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November 10, 2021 6:00 am

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November 10, 2021 6:00 am

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Pastor Paul Sheppard

Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina Job chapter 10 verse one my soul is weary of my life. I will leave my complaint upon myself.

I will speak in the bitterness of my soul, my soul is weary of my life. Let me just say this before we pray.

Notice how Joe puts this. He doesn't just say my body is weary of my life. If anybody would have the right to say that Job would the sickness that Job was stricken with in his body is deplorable.

You and I would probably most would never understand the physical suffering that Job went through, but the story of Job is really a reminder that despite things that happen to you physically.

Nothing is harder to bear than that which happens to you emotionally and spiritually. You know all the physical pain that Job went through. It paled in comparison to watching all of his children die losing everything he had and so he says here my soul is weary yeah my body is hurting. My body is on physically. I'm sure at the almost at the point of death as we know Job was for a long period of time. Yet God told Satan that you can't kill him.

But Satan had free reign to combat Job and I can imagine whatever ground you give Satan he takes every bit that he can and he still does that. By the way, but Job said this my soul is weary of my life.

It's not even the physical stuff. Job said I'm going throughout.

Think of just about had it. And so Job begins this chapter saying this statement, and then he proceeds with some questions for God and I don't know if you've ever been at the point in your life where you had some questions for God. Let's think about that this morning. Lord I love you. I thank you for all that you've done. Thank you Lord for how your word reminds us of who we are in reminds us that you remember who we are, Lord.

It reminds us that you love us in spite of ourselves and it reminds us that we are to trust you. Despite whatever might happen, Lord. I love you and I pray that you help us this morning in Jesus name we pray.

Amen. Let me begin by prefacing it this way. If I can explain this. I don't know if you and your life. Hearing preachers if you've ever been told or at least taken what you were told to mean that you should never question God, and I will tell you this, that that's that's just not true. God is okay with your questions and if you are you okay this morning. If I explain you why God is not insecure. God is not intimidated by you.

God is not intimidated by me. Now it might be that if you come to me in a critical nature in question. Something I'm doing, pastoring, or whatever the case might be, I might be insecure enough that I'm in a take that personal I might be insecure enough that that that bothers me. It intimidates me.

I might be insecure enough that I would then begin to point out your faults. Have you ever done that to somebody that came in showed fall to you. Have you ever responded that way.

Why because were insecure what they said carried enough weight with us that it now put us in defense mode and and we're somewhat felt that that put us in an insecure position. So we must fight back and we sometimes don't like to be questioned and we sometimes that matter. What if somebody comes at us with that kind of spirit that that we can begin to kind of starting wanting to point the finger back in and take it personal and kinda get angry about it in different things, but that's because were flesh and and where where humans we don't like to be questioned and we don't like somebody to say something that that would make us think that maybe we have not reached up to their expectation or our own potential or whatever the case might be, but God is not like us there to be about 100.

Amen to that this morning. God is not like us. Thank God he likes us that he loves us, but he's not like us and you can come to God with your questions and that does not intimidate him, that does not make God insecure.

It does not make Gothic will. Who are you, it doesn't change God one bit that you don't like what he's doing God's not insecure. So while there might be some people in your life that you think nine or I'm running to question them because then they're just going to get all bent out of shape and they're gonna take it this way and that way. Whatever the case might be in before we judge people like that, you're probably like that too. There always to be a button to push in that angle because all of us are bit insecure in certain areas at least by certain people or certain second circumstances, but God is not insecure and therefore because God is not insecure.

God is not offended by the fact that you have a question God is not bothered by the fact that your questioning.

Maybe some things that you think he has done or that he is allowed so it is literally a it's okay to ask God questions because he doesn't turn away from you, and think now you're just a bad child because your questioning him and questioning what he's doing and all those things now. What does bother God is when he's not believe what is not trusted, but it doesn't mean you can't question it doesn't mean that you don't have some questions and I don't understand this and and I don't see why this is happening and why your allowing better why you've done this in my life.

God is not intimidated or it may made insecure about our questions. In fact, as I started looking at this in a sense I you begin to run down some things in Abraham the question God, he said, God, what are you going to give me how you gonna do this. I'm childless. You say that my seed is going to proceed and then out of that as the stars of the sky and and and yet at this age I don't even have a child got how you know to do that. Moses added his questions. When God came to Moses and called him to this particular capacity, Moses said to them, I bet that I should do this job and not only that way because I listen I want you to go to Pharaoh and Moses said what. Why would Pharaoh possible.

Listen to me. Why would you send me to him. Joshua had some questions. Chapter 7 the Josh way says this, O Lord God wherefore hast thou it all brought this people over Jordan to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites to destroy us. Joshua said God that you just do this to destroy us. Begin to look down through some questions in the word of God and I was kinda surprised by all of that Elijah got put them in the home of this widow woman while he's there.

Her son dies and Elijah says this, O Lord my God has now brought evil upon the widow, with whom I sojourned bicycling her son. I have you really just done this. Why would you possibly do this. David had a lot of questions in Psalm 10 David said God why are you standing up, thou far off, why stand this thou far off are you so far for me and he says is why hiatus thou thyself in time of trouble. David said God, I'm in trouble. Why are you hiding now. Why don't you hide God when you're coming after me and disciplining me why do you hide it seems when I'm in trouble and yet you know you also you show up to let me have it.

Is it will. That's not fair yet, but that's how David felt he had questions as they had questions as a it comes to God.

In chapter 6 is a got how long the month was to keep region.

This is it doing any good. They're not listening. Isaiah said without refrain thyself or these things, O Lord will bow hold thy peace and afflict us very sore. He said God you just are you just picking on us.

Ezekiel had some questions.

He said God are you just going to destroy all the residue of Israel because it by pouring out my fury upon us men say this, none of you or us have ever had God's fury poured out on us. If you had, you wouldn't be here. I know some you will. God just on God just it seems unleashed everything on or know he hasn't you think Satan can cause some damage unleashed in everything he has way too God unleashes everything he has. Paul had some questions. He had a thorn in the flesh, and he comes to God on three different occasions Stegall would you please remove this. God didn't say, well, yes, there's that there's a lot of yeah but you know the Bible Jesus had some questions. Jesus even looked to his father and said, my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me anybody feel like you're better than Jesus. As I looked, I realize that Jacob had questions. Gideon had questions Manoah had question Sampson had questions. Solomon had questions. Habakkuk had questions. Amos had questions and cannot tell you some this morning. Dale Hotchner has some questions. Any of you ever get to point your life you got some questions and maybe we think that you know I maybe I'm just a horrible Christian and a rotten child of God that I even question him but let's be honest, he certainly knows our heart, were not hiding anything from him.

We sometimes have questions. So in Job chapter 10 Joe brings a list and if anybody I think have the right to ask some questions in Job chapter 70, only to turn to adversity can be on the screen but once the initial blow of everything that Satan through it.

Job begins this process, which is a difficult one.

Almost as bad as all the stuff that happened to him and literally two days time I'm in. His friends come so-called friends and their so judgmental and condescending and telling him all that you know why God did this is because you've done this and all these things, but in Job chapter 7 verse 20 in this verse to be on the screen. I want you to see first that Joe brings the question of removing he says this, why hast thou set me as a mark against the other words God, why have you put almost pitted me against you even got that he was a perfect man. Job issued evil, and now Job says really I don't think that I've done a lot of wrong here, and yet it seems now where against each other. Notice what he says here so that I am a burden to myself. You see Job's very existence was a burden to him. He was in so much pain-and-suffering and mental anguish that being alive was a burden to him. It would almost have been less of a burden to Joe if he just died.

He says this and why does thou not pardon my transgression take away my iniquity.

Job questions God. Why won't you remove this Lords got. If you've done this, like my friends say because done wrong and I've sinned up got out of apologize and and I've asked you to forgive me. So why are you not pardoning me from what I'm going through.

Why are you not taking this away. Have you ever question may be why God didn't take something away from your life. That was such a burden to you in Job chapter 10 beginning in verse three as Job describes in verse one, that I'm just muscles weary of my own life. He brings up. Secondly, the question of method like if you would've verse three. Job comes to God. He says this is it good entity that thou shouldest oppress, that thou shouldest despise the work of thine hands look at what you get this Job says God I don't I don't know if you have the right methods here. Is it good unto you.

In other words, Job is almost saying this, it is do you think this is a good thing to do to me what's happened it God I don't understand this method that literally that you are taking the work of your hands which was me on the work of your hands. God and you're taking it away here, you're literally taking what you created and you're destroying it. I don't understand that method understand why. Why is this good to you, I mean God you really think you're doing a good thing here in verse eight of Job, chapter 10. He brings up the question of motive why are you doing this she verse he says I don't really agree with what you're doing. Then he says I don't even agree with why you're doing it. Look at verse eight.

Job caption verses are on the screen. He says thy hands have made me and fashioned me to get around about yet. Valdis destroying what is your motive. If you built me up just to destroy me.

What is your motive. If you made me into the person I am just so that you can judge the person I verse nine he says remember I beseeched you that thou has made me as the clay will thou bring me in the dust again Job gave God glory. The fact that they were all the work of your hand. As the Bible says, but now you almost are getting pleasure by just destroying the work of your hand. I don't understand your motive here. It why would you just make me to bring me how many of you know that God does both things God can make you and God can break verse 15, number 40 brings up the question of confusion or this is a big one and I don't know if you been able to kind of insert yourself in any of these questions this morning. Have you ever question why God didn't remove something that was hurting you so deeply.

Have you ever questioned why God was was doing something. Have you ever question what he was allowing in your life. Verse 15. Job says this, if I be wicked will into me and if I be righteous yet will I not lift up my head. Did you hear that Job said, hey, if I just go out and send God can judge me, but if I'm righteous I want to be able to lift up my head.

In other words I'm getting judge, no matter what I do if I do this I get I get trouble if I do that I get trouble any of you ever felt like that with you might know or not preacher's bill that will whatever I do whatever decision I make this personal like this person met at this.

I don't like it I like that you can't win.

You can't win some of you are like that with your family. Whatever I do whatever I say I don't do this enough for them and I have done too much of this for them and Job says God whatever I do if I do write I get trouble if I do wrong. I get trouble. Notice what he says here in verse 15. I am full of confusion, just confused God had never been confused with God number five. He brings up the question of love. Now he's questioning the Scott really love me, but verse 16, Job says, for it increases he's talking about his affliction, thou hunt. Just me as a fierce lion, and again they'll show us myself marvelous. This is in a good word here show us myself marvelous upon me means you're coming down strong on me. Verse 17 with our newest eyewitness against me, and notice. This increases thine indignation. He says you're hunting me like a lion. Lyons don't hunt animals because they love them. They hunt them because they love to eat them now.

Job says that God literally has indignation against him a notice at the end, changes and war are against me is like God. You literally just gone to war against me. You must not even love your hunting me down like a lion hunts down something that he wants to destroy your literally pouring your indignation out on me like you hate and you claim to war against me. Do you even love me. Now I know that were all very spiritual, but also a stroller, but I've always known the God is a God of love. God loves me will God bless your pubic in heart. Some of us aren't as spiritual as apparently you may be good for you but there's been some times in my life I knew God love me but I didn't feel loved. Notice next he brings up the question of existence why my even existing verse 18 wherefore then house that brought me forth out of the womb. The Lord's God, why did you even let me be born. Oh that I had given up the ghost and know I had seen me. Job said it would've been better if I could have died in the womb. If I could have just died before anyone ever saw me in this verse proves that life begins at conception. Because Job is saying I was a person before even came out of the womb.

Notice what he says here in verse 19. I should have been as though I had not been I should have been carried from the womb straight to the great I don't even know why I'm existing, you know why you even gave me life. If this is what's going to happen and if you ever felt not only the why you saved me if this is what I was going to go through the Christian God, why did you tell me to go to church at this what I'm in a phase when I get the church go look at me with your judgmental eyeballs you can be honest maybe you haven't, but if you've ever felt questions like this. Would you say amen thank even kids have questions seventh and were not really far from being done here, but Joe brings up the question of process verse 10.

Job has something interesting to say. He said, hast thou not poured me out as milk and curdle me like cheese. Now, whenever this verse I had a little bit of question and I guess it was a question I got always that I did know at all. He saw sometimes did they have cheese back in Jesus day interesting question and do they have cheese.

I mean, I know they didn't have spam. They could have, but that didn't they didn't quite know how to ruin life like that, you know, or baloney for those in the back that might enjoy baloney interesting question you hear about it wine and bread in all of oil in grapes and and and and and feasting in and all these things but you have cheese. I mean, I could really change life for them. Consider that old bread water eyeless melting cheese on that baby. Did they have cheese and Job is the oldest chronological book in the Bible, and yet Joe brings up cheese here and he literally gives us the process.

Job says God this is how I feel. Job must've known everything about this process and not a wine a minute God, you have curdle me like cheese.

I got me thinking all right is cheese in the Bible some three years right here, then, as David was a young man and his dad Jesse sent him into battle to take to his brothers that were fighting and here's Goliath sitting there in the valley. The list of items that the Bible says that Jesse told David to take it says cheat then years later, David is now keying in one of his men in David's running from you know those that now is running from his own son and and and one of his men knew where he was hiding and he was gonna bring David supplies and the Bible says in the list of supplies that this person brought David was cheese up kind was literally like a roller brick of cheese and only other time is right here in Job chapter 10 verse 10 were Job says God what you're doing to me feels like your curdling me like she's so I didn't know anything about it. So I found out and it really opened my eyes to see the first step in the curdling process.

Number one is the process of shocking. You see, to curdle milk in order to make cheese it you take milk, but you have to shock it with something and there are two ways to curdle milk you can do it with acids you could do with lemon juice you could do with vinegar. But there is an enzyme called Rin that are EN NET and guess where you get that it's in the stomach lining of cow forecasts. Job had cattle Job had access to mill.

Probably one of the things that Job did in his and he was a wealthy man. He had cattle and oxen and and and he had donkeys, and he had goats and he had sheep and he had all kinds of things. It had a great household. Probably, much of what Job did. Even as a living was making. She had access to every ingredient in Bible days and in Bible days written. That was what they would use to curdle cheese and sometimes it would use lemon juice or vinegar and I'll get into that in a minute. But it's a bitter agent, lemon juice, vinegar, you put it into milk and this enzyme or net it's acidic, it's better, it's a shot to the mill when it's introduced to it and and that's what you have to do to begin the next process. It must be shocked with something that agitates Savior going to get cheese.

The milk has to be shocked has to be agitated. See, sometimes for God to make us what we need to be and to do in our lives. What we need to do, he has to shock or agitate our system. You and I get mad when bitter things are entered into our life, but very well just might be part of the process. Secondly, there's the process of separating.

You see, once you shock that milk was something that's better acidic. Then all of a sudden what that does. It begins to separate the fat in the protein. From the way protein and the water. You see, milk has a lot of water in it.

In order to get cheese, you gotta get that moisture out of it so they put this acidic agent. This bitter agent and when it hits the milk and agitates it, but it's used to begin to separate the good from the bad. What is usable from what is not usable God curdling Job like milk meant that there was some separation that needed to happen in his life that that there was there was some good things that God wanted to use Betty had to introduce a bitter agent fee to be able to separate that in life. I'm not saying I have always enjoyed the process of fact I will ever enjoy the process but as a look back. There's been a lot of unusable things that were in my life should've been there and God had to separate and he still doing third is the process of scalding you see when you introduce a bitter agent into milk. It begins that process, but it can't ever fully separate until he is applied they have to heat that mill with that enzyme in it.

And as that he begins to generate that small bit of separation that is taken place as they heat that that that milk that now has that bitter agent that is just begun to build curdle. When that heat is applied to admit it begins to rapidly separate. It can happen unless the heat is up. I Job saying God you shock me, but what you done your pulling things out of me that are killing me. You apply the heat hurts forth is the process of stretching. You see this enzyme or net, which is probably what Job used because obviously that's what he had. He had towels to get the milk and he would use the stomach lining of the gas to get this enzyme in this enzyme or net is it it it's it's it's multiplied it's it's it's produced in bulk now in our day and they still use this run that enzyme in many of our cheese is either certain cheeses that lemon juice or vinegar are better for it produces a different texture, but the majority of cheeses that we use that would that would melt or be multiple their use with this enzyme and what happens here is that literally by by this enzyme as it hits that milk in it begins to separate it is what literally. I did come up with this, it denatures the protein in milk. It changes the very nature of that mill interest.

See cards are then formed from this enzyme or net and it makes them have a gel like consistency and I'm telling you exactly what national cheese maker society tells you has to happen, allowing them to be stretched and molded.

See nothing wrong with milk milk has its purpose, God had a very high opinion of Job, but God saw something that could be even more usable and show God began to stretch and as these cheeses are stretched and molded these Kurds it makes them into cheeses that melt good like mozzarella cheese is made like this stretching last in the process is the process of sitting all the stuff is is hard when you apply to your life, and Job said God you've done this you shock my life.

You've separated literally my life and you've gone through all the stages you you brought the heat.

You've scalded my life and in your stretching me and molding me but see when this process is done for cheese.

It'll sit in age and the longer cheese ages, the stronger it. Thank you for listening to you receive a blessing from our broadcast.

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Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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