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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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May 13, 2024 8:24 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 13, 2024 8:24 pm

Bronny James reportedly will enter NBA Draft l Tyler Rucker, No Ceilings NBA Draft reporter l Pacers destroy the Knicks


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So that you can overthink what you'll wear on that third date. Download the Instacart app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last. Minimum $10 per order, additional term supply. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. I might be in Atlanta, Georgia, super producer and host.

Ryan is holding down for us on the boards in New York City. And wherever you at, thank you for listening. I hope you're safe. I hope you're well. I hope you had a terrific Monday. I'm going to be hanging out with you for the next three hours. This show, it gets started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. We've already talked about a lot.

How about this? The Boston Celtics and the Cavs are getting ready to play a basketball game in a few minutes. There's no Donovan Mitchell. He's out with a calf strain. He's had to carry these Cavaliers all throughout the postseason. So I'm surprised his back doesn't hurt. The Celtics are trying to go up 3-1.

And unless they fall asleep at the wheel, I think they will. Anyway, also tonight we got another game. Dallas Mavericks trying to go up 3-1 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. And we've already got some NFL news. The first hour of the show we talked about Jared Goff.

This man got himself a four-year contract extension, $212 million. Antoine Winfield got a bag from the Buccaneers. Oh yeah, and by the way, the NFL schedule releases Wednesday. They teased us. They said, hey, to open up the season you get who?

What? A rematch of the AFC championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs. Yeah, they'll tell you the schedule on Wednesday. And then I guess you start watching in, you got no choice, September.

Just get the anticipation all built up. Hickey, the NFL will sell anything, right? Even a schedule release? This is the one I like the NFL and I do like enjoy talking about at 365. This is the one, I mean, if you want to call it an event, I guess we can.

The one event I can't stand. We know who's playing. We don't know the date, sure, but we know who's on the schedule. You've known that for, you know, since like just January.

Does it matter if they play week two or week 10? I don't care. I truly don't.

This is one, the hype I don't buy into. All right, but you know, I think this gives people a chance. I'm with you, but it gives people a chance to buy tickets, schedules, itineraries. You figure out what you want to do, if you want to travel, if you want to show up, but I'm with you. This is, this wasn't a whole big to do, I don't know, a couple years ago. Now everything the NFL does is, is highlighted.

It's, you can't escape it. Like for instance, today, who gave a damn, the NBA didn't, didn't do like a public combine. The NBA has a combine in Chicago.

I mean, we got Zach Edie, Hickey, what'd he do? He was running a 40 today, Zach Edie. I think they technically called it a three quarter court run or sprint.

The six foot four man ran to court. Everybody says he's more athletic than he gets credit for, right? Isn't that what they say?

That's what they say in the video I saw. Let's just say he looked very slow. He looked like a sloth. Very much so. Again, I don't know how he's going to translate to the next level, but seeing him sprint up the court, does that look like he'll be chasing and keeping up with a lot of NBA guys? Victor Wambanyama is faster than Zach Edie.

Oh, way faster. Jokic will burn them. Jokic? Oh yeah. Oh, that's bad. Yeah. When Jokic has beaten you in a foot race, that's a, that's a problem. And you know what? That's not, that's not even like the biggest prospect.

We're going to talk about Bronny James in a second. He was also in Chicago for this NBA combine. It's just, it's wild to me yesterday. And they've typically done this in a week.

I can't recall this happening on a Sunday and maybe it's just me. The NBA announced the lottery results. So who's picking one, two, three, four, five, and whatnot. And here I am in Atlanta, Georgia, minding my damn business, watching basketball like everybody else. And I'm like, Oh, what's the NBA draft order going to be? And I'm not giving, I'm not paying attention to the Hawks. The Hawks are a team that finished 36 and 46 last year, 10th place in the East.

They're not bad enough to be awful, awful, awful. They're not good enough to be worth a damn. The Hawks are in like purgatory. And so there wasn't a thought that crossed my mind when I got up yesterday that, Oh man, the Hawks got a chance at number one.

No body cared. Everybody was shocked when you're tuning in and watching basketball yesterday on ESPN and ABC and Mark Tatum, the deputy commissioner, kind of pops up on ABC and says this. The second pick will be made by the Washington Wizards. And that means that the number one pick in the 2024 NBA draft goes to the Atlanta Hawks. Wow.

An absolute stunner. The Atlanta Hawks with the second lowest pre draft position to end up with the number one pick. They have never won the lottery before.

Listen, this team had a 3% chance to choose number one and they are now because they are the Hawks. I have no idea what they're going to do. They don't know what they're going to do. Landry fields looks shocked because now Landry fields has to sit around and actually make the decision. And then we already know about the trades. Are they going to trade Trey young? Are they going to move DeJounte Murray? The Hawks are going to, well, what they shouldn't do, Hickey, don't, don't follow the Falcons plan.

Whatever the Falcons, whatever you think the Falcons would do, do the opposite. So no drafting a point guard is what you're saying? No, don't, don't draft a point guard. No, don't.

Third time's the charm? Come on. No, the Hawks are going to run out Trey young, DeJounte Murray and a point guard.

Another one. Well, they'll have three point guards and they can all play at the same damn time. Atlanta goes number one, Washington two, Houston three, or the Spurs four and the Pistons five. Washington and Detroit had the best odds. So win it all at 14% each.

It didn't, it didn't happen that way. You know what? In about 15 minutes, we're going to have a conversation with Tyler Rucker from no ceilings. He's an NBA draft reporter, keeps up with the prospects. We'll talk to him about, you know, what your team, what the Hawks can do.

And how about this? Like, what are the Lakers going to do in the draft? You know, I just told you about Bronny James and we've heard about Bronny James for the past few years, that LeBron James wants to play with his son, Bronny.

If there's anything else that he wants to accomplish in the league, it's that LeBron wants to be on the same team with his son. But you want to know something? Like life happens.

Like it happens to us all. LeBron's son suffered a cardiac arrest prior to his first season at USC. Didn't play the whole season.

And they had to kind of measure him and take care of him with kid gloves to ensure that he was healthy. And so Bronny James actually participated in the NBA combine today. And let's just say things are not all that glowing. Things haven't been a glowing for him. Even over the past several months, LeBron James has had to tone down how he's talked about Bronny. I want to play with my son. At one point it was referenced that LeBron said his son would be capable of playing on the Los Angeles Lakers right now.

Well, we don't hear that. LeBron James went from that to saying, well, my son is a kid. You got to let him a chance to be a kid. Well, LeBron, you're the one who hyped him up. OK, and so now that all that noise has been turned down, LeBron James has taken a more measured approach. He can go out and be a free agent. He could sign a three year contract with the Lakers.

He could sign a one plus one. But we don't hear so much about LeBron wanting to play with his boy, Brian Winhorse. He was even on ESPN and he said that's no guarantee that LeBron is just going to follow his son to wherever the hell he gets drafted.

Listen to this. Over the last few months, Rich Paul, who's the agent for LeBron and Bronny James, has made an effort to part the concept that drafting Bronny James means you're getting LeBron. I do believe LeBron is going to opt out of his contract next month. And I do believe he's got several reasons why he wants to do that. And leaving optionality for playing with Bronny is on the list.

But I don't think it's at the top. I do think he's going to be back with the Lakers. And I also will say this, I think if the Lakers have an opportunity to draft Bronny James, they will do so. Whether that's with the 55th pick or if they make another deal around the draft where they pick up another pick, I think they will try.

I do not think it's going to be their top priority. And I don't think the league right now is looking at this as draft Bronny James and you can get LeBron. Yeah, because everybody knows, today, this moment, as I say this, Bronny James is not that good. Bronny James is in this draft conversation.

It's simple. We all know the reason is because his dad is LeBron James. Let's call a spade a spade. And yeah, we didn't see the full potential of Bronny James calling or coming off of that heart issue. And God bless him, he's healthy. The NBA doctors cleared him to even go out there and participate in the combine. But when he did play, I mean, the numbers, not all that good. We learned today, LeBron James Jr., Bronny James, who's been listed at 6'4", is 6'1", without his shoes.

There's a difference between 6'4", and 6'1". He's just going to be point guard. Who the hell is he going to go out there and defend? And then when you take a look at Bronny's numbers at USC, I'm going to tell you about him coming off of that cardiac arrest. 25 games at USC.

20 minutes a game. He shot 67% from the free throw line. He shot 36% from the field. He shot 26% from downtown.

This is the college three. This is not the NBA three. Unless Bronny James is shooting all day and every night, I have no idea how these shooting numbers, how the hell they're going to improve. And he averaged, in those 20 minutes a game, five points. Five points. Now you tell me, we're a 6'1 guard out of college who shoots like that and averages five points a game. When does he end up on an NBA team? Well, when you're LeBron James' kid.

And that's just the facts. And by the way, hey, if you can do it, then why the hell not? If you can do it, then why the hell not? There's nothing wrong with a little bit of nepotism.

That's what the world revolves around, right? LeBron James is putting his son on, but is this the best thing for Bronny? I mean, if he ends up on the Lakers with the 55th pick, he's going to go to the G League, right? He's going to play in the G League for the Lakers for a couple of months. And then he'll have a, I don't know, one game for the Lakers and everybody will go, oh my God, the first NBA player to play with his son, a father and son on an NBA court at the same time is amazing.

I got to be honest though. It's not going to hold the same type of weight if Bronny James doesn't deserve to be there because of his play. We might never see Bronny James and LeBron on the court at the same time. Bronny James has been reported that he's going to stay in the NBA draft, that he's not going back to college, that he's going to stick around and see where he goes.

That may not be in his best interests. If he wasn't LeBron's kid, Bronny James would be back in college trying to boost his stock. Bronny is good. And maybe with another full year of college, we can actually see who and what he would be. But being LeBron James' son, I'm sure it pays off in a lot of ways, but turning into an amazing basketball player worthy of being in the NBA, it's not a birthright. Hopeful LeBron's sake and Bronny's sake that they're making a right decision for his career and not just LeBron James' dreams. Bronny James, it looks like he'll be drafted in the NBA. Well, just because he's LeBron's son. Hickey, what do you think about this, man?

It sounds worse and worse every day and week that goes by. It does. I get from LeBron's perspective, if you can help your kid out, I think every dad would do that in that situation, do whatever it takes to try to help their son be successful. But if you're a Bronny, you know how you played last year. You know what an NBA player looks like.

You know what one doesn't. And I just don't know how you would feel good about yourself basically having now this criticism brought on you that you're only here because of your dad. I mean, if I was in that situation, I would want to try to be your own person, not live in your dad's shadow. I know that's obviously being LeBron's son, you're always going to be in that shadow, but just try to make your own bones in terms of your NBA career, not just get dragged along by his coattails. And it's just like, obviously, you stay in the draft and get drafted if you even get drafted. In this year's draft, it's only because of your last name.

I just don't see how you would as Bronny feel good knowing that. Well, it's not too late for Bronny James to go back to college. It's been reported that he's going to stay in the NBA draft.

Maybe he feels last year coming off of his health scare, his heart scare is what slowed him down. I just know, hey, one year in the NBA level, maybe that'll help. I can't see him on an NBA roster.

He's going to have to go down to the G League. And we've seen great father-son combos that have actually worked. I mean, in baseball, I mean, I won't forget Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey, a senior, junior and senior. These guys hit a home run back to back.

Like, where the hell do you see that? Like, you don't get the baseball by accident. But basketball? I mean, all you got to do is look at Giannis and his brother, who's one of the greatest mascots in NBA history.

And you have an understanding of what having an important family member can do for you. I just hope for Bronny that this works out for him in the long run. It's the JR Sportbree show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. We're going to take a break.

And you know what? Yeah, Bronny James, I guess we can call him a prospect in the NBA draft because he is. On the other side, in about five minutes, we're going to have a conversation with Tyler Rucker. He covers the NBA draft. He covers the prospects.

He does it for no ceilings. And we'll talk to Tyler on the other side of the break. Ask him about Bronny. Ask him about some of these other stars.

Because from everything we've learned, there's no Victor Wambenyama saving anybody here in this draft. We'll talk to Tyler Rucker on the other side. You're locked into the JR Sportbree show on the Infinity Sports Network. Live Nation presents Concert Week. Now through May 14th, get $25 tickets to over 5,000 shows. That's up to 75% off a summer full of your favorite artists like 21 Savage, Alanis Morissette, Cage the Elephant, Celeste Barber, Dierks Bentley, Fade, Hootie and the Blowfish, Janet Jackson, Kidz Bop Kidz, Meghan Trainor, Bissell Fuma, Sarah McLachlan. Get tickets to more than 5,000 summer shows for just $25. Until now through May 14th.

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The all-new season of the Kardashians premieres May 23rd, streaming on Hulu. Call from mom. Answer it.

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Download the app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum $10 per order. Additional terms apply. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief, the JR Sport Brief show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Jared Goff gets paid. Bronny James is, I guess, sticking around in the NBA. We got Boston and the Cavaliers at it right now with no Donovan Mitchell.

It's just a busy day. What else is new? And to talk about what took place yesterday with the NBA draft, the lottery, knowing now that the Hawks select number one, we've heard a lot that this is not the Wim-Bin-Yama sweepstakes.

There's a lot of players, whether they be overseas, in college, there's no consensus number one. To talk about what we've seen, what we could see at the end of next month at the NBA draft, joining us right now is the NBA draft. Joining us right now is Tyler Rucker of No Ceilings NBA. He's a draft analyst. Tyler, how are you, man?

I'm doing great. Thank you guys for having me on. Exciting time of the year with the NBA draft and combine. It's been a fun time.

Most definitely. I guess the biggest shock that everybody got yesterday is obviously the Hawks are going to be selecting number one overall after only having a three percent chance to land the top pick. If no one has any idea who number one is, who are some of the prospects that we actually have to pay attention to? Yeah, I think that, you know, this year is getting kind of a bad rep for not having someone, like you said, with Victor Wim-Yama where it's a little easy for NBA teams, but pretty wide open this year. I think the big name to pay attention to is Alex Starr. Spent the last couple of years with the OTE before heading overseas to play in the NBL this year. 7-1, really mobile defender that has special upside defensively.

Really can get after it, but going to be a bit of an upside swing offensively when the game comes around, but if you're talking about just a special defensive talent, he has the tools to be the number one pick in this class. And, you know, UConn coming off the national championship, I think guys like Donovan Klingen, 7-2, 280, big man with a lot of offensive upside, and then the fun castle has really been buzzing. He had a great day at the combine today, so just a couple of names.

It's really wide open, but that's what's going to make this trap so interesting. Tyler Rucker is here with us from No Ceilings, NBA draft reporter. You talk about the combine that took place today. Are there any other players who you think, you know, garnered attention, besides Bronny James?

We'll get into him. Yeah, I think there's a lot of guys that, you know, were buzzing today. As I mentioned, Stefan Castle was one of them. I think Dalton Connects had a good day as well, measured pretty well. You know, and the Kentucky guys with Rob Dillingham and Reed Shepherd, NBA scouts and evaluators have been really intrigued to kind of see what they would measure at. Dillingham was around 6'1 without shoes, but a little skinny. I think he weighed around like 170, but Reed Shepherd also was kind of in that ballpark, but had a 42 inch vertical today, like tied for one of the best.

So it was an intriguing day. You saw some Zach Edie, Donovan Klingen showcasing their three-point shooting, which I'm sure caught some eyes, but a lot of names buzzing today. A lot of names that are going to be getting for these teams with private workouts and trying to make some noise in this class that has so much uncertainty. Well, Tyler, you mentioned Zach Edie, certainly a controversial name when you think about what he's capable of offensively, how he can move athletically.

Did he show anything that might've boosted him today besides a couple of threes? You know, he's been the most polarizing prospect this year because coming into the year, a lot of people thought he might've been this early second round, maybe late first round for a playoff team, kind of an asset in your rotation, but Edie's conditioning this year was fantastic. He's been one of the most dominant big men in college basketball the last couple of years and measured around 7'4 without shoes today. So he's a large human being. I think teams are going to be intrigued, but it's all going to come down to fit and the draft always does.

And if a team is going to have a plan for Edie and he can be a good rotation piece, it's going to make sense if they swing on him. Now, Tyler, you said Zach Edie was measured at 7'4 without shoes? Hey, it's been catching everyone's attention today. I mean, he is a gigantic, I think he was around 299 today on the scale. So that's a big man, the definition of one. So it's going to be interesting to see kind of what that buzz can bring with teams and they're going to want to bring him in for workouts. And you never know, he could be creeping up boards.

Well, let's talk about this, Tyler. You mentioned Zach Edie and his height. I guess a little disappointing to learn today that Bronny James is 6'1 without shoes and not the listed 6'4.

What did you hear? What's the place with Bronny on Chicago? Yeah, it's tough with some of those measurements, especially coming from, you know, college or team's websites, they can get a little favorable. And we've seen that with some Kentucky guys that were listed around 6'3, 6'4 that measured a little smaller today too. But with Bronny, everyone's going to be focused on him because of the obvious elephant in the room with his dad being LeBron James. But Bronny's got a lot of talent. He's got a lot of upside, but he just needs time. You know, he's coming off a serious medical issue that happened in the beginning of the year. And I think this is just a guy that needs to find the right fit and get a team to believe in him and have some confidence. And he has the tools to play at the NBA. He's a special defensive talent. Just the rest of the game needs some seasoning. And, you know, a lot of these guys are unfinished products. Bronny's right there with them.

So it's going to be interesting. I mean, he had a good day on the vert. He finished with, I think, a 42-inch vert or 41 and a half.

So, you know, got good genes, good genes. So I think it's going to be interesting to see Bronny and if he could try to create some momentum throughout this pre-draft process. Tyler Rucker is here with us, NBA draft reporter for No Ceilings, NBA. What do you think is most likely for Bronny James this upcoming season? Is he starting in the G League?

I find it to be a stretch for him to be on a roster. Yeah, you know, you never want, I think a lot of people look down on saying someone needs to go to the G League, but it's become a fantastic developmental resource for these organizations. And for guys like Bronny, it just gives them the ability to get playing reps, get experience. And, you know, we've seen guys in the playoffs, you know, Denver, Peyton Watson spent a lot of time as rookie year in the G League, and now he's getting minutes for a defending champion team. Like it's not what it used to feel like when it comes to playing in a G League. Now it's such a good source for guys to get minutes. So I think that would be huge for Bronny.

Just getting cleared this week to being able to be out and kind of showcase some stuff for scouts. I think some time in the G League would do wonders for his development because he has the upside to play in the NBA. Like that's how special of a defensive talent he could be. So Tyler, we know the team that is going to have the number one selection happens to be the Hawks. What would you do if you were the Atlanta Hawks and you were trying to build this team forward? Do they keep the pick? Do they move a guard? What do you think happens with them?

That's the million dollar question. You know, 48 hours ago, we all thought this team was going to hit the hard rebuild and there's been buzz about Trae Young or De'Jaunte Murray being on the move. And now you find yourself, well, hey, we got the number one pick. Yes, it might be a down year, but there's talent in every draft class.

You just got to find it. So there's some really talented digs at the top with Donovan Klingen and Alex Saar. I think if teams are swinging for upside, you're going to probably lean towards Saar.

But you know, Donovan Klingen, if he can get a clear light with health, he's got the tools to be a really special piece. So I think I'd be leaning Saar right now just because of how much upside he has with his game. But it's going to be really interesting to kind of monitor this moving forward. And who do you think is the most ready made to contribute? Who do you think is going to have the biggest impact next season?

That's the million dollar question right there. You know, I think I think Dalton Connect is going to be a guy that's going to probably impress some people early on, just relentless worker. Probably one of the best stories in college basketball in terms of transferring to Tennessee this year.

6'6", can shoot the cover off the ball and he's tough. So I think Dalton Connect's the name that might not have the biggest upside, but you might be talking about a higher floor, early contributing type of piece. Well, thank you so much. Hey Tyler, where can people follow you and your work with No Sealings?

We're at No and No SealingsMDA on all social media. We cover draft prospects year round from the top guys that are going to go in the top 10 picks to guys that are undrafted and might be trying to get to a spot. So thank you guys so much for having me on.

No problem, Tyler. Is it too late for me to get involved in the process? I'm too late on my paperwork, right?

No, hey, I'm looking for that too. So I get it. I don't think it's ever too late. OK, I'm going to work on how fast I can go on my vert and we'll go from there. Hey, Tyler, thank you again and all the best. Thank you guys.

Have a good one. No doubt about it. That Tyler Rucker, No SealingsMDA covers, as you just heard, the draft, the prospects all year long.

A little bit more difficult. I mean, we used to live in a world where the top prospects came from college and we saw them play on Saturdays. You saw them play throughout the course of the week, you know, locally or nationally just by turning on the television. Not so much now when we have players who are coming from all over the world. You know, Saar, he was here in the States.

And whether you're going out to France or whether you're coming out of Australia, like Victor Webinama's games last year, they were televised on the NBA app. The NBA made sure to hype up this alien. And he lived up to the hype. OK, the man just won Rookie of the Year, put up a stat line that nobody's ever done. 20 plus points, three plus blocks, 10 rebounds. He's knocking down a three. He did it all. We have no idea who that guy is this season.

Hickey, I'm almost 1 million percent certain in saying this. The NBA hasn't hyped up any of these prospects. None of them are Webinama.

Nobody cares. Yeah, I can't believe we didn't get the NBL games on NBA TV this year. Oh, man, it's so disappointing. I was I was missing out. They were folks last year complaining about how much the NBA was hyping up Webinama. Oh, Webinama, everything is Webinama. Oh, we've never had this type of promo. And they were right.

And here a year later, there is no promo. Like I have no I've never seen outside of the college guys. We were talking about this earlier today. I'm like outside of the college players. I have not seen Alex Saar shoot a basketball. I don't know what this man is capable of doing on the court, but there are people who get paid to know exactly what to do.

It's just it's a different world. And Hickey, I got to be honest, man, when it comes to the Hawks. I don't know, man, they have to get rid of one of the guards. It sucks.

I mean, this is a prime opportunity if you're the Atlanta Hawks to sell optimism, because for a long time and I've had this conversation and this is going off the premise that or not knowing the Hawks would select number one, how the hell would anybody know that, especially with their record? I've been telling folks for years, I've been telling folks for years after one season of looking at the John T. Murray and Trey Young, I'm saying to myself, it's impossible to keep both. It makes no sense.

They do not mesh. They don't play well together. Trey Young isn't moving without the ball.

He just stands around. And these are two point guards that need the ball. One wants to facilitate a little bit more. The other one is scoring. It doesn't it doesn't match. It doesn't mesh.

It doesn't match. And so when you look at this, it's a prime time for for the Hawks to say. We're going to move one of these guys, maybe young, I think he's probably burned the candle a little bit more here in Atlanta. You move him and then you just rebuild with whoever the hell you draft at number one. They also have Jalen Johnson and you have an all star caliber guard already in Murray. I think you move Trey Young and and just keep the team moving.

At least that way you don't fall into the toilet. It's the Hawks in between a rock and a hard place. Hickey, what the hell would you do? Any thoughts? I would definitely trade Trey Young at this point. I think that that ship has sailed. And look, I mean, look, it's a report. So who knows why it's out there and who is trying to benefit from it.

But there's a report, right? The Pelicans maybe would be open to trading Brandon Ingram to try to move up in the draft. I mean, look, I'm with you.

I couldn't pick Alex. I have no idea what it looks like, no idea what his game is, no idea how good he can be. If you're the Hawks and you're not sold on him or you're not sold on Klingons ceiling, I mean, I would try to shop that number one pick. If you can, you know, trade Trey Young, get, you know, I mean, the Lakers picks, assuming he goes there are, you know, they're not gonna be great, but they're still picks. And you can maybe, you know, trade the number one pick for Brandon Ingram or something else. Like, at least you could start to see somewhat of a future, some sort of a plan.

That's what I would try to do. But I'm with you. I think that first and foremost starts with, okay, pick our point guard, pick a path and then start going from there. Yeah, the Hawks are just, for a while they've been running in place and it's tough. You know, nobody's just gonna run to snatch up Trey Young's contract.

It's just, it's tough. Whatever the Hawks do, there's still not going to be a clear path. And maybe on draft days when the moves take place, they got some decisions to make and they are the Hawks.

So whatever they do is going to be kind of funky in the process. 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. The Hawks, they know how to make some mistakes. We're going to take a break when we come back on the other side. Speaking of a mistake, the Knicks basketball game yesterday against the Pacers, that was a mistake. That was a failure. That was a disaster. It's like the New York Knicks finally ran into the wall in the way that they've been playing, how hard they've been playing, especially being undermanned and shorthanded. It was reasonable for them to get smashed. We're going to talk about the beat down the Knicks got at the hands of the Pacers. And how about this? LeBron James showed up to the Celtics Cavs game. Hmm. I wonder why LeBron is in the Midwest. I think I have a guess.

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Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. 855-212-4227 is the number you can find me online at JR Sport Brief. Right now, the Boston Celtics are doing what they're supposed to do, a beat in Cleveland. In Cleveland, 48-37, with LeBron James in attendance.

Nice little video package for LeBron celebrating the championship back in 2016. He's sitting courtside with his wife and then also his agent, Rich Paul. Hickey, LeBron seems happy to be there.

His wife is just, I don't know, just relaxing and Rich Paul is just, they're just chilling, man. Look, nothing wrong going to a game. I at least find it a little weird that the Cavs did something. I know he's a legend, but it's like, I don't know, he's there unaffiliated. He's just sitting there courtside. He's obviously not on the Cavs.

He's not on the Celtics. Do you think that's weird in terms of giving him a video tribute as he's just kind of sitting there as a fan? You got to kiss his ass, man. That's just what it boils down to.

You have to kiss his ass, right? You think it's like them trying to maybe make a plea to have him come back, finish his career where it started? Maybe.

I think there's a small possibility of that. I think it's more so of how things went down with Dan Gilbert when he initially went to Miami and then he returned. I think they are indebted to basically kiss his ass every time he shows up. Is it weird that he's technically still a Laker and has to figure out his contract and what have you? Yeah, weird timing, but they just they got to pucker up forever in perpetuity. So if LeBron James shows up in Cleveland, Hickey, they're going to talk about the championship. So he threw him up on a board. They had a nice video package already set and LeBron meekly kind of put his arms in the air and kind of wave like, yeah, I did that.

I did that. What the Cavs need right now, though, they need LeBron James to step out onto the court. They do. That's that's what they need. I don't I don't I don't know if he can just suit up.

I don't think the league works that way. But Cavalier is doing what we thought that they would do. And that's that's loose. Let's see if they can turn things around with LeBron James in attendance.

Also, Hickey, I'll tell you this. It will be interesting to see if this ends up being a close game. Like, LeBron is not going to have a rooting interest, right? He's just going to stand up and watch like everybody else. He can't roof anybody.

So I've been trying to find him on the TV like, oh, OK, I see it now where he is actually in the bottom right corner. I was going to say like I was trying to see if any of his reactions like I mean, you think again, he's a Laker, right? But you think he would at least be cheering for the Cavs since he has a connection there. I own the Celtics. I would I would think so.

But you're right. There's like a big shot like, you know, tie the game in the fourth quarter. Is he going to go crazy? Is he kind of have to just going to stand there? He's going to root for both teams. It'll be the most diplomatic LeBron James thing ever. Go out there and root for everybody. Yankees hat on. Is that what he has on today? No, no, no. But you know, he was a Yankees fan and then a Cleveland Guardians fan, you know, Cowboys fan, Browns fan, fan or whatever.

That's it. Wherever he is, he's a fan of that team. Whoever LeBron James is going to go out there and get money, we'll see if this game gets close. I'm not banking on it, but it certainly can happen yesterday. Not close at all.

The New York Knicks going down to the Pacers. No, I mean, I can go down the list. No Julius Randle. He's been gone. No O.G.

Ananobi. He's dealing with a hamstring. We'll probably never see him again until next year. No Donovan Mitchell, no Bogdanovich, even Jalen Brunson running around with a busted up foot. And we don't even know the full detail. So the Knicks get smashed yesterday afternoon, 121 to 89. Jalen Brunson only played 31 minutes because after the first quarter, it was 34 to 14. 34 to 14. The Pacers were destroying them. At one point, the Pacers led by 43 points. I quit this game.

I'm like, I am not watching this. This was a beat down. After the game, of course, everybody wants to talk about the injuries and the pain and even Josh Hart. He wasn't asked to go out there and play a whole lot of minutes because damn it, if anybody needed a break, it was him. This man is playing like a 48 minutes straight in games. He only played 24 minutes yesterday. Finished with two points after the game.

Tom Thibodeau, he talked about his star player, Jalen Brunson, only had 18 points, scored 30 plus 40 here in the playoffs, carrying the New York Knicks. Sib says, yeah, Jalen's not saying anything about his foot. Short and sweet. Listen, he says he's fine, you know, so that's it. He'll keep going.

Oh, well, damn, what a, that sounds miserable. I've ever heard it in my life. Let's see if Jalen Brunson sounds any better.

Probably not. He says, no, our legs aren't tired. He says, we're not fatigued. Listen, that's what that was. Yeah, here we go. Players just making stuff up. Come on, guys.

You are short handed. You're missing out on an all star power forward. You're missing out on one of the best defenders in the league in OG Ananobi. You're missing out on one of the best shot blockers in the NBA in Mitchell Robinson. What are we talking about here? You got a guy in Bogdanovich and yeah, he got traded to the New York Knicks and didn't have the best, you know, season when he got to New York. This is a man who was averaging 20 points per game on a bad team.

He can shoot the rock. You don't need to make excuses. You're the one out there playing. Save that for me.

And it's not just excuses, it's facts. The New York Knicks, they're going to have to start like pulling people out the train station under the arena if they want to be competitive. But Jalen Brunson kept on bigging up his squad.

He's like, listen, I got to boost my guys. We got enough talent to win. We have what we have in the locker room. So yes, we are down guys, but the people who go out there and then we have the utmost faith in every single one of them goes out on that court. So as a team, we need to sit together.

We need to be better. And that's just it going forward. And a winning guy, Tyrese Halliburton, 20 points in 28 minutes. He's been able to turn up his scoring here.

Tyrese says, listen, folks, uh, Cerise is not done yet. Yeah, just feels good to get a win. Um, but we got to understand at the end of the day, all we did was do our job and win, you know, two games at home. So, um, we understand, excuse me, we understand the magnitude of game five and, um, we'll be prepared for that. Okay.

All right. Cerise between the Pacers and the Knicks is tied at two all. They're back in action.

I don't know if this is going to help anybody's legs or Jaylen Brunson says our legs are not tied. They play again tomorrow. Game five tomorrow. And it's going to take place in Madison Square Garden. Hickey, this has got to come to a close, right? The New York Knicks, I don't know.

Maybe they pick up a window. This is going to seven games. You said, uh, you said one game for the Pacers, right? I did say Nixon five. Well, this was before this was before Brunson's, uh, injury. And what did I say?

I said Nixon in six or seven. Is that what I said? Yeah, I forget if it was six or seven, you had the Pacers extending the series longer. Yeah. Uh, look, it's, it's going to go that way. They're going to beat the hell out of each other and let's see if they, they make this interest in New York. Knicks are just, all my descriptions are inappropriate, but they, they won't die. They're like cockroaches, cockroaches, like New York city cockroaches. The New York Knicks are radioactive. Yeah. That's, that's a good one that I can use on a radio. It's the JR sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network.

8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. We're going to come back on the other side of the break. The NFL let us know what game is going to start us off for the 2024 season. And then the Vegas odds makers. They've also set some, uh, win totals.

We, we know some lines. What teams are supposed to be good and what seems does Vegas think are going to suck. I'm going to tell you about it on the other side, the JR sport re-show infinity sports network. Live nation presents concert week. Now through May 14th, get $25 tickets to over 5,000 shows. That's up to 75% off a summer full of your favorite artists like 21 Savage, Alanis Morissette, Cage the elephant, Celeste Barber, Dirk Spently, Fade, Hootie and the Blowfish, Janet Jackson, kids, Bob kids, Meghan Trainor, Bissell Foom, Sarah McLachlan. Get tickets to more than 5,000 summer shows for just $25 on sale now through May 14th. Visit live slash concert week to learn more and plan your summer with Sean Paul.

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