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June 24, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today.

Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Chapter 7 I want to begin reading verse 36 and today I just want to do on the subject of learning a lesson at lunch with the Lord. Learning a lesson at lunch with the Lord is a passage that you're familiar with and am familiar with, but as I've tried to dig into it this week. The boy learned a lot and just some things that I needed reminded of and I hope it'll be a blessing to you today.

If you're visiting. Thank you for being here were glad you're here and I do want to say publicly appreciate our staff that has done such a good job of covering things while I was gone and brother Frank did a wonderful job preaching last Sunday morning for the David last Sunday night and tonight we had the privilege of brother Jacob Gerald's ordination service. So be here at 5 o'clock will have a reception afterwards and will be taken off for brother Jacob. We don't get to do that a lot for staff and them. But I am hoping you'll be able to participate in that this evening if you would. Verse 36 of Luke chapter 7, and one of the Pharisees desired him, which is Jesus.

This Pharisees name by the way, we find out a couple verses later. His name is Simon and so this Pharisee desire that Jesus would eat with him, and he went into the Pharisee's house and sat down to meet and behold, a woman in the city which was a sinner when she knew that Jesus sat at me in the Pharisee's house brought an alabaster box appointment and stood at his feet behind him weeping and began to wash his feet with tears and it wiped them with the hairs of her head and kissed his feet and anointed them with ointment now in the Pharisee which had bidden him, saw, he spake within himself saying this man if he were a prophet would have known who and what manner of woman this is that touches him for she is a center and Jesus answering said unto him, Simon.

I have somewhat the same entity and he saith master say on now before the one let me just point out here that Simon had not said anything out loud. No, Simon was a Pharisee and Pharisees were interpreters of the law. They were religious and they were the religious leaders but the law that they Was a religious law and the American mind you, that you and I Jesus came and died and rose again, we are now under grace, and not under the law, but these men obviously were the ones that counted were keepers of the law interpreting the law and they would inflict this law upon people.

So this is Simon in the Bible says that Simon thought these things in his head and they weren't very good thoughts about this woman. And as he thought these things as soon as he thought them. Then Jesus said, Simon I've got something I want to say to you, and so Simon said of course I will master say on now Simon would not know that what Jesus was getting ready to say was a result of what Simon had taught, and this is a reminder for even go on to remind you that Jesus does not just hear what you say he knows what we think he knows our heart is just a reminder today. So what did Jesus say to him. Those of you in verse 41, Jesus gives them an illustration. He said there was a certain creditor, which had two debtors and owed 500 pence to the one obviously in the other 50 and when they had nothing to pay. He frankly forgave them both. So here's two men that owed him money. Neither one of them could pay them back, and he forgave both of them. One of him. One of them owed him 500 pence and the other owed him 50. So, if you will look at verse 43 Simon answered and said well I got I'm sorry I skip verse 42 and when they had nothing to pay.

He frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore Jesus says which of them will love him most. Simon answered and said, I suppose that he to whom he forgave most any sending him, thou hast rightly judged the limit point that out, that being a Pharisee. These men were basically judges of the law and you know there's not much good, said or even written about Pharisees and Sadducees and things in the Bible, and there always after Jesus and these men were such believers and followers of the law that their loyalty was to the law and you notice here how Jesus kind of appeals to Simon's own ego when he gives him the scenario and he said you know who were these individuals who do things can be the most grateful. The one who was forgiven 0.50 or the one who was forgiven 500 pence and Simon said well I suppose that the person that was forgiven. The most and then Jesus says, he could've just said you're right.

But he says thou hast rightly judged. It's amazing how Jesus can always set you up before he knocks you down notice. If you would. Verse 44 and he turned to the woman and said in the Simon CS thou this woman I entered into thine house. Thou gavest me no water for my feet, but she hath wash my feet with tears and wipe them with the hairs of your head, thou gavest me no kids, but this woman since the time I came in have not ceased to kiss my feet my head with oil, thou that's not annoying but this woman hath anointed my feet with ointment. Wherefore, I say into the her sins which are many, are forgiven for. She loved much but to whom little is forgiven. The same love with little and he said under her by sins are forgiven and when they that sat at me with him began to say within themselves. Who is this that forgiven sins also and he said to the woman, thy faith hath saved the go in peace, prayer, Lord, I love you and we love your word and lower there's so much here for us to glean from afraid you'd help me today. Please Lord, preaching to the best people in the world and I pray that you'd help me to rightly divide your word to them.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen. This particular passage there's three main characters that I want to point out to you today and that we just want to learn a lesson from each of and that's one of the best ways you got a break God's word down in the CR. What is this mean what is that mean what can I learn from this and so these are the three main characters in the story.

First there is the self righteous bats. This Pharisee named Simon he was self-righteous.

Notice the second character and what you see is the Savior now the Savior. Jesus was through this entire story weaving in and out of every verse. The third character I want you to see is the center and that was this woman now want you to know in life, you're always going to find these three things in life you and I are the center.

We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. The Bible says, but you're always going to run across some self righteous the individuals that think that they can't have right to sit back and judge and critique everyone else for what they have to do wrong.

Unfortunately, there are many self-righteous at church but aren't you glad thirdly that wherever you go in life, weaving in and out of your life. There's always good to be the Savior is always there, always willing to forgive and always willing to love so as we look at these three characters were to learn something.

I will admit to you in the first service.

All I made it through was the center I didn't get to preach two thirds of my message. What a pity.

So really get it all and I'm just accruing to see how we how far we go, but I want us to learn what we need to learn notice. If you would first, as we look at the center. Verse 37. The Bible says, and behold, a woman in the city which was a center so for us to understand the story we kinda have to understand the subjects of the story this sinner.

I want you to notice first house. She had been bought this woman was a prostitute. This woman was a harlot. The Bible says that she was a woman in the city and she was a center now from these two phrases. We understand a couple things as you look into the meaning of these Greek words, the fact that she was in the city means that that was her dwelling place. That's where she stayed. She was in the city. That's where she worked. That's where she did business. Bible says she was a sinner in this workcenter obviously lets us know that this was a woman that literally worked in the city as a person that sold her body to individuals. Now you and I would say well that's just absolutely despicable and and you know what out what a horrible horrible thing and if you think this term how she had been bought that was her life selling herself for you and I become too quick to judge me. I remind you that what she was guilty of II hope that maybe that's not your life, but may I say this, you and I have been guilty of the same thing. So I would never do anything like that preacher can ask you something. How many times have you and I sold ourselves for something in the world. How many times have we sold God's will sold God's plan because our flesh wanted something I'll be honest with you every one of us at times have sold something precious for something that was temporary. All of us are guilty of the same thing how she had been bought. I was looking up and got a reading about this passage digging into it to find out.

Hey, you know what is everything I'm missing anything that I would that I would see in and one writer that was kinda describing this lady said that literally. This was a person that basically would drink with her customers to try to get through it. They wish she would drink after her customers try to somehow be able to sleep and then she would drink during the day to try to somehow be able to keep doing what her life had given her. She was a woman that was used to being you a woman that knew she was only wanted for one thing, a woman that knew temporary fulfillment of another's pleasure, but new nothing of lasting that's who this person was how she had been bought want you to know to secondly who she sought the Bible says that in verse 37, when she knew that Jesus sat at me in the Pharisee's house.

That means is that this woman was trying to find Jesus. Somehow, someway, she was asking people you ever seen Jesus do you know you know where is that you know if he's anywhere in town is there anywhere that I could find him and somehow she got the information that he was going to E at the Pharisee Simons house now from this passage we can gather that somehow this woman had already met. Somehow, he had already come by her way and this is a woman that was used to men looking at probably her body. But when Jesus passed by, he saw her soul. May I remind you that he saw your soul and today I want you to understand that maybe you are an individual that over the years.

It feels like you been used by people and that the end that people have Promised one thing and let you down and and people have not kept their commitments, and you had family that have let you down. Parents that might have let you down, children or grandchildren that might have let you down but I'm here to tell you. Jesus is not one that will ever let you down, he sees your soul. Any law you for so she was seeking Jesus. I don't know how he had shown compassion on her and I don't know how he had shown forgiveness to her. Hey, we are not told of the story.

I don't know if maybe Jesus had spoken with her and she became a believer I don't know Jesus had shown her a different life had shown her real love and had explained to her how faith in him and faith in Christ. How it would change her life. I don't know but we know what this woman was and we know what she had done. But now she was trying to find Jesus, now in some way so that she could thank you so want you to notice. Thirdly, what she brought.

The Bible says that she showed up at this Pharisee Simons house.

She was not invited but she showed up anyway you say why is that because she was seeking Jesus and this woman had been to the bottom of her barrel and individuals that have been to the bottom finally get to the point when they want Jesus. And when they have tried everything else and been down every other road and have found out what that kind of life brings you.

And you get to the point that you realize I'm desperate and I'm hopeless.

I've got no other option for and nothing has worked. And I want Jesus, you'll find that you don't care how people look at you and you don't care what might come your way, you'll get through the crowd. You'll get over the obstacles you'll get over the mountain but somehow someway you get to Jesus. God give us those kind of Christians in church members that the term and they want Jesus and will go through anything to get to who she sought what she brought CCI preacher I know what she brought she brought this package appointment. Bible says an alabaster box appointment but may I explained that even in the Greek here. This is obviously a container, but this is probably something that this woman had hanging around her neck. And I say that because that she probably did not have her own permanent dwelling. She was a person that her body was being used. She really didn't have a home, so anything that this woman owned or had she would have with her and this was probably ointment that she used in her business to obviously put that perfume on herself that would attract attention that would that would send that obviously that would that would be pleasing to an individual and that would attract them to her. This is something that she had used for that something that she had to have to even do what she did and she brings this to Jesus and you say so I understand what she brought, but I want you to look a little bit closer today. After all, this woman had been through and the life she had lived that wasn't all that she brought to Jesus that day what you notice first that she brought brokenness. The Bible says in verse 37 if you will notice that when this woman found out that Jesus was going to be at this individual's house at Simons house verse 38 says is that she stood at his feet behind him weeping is a lot richer understand maybe the language of that what you mean. She stood at his feet. This woman as she approached Jesus as he was in this house. She just came in this house. She was desperate to get to Jesus and she got to it. This literally brings the ideal that as she came in and saw him, she began to bow down and crumble literally at his Bible says she was weeping. You'll find verse 44, 45, 46, that Jesus as he retells the story to Simon literally and brings up what she had done. He brings reference to the fact that she was weeping she was broken know the Bible says. The Bible says that the Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart. Are you bringing brokenness to Jesus today. You know a problem, you and I sometimes don't need Jesus so much because were not broken. We have so many blessings in it. We have so many advantages and things are good in our life right now and you know I got I got soprano like everyone else, but I'm okay and you know what oftentimes we come into church out of obligation, but we do not come in again.

But that's all the difference in the world. When you and I bring brokenness to Jesus. Some of you might recall gets it's a month or two now gains a junior church correct the injured, some remember a couple months ago hour-long spin that we had preacher boys on a sunny night. Some of our men that are preachers just try to give them opportunity as we can were blessed to have them, but you know if I can them all preach all the time. I never get to preach and my son Kate on the way to church one to preach and I said you know what okay I'm figuring that that'll pass about time we got to church. He was still wanting to preach that night in a civil okay this is not a joke. This is to serious you need a verse you need to share God's word that preach is not just getting up and messing around 10. So I figure that would pass so we had the service and had one of our preacher men or whatever or or couple of my forget we did the offering and during the offering. He only preach from.

I have no I do it is to say, we have worked on. We have gone over anything. This could be a train wreck.

Who knows, some you remember as he got up and he quoted this verse, an individual that's had three open-heart surgeries. Even at six years of age. For some reason, his mind saw something in that verse that applied to his life and as that little six-year-old got up there and said the Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart and I had a broken heart and God was with me and I don't have any idea what a six-year-old brain has seen over the years. I would say this that everyone's well will talk with Kate a little bit about his open-heart surgeries and we had wanted three days three months and three years of age, but he sometimes will talk about a man that he saw in the operating room and I don't know if that's case could been the doctor could've been, whatever, but there's a lot of people in the operating room and the whole lot of people in his particular operating rooms, but he always talks about this one man I don't know that'll probably pass in his mind will probably not remember that you say what you think it is.

I don't know what it is I know who could be, but I know this. The Lord is nigh unto those of you who are of a broken heart. She brought brokenness. How long has it been since you brought God you over brokenness in church want to know. Secondly, she brought not just brokenness, but she brought humility. The Bible says that she literally bowed at his feet got down at Jesus feet, which is a position of humility. It's subservient and she literally was weeping in her tears.

The Bible said literally covered dropped on the feet of Jesus she bow in his presence. Later on, as Jesus is kind of teaching Simon. He said Simon when I walked in the house. You didn't bow to me, but this woman has bowed weeping and covered my feet with her tears know the Bible still says that God resists the proud, but he gives grace to the humble. Maybe you and I think that we live such a good life now and we we been so cleaned up and and we don't do these things and we don't do some of the things that the world doesn't. We don't do this and we don't do that. It made we follow our little. As a follower little traditions or whatever the case might be, but I may I say that oftentimes you and I we walk in the God's house with us. It humility like we should, but with an arrogant pride about ours as if were better than those outside these walls and dear friend, may I say that there was a room full of religious people there that day, but only one person brought humility. How many times in the church but is there a room full of religious people, but barely even one that might bring humility, you humble before God today. Are you able to really see what we are. Are you and I able to really see some of the things we've done, how undeserving we are for the grace of God there is a table full of religious men that thought they were above everyone, but this one person that came in full of sin, a life of filth was so old. By the grace of God.

Oh, if you and I would only bring humility to the Lord. Notice, this third thing, she brought gratitude.

Why was she weeping, and why did she bow at his feet and why did she take her hair and clean his feet and why did she pour this ointment on because she was grateful because she had been forgiven a lot. Now be honest with you I'm an individual they grew up in a Christian home mom and dad traveled every week of our lives. I was in church just about every night and I'm not exaggerating about that every night of my life and I'll be honest with you when I got saved. It wasn't like that. There was a life full of sin for me to be saved out of. I was saved young at the age of nine I live in a travel trailer with my mom and dad what could I have done.

I mean, you're never more than 30 feet away from your parents. They create some need for counseling for me and them so you know I got a grew up probably overlooking under appreciating church preaching God's word God's grace. Jenna you get older and you make some mistakes and you really blow it. Sometimes you look in the mirror and you realize probably deep down what you really are and you start appreciating it now.

Our young people are to be kept in church now to be in God's house but there's always the danger that because they feel maybe they been forgiven from a little that they don't appreciate it as much is from as those that have been forgiven a lot, may I say, dear friend, none of us have been forgiven more than the other were all sinners that have been saved by the grace of God I want you to notice next she brought sacrifice that she brings this alabaster box appointment now you say were preacher what you know what's the significance of that this this box appointment was precious. It was expensive. So, oh I don't enter Cialis and this was a sacrifice. This woman was trying to find Jesus so that she could bring something of value to him. Now look at me. I want you to get this she considered her own self so valuable that she had to bring ointment to have anything of value. That's how worthless she considered herself so fine you don't use it. Will she could brought her cell phone know she did but she didn't consider that much of a gift because of the life she lived.

So what did she do she found the most expensive thing that she had which was this little container of ointment and she willingly sacrificed that to him because he had done so much for know you and I been forgiven a lot by the Lord. It ought to be natural for us to want to sacrifice something for him. Don't know if you've ever thought that forethought this but may explain something about this box appointment that she pours on Jesus you know we talk about the fact that she was humble and she was grateful not not know. Look at me.

I want you to get this in Jesus day they often why was he wore sandals or they might've been there. Barefooted him.

The Bible says and this woman came into this house and oftentimes if there was any kind of a nice dwelling they would take their shoes off if they had shoot because they would be so dirty but their feet would still be dusty and this woman when she came into this house. As she approached Jesus and she fell at his feet.

The Bible says that the first step was that there were tears that fell on his feet and the Bible says when those tears fell on Jesus feet that she literally took her hair and began to wipe and clean that dirt because the tears as they would mix with the dust on the feet would create mud.

It would it would make his feet, dirty, and so she would take her hair and she would clean off his feet. But why did she pour the ointment. Listen to me. I want you to get this because, as she had cleaned his feet and began to kiss his feet. This woman was so ashamed of her sin and saw herself for what she really was that she was literally pouring that ointment over his feet as if to disinfect and cleanse his feet from the filth of her own, is she felt such a center that for me to kiss his feet. I need to do something to wipe that off of him, if you ever thought of this but may I say this act says something else. This ointment that this lady had because she had no permanent dwelling and she basically lived on the street corners. This ointment was essential for her to be able to do what she did because she would have to that ointment on so that she would have a descent that would attract others to her look at me and whatever Jesus did, however, he did it and he had forgiven her and shown her love and shown her compassion and all these things look at me. She was so appreciative that when she came in she poured literally out her very precious ointment she poured it all out on his fee that is a sign that she had no intentions of ever going back to that lifestyle because she would not need that ointment anymore.

She wanted to give it all she have you and I poured everything out and we said no turning back toward. We still have a hand or a finger on something in the world were trying to kinda ride both sides. She was so grateful for forgiveness.

She had no intention of ever going back to what she did. How let me mention this if I can.

Lastly she brought love that the Bible says that Jesus looks at Simon and he says Simon when I came in the house. You didn't have water for my feet, but this woman wash my feet with her tears. He said Simon when I come in the house. You didn't show love.

But this woman has kissed me ever since she walked in the door. Thank you for listening.

We received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 336-993-5119 or near the Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenian honor website and church. Thank you for listening. The Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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