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June 3, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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June 3, 2021 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today.

Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Psalm three. Look at verse one, a Psalm of David when he fled from Absalom, his son, Lord power, they increase that troubled me. Many are they that rise up against me. Many there be which say of my soul.

There is no help for him in God. Selah now see love appears about 70 times in Psalms and and him that word Selah is it it means one of two things normally. Commonly people know that word Selah to mean to stop and meditate on what was just written Selah by some also believe that that has to do with the timing of the music. All of these Psalm were some of these were.

This was the songbook and the Psalms were sung in Selah obviously would control the timing and when paws would be in a song or different things that nature was interesting and Psalm three is that Selah is given three different times.

There was only eight versus and so as we look at this meeting to stop and really meditate, think about what you have just heard or sung. We think that me and there's a lot of room to pause and meditate and stop in this one chapter and eight short versus notice if you would verse three but now, Lord, that means verse one and to say one thing and then we change directions.

Verse three but thou, Lord Artis shield for me, my glory and the lifter up of mine head. I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah.

I laid me down and slept.

I wait for the Lord sustained me. I will not be afraid of 10,000s of people that have set themselves against me roundabout. Arise, O Lord, save me.

Oh my God, for thou hast smitten all my enemies upon the cheekbone.

Thou has broken the teeth of the ungodly salvation belongs unto the Lord thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah. Lord we need you this morning and I know Lord. I especially need you and I know the things you've laid on my heart Lord.

May I make them clear and plain. May your word be a blessing to our people as it was to me. In Jesus name, amen.

Couple things I want you to see first fully dig into this.

This Psalm was written at a very difficult time in David's life. David was literally running from his own son, his son Absalom was trying to kill his dad.

He was not trying to just get his dad's crown and became he was trying to kill his dad and the Bible gives a lot about Absalom, the Bible describes Absalom as a rebellious young man. The Bible describes Absalom is a very popular young man.

The Bible says it Absalom oftentimes would stand outside of the gates and when people would be upset or disagree with David, the king that Absalom would go and talk to them and he would say something like well if you don't agree with that. I don't either. When if you'll help me to become king or if I was king I would do like what you just said and he would gotta win try to gain the hearts of the people and different things and so we know Absalom had his issues but I will say this, that there are a lot of us that we think maybe Absalom had good reason to hate his dad and to be mad at his dad and what it happened just to give you little bit of background, David. We all know about the sin that David had with Bathsheba.

David was the king and they were at war and David should've been at war, but he was at home and he was in his teens chambers and he was looking out over his kingdom and he saw a woman taking a bath on a rooftop and he lusted after her and being the king. He did what he wanted to do and he had them bring that woman Bathsheba to him and he did that which was not right and she became pregnant and he began to panic thinking that her husband was at war and here I am here and she ends up praying the people that I know something went on so he sent had her husband brought back to spend the night there. He thought maybe if he comes home, he and his wife will be together than the think that's the reason. And then her husband will know this is the reason because if she ends up praying that he knows he had been home for probably a year to that he would know something was wrong, but you know unfortunately for David's plan but is always in the providence of God. He was such a good man that her husband instead of going home to his wife.

He slept outside of David's door to protect him because he was a soldier when David found this out.

It ruined his plan and so David sent that man her husband to the battlefield to the very front line knowing he would be killed. This is all in an attempt to cover his sin.

It was bad and things begin to happen one after another. From that point in the baby that Bathsheba had died and so David had to basically pay for his sin through that and then David had a daughter and he added a set another son, and they were stepbrothers.

It was a stepbrother and stepsister and David's son Amnon ended up raping his own half-sister tame our so David son rate David's daughter and although they were stepbrother and sister. He ended up raping her and Absalom who was tame ours full brother Amnon was just a half-brother, but Taymor was Absalom's sister full-blooded you know dad and mom and and David, the king didn't really do anything about it and so Absalom took things under control and obviously Amnon was killed and so Absalom was mad at his dad. He hadn't defended his it is his sister and and his dad had done things that were wrong and got this woman pregnant and he was the king it Absalom had a lot of bitterness and a lot of resentment. A lot of these things that happen and so now in Psalm chapter 3 David is running from his son and Absalom had turned much of the kingdom against David and now David is running and he runs up to the Mount of olives. We know later where he is here in Psalm chapter 3 and he is up on the Mount of olives running for his life praying he singing he is trying to do everything he can do to keep a relationship with God. Despite what's been done despite fearing for his life to spit despite these down days and hurtful days and dark days that he's in. So we find here in verse one that David when he fled from Absalom, his son number one I want you to understand this chapter number one, we see David's restlessness. The Bible says here in verse one that he said Lord, how are they increased that trouble me. Many are they that rise up against me and he was fleeing from Absalom, his son number one I want you to see that he had a problem with family. I know if you if you're a parent that you are probably at times experience problems with your kids be there young teens older. Whatever it always ends up to be issues and some things but I wonder how many of you have actually had to run for your life because your son or daughter was trying to kill you. Maybe some of you back to face that I don't know about you, that's not what I been it's been the temptation sometimes to run after them and tried to hunt them down but there have family problems, you know, it's very difficult when you have problems with family, let me ask you this if you ever have problems with your children.

Have you ever been hurt because of what your children have done or the direction that they're going, here's David hiding out for his life, literally, who had been the king now he was hiding in brushes and caves in dark areas in shaded areas because his own son was trying to kill him number two. Yet persecution from friends. He didn't just have problems with family but yet persecution from friends, you see, when he says here that he was running from his son. Then he says is Lord, how are they increased that trouble me.

Many are they notices that rise up against me. He is describing people that used to be for him people that used to be loyal to him. People that used to love him. Now they had risen up against him. These are people that he had trusted and loved by the way David had been very good to his son Absalom. He had been very lenient and he had been very merciful to Absalom and now Absalom had repaid him by trying to kill him and then David had individuals as the king that he had taken care of it. Show loyalty to and now they had gathered around Absalom and now they were rising up against. Have you ever experienced persecution from friends. What I find interesting. David here says two things about this. Number one he says that there were very many number two. He says that they were very malicious. What's amazing is that as Absalom began to turn against his dad, the snowball began in motion and David here in Psalm three literally talks is a person that is absolutely amazed that just can't believe that so many people that he loved and trusted were now against him. I've never been there in your life. Maybe a job, maybe in your own family folks that you trusted folks that you love post that you thought you know I'm surely they would never and they did. This is how David was feeling. What I find interesting here that David admits persecution from his friends and problems with his family. David here was still having communion with God. I give you little bit of advice this morning. I want to help you.

Let no kindness or unkindness and let no persecution or abuse ever make you stop your communion with God because that's exactly what Satan wants the average person when there's problems with family. Our tendency is to back away from him and from God, and the common person when they begin to have problems with friends or people they begin to stop reading their Bible and stop praying and stop going to church and stop pointing the spiritual battle and dear friend, same as winning every day want to challenge you would not matter what family or friends or anybody does to you. Don't let it stop your communion with God. As a Christian that your lifeblood so many people do, let me take the third thing that is facing here which I find to me the most damaging look. If you would it verse two he says many there be which say my soul. There is no help for him in God. What I find interesting in David's restlessness here. What he did. He couldn't hardly sleep and he couldn't hardly eat and he was running for his life, is because he had problem with family and he had persecution for friends but let me tell you what was waiting on him heavily was passed. Failure to see what David here is saying is there's a lot of people that are saying because of that there is no help for him.

David is saying there literally saying this about me in my soul that God can help him king because of what he's done. I don't know about you but I I find it times that you know what eventually maybe I can deal with those problems with family and and and and when the persecution from friends or whatever the case might be that eventually made you get bigotry and get over that. I cannot say something dear friends the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with and I deal with it every day of my life is failure out my cell and as David is running and hiding.

There had to be party and I realize that he had created some of this, by the failures he had done anybody here ever failed anybody here ever found it difficult to deal with your self. When you have blown it.

David comes to God and he basically lays out what they were saying about him. Literally, they were saying. Even God can help you. David whereafter you were going to kill you and God's not even that I help you because you have failed.

If you're not careful. That's exactly what Satan wants you to think when you blown it.

It's done. God can get out of this situation. Even God can't help you now. Got probably mad at you and God doesn't want anything to do with you because you blown it because you have done this in your life and dear friend. You might be here new mother made some mistakes and you might've apologize and got right and began God doesn't hold that against you deeper and gives us through exactly what Deborah was talking about his grace. David said they they say of me, Lord, that you won't even help me he's talking to God right here. He said God they're saying about me that I can even get help from you and to this complaint, he adds the word Selah Eddie is saying this is literally a long pause that all the things that they had said hurtful what had hurt Dave in the most was that they said I can't even help you. David stops right there and there is a long box as he talks to God.

Wondering for response. God is not true that even you can help me that even you would turn your back on me right now, when everybody in my life has turned their back on me. I find it interesting that you find the attitude changes. Verse three begins and what happens is David literally is saying here. Let them say what they want, but what I am concerned about is what you have to say God I give you a little bit of advice today. What's not important in your life is what people have to say. What is important is what God has to say. That's what's important. Well let's see what God had to say to David, let's see, by the way, as we look at this chapter what God is to his people. What God here is to David what David found in God and what you and I can find in God because as David was restless in verse one into beginning in verse three we find something interesting here. David describes his relationship with the Lord. So David goes from restlessness to his relationship. Let's look at our relationship with God now. This encouraged me peers. David in a dark time is what people are saying God is what I'm going through. I'm hot for my life. If you would it verse three but thou, old Lord Artis shield for me, my glory and the lifter of mine head. This begins the part of David's relationship with the Lord and David begins to describe it, and I want to encourage you with this today. Number one, you will see that it is a pardon relationship.

Here's what's interesting. Notice those first three words but all Lord that were always on words before you begin to say a word. So it's not his three words in a letter I watch Sesame Street when I was younger. Blob blob Lambert account anyway. I will talk about that is what he says in verse two.

This is what people are saying they have passed judgment. They say there's no help for me. They say they say I'm dead. But in verse three God's will Lord what he is saying is that is God's judgment may have passed since they aren't done with me. You made differently different. I'm here to tell you if you know the Lord is your savior. You have a pardon relationship people might say whatever they want to about you, but God didn't feel that way, they might look and say you're a failure.

But God says you're my friend, they might look at you and say you know you have but God looks at you and says you're forgiven but it's all wonderful to know what anybody else has to say. What's important is what God says dear friend I'm here to tell your whole family euro whatever social circles might've turned on you, but the Lord feels different. The Bible says he will never leave the nor forsake the even if you loan a pardon relationship. What I love about this, by the way, is that conjunction BUT now there are other conjunctions there is a conjunction called and and you know what the conjunction and does and connects or continues. But the conjunction but it changes and continues and obviously connects but that conjunction but changes thought that means is the word and means whatever is coming next is exactly what was in the front, but the word Bible means is that what was said. Now there's a different opinion commenting on. They say God by now say differently. A pardon relation notice number two we see a protecting relationship. David said but thou, old Lord, our a shield of protection that means this everybody might be against me, but God I don't have any kind of a shield.

I don't have any way to defend myself.

I'm out here hiding in the shrubs in the bushes pairing them out of all man. I'm crying half the time.

I'm praying you have the time. I'm trying to sing songs at the time.I'm about to go crazy anyway to defend myself. But God, my shield, dear friend, listen to me when I give you another pill piece of advice. Quit trying to protect yourself could try and take care of everybody else and block what they have to say constantly trying to fix this and fix that dear friend, you don't have to be your own shield. God is your shield and you go away you and I ever find that out as we get to the point that we can't defend ourselves and God comes through dear friend here to drive yourself nuts trying to answer everybody that criticizes you, the limitation of that out you know I'm honest with you.

A lot of creatures get up and blast technology, and different things. I'm here to tell you I don't feel this or that way about. I think technology is just like everything else in this world. It can be used for good and it can be used for bad and I would say something, even something like Facebook. I have seen Facebook be a blessing to my family. I don't even have Facebook I don't have a Facebook page. I don't have the time and that you know I don't have it all. I can see is a bunch of problems coming out of it to somebody would want to friend me and I don't want to friend them back or maybe I didn't see it.

I didn't see it for a month on the loose families out of my church of Prichard and me on Facebook that but on the taste of it. I have watched Facebook be a blessing as folks print things and people pray for you and I know about things and on the taste of that. I know they just recently did a TV story in Denver Colorado about Kate and some of you might've seen the TV video. I don't get up and say a lot about it and this man engenders building a bed for Kayden because he heard about his condition and and and I go through the whole thing and he raise money on social media. Some of you might've even given to that and he raise money. He's built his bed, driving it all away from Everett August to give the Kayden because of his heart condition and different things and they did a whole TV story in Denver space got my wife and I and we're interviewing with the with the reporter there and it hit the news and I think last count, like 38,000 people have watched his video and we asked for prayer for Kayden we have got emails and texting while praying for Kayden. Pray for Kate.

I don't know Kate and I'm here to tell you I'm so thankful that word spreads like that and I'm so thankful for every prayer that God would give our people would get to God on behalf of my son. I am for all that, but I'm here to tell you one of the downside about social media is that when you get criticize or somebody's after you or someone is against you to get on there and type that you might not even know who they are and you don't have a face and all of a sudden people begin to jump on and all of a sudden you think a bunch of people are against you and I'm here to tell you that you drive yourself crazy to try to defend yourself. Everybody not be your shield. David said you're my shield. I am not strong enough right now God to be my own shield. Here's a man David to kill the giant. Here's a man name of the tour. A lion's mouth apart there barehanded literally slain thousands of men on his own now. He couldn't even protect himself God, you're my shield. You go ahead and you try to protect yourself all you want to. But I'm here to tell you. Eventually the time will come when you can't and God will have to be your shield want you notice not only is it a pardon relationship protecting relationship. Oh I love this is a personal relationship. David said his mother thou oh Lord RK shield what for me it is nice to know that God is a shield and he gives grace and glory. Well, what is even more wonderful is that these are shield personal God takes care of you like you're the only person in the world they visit God your shield that makes it obviously protecting but he said for me that makes a person your mind shield you're there when I need to. You're always with me. You're always protecting your always watching dear friend, how blessed you want to be this morning. I don't care what's going on in your life and how bad it is limitation of the new and I have no idea how many things God has protected us from over the years and he did it for you personally. Personal he's a shield for me me say next that we only see that it's a pardon relationship.

It's a protected relationship a shield. It's a personal relationship for me and notices it's appraising relationship.

David says this but thou, oh Lord artists shield for me and he says this my glory. That means there's no listen you got understand what David here David here admits that with his failures.

There is nothing in himself to glory. About the only thing in David's life worth giving glory to was his Lord, you are my glory and by the way, listen to this God is the only thing in your life worth glorying about to ask you something is God the only glory in your life or is there part of you that glorifies in you, be honest with you I it's amazing how personal failure can change that, and humble us. It's amazing how you and I will glory in ourselves very willingly. But as soon as we blow it and we fail to start turning against me and we realize nothing to glory about only God now say this, that, here is David who allowed himself to have impure thoughts and did he allow himself to have impure actions and he was the king and he had what he wanted and by the way David had seven wives at the time that he did this with Bathsheba.

I've been working on a message like people to know that I've studied every one of the seven wives and it is an interesting study. Let me tell you, but this man had seven wives and then here's comes Bathsheba and here is the key, yet impure thoughts impure actions he's on top of the world thinks he can do whatever he wants to do. He does what he wants get what he wants. He has whoever killed that he wants and now after being big king and being on top of the hill.

Now he's hiding in bushes running for his life and now he says God, my only glory I will I God, you haven't. You're my glory dear Fran, I don't know about you but when you have some failures in your life as I have. There is nothing left in here to glory of their nothing left to brag about, there's nothing left to try to get credit for some bloated way more than I been victorious God is my only glory you come up if you're nice and some people were kind. I know the probably have time. They're not on the truth. I don't mean you come up and use a printer that was a great message today.

Can I tell you something very no part of Daniel Autry, the thinks Daniel Hocker had anything to do that. Daniel Autry knows Daniel Hocker's failures and I'm here to tell you.

To God be the glory of God uses something in your life. David said here it's appraising relationship and by the way, we all eventually will find three circumstances in our life that God is our only glory I want you to notice. Next, he says, but thou, oh Lord artists shield for me, my glory notice this a providing relationship.

The lifter of my head and by the way, he's a preacher what you saying here I am saying this that when you're low.

And when you're down when you're defeated the Holy Spirit of God comes into your life and he lifts up that head. He provides that strength. He provides that encouragement. Whatever is needed to get that hat up and get that spirit out and get back out to serve God that Holy Spirit provides that in your life. It's a providing relationship different look at me I'm not I'm not this is an about me, but on the today I can use one, you might hurt your feelings of I gave your life story.

Limitation of the past three or four years there have been enough circumstances in my life. The things we have been through sitting in hospitals watching a mom die, watching a child and infant go through surgeries.

Whatever the case might be there. Then off. There's been a lot of times it only to tell you that my head is been lifted up and I made it to the pulpit on Sunday morning and I tried to preach with a fresh heart and I tried to preach as best I could without with with the clean heart in a pure heart, and the only reason that my head was lifted up is because God didn't because I did not have the strength to lift up my own head. But God provides that many times in your life, Sunday nights string to get my money morning you wake up and you because God head different quit trying to lift it up on your own. Quit trying to find this and that to make you happy and make you contend your friend, you can't were not made with the ability God has to lift up our thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast the Kerwin Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services.

Life all our media on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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