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October 20, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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October 20, 2021 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today.

Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, God's word is truth.

And so that's where we need to be and I encourage you don't don't get so full of everything else and spend very little time in God's word at a time like this. You and I need God's word more than any other time in our lives when we read this verse to you and then will pray and get onto things today. Interesting verse that God gave me this week I want to discuss a little bit. Proverbs chapter 14 and want to look at verse 26 the Bible says this in the fear of the Lord is strong confidence in the fear of the Lord is strong confidence in his children shall have a place of refuge. The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life to depart from the snares of death. Pray Lord bless everyone who it was. Watching and even those of us who are here pray that you would work not only in their lives and in our lives. But in my life, Lord, and Lord. It might be that some that the coronavirus doesn't really scare them a whole bunch but or were not just talking about that we all have things that bring fear into our lives. Anxiety concern and Lord I pray that you would help us as we look to your word as it is able to help us with all of that. We love you give us wisdom today. In Jesus name we pray.

Amen. Now if you look at that verse in the fear of the Lord is strong confidence. How can you be confident when you fear it is interesting to me that fear and confidence don't seem to go together. It seems to me that when I fear that's when I'm not confident that's when I'm kinda timid and bashful and nervous and but here it says in the fear of the Lord is strong confidence. What does this mean well. This word here for fear is the word reverence. It's a Hebrew word which means that that that fear of the Lord is is reverence, it's respect.

It's it's honor it's in all of it means this that a healthy fear of the Lord will drown out the fear of other things. It doesn't mean that I'm not can have fear in my life, but the fear I have for the Lord there.

The reverence I have for the Lord is greater than the fear I have of uncertainty or things in my life supernatural, not really understanding.

Let me let me put it this way. It means this I will not let any earthly fear interfere with my reverence of the Lord. Let me put it this way when my fear of uncertainty gets in the way of my trust in God that I lose my confidence in you and I have to be careful about this that are reverence for the Lord should not be affected by circumstances by things that happen and if I let my fear of circumstances. If I let that get in the way of my trust in God, then I have a wrong kind of attention here. We all have things that were concerned about and we fear in that bring anxiety in our life but when that anxiety or that fear gets in the way of my trust. Then, things have gotten out of balance and I encourage you write what you're sitting right there at home, there are things to be concerned about, but none of those things should interfere with my trust in God, in the fear of the Lord, there is strong confidence but in the fear of uncertainty.

There is no confidence as God's children, we should have confidence in these days, it doesn't mean arrogance and it doesn't mean pride. It needs confidence. We can't walk around always scared and intimidated with anxiety and worry and fear. Because, as God's children are trust in God should be greater than our fear of thing. That's what gives a strong confidence to live with this verse says in his children shall have a place of refuge. It's nice to know when you're a child of God that there is always a refuge to go to want to give you another versus morning if I can notice what I just want to comment on some verses as we go through just to just let you hear God's word has the same Psalm 37 verse five just a very familiar verse notice this Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass. Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in him member are subject for Armistice Day is strong confidence in the fear of the Lord, there is strong confidence commit byway under the Lord, trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass this word commit is a Hebrew word go. All it means. This to roll over on it means that literally I am to take the burden of my way of what's happening of the circumstances in my life and I roll that over on the Lord and as I roll that over on the Lord now. I trust him to take care of. I trust him to do with it what he wants. It means that I don't look at everything in my life and am worried and fretting of what I'm to do, and how I'm going to do this, I commit my way unto the Lord. I roll it over to him.

I give him control and when I do, that means I'm giving it to you God because I trust you what you're going to do, and here's what the verse says, and he shall bring to pass towards this until you're willing to roll that over to him and trust him. He really can't bring it to pass.

Because as long as you and I keep trying to fight and control and manipulate and make things happen in our life and take over the responsibility and try to bear it all on our shoulders. God says listen you gotta commit it to me.

Trust in me, and I'll bring it to pass. Let me illustrate. If I can years ago here.

I use this occur when years ago. I think every pastor alive has used this at some point. It's a very oversimplistic illustration of what I'm talking about today and but I have a work glove here and this glove yes preachers actually do work and in course now had to wear gloves and mask everything else but this is a work glove and this was made to work it it it was made for that purpose it serves that purpose. It was designed that way.

It was made out of different material for that purpose. And so that glove is made to work and so as I lay that glove down. I can look at Sarai glove start working what is not good to do it because that glove cannot do the work on its own. Somebody else has to.

And so I might look at that glove and say we know what this glove needs in order to be able to do the work.

It was designed to do and need some encouragement so glove I encourage you, you can do it and still not do anything I can look at that glove and say listen, you hear your made for this I I have trust in you. You can do this and it really help. Maybe this glove need some training. Maybe I would say all right glove here. This is how it's done, you kinda move the thumb you move these fingers in it grab stuff and move stuff.

So now you been training go into it. That's what we do in church is a lot of thoughtful people need to be trained and yet it still seems that they can accomplish what God has in their life and we have we have training online. We have training in church weeks we get up from the pulpit. We encourage people. There's ever been a day that preachers sometime seem all that you do is be positive and tell him everything they can do and yet they're still there doing nothing.

So I know maybe what this glove needs this glove need some fellowship.

So let me throw some other gloves down a there you go you got some fellowship now do the work will the glove didn't do anything. Why is that because until the glove has a life-giving force in it now. It can be used. You see, you and I have to commit our way unto the Lord, trust in him and the Bible says he will bring it to pass these long as you and I try to control it and and and we've got this and working to make this happen were to protect ourselves. Listen we gotta commit our way to the Lord, trust in him and he's the one that brings it. The past he has the power he is a life-giving force. Nothing will be done without him. So we got to trust him and give you another verse if I can Psalm 94 verse 19. This is been a very important verse in my life.

Many many times and I thought maybe this is a good appropriate timeshare verse them. 19 Psalm 94 and the multitude of my thoughts within me, thy comforts delight my soul and the multitude of my thoughts within me by comforts delight my soul.

That phrase in the multitude of my thoughts. This here is talking about conflict and confusion, it's literally sometimes you and I do not know what to think.

Sometimes we don't know how to think we got all this information we got all these things and and there's conflict there because we kinda see this side of something and we see this side of something and then we hear about this side of something and there's a multitude of thoughts within us and maybe you been like that. Maybe on the only one of the world that does that, but I have a feeling with the amount of people watching online, that we have right now some of you have dealt with this that for some reason it at certain seasons in our life. We just can't get our thoughts clear and and and I always think of the verse of double minded man is unstable in all his ways. There's no strong confidence like like weird like we were told in our opening verse there's no strong confidence when there's when there's a double mind whom are not stable on things and there's a multitude of thoughts within it, and I'll be honest with you as a pastor I had to go to this verse again because it's like, hey Lord, I know you say for sake not be assembling up ourselves together, and I know we need to be in God's house and at your house and that needs to be priority and yet I know that there is this danger and there is a sphere in and there's precautions that has to be made in and if you're not careful. Before long as Christians we can get to the point that we just can you make decisions because of all the fonts in our mind, knowing God sometimes is just a step of faith. It say all right God, in the middle of all these thoughts, thy comforts delight my soul now would ask you a question. Where do you find God's comforts, if that's what I need. If that's what my soul needs.

When I got a multitude of thoughts with when there's just things coming around. We live in a day that we have so much access to news and media and information in social things and on our tablets on our phones are computers in our car on our TVs is just constantly coming Addison in it. We it just adds to this cloud of thoughts and and to find certainty and truth seem so difficult nowadays. So if I need God's comforts to delight my soul. During times like that where do I find God's comfort. This is where we find God's comforts in his word different.

May I say this if there's a multitude of thoughts going on in your mind, and it seems to me I just don't know what is supposed to do it. I just have anxiety every time I turn around. May I encourage and take time to get in God's words, God's comforts are God's promises find God's promises and rely on them. Can I give you another verse.

Psalm 33 if you can turn to it there at home. Verse 18 I wanted to spend just a little bit of time on this this morning and am this is such a rich passage, probably of all the verses I'll share you this has some of the most important principles for a time like this that just about anything that God is used in my life this week. Psalm 33 verse 18 says behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy to deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine. Our soul waited for the Lord. He is our help and shield for our heart shall rejoice in him because we have trusted in his holy name.

Let thy mercy, a Lord, be upon us, according as we hope. I just want to give you the subjects that are that are brought up in this passage, may they help you as they have help me number one I want you to see brings up the subject of assurance. He says behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, you and I have the assurance that God sees us exactly where we are. God knows exactly what were going through.

In fact, God knows more about what were going through and what the situation is than we do ourselves. He's watching. He knows where you're at. There's never a time when you're on your own when you're a child of God. Notice a second subject he brings up his hope like I know God is watching you notice is upon them that hope in his mercy.

We have hope.

What this world needs to see right now from God's people is that we have an assurance that God is in control and that we have a hope in him. They will bridge what if I got the virus will dear friend, may I say this whereas we read as much risk driving a car, as we are from the coronavirus.

Yes it's dangerous but may I say this, we have to display faith in everything we do during the day. We have hope. And even if we get the virus we have hope. I have a pastor friend of mine that tested positive for the coronavirus of you might've heard of some of this in his been a thing I've communicated with him a little bit in a cigar just been good through all this and if God can somehow if I can go through this and somehow that people can see that God is faithful even in the middle of this, some sump. Sometimes we think that God is only faithful if he protects us from it. May I say that God's faithful even in it and even with it. It began as I communicated with him, though it it it. Help me to know we had wisdom here in during the right thing here at our church because with this pastor getting this disease. Everybody that had attended their services are all self quarantine.

The state has quarantined those people to their homes and if we had a service and somebody ended up having it all of us might be quarantined and those you have jobs and things so we just we had no choice but to do what we did but we have hope. Notice if you will. Secondly, in verse 19 he says this to deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine says we have hope in God's mercy because he delivered our soul from death and he kept them alive in the famine notice. Thirdly, it brings up the subject of dependency.

It's God that kept us alive.

It's God that delivered our soul from death.

You and I can't do that on our own and and were limited as far as what we can do and that and we can take precaution we can take steps and we can try to protect and I'm for absolutely all of that. But, dear friend.

You and I may we never confuse our plans and our protections may we never get that confused with God's protection is that's we need we needed every day of our lives were dependent upon him notice.

If you would. Verse 20 says our soul waited for the Lord. He brings up the subject of patients don't overreact, don't overreact, don't don't get to where we look like we have no hope. Don't get to the point where it looks like we don't have anybody to depend on don't get to the point where it looks as if it that we don't have any assurance that that that God cares, or that the get. God is watching from God's people. There should always be patient. There should always be a piece inside that you know what God's got this and that's what the world needs to see even as we often read as I did yesterday and the funeral that I preach that that that may we not grieve like people do that have no hope. But we have open just like in death. We have hope mass say in life we have hope, were dependent upon him. We need to be patient wait on the Lord don't jump to judgment. Don't jump and don't get overbalanced and out of balance and and don't get to where our fear becomes greater than our faith and and don't get to where I anxiety becomes greater than our assurance but let's wait on the Lord. Let's be patient. Through this notice what he says he is our help and our shield notice he brings up the subject of the shield and about you, but in this day and time were going through right now is a country that's what we kinda need is a shield dear friend.

May you know that whatever you go through a life. Jesus is your shield is your protection. So what are we supposed to do. Verse 21 says this for our heart shall rejoice in him. I brings up the subject of rejoicing same bridge. What are we supposed to do it.

A time like this. Mac I tell you the first thing is a midget is a get in God's word get his comforts.

That's what delights our soul.

But you know what we ought to be doing is rejoicing is a preacher. One of the world.

We have rejoice about hey listen I'm a pastor, preaching to almost nobody. Innocence in the building but I have a lot to rejoice about God's goodness transcends the coronavirus God's goodness transcends what's happening in the Middle East what's happening on the news or even what's happening on the other side of Winston-Salem. God's peace passes understanding. I have a lot to rejoice about and what our children need to see is that we still have joy in what this community needs to see is that we still have joy.

And even though plans are changed and even though future is uncertain even though it looks like jobs might have to end if if we bear all that low.

We got to roll them over on the Lord, we gotta command our way to the Lord, trust also in him will bring it to pass. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice is a really right now is a time to rejoice right now is this time to rejoice, rejoice in him.

Why notice what he says next because we trusted in his holy name brings up the subject of trust.

See whenever you and I fully trust God. It always gives us reason to rejoice. Notice diversity can you got it right there in your house. He says this. Rejoice in him because we have trusted past tense. Another words this we can rejoice because we trusted in him. If you don't trust. There's not much reason to rejoice. But when you commit your way to the Lord and you trust also in him we can rejoice because we have trusted in him.

Notice verse 22 says, let thy mercy, Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in the brings up the subject of mercy they would operate. I pray God have mercy on America. There's not one thing, I believe America has done that deserves God to show mercy to us, but I'm still asking for you at home. I would suggest gather your family around and when our service closes and not have prayer with your family for you go on to other things. I know it's hard and I know it's a lot of distractions when you're at home watching a service online.

Whatever the case might be, but you know what in their prayer. It should be God have mercy on our family.

God have mercy on our church. God have mercy on our country. We might not deserve working to keep asking for because God is merciful. It is only because of God's mercies. The Bible says that were not consumed. Let me share this with yes I close when you another verse and let me let me say this about the subject of mercy.

I don't know if you there at home. This might've been maybe game it just when I was a kid or maybe our younger folks and couples might not know this game we used to play a game called mercy and many times you would you and another individual.

Grab hands and and you would gotta wrestle EEG try to get each other in and of words finally hurt the other person you would go back and forth and finally where he was caught and you couldn't go any further and you are hurt and you go, then the person would stop and remember plan that is a kid oftentimes in you know what that was a sign of our I call out for mercy because it's apparent.

You're stronger than me and that's why we call out for mercy to God. It's a way of letting God know God, I know you're stronger than me, so I need mercy with the ViewEdit Psalm 116 verse six. I think this is the last one I'll share this morning. Probably I don't know about a lot more to share but little verse six of Psalm 116 the Lord preserves the simple, I was brought low, and he helped me return to thy rest of my soul for the Lord has dealt bountifully with the for thou hast delivered my soul from death mine eyes from tears in my feet from falling. Interesting versus relook at that this morning and let me if I can give you a couple things number one what were going through right now is a reminder of something.

As I look at this verse. It just kinda describes it. Notice what he says in verse six the Lord preserved with the simple, I was brought low, and he helped me number one is this this is a reminder how little we are in control. It was something hits our country like this.

It's a reminder how little were in control all the powers that be the make all their decisions that sit up on their little places of leadership and and kind of condescending and they think they're untouchable to think they can do what they want and all the stuff you know what every once in a while God allow some things to hit our country, be it floods, be it you know, natural disasters, even things like this, God can allow it, just to show us how little we are in control.

The Lord preserved with the simple, it means this that that's the best you and I could do is simple, I mean that. That's as complicated as we can get wheat wheat we we are so unworthy and unable as compared to God and this is what it says the Lord preserves the simple, I was brought low.

Any help me. That means until I brought low. God really can't help me much because as long as I'm as long as I'm at the top and as always I think I'm in control of everything. It seems as if we don't think we need God, but everyone's well something like this will hit and it's a reminder how I am not in control of anything and I don't have the answers for everything like sometimes I think I do. So now I gotta depend upon God I was brought low, and he helped me right now is the time we all need to be humble right now is a time that we will need to be trying to tell everybody what they're supposed to do right now is a time that we should be humble before God is a God.

We don't know everything, like we think we do.

So God would just have to trust you. And when we are brought low than God can help.

Notice the second thing here, he says, returning to thy rest all my soul, for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with the number two it's a reminder of how good God has been in this interesting. He said I was brought low in the Lord help me and after the Lord help me. He says this return to thy rest of my soul.

In other words, take you back to resting like you use to because God has been bountiful to you, God has blessed you. What happens is God's been very good to us and God blessed us, and then difficulties come and we get all worried and and then we get pride in our life.

And when were brought low, and were humbled and we depend on God once again, and again we remember God's always been good to me. You know, as we face this is a country. This is a reminder how good God has been this could be something we deal with all of our lives. This is just a season of things God's been good to this country. In fact I think about looking at how it's affected China and Italy and all the gods been very good to America. See, this is a reminder with some like this that were not in control. Like we think we are and it's also reminder how good God has been to us. You know this week has been school canceled and many of you understand that now kids are at home and sometimes been homeschooled and things in.

I'll be honest with you it's a been a reminder this week. Are you business can't go on as usual and we can't be running here and there and all around all those been a very busy week for me.

We can't be running here and there all around like we only do we kinda had to be more centered at home and you know what it's been a reminder of me of how blessed I am. How good God's been when I see my kids run around the yard when I sit in the house with my children. There there in their safe that's a reminder of how good God's been bountiful to me what you notice.

Thirdly, in verse eight he says this for thou hast delivered my soul from death mine eyes from tears in my feet from falling. This is a reminder that God has always been faithful know this isn't the first pandemic across America as of the first trial that we've had to face. But this is a reminder how God has been faithful from the start that I love what the psalmist says here no notice quickly. He says the hast delivered my soul from death that he says you delivered mine eyes from tears.

Then he says you've delivered my feet from falling Ellis to me once you get this. He says you've delivered my soul from death. That spiritual he said you delivered my eyes from tears. That's emotional and he said you delivered my feet from falling. That's physical. It means that is God's child. God is faithful to strengthen us and enable us spiritually, emotionally and physically. God is faithful. You cannot look around every corner and scared of what might happen. It's almost a sign to say to God. God, I don't know if I can trust you to be faithful in this. If God's always been faithful than God always will be faithful, and he can deliver us spiritually. He can deliver us emotionally and he can even deliver us or protect us physically. My feet from thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast the Baptist church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone and 336-993-5194 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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