in Winston and acetyl DS that I pastor a church in Kernersville.

She was wide.

I'm familiar Kernersville wears what church is, in essence, Corwin Baptist Church was of her data, such as where is and I said over on 66 between Kernersville, Winston, that's what they called occur when you know it, and as you go, so I know exactly where you're talking and as she was. I go to unity Baptist in Winston-Salem is aware is that at she was saying is kind of peters Creek Parkway 150 area over Winston. I said I don't know exactly where that's at.

Were talking and and and then we just began talk about church different things and I talked about my wife I can upload a picture showed her my free told her about Kate McCain's been through it and then by this time I was holding Eleanor was a little girl's name household Eleanor and she was just, you know, kind of thing in this lady is trying to make a bottle so she's make a bottle, get ready to take off, you know, and I'm holding Eleanor and so that you get to the bottom feeding the bottle. Eleanor and I were to sit there talking you know people sit around, you know, they're just gonna know the taste of we flew from Tampa all the way that that little girl never made one sale got done feeding you back to mom. Mom told baby.

Eleanor goes out falls asleep. Sit there the whole time it is. You were just talking at once. While I got my bio about us on the work on this message, of all things, and I what he does his work a little bit here and there and and we got to where you could tell the plane you just feel plane, going down just about 20 minutes away in polygon is that what we begun our dissent.


And this girl's name is Tiffany and she just said them. Can I just say something nice of you.

She said God is so good.

She does begin to cry us of what you mean. She said I had to drive two hours to the airport now just so anxiety bringing this baby is my first baby in the first time flying with the baby up and take care my great-grandmother for a month and 1/2 haven't seen my husband for a month and I have my baby started crawling.

It has started saying some words and husband had seen any of it is because I had to go through security and all that they went through and I just thought if I got to sit by me and personal plane again and she said God put me right here in the seat you been such a help.

God is so I said yes he is Tiffany God is so good and I begin until things in our life and she said I need to come visit chroma sometime and I so don't get your pastor Madison sometime you're not having church we love to have you and I just thought you know what used to be when so I get on a plane like that like one of my seat, but godly living brings godly desires and I wanted her to sit with me and what God did in my heart just an hour and 1/2 dear Phyllis, to me, I'm here to tell you what things soever ye desire, I'm asking you this morning you desiring what we really want in our lives, always asking for flash-based things. Who are we finding out what God wants on our knees and say God I know is what you what I know is what you are. I know you want me to do such a said somehow make a way for Teresa, but I remember those days under got a call me to do something know what I just get out. As I got to know you called me and I don't know what it is but whatever it is and he did it all starts folks prayer answered prayer is activated by godly desire, what are you desiring look at me. God had created the temple to accomplish his will. And now these men had used it to accomplish their will. Don't you use prayer to accomplish your will you use prayer to find out God's will is and to get God's will accomplish number two.

The activity of prayer is practice number one.

The activation of prayer is desire, but number two. The activity of prayer is practice knows what he says in verse 24 when ye pray know that means you gotta pray. A lot of people don't have answer prayer because the lobby bar prior I mean is that what I just, just common sense printer makes it so yeah, I wish we would realize that when he things happen. While I sometimes like I want you let that happen.

When I did spend one minute asking God to do different. Why would he do it that way. I did ask for anything different I pray about it. I didn't seek his face on it is my fault on his lesson when ye pray, which means this is only going to work for you. You know the only time you get prayers answered is, when ye pray know the only time you really get a marriage put back together is when ye pray know the only time you really see God perform a financial miracle in your life is when ye pray you know the only time you really see spiritual growth in your life is when he pray we don't even go any further there's no sense doing anything else until we understand we got to pray for any of this to work. Folks were not praying. The bottom line. The activation of prayer is desire. The activity of prayer is practice number three the action of prayer is faith.

Verse 24 believe that he received them received. What will printer the things I've asked none on not that simple. Receive what will some things I've asked no, it's the godly desires that God put in your heart and it's the things that are according to God's will because now you are living according to God's will. Now you're beginning to desire things that are according to God's will and that's what you're going to have when you pray, you shall have them. You shall have what God's will is what you why you have God's will because you were praying according to God's will wire you bring, according to God's will because you were desiring the things of God's will wire you desiring the things a guy will because you been living according to God's will for live even living according to God's will because you been spending time with God answered prayer is rooted in a growing relationship with Christ. Dear friends, prayer is not as convincing God to do what we want.

Prayer is us getting so close to God, we begin to ask for what he wanted in the first place faith listen limitation what he says why don't have a lot of faith only takes if you do you do you set down at seat this morning. You're sitting right now. You didn't get under and check it you didn't see if it was put together correctly, you put everything you are.

You had so much faith in that. See that you just plopped it all down right there. Some of us have more faith than others. What I mean, seriously, is this you have more faith in you think we get me you want to talk about faith when you know God wants something. You know what God wants and you have been praying for it. There is nothing that can change your mind and nothing that can move you when you know what I'm praying for God wants but you're gonna get. And you are going to believe why you know I you and I doubt a lot because were asking for things were not real sure God wants. When you begin asking for things you know God wants buddy that's faith also here to find out your faith is real strong people to 6 AM.

I will just quit praying for that to stop you from praying as you know, God wants it so I'm praying for it. You can say I waste my time. All I want to. I know God wants is already price why that's faith because I noticed what God wants you to so much competence and when you know God wants for so many things I could say I will only say that I can't. I can't bypass his recycle time we still got 12 minutes but was this what you get this. Faith is simply believing God will do what he said he will do what it says believe you shall receive them. This is not have to use this application because I major read verse 11 and on. That's why God said about the fig trees that have faith in God. I said that that tree would not bear fruit anymore. And all of a sudden, I did what I said I would do when you act surprised and dear friends, one God when you know it's a God of God said he's going to do it.

He's going to do it. You can thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on our website and church.

Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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