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August 31, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Kerwin Baptist
Kerwin Baptist Church
Kerwin Baptist
Kerwin Baptist Church
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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville North Carolina want to look if you would chapter 15 and just three verses today. One of the shortest parables in the word of God is not the shortest but is one of the shortest look if you would at verse eight. Either what woman having 10 pieces of silver.

If she lose one piece does not light a candle and sweep the house and seek diligently until she find it, or till she find it and when she had found it. She call with her friends and her neighbors together, saying, rejoice with me, for I have found the piece, which I had lost. Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents.

Let's pray Lord we love you and thank you Lord that many of us that were lost are now found. Thank you Lord that your grace is big enough and extensive enough that anybody here that doesn't know you. A Savior could literally walk out of this building this morning knowing for sure that they will spend an eternity in heaven instead of hell. Lord, thank you for loving us enough that you would come after that one lost sheep.

Thank you Lord for loving us enough that you would search to you found that one lost coin in Jesus precious name we pray. Amen. To give you little bit of background in and of what kind of chuckled as I was working on this message.

This week had to think of my dad when I think of my dad. I always chuckle but anyway it's my dad preached a message out of these three verses for a number of years and he entitled it. The sloppy housewife and he had a tape and record table and it was listed on there is the title. The sloppy housewife and it was the largest selling message to men in history. You would not believe how many men would be back in my dad's table to be trying to buy they receive the sloppy housewife that it will hit me that when we take that 10. I'm sure they thought somehow was going to teach their wife how to keep the house clean, but it really wasn't the point of it, but we talked last week about the lost sheep and today were going to talk about the lost silver. Remember in this whole chapter. This is God's lost and found section me if I can illustrate the difference between the three parables. Let me illustrate this way in the lost sheep. We see the love that God provided for us.

He went after put us on his shoulders will take us home safely in the lost silver we see the value that God has placed on us.

You see is just one little coin, but it was valuable in the lost son that will deal with in the weeks to follow. We see the forgiveness that God has presented us. You see, as the shepherd he shows his love in the parable of the lost coin.

He shows the value that he's given you in the parable of the lost son.

He displays the forgiveness that he offers all who have run away from him and desire to come back home.

Each thing in all of these parables. Each thing that was lost. We had a personal value. You see just one sheet might not mean a lot a lot of individuals but to the shepherd. It meant everything and one lost coin that might not mean anything to most people because most people would spend more than that just maybe something to drink at a restaurant, but it meant the world to this woman in this lost son that wandered all for most of us would say will will help you pray for your son but it's different when it's your son all throughout this chapter we see the value of one.

I found this interesting. In the first parable Luke chapter 15 this one.

She left the larger group and became lost.

What is interesting about this parable today, the lost coin is that it had it hadn't wandered all and was lost. It was right there in the dwelling and was still lost. You see, sometimes there are individuals that have run away from God and wandered off from the fold in their loss. But you know sometimes you can sit right in God's house right close to the individual old and still be lost see the sheep was away and was lost but the coin was right there was still lost. I found something interesting. As I looked into this that as the sheep literally could represent a believer who is wandered from the flocking got lost in what we would call the wilderness of this world, the lost coin would be likened to a person that is within the household.

He could be someone literally in church. It could be somebody that is bravely putting on the Sunday :-) it could be an individual that is going through all the routine and going through all the motions and it would appear to everybody that would see them that they would possibly be obviously a saved individual or an individual that is right with God. And yet folks almost every day we hear of individuals that look that way, and they want that way and individuals that you thought were close to God, and it turned out that they were a long way away from God. What you see number one this morning as we look into this parable.

Number one I want you to see that there was a purpose attached to this coin, there is a purpose attached to this coin you see there is a reason why this coin was so valuable to this woman you think one coin. Why would you lose sleep over this, and why would you turn into a frenzy over this and the Bible says in the first verse. Obviously that man she just went crazy and she began to sweep the floor and she began to let light in the house and she began to rearrange furniture and she just the Bible says that she searched and searched and searched until she found it. So why was this so important. What was the purpose of this going and why was it so valuable to her will.

Number one, it declared her status. You see, obviously, in these days. Much like you and I wear a wedding ring if you're married obviously you wear a wedding ring today and that symbolizes that obviously you're married individual and that you have given your heart and love to another individual and God obviously sees the two is one. You are now part of each other, but in these days, a woman would wear a headband and it didn't matter necessarily how many coins were in that headband. The wealthier you were, the more coins often would be in the woman's headband were sometimes women that would have near 100 coins that would be so tender headband don't know about you but that would be very uncomfortable to wear. I would rather my husband be little bit poor so I didn't break my neck for the next 10 years letting everyone. I would just wear signs as I married okay but we find that this woman had 10 coins. You see, this was important to her because that coin a set of 10 that she would often wear in a headband declared her status.

It declared that I belong to my husband that I am a married individual. Number two it declared her independence superrich what you mean well often times in Bible dates that a husband would obviously over time gradually add coins to his wife's headband and that was a sign that if anything happened in that husband divorce. That woman that she Those coins and those coins would remind him that she has the opportunity to start over. If he ever did her wrong and he can't just take advantage of her and so that coin not only declared her status but those coins were important to her because it reminded her husband that you know what if I do her wrong that she can still go on without me and I need to make sure that I treat my wife right but number three. It declared her faithfulness.

This is why I believe this was so important to this lady in biblical days as they war that had been with those coins in it. If a wife was ever unfaithful to her husband than he would remove a coin there would always be other coins there probably as few as three as many as they would want to but obviously that coin missing would let others know that she had been unfaithful to her husband and this woman, but she did not want people to think that she been unfaithful to her husband. It was of utmost importance that she found this coin because she didn't want people to think that she didn't love her husband or that she been unfaithful to her husband or that she had treated her husband bad because she loved her husband and she didn't want this coin missing and she didn't want folks to think that she had been unfaithful, declared her faithfulness. You see, this coin was precious to this woman, and that is why she got so worked up over it being a average person would look at a coin and they might think it's really not that valuable, but it meant the world to her. But that coin is valuable as it was to her. It could be no value to her. While it was lost and dear friend. You are valuable to God, but you can't be valuable to God. Why are lost.

You gotta be saying you gotta be part of his family. It was good for nothing. It could not adorn her head.

It could not grace her life. She caught it could not be used to provide the essentials of her life. It was useless as long as it was lost and that what is why it was imperative that it had been found.

Look at me.

It was just one piece of silver but it was worth everything to this woman. It wasn't as valuable to anybody else as it was to her got me different. You might have a lot of people in your life that have let you down and you might not think you are that valuable to others but let me taste something you mean more to God than you ever will to anybody else.

You are more valuable to the Savior than you are to anybody else.

In fact, he valued you so much that he lay down his life for you. You are so important to him that he literally gave everything you could possibly give to provide the means for you to be found. There is a purpose attached to this coin. Of course the object of this parable is to teach the value of one sinner to the Lord different. I don't think you and I will ever be able because were human and were flesh.

I don't think you and I will ever be able to understand why God did what he did.

You know, a life lived for the Lord is a beautiful and powerful thing but a lost life is of no value at all. See I can do a lot of things. A lot of people different. That's great and you should, but that will not matter in eternity.

The only thing look at me.

The only thing that has real value is something that will last forever. Have you ever thought about that. I mean anything that's going to decay or going to go away.

It might be valuable now, but there will come a time where it will have no value but anything that will last forever will always keep its value and dear Fred as much as you might do in your life without the Lord that might help others it might get the praise of others amid a day if it's of no value at all. But when you give your heart to Christ. Whatever you do for God and he rewards you for ever in eternity for those thing there is a plan. Attached is going number two there's a purpose number two. There's a plan attached to this coin so the purpose was this that she needed.

I mean it is.

She didn't want people to think she been unfaithful, and she didn't want there to be that missing coin and and and so now she had a task. This is why it was so important, so what was she going to do to make sure she found on want you to see the plan like a verse eight Bible says either what woman having 10 pieces of silver. So there were 10 and she's missing one notice this if she lose one piece. Notice what she does, does not light a candle, sweep the house and seek diligently until she find it.

So this gives us obviously a great hint of what was going on in this house number one. I want you to see that this coin was lost in the dark. It was lost in the dark. The Bible said that she had to light a candle to find. You see, obviously. Back in these days.

Houses were built differently than we work this might've been taking place during the evening time it might've even been taking place during a time in the day, but obviously with animals and mosquitoes in different things they did have a glass like we do, and they had different things and they would come up with screens and and different things that would do that but houses were normally dark they had dirt floors and they were kind of dark and they were somewhat primitive and they didn't have indoor plumbing. They didn't have all these things so the Bible says as soon as this woman realized that this coin was missing out of her headrest and she had to. And that's why we believe it was a headrest and now she has one missing. The Bible says the first thing that she had to do it. She had light a candle, as it was lost in the dark. Dear friends, do you know how folks nowadays are lost in the dark was interesting sacred in chapter 4 verse four. Listen to this, in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not last the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. We are told that those that are lost are in the dark, but the glorious gospel of God can shine a light into their life.

It was lost in the dark do a John 19 says about Jesus.

That was the true light which lighted every man that cometh into the world, dear friend. Those that are lost are lost.

Number one this morning in the dark.

I'm here to say that oftentimes if you find an individual that's never been say they don't even see their need of salvation. They don't even realize the danger that therein because they can't see it they haven't seen the light of the gospel. They don't even see that it's important for got other things on their mind and they got other things that they want to get their time to. But when the day, then you take your last breath. You will either spend an eternity in a Chryslers eternity called hell burning for ever and ever and ever. Or you will dwell in the presence of God and it will be important to you then Luke 816 says no man when he have lighted a candle cover is hit with a vessel or put it under a bed. Listen, but said if it on a candlestick that they which enter may see the light preacher, what did you just read that verse four. Are you looking at me lost manner dark. This church is supposed to provide light and this verse says which of you lighting a candle.

Why would you put a vessel over and cover it, and why would you hold it underneath the bed, look at me dear friend that means is that this church our greatest responsibility is to make sure that the light of the gospel of God is shining here at this place and shining to the congregation and shining to this community and shining anybody that'll notice because if we do all good things, and yet we cover-up the light, we have held the gospel should be the first and foremost priority of this church, not what an individual wears, not where an individual goes. Not all the things that we can prioritize and make so important.

The gospel is the most important thing in this church.

It is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is the only thing that will light up a life. This coin was lost in the dark.

Number two, we see it was lost in the dirt. Cannot say you dear friend that lost men are lost in the dark.

Let me tell you they are lost in the dirt. This world is a dirty world. Our culture is a dirty culture to preacher you should be negative and say some I'm not being negative, just be honest I'm being positive. The way I'm saying it to be honest with you as we described how messed up this world is. It would discourage all of us. We find that this woman not only had to light a candle, but the Bible says that she had to sweep the floor. That's when my dad caught it sloppy housewife. What a dirty house that if you drop a coin you couldn't even see it. But, dear friend. Back in those days. That's what they had is a dirt floor and that lady obviously we and we kinda joke about it. Melissa doing most the time it would've been a dirt floor and you know how hard it is to sweep literally dirt and find things in the dirt all over the house and somehow she couldn't find this calling because it was shiny and it was valuable and it was worth something to her, but she couldn't see it because of all the houses back then could get dusty. God says you and are lost in the dirt. It was interesting. God says that we came out of the dust. God formed the dust and made man Bible teaches the Old Testament that when man dies, it says we go from dust to dust, and yet dust is the very thing often that'll keep man from finding the Savior because of the dirt in their life, we reject couple versus I thought this was good. Psalm 113 who is like unto the Lord our God, who dwell upon hi who humbled himself to behold the things that are in heaven and in the air. He raises up the poor out of the dust and lifted the needy out of the don't did you hear that, I don't care how much dirt, spit in your life. I don't care how dirty you are here this morning and I don't care how much stuff there is the people don't know that you know and you feel like God will save you don't care how many times you've messed up and you found yourself literally in a dirt pit when you knew better and you do you shouldn't but you messed up dear friend I'm here to tell you that the light of the glorious gospel of God is powerful enough and strong enough that I don't care how much dirt is over you. How many layers there are the word of God will peers even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit. God can cut right through all that dirt on top of you and he can clean you up this morning they can find you in the dirt he will sweep and sweep and sweep until he finds that's the ministry of the Holy Spirit you might be sitting here this morning and you know what you got so much dirt on you that you think you need to be found. Oh dear friend listen to me, Holy Spirit sweep and this morning he sweep in a way that dirt that little thing you feel inside here right now that little bit uncomfortable. To make you think I need to use the restroom right about now. Got to get up and go to the bathroom another senior unsaved. I got just do that.

The first thereby will stay put you on about the no I think some of the Holy Spirit to work through whatever and you can get your car and you can leave this morning and you think I got him away from that. But that Holy Spirit will just keep convicting and keep convicting and keep convicting, and finally one day hopefully good to get to the point to realize I got dirt all over me and I'm in the darkness, and I can't say myself but I know that God will save me and I want to give my heart to cry lost in the dirt with this the coin and coming in contact with the broom in the story is swept clean of the dust. The dust is removed from it.

That means there had to be something to come in contact with the dirt to sweep it off to get the coin. The room here is a picture of the gospel when you come in contact with the gospel. It can't help but sweep boys that are oftentimes you know you and I are trying to do were trying to do everything we can do to make people clean, but the only thing that can make people clean is the gospel you can get all the rules you want to give and you can you can try to deal them into it as much as you want but nothing to take care of the dirt except the broom of the Holy Spirit. I want you to notice this, listen to me very close to this morning, though this coin was covered with dirt. It was still silver and its value had not changed. I look at me.

I don't care how much dirt was on this coin. It was still a coin. It was still the same coin and it was still valuable.

Dear Fran, I don't care how much junk is going on in your life. I'm here to take. That doesn't change the fact that you're still valuable to God and you are still you and you're still his creation and God is still valuable and things are valuable and have something valuable to do with your life. Another thing, and I just say this for sake of trying to cover the story pretty good in those days that coins had a different value based on the image that was stamped on it. It would be stamped with different political leaders at that point or you know different things. You know what that dirt on it. You couldn't see the image on the coin, dear friend. Oftentimes you and I although were saved.

We get enough dirt on us. You can't see who we represent want you to notice. Number three. Not only was it lost in the dark. Not only was a loss in the Durban number three we see that it was lost in the dwelling you what verse eight it says that she lit a candle.

She swept the house. Notice this and see diligently until she find it this coin was lost in the dog in the dark. It was lost in the dirt only tell you what was even more surprising is, it was lost right there where she was.

It was close.

It was so close, but you couldn't find it in.

Oftentimes you and I we will search outside of the church were trying to reach people so many times we overlook those that are the closest that might not be safe.

What he think we have programs like we tried to do like upwards and wanted different things like which is different. I don't want kids going through the cracks here without hearing the gospel we have a bus ministry. We have junior churches.

We have all these things we try to do once we try to do upwards and try to do other things in the future we cannot… Drawings I've done. I've got plans for our children's ministry and I want to have a whole children's wing and out.

I would have everything designed for. I got all these plans and all these things that I think God would be great if you just do that. Let me say something in the middle of all that, if the gospel is not first and foremost, it is a waste of planning in time dear Fran, I don't care how you might be impressed with a ministry at church or facility. Whatever the case might be what you need to ask yourself is the gospel. The top priority.

Do they preach the gospel and do they preach the word of God in its entirety was lost in the dwelling Bible says that she lights a light. She moves the furniture she sweeps the floor and looks everywhere for this loss coin know that means that means lost in the dark. It means it needs light when you're alone. Obviously when you're lost it in the dark. It means that you can't see and you need somebody like the way we notice. Secondly, when you're lost in the dirt.

That means you need cleaning. And that means you need the word of God to clean your life. But when you are lost in the dwelling. It means it needs rearrange see this coin was lost in the dwelling and she probably swept everywhere that there wasn't something and she still didn't find it. So she began to move up the furniture for you and some of us clean our lives, we need to move the furniture. We have been cold too long we have been apathetic too long. We need something to be important enough to us in our life that were willing to get out of our comfort zone and move our furniture to find that loss coin know what I find. Here I believe in this in this story literally that I believe that the woman here is a picture of the church because her husband is not mentioned and we know that we are the bride of Christ look at me, dear friend.

It is our job to do everything we can do to rearrange furniture to sweep to do everything we can do to find the lost coin on behalf of our husband were the bride of Christ. We don't want people to think we been unfaithful to God. We want to get every last person we can get because we don't want people to think we don't love God enough to do it. This woman didn't want people to think that this coin wasn't guy whatever she wanted to give everything she could do to find it. So she swept it. She lit a candle. She worked hard. She move the furniture and I love the fact that the Bible says tell she found it. That means she did as long as she needed and she did everything she could possibly do until she found that to be different when Adam any sin. You and I became lost so many things I want to say in our time is gone this morning.

Let me mention this. Lastly, there is not only a purpose attached to this coin in a plan.

Attached is, number three there is praise attached to this coin. Now this is where Jesus literally drawls the object lesson and makes it about heaven that is if you would verse nine and when she had found that she call of her friends and her neighbors together, say, rejoice with me, for I have found the piece singular which I had lost. Notice verse 10. Likewise, I say unto you is the first time God has brought heaven into it. Likewise, just like this story I told you that there was rejoicing because that thing that was lost was so valuable that when there when she found it she called in her friends and her neighbors and she had kind of a party in a get together and she celebrated because she was so excited that she had found that coin that was so valuable to her and this is what God says like winds I sent. There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repent, you know, heaven gets excited when just one person that was lost is found.

Listen to me.

God doesn't care what you may think about your own worth in God doesn't care what people think about your worth. Let me put it this way. God doesn't care whether you think you're worth much. God doesn't care whether people think you're worth much.

You are worth everything, God, thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone in 336-993-5119 for me in the car when Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on our website and church. Thank you for listening.

The car would broadcast God bless you

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