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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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May 30, 2024 7:04 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 30, 2024 7:04 pm

JR previews the Mavericks-Timberwolves Game 5 matchup in the NBA's Western Conference Finals and reacts to the Mets latest debacle with Jorge Lopez.


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Visit or download the app and sell your car from your comfy place. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love and many thanks to everybody tuned in and locked in all over the country. This is when the show gets started. Every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. You can always lock in on the free Odyssey app.

You can tune in on your local Infinity Sports Network affiliate. You got Sirius XM at channel 158. Well, I love the music. You could turn the music back up. There we go. Right there.

I love it. You got to play the music. You got a smart speaker.

You can always just ask the smart speaker to just play the Infinity Sports Network. We got a lot to do. We got a lot to discuss here over the next four hours. Maybe you've heard there's a lot of news going on. Oh yeah, there's a lot of news going on. The Chicago Bears are going to be on hard knocks.

You can watch Caleb Williams. We got the Western Conference Finals tonight. The Mavericks at the Timberwolves. Panthers at the Rangers. I don't know.

What the hell is this? Women's College World Series is going on right now. Hey, I just tell you what I see. The Mets are a mess. We already knew that. Pretty hilarious. We got wide receivers getting new contracts.

Jalen Waddle is one of the top paid receivers in the game now. There's a lot that we're going to get into here over the next four hours. If you want to holler at me, it's real simple. We got a phone number.

It works. It's 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4227. You can also find me online. I am everywhere where people exist and cause problems and trouble and argue with strangers. I am at JR Sport Brief all over the place on social media.

Not a difficult guy to find. Fun show coming up. Next hour we're going to be joined by Joe Vardon from the Athletic. Covers the NBA. The NBA and a lot of the news for some good reasons.

Also some bad ones. Charles Barkley keeps talking about the end of the NBA on TNT. He's speaking up. And then of course everybody's worried about Bronny and what's going on in the postseason.

We're going to get into Tatum and Brown. And Joe Vardon is qualified to talk about it all. He's going to join us next hour. Before we do anything, I have to say a hello and thank you to Jack Stern. Jack, how are you this evening?

You good? Oh, I'm doing absolutely fantastic. It's a beautiful day here in New York City.

The sun is shining. Everyone's out. And most importantly, I'm here with you for the first time in the six to ten time slot. So let's have a good one, okay?

I have a good time regardless. Thank you so much Jack Stern holding it down for us on the boards this afternoon, this evening, wherever the hell you are. And many thanks to you for tuning in, for being locked in because there is no show without you. So whether you're sitting in traffic or whether you're my friend in Kentucky who called yesterday to remind me that he is sitting on a tractor, you know, mowing down some hay, thank you to you. Wherever the hell you might be.

We appreciate you. So I told you there's a lot to get into. And I just mentioned to you about the NBA. And there's a match. There's a game that we have tonight that we just need to get the hell over with. Okay, there's a series that we just need to kind of put a stake in the ground and call it a wrap. It's the Dallas Mavericks. They're in Minnesota. They need to end, finish, bury the series.

They need to go home and relax. Luka Doncic has been a guy running around with a busted knee, a busted ankle, a busted shoulder. And he's still out here, you know, giving them triple doubles. Kyrie Irving played in the last game, except for he played like crap. And the Wolves beat the Dallas Mavericks. The final score was 105 to 100. Karl-Anthony Towns found life, 25 points. Anthony Edwards found life, 29 points. And they live to see another day, except for if they lose another game in the series, that's the end of the series.

They're done. And you know what they say about youthful and blissfulness or young youth with bliss? It comes with a lot of ignorance.

You don't know what the hell you're doing. You have to experience it. And so I don't know, maybe the Minnesota Timberwolves kind of mowed down the defending champion Nuggets and they started feeling themselves. Maybe they started to feel a little invincible.

Maybe they just didn't know what they were really standing in front of. And so they met the Mavs. They were down 0-3. They picked up a victory. And I guess they feel confident that they could go out there and win. Hey, let's listen to their head coach Chris Finch saying how much belief he has in his squad. We've been resilient team all year. We never lost three in a row until we got to the playoffs. So we never lost four in a row. Guys respond.

It's a fun team to coach because they believe that they can always win no matter what. That's what happens when you're young. You believe anything. You get sold the dream until you get smacked in the face by reality. People try to warn you. People try to tell you.

I mean, there's songs about this. You got to be careful what you wish for. Do you necessarily want to get older? You got to be careful. You better enjoy your youth while you have it because things don't get easier as you get older.

They don't. And Chris Finch's players, well, they're young, right? Well, Carl Anthony Towns, he's the best player on the team.

He's 22. He's from right here in Atlanta, Georgia. Tonight might be the last time that you see Anthony Edwards play basketball because his season might come to a close.

Anthony Edwards, let's be real. This guy was being compared to Michael Jordan. He was being asked about comparisons to Michael Jordan. And he's an affable guy. He's level headed. He's not some big headed person, but you have to think and imagine that he feels confident in himself. He believes that they're going to return down to Dallas for game six. He told Michael Parsons as much.

Make sure you come through because I'm going to bring you a new pair of shoes. That's how much confidence he has. Carl Anthony Towns couldn't hit anything if he tried until the last game.

Missing every three possible and then lighten it up in the last one, knocking down four or five threes. He's supposed to be the old young vet. Except for the Minnesota Timberwolves, they got one already. He is a vet. And let's just say he's just old. Michael Connolly Jr., 36 years old.

He's going to be 37 years old later this year. And I guess and I guess he's the he's the calming veteran presence for this team. And Mike Connolly basically told the media, we ain't done yet. We got more to do. We still have a lot of room to improve. So that's the exciting part about our situation.

We just know that there's there's a lot more in the tank. We're a team to prize ourselves on not getting tired. Oh, not not getting tired. Well, y'all are pretty damn young outside of you. And we know you've had plenty of time to rest and rehab throughout the course of your career. So let's just for the sake of it, shave four years off of his career and make him 31 or 32.

Let's not count the injuries in the rehab. Young. You want to know who else is young in this series and has basically accomplished everything with a chance to advance his career tonight by going to his first NBA Finals? That's Luka Doncic.

That's the man who is 25 years old. Already has won a EuroLeague championship. Already has a EuroLeague MVP.

This is a second best league on the planet. This man was doing this when he was 17 and 18 years old. He is 25. The only thing that Luka Doncic doesn't have, and he will have it eventually, is an NBA MVP because the man was the leading scorer in the entire league this past regular season. He almost averaged a triple double in the regular season. He's bound to do it one year, maybe two of them. One day he's going to win a championship.

Is it this year? Those are the only things he's missing. An NBA MVP and a championship. He just turned 25 years old and he's accomplished so much already.

You want to talk about youth? Yeah, Luka's young. I told you he's busted up.

A busted up knee, a busted up ankle, a busted up shoulder. Tonight, Luka has an opportunity to bust up these Timberwolves and get them the hell up on out the playoffs. Last game he had a triple double.

What else is new? 28 points, 15 rebounds, 10 assists. It was his sixth triple double of the entire postseason. He shot seven of 21. Kyrie Irving didn't help him out with 16 points.

Didn't. Luka Doncic is going to be coming for blood tonight. He's going to try to silence all of those fans in Minneapolis, Saint Paul. He's going to try to silence Alex Rodriguez. Never seen A-Rod so happy in my life. He's trying to sulk in a moment because once this series is over, the cameras will no longer capture him in the background.

We know how much Alex Rodriguez loves the cameras. And so Luka Doncic, after losing and missing a free throw and just losing out on an opportunity to rest, he says, damn it tonight, we got to be better. That game is on me. I just didn't give enough energy. So we got to do better.

They won one game. We just got to focus on the next one. Yeah, tonight is the night to just to finish them. Tonight is the night to just go back home to Dallas and rest. Tonight is the night to end the Minnesota Timberwolves and have a couple of days, have about a week to get ready for the Boston Celtics.

That's it. Like tonight is go time. The Western Conference Finals has an opportunity to be closed out tonight starting at 830 p.m. Eastern time.

Get it over with. The Boston Celtics, I don't know, maybe a couple of them are on a beach right now. If I was Joe Mazzola, I would have told these guys, hey, just disappear, lay low and don't do anything stupid over the next couple of days and then come back to work. The Boston Celtics host the start of the finals next week. That's seven days away. Do the Dallas Mavericks want to stretch this out? Do they want to play today? Saturday? What would that be after that?

Monday? No, nobody wants to do that. Get it over with. It's enough that they had to fly back to Minnesota just to close them out. It's enough that they're going to have to come back to Dallas anyway. And then it's enough that they're ultimately going to have to go to Boston to start the series. And we all know that the fans in Boston.

I don't think I'm exaggerating. They hate. Kyrie Irving, they hate him. Kyrie Irving was a Celtic and he said, oh, I want to be here.

I want to stay here. And he left. He went to Brooklyn.

I don't know how many people in Massachusetts say I want to move to Brooklyn, but that's what Kyrie Irving did. He left. Kyrie Irving went back and he was booed and criticized.

I know they did a whole lot more than that. And then he stepped and walked across their mascot lucky. And then they hated him for that. Big Baby didn't like him for that. But Big Baby is in, well, Big Baby's on his way to prison for insurance fraud.

Maybe he needs to mind his own business. The Dallas Mavericks need to get this over with. This is not the Minnesota Timberwolves time. I would not be shocked if they won back on their home court tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if they felt the energy in the crowd got them going. I also wouldn't be surprised if Luca and Kyrie went the hell off.

Finish them. You want to know something about sports history? 03s in playoffs? A team has come back in the NHL from down 03. A team has come back in Major League Baseball from down 03.

Sorry Yankee fans. It's never happened in basketball. No team has ever bounced back from 03.

And I told you that the Minnesota Timberwolves, whatever their advantage is, is just youth and ignorance. Maybe, just maybe it'll be to their advantage. I just wouldn't bet on it. Maybe they pick up one more game. And if they do, it'd have to be tonight. Because I still got the Dallas Mavericks winning this series. Get it the hell over with.

Done. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. There's so much that we need to get into. I told you we got Joe Vardon from The Athletic joining us next hour to talk all things going on in the NBA. The New York Mets continue to be a mess. They got a player. We talked about it briefly on the way out the door last night. They got a guy who stood in front of his locker and said, I might be on the worst bleeping team in baseball.

And he said, no, I didn't say that. After they basically told him, take a hike. Jalen Waddle has a new contract. Tyreek Hill wants a new contract. What does this mean for Justin Jefferson and T Higgins? The Raiders have a quarterback battle? How exciting is that? Not exciting at all.

We got a beef between Brown and Tatum? I don't know. Somebody fill me in. The Chicago Bears are going to be on hard knocks on HBO.

It's going to be a lot of fun this summer, isn't it? Scottie Scheffler's police officer, or I guess I should say the officer that he hit or ran over or dragged or didn't listen to or ignored, whatever the hell you want to call him. This officer is looking for his five minutes of fame. And then, of course, all the way at the end of the show, I'm going to tell you about a few things that took place this day in sports history. If you want to holler at me, the number is 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4227. The Wolves, your season might end tonight. I'm going to tell you on the other side of the break about something else that we might see the end of tonight.

I will fill you in on the other side. This is just the warm up. It's the JR Sport Brief Show, the Infinity Sports Network.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. The Dallas Mavericks have an opportunity to finish off the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight, two hours from now. But before we get there, I'm just kind of hoping it's over tonight.

I want to see Luca rest. I think the Minnesota Timberwolves will eventually be eliminated. They might as well, they being the Mavericks, might as well just get it over with. I want to see everybody as healthy as can be by the time the playoffs start, or excuse me, by the time the finals start. It's next Thursday, 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4227. I told you that the Wolves' season might end tonight. In about a minute or so, I'm going to tell you about something else that might end tonight. But I'm going to get to the phones.

But before I even get to the phones, let's ask our producer helping out tonight. Hey, Jack Stern, what are your thoughts on this Western Conference Finals? You think that the Wolves got a chance to come back, or you think they're cooked? Well, listen, I mean, the Wolves obviously have a chance.

Now, it is a small one. What we saw in game four was kind of the typical narrative, right? One team runs away in the first three games. The other team storms back in game four because the other team kind of lets their guard down. But I don't really see any way the Jason Kidd squad, led by Luka Doncic and all of those explosive playmakers on the offensive end of the floor, are going to lose to Minnesota. Let's be honest, the Timberwolves are very green around the ears. They're still a young team. Most players, like Anthony Edwards, don't end up winning a championship until they're in their mid to late 20s. He's still a young guy.

I think this is really where the veteran experience starts to set in. And I'm taking the Mavericks by a final score of 112 to 98. Okay, wow, we even got a score. Let's hit the phone lines up. 855-212-4227. It's 855-212-4227. I know this guy.

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Visit slash wealth investment minimum supply Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC member NYSE SIPC. Paul, you here with us from Rhode Island? Yes, sir. Okay, thank you. I appreciate you being here. Okay, so stop. Don't say anything. Listen for a minute. And for anyone who's never heard me talk to Paul, I'm not being aggressive.

I'm trying to save us all a lot. Paul, get right to the point and tell me your thought on the series. Go.

Well, I'm gonna go with Kyrie. I want him here. A lot of people in Boston still love him more than 10%. And I apologize for that petenary punk that threw the water bottle. That's not what we're worried about in Boston.

Okay. But I have to say, who does not want to hide market teams in the final? I mean, you're talking about one of the two best professional players on the other team in the world. But I'm going to say you're never going to disturb our Celtics. And I think you're never going to disturb the Celtics and the Knicks for the next five years. I'm sorry. That's all I have to say.

Well, thank you. I don't know what the hell the Knicks have to do in anything. You're never going to disturb the Celtics or the Knicks for the next five years. It wasn't even worth it for me to ask him what that meant.

He doesn't even know what that meant. But yeah, I'll tell you this. I think it would be a more interesting finals.

And I don't know who would say otherwise outside of anybody in Minneapolis, St. Paul or Minnesota flat period. Like, who wouldn't want to see a headline of Kyrie and Luca versus Tatum and Brown? It's an interesting series. Somebody has to win. The Celtics have been trying to win the championship for the past, it feels like forever. And then here you got Luca and Kyrie. Kyrie, this redemption tour, if we can even call it that, it's worth out for him. In Brooklyn, I don't even know if he played basketball. I feel like he didn't. I don't think he played basketball with Durant or Harden. I don't think they played more than 30 games maxed together. Max.

And that might be overstating it. He ends up with Luca last year. Everybody's like, how the hell is this going to work?

It didn't work. They got a bunch of bums around them. They did a bunch of trades this year, bringing in guys like P.J. Washington and Gafford drafting Lively and look at what they got now. One win away from the finals.

Sign me up for it. Luca is made for stuff like this. He's a champion.

He's built for this. Dare I say, as dynamic as Tatum is and athletic as Brown is, if that ends up being our finals matchup, which I think it will be, I think the best players in the series, I think you'd have to go Luca, Kyrie slash Tatum, maybe Tatum, then Kyrie probably. And then, you know, Brown is at the end. And as Jalen Brown told you, I'm never used to winning anything. So yeah, you'd be the fourth best star in this series. Get over it. You won the Larry Bird MVP for the East Finals.

Congratulations. The award that nobody cares about. The Boston Celtics don't win the championship. Nobody will care about that award.

And neither will Jalen Brown. That's just the reality of it. Anyway, yep, the Wolf season might be over tonight. And as a result, something else might end tonight. The NBA on TNT. It might be over, it might be cooked.

Why? Because TNT has the exclusive broadcasting rights for the Western Conference Finals. ESPN has the other one, the East, the East is done, right?

They're finished. And then we know ABC has the finals. And so if the game ends tonight, if the season ends tonight for the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Dallas Mavericks advance, you won't see the NBA on TNT crew until next season. You won't see them until October.

And by all things of what we hear, no one understand. Next year might be the last year, as it's been reported that NBC is back in the mix to pick up NBA rights, that Amazon is now in the mix, that ABC, ESPN is going to keep its rights. And that TNT is on the outside looking in. And Charles Barkley, as you know, has been on a crusade for the past week, two weeks, letting everybody know that since the merger between Warner and Turner and there's so much wanted discovery, I'm not even going to get into the mix of it.

But since the merger, Charles Barkley feels his bosses have been disrespectful to the NBA. First of all, I think they've done a job of keeping us abreast. Just say, hey, guys, we're in the middle of negotiations.

It's 50-50. Just say something. I mean, we have not discussed it and not even just to me, the people who worked there, the people who worked up there, the ones on pins and needles. So you have no relationship at all with David Zaslav, I guess?

None. I met him twice. I met him twice.

I saw him last week at the upfronts. He said hello and that was it. So in that spot, you don't want to say to him what's going on with the NBA? Well, I thought he should have said something to us when he had us there, to be honest with you, but he didn't. And I'm like, it was crowds around.

So I didn't want to make a scene, but I thought he should have said something. Yeah, David Zaslav is the new boss over at Wanted Discovery. He's the one who when he pretty much became the boss of everything said, we don't need the NBA.

Whoa, okay. That's what the new boss said. And Charles Barkley said, why would you say such a thing? You ticked off the other boss, Adam Silver, the commissioner.

Why would you do that? And so Charles Barkley has been doing a lot of speaking out against his bosses because, come on, they going to fire Charles Barkley? Charles Barkley is Teflon. They going to muzzle Charles Barkley?

No. There was an entire article today in the New York Times detailing how a New York Times reporter went up to Charles Barkley to ask him about all of this. And that Ernie Johnson and Kenny the Jet Smith, they were like, hey, you got to talk to Turner before you talk to Charles. And Charles is just like, I talked to who the hell I want.

Damn. Charles Barkley is saying, I'm sticking up for everybody else that doesn't have a voice. Doesn't have a voice. All of the other employees that know nothing. Zero. Now I can understand from a management perspective, you, you don't want to tell anybody publicly. You don't want to tell the employees as a 50 50 because it could be damaging to the negotiations.

You don't want to do that. So I get it. Charles Barkley said they screwed this up from the beginning. And if there's no NBA on TNT, yeah, the world will go on. The NBA will go on, but not in the same form or fashion. People will be calling for at minimum a Charles Barkley. That's it. Hopefully this publicized interview in the New York Times doesn't create any beef between Charles and Kenny, but I doubt it.

These dudes have known each other for more than 35, almost 40 years. I think they're good. And we'd be good too. If the NBA was on TNT for much longer tonight might be the last night of the season. Next year might be the flat final year of its existence.

I certainly hope not. And it all depends on the Minnesota Timberwolves. So I guess if you want to root for anything, if you want more Charles and Ernie and Shaq, root for seven games to get you more NBA on TNT. But whenever the last game is, it's going to be the last game of them too.

At least for this year. They'll have a couple of pop ups on NBA TV, but not all four of them. Don't look for it. It's the JR sport re-show here on the infinity sports network. 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4227. The NBA on TNT.

It might be done tonight. I'm going to tell you about somebody who is done from the New York Mets. Cause I guess he told the truth. He said that we, me, the New York Mets, we suck. And then he said, he didn't say that. I'll explain. No, nobody's ever called me that. That guy that called that said that he was the first guy. I'm no professor.

What do you got to do to battle? You got to take a class to be a professor. I don't know how that works. It's not me.

I guess you just, you apply to teach a class and then you're a professor, I guess. Okay. Maybe I can be one. I got no interest. I'm perfectly fine doing this. Anyway, 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4227. We talked about a few things this hour that might go away relatively soon. The Minnesota Timberwolves season, the NBA on TNT, that might go away. And last night, as we were finishing up the show, the Mets did something that they typically do. They lost a baseball game. What a shock, right? The Mets, they lost to the Dodgers.

The final score was 10-3. You don't have to be a baseball fan, I think, to understand that that's a beat down. That's the haves smack. Well, they've got up.

They both have a lot of money. The Mets have talent. Their talent just ain't cutting it right now. The Mets now have a record of 22-33. You got a guy in Pete Alonso, the first baseman looking for a new contract.

He got popped in the hand. And I can go on and on about Lindor's batting average, but I don't want to embarrass the Mets because they embarrassed themselves. In a big part, by what took place last night, the Mets, the New York Mets, have a history of embarrassing moments. It's like there's the Yankees, and then there's the Mets.

And there's a stark contrast in how they're sold and branded and marketed. The Mets, the LOL Mets, laugh out loud because the Mets are a joke. And so as a part of that beat down last night, Jorge Lopez, their reliever, he's been around the big leagues for quite a few years, five, six years. The Orioles have seen the most of them. My apologies to everybody in Baltimore who had to watch them.

Kansas City, Minnesota, Miami, and now the New York Mets. He signed a one-year, two-year deal, or excuse me, a one-year, $2 million deal. And so yesterday he was arguing balls and strikes. He gave up two runs, only got one guy out, and he was pretty ticked off and got ejected.

And what did he do? He threw his glove over the netting on his way to the dugout as he was ejected. And so the Mets lose. He got the boot.

This was a joke for everybody. And so then after the game, in what is one of the most hilarious, maybe not press conferences or locker room availabilities I've ever seen in my life, he was chatting it up with Steve Gelbs, who covers the New York Mets, and the whole media scrum was there with him and SNY and all of these folks. And he was asked about why he got ejected. Did he feel bad for being ejected? And he basically said that he's the worst teammate on the worst team in baseball.

Listen to this. Carlos Mendoza said that he understands the emotion, but that particular action of throwing your glove into the stands is unacceptable. Looking back on it, do you regret doing that? No. No, I don't regret it.

I think I've been looking the worst teammate, probably in the whole MLB. So whatever happened, happens. So whatever they want to do. I'll be tomorrow here.

They want me, you know, whatever they want to do. So I'm going to keep doing this thing, you know, so I'm healthy on whatever, you know, on whatever to do. You know, I'm, I'm ready to come back tomorrow if they want me to be here. So I'll be here.

Okay. It's a me, it sounded like I'm on the worst team in major league baseball. That's what it sounded like to me. He was then asked specifically to clarify what he said and listen to this interaction. Just to clarify what you said, just because I didn't fully understand.

Did you say I'm on the worst team? Is that, is that what you had said? Yeah, probably. It looked like. And that they were embarrassed by you? Is that what you? Yeah, they did.

Yeah. And what did they do? They gave him the boot.

They designated him for assignment. They said, we don't want you on the New York Mets. This man stood in front of his locker and said, wanted to, you know what?

Here's, here's the deal. To be honest, it doesn't matter what the interpretation of what he said was. The man actually put on social media like, Hey, that's, that's not what I said.

Jorge Lopez this morning blamed the media for misconstruing his words. Now, English is his second language. He's from Puerto Rico. He speaks Spanish and he speaks English second.

All right. Now don't, don't knock the man because quite frankly, there's a lot of people who are not bilingual. So unless you're speaking two and three languages, cut him a break.

He's in America throwing baseballs and he's making millions of dollars. Cut him a break. Okay. He said on social media, whoever hear me, I said, teammate.

And what I said on the situation is that I have been the worst teammate. Thanks media for making it worse. Now, why? The comfort of your favorite seat is now your comfy car selling command center. Thanks to Carvana.

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Talk to your child's doctor and learn more at brought to you by Merck. He would put out the statement as opposed to a representative. I don't know. I guess he doesn't have a representative or someone working with him. What we've also found out is that Jorge Lopez is dealing with a child who is in need of some type of organ transplant. And so the guy's going through a rough time right now, but what you can't do last night, this is without us knowing your personal business. People don't know my business or your business or a Stern's business.

What you can't do is stand in front of microphones and first of all, ask about being remorseful and say, no, I don't know. Maybe he didn't understand a word that they were saying. He sounds like he does. He sounds like he speaks English to me. He said, no, I'll do it again. That's what he sounded like. And then he continues on about being the worst teammate in major league base. Is that what he meant? Or did he mean he is on the worst team? And then he was asked to clarify and then he kind of said it again. But look, he's screwed up in multiple ways, regardless whether he said teammate or team.

It's all bad, all of it. And you want to know who speaks English and Spanish? His manager, Carlos Mendoza.

His manager, Carlos Mendoza. And when he had an opportunity to talk to the media today, he made it very clear that his behavior and what he did yesterday from throwing the glove to his press conference, it was not going to be tolerated with the New York Mets. Listen to this. We have standards here and I told you guys yesterday that behaviors like that, we were going to tolerate that. So that's what, you know, we made the decision.

We address it and, you know, now we've got the diamond back in town. Simple as that. Can't bad mouth the team. Can't bring down the morale. You can't be a sideshow. You can't be a distraction.

You can't do any of that and expect to keep a job. Not when you're a $2 million reliever. And please believe this, the New York Mets need every warm arm and warm body at their disposal right now. But this is like everything in sports.

You got to actually be good. You actually have to be a star to quote unquote, get away. Well, let's just say anything. I want to keep OJ Simpson out of it. We know what OJ did. But the fact is, if you're a Jorge Lopez, he's learning a harsh lesson. Somebody, somewhere in Major League Baseball is going to give him a chance. He's going to get an opportunity. It's just not going to be with the New York Mets. And for a team that is sub 500 right now, for a New York Mets team that's pitching is being held together by band-aids and scotch tape, for an offense that's non-existent, if you swung a bat in high school, if you swung a bat in middle school, if you threw a baseball as a child, you could probably help out the New York Mets right now. They're cutting a guy because they're a joke. Their new boss, David Stern, said the other day, he hasn't even been here a full season yet.

He's like, yeah, we ain't playing good. And I know we're a couple of months away from the trade deadline, but yeah, we might have to get to work. And for a New York Mets organization that brings in a Max Scherzer and a Verlander and pays Lindor for 10 years, the fans want them to keep Pete Alonzo, the New York Mets might as well blow it up. Where are they going?

The answer is nowhere. And when you have a reliever who's walking around at the end of a game, getting ejected and then saying that he's on the worst team or he's the worst teammate and major bleep in baseball. Oh yeah, the multi-billionaire, 18-billionaire, whatever the hell amount billions of dollars he got Steve Cohen. I know he broke his fine china trying to make the New York Mets a fine organization, trying to have them competing with the Yankees, trying to attract a guy like Juan Soto. Juan Soto's with the Yankees right now in Los Angeles kicking butt. And he's like, this is what it's like to be a New York Met?

No thanks. I love the press. I can't call it a press conference. I love the interview. This is one of my all-time favorite interviews. I want to play this clip again.

This is going to be clip number five. Jorge Lopez, you probably never heard of him, but he is one of the first athletes ever to stand in front of his locker and say that he sucks and that maybe his team sucks too. Carlos Mendoza said that he understands the emotion but that that particular action of throwing your glove into the stands was unacceptable. Looking back on it, do you regret doing that? No, I don't. I don't regret it.

I think I've been looking the worst team in probably in the whole f***ing MLB. So, you know, whatever happened happens. So whatever they want to do. I'll be tomorrow here if they want me, you know, whatever they want to do. So I'm going to keep doing this thing, you know. So I'm healthy.

I'm whatever, you know, I'm whatever to do. You know, I'm ready to come back tomorrow if they want me to be here. So I'll be here. So I'll be here.

Oh, that that part doesn't help either. They can do whatever it is that they want to do if they want me here. No, bro. Here's some JR wisdom and not just for Jorge Lopez, because I think he learned his lesson already. Unless you got all the money in the world and don't need a job. Don't talk crap about your boss potentially firing you. Don't tell your boss that you're, you know, you're trash, that you can get thrown out, that you could be replaced. Don't do that. Just apologize next time. Shut up and keep your money. Jorge Lopez learned a valuable lesson. Don't cross your bars. Don't talk bad about them either.

Don't say they suck. It's the JR sport re-show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Speaking of contracts, Jorge Lopez might have lost his.

There's a bunch of wide receivers getting paid and we had another one. This is a number two. I'll tell you about it on the other side. The JR sport re-show, the Infinity Sports Network. This episode is brought to you by Progressive Insurance.

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Price and coverage match limited by state law. I'm at the nail salon. I'm at the grocery store. I'm at the combination nail salon and grocery store. Wait, she's at the nail salon and the grocery store? I'm at the combination nail salon and grocery store. Groceries through instacart delivered to my door.

I don't have to choose between acrylics and the grocery store. Here's why April chose to vaccinate her child. I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children. Talk to your pediatrician or visit Brought to you by Merck.
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