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Antonio Daniels, NBA Champion

JR Sports Brief / JR
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June 10, 2024 8:50 pm

Antonio Daniels, NBA Champion

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 10, 2024 8:50 pm

Antonio Daniels joined JR to discuss why the Celtics have been able to manhandle the Mavericks through the first two games and why Dan Hurley spurned the Lakers. 


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summer you can get the goods download instacart for free delivery on your first three orders offer valid for a limited time minimum ten dollars per order excludes restaurants additional terms and fees apply tonya how are you man i am truly blessed jr how you doing brother i'm excellent thank you for taking the time to hop on i guess first question out the gate first impressions on this nba final so far it just kind of for me it just kind of shows what the nba is all about you know it's all about matchups nothing else and i think this is a and this is why the narrative changes so much from series to series surrounding players and collectively about teams because what we saw from the minnesota timberwolves was a team constructed to beat the dallas mavericks but not a team construct i mean excuse me a team constructed to beat the denver nuggets right yeah that's what we saw but we didn't see a team constructed to beat the dallas mavericks and now what you have in dallas is a team that can beat the number one defense in the league and the minnesota timberwolves because of their size right because of their size rudy gobert jayden mcdaniels cars in the town those guys were huge across the front line they could not match up with the backcourt of luka and kyrie so now you flip to the next series and boston is totally opposite of minnesota they don't have all that size across the front line you know what they do have though they have the most valuable defensive asset in today's nba and it's defensive versatility they have guys that can switch one through four and sometimes one through five and you are not gaining an advantage you don't have to tilt your defense toward that switch so now if i'm luka and i'm kyrie who am i going to rudy gobert so to speak who am i going to carl anthony towns i'm gonna look at that match up and say okay this is something i'm gonna take advantage of there's a reason that that boston cell 16 won 64 games this year because they were a top five team offensively and a top five team defensively and it's been on display in these first two games antonio daniels is here with us the jr sport reshow the infinity sports network listening to what you just said you have the mavericks they picking up a victory you think they're getting swept based on what you say what do you say i think they're going to win game three i think that was a win game three because like the thing is if they don't win game three obviously it's over there is so much pressure on this game as far as game three is concerned for the dallas mavericks and returning home i don't think kyrie irving will be nearly as bad in game three as he's been in game one in game two but also the pj washington's derek jones juniors the derek lively you know those guys daniel gafford i think that they'll be better at home as well i have dallas winning game three but i have them losing the series we we see what this is is going on with the the boston celtics what are your thoughts on what joe missoula has been able to do here in his his second year i mean this job basically got dumped on him after email you darker situation last year and joe missoula has it seems like he's kind of beloved by everybody inside that building how has he kind of change things from year one to year two well i think a huge change obviously and i don't want to discredit joe missoula for the job that he's done but a huge change from from year one to year two is the additions of kristof sporsigis and drew holliday right that makes a huge difference that that makes a huge difference kristof sporsigis having a seven foot three seven foot four guy that can shoot out the 30 feet gives jason tatum and jaylen brown an amount of space that they've never had having drew holliday a guy who is a championship caliber player right we saw what he did with the milwaukee bucks we saw what he's done thus far in his playoff run as far as his defensive intelligence and his offensive versatility is exactly what they need so joe missoula has put the pieces of the puzzle together what i like that that the boston celtics haven't done and what joe missoula haven't done they haven't got caught up in the national narrative around okay well whose team is this or who's the batman and who's the rabbit all the things that the national pundits are discussing they don't care about they just care about winning the nba championship which to me is a championship mindset well listen antonio you you got a championship with the spurs and we see the celtics getting ready to probably hoist another banner number 18 the los angeles lakers have obviously been in the news because of their coaching search dan hurley rejected them earlier today uh what are your thoughts is did dan hurley you surprised by his decision or is the lake is too much of a train wreck what say you uh you know what i would love to have been a fly on the wall to hear the conversation that transpired between dan hurley genie bus rob palinko anybody else who was in that room because when you don't look at this from the simply from the financial standpoint right of a six year 70 million dollar contract i think to myself what was said to danny hurley to make him leave there go back to uconn say you know what nah i'm good that that's my big thing because the lakers probably are the lakers in the nix are probably the the top coaching seats in the nba so it's almost like okay it's all at your feet as far as the money is concerned as far as the job is concerned like did they tell him a plan like my my question is is is the organizational chemistry there you know you understand what i'm saying they are like there has to be something that was said to make danny hurley think that going back to uconn i'm sorry i i am not on the side of thinking that it was simply about him going back to uconn to win a third straight championship to do something that hasn't been done since the 70s or 80s or whatever it was there had to be something that was said to make him go back to uconn and i wonder what that something was do you think antonio that this is this is obviously indicative as you said of the lakers organization is the job now less attractive if if you're j.j. reddick for instance do you say hey you wanted me a second pick and now maybe is he reticent what do you think no no no the thing is if i'm j.j. reddick this this is the obviously the money will be different the years will be different the confidence will be different as far as the front office is concerned toward whoever they hire because they're not danny hurley but the thing is it's like you don't turn away a job like that if you're j.j. reddick if you're james varago if you're kenny adkinson you know you're you're it's not a prideful it's not a prideful thing you're not thinking well you know what if i wasn't the number one option i don't want the job if i'm j.j. reddick and i'm kenny adkinson and i'm j.j. varago i can understand because of danny hurley's history because of his cachet because of his resume why they would go after danny hurley first i can understand it but i would also understand that on the other side of it they're probably not going to they're not going to offer j.j. reddick a six year 70 million dollar deal they're not going to offer james varago a six year 70 million dollar deal you know it's going to be a different contractually speaking but i think if i'm those guys like i i would have all the confidence in the world to think that i can come in and make some sort of difference with the los angeles lakers there's an organizational arrogance that the lakers have that i think it makes it very very difficult for anyone to succeed though antonio daniels is here with us the chair our sport brief show the infinity sports network nobody wants to get selected last we've heard a lot over the weekend about kaitlyn clark and and her non selection to team u.s.a. basketball and now she's on as an alternate what are your thoughts should she have been added out of the gate or would that have been too much of a distraction no here's my thing like i don't if you add her i understand and if you don't i'm not outraged by it i don't understand the outrage behind it like when people say things like well she's growing the game well the game will continue to grow that's a given but my question that i asked the same debate that we have when we're talking about all star snubs or all nba snubs or whatever may be if you're going to take someone off if you're going to take if you say this person deserves to be on it what are you taking off are you taking off chelsea gray you know you're taking off diana terasi are you taking off kelsey plum are you taking off june lloyd you know like who exactly are you taking off jackie young who these are women that are established that have won gold medals that have won w nba championships again that have resumes that are like a a um walgreens receipt so i don't i i can understand from a business perspective from a business approach why caitlin clark should have been added to the team but it's difficult for me to sit back and watch people be more outraged about caitlin clark being on that team than caitlin clark is being as far as her not being selected yeah it's uh pretty wild how long before we get the next caitlin clark controversy and tony we gotta wait a week how long we gotta wait here shoot i my thing is if she would have been selected i think it would have been a controversy as well because now the issue that you run into is well why is she not playing more you know you put her on the team you put her on a team like if people want to compare her to the whole christian latner situation if you go all the way back what is that 1992 32 years ago if you go all the way back to 1992 and christian latner rarely played so would the caitlin clark fans be okay with her simply being on the olympic team but not playing a whole lot so is it one controversy after another after another it's it's i again i'll say this from the business standpoint of it she should have been on it from the business standpoint for eyes you know to get eyes on the us olympic team all these other kind of things but if we're doing this like for the integrity of the game i can understand her not being on it nba champ current analyst for the pelicans antonio daniels is here with us last question for you i mean you you've been in the league and and seen the ins and outs of it it seems that the the power structure when it comes down to coaches at all levels is just you get hired to get to get fired as the players start to make more and more money so do the coaches but they're easily disposable do you ever see the dynamics shifting where the coaches got a little bit more say than than the players or is that long gone it like this i think this player empowerment era is is here to stay and you know there are certain coaches because of what you just said jr because of the fact that coaches are so easily disposed of now you're not even given coaches an opportunity to develop any sort of system you know you look at what because when you're when you become almost in disposable as a coach you know what like comes with that what comes with that is time like there's a reason eric's poster and grant popovich are steve curr are where they are look at how long that they've been at their respective organizations, but we live in such a like do you think about the lakers the lakers since 2010 they've had eight head coaches in 14 years. And the thing is, one of those head coaches, two of those head coaches have won NBA championships. So like, what what are we, these are conversations that we have on on a serious except show JB bigger staff was just let go. He was just let go, after incrementally getting better with the cleveland cavaliers and not winning an NBA championship, but also not being where they once were. So, it comes down to what are teams looking for, like for example, if I was to ask you, what are the Los Angeles Lakers looking for in their next head coach, as far as success is concerned. No, they got to find somebody to carry LeBron's bags.

That says a lot. Hey, that's what it is what is what is LeBron one right. And that's no longer the case, because if that if that's, and that's the thing, and coming into these situations I will want to know the head coach, how much autonomy Do I really have, you know, if, if we're in game 20, if we're in game 20, and LeBron wants me to challenge a call and I don't challenge the call.

If I choose not to challenge the call I'm going to get fired. There's a reason Adrian Griffin got let go after winning 70% of his games. And I will say this Jr. Because you talk about player empowerment. It's not players. It's star players role players need not apply, because we're not talking about role players like I would guarantee you Malik Beasley didn't go to the front office in Milwaukee and say you know what man. That's not really clicking with Adrian Griffin, no, no, that's a, that's a honest under the combo, and it gave me a little issue when Darwin him got fired I don't think he got fired because he wasn't getting along with Austin Reeves and Jared Vanderbilt. You know, it's because of LeBron and Anthony Davis, these are star player conversations that we're having. So, how much autonomy Do you have as far as implementing your culture, being able to actually hold your stars accountable.

And I think kind of becomes the question. Hey, it's, it's a tough, tough business well you got your championship and now we can listen to you and see you on TV, and Tony I appreciate the time. Where can people follow you and all your work for me I'm just on Twitter. I'm just on Twitter a Daniel 33. That's it. We appreciate you gonna catch you on down the line and enjoy whatever's left of the finals Okay, yes sir.

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