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December 6, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. We talk about fruit fire and family, but I want to deal number one with the fire for six if a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch and is withered and men gather them, and cast them into the fire and they are burned. What are we talking about here.

Using a preaching on verse two. He said that he was talking about in me, and yet did. He talked about the fact that this branch is not producing fruit and literally that he's discarded in kind of a thing you know we do about that word means lifted up literally in a sense that this is a saved individual that's not bearing fruit. Look at verse six.

If a man abide not in me, but wait a minute.

In verse one into he's talking about a saved individual that was an abiding, and so he had to go memory with with the whole process that has to reach down clean that branch of sin lifted up replace it where you can get some work get nutrients and all these things I believe in him. I can argue with you know you'll find some commentators you get a commentator about half-and-half 50-50. Some will say this versus talk about unsaved people and then the other will take a this is talking about safe people different things and I just take it in context of the Scripture because all through this passage in the first eight verses you talk about somebody that is already in Christ.

So I believe that verse six is not talking about somebody that's unsaved because a lot of people take this verse to believe that you can be saved but then lose your salvation and I do not believe that in Kerwin Baptist Church. Our Constitution, our doctrinal statement.

Everything we believe that once you are truly saved. You're always saying. So how do we understand verse six says that cast them into the fire. Many will say that all this is a person that literally, and many know we know that we don't believe this, but many religions will say what is a person that was connected but they didn't continue to grow and they let sin come back into their life and so they were cast forth a whether they died. They were cast into the fire that means held are going to hell now because of the choices they made in their life and and and in different things in it that is just not the case. Some explain it. If I can use the Bible says for you and me to be holy as God is holy.

That's not popular in equities. But the Bible still says that that's what we are supposed to be with that if we are holy as God is holy and through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit in our lives. You and I can bear fruit for the glory of God. Everybody with me so far. Now we are to abide in Christ, and he in us in order to be fruitful branches that produce the peaceable work of righteousness, that the fruit of the spirit bearing fruit isn't just about winning people to Christ in and leading them to the Lord, although that is part of it. Obviously the fruit that you and I bear from Bob abiding in Christ is literally the fruit of the spirit means that we are so full of the spirit that the spirit begins to grow the fruits of the spirit and we bear those fruits out of our life, but if we do not abide in Christ and he is not given first place in our lives than you and I will not produce good fruit. Are you with me so far. That means is that we do not abide in him we will live in unfruitful Christian life. Listen to me saved but unproductive saved but unfruitful saved, but only producing the unfruitful works of darkness saved but living as an unproductive, unfruitful Christian who is not giving glory to God. The Bible says that such an oneness far away as a branch and withers away this kind of person dries up is cast into the fire and burned as a preacher that I just don't understand all this, look at me were talking about his work's were talking about the things he does not his eternal soul were talking about his works and I'm going to show you and prove to you from the Bible that that is what were talking about here.

It is literally speaking of a Christian that weighs his life, say but wasted saved but losing and missing an opportunity. You see, sadly, this illustration of a vine and its fruitful or unfruitful branches is often used to suggest that you can be saved but didn't go so far away from God that you lose your salvation. May I say this, a believer's faithfulness and fruitfulness depends on close fellowship with Christ this fire were talking about. Look at me does not burn you. It burns your work's it burns the things that you have so-called done in the name of Christ there unfruitful, unproductive, which leads us next.

Secondly, to the family is all part of one thought. You gotta stick with me.

The family that if you hold your place of these verses we have here, but if you have your Bible, you need to look at it. I've all wrong on the page.

Okay first read in chapter 3, Paul deals with this now and I want you to understand what were talking about here. Member what he said that a man abide not in me is he dries up.

He withers these cast away as a branch and burned. That's what he's talking about here is a look at first Corinthians chapter 3 verse 11. So we have fire and now we want to talk about the subject of family why these two coexist first read in chapter 3 verse 11 for other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Number 12. Would you be up now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones would pay our stubble.

Now notice what the verse is saying if any man build upon this foundation blank. So these are the things that you can put on top of the foundation. You can put gold, silver, precious stones or you can put on top of the foundation of salvation would pay and stop. That means is what you been say on that foundation.

You can now build with gold, silver, precious stone or wood hay and stubble and what's the difference between gold and silver precious stone and wood hay and stubble is the fact that they're not burned up wood and stubble burns got them that we would verse 13 every man's work, not soul. Every man's work shall be made manifest another word working to find out what you build on that foundation. Since you been saved, working to find out if you been building with gold, silver, precious stone or we been building with wood hay and stubble. Every man's work shall be made manifest, not his soul's work because this is not this is built on top of the foundation of the fact that we become a believer in Jesus Christ. Now look if you would every man's work shall be made manifest for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by what fire that's how we know it goes in the fire and if it was wood hay and stubble. It's going to be disintegrated. If it was gold, silver and precious stone. It's going to remain and what did that was in our passage say that Jesus wants us to have fruit that remains to Nellis and continue reading revealed by fire and the fire shall try every man's work, not soul work of what sort it is. If any man's work abide which he has built thereupon, he shall receive owe a reward would he mean if any man's work abide after it's tried with fire if it still abides.

He gets a reward notice. This if any man's work shall be burned. That means it was tried with fire and because it was wood hay and stubble. It just burnt up disintegrated, he shall suffer loss but he himself shall be what say yet so as by fire.

What we talk about her look at me, that means were still family were still saved, but fruitless. That means when the refiner's fire hit our life if we have been doing things without abiding in the vine. If it's been through our power. If it's been through our effort if it's been through our education and by the way, we are very good at trying to do all those things once we figure out how to do it through God's power.

We think we can do it in our own power but God's fire will reveal that one day and if it's been done because of abiding in the vine. It remains we receive a reward, but if it's wood hay and stubble social suffer loss loss of what loss of crowns, loss of reward. I mean you don't think regret will be in their one of my favorite songs. My mom used to sing. I wish I had given him more. I wish I had given him more Nellis to me and maybe some statements here. Number one is this born into the family of God is our position.

If you've been saved by the grace of God. Your position now is that you are in the family of God, can I have an amen right there you're in the family.

Thank God for that. Everybody with me so far, that's your position statement number two being a fruitful branch connected to the vine is our purpose.

So my position is I'm in the family, but the purpose of my life now that I'm in the family is to be connected to the true vine, and the state to buy in here, that's the purpose of my life. In other words, now that I'm in the family. There's nothing I could do that would have any eternal value unless I do it being connected to the vine is a lightbulb going off so far, so you're like no it's flickering okay what is owed on statement number three now this is where you start making since keeping us in the family is God's job keeping us in the family is God's job.

Hey, I couldn't get myself in and I can't get myself out and I can keep myself in if I couldn't get myself in. How can I keep myself in, so staying in the family is God's job. Amen.

Statement number four. Continuing to abide in the vine is our job. You understand the difference why were not talking about salvation here in verse six, our position is were saved were in the family of God, but our purpose is to abide in the vine so that the Holy Spirit can grow fruit in our life and we will find out one day. If that fruit that we think that we've been coming out of our life. If it was either produced by the spirit of God or it was produced by the flesh, and if it was produced by the spirit of God. It will remain after the fire has tried it and we have rewarded Charlie for what we have allowed God to do through our lives, but if it was done through our old nasty flesh. It's wood hay and stubble and it will be burned up as a branch is what verse six is a preacher is supposed to be encouraging to me.

Well I put it this way Paul calls the fruitful believer, a spiritual man he calls the unfruitful believer, a carnal man carnal is worldly fleshly is it is a whole Lotta. It looks like fruit in religion right now that's carnal fruit. The problem is when that's tried by fire. It might be nothing more than wood hay and stubble. But there is some real remaining fruit out there that might not look so impressive to you or me but that's what will remain because it was of the spirit of God to abide in Christ and to be fruitful is to say, not my will, but thine Lord to fail to abide in Christ is to say my will, not thine. Everybody got to abide in Christ is God, your will not mind to not abide in Christ is God, my will, not your, that's the difference saved but void of fruit saved but a wasted life that dishonored the father saved to the uttermost but utterly fruitless.

Jesus put it this way.

Listen to me this make sense. He who saves his life shall lose it, and he who loses his life, he says, for my sake shall find fire family wherein the family, but the fire lets us know if we did it in the vine, or if we did it in the flesh which brings us third to the fruit like they were almost done just three things you believe that that he met verse 16. The fruit ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you, that you should go forth and bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain that whatsoever ye shall ask of the father, my name he may give it you.

This is his concluding statement to this phrase. Remember, these are the last words of Christ. This is his last bit of instruction to his disciples, so this is very very important notice this and I want you and I have these phrases I want you to get this verse is a description of the convergence of three things now. Please notice the verse he have not chosen me, I have chosen you and ordained you, that ye should go. This is a convergence of God's will I you not chosen me, God says I've chosen you, God's will, God's power and have ordained you, that ye should what go bring forth fruit, our obedience. This verse is the convergence of three things God's will, God's power mixed with our obedience and what does that produce, it produces fruit that remains.

This is a simple folks as I can make the phrase Nick you been around this long time. Is that not good. I needed somebody to affirm me if I didn't write it. It's not mine.

I'm just sharing what was this is as simple as you can make it when you have God's will and God's power mixed with your obedient it's not your will. It's not your power. You don't grow the fruit you don't prune the branches. It's not even your vineyard. But when you mix God's will, God's power. You've not chosen me.

He says I've chosen you.

What is that me listen when you get this. Aren't you glad that Jesus did the choosing to see if we did the choosing. Then we would eventually not trust our flesh to see if we choose Christ we say here if it were the one that started this whole thing and we chose this well when things get tough. What's going to happen. Working on choosing to that's us but he says you not check to me now. Things are getting ready to get bad, Jesus is saying I'm going to be crucified. I'm going to be gone and you don't even fully get that yet, but I listen you can choose me, Jesus, as I chose you and I have ordained you. So God chooses God's will. He ordained God's power that he should. What just go just go just obey. Just obey it. If you combine God's will and God's power and the only thing you bring to it and say our God, I got nothing but I'll go.

What does that produce that's the whole point of him being the behind paint branches don't all of a sudden. But out of vine vines but out branches. We didn't choose him. He chose us. We came from him eating come from us and his flowing power. When combined with us simply obeying simply staying clean simply by him. It produces fruit that remain. I don't know that any of us understand how good and simple. This is Jesus was giving this discourse to the disciples look at me get this about the vine and the branches because he was telling them this year going to need to continue to abide in me, even though you're not with me to see the been easy for them to abide in Christ are in this autonomy was right there with them, but now they had to learn to abide in him even when they couldn't abide with him.

Which brings me to my next statement for you to get here this morning we are to abide in him. Even though we can't presently reside with him, but were going to chill until then we've got to abide in him because right now we can abide with him so he put the Holy Spirit's so that he can abide in us and we got abide in him mixed emotions. There like watching them along over the cliff new car mixed emotions. Not my mother long enough for notice what it says at the end I'm done that whatsoever ye shall ask of the father in my name he may give it you see this verse is a verse of converging things it's drawing everything to a close look at me when you combine God's will, God's power in your obedience you produce fruit that remains but notices he says that whatsoever ye shall ask of the father in my name he may give it. This is a convergence of some of the things listen when your faith God's will.

Your abiding in Jesus's purpose when those four things combine in your life. Look at me, he begins to move you to ask for things according to his will and when you asked for those things. He doesn't see verse 16 is a level in our Christian life that most Christians never quite get say why men really get that picture know if you can see this I know it's is really kind of hard. It's that small is the best I could do it. My thought last night and is a miracle that Eva found this. You all know from hearing me ramble about it many times it. I grew up in an airstream travel trailer with my mom and dad which was this just another whole story is another whole five years of counseling but our our our trailer had a rear bathroom and there's different floor plans and travel trailers. But when you would go into our travel trailer when you would go in immediately. The right was the front couch on the front that front Pulled out. That was my bed.

You went to the left.

There's a little kitchen and if I could take the time to show you I found the exact trailer that I grew up in. I looked it up the year. Everything else got online. Look at images and I found a trailer that is it is weird because it was if it was on sale. If it's for sale on eBay and I may view me and tell me about it. I thought that I thought that might be our trailer. I mean, it has the exact same material on the couches. It has the same thing on the walls. It had cracks in places that it was the exact same thing. It had. I mean little things that dad added when he bought it new. It was exactly. I thought my goodness, this might be. So I emailed the guy and he said no guy got it from had it since you know so what it but there everything was the same and in the bathroom. This is the exact, and I know it's hard for me to see, but there's like this flower type design. The whole bathroom was done and that I'm sure my dad just love that having to get dress with pink and yellow flowers. I remember as a kid.

I still remember remember exactly where lights were member the tub situation and all the stuff but this is the toilet and here's why. Is it unique you like you've never seen a toilet is part of it. Sermon illustration because, well, there's so much I could say that, but but this trailer this exactly like ours admit this is like memory lane for me exact same situation, but it had a cover that fit on top of the toilet and it made his seat so that it was like a vanity so woman could do her makeup and stuff there and so that the final thing that has the same stuff as the as the as the wallpaper on the wall that would kinda photo up and move within the toilet lid was there and you could use the toilet but when the toilet when he knew she could fold it down and it made us see and I remember that growing up because I said I was in the front and halfway through the trailer there was a couch on the left and that folded out that's from my mom and dad slept all those years you would have to be in it. Let the space about this much and end in the middle the night had to go the bathroom and had to get up her mind and I would have to walk sideways around their bed to get to the back bathroom and I told you that I don't have any recollection in my life I've ever know you think I'm exaggerating, and I mean maybe with the it it it it. My mom was sick or something. I'm sure there had to be times but I just don't remember waking up that my mom was not already up but I don't have memories and I'm sure they're there. I'm good, that's not what I'm claiming.

I'm just I don't have memories of ever getting up.

My mom is a bit my mom got up very early every morning and she would go into this little bathroom had door the close of the very back and that's where she would have her devotions every morning. That's were she would pray every morning in my entire life. Whenever I would wake up whatever time early morning you need to use the restroom at get up and shuffle by the bed, mom would never be there in bed. Dad would be you could hear him and I would shuffle and I would have to knock on the door and my mom would get up out of that seat set stuff on the counter get out so I can go and use the restroom and every time I get morning use the restroom there there be Bibles there be prayerless there be books there be all the stuff laid out every morning of my life and I found this picture that's the ME that is the exact bathroom sink. Okay, it's great. What is this mean that is abiding in Christ. Look at verse three he said now you are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you, what did she do their every morning of her life. Look at me. That's what abiding its abiding is every day making sure your clean. That's all there is to it.

It's not studying how I can manipulate people and how I could speak this and understand all this and teach visit and how I can just get all these tools in my and my arsenal of dealing with people not know it was every morning getting up and and and and and and caring enough to get up and sit down and make sure she was clean, so the Holy Spirit can work your that's abiding that's grand. Whatever it was like last night and biting is just making sure your clean through the word all abiding God does the rest of his vinegar Hebrews, the branches he grows the fruit. Our job is just to abide if it's this little tiny bathroom in an airstream trailer if it's your little home office at the wherever it is you need a place where you can abide every day sets of nasty something are you clean through the word which he spoken to us. I mean listen. Many of your watching online, maybe this morning at different things. Hey, I don't care what all we have faced in 2020. Can I some is your attitude and spirit right right now. Are you clean through the word. Now I look at what accusations you could throw at me at the staff at the church at whatever the case, but trust me, we've had this year something are you clean through the word. Are you abiding because that's what abiding is just making sure your clean through the word so that God can grew the fruit through your life you not chosen me, I've chosen you and ordained you, that mean something so I'll need you to do is go there for.

Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live all our media on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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