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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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May 22, 2024 8:16 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 22, 2024 8:16 pm

Dak Prescott not playing for money while Deshaun Watson feeling better l Gary Washburn, Boston Globe Celtics reporter l Josh Allen on his NBA talents


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Just you wait. AutoTrader. It is. The JR Sportbree show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Happy to be coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'll be hanging out with you for the next three hours. This is a four hour show. I get started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific.

We've been hanging out for an hour already. Where you been? You can always listen on the free Odyssey app. You can always hit rewind if you have the Odyssey app.

Yeah, go back. Catch up. Much love to everybody listening live and local on their Infinity Sports Network affiliate. Sirius XM Channel 158.

And for all my tech savvy people who have smart speakers, just ask it to play Infinity Sports Network and boom. Pops right on up. It is Wednesday.

Try my best to get you over the hump. Last hour, we talked about a few things. The Pacers choke job against the Celtics last night. Even though the Celtics, they were the ones who almost choked first. We talked about the Mavs and the Wolves. Western Conference Finals Game one is going to take place about an hour from now. And then right before we went to break, we talked some broadcasting news as the NBA on TNT could be coming to a close as soon as next season.

Yes. Shaq, Ernie, Kenny, Charles Barkley. That show could be a wrap. It appears that NBC is kind of outbid Warner Discovery slash Turner for rights to broadcast NBA games, which means that the NBA on TNT could be curtains their contract expires next year. We'll see if there's any type of Hail Mary that saves things. We also talked about Greg Olsen, who just won himself a sports Emmy, even though Greg Olsen has been recently been. Well, he's been demoted. He knew he was going to be demoted whenever Tom Brady decided to show up for work. Tom Brady can't be on no B team with no experience being the most decorated quarterback of all time. Tom Brady has to work on the A team, make 37 million dollars while Greg Olsen is now only going to make three.

He was making 10. Tom Brady will quit in a couple of years. He's going to pocket the checks and he's like, I'm not doing this crap. I got to show up in the week and I'm not doing this. Tom Brady is going to realize that he could do Peyton Manning. I could have my own network and talk football. I got to sit here every Sunday and do it. These guys start work in the middle of the week and then they go on the road. It's too much work for Tom Brady.

Maybe that's what he wants, because I think that's why his family left him. Well, anyway, eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

Speaking of too much work. The commissioner spoke today. Roger Goodell had to be clear on which commissioner it was. Roger Goodell spoke to the media today. There's been so much talks about the NFL expanding and having more games and what have you. And so we'll hear from Roger Goodell in a second. And then, of course, it's OTAs. So there's so many players that are in the best shape of their life.

Everybody is healthy for the most part. Aaron Rodgers, Achilles feels good and we can go on and on. And so we have a lot to do in about 15 minutes from now. We're going to be joined by Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe. He's going to come through and talk to us about these up and down Celtics who are supposed to win a championship.

And then in an hour from now, it's Wednesday. I'm going to bring you a new top six list, as I do every Wednesday. And because there's so much news going on with the broadcasters and Barkley and Olson and Tom Brady and everybody, I'm going to share with you my personal top six list. I'm going to tell you. About my top six sports announcers. Ever. That list is coming an hour from now.

Thank you so much to our super producer and host, Ryan Hickey. Now, let's listen to this man, Roger Goodell, talk about an 18 game football season. It's been bandied about. Roger Goodell is like, hey, if we can get rid of a preseason game and tack on another regular season game, then why the hell not go to 18? This is what he said a couple of weeks ago. But today, in speaking to the media, Roger Goodell said, listen, folks, 18 games in a regular season. It's not something that's going to start like later this year or next year. Listen to him. I wasn't floating something that we're actively thinking about now.

It is something that we think about in the long range context. Again, moving to quality and making sure that we're doing everything possible to to bring our fans what they want. And they want obviously more football. But I'm not sure they want more preseason football. Man, nobody wants preseason football. I personally don't care if we get 18 more.

I don't want from 16 to 17 and eight. What's another game to me? I don't care.

I'm not getting paid for it. Roger Goodell sitting around going, oh, fans want more football. I don't know if they want more preseason football. Man, let the players warm up, man. I'm not playing. Let them warm up.

16. I got to be honest, having 17 games, I don't care about that either. Especially if the players are going to be crap and falling apart at the end.

It's pretty nutty to think about. Even Roger Goodell, he's not stupid. He talked about the the positives, the negatives of an 18 game season. Listen, the key thing for us is looking at making sure we continue to do the things to make our game safer. So we want to make sure that that hits the first boundary.

You know, we 17 games is a long season. So we want to make sure we look at that, make sure that we continue the safety efforts. You've seen a lot of the outcomes of that kickoff.

So a good example of that, the hip drop. So we're going to continue to do that. That's number one. Working with our players association is number two. You know, we would reach an agreement with them if we're going to proceed on that level. But we also third is this is not necessarily an order is the quality of our game. You know, we would do it in the context of reducing the number of preseason games. We think that's a good trade. Less preseason games and more regular season games.

I think most anybody would think was beneficial. But again, those are the two factors are really important. Come on, man. Guys aren't even playing.

Well, I mean, you want to talk about a trade off. Most dudes aren't even playing in the preseason, right? Hey, get some reps at this. And that's why a lot of times at the beginning of the season, the place sucks. Things are loose and all over the place because these dudes haven't gone out there and really practice.

They're not prepared. Hickey, do you care about 18 games, 16, 7? Doesn't matter to you. The only thing that matters to me is an even schedule in the sense I hate the 17. Right. Like either give me 16, which there's no shot at going back to that.

So then just get 18. It's so dumb that some years you have, you know, more away games and home games. Other years you have more home games and away games. It's the only league right now where you have an odd number of games.

Fix it. Yeah. Well, we knew from when they boosted it from 16 to 17. It was inevitable.

Right. That they were going to go to 18. It was just a matter of when are we talking six years, eight years, 10 years.

It's it's inevitable. And if I'm the players association and this is something that they have to keep in mind, we know that the revenue and the money continues to go up and up and up. The NFL is basically sitting on being a 20 billion dollar a year business.

And you have all of these new partners who want to be involved from the and are involved from the the Amazons and the Netflixes of the world. They're just going to continue to make more money hand over fist. Well, how is that money? How are those finances going to be distributed over an additional game? You going to split up my check now over 18 games? I don't know how many people know this, but NFL players only get paid during the course of the season.

OK. I mean, you could talk about bonuses and what have you. But in regards to their checks, those game checks, that's that's their money.

That's why these guys want the signing bonuses and the guaranteed money right out of the gate. Now, you think about the injuries, what's going to happen if and when, when I should say the NFL goes to 18 games. We've seen so many crazy things.

Come on. I know Deshaun Watson has had his own issues off the field, but last year the man broke his shoulder. And I told you, we already have all of these stories coming out of OTAs about players being in the best shape of their life. Yesterday, we talked about Aaron Rodgers, his Achilles is fine and his arm talent is amazing.

It's all still there. Oh, my God. Arm talent. Deshaun Watson broke his shoulder. OK. Kevin Stefanski, the head coach of the Cleveland Browns, basically said, oh, yeah, Deshaun Watson, he looks good.

He looked like himself to me. I've been able to watch him the last couple of weeks now that we've gotten into phase two. So I've seen him throw. He's making great progress.

We will continue to just follow the medical team on this. But he looks like himself. Oh, that man will be fine. He will. Unless he gets hurt and then we get Jamis, which would not be the worst thing in the world. Must I remind you, Joe Flacco is now the backup quarterback to Anthony Richardson on the Colts. And Jamis Winston is now the backup quarterback for Deshaun Watson on the Browns.

Can't wait to see Jamis Winston playing because Deshaun Watson, I think he'll miss a game or two here or there. And he's not the only quarterback that we got an update on. Deshaun Watson has his money all guaranteed.

We know that to a tongue of a lower. He wants his deal. He wants his money.

He wants his contract. He was healthy last year, lost in the playoffs against the Chiefs, but Rahim mostered the running back for the Dolphins. He was on Ross Tucker's podcast and he said two was in the best shape of his life.

Looks amazing. I'm actually stunned that he even said that that number because it didn't even look like it at first. And then you start putting the pieces together like last year.

I'm like, wait a minute. He was a little bit heavier last year. But now, man, he's honestly looking good right now. I think that he's looking in the best in the best form, best shape of his life. He's taking care of himself, taking care of his body. And he's he's trying to he's trying to do some remarkable things this year.

Now, in regards to contract negotiations, I don't know. He's always been a team guy. But, you know, I felt like with him, he's he's always a guy that wants to be known as a as a leader and one with the team and for the team. And so, you know, I'm just hoping that everything works out with him and his his negotiation styles.

Yeah, we'll see. This is the same to a tongue of a lower. Last year, he bulked up. You remember this? He was taking jujitsu and all these classes to learn how to fall. He put on weight so he could absorb blows and not be injured.

And now he's lost weight. And so we go into this year, he gets hurt, I guess. Right. I mean, the logic would say yes. Right. If you're going if you're doing the opposite of what you did last year to prevent yourself from getting hurt. I mean, who knows?

There's I guess there's no happy medium. He'll just go back and forth every year. And he's not the only guy. I mean, Lamar Jackson today.

He's like, oh, yeah, I also I love when I'd also he's like I lost weight because I wanted to be more agile. Hickey, did I is my memory suck that he just went MVP? He did. Right. Am I making that up for the second time in five years?

OK, just making sure I'm like, did you win MVP or did you not? It's like I need to be more agile when I see him on a football field. I mean, he's he's darting around unlike any person I've seen. He's just he can change direction so fast. And he's a quarterback. What does he want to do? Be Barry Sanders?

I have no idea. It's crazy. We also know that he's paid making fifty two million dollars a year. Good for him. Lamar Jackson raking in the big bucks. He's in good shape.

Right now, this guy. I mean, he broke his ankle one year, but outside of that, he's he's been OK. It's Dak Prescott.

You don't have no physical worries right now. He's worried about that money. Dallas Cowboys got to figure out how to pay him. Michael Parsons, who didn't show up to work because he wants a new contract.

And the same thing for C.D. Lamb. Dak Prescott said one of the dumbest things I think anybody could ever say during a contract negotiation.

Dak Prescott spoke to the media today. Listen to what he said about his deal. I don't play for money.

Never have never cared for it, to be honest with you. Would give it up to just to play this game. So I allow that to the business people to say say what it's worth, what they're supposed to give a quarterback of my play. For me, it's about, as I said, control I can control and handle that part and the rest will take care of itself.

Yeah, no big deal in the grand scheme of things. I think Dak is going to get a big contract with the Cowboys and anybody else next year. But why say such a thing if I'm Jerry Jones, if I'm Jared Jones, I'm rubbing my hands together going, yes, I'm doing the Mr. What's that guy's name from The Simpsons? I'm doing the Mr. Burns.

Excellent. Like I'm tapping my fingers going make my day. You play for the joy and love of the game.

Yeah, they can't not pay the man. Don't don't ever say that. Don't ever say I do this because I love it.

I'll do it for free. What a ridiculous hickey. Don't ever say anything like that ever.

Those words will never enter my vocabulary. My God. What do you think his agent was doing when he heard that? Trying to hit the dump button, trying to calm. Shut up, please. Shut up. Stop talking. No, don't say that because, you know, as soon as you walk in, Jerry's going to put that on loop. You mean your play for 30 million dollars, you'll take our pay cut?

You mean, can we keep you at the same rate that you're at now? Forty million dollars like. Don't say such a thing. The Cowboys, I don't think they do such a thing, but don't put that in the atmosphere, man.

One of the best quarterbacks on earth. Go get your money. Don't sit around in the media and tell everybody that you play for free.

Doesn't matter. And then give the money back, then give it back. Put your money where your mouth is. Everybody's saying crazy things and OTAs.

I'm trying to get more agile and losing weight. I'm in the best shape of my life. I play for free and give the money back. Not happening, right? Not happening. The J.R. Sportbree show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm going to tell you what's going to happen.

We're going to take a break. When we come back, we're going to chat with Gary Washburn from the Boston Globe about these up and down Celtics, because they won a game last night. But Gary has watched them all year long.

A matter of fact, he has watched them for years. And then we're going to hear from Josh Allen, because if you thought Dak Prescott saying that I'd play for free or money doesn't matter is something crazy. Wait until you hear Josh Allen later on this hour. Gary Washburn coming up, though, on the other side. It's the J.R. Sportbree show.

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AutoTrader. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. It is the JR Sport Brief show here coast to coast on the Infinity Sports Network. In about 40 minutes from now, we're going to have the start of the Western Conference Finals between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Dallas Mavericks. But last night we got things started in the east in the northeast as the Boston Celtics held off the Pacers through some mistakes. They come on top and come out on top and win game one of the East Finals 133 to 128. They'll talk about the game last night, what the Celtics did, what they need to do, what needs to happen to continue on. It's Gary Washburn from the Boston Globe. Gary, thank you for taking the time. Hey, how's it going?

Very well. Now, you've seen these Celtics all year long. You've seen them for years. The up and down, last night's game, business as usual, right? Nothing unusual out of them. Yeah, it was a very interesting game, obviously, as you guys saw, and up 13 in the third quarter, it was like they were going to pull away, then Indiana just keeps coming. And then it looks like they got it cinched in regulation, three-point lead with the ball, ten seconds left, and then just all hell broke loose. Indiana made a bunch of mistakes, some earlier turnovers that kind of gave the Celtics a shot, and then obviously the last turnover, the path to Seacombe that caromed out of bounds, and then a three-point shot by Brown, and overtime was more mistakes from Indiana. So just a lot of things happened, and sometimes I think that's how playoff games are.

You've got to win the ones maybe that you weren't supposed to win. Every great team has one of those games where you look at the Derek Fisher shot with.4 seconds left, and that Robert Horry three-pointer coming off the rebound. There's always moments like that, and I guess this might have been the Celtics' one.

Gary Washburn is here with us from the Boston Globe. When you take a look at the Celtics, and this is something that Tatum said I believe as recently as last week, hey, we're always expected to win. Well, they won 64 games. Do you think at times because of the talent and the All-Stars and the contributions of the Holidays and the Whites that sometimes they legitimately take their foot off of the gas?

I think that that could happen at times. I think sometimes the game plan, the game two against Miami, their game plan was just not equipped for what Miami brought to the table that night. The game two against Cleveland, they fought, and all of a sudden they just kind of all hell broke loose in the second half, and the Cavaliers pulled away. So there's times where they're just not flawless, and I think that considering they did win 64 games, they've been knocking on the door for years, that they have an all-NBA player in Jason Tatum, an all-NBA player in Jalen Brown, an all-defensive team, Derek Wyden, Drew Holliday.

Chris, that sort of thing. You've got a loaded roster that you should make things easier on yourself, but that just hasn't been the Celtics' history, and that's lasted for years now. And it's something that they have to shake, and they have to deal with, but maybe, if you want to look at a positive for a Celtic, on the Celtic side, last night's game was probably a game they lose last year, or the year before that.

They don't win that game. You know, Gary, I'll tell you this. You talk about last year, a year before that, Jalen Brown, you mentioned him, an All-Star, all-NBA, biggest contract that we've ever seen in the league. He's certainly been criticized for going left, or his dribbling ability. I mean, as of last night, and now it's more so been publicized about his free throw shooting. How have you seen him improve from the past couple of years to what he is now? Well, if you look at his numbers this year, and look at him closely, he has made better on-court decisions. Some of his turnovers and kind of being stripped was, you know, trying to do too much.

Being on a fast break and going one-on-three, you know, trying to do too much. And now I think he makes better on-court decisions to say, okay, I'm not going to, like, take the ball against three or four defenders. I'm going to slow it down. I'm going to hold it up, and I'm going to pass to a teammate.

I'm going to look for the right play as opposed to the play that might be most exciting. I think he's learned from that. His turnovers actually are down this year. The free throw shooting is always kind of an adventure. You know, like Luca, there's just some players in the league that are good shooters that aren't great free throw shooters. And you really can't figure it out, you know, that are 37% from three and can hit the mid-range. And, you know, they can hit a contested shot, but once they get to the free throw line and it's a wide open shot with nobody there, they have trouble. And so I just think that's been Jalen's issue, and, you know, it could come down to a close game and he's hit the line. Now, he hit some key free throws in Game 1, late free throws after missing some, so you've got to give him credit there.

But, yeah, that's something that he's been constantly trying to work on, but it's still not there. Gary, I think one name that doesn't get bandied about a lot, and maybe it's due to injury from this past season, is Marcus Smart. We don't hear about him as much from a national scene. How have things evolved in regards to just who's the most vocal in the locker room?

Is it evenly distributed? Is there respect for Drew Holliday? How has the dynamics of the locker room changed? Well, with Smart going to Memphis, they had to get other leaders to step up, and they had to get guys like Jalen Brown, like Jason Kane, to be more vocal. And then you've got guys like Drew Holliday who steps in, and he comes in with instant respect, obviously.

Former's the Offensive Player of the Year, All-Star, NBA Champion. So when Drew gets there, his voice is automatically respected. So I think it's become more of a group thing as opposed to one guy being the voice. And I think what Brown and Tatum have understood is when their career progresses, and now Tatum's in the seventh year, Brown's in the eighth year, so they're ending the mid-career point here, that they have to be more vocal.

They have to be leaders. They're no longer young. There's Ant-Man, there's Wimby, there's guys in the league now that are born in 2004, right? So if that doesn't make you feel old, you're born in the 90s, you're no longer a young guy. You might not be old head status yet, but you're definitely a vet, right? And I think Brown and Tatum have had to understand that they're vets now. They're established vets, that guys look at them and say, oh, man, I used to play with you on 2K. Or, man, I admired your name.

Or, you know, I was in middle school when you were at Duke. You know, like things like that. And they got to, you know, eventually that happens to everybody. And I think those guys have had to be more vocal. And it's been more of a group effort as opposed to one voice. Gary Washburn here with us from the Boston Globe. You talk about the youth of the team. We know what happened early last season to see the season prior with Imei Udonka.

Joe Mazzulla, I think it gets lost on people how young he is. Does he smile? Is he happy?

Is he going to crack a smile if they win a championship? He always seems everything is so close to the vest. He's a very focused guy, very intense. You know, he takes his craft in the game very seriously. And he has some ideas that sometimes he's a little sensitive about when they're challenged. So that's just who he is. He's a guy, his hobby, when he's not playing ball, sorry, not coaching, is jiu-jitsu.

There's been times this season he's had some marks on his face from either the jiu-jitsu or from playing pick-up basketball. Because he's only 35, so he's still at that age where he's pretty active. He's not like most NBA head coaches. He's still in his athletic, you know, pretty much maybe at the end of his prime, but he's still athletic enough to do a lot of things when he's not coaching. So this is a guy who has a method and a means that he feels like is the way to win, and he's going to stick to that. He's going to, you know, relate to his players a little differently than most coaches.

Obviously, it's not going to be, you know, father-son kind of thing when you're 35 years old. It's going to be more big brother, little brother, or just, you know, with a guy like Al Horford who's two years older than Missoula. It's kind of just peers, you know, growing up around the same time, liking maybe the same music, you know, maybe the same movies from back in the day. So I think the players have learned to love Missoula because of his intensity. They understand how much it means to him. And then he has become more of a, you know, he'll jump them and he'll definitely have something to say when they're messing up. But it's more of a big brother, little brother kind of situation or even a friend as opposed to like a father-son like when you look at, you know, when you look at some of these coaches in their 50s and 60s and the players are 20. That's not the case.

You know, it's about the same age. Well, Gary, anything less than a championship or game seven, a disappointing loss, is going to be ridiculously disappointing for everybody in the Northeast. So if this is not a success or close to it, wouldn't he then be on the hot seat?

Wouldn't it be so hot? Is there a possibility to give him the boot? I don't think so there. I think it's like a situation, if you look a little bit more than a decade ago, when Eric Spoelstra was kind of the new young coach at the Miami Heat and LeBron and those guys came in, Ron came in and Bosch, and they were not happy with the way he was running the team early. And obviously with the Pat Riley, Riley insisted. He said, hey, he's staying here. He's not going anywhere.

He'll be fine. And obviously they won two championships and Spoelstra is taking two other teams to the NBA final. So I think the Celtics are going to play the long game here with their coaching situation. They're going to, you know, understand that Mazzullo is a second year coach.

He had not played in the league. He had been kind of a lower level assistant on the back of the bench when he took over. So this is a guy who has a still has a lot to learn just from the natural situation of being thrown into such a high profile job. But they think he's learning on the fly. They think he's going to make tremendous progress.

And they're not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater if they don't get it done this year. Gary Washburn joining us from the Boston Globe. Gary, what's the latest on Chris Staps? He's out this game, the second game. Is he coming back to the third, the fourth? Is there a need to rush him?

Probably not. What do you what are you hearing? Well, I think he's making definite progress from his calf injury. He's not wearing a brace or he's not, you know, he's walking normally. So now the fact of getting the calf stronger, making sure he doesn't have any aggression and getting back into basketball shape and doing some running and things like that. So now I think you're talking about he could probably potentially come back in this series with the patients, depending on how long it lasts.

And I think the Celtics obviously are a better team with him. But, you know, this is a guy with a history of leg injuries and had a calf strain earlier this season. So they're not going to bring him back too early and throw him out there and have him get hurt again. They're going to make sure that he's 100 percent.

And I think he's getting to that point. The injury he had, depending on the degree of the strain, was either two to three weeks or four to six weeks. I think he had a two to three week injury, not a four to six week injury.

And now we're at the third week. So now I think the Celtics being cautious with him because of his history are going to get him a few extra days, maybe even an extra week to get himself right. And so he can be able to play in a high level playoff game when he comes back. Gary, what do these Celtics need to do the rest of this series so you have an NBA finals to cover live and in person? They just have to basically understand that Indiana is no joke. And I think that folks who watch the Knicks series probably got to learn about them. This is a team that had a little spotlight on them during the end season tournament. And they went to the finals, obviously lost to the Lakers. But they are a team that in the East people know about.

And so I think the country is starting to realize, wow, you know, this Halliburton kid is obviously good. Miles Turner, they've been kind of a team that's been building toward this for a while. And now they put together a good, young, deep team that can score on anybody. The Celtics have to understand the game won. They got one. They got a break. Now they'll play a little bit better, be a little more focused on defense, cut down on the turnovers, and be better and all facets of the game to take control of this series. I think if they do that, they're 4-2 against Indiana this season, I think they'll be successful in this series. But it's got to happen now. They can't have any more slip-ups.

Yeah, they sure as hell can. Hey, Gary, where can people follow you and all your great work with the Boston Globe? Well, slash sports and also gwashburnglobe on X is where you can follow my work.

Hey, Gary, thank you so much. We'll catch you on down the line, maybe in the finals. We'll see. Oh, we'll see for sure.

Look forward to it. No doubt about it. That Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe. The JR Sportbree show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network as I stand here in the studio and look at one of the screens in front of me. You know, I told you before, or maybe last hour, the NBA on TNT, they got another Emmy. They are literally sitting in Minnesota right now, prior to the start of the Western Conference finals between the Mavs and the Timberwolves. They got the Emmy on the stage.

Hickey, I think they may just let that Emmy just sit up there until, you know, whenever the show expires, because everybody knows how good of a show it is, but it might be coming to a conclusion. Money talks, Hickey, it does. Money talks. Unfortunately, you are right about that. Sad, but true reality.

Everybody knows that except for Dak. He says he'll play for free. What a guy. The JR Sportbree show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I need you to think O'Reilly Auto Parts for all of your car care needs.

Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. On the other side of the break, I told you Dak Prescott's not the only person who said something kind of wild and crazy. Josh Allen did too. It has nothing to do with his wide receivers either.

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Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So, get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all-new season of The Kardashians premieres May 23rd streaming on Hulu. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. The JR Sport Brief show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Speaking of Sugar Shane Mosley, the man knew how to throw a – Hall of Fame, of course, he didn't just know how to throw a punch. He threw punches and bunches. Like Mr. Stenhouse. Yeah, Ricky Stenhouse. This man punched Kyle Busch.

They fined this man $75,000 for doing so, which is a record. We'll talk about that later on in the show. Speaking of a record and people saying crazy, crazy things, Hickey, I know we talked about Dak Prescott.

He's just like, hey, matter of fact, let's listen to what Dak had to say earlier today about his contract status. Listen. I don't play for money.

Never have, never cared for it, to be honest with you. I would give it up just to play this game. So, I allow that to the business people to say what it's worth, what they're supposed to give a quarterback of my play.

For me, it's about, as I said, control I can control and handle that part and the rest will take care of itself. Now, I said this man was crazy for saying such a thing. Like, you don't say that. Especially when you're out here playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Well, listen to this. You just heard Manny Rodriguez deliver the news update. And he said that Jalen Brunson of the New York Knicks had hand surgery. Broke his hand in game seven. This man is a star. He's like, hey, I got 30 and 40 points a game for you.

Like, it's nothing. It's being reported right now that Jalen Brunson may actually give the New York Knicks a one hundred million dollar discount. If he decides to extend his contract this year instead of next, he could save the Knicks one hundred million dollars, which they can then allocate to additional players. Reporters say he's more inclined to sign early and spare the team some money so they can use it on down the line. He just finished year two of a four year one hundred and seven million dollar contract. This is crazy.

This is via Steve Popper from Newsday and Ian Begley of SNY. Hickey, could you imagine that? They would have to. He would be. He's already building himself as a legend for the New York Knicks. Doing that would. How much more can you ingratiate yourself to the city, the fan base and the fans by saying one hundred mil?

Like you keep it and build the team. That's you don't hear that. That's crazy. One of the few guys right that talks about winning, wants to win, then actually puts his money where his mouth is. It's very commendable.

That is wild. Like we have we actually have a professional athlete. This man at the end of his career, he can say I made realistically, I think. And we don't know how he's going to hold up physically.

He's barely over six feet tall. He could walk away from the game and I'd say make about half a billion dollars in basketball salary. And he's actually like to keep on 100. Like, I think I'm good. I think I can live on 200 million bucks.

I think I'm OK. That is crazy. You don't you really don't hear that. And would it be a surprise? This is a man who's had the work for everything he's gotten. He's been discounted. He's been discredited.

I mean, even today, it's just people still look at him and they think it's it's fluky. What he's been able to do. Wow. That's better than what Dak said. I'll tell you that much. Dak didn't. Well, Jaylen Brunson isn't saying I play for free.

I'd give the money back. But wow. Jaylen Brunson is easy to like, folks.

Real easy. But I do. I will tell you about someone who did say something crazy. I told you about Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, right? Needs to get over the hump, not turn the ball over, actually find a decent wide receiver to throw the ball to. Maybe Keon Coleman will be that guy.

We know Stefan Diggs is now in Houston. But Josh Allen didn't say anything crazy about football today. Josh Allen was asked one of the flavor of the month questions, I think last month. Or maybe early this month about whether or not an NFL player could play in the NBA and an NBA player playing the NFL.

Josh Allen, he was asked about this and he put in his own two cents. Listen to what he told the media. Listen, I think there's guys on both sides that have the ability to talk about. I think I can give some good minutes and three and D guy like I'm going to bust my tail on defense and chuck up a shot or two and pray that it goes in. But I'm going to box out and go get some rebounds. I think I have the tools to do that.

I can give you like I can give you a good six, seven minutes off the bench. I think so. Hickey in the conversation now continues on, doesn't it? He said nothing crazy there, but I'm just even mad it was brought up. Who cares?

This is never going to happen. Who actually cares? Somebody one of the Buffalo Bills reporters. Should we find out who it was and call him out?

Yeah. Take his credential. Well, revoke it. Josh Allen. And, you know, I'm more disappointed that Josh Allen decided to answer it. And I get it after, you know, you don't want to be Joe Missoula in every press conference. But the fact is, and by the way, Gary Washburn, that was a revelation. Did you know Joe Missoula is doing what do you say?

Martial arts? I don't know which one it was. Did you know that? Yes and no. I do remember him at one press conference. Maybe it was an interview talking about like getting choked out and like that experience would excite him or something. Yes. Yes. He talked to I kind of like wakes you up a little bit.

I forgot where it was. I heard it this year and I didn't really look into that much in terms of context was what he was talking about. But now hearing that and then hearing Gary's answer that did put two and two together. But are you surprised that Joe Missoula is doing martial? No, I'm not.

No. Loving to inflict pain upon himself when he's not on the sideline? Hey, that guy looks like he's always in pain.

So maybe that speaks for itself. His natural state of being. Miserable or in pain? Both. This guy, he's he's married with kids.

I know you can't be that way at home, but maybe he is. I don't know. He's a he's a different cat. Why?

Just a little different. But God bless him. Got a wife and kids. Good on him.

Amazing stuff. But but Josh Allen. Yeah, I get it. You don't want to be miserable at every press conference. You want to have a little fun.

It's May. You know, by the time we get to the end of the year, everybody's going to hate Josh Allen's questions and he's going to hate having to talk to the media come October, November when they go on like a two, three game losing streak. So why not have some fun? But if you're being asked about, hey, Josh, could you play in the NBA?

Just go, man, I'm not getting in that. Just I play football. I play for the Bills.

You want to ask me some Bills questions? We got that. I'm not getting involved.

And by the way, at six foot five, two hundred and forty pounds. I don't think he's playing. I never see. Have you seen Josh Allen play basketball?

Have you? No. How about we just put him in front of Victor Webb and Yama and see what happens one on one, right? Josh Allen versus Victor. Hot take for a J.R. that's not going to end well for Josh Allen.

It just is so I think that'll solve all our you know what we need to find if we need to. We need Miles Garrett can play basketball. You've seen that guy, right? Play basketball. Oh, yeah.

No doubt about that. So if you want to consider him to be a good NFL player who plays basketball. Like, who do we put in front of him? Jokic, Jokic or Cookham?

I mean, most players are Cookham, but then also the same time, OK, put Jokic at your left tackle. Miles Garrett, take him to town. Yeah, he would.

He would. Yeah. Well, hopefully that's the end of this crap.

I think I'm also done with it. Congratulations, Josh. Josh Allen for continuing the conversation about whether or not an NFL player could play in the NBA and vice versa.

We appreciate you. We need better reporters. So we need we need more Gary Washburns of the world. And speaking of reporters, it's kind of sad that, yeah, we might be looking at the end of the NBA on TNT. They need to get Draymond. I'm looking at the pregame right now. I need to get Draymond off the stage.

Nobody cares about Draymond. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. We are going to take a break since there's so much talk about broadcasters and who's leaving, who's going, who's coming, who's getting fired, who's getting demoted.

Greg Olsen, who's winning Emmys. I'm going to share with you my top six list, my favorite sports announcers. Of all time, I'm going to do that on the other side of the break.

Of course, we're going to keep you up to date with what's going to happen with the Western Conference finals. They're getting ready to tip in a bit. You're locked into the J.R. Sportbree show on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm at the nail salon. I'm at the grocery store. I'm at the combination nail salon and grocery store. Wait, she's at the nail salon and the grocery store? I'm at the combination nail salon and grocery store. Groceries through Instacart delivered to my door. I don't have to choose between acrylics and the grocery store. The wait is over.

That's right. Season five of The Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television. The all new season of The Kardashians premieres May 23rd streaming on Hulu. Kick off your summer and shop in store or online at Whole Foods Market today.
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