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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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May 23, 2024 10:05 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 23, 2024 10:05 pm

Caitlin Clark remaining patient after 0-5 start l NCAA to allow schools to pay athletes l This Day In Sports History

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Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here on the Infinity Sports Network. I am coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you so much to super producer and host Ryan Hickey holding it down on the boards in New York City, and thank you to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. You here in Atlanta with me? Good.

Are you in Lake Buffalo? Good. You in Baltimore? Good. You in Kansas? Great. Are you in Iowa? What's up, Iowa?

Good. Hello, California. Show us all my friends in Canada, people in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, wherever you're at. Thank you for listening. You can always lock in any minute, any second on the free Odyssey app, A-U-D-A-C-Y. Thank you to people listening live on their local affiliates.

If you got Sirius XM, the channel is 158. And if you got a smart speaker, you ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. Boom. That simple, that easy.

How about this? Boston Celtics going on a run here. Where the hell the score go? 42 to 27. That's seven minutes to go on the first half. The Celtics are leading these Pacers up in Boston. Take a look at this box score real fast.

What does this look like? Oh, damn. Halliburton five, Siakam four, McConnell seven.

Oh, okay. Jalen Brown is angry tonight. 17 points.

Jason Tatum has four. So we'll keep you up to date on the Celtics and Pacers as I hang out here with the show. The Western Conference finals for the NHL, the Stars and the Oilers. Nothing. Nothing. Seven minutes to go in the first period. Not a damn thing going on.

Zero to zero. Hey, thank you so much to our guests tonight. About 40 minutes ago, we had Chris Fedor who covers the NBA for

Also a 92-3 fan in Cleveland. He came by to talk about the Cavaliers firing J.B. Bickerstaff. Also, earlier in the show, we had a guest. You can hear him here on the Infinity Sports Network. Every weekday at 10 a.m. Eastern, 7 a.m. Pacific time, Bill Ryder came through and joined us. NBA insider for CBS, as well as a host here, as I said.

So good to chat it up with both of those gentlemen. We heard from Dan Campbell. He's like, it's Super Bowl, a bust.

Well, not really. A matter of fact, don't take my word for what Dan Campbell said. Listen to what Dan Campbell had to say about the Lions and their potential to win a Super Bowl.

Listen to him. I don't see bust. I see Super Bowl.

I don't know what the bust is. So it's, you know, here's what I know, man. We all know what the, every team ought to have that, right? Every team ought to be like, man, what are you playing for?

You're playing for Super Bowl. So we're no different than that. But I think, yeah, we know that now we work backwards from there. And so you got to set yourself up no different than last year. Certain things you got to do to really make that valid, you know, make that a reality. So, and so that's, yeah, ultimately that's what we want to do. Now to do that, you better win the division. You got to give yourself the best odds you can, right? You need to win the division.

You need the best seating you the best seating you possibly do. Hickey, did you hear that smart aleck in the back? And he asked him Super Bowl a bust and he's like, I don't, I don't see bust. And the guy goes Super Bowl or nothing. Dan Campbell should have said, what do you think? I'm stupid.

You don't think I know what bust means? He should have, Dan Campbell is an intimidating fellow. I was going to say, should have went back there. Went back there. What? What'd you say, buddy? Oh, so what was it? You trying to explain what to me? You know what?

As intimidating and physically imposing as he could be. I got to give him credit for never doing that with the media. You don't, you don't see that from him.

You don't. Am I missing something right? No, you're right. He is. He's never threatened anybody.

We'll be talking about it. If that's, if that's the case, I've seen him, I have seen him cry more than I've seen him be aggressive. Imagine if he had the disposition of Vrabel or Belichick. He'd be scaring the daylights out of people. Yeah, that would be, I mean, he'd be scaring players even. He'd be a psycho. Yeah, he'd be a psycho.

He wouldn't have a job. Good for Dan Campbell. Yeah, Lions, Super Bowl and nothing.

If he doesn't gamble things away. Hey, we also talked about Dak Prescott. Dallas Cowboys already using his own quote against him.

Put it up on, on YouTube, not playing for money. Dak is like, Oh man, looking at the stars and looking at the Mavericks is it's inspiring. And the pressure is nice for the Cowboys.

Let's be real. It doesn't matter what happens with the Mavericks or the stars. The Cowboys are still going to be ass.

Okay. They'll be average at best or good enough to go to the post season and then be eliminated like same old, same old, nothing new in that regard. And Dak Prescott. Yeah, he's feeling the pressure in his contract here.

And the Dallas Cowboys got to be feeling some pressure too, because what are the options if they don't add him or resign him? Wild world. Welcome to Jerry's world. Anyway, speaking of pressure last night, as I got the hell up on out of here, not only did we have the Western conference finals in the NBA game one between the wolves and the Mavs, the Mavs ended up winning because the wolves retired. I got home and I sure as hell did watch this one, but Kaitlin Clark lost again.

It's normal. There's a reason why she was selected number one by the Indiana fever because the fever sucked last year. And so now her team is O and five last night, they lose to the storm in Seattle, 85 to 83. She has another solid game. Seems like things are getting better for 21 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, only three turnovers, a little different than the eight, nine turnovers that she was kind of flipping the ball around so far early in the season. And so when you're used to competing for national championships in college and then things switch over and now your team stinks.

And now you are going through a learning curve. How do you feel? I mean, we talk about pressure.

Come on now. Is anybody feeling more pressure right now than Kaitlin Clark? Yeah, we could think about the guys in the playoffs, NHL, MLB guys were hoping for a contract, what have you. Kaitlin Clark got to be feeling some pressure too. Big expectations, trash talking. You don't think she knows LeBron is sticking up for her and Charles Barkley sticking up for her. You don't think she has heard the criticism?

Of course she has. And she spoke to the media and she said, yeah, we're O and five, but you got to stay positive. These two definitely hurt the most. Like we're what, um, six points away from being two and three instead of O and five. Like, I don't remember what we lost to Connecticut by, but like, we're just like, it's just that close.

And there's so many instances of going back and watching the film of like little things that you can easily fix and clean up that, um, would go a really long way. And possibly it wouldn't even come down to one possession. So, um, I think you have to find confidence in that, especially, you know, at this point, you know, in five, like if you just, you know, get upset by it, I don't think that's going to be too beneficial for us. And obviously we had two more games on this road trip and, um, you got to find a way to continue to be positive. Yeah. 85 to 83 was the loss last night on Monday, her team, the fever lost to Connecticut 88 to 84 of the Connecticut, uh, sun is actually a good team and there's going to be more losing.

And so if you got tickets to go see Kaitlin Clark, prepare to see her, maybe she lights it up, but be prepared to see her lose. Sorry, picky. That was that too harsh. Was that that's the truth, right? As I say, right. Truth hurts.

Sometimes I'm going to see her when she comes here to Atlanta. I said that I, I have no expectations. I'm just going to go see what have you ever gone somewhere just to see what happens. Like you don't have like an invested interest.

You just want to witness and you just want to go somewhere to go somewhere. You do that. Oh yeah. Keep expectations low and just kind of see what happens.

It's very refreshing. Yeah. I don't, I don't have no expectations of her, the team. I know her and Aaliyah Boston. Hickey, you want to play that game too?

No, let's play the game of who else plays on the, uh, the Indiana fever. The last person I know was a Tamika catchings and Tamika isn't a hall of fame. She doesn't play basketball anymore. I think she's actually a part of management now. Almost certain of that anyway. Yeah.

Caitlin Clark of feeling a lot of pressure. And how about this? You know, earlier in the show, we talked to bill writer. You can always listen to him writer than you hear mornings on the infinity sports network. And I asked him, he's, he's out in Los Angeles. I asked him about Bronnie James, which he saw in person last week at the combine, the NBA combine in Chicago.

And bill writer did not share anything that I think most of us are unfamiliar with. He is, he's a prospect, but a big part of like what's going on with him. And these are my words is that he's LeBron's son. And so, yeah, you can do great shooting drills individually.

You could play a great off man and a scrimmage. I've seen him play. I've seen him playing with my own eyes as a kid. He doesn't make mistakes. He's very smart. He's no dummy on the basketball court.

Whether or not he has the physical skills is a different situation. Now, having said that, I got to share with you, you know, some of these, uh, picky, you ready for this? These are some evaluations from an NBA scout regarding Bronnie.

You ready? Oh yeah. Let's hear it.

There's there's two scouts here. Most of this is going to come from one scout and feel free to chime in if you have thought positional athlete doesn't function as an elite athlete. He should be a point guard based on his size, but he can't run an offense handicapped as a shooting guard because he can't shoot. He was all for four on threes one day, one for three the other day. He needs screens to create space and his only scoring came on paint such floaters. He can only go left. His strength is supposed to be defensively, but he's a switch matchup.

Every bigger player that switched onto him scored. His comp, a poor man's Davion Mitchell from the Kings. Then the scouts final, this scouts final analysis. You ready for this hickey? Oh, let's hear it.

He is not an NBA prospect. Yeah, yeah. And who knows, maybe he becomes Patrick Bevely, right? That'd be good without the yelling and cursing and stupidity.

I was going to say minus some of the antics. Sure. You ready for the other scouts information?

Much shorter. Okay, yeah, let's hear it. If the Lakers don't draft him, I don't think anyone will draft him. I'm not finished. I'm not finished. Themes would want him on a two-way and I don't think Clutch would want that. That's the agency's dad's, well not his dad's agency. I'm not supposed to say that.

His dad's friend's agency, Rich Paul. That's it. There's a scouting report.

Hickey, there it goes. Wow. I respect and appreciate the honesty because it has, I will say the brawny coverage these last few weeks has gotten a little out of control. You mean positively?

Yes. And just the fact that they're talking about him honestly is pretty ridiculous. So look, I'm not rooting against the kid, but I am rooting for fairness in a way of just like you get drafted based on how well you play, not who you know.

And clearly, right? I mean we all are thinking why brawny right now is in the draft and why he's even being talked about and at least it's refreshing to hear a two scouts clearly unbiased call like it is. The guy is not an NBA prospect and should not be in the draft.

You know what gets me? And even hearing it from like LeBron and, and I've heard it a lot, you know, yeah. And God bless him. We'll probably talk to him here sooner than later.

I heard rip Hamilton earlier today talking about LeBron and I've heard other people talk about the situation and people who aren't NBA players and another people. There's a lot of folks, whether it's social media who have taken the approach of yeah, he's just a kid. He's just a kid. He's a kid.

Why are you killing this kid's dreams or waters? And in my, in my brain, I'm going, okay, a kid, he's a grown man making a decision. So at what point is he not a kid? And at what point is he not open to criticism? Like at what point he is an NBA draft prospect.

Okay. If he was somebody else coming out of college, it don't matter who it is. He's, he's up for criticism. I mean, we got NFL players who just got drafted a month ago that these dudes get tore apart. Hands are too small. He's not going to be good on the next level. He doesn't have a lead athleticism.

He's a, he's this and that is he doesn't pay attention. Nobody says, why are we so critical of those kids? Why, when it comes to Bronnie James, is it, well, we know why it's because it's LeBron's son.

Like, can we separate the two? I have the ability to look at LeBron James and look at his kid and just go, well, yeah, from what I've seen and what the numbers say, you're not that good. Oh, you can't take a, take a, take a crap on a kid's dreams and look at all the grown men beating up on a kid.

Like, yo, don't, don't do it. If you can't stand it, that's just the facts. Okay. Anybody who has a public position, has a public platform and decides to share their, their opinions publicly, that's what you do. You open yourself up for criticism. And when you enter into a business, that's worth $10 billion and you want to make millions, and this is your dream, you open yourself up to criticism. Now is, is there some of this criticism that goes too far? Yes, absolutely.

With a lot of people, we've got a lot of stupid people saying stupid things all over the damn place. But in the case of Bronny James, like, Hey, it came out of LeBron's own mouth. We've heard it from Bronny. This is his dream.

Great. He's opened himself up for criticism because he's LeBron's son. And if he wasn't, nobody would even care in the first place.

So everybody, the critics of him who are overdoing it, the people who are overprotective of him, get over it. It's life. It's tough. It sucks.

People have opinions. And if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. There's other words that I can use, but I'd get in trouble. And who wants to get in trouble over Memorial day weekend? You want to wait until, Hey, Hickey, you getting into any trouble over the weekend?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Be on my best behavior. Oh, tell everybody. When will you be on air?

Sunday night, 10 p.m. Eastern right here, Infinity Sports Network. So you'll save your trouble for Monday? Yes. Yes. Although I'll still be working on Monday as well. So I really can't get into too much trouble.

Then we could really be in trouble here. Are you doing, you doing the show on Monday? I am not.

No. Old friend, David Shepherd. Oh, Shep is doing the show.

Shep in the building. Oh, so what do you do? You're producing?

I am producing for Shep. Oh, okay. All right. Good.

Y'all have fun. We got to get trouble to be had with him. Oh yeah. We have to talk to Shep. When we get to the finals, let's talk to Shep.

Okay. Well, he might be coaching by then. So a little worried about his schedule.

Coaching who? Well, the Lakers job's open. And I saw a report that said that the job will be determined by the interview. I assume Shep will interview well. And now the Cavs job's open.

Oh, okay. The, you know, the jobs are just rolling in for him right now. So if the, if the Lakers job was easy, because I guess LeBron is there, you just, you just carry his bags? Is that how that works? I bellhop, right? Carry the bags, make sure the planes are there.

Make sure the planes fueled up. That's why JJ Redick took the job. Seems like it. Podcast partner, you know, helps you, you know, I, I wonder. I wonder if this was just all happenstance. Like is JJ Redick?

Is he like, does he have like super villain? Like, uh, what would you call it? Intuition? Did he say in the back of his head, maybe in the frontal part of his brain, I'm going to buddy up with LeBron just to see if I could, I could mooch off of him like that, that not just because of the podcast, but he had to be thinking that right. Hickey not, not knowing maybe that the coaching job would have become available.

I was going to suggest the other way around. Do they, do you think LeBron started this pod to kind of in a way indirectly put JJ Redick through a months long interview? He's vetting him.

LeBron has been known, right? To be very calculated things, things out. Like he doesn't really do anything on a whim.

I could see him, you know, playing 3d chess here, starting a podcast innocently with a friend who loves to talk ball and JJ Redick when the seasons, you know, kind of not going great for the Lakers at the time and talking ball talking scheme. And now all of a sudden the job is open and now he's a candidate? Hmm. Man, this is manipulation on another level. If that's the case, I'm going to sit down with this guy and do a show to run him through a months long interview. Okay. That's, that's one way to get your next head coach, right? Well, I don't want nobody like that around me.

Master manipulators. Hey, good luck to LeBron and good luck to JJ Redick. Hey, Bill writer told us that it's, it's not done.

Things could change, but it looks like JJ Redick might and strong might be the next head coach of the Lakers, which I think is, uh, Lake is always interesting. They always give you a story. Let's put it that way. It's the JR sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network. 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27.

That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. If you got a story to knock yourself out, call me up on the other side of the break. I got a story too. The NCAA is in trouble. What else is new? They got to pay a lot of people, a lot of money. We'll talk about it.

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Get started with Greenlight today and get your first month free at Odyssey. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. Oh, the Puff Daddy track. I think you know what's crazy?

Puff Daddy, P Diddy, whatever the hell his name is. This man made all this feel good music and behind the scenes he was making people feel bad. It's crazy. Yeah, very sad and unfortunately, he's not the only one.

You're right, he's not. I've been, I mean, the rumors, man, I've been hearing stuff. Man, I've been hearing stuff since I was a kid.

Really? Oh yeah, about him? Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah. Growing up in New York and family and Harlem and yeah, yeah, I've been hearing stuff about him for a long time. When I got older, I would hear things about him from people who knew him and yeah, yeah. And you know what's crazy? Did you, this is the ultimate troll. Did you hear that 50 Cent like has the rights to a documentary on Puff Daddy? Did you hear about that?

No. 50 Cent has a whole documentary about this, him and his situations. Like that's crazy.

That's, that's wild. What do you mean he has like the rights on it? Like did he make his own? No, 50 Cent is doing a whole documentary.

I don't know what it's called. Let's just say did he did it, right? It's not that name. Or did, did he do it? I don't know. Whatever it is, it's, he has a documentary that 50 Cent is producing about him.

Wow. Like that's the ultimate troll and I think it's scheduled to be on Netflix if I saw correctly. That will be watched by many folk. That's like Derek Jeter saying, you already know, you already know where I'm going with this.

That's like if Derek Jeter said, I'm going to produce a documentary about Alex Rodriguez and sold it to ESPN. Like that's, that's what this is. That's what this is. This is crazy.

Wild stuff. Oh man. Anyway, whatever you do over the Memorial Day weekend, the holiday, just stay safe. Okay. And don't do anything to hurt anybody else. Just don't do that.

Yeah. Simple Jeter wisdom. Don't, don't do a diddy. Don't be like diddy.

Don't do none of that. Anyway, speaking of taking advantage of people, I remember as recently as like four years ago, I would sit here or stand on a radio and I would say that the NCAA is full of crap four years ago, full of it, that this idea that they're student athletes and they don't deserve money. I would have people calling me up from every inch and corner of the country telling me the athletes need to be happy that they're getting an education.

The athletes don't need money. I'm like, what, what, this, what world are we living in? I got no problem in saying that this is, this was modern slavery, the way it had this set up.

People were, Oh no, he said that. Oh no. Come on now. All of that has been peeled back in a massive mess via NIL.

Okay. And so now the athletes can make money and now nobody complains anymore. The athletes need to be happy that they're getting an education. That's an even trade-off.

No, it's not in a damn place that everything, well, there are plenty of places. Nobody should work without, without getting paid. Okay.

Unless this is like an internship that is setting you up for future work and experience, you work, you get paid. That's just what it is. And the last time I looked, even stopping someone from making money is a, is a ruse.

It's a sham. So you probably know this, if not, listen up. The NCAA, after being sued by Congress, amongst other folks, they've agreed to a $2.8 billion settlement. That's back pay for, I don't even know how many student athletes, and I don't know how much folks are going to get and all the legalese of it, but they're basically paying these athletes and settling before they get sued some more and go bankrupt. They have every conference has had the vote on this. And almost every conference is going to have to say yes to this because they all will go bankrupt.

You better pay out now before the bill goes up. And what this means is if you, if you're going to give people back pay, you're going to have to pay people into the future. Like we are looking at a future revenue sharing model when it comes down to the NCAA. Yeah, the student athletes aren't just going to get NIL deals from your local car dealership or some shyster down the block, who's going to rob you.

Hi, Jayden Rashada. But they're going to get money from the schools eventually. How long is it going to take?

How many lawyers and legal wrangling? We'll see. But all that nonsense about amateurism, throw that out the window. It's done. It's over. It's a wrap. Listen to this.

This is from WRAL. It's a report of the ACC saying, yeah, we're part of this proposal. We got to pay some money back. The Atlantic Coast Conference voted to accept a multi-billion dollar settlement from the NCAA to pay student athletes last night. The proposed settlement would pay former student athletes who did not benefit from the name, image, image, and likeness, that NIL ruling, uh, that, uh, since 2016.

It also includes a new revenue sharing system that will require schools to commit $20 million per year for 10 years to pay student athletes directly. Uh-huh. Good. Good. They've robbed the athletes for too long, student athletes. What a sham. I wonder if it's too late for me to walk on.

Hickey, if you had a choice of playing somewhere for somebody right now, what would you do? Um, hmm. Nowhere, huh? Yeah. Damn. Damn. Wow. Damn. Mate, Balletti. Yo. The college athletes are going to make money from the school now.

If you had to go play somewhere, where would you go? I have no idea. None? No.

Who's paying me the most? Uh. There.

That's where I want to go. Duke? Sure. Whatever.

I have no idea. Sure. Whatever. I have no, uh. Football?

Baseball? I have no affiliation to any of this. You want to pay me? I'm in.

That I don't care about, but the actual school itself. You just here for hire? Is that how it works? Yes. Yes, I am. Yes, I am.

Yes, I am. You have limits? Man. Oh, wow.

We could probably push some of those. Hey, listen. It's a busy weekend. If you want to find work, I'm sure you could, okay?

A lot of people outside do a lot of strange things, okay? Uh-huh. Wow.

Wow stuff. Anyway, it's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm trying to understand if I can get myself a... The track guys, they're not going to make money. I got to play football or basketball, right? You know, I don't know, because they didn't really explain that.

And that's the can of worms that we've been talking about for a while. Like, who gets the money? It got to be a football and the basketball player.

Football, basketball, baseball, in that order. Right. But is there a level where we've made this much revenue, so once you reach X amount of dollars, now the revenue is there, so we can now start paying people? Or is it the second you're in... You know what I mean? Do you have to be in the red? If you play lacrosse, is your school in the red, so they don't have to pay you? Or is it because they don't make enough money and enough profit, they don't have to pay? Or do they automatically have to give you a percentage? I don't know.

I didn't get the full details. See, I don't think that's a good point. I don't think they have that part figured out yet. But you would figure every person that participates in the athletics program has to make some money. And you can't have the lacrosse team, unless you're in the mid-Atlantic and they're a great team, but as an overall, like the football and basketball team, they should get a lion's share of the money, right?

You can't do that. Again, I don't know. Is it every player gets the same thing too? Like, does the star athlete get more? No, see, I think that's where it comes down to NIL. Not that I've thought this through. I'm thinking this through while I'm here on the air.

And Hickey, feel free to jump in. I think if you're on the team, on the basketball team, everybody should make the most money. The same amount of money, right?

Let's just use basketball team as a shorter, smaller roster. Everybody should make the same amount of money, however they decide to divvy it up. Because naturally, these kids, they're still going to be able to make NIL money. And so, I mean, if I'm at the end of the bench, am I going to make the amount of money as the star? Hell no. I'd be lucky if maybe I have an NIL deal, but at least I get something for being on the team and the star player is going to make buckets of money anyway. Is that not fair?

I like that. But again, it opens up the same thing though. So okay, so basketball, it's a smaller roster and then you got the NIL. So the top guy is still going to make the money. Football, gigantic roster. Is everyone going to get that same tiny piece and then only four or five or however many guys are going to get the NILs to make the money? Is that fair? Then you go into the other sports.

I mean, field hockey. I don't know how many NIL deals are out there for that. So are they just getting the tiny little piece and that's it? Yes. And I don't know. Is all that fair? I mean, a lot of that seems fair to me, but I don't know how they figure it out. And then the school could look at it and go, yeah, but I can't afford to give this piece whatever it is. I don't know what the percentage is too.

Like, is it flat? The same 2% that the basketball player gets? The field hockey player gets? Is it that difficult to determine what programs are actually revenue generating? I mean, they have the stats and the numbers. So I assume it's like any other business. Hey, football, basketball is generating the most. This is what the pot says.

This is the percentage that came from here and this house is going to get split up. You're right. The only thing that opens up to, and again, it may be unfortunate in the way of the world, but if it's run like a business and it's revenue generated and it's money, well, you know what? You don't have a field hockey team anymore. You don't have this other team anymore. You don't have swimming at the school anymore because it doesn't generate the revenue. And if we're paying you now, we're losing money.

Sorry, you're out. No, you can still, you can still finance to keep them rolling, but it's like any other expense. And like every other business, when expenses become something that they don't like, they cut.

Again, we open up a can of, it's not a bad thing. You're killing the swimming team? Am I the only one that sees this though? I mean, it's not like I would do it, but every company is the same way, right? I think that, man, there are so many other things in the country that people are upset about.

Like if I put on a skirt, would they let me play basketball? You know what I'm saying? Right. Like I think people are more upset about that. I don't even think they would, they don't want, I don't think that the teams, the schools, I don't think they want that, that smoke. I don't think they want that fire. Yeah.

PR goes a long way until it comes down to your pocket. And then the, whoever it is, that's the board of trustees is losing money. I don't know, man. That'd be such a fight. Oh my God. They cut swimming.

Oh my, I could see the riots on TV and on my internet. Oh man, we don't need that. Again, not arguing with you, nor am I advocating for cutting these programs. I just know the way of the world. And whenever it comes down to, and there's money involved, if you're not making enough money and there's no reason to generate more money from what you're giving me, I'm going to cut your ass because it's taking money out of my pocket. That's the American way.

We could discuss a lot of things. That one, to me, hard pressed to convince me otherwise. The American way is I'm going to make sure I get paid. You can get yours as long as I get mine for the people that are at the top. And if they're not getting the same amount, someone's losing money and it ain't them. Hickey, you, you, you see, you see like chops for some of these athletic programs when they got to start paying the athletes.

I hope we're not talking about that. And that could be an unintended consequence because it's, I mean, it really does open Pandora's box of who gets paid. And if everyone's getting paid, like here's another one for you, like some schools have more sports than others. Now, some schools have 30 sports, some schools have 14 sports. So if the school of 14 sports, you're only paying 14 teams worth of athletes. And now all that money's left over you in theory, have a competitive advantage, right? Cause you can now offer recruits more money. Cause you got basically half the pot available compared to other schools or more athletes. It's to be fascinating. I would assume it's probably going to like, I don't think the structure will change in the sense of like, whoever's getting paid now with NAL, I'm assuming it's going to stay the same except instead of coming from boosters or a collective, it comes from the school directly.

That's my guess on how this looks. I don't think we're going to see a paycheck for, you know, every player and every team, the ones getting paid. It just, I think the source is different more than where the money comes from. Well, every player got to get paid. This is going to come from the school. But, but why, well, why, why did I have to get paid? Well, they are, you don't think saying like, well, like if you're the 10th person on the field, hockey team, right? Why do you have to get paid?

You got a scholarship or a partial scholarship. Like why? I think that goes, I think that goes against what they're doing. But isn't this like, I guess it's more like eliminating amateurism, right? So now you're basically not stopping athletes from making money. I don't think you're forced to give players that weren't making money before money now, just because everyone else is making it. If it's generating revenue, if it's making money, then they deserve a share. I agree, but some sports don't have that, right? No, every, the 15th guy on the New York Knicks that we've never heard of, he getting a check? Well, it's a professional sport.

It doesn't happen. And that's what this has now kind of become. Again, we've opened up a box that, and it's not a bad thing. I'm glad that they're getting paid. It's not like I'm sitting here advocating for, let's go back to an education. That's it. That's nonsense. Everyone should get paid.

It just makes it complicated as to how and who and what. Yeah. You got to split the money. Even that bum on the lacrosse team that doesn't play.

You got to give this dude $500, $1,000 a year or a semester. I don't know. Nobody knows. It becomes like a job in the fact of we all have people at the job, not going to point fingers, that don't do a lot, that don't really carry their weight. They still get paid. Why are you looking at me?

I'm not looking at you, man. So that's what I'm saying. So there's got to be, and then they don't have as much responsibility. They still get paid. They still get a check. Everybody gets paid to do something, whatever it is, however good or bad or incompetent you are or great at it, whatever it is.

It's who, what, when. The person at the bookstore for the school, they get paid. I mean, the student who works with the registrar, that student gets paid.

Everybody gets paid. And so how could you not have an athlete, even if he's a walk-on bum and never plays, and he's the, you know, 65th, 70th, whatever guy on the team, he got to get something. He got to get a taste. It may buy him lunch. I don't know.

It's tricky. As wild as it is, it's progress, I think, because they've been getting robbed for a long, long time. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network, 855-212-4227. I'll take your calls before we roll out. This is going to be my last show before we hit the holiday, and then I'll go ahead and share with you something that took place this day in sports history. The wait is over.

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See site for details. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. It's the JR Sport Brief show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Boston lead in Indiana 82 to 71 in the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals. And then, on the hockey side of things, the Oilers are leading the Stars 2 to 1 in the second period.

Thank you Marco Belletti for sharing. Anyway, 8-5-5, 2-1-2, 42-27. Y'all won't hear me again until Tuesday. Let's get to the phones. Tell you about something that happened this day in sports history.

And then, I don't know, get ready for the weekend. Lou is calling from San Diego. You are on the JR Sport Brief Show.

Sup Lou? Hey, how you doing JR? First of all, I want to thank you for taking my call and I want to say happy Veterans Day to all the vets out there. Memorial Day. Memorial Day. Yes, sir.

All those who made that possible. Yeah. They probably are no longer with us and there's a very few remaining, but we owe them a lot.

Yes. Anyway, I wanted to say the Fab Five, if the NCAA is trying, not necessarily backfade, but I think that they, I'm not sure, maybe you know that something I don't know, because they were taking, they took away all the titles, all the wins, and how much revenue did the Fab Five did not create for the NCAA? Yeah, I don't think, so a couple of weeks ago, we spoke to Chris Weber.

Chris Weber was right here on the show. I don't think they're going to, they're going to quote unquote get their just due. I don't think that the NCAA is going to dig that deep and say, you know what? Well, we need to get Chris Weber and Juwan Howard this much money and Rose give them this much money. I don't think we're going to wake up and see Reggie Bush end up with a big old check. I mean, we can go down the list of big names. I'm sure like royalties, I think a lot of the athletes are going to get a small check, which may be considered a pittance and it's going to be, hey, this is the settlement. This is what we agreed to.

Hey, take the money and go away. So, hey, are they going to reinstate the Fab Five's victories? I'm not so sure. Is Chris Weber and all these other guys, Jimmy King, are they going to get checks? I don't, I don't think so Lou.

And if it is, it's going to be small. I appreciate you. Lou, go ahead quickly.

Hurry, hurry. Yeah. If they don't get money, at least give them what they are, what they're rightfully theirs. They won those games. Well, let me tell you something. Chris Weber said, hey, the people that matter to me are the fans. They love me. They appreciate me.

And that's good enough for Chris Weber. Thank you, Lou, for calling from San Diego. Hey, what's going on in history? Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore.

But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again. It's time for this day in sports history. You see, back in those days, we had radio and you couldn't see anything.

And it was primitive and lousy and we liked it. On the JR sport brief show. I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass. On this day, May 23rd, 2021 Phil Mickelson, he becomes the oldest man by two strokes. He won the PGA championship 50 years old. Take a listen courtesy of CBS sports.

Here it is. Biggest moment of a legendary career. Phil defeats father time.

50 years, 11 months, seven days. You are the oldest major champion in history. I mean, this is just an incredible feeling because I just believed that it was possible, but yet everything was saying it wasn't. And I hope that others find that inspiration.

It might take a little extra work, a little bit harder effort to maintain physically or maintain the skills, but gosh, is it worth it in the end? And I'm so appreciative to be holding this Wanamaker trophy. Yeah, there's hope for broken body Tiger Woods.

Not really, but there is some stuff. Well, he won his gold jacket. Well, green jacket, excuse me, 2019.

So many jackets and awards. I'm confusing them. Anyway, Hickey have a great weekend, okay? JR, you too.

Don't get in any trouble, right? I'm not. I'm not a Kansas city chief.

No trouble for me. I'll be back on Tuesday. Hickey, tell them when to listen to you again.

Sunday night, 10 p.m. Eastern right here, Infinity Sports Network. Cancel your Sunday plans. Yeah, listen to Hickey. The JR Sport Reshow is done. I'll be back on Tuesday. Listen to Hickey. Don't move here.

The Infinity Sports Network, Bart Winkeling is coming up next. Y'all be safe over the Memorial Day weekend. And thank you to everybody. Much love to folks who served. Thank you. Peace out. Bye.
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