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JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR
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May 22, 2024 10:07 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 22, 2024 10:07 pm

LeBron & Charles Barkley stand up for Caitlin Clark l Andy Reid & Patrick Mahomes speak about Harrison Butker's comments l NFL Draft is coming to Pittsburgh!


Call from Mom. Answer it.

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Just you wait. AutoTrader. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. This show gets started every single weeknight, weekday, depending on where you live, at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. Thank you so much to our super producer and host Ryan Hickey holding it down in New York City. And thank you to you for listening coast to coast. I don't know where you at, but thank you.

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If you got yourself a smart speaker, smarter than everybody else, then go ahead. Ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. Western Conference Finals is going on right now. Game one. Dallas Mavericks. Minnesota Timberwolves. The score at this moment.

Tight. Minnesota 28. Dallas 27. And less than a minute left here in the first quarter.

We'll keep you up to date on the game as it continues on. Thank you so much to Gary Washburn from the Boston Globe for joining us earlier on in the show to talk about the Boston Celtics. I mean, not choking away a victory against the Pacers. The Pacers did that. And we will have game two of that series tomorrow. A busy day.

Of course, I gave you a new top six list. That's what we do every single Wednesday. And there's been so much word. So much news in the announcing world about the NBA on TNT potentially ending as soon as next year. We had Greg Olsen, a Fox. This man won an Emmy. And we know he's now going to be demoted to make room for Tom Brady with a cold, cold world. Right.

And it's crazy. You know what? How about this?

Even at the Western Conference Finals. And I'm going to get to your calls in a second. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. You know, we heard from Charles Barkley earlier in the show as he talked about the NBA on TNT potentially coming to a close as their contract expires next year. Charles Barkley spoke again like like minutes ago, right before this game took place, Charles Barkley decided to put his two cents in on Caitlin Clark. Charles Barkley said WNBA players hating on Caitlin Clark are nothing but petty. This is the type of stuff we're going to miss if the NBA on TNT is done.

Let's take a listen. You women out there. Oh, petty man. Hey, LeBron, you are 100 percent right on these girls hating on Caitlin Clark. Y'all petty girls. I expect men to be petty because we're the most insecure group in the world.

You are. Y'all should be thinking that girl up again. Y'all as private charters. All the money and visibility she bring into the WNBA. Don't be petty like dudes. Listen, what she's accomplished, give her her flowers. Stop being petty all you women out there. She got y'all ass charters. She bringing all y'all this money to the table for y'all being petty like dudes. LeBron, you are 100 percent right.

Y'all girls, stop being petty. Caitlin Clark, thank you for bringing all that money and shine to the WNBA. Yeah, we know Caitlin Clark. She's she's been a touch point for a lot of people, like people are like, oh, my God. Well, this person is a great player and that person. And it's true.

It is. I mean, Asia Wilson, for instance, is absolutely amazing. But when you look at the stats and you look at the numbers, there hasn't been somebody to move the needle like Caitlin Clark. They are moving her games. OK, they are moving her games from small arenas to huge ones. There's nobody else who's moved the needle like that. And you heard Charles Barkley reference LeBron James.

LeBron James sat on his podcast Mind the Game and LeBron said he is she's doing great things for the WNBA. Listen to this. More people want to watch.

More people want to tune in. Don't get it twisted. Don't get it done. Caitlin Clark is the reason why a lot of great things is going to happen for the WNBA. But for her individually, I don't think she should get involved on nothing that's being said. Just go have fun. Enjoy. You know, but I'm rooting for Caitlin because I've been in that seat before.

I've walked that road before. I hope they I hope she kills. I hope Aliyah Boston does amazing. Yeah, LeBron James is right. And here are the facts. I mean, there's a lot of people talking about whether or not Caitlin Clark is is overhyped. Is there too much attention on Caitlin Clark? The answer.

The answer is no. Like, how is she overhyped? I mean, she just went from college where she's the the all time leading scorer in history and she just got drafted to the WNBA. The girl has played three games. She got another game tonight in Seattle. She's going to be playing on a bum ankle. She's dropping 17 points a game. Of course, there's naturally going to be a transition.

But when you can generate the money, how can we say somebody is overhyped? She just started her college. She just excuse me. She just started her career as a professional.

Like, why people so fast to beat her up. She's averaging 17 points a game. Yes, she has a lot of turnovers.

It's ups, it's downs. I've also seen her knock down some of those crazy threes. I've seen her have some amazing passes.

Yeah, there's going to be a transition period. But I agree with LeBron. I agree with Charles Barkley.

Give Caitlin Clark a break. And you know what? This is what happens when you're good at what you do.

The criticism comes. LeBron James is 100 percent correct. Nobody knew how he was going to live up to the hype when he was drafted into the NBA, coming straight out of high school.

I think you could say he exceeded the expectations. Caitlin Clark has been a unique talent in women's basketball, flat and period. What she did at college was amazing.

And it's going to be cool to see how it can transition over to the next level, whether it's private planes, additional sponsorship, additional attention, added revenue. The Caitlin Clark effect helps everybody make money. Like, don't hate on the girl.

Be along for the ride. And if you want to hate on her, just beat her on the court. What is she going to look like in a couple of years? She might be the best one out there.

Who knows? But that's the cool thing about watching sports. Is she overhyped? No, because the money talks. Nike talks. Wilson talks. They're giving her all this money because it hasn't been anybody like her to draw the attention.

Give Caitlin Clark a damn break. Not that serious. It's not that difficult to understand.

It's basic dollars and cents. 855-212-4227. It's 855-212-4227. Andy is calling from Buffalo. Andy, you're on the JR Sportbreeze show. What's on your mind?

Hey, JR. I appreciate listening to this segment. I really like it. I like how you put Coney on the list, even though he hasn't been doing it for that long. I like his analysis. I just want to bring up my personal favorite, Rick Jenrette of the Buffalo Sabres. I just think he's had so many legendary calls from the May Day call. He got Robbed and Blind, La La La, La Fontaine.

These guys are scary good. I know I'm missing some, but he started in radio. So he brought that radio analysis to the TV when he did TV. That's when I started listening to him. I just never knew what he was going to say. He just always brought chills at crucial times when you're listening to him. Any time I think about some of his classic calls, I still get chills.

It just always makes me smile. A legend. I think he might have been on air and been a broadcaster longer than anybody else in the NHL. So, Andy, I appreciate you. I know he's a legend.

I know he's sadly messed up in western New York. Thank you, man. Definitely. Thanks for having my call.

No doubt about it. Let's go from Buffalo to Green Bay. And talk to Todd. Todd, you're on the JR Sport re-show here on the Infinity Sports Network. What's up, Todd? My favorite Marquette basketball radio guy, Steve, the Homer True. His big saying is, when there's a big play, he says, oh, baby.

That's all I got for you. Well, thank you, Todd. I wish, I mean, I'm not listening to, Hickey, you listening to Marquette basketball? I'll be honest, I had to look up who he was just to make sure I got the name right.

Yeah, that's a real, real local one. But thank you. We appreciate the contributions. Hickey, what do you think about what LeBron and Barkley had to say about Kaitlyn Clark? Number one, I think they're 100 percent right. A million percent right. Like, right.

Kaitlyn, I mean, if Kaitlyn Clark just didn't exist, 95 percent of all women's basketball talk between college and pro on this show and every other show in the country is non-existent, right? Nothing. Nothing. Zero. And maybe that's even being generous, honestly, of 95 percent.

That's just the way it is right now. She is a truly transcendent star. I guess the only thing I'll say to counter what they're saying, I'm not saying it's right, but I guess more I understand where they're coming from. If you are Asia Wilson, right? If you are Kelsey Plummer or whoever, like any, you know, great women's WNBA player, like, you like, in your mind, like, I'm a great player. Like, she's no savior. Like, I'm going to show her sort of thing. And by doing so, it's like you build your stock by, like, beating her. So, like, I almost in a way, like, it's like almost I view it more, I guess, as competitive as like, oh, she's a golden goose. Like, I got to beat her to show everyone else how good I am. And so I feel like it overall maybe comes from a good place of just like I hate her. Not because of she's helping me, but because, like, I want to show you how good I am. And this league is more than just one person. Does that make sense?

Yeah, it does. But that's why I beat her on the court. That's it. Kaitlyn Clark is good.

I think we all know that. Beat her on the court. If you're not happy with what she's doing and you think you're better and you deserve more than beat her on the basketball court and being the fact that she's a novice, she's a rookie.

Yeah, you'll probably get her right now. I mean, she's dropping like eight turnovers a game and nobody want to see that. Well, not every game, but she did have an eight turnover game. She's turning the ball over at a high rate and she's learning.

This is this is an adjustment. You know, I agree with what LeBron said. The best thing for her to do is nothing. Bust ass on the basketball court. Let your play speak. You know, there's a reason why Wilson is giving you a deal.

There's a reason that Nike is giving you a deal. And yes, there's a there's a perfect storm here for everybody. You know, Kaitlyn Clark and there's a lot of people who want to look at the race element of it. And she's white and she's from the Midwest.

And I think that does play a role. But the biggest role that plays in the success of Kaitlyn Clark is what she does with a basketball. Because what she does with a basketball is something that we haven't seen with women's basketball.

We've had plenty of amazing players for ever. But she's moving the needle. She's making the money.

And in turn, everybody else is making the money with her. Be along for the ride. And if you're out there on the court, beat her. That's it.

Slayer, put it down. Don't let it get better. And this is going to be a great thing for her. Is she going to be able to live up to the hype? You heard what LeBron James said.

They did it to me. And LeBron James exceeded all expectations. Is this going to be the same for Kaitlyn Clark? We'll see. But given the numbers that she's generated, having more people watch women's college basketball than any sporting event outside of the NFL over the past, I don't know, decade, that's that's nothing to shake your head at. Come on. Kaitlyn Clark games on ESPN are doing better than other sports in the playoffs.

Like, what are we talking about? I want to see a ball out. I want to have success. And why? Because she's fun to watch. I can't wait to see what she does when she actually has more experience. It's the J.R. sport re-show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network.

855-212-4227. I'm going to take more of your calls on the other side of the break. Sometimes you just you got to know when to be along for the ride.

Good job on her for not fighting back and just balling out. When we come back on the other side of the break, we'll talk about someone who put his foot in his mouth. It's Harrison Butker and now his own quarterback. Patrick Mahomes has a response to Butker's words.

We'll share those with you on the other side of the break as the J.R. sport brief show, the Infinity Sports Network. Call from Mom. Answer it.

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Your guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Right before we went to break, we were talking about my top six list. Some of the best announcers that the sports world has ever seen. I told you on my list, I'd give you Vince Scully. Western Conference finals is still rolling on right now in game one. Minnesota leads Dallas forty one to thirty seven. Kyrie with fifteen.

Luca with twelve. And then before the Western Conference finals got started, Charles Barkley put in his two cents about WNBA players. He said some of these women are being way too petty and need to be appreciative of Caitlin Clark. Earlier today or yesterday, LeBron James said, good on Caitlin Clark. She she just needs to ignore all of this and just perform on the court. Don't respond.

Just ball out. It was revealed yesterday, Caitlin Clark now has a basketball deal with Wilson. We already know about her Nike contract. She's making money with State Farm. And she just got started in her career.

Not the best of starts, but man, she's played three games against these pros. In due time, in due time. In a few minutes, we actually got some words from the Kansas City Chiefs about their teammate Harrison Butler.

You know, who prefers or thinks, you know, most women just want to stay home and have a baby and a family. This is opinion, which is fine. We'll hear from his head coach, Andy Reid, and his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, in a second. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Let's go to Iowa and talk to Harrison on the JR sport re-show. What's up, Harrison? Hey, thank you very much, JR. First time, long time. Thank you for the cashmere, for the intro music. I appreciate that.

One of my favorite Zep songs. You're right, my man. The player hating on the girl. But, you know, if you wanted to have stars show up to your game where you score the most points in history and this and that and all that. That's all you had to do. It was out there waiting for anybody who wanted to take it. She ended up taking it, putting it into other people's faces. You know, it's too bad she couldn't win the whole thing.

I'm more of an Iowa State fan, so that's part of the reason why I wasn't following it. But, I mean, good honor. I say, go ahead, girl.

That's all I got to say, my man. Thank you very much. Have a good night. You as well, Harrison.

Thank you for calling from Iowa. Yeah, I mean, shoot, if we had another woman's basketball play was out there, bombs are weighing on threes. Like, it was a perfect storm between her own play, which got her to the quote unquote dance.

Obviously, the interaction with Angel Reese last year helped boosted the profile. And then she continued it on with her play like this. I can't remember watching anybody like her.

It's the same way that I haven't seen anybody ball out like like Steph Curry. Like, she's different. What she's done is she's helping to take it to another level. And was there going to be somebody?

I'm sure it is. And it was her. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. John is here from Buffalo. Go ahead, John. Hey, man, first time caller, long time listener, two or three years.

Found you a little bit ago. Love the voice. Love your professionalism. I'm not a basketball guy. NBA, college ball, WNBA. But I've been watching on television last couple of months about Caitlin Clark. I've kind of pulled in because of what's going on, you know, and you hit the nail on the head with LeBron and with Charles. They're exactly right.

They're exactly right. I don't watch WNBA. I don't want to watch women play ball, but she brings something to the table that's different, that makes it work. And she's bringing it like he says, charters, the money from Nike and Wilson. And suddenly, who a guy who doesn't watch WNBA, let alone college women hoops.

I'm a football, golf, hockey, baseball guy. I'm watching the story because of her. Not that she's the best thing since sliced bread, but she's magnetic. She's got that hit, that unspoken hit, bro. And you nailed it with your shares with LeBron and Charles.

No, we'll see. Well, thank you, John. Appreciate you for calling from Buffalo. Thank you. Yeah, she's just different, man. That's it. If somebody else is going to move the needle like her, then it would have been done. But she's the one who's doing it. When her team, the Indiana Fever, come here in Atlanta, they moved it to the big arena, State Farm. No small arena.

When they got the game in Vegas, they moved it from the small arena to the big arena. Like that's that's she's a people mover. She's moving people. Anyway, speaking of moving people, we talked about this last week. Harrison Butger moving, moving quite a few people in the wrong direction. You know, shared his comments and his thoughts at Benedictine's commencement about a woman's role and where some of the women may want to be successful at.

And yeah, they may cross the stage with a degree, but the highlight of their life will be, you know, having a family. It's like, oh, maybe for some big blanket statement. Yeah. Anyway, a lot of people upset me. I thought that wrong message for commencement. I didn't need to hear everything in perspective.

I think just having that message enough is enough, but not what I would do for a graduation. I think it's rather aggressive, but I have my opinion. He has his.

And that's what Andy Reid said when he spoke to the media earlier today. Take a listen or a microcosm of of life here by some different areas, different religions, different races. And so we all get along. We all respect each other's opinions. And not necessarily do we do we go by those. But we, you know, we respect everybody to have a voice. It's a great thing about America. And we're just like I said, a microcosm of that.

And I wish, you know, my wish is that, you know, everybody could kind of follow that. Yeah. Well, the NFL already said his his thoughts don't align with ours. And we know the NFL is thinking about nobody's thoughts.

They're just thinking about the bottom line. That's it. Well, Patrick Mahomes, he spoke as well. And just take a listen to what he had to say about his kicker's comments.

I'm no Harrison. I've known him for seven years. And I judge him by the character that he shows every single day. And that's a good person. That's that's someone who cares about the people around him, cares about his family.

And wants to make a good impact in society. When you're in the locker room, there's a lot of people from a lot of different areas of life. And they have a lot of different views on everything. And we're not always going to agree. But I'm and there's certain things he said that I don't necessarily agree with, but I understand the person that he is. And he's trying to do whatever he can to lead people in the right direction.

And that might not be the same values as I have at the same time. I'm going to judge him by the character that he shows every single day. That's a great person. Yeah. Well, Hickey, the story is done now, right? The Chiefs have spoken. It's over now, right? Call out a wrap.

Do you. Well, the Chiefs make Harrison Bucker available, you think? Oh. That's the only way this story continues, right? You said you heard from the two biggest people on the Chiefs, right?

You think he has to speak? Do we get and do we get into, I don't know, August and September when the games really get going and now all of a sudden. So we get through camp and now we're in a game and he missed the kick. Nobody. Come on.

Everybody bring this up. But does it serve the Chiefs to have him speak to the media? You're probably right and no, because let's just say the next time he's available is sometime during training camp. And we're talking about at that point, what, early August.

So now we're three months removed with how fast this new people aren't going to forget. But maybe the amount of questions are lessened. Like I said, like if he's available to August 1st, someone's going to ask him about it. I don't know what the question would be because he stated his beliefs, but maybe that's the time.

Because let's let's put it this way. If he spoke to the media today, it would be everywhere. It would be online. It'd be on the television news.

It'd be on digital. And it'd be a big story during OTAs if they wait until, let's say, the beginning of training camp. You know, maybe the story is people don't care as much and it gets sucked into every other story going on in the NFL.

Like right now is so quiet outside of the NBA and the NHL playoffs is there's not as many active games, not as not as much active news. So I don't know. How about this, Icky? Maybe they should pay me. Just have them talk to the media. I don't know if OTAs are Friday. Have them talk on Friday afternoon. Memorial Day Friday. You know what? That's a very, very convenient time for him to speak, answer a few questions and get out of town. Yeah.

Have them talk to the media on Friday. Hey, I didn't mean anything. I said what I said. I believe what I believe. And that's it. Done.

Everybody in America is thinking about, you know, a barbecue and summertime and a pool and a beach. And I don't know, just that's one way to get this over with. Right.

No, you're 100 percent right. Yeah, that's PR agencies, teams. Hope you're listening. JR is for hire. Heavy price, though.

Heavy price. Right, JR? Yeah, I'm not.

What's that guy? I'm not Dak Prescott. OK, you got to pay me. You're not going to work for free? Money matters to you? No. Yeah, money matters to me.

I'm not working for free now, are you? No, no way. Nobody.

Nobody. Rent doesn't pay itself. Rent doesn't pay itself. It doesn't. That's why there's so many people outside stealing stuff, right?

That's one reason. Unfortunately. Yeah. Look, you got to know when to make an announcement.

You have to know, like this one, the NFL decided to let the world know today, by the way, that the NFL draft. You know what? Let's wait. Hickey, we should wait on that, right? I should I should share the news in the next break.

Yeah. Little tease. Little tease right there.

Little tease. The NFL made an announcement on the NFL draft. I'm going to tell you where it's going to be for the next two years. If you thought some of these draftees didn't want to go to Detroit.

Wait until the next two cities. The J.R. sport show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'll tell you about the draft. Fill you in on a couple of other things. I'll give you a couple of things that took place this day in sports. The wait is over.

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Kick off your summer and shop in store or online at Whole Foods Market today. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief, the J.R. Sport Brief show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Before we went to break, I gave you update on a few things, right?

Harrison, Butger. We heard it. Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid just come like, yeah, he has his opinion.

Everybody has an opinion and just kind of leave it alone where it is. And Hickey posed a great question. He's just like, well, you know, how do you get this to go away? You know, what does he have to talk?

And I'm like, let the guy talk on Friday. Nobody is going to care. People are going to Hickey. There's no fireworks. Fireworks Memorial Day. We got to wait for Fourth of July for that, right? Oh, I think you can get some fireworks.

I think it should be encouraged. People are going to be on the road. They're going to be thinking about everything. But what's going on in the world? Let Harrison Butger talk on Friday and just keep it moving. You got to know when to make an announcement. And speaking of announcements. The NFL made a couple of them today. I told you about the NFL draft. We know it just took place about a month ago in Detroit. Well, we know where the next draft is going to be. The NFL already told us next year in 2025. It's going to be in Green Bay, Wisconsin. What we didn't know is where it's going to be in 2026.

Well, let's just take a listen to the great folks at CBS in Winston, Pennsylvania. Breaking news just into the newsroom and the Steel City. The pick is in and Pittsburgh is hosting the NFL draft in 2026. The NFL broke the news on its X page and the Pittsburgh Steelers announced it right behind the league. We're learning the plan for the three day event is to incorporate iconic parts of the city into the draft, including Acresher Stadium and Point State Park.

They'll also host several community events, a concert series and a fan fest, which is free. Commissioner Roger Goodell says, quote, We know this pride of Pennsylvania will shine bright in 2026. I like Pittsburgh. I like Pittsburgh a lot. I'd have no problem going well, just outside of how many people are going to be there. I don't want to do that, but I got no problem with an NFL draft in Pittsburgh. I'd rather go when it's not a million people in town for convention. But yeah, I like Pittsburgh.

Good stuff. Green Green Bay, Wisconsin. Never been. Been to Milwaukee. Trying to remember where the hell else I've been in. Wisconsin.

Hickey, if they were having problems and trouble. With draftees going to Detroit. How many people are going to show up for the draft in Green Bay? Especially if the weather's not looking great. April.

That's right. It's April. Could be hit or miss. Could be. Could be a nice day. I don't know.

Could be thirty five and maybe some flurries. So what are they going to do? Just run this to every city? That's what it seems like. I get it. They can make. It's a moneymaker.

It's a moneymaker. And where were we last year? We were in Kansas City, right?

Kansas City. Yes, sir. It's packed, man. The place was filled up.

People go. I mean, you saw was it a record crowd right in Detroit, I believe. Yeah. Vegas. Vegas. It was filled up in Vegas. All right.

This is different. I remember. Going to Radio City. When was Cam Newton? I think 2011.

I think Cam Newton. Yes. They did it at Radio City Music Hall.

And I remember that like they shut down part of the block in New York City, but not not to the level of what they're doing right now. I get it. The NFL has to do everything big. It has to be huge.

Has to be a massive event. You know, Hickey, I guess I'm talking from from my perspective. I don't want to talk for your perspective, but.

You know, it's it becomes it is well, it is work, but it becomes a chore to to to do it in a different city and the same thing year after year. You get what I'm saying? I don't want to sound like a jerk, but just like, hey, hold it in one place and keep it moving. I mean, I get it from the NFL.

I mean, to the money that they're rolling in with this, it's never going to go back. I mean, I don't I kind of like it. I like it, actually.

I do like it. I think it's a chance for cities to show off. Obviously, you get a big financial boost with hundreds of thousands of people coming to your city for a weekend that normally and otherwise would not be there. And I mean, look, can you really like when you're watching on TV, right, can you really tell the difference if it's in Kansas City or Detroit or Pittsburgh? No, no. It's all the same. The stage is the same.

Maybe some of the you know, the shots coming back from break or going to commercial break. You could see the city, but otherwise it's all the same. But I think it's like a nice chance for NFL cities kind of, you know, get this little opportunity here to get a little little bump. That's all I can tell you a city that's not going to get it.

Oh, who's that? San Francisco. It's not happening.

I'm just I'm just going to go Charles Barkley on Saturday. No, I love I love San Francisco. I love I do.

I do. It's just I know, given the state of downtown, it's not happening. OK, and they're going to run it down to Santa Clara. They'd have to do it, you know, downtown. But it's not happening.

It's not. Trying to think of and that might be the only city, New York, it's not happening, you know, because it's never come back. Not why bother, you know.

Also, where did you put it? You couldn't put it at Radio City again. They do it in Times Square. No. Yeah. They had they would have to write you shut down the block for a couple of hours and I guess a couple of days. That's like three.

Well, that's like I mean, to set up to that's like probably a whole week. Where else could you do an NFL draft in New York? You ain't doing it in New Jersey.

No. And they got the space for it and that giant parking lot in the ugly ass stadium. Yeah, it'd have it'd have to be Times Square. There's nowhere else.

Oh, Central Park. No, too many people. Right.

Can't do that. I mean, if you want to kind of look at the charmer in New York City, Elmo coming over there and just harassing you for a picture and then trying to shake you down for like 10 bucks. No, you know, they would they would move. They'd broom Elmo out of there, OK? They would broom Elmo out of there.

You know what? To be honest, have you seen every now and then they now do concerts, these pop up concerts in Times Square. I don't know what building it is, but you've seen how the wall opens up, the video board opens up. And now they have the you know, they can do the concert or a concert. They could do the stage in that in that building and then have all the people down there. OK. And then maybe have the like the guys at the draft climb up, like walk through. Oh, well, I don't know how to get up there.

Make it, you know, make it an adventure. They'd be up. They'd be in the building already. All they got to do is walk to the stage in the front.

Just trying to trying to think. Jacksonville ain't getting in no time soon. Sorry. What about Minnesota? Yeah, they could do it in Minnesota.

I guess if Green Bay does. Right. Easy, easy, easy, easy. Is Miami too hot? I'm probably not right. No. Great weather at that time of year. Yeah, it'd be fine.

Not too hot. Yeah. Well, you know what? That's not the only news that the NFL decided to share today. The NFL is going to test goal line technology. This this.

What do you call it? Preseason. They may not implement it for the regular season if they feel it's not working. But them stupid old guys with the chains and the sticks.

Done passé. They will be used as backups to the technology eventually. And so something I've been trying to figure out forever while we got dudes out here with index cards and using their shoelaces to measure a first down. You can go ahead and kiss those days goodbye as the NFL is going to test its camera technology to just figure out something simple as that the ball move one yard, two or 10. I mean, they got the technology for it.

They got enough money and now they can use it. Let's listen to Roger Goodell from the Super Bowl earlier this year. He's saying, yeah, we're going to use technology to help out the refs. I think our officials do a great job.

They are superior, but at the end of the day, no one's perfect. Whether it's all of us that watches the games or play the games or coach the games or the officials, we have to continue to try to get better. We have to work, use technology where we can to try to improve their performance. Let them use technology to make sure they get the right answer.

But I think they do an incredible job, but we're going to keep working to get better. Yeah, use use the damn cameras, OK? I mean, in tennis and football, they're utilizing camera technology to make sure that they get the calls right.

NFL is making more money than everybody else. Just just use the cameras. We don't got to put people out of out of work, but just use the damn cameras. Save us some. That would also save us some time. Like I know Major League Baseball is more concerned about time if the NFL utilize camera technology to figure out whether or not some guy got a first down.

What do you think that's going to save us? Should I say five to 10 minutes a game? If it's as fast eventually as like the tennis replay system where it's just like basically, OK, challenge. Boom.

Let's look at it right now. At least 10, 15, 20 minutes, right? Yeah.

Well, it has to be. I mean, it takes time for the guys to jog out there. You know, it's not like they even jog and they got to walk. They're taking their time. They're not running. There are no hurry whatsoever. These guys walk.

I've never seen any of these guys look younger than, I don't know, 60 years old. And then the ref has to tell all the players to back up. Then he has to measure and tell them to move.

And then they got to run. Just have somebody tell a damn referee in his ear, is it a first down? Let's keep it moving in the interest of time.

Spare us. The NFL knows when to make an announcement. Hey, congratulations to Green Bay and congrats. Hickey, where's the other one? I just said Pittsburgh.

Yeah, the Berg. Hey, congratulations, Pittsburgh. That should that should be fun. Got yourself an NFL draft anyway. Those are things that are going to happen next year and two years from now. Let's go back in time because it's time to take a look. Well, damn it. Quite frankly, it's time to think about what happened this day in sports history.

That's easier. Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore. But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again. It's time for this day in sports history.

You see, back in those days, we had radio and you couldn't see anything and it was primitive and lousy and we liked it. On the JR Sport Brief Show. I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here on the Infinity Sports Network. No ass.

Well, let me be careful. You know, ass kicking this day because today, May 22nd, back in 1994, a new NBA team was born. They're in Toronto. They are the Toronto Raptors. The name was unveiled this day, May 22nd in 1994. The Raptors started play the following season in 95. Their first pick, they had number seven overall, Damon Stoudemire.

Yeah, Mighty Mouse. Anyway, John Batovi Jr. introduced the Raptors new name, the Toronto basketball team. This is the moment you've been waiting for.

It's certainly the moment we all have been waiting for, too. The official naming of your team, one that is ready to join the animal kingdom of teams in the NBA. And here it is, the newest, freshest and hungriest look in the NBA.

They lived over 85 million years ago, but they're coming back to play a little hope. Ladies and gentlemen, the Raptors are born. The Raptors.

Yeah, they're basically like, hey, what's hot? Jurassic Park is hot. And the fans, they were able to help come up with the names. And the Raptors is what it is. It's OK. They're fine. They still existed.

Good. I'm not mad at the name. They could have been called the Beavers, the Hogs, the Scorpions, the Tarantulas, the Terriers or the Raptor Terriers. I'm glad they took Raptors. Picky, the Terriers, the Toronto Terriers. I like the alliteration.

I despise the name Wolf. If they were the Terriers, they would have changed the name 10 years ago. OK, they would have. If they were named the Terriers, they might have ended up like the Vancouver Grizzlies.

They would have moved them. If they were the Terriers in 2019, that Kawhi Leonard three is rimming out against the Sixers. Oh, yeah. Well, you know, one of the title with the name Terriers, that's for sure. Terriers. This would be the poodles next time, right? I'm just saying. Pretty sad.

Anyway, this is a good one, as we expected. Minnesota and Dallas. They just started the third quarter at halftime. They were 62 59.

They're waiting on the first points here in the second half of this game. Hey, Hickey, another good show. Had some fun.

This was a lot of fun. Good games, some fun top six discussions. Yeah, we're going to we're going to see soon enough whether or not. Dallas can pick up a road victory here in Minneapolis, so we'll find out. We'll talk about it tomorrow, of course, with the holiday coming up.

Yeah, maybe Harrison Booker. That's a great time to hide him. Tomorrow will be the last day that I'm here this week. Hickey, you you working over the weekend?

What you're doing, man? I am hosting the show on Sunday night like normal. So it's a full, full weekend for yours truly. OK, good stuff. Good stuff. And thank you so much to you, Ryan Hickey. Thank you to everybody who's been locked into the show. Thank you to Gary Washburn from the Boston Globe for coming through to talk about the Celtics. They'll be back in action. Game two in the East tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the rest of this game here in the Western Conference finals. And I'm just going to watch a lot of things and find some food. The J.R. sport show here on the Infinity Sports Network is done. I'll catch you tomorrow and my week at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. If you missed the part of the show, the Odyssey app. But don't move because I might be leaving for Bart Winkler.

He's coming up next. Thank you. Bless you. Have you tried Instacart for spring allergy relief? You can order decongestants, antihistamines and more through Instacart from stores like CVS, Walgreens and Costco delivered in as fast as one hour. Because those red watery eyes need relief now.

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