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November 25, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Acts chapter 16 as we continue notice. If you would. Verse 16. I gotta give you just got a history and I will quickly go through the through this this morning over 16. I came to pass as we went to prayer. Acts chapter 16 verse 16. A certain damsel possessed with the spirit of divination met us. He was demon possessed. By the way, which brought her masters much gain by Sue saying so here this woman had. She was demon possessed and had individuals that were literally making money trying to cast spells and they weren't working, obviously, but but they were literally she was paying out this money trying to get help with this. In these individuals were glad to take her money because they were making money by doing something that was even working as a lot of people like that out. By the way, nowadays, and I be careful, this also saying in fortune-telling and all the stuff I'm not here to preach against everything I've always wanted to go to a fortuneteller walk up to a slap in the face and I would tell you should've seen it coming.

You should have know it was coming and have her give me $15. Notice notice verse 17 the same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, these men are the servants of the most high God, which show unto us the way of salvation so verse 16. These guys realize that they're making money off this woman. And then they realize that Paul and Silas were coming through as missionaries in they were trying to reach this woman and that bothered them because they were going to lose money about this and as these men came through and taught her the way of salvation these soothsayers. These guys got very angry when you verse 18 and this did she many days but Paul being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her and he came out the same hour and when her master Saul, that the hope of their gains were making money was gone. They caught Paul and Silas, and drew them into the marketplace under the rulers and brought them to the magistrate saying these men being Jews do exceedingly, trouble, arsenic of these guys that were making money by doing nothing apparently were no trouble to the city but guys that came and did something that work for free where the trouble it always it always bothers me that you know what there's a lot of things.

It is never a problem but bless God you let somebody a Christian get on a street corner. Some start preaching God's word also now there a problem now, there's trouble. Notice if you would. Verse 20 and brought them to those magistrates.

Verse 21 and teach customs which are not lawful for us to receive needed to observe being Romans and the multitude rose up together against them in the magistrates rent off their clothes and commanded to beat them and when they had laid many stripes upon them. Paul and Silas. They cast them into the prison, charging the jailer to keep them safely through having received such a charge thrust them into the inner prison and made their feet fast in the stocks and at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sing praises unto God and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken and immediately all the doors were open, and everyone's bands were loosed and the keeper of the prison awaking out of his sleep and seeing the prison doors open, he drew out his sword and would have killed himself, supposing that the prisoners had been slit, but Paul cried with a loud voice, saying, do thyself no harm. For we are all here. Then he called for a light and spring in an came trembling and fell down before Paul and Silas and brought them out and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved and they said, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved and thy house and they spake unto him the word of the Lord and to all that were in his house and he took them the same hour of the night and washed their stripes and was baptized. He and all his straightway and witty and brought them into his house. He set meat before them, and rejoiced, believing in God with all his house and when it was day, the magistrate sent the Sgt. saying let those men go in the keeper of the prison told the saying to Paul, the magistrates have sent to let you go now therefore depart and go in peace. Great story and it Lord we need your help today. We love you in Jesus precious name we pray. Amen one this morning.

I want you to notice the place of praise. The place of praise notice begins verse 19 and it kinda goes down to verse 24 but I want you to notice this in verse 19 we know what was going on. This girl had a demon that was demon possessed. These men I was a worn helping her, but they were taking all of her money and Paul and Silas. They come in and they do what God called him to do.

He cast the demon out of her. He shared with her the word of God.

These men got mad and grabbed him capture them, brought them in the notice. If you would with the Bible says verse 22.

The multitude came against them took their clothes off beat them.

Verse 23 and when they had laid many stripes upon them, they cast them in to prison so the place of praise. Where was it that they are found later on praising God.

Number one, we see persecution all they were doing is what God told him to do and they were persecuted for this they were beaten. The Bible says they laid many stripes that were stripes means wounds.

It wasn't just a bruise.

This was a cut. This was a severe cut and the back on the shoulders even on the face the neck and they literally were lashing them and after they had beat them up and cause many wounds on them. Then they put them in the prison so we find that they had persecution and then they find that they put them into prison now. What makes this story so incredible is not necessarily the two men that praise God. What makes this story incredible is where they were when they did praise God.

Now what is the place of persecution. Are you listening it was God's perfect will.

They were in the middle of God's will.

They did what God told him to do and because of it. They suffered persecution and ended up locked up in the middle. In the inner part of the prison.

Now listen to me different.

What you get this. It doesn't seem to make much sense. We think if I do what God wants me to do that he's going to take care of everything else and he will.

But sometimes God's will might involve some persecution. I don't know about you but sometimes I find it hard enough even with no reward or no retribution is hard enough sometimes to be such a Christian that you just obey the will of God, but on the tell you when it's really part is when you obey it, and bad things happen Cameron the just give you testimony. I told him of the office that we got done praying us in the listen but it is can let you know been in this a while. You watch out now. Satan hates this you are a good person you knew good things you new good people you tried to do things right, but that didn't make you say. And now you're saying and Satan hates this and he is going to unleash everything on you to discourage you before you can even start growing salt cameras couple days ago and he said do if it could go wrong. It's gone wrong job.

Everything I said I know it and I told you, but I said if you just days straight through this phase it's going to change, I submit, Satan hates it different on the taste. And sometimes you can do exactly what God called you to do and sometimes things go wrong, sometimes bad things happen and I want you to know that sometimes you're going to have to praise God in a place that you were not planning on being at.

Sometimes you are going to have to praise God in a situation or in a trial that you really did not want to happen in your life and on the days that my wife and I have learned that we have got to be willing to praise God in a waiting room just as much, as we try to praise God in a church building for some of you have found out you gotta praise God sitting there in the doctor's office with the report you are just given as much as you praise God right here in altar and I'm here to tell you, sometimes the place where you praise God might not be the most enjoyable place, but he deserves the praise anyway. God's will to persecution into the prison. Here they were praising God in the middle of the prison just because they did what God told them to do place of praise and what you know to secondly the process of praise. Notice how this whole thing takes place. If you'll notice in verse 25. The Bible says and at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God. Now notice the whole process that we went through here to get them to the point where they were praising God first was their problem.

Here they were, they were beaten they were persecuted they were given wounds. They were ridiculed, the multitude came against them. They were literally shamed. They rip their clothes off in front of everybody.

They not only rip their clothes off. Then they beat them and shamed them in through them into jail and all these things. First, they have their problem and what is the next thing you find them doing after all that problem. They were praying 25 midnight Paul and Silas complain the midnight Paul and Silas begin to think is a really worth serving God and at midnight Paul and Silas begin to feel the better the victims. You know what happens in this whole process to get them to that point there was problems yes but the first thing after those problems was prayer.

Oftentimes you and I that's the last thing we go to when problem we have problems. We try this. We go to this person go to that person complain your complain there. Blaine get angry, get frustrated wherever the case might be, try to read a book, try to watch Oprah try to do nothing we can do. Then all of a sudden nothing else as well try to pry as soon as I got the shackles on these guys. They began to pray but got me. They prayed before they ever praised you know why look at me folks, if you're not praying, and you're not getting strength from God and you're not staying close to him.

You're not gonna praise him in a prison notice there was the problem and then there was prayer, and then there was praise they had persecution they had prison they had problems, and then they pray and then they sang praises on.

I don't know about you but you and I have a lot to learn from this process will take some some happens in your life. Sometimes when your family members something you go through, you know, the first reaction on be get down on your knees and you pray which I will do it to you is when you find yourself you got a young and sit there and I see you and you just got a bad report from the doctor. Things are looking good written and taken] open heart surgery on the taste of that. There's not a whole lot to do sit there that room but get down on your knees to stick up.

Please which you spirit is alive. The problem is we have it so good we have it so comfortable that when that would problems and coming in our life or what we call problems. We do everything else except going God first thing they did. Melissa, can you imagine when there beaten there bleeding. They had he been washed off yet we find later on in the passage that the jailer after all this happened takes him into his house, or takes him to a creek or or river.

Some around there and he finally cleans them, but here they are rip their clothes off. They beat them. They had blood they had dirt in their wounds and their throne into the innermost part of this prison. Listen, or sit here blood running down her face, blood running down their body there aching they didn't have a Band-Aid. They didn't have a rat they didn't have anything in their sit there on a cold concrete rock floor dungeon somewhere and as soon as the men put the shackles on and they walk outside of the door. They bow their heads, don't complain one second and begin to pray.

Could you imagine what would happen in my life in your life if that's what we did the first thing is to pray, notice the next thing in the process was praise you see as they prayed.

I'm sure you say why did they pray immediately preacher will probably because they knew themselves and they knew they were in great danger becoming bitter and angry. So the first thing they did is they pray to say what are they pray.

I don't know God and tell us what they prayed all God ditties. He said that they pray but I have a feeling it was some like this in the Lord who brought us here. Lord, you allow this to happen and Laura were only human worldly flesh, but God, we need your help right now we need your strength were hurt in and where bleeding, and wherein paying we did what you wanted us to do we know you're still really know you're still sovereign and we know your God, and we want to serve you and God. I have to do something.

And somehow what could've been a bad situation.

What could given them a bad spirit made him bitter and angry. Not only admin but it God.

Once they got done, pray, and what the next thing they do.

They began to sing praises to God, wow anybody else here. Impressed with these anybody else here want to say I don't have that on for those of you who do what's called pro rata been praising as they were beating me. Sure, you would show her you would like to see that number three I want you to see the power of this praise know this excited which oligomers 26 and suddenly there was a great earthquake, now. Once these guys were beaten and bloodied and persecuted nothing. It happened then there grabbed and their brought and thrown into jail.

Nothing happened. Then they were put into the innermost part of the prison and they were shackled in the center where it would be the hardest place for them to get out now. Why was that because the Bible says that this jailer if you notice in the verses before was charged with the responsibility of guarding them in the Bible says after receiving such a charge. I found out that in these days that when the jailer was charged with the safekeeping of obviously very important prisoners.

If anything happened where those prisoners got loose first thing that happened was that jailer was abused he was beaten to a pulp and the kill. He had to receive pain first and then he was killed, and then I found out anybody and his family was killed. Now you know why after that earthquake when the jailer thought everybody was gone. He ridicules so here Paul and Silas were put in their nothing happens. Then they begin to pray to God. Nothing happens, but when they began to praise something started happening you look at me dear friend I'm here to tell you one thing, prayer is one of the most valuable resources that we Christians do not use limitation number two is praise. Nothing influences people more than when you praise God, in spite of a horrible circumstance. All of a sudden they prayed and when they began to sing praises to God. Notice this and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundation of the prison were shaken and immediately all the doors were open, and everyone's bands were loose now I want you to notice the power of praise number 100 is listen to this.

The prisoners heard it. Notice if you would. Verse 25 and at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sing praises unto God know why God put this in the Bible and the prisoners heard them listen. What is that me let me say how powerful the praise was a Paul and Silas in the midst of a horrible circumstance. All the other prisoners in the jail heard it all. These guys are in jail to but all they know is that these guys were bloodied and beaten. They had even been washed off clean.

They were given anything they were brought in to the most secure part of the jail and they were thrown in there and they could not have been treated any worse than they had been treated and they were thrown in there and at midnight they began to sing praises unto God and all them guys heard the preacher wasn't so important that they heard it will listen to me.

They knew that these two men had something that even freedom from jail could not give them now super joy to me.

Do you notice here that the Bible says that the foundation of the prison was shaken. Notice verse 26 immediately all the doors were opened. Everyone's bands were loosed. Everybody could walk right out there. At that point every prisoners bands were loosed every prisoners door was open. Everything was open but notices don't know if you've seen this. Hopefully that you have but I want you to notice something here that was very interesting to me.

Look at verse 26 mealy all the doors were open.

Everyone's bands were loosed in the keeper of the prison of 00 awaking obviously seeing the prison doors open. He just assume that the universe everybody had been fled. Notice verse 28 but Paul cried with a loud voice thing do thyself no harm.

Why were all here and I don't know why but for years my mind when Paul said that were all here I thought he sent me and Silas are still here. And for some reason I am visiting my mind all the other prisoners got out of their lab, but Paul and Silas. Because of the character of their hearts. They said we're still here, but that's not what it means is not what it says click ability to get this all these prisoners that would've gotten out of jail. The minute they could have when this earthquake came in all the shackles were loose in all the doors were open left.

They were all still better why what Those guys in jail. When I had a free ticket out the praises of those two men you look at me when you get this when those two men were praising God, and that jail them prisoners right away knew there's something different about these two got there something special about these two guns man their singing and their praising for circumstance like this and they realize those two guys have some that I don't have, in fact it was that earthquake came in. No shackles were losing those guys could got right out of the jail, but they knew that those two guys have something that I couldn't get even if I left right now if I got out here for you as a bird I still wouldn't have what those two guys still sitting in their jail.

Secondly, these two guys were praise and all of a sudden the power that earthquake. They realize that the God the God that these two men were praising was real and they were afraid to.

They realized immediately.

Those two guys were right.

They serve the living God. They serve a powerful God and I want to find out what they have.

The prisoners heard, you know that's how powerful praises look anything you might have people at work or job or family. Whatever. And you know they ridicule you or they have nothing to a church and even if they don't ridicule you know you you you sell want to reach him and I want to but they're just hardness to be let me taste some you just get down and you pray for them and you ask God to give you an open door that neighbor that coworker. Whatever the case might be about to tell you something that could eventually reach them as if they see you go through a trial and they see you have some hard times in your life and you still praise God because he's real and he's living because he's good and you get a bad report and you have some bad happened to you, you still say God is still good because he saved my soul. He's a wonderful God and I love him everything. Some will see some will realize immediately.

They have something that I don't have the prisoners heard it. Number two the prison keeper heard the power of this praise the verse 29.

The Bible says after all this happened and Paul and Silas. Obviously they yelled and said they were all there. You want to kill yourself for 29 then he called for a light and spraying in the what is that mean preacher. I don't know know if he hopped in. If he jumped in. If he tripped and rolled in.

I don't know, but he spraying in you must've been a jumper pop like a gazelle or something. I don't know he spraying you notice this love this and came trembling and fell down before Paul and Silas and brought them out and said, Sirs, wait a minute. He is the jailer and he looks at them and says Sirs, that is a term of respect. Listen.

These two guys just a few hours before were being treated as bad as two guys to be treated. And now, because God did something now they're being treated with respect.

This jailer says Sirs, what must I do to be saved. Notice if you notices the prison keeper heard a number one there was brokenness. He was humbled immediately he heard the praises he saw what God did. He saw obviously that every prisoner could gotten out of there but they were still there and it was amazing to him and he couldn't understand at all and he realized that there something special about Paul and Silas. He was there when they checked in. He was there when they stayed in he was there when they could've left but they chose to stay anyway and he humbles himself.

It breaks him. He realizes they've got something that I don't have there was brokenness notice. The second thing there was Bible you would verse 32. The Bible says that and they spake on the him the word of the Lord, you know what process it takes for a person to come to Christ. There must first be brokenness. They first must realize I don't have Christ and I'm on my way to hell without them you know the hardest thing nowadays, salvation is not hard. It's just tough to get people to admit and realize that they are on their way to hell. They just don't believe this for some reason or complement the distal think that it's over. They think death so far away amount. No pesky dear friend to me taste something there must be brokenness there must be the understanding that I am on my way to hell and I cannot save myself. Next thing was the word of God, the truth.

Notice the third thing. After that was believing he gave him the word notice. If you would.

Verse 31 and they said, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be safe. What is it there's brokenness which I would term his repentance. There is hearing the word of God. And then there's believing putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Notice the next thing was baptizing a little over 33 and he took them the same hour the night and washed their stripes. He finally gave him a bath cleaned them up and was baptized. He and all his straight way now. I would say this I don't know for sure.

It is obvious here that this jailer is talking about his family and in that word his own, his family, his house is obviously in every Greek word that you find in here it points to family unit and all these things, but there are some that believe when it says that the jailer and all his is talking about the other prisoners that they got saved that night and they were baptized, and after that the jailer took Paul to his house. The Bible says and then all of his family were there and he taught in the word got.

I don't know what happened. I don't know. I do know this, that the jailer got saved and I know that the jailer's family ended up getting saved.

I don't know if the prisoners got say, but I do know this lady go anywhere they were interested. I do know this.

If they didn't, and end up in hell he got no excuse because they witness the power of God. I like to think I don't know but I like to think the whole crew got saved. That's what happens when God moves in.

Notice this, they baptized, they clean Paul up in their right there in the water so they would have gotta take care of first type of obedience. Once you once you once you've heard God's word.

Once you believe you put your faith and trust in Christ. Now you get baptized you don't hear God's word get baptized and then believe hear God's word. You believe then you get baptized right away. Love it that night. Now Paul was tired.

Many been beaten up barely sat down started praising God earthquake now this happens gives cleaned up now is baptized in the middle night he just could use a nap. We know why Paul did me disguise convicted. He's given his heart to Christ to get it done. Once you notice this, the prisoners heard the prison keeper heard it last morning, God heard the power of his praise. Verse 26 and suddenly there was a great earthquake. Once you notice first, God responded to their praise God heard their praise so loudly that he responded.

Now what you know some about this earthquake. God doesn't always speak through an earthquake.

In fact, the Bible says is not always in the earthquake is not always in the fire is not always in this sometimes is just a still small voice, but I do want you to know God doesn't always speak to an earthquake, but sometimes he does and he did hear sometimes God is a quietly and sometimes God just takes over. And that's exactly what happened. God responded no to. Secondly, God rewarded you say preacher. How do you say God rewarded listen to me. I want you to get this and if you don't get anything else please get this put your thinking Open up Your Mind Forget about Lunch Right Now Are Almost Done This. Hear Me out. Paul and Silas Were Free Way before the Chains Ever Fell off They Never Were in Jail. As Far As They As Far As They Sought God Was in Control. Weird Where God Wants Us Not Were Some Jailer Wants Us They Didn't Need to Change the Falloff to Be Free. They Have Been Freed from Sin a Long Time Ago.

They Had Already Given Their Faith and Believe in Christ, for That Matter, They Were Shackled or Unshackled. They Were Free. Listen to Me. It Didn't Matter What Happened, They Knew God Was in Control before It Did Happen. Thank You for Listening to Me Whom You Received a Blessing from Our Broadcast the Kerwin Baptist Church Is Located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium honor website and church.

Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you


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