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July 15, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Ephesians chapter 4 we introduced our new series for the next few weeks. Last week, and we want to get started with our first giant that we want to deal with this morning, be angry and sin not let not the sun go down upon your wrath, neither give place to the devil. Let him that stole steal no more, but rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that need if I want to look at a couple of things tonight and the Bible gives us numerous. I guess you would call an instruction about the subject that I want to deal with this morning.

I'm afraid that sometimes there are individuals sitting in a church that have allowed hurt feeling that have allowed something that somebody did something that somebody said to hurt them. Ephesians chapter 4 I want to look at verse 30 and I want to continue their grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. Today I like to preach on the giant of bitterness the giant of bitterness and may I say this to you this morning. It is a giant and I will say this, that if you are struggling with the giant of bitterness in your life. All these other giants I mentioned, you will not have a chance to defeat any of them to you defeat this. This will stop you from making any progress in your spiritual life is a how do you know I got to know from experience, to be honest with you, but that's my business, but it could be here this morning that maybe there's something that's been said something that's been done may be a circumstance, it might out of anything anybody did, it might've just happened to you and you been bitter you been angry. I talked an individual this week that was. Thank God, honest in this individual set. I've just been mad at God and us of what we've all been there, but this is a giant folks and according to our passage. No believer has a right to be bitter and I want to talk about that this morning as our first giant that we face is the giant of bitterness. Father Lord, I know Satan does not want this preached. In fact, Lord, I know that if Satan had his way, every individual sitting in this church would be bitter at something or somebody.

Satan would absolutely love that one thing, Lord, I know he doesn't want his.

He does not want one person that has been struggling with bitterness that walked into this building. He does not want them walking out of this building with victory over that. So Lord I know he's going to do everything you can do to fight this this morning. It will bring things to people's minds trying to get them to daydream and wander and think of things different than what's being preached. So Lord I ask you to strike Satan from our presence this morning, and from the minds of our people and that you would allow each person to listen with an open heart and an open mind and open ears to what your word has to say in your name we pray.

Amen. What you notice first. This morning the contamination of bitterness, the contamination of bitterness. Look, if you would it a couple of things I want to look at verse 27. The Bible says neither give place to the devil.

Look at verse 30 and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God that means this there's two things that bitterness does in your life number 18 Gives Satan Pl. in your life that he's not supposed to have. You know, we don't have to give him anything. We don't have to give him any ground in our life. We don't have to let him in anywhere. We don't have to give him any access to anything. God's given us victory over that he's made that available.

We don't have to give Satan anything.

But if we allow bitterness to fester in our life.

We are giving place to him. The second thing it does is this it grieves the Holy Spirit of God cannot tell you something I believe with all my heart. There's no way to know only God knows this but I believe with all my heart that not just here display some shirts happen here, but I would say Opera has been 10 years and evangelism I preached in churches all over from California to the East Coast and you know from up in Delaware down to Florida preached in men's Washington down the Southern California would say something.

I believe that many times God wanted to do a work but bitterness sitting in the audience stopped what God wanted to do because it grieves the Holy Spirit of God is a preacher. Why does it grieve the Holy Spirit of God.

Let me tell you why. Anything that controls you.

Other than the Holy Spirit of God then grieves the Holy Spirit of God is seen the Holy Spirit supposed to control us. That's what we call living in the spirit daughter that's Amen but when we're bitter bitterness controls you. That's why grieve the Holy Spirit because he supposed to have control of you, but he can as long as bitterness does, in folks bitterness does exactly that. I know we always sometimes get leery of preaching of pretrial bitterness again today. Listen to me. Bitterness can just simply control you controls your mind it can begin to control your thoughts, your actions, then it controls your whole life and the Bible says that the way you contaminate your life. Is this it gives Satan place in your life now and it also grieves the Holy Spirit.

Nothing about this. It gives same place and it makes the Holy Spirit lose ground so that means when you have bitterness now saying gives ground and God loses ground yet as wise as it gives Satan's place as if you give anything just saying you don't run with it.

You know it ask you this morning has you different than you used to be your your shorter temper than you used to be Ari. It is your patients actually out the window. Are you cynical are you negative do you complain all the time you mad at everybody. It could be that somewhere inside of all this that the fact that you've allowed bitterness there.

It has then taken over your life and when you give Satan that kinda place in your life.

It then leads to other things that I say this with you. Allow bitterness to fester in your life. It won't be long till there will be other fruits of the flesh that show up because we now given place to Satan. We now allowed him to take control of this area of our life and before long he will try to control every area of our life.

The contamination of bitterness. I don't think I have to tell you it contaminates just us saving on what you knows this morning is the cause of bitterness.

We give you what verse 30 you say this is a stretch for you to get this out of this phrase I want you to think you you you gotta listen to me on this one like verse 30 in the second part of verse 30.

This is grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. Okay.

Is he talking to hear you talking to saved individuals because he's talking to those that have been sealed unto the day redemption. By the way, I always give a commercial and you notice I said this last time that periodically you just cannot preach the Bible without coming up with a verse after verse that teaches eternal security in Christ. This Bible says that if you been saved, you are sealed unto the day redemption have a haole right there. That means you know I pretrial my struggle with bitterness and I might struggle with some sin in my struggle was some anger in all of us, by the way, don't you dare have a condescending look at others because they deal with something and they deal with this.

I had an individual is a friend of mine, and he's been a good friend of mine just came to church couple weeks ago I been trying for months, and he's a wonderful guy and an end and a couple two weeks ago he call me cell is not been working all day. This guy out, you know, has nothing to do with church. Nothing to do with church lifestyle and any any any eat, email, many silicide and working all day to all, the artwork and I sat down and enjoyed a cigar.

Is that wrong know it's over.

You say no, absolutely not all have one with you know you know what I you and you know what what is probably trying to thing okay don't see this bridge is going to judge me that the whole thing but I just got in the church you thinking to give him whole sermon is what I said. I said what the Bible teaches that our body is the temple of God said that is the principle from Scripture. Why many will say that that's wrong. I said but cannot tell you. Overeating is just as wrong and gluttony is just as wrong. I said I struggle with my gluttony. Apparently, why are you laughing at that I don't appreciate that my life would say I don't eat a lot. I just I just use it well you know just I make the most of what I eat but I told him this message or not you hear me complain about your cigar until I can fix my problems with a seven dear friend. We all struggle, but isn't it nice to know that even though we struggle.

We are sealed unto the day of redemption. Thank God for that because we all struggle, but if you been say you are sealed nobody can touch you, including Satan, we can fight shouldn't scratch in many can try to get you do all this kind of stuff but he can't get your soul. Thank God for that. Once you notice the cause of bitterness. You say how out of that phrase that we are sealed out of the day redemption.

What is that mean that means this limit table causes bitterness number one, ignoring the providence of God. You see, dear friend.

If you are if you been saved and you are sealed to the day redemption.

That means that God is in control and you know why you and I get better because we get better because we think something's happened that should've happened to us. Somebody said something that should've been said and we think that we are a victim and we think that circumstances have gotten out of control, and this should've never happened as look at me, but that is ignoring the providence of God. If God thought you couldn't have handled it in you kind of taken it.

God would've allowed it. So for you to let yourself get better. You're basically saying God you're not doing a good job of controlling my life say they always know about this, it means your ignoring the protection of God because not only is God in charge of God's why would we get better. God will protect us. If it's something is going to damage us the rest of our life, you will protect us from it.

If it was something we couldn't get victory over 3M let it happen because he's the one that protects and he's the one that's in charge you and I should have comforted trust and the fact we are sealed by the Holy Spirit of God. He's in control using protection but happened to me. God can give me the strength and the victory beyond it. That leads us a logical collusion for the third thing.

It means ignoring the peace of God, you know what, the fact that you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit of God to give you peace in your life. Look at me.

The fact that God has sealed you means that you either. There should be one thing that any person here or in your life does to you not to make you better because you been sealed by God he's protecting you. He's going to take you to heaven. We got no right to be better now were going to be harder and were to have times when we get angry. That's why said number 26 be angry and said not to be things that are going to happen but you cannot ignore the peace of God, the Bible says that the peace of God passes all understanding and peace in the middle that I don't know nobody can understand but God can give it remitted a fundraiser for Burtis and Vivian anybody has a right to be bitter about God. I think words does right now nonzero everyone of you got your own story why you think you could have a right to be bitter against God. Someday, something Burtis has that right right now I think the Bible says he doesn't have that right.

But I'm flesh. God's right arm wrong. I mean, you know he's done nothing but serve God faithfully here for years.

Ran bus routes for years probably count on one hand, the amount of services they missed over the years.

Nobody could be more faithfully then they been fable been a good deacon here over here for years been faithful been loyal elves and got all the stuff now is losing his eyesight. He can't get a break. He got bills facing eyeballs and you would say why… Protect me against God when I let it happen. The Burtis God wouldn't give him the strength he said in blast furnace cannot get better when I do I have to get better at anything because of bitterness.

What you notice there are the characteristics of bitterness. How does Bettis bitterness show itself in your life. Let's look at real quickly. In verse 31 cup God gives a list here, but there's some principles associated with them.

Notice the first thing he says this. Let all bitterness that, by the way, that word bitterness comes from a Greek word which is the Greek word for Korea say what is that mean that word is a word for poison. Do you know that that bitterness poisons your life, although on a given X he says his wrath see all these things go together.

Just all gonna come in wrath, his passion pierced this indignation. Then he says anger. Anger is violent passion. Then he says clamor clamors outcry. That's when what's going on inside like any folks wrath and anger and bitterness is coming in on the inside but before long. When that stuff goes on. It's going to come out and that's clamor. That's when you start making vocal what's been going on inside. That's what all the hurt feelings and the anger valve said now is before long what's on the inside comes out that's clamor. Then he says evil speaking member. Now it's all coming out. This is blasphemy or vilification. That means this is twisting circumstances to make somebody look bad is trying to make a person the villain.

That's not really the villain. It's about Leno changing what he is saying and having a little bit of truth, and then a little bit alive, and in doing everything you can do to try to try to manipulate to get somebody back or make them part like you heard this all comes from bitterness and malice.

Malice is depravity or naughtiness means is you just gone about as far you can go and that's what happened. If bitterness stays in your life. That's where it's headed. Now there's some principles that I want you to notice about bitterness.

Number one is this bitterness remembers details. Bitterness remembers details. It keeps track but I would say some you find somebody that's bitter my way.

I've been there, folks. I've been there.

Most of you been there. I'm not judging you because you are bitter and you know what you could sit down and make a case with me or anybody why you feel the way you feel. We would say why understand it. I'm subleasing look at me. Bitterness does not hurt the person that hurt you. Bitterness hurt you so me as a pastor you know I care about. I care about you somebody outside of this place hurt, you cannot say something, I'm just as mad at them as you are because you're my member and what you know it or not. I love you and I'm protective of you, but because I'm protective of you. I want to I want to fix bitterness in your life because is doing nothing but hurt you, that person is going all living bitterness.

Remember if you ever get around a bitter person, but if they can bring back every last little thing that person is dead, they can just about give you date, time and place.

You know why because bitterness remembers the details and bitterness goes over those details constantly in your mind delayed out of bed at night, but it that's what's on the mind.

You go through the whole scenario of what happened.

It'll go over no real try to think of it from every different angle. Second, bitterness accuses others and excused himself.

PC bitterness only sees the wrongdoing of others.

Rarely have I seen somebody that's bitter. I've rarely seen somebody that was bitter come and say well, but I did a whole lot wrong to well this is where I did wrong hold. I got the details of what the other person did to them, but they for some reason can't remember a thing that they've done wrong bitterness accuses others but excused himself. We give this poor thing. Bitterness always lives alone a day when you're tired of people bothering you. You want to live a quiet life by yourself, with nobody around. That sounds good to you, Mr. Grinch need only one I can say without thinking that's all that sounds good to you, Mr. Scrooge that you just get better as you live alone.

Nobody wants to be around.

Nobody can take bitterness very long lasting wantonness is bitterness always reveals itself and I cannot say a little bit of a secret. I guess for us pastors were not.

I'm not trying to say that we know more than anybody else, but because we care so much, sometimes look at me.

Sometimes there are individuals that are bitter and they don't think that anybody knows their bitter but you can clearly see their bitter and they don't know that you can tell because bitterness always shows itself to status. I mean somehow someway. It seen and usually the bitter person is the last person to realize everybody else can tell their bitter characteristics of bitterness onto notice for the cure for bitterness. When you look at verse 26 if you will, as we look at how we defeat this giant 26 says be angry and sin not notice this.

Let not the sun go down upon your wrath, wrath was in that list that bitterness because it's want to notice verse 31 it says let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, evil speaking, notice this be put away from you. Number one, you say, what, how, how can I cure bitter sockeye giving number one you have to let go of the offense. You have to let go of the offense. What happened to you the circumstances surrounding it.

However, everything laid out. Look at me. You gotta let go of that offense.

You cannot let another day go by where the sun goes down on your wrath is a preacher I'm gonna try to make it right and they didn't they didn't receive it, you're done. Congratulations you did what God told you to do your free and clear.

Go enjoy your life. Let them gravel in it was to me dear friend. You gotta let go of the offense that means all this stuff is anger. This claim of the stuff has got to be put away from you know, look at me. The Bible is just it's wonderful, but the way it was written the way God preserved it. Look at me. It is just almost like you. And think about it he makes it clear there's authors underlying commands that God give.

When he says all these things have to be put away from you. Who can do that you want has to be wonderful.

Like a little you say all I hear bitter over there on the way come out so that Alex Minnesota bitterness else I can do that in a house going to be put away. Have to put it away.

You have to be dealt with. I had to deal with it. You know how it's going here to get over you have to get over it you're going to have to do what it takes to get God's was having adventuring but I'm here to say this will not get done in your life do you let go. That doesn't mean you forget it doesn't mean you want your memory will always remember what somebody did and you will always remember what her chip, but you gotta let go of the event. Second, you gotta let go of the offender would give you what it verse 26 be angry and sin not women that he has had a list where it said anger. Now God says it's okay to be angry, but the sin not. I don't get that but get me folks whether you believe this or not. This is what I believe. If I'm wrong, but I'm wrong but I believe there there are occasions in your life or you cannot help but become angry. But the way you are angry and you don't sin is you get rid of that anger.

You gotta let go of the offense you got let go of the offender visiting us not to make you angry when it happens but if you let that anger stay that anger turns to resentment and that resentment then turns to bitterness and bitterness then paves the way for clamor, and evil speaking and malice and all these things look at me you are going to be angry but don't let that angry have victory over you. Don't let that anger control you. That's how you can be angry but sin, not on that and knit this thing. As Barney says in the butt. I want you to notice if you would. Verse 32 and be kind one to another. Notice this tenderhearted for giving one another. You got to let go of the offender easily got me folks, a lot of times we are bitter because we think of were not bitter. That means that person got a free ride for what they did we think are some reason if were still bitter then were still making yet person today and you're not. You're making you pay so that person not only hurt you, then these are you now why does God say forgive them a look at me, look, let me let me let you in a wonderful secret limited why you forgive when you forgive them. Now God has freedom to deal with them as long as you stay better.

You're trying to control it and God can't be let loose limitation of you get victory over that you let go of the offense you let go of the offender. And you say I'm gonna forgive him for my sake and for what Christ has done for me and I'm going to forgive that person you thing out of ever again him and about not better happen, they just got a free ride failing any undisciplined baby get any judgment naming any problem yesterday well because now God will deal with it. God always does.

You might not know when you might not know where you might not ever see it. But you marker down. He dealt with what you notice.

Thirdly, you have to realize that it's a spiritual battle look at who would verse 27 notice what it says we read it, neither give place to who the devil. Like any folks. You gotta realize when you're bitter at somebody or something.

You gotta realize this and this is a spiritual battle, this is it you battling that person saying got involved in this thing along time ago. Odds are saying got a ball with them to make them do to you what hurt you and Oz are now saying, is involved in you to make you better at what they did to you.

I don't care how you look at it. Same as the culprit say is the one to blame. And here we are where trying to do battle with each other because I'm bitter you.

You did wrong to me were trying to have a physical battle of fleshly battle, but I'm here to tell you. Bitterness is a spiritual battle. That's why God says don't give place to the devil because he's the one that hurt you, not them. You say home. Listen to me.

He's the one he's the one you gotta realize this is a spiritual battle going on. This isn't just about me against that person Satan because this whole thing. He got into their minds into their hearts, and they allowed him to get into their minds and their hearts. Whatever the case might be, and he allow them and amendment manipulated them and they fell to him and they did wrong or they said wrong, or they told her all are they active role. Some use it right is building a been abused physically by family by friends by neighbors. Whatever the case might be, and you said anything yet, but they did me wrong I got me saying did you wrong be mad at him take it out on any say how let God loose you at that bitterness out of your life. You say I'm done with it because now that I let loose so that God can have his way. You go God, you fix it. God will what you notice. Fourthly, this is the killer.

Remember that God forgave you. Look at verse 32.

If you will be kind one to another, how I do that what they did to me, tenderhearted, so to be tenderhearted and hard-bitten about what they did, forgiving one another.

How can I do that what they need and may even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven.

Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast the Kerwin Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenian honor website and church.

Thank you for listening to Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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