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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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May 10, 2024 8:37 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 10, 2024 8:37 pm

Are the Celtics choking yet again? l Malik Nabers/Jayden Daniels rookie of the year bet called off l Luka goes off in Game 2 to lead Mavericks to victory


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Visit your neighborhood store to make the switch today. And I would happen to be JR. This is the JR Sport Brief Show on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America on this Friday afternoon, this Friday evening, this day before Saturday. I'm going to be hanging out with you for the next three hours.

A four hour show by the way. I get started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. You can always lock in on the free Odyssey app. How do I listen to the show, JR? I want to listen all the time. Odyssey app. Thank you to everybody listening live on their local Infinity Sports Network affiliate. Sirius XM, what's up all my truck drivers on channel 158. And if you got a smart speaker, it's simple.

Ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. Thank you so much. We've already had a busy show. Antonio Daniels, former NBA player, current analyst on NBA radio and for the Pelicans, he just joined us. Coach Budenholzer, Mike Budenholzer has a new job.

It's official. He's the head coach of the Phoenix Suns. 50 million dollars.

Five years. Yeah, they gave this man a job for five years in the NBA as a head coach. The Suns are nuts. We talked about the Boston Celtics and their failure to just wipe out the Cavs.

You're supposed to beat everybody, right? And then we also talked about Rick Carlisle, the complaining ass coach for the Indiana Pacers. A disaster. He was fined thirty five thousand dollars for criticizing the officials after their Game 2 loss. Complained about the small market Pacers not getting respect. Talked about 78 calls that he felt were against the Pacers between games one and two. And the New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers, they're going to be in action.

In minutes. New York Knicks are just the walking, wounded, no OG, Ananobi probably their best defender out with a hamstring injury. Jalen Brunson, he's been dealing with a bum foot that cost him a quarter in the last game. He is scheduled to play.

We'll see if he is limited in any capacity. And then Hickey, how about this? Hickey holding it down for us in New York City. J.J. Redick is calling the game. I mean, shouldn't he be interviewing for the Lakers head coaching job?

Well, maybe they gave him some time off. You know, it's crazy how the Lakers, the Suns already have their coach in Buttenholzer. A couple of days ago, it was Buttenholzer to the Lakers. To me, there's probably a leverage play by Buttenholzer and his agent as they knew the Suns position was open. Well, you better lock him up or he's going to go to the Lakers. And the Lakers still don't have a head coach.

Yeah, they should probably just let LeBron pick whoever the hell he wants at this point in time and then, you know, have him be a little bit more to blame. And so it's going to be real interesting to see what takes place in this game between the New York Knicks, who are Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, Divacenzo and like three other guys versus the Pacers, which are just the coaches lobbied for every call imaginable. And as Antonio Daniels told us in the last hour, he's just like, listen, it's hard.

It's difficult for anybody to come back down from 2-0. Well, we're going to find out how tough the Knicks are. The Knicks are tough as hell. They play hard. They're no punks. They are a grinded out team.

They are easy to root for and easy to like. Unless you're Draymond Green. Yeah, unless you're Draymond Green and you like to choke people and kick people, maybe that's not his style of of hard work.

Maybe that's maybe maybe he's just dirty. He can't appreciate the New York Knicks because Draymond Green actually said everything going on with the Knicks right now. This playoff run.

He said it's a fluke, listen. In the Eastern Conference, you can get to the conference finals a la Atlanta Hawks with like playing very mid teams. And so that's kind of what y'all are doing right now. And I think what this is setting up for y'all up for is what happened to the Atlanta Hawks three years ago when they made the conference finals and they never got back. Another team to give you some perspective on this.

Nope, but one second. Another team that did this to give you some perspective on this was the Portland Trailblazers years ago when they had Alpha Ruka Minu, Alan Crabb, all those guys. They had all those guys and they went to the conference finals and we've swept them pretty much without Steph Curry. They ran off and paid all of those guys because they thought they had a team that had a chance. And it was a fluke. And so that's what the Knicks are setting y'all up for right now.

And it'll be probably another 15 years of misery. Hickey, does he, I know he's a basketball player. The answer is yes, he watches basketball.

And he's correct in the fact that the East is not as strong or deep as the West. But is he okay? Does he like understand what's going on? Has he watched the Knicks specifically or has he been, did he get punched in the head and we don't know about it? That definitely could be the case.

Yeah, I don't really get this one. It feels like there's a hatred of the Knicks because of like they play hard and oh, they don't have a lot of talent. They just play hard and you can't win in the playoffs playing hard. Well, they're winning the playoffs playing hard.

And that's why I feel like, I don't know, like maybe I don't know. Maybe I'm just being biased and being a salty Knicks fan. But I do feel like there's a lot of like hatred and like people go out of their way to like take a slight at the Knicks because all they do is play hard and that's all they do. They have talented players. It's more than just Jalen Brunson and it's more than just playing hard.

They're clutching. I think that translates more than just this year where you beat up a Sixers team where Embiid, yes, is eliminated. And right now you're playing a Pacers team that, I mean, we've seen Tyrese Halbert not be the same guy since his hamstring injury back in, what was that, December, January? Like, yes, it is not the most grueling path, but also if we want to dissect the Warriors, like it's not like they've gone through the most grueling paths on their championship wins either.

Yeah, it's difficult to hear him say that. I mean, not that at all I hurt, but it doesn't tell the full story about this Knicks team. It doesn't tell the full story about the talent that they have. If I have to take a look at the Eastern Conference, why wouldn't the New York Knicks next season be in competition to at least get to the Eastern Conference Finals?

Am I missing something here? If I have to look up and down the East and have to think about the standings, we know the Boston Celtics, all things considered right now, unless this is a massive choke job, they're not going anywhere. We know that. If I have to take a look at another team like the Bucks, I mean, injuries basically put them down this year and dysfunction with the coach, it didn't do anything. They're also getting older, all right? Miami, what are you expecting from Miami? The 76ers, their team is going to be different. Yeah, it's hard to project out, but the Knicks are actually going to have some stability. They're one of the teams in the East. They don't have to worry about who they're going to add, like the Philadelphia 76ers. They don't have a Jimmy Butler situation like Miami does right now, where Pat Riley is calling his own dude out. And so when you look up and down the Pacers, they'll probably return the same team as this year, the one they're facing. I don't see a squad in the East that the New York Knicks have to go, oh man, the boogeyman is here.

That doesn't exist. What's Orlando going to be better? Yeah, great. But they're behind the New York Knicks when it comes to schedule. The Knicks have an opportunity next season to throw out a lineup of Brunson and Randall and Mitchell Robinson. Hartenstein might be gone. He can finally go get a big payday. Divacenzo's not going anywhere.

Josh Hart isn't going anywhere. This is going to be a team that can, if they stay healthy, they could do some damage. And if Julius Randle were healthy and they weren't dealing with all of these injuries, I think the Knicks could have been out there and competed with the Celtics in regards to winning the entire East. And so I don't know what the hell Draymond Green is watching, saying that this is a fluke.

How? I mean, does Draymond Green know the history of the New York Knicks? Has he seen some of the moves that they've made over the past 20 to 25 years? Has he seen the moves that they've made over the past five? How they can project out? To say that these Knicks are a fluke and to compare them to the Hawks, which have a poor roster construction, two point guards for what?

I have no idea. To look at the Portland Trailblazers, who had a lot of success because of injuries is just nutty. Like you've got to give the Knicks their just due. And I know somebody like Rick Carlisle wants to talk about how the big city Knicks get the love and the little Pacers. We don't we don't get the attention that we deserve. We don't get the calls. We don't get the respect. Like give give the Knicks some love.

Show them some love. They've been garbage for so long. It's been since 2013, the last time they even got to out or outside or passed the first round.

Come on. Draymond Green needs to worry about his own team. What's going to happen with Klay Thompson? Is Klay Thompson going to go to Orlando? How can you you you help Kuminga grow as a player? How can you you keep Steph Curry alive?

How can you get him some help? How can you Draymond Green stay the hell up on out of trouble? I wonder if he has to take classes in the off season, probably not. Hickey, you think he's in like anger management in the off season as a part of his training or he just skips over it?

Well, I mean, considering he already went through anger management or some sort of counseling and somehow, I guess, got through it in record time to get back on the court, doesn't seem like he needs it again, right? Oh, well, I would figure you have to have check ins. Is that what you do? Like every couple of months you got to check in with somebody? Yes. So I was being a little sarcastic.

I'm with you. He probably needs a lot more than just, I mean, what was it, like a week and a half of counseling, whatever it was? Well, he was going like a month, wasn't he? Was it that long?

But still, is a month really changing a whole career's worth of behavior? No, no. He should stay off Michigan State's campus. I remember he punched that kid too. Punching everybody. He's punching Jordan Poole. He's punching college students. I don't know. Who will he punch next?

I have no idea. Steer clear this summer, Draymond Green. If you're listening, steer clear.

Don't be his next victim. Well, we know he works hard as well. This man was in the NBA finals. And he was podcasting even when he sucked.

You know, he's a strong dude here. Congratulations to the Draymond Green. Podcasting through the playoffs. When he was in the playoffs, he was podcasting. He's in the finals. He sucks.

He's podcasting for that. I got to give him credit. But to say that the New York Knicks are a fluke?

No. The Knicks and their fans have been through so much crap. So much. Let them enjoy this. And yeah, the Knicks, I don't know, I may put them in the delusional fan base at times. You know, they're fans of certain teams that think that they're all the world. Dallas Cowboy fans.

Some of them are absolutely delusional. The Dallas Cowboy fans who run around and say, oh, we're going to win the championship every single year. This is going to be the year. It ain't been the year since 9596. It's been a long time, OK?

Damn. We got delusional Los Angeles Laker fans. It's like everybody's supposed to come to L.A. The basketball world revolves around the Los Angeles Lakers. Like there are no other teams that exist.

Everybody's supposed to just go to the Lakers, help out the Lakers. Yankee fans, I don't know, maybe it's something maybe, you know, maybe Rick Carlisle is right. Maybe the fans are just delusional.

Maybe not the refs. Yankee fans. Yankees haven't won a championship since 2009. The Yankees have one of the fire managers and general managers of who have presided over 100 win teams.

I'm like, come on now. What are we doing? Nicky, am I missing any delusional fan bases? Am I missing any teams? Oh, I mean, for a while, if you want to go to college football, there's a lot of Texas fans that always kept declaring Texas being back when they win like the Alamo Bowl or the Sugar Bowl and then go like 75 the next year.

So they were they were very vocal. Texas is back. This is the year. So I know it's not exactly pro sports, but another delusional fan base that now finally looking promising. But for 15, 15 years, we're absolutely in that delusional category.

Yeah. Sometimes I don't know what's so difficult about being able to just look at a team and look at reality like sit and sit here on planet Earth and just look at the facts. You know, I don't. Here's a small market team. I think some of their fans are delusional. And I get it.

If you have a little engine that could, you know, you feel a certain way about things. I think that there's been like Sacramento Kings fans. We had Chris Weber on the air with us last week and he played in Sacramento. The fans are absolutely amazing.

I mean, Arco Arena at the time was one of the loudest buildings in the entire NBA. But today, I mean, last year, over the past year, I guess the Kings have suffered so much that long playoff drought of almost what, 10 plus years. They finally get back and their fans are losing their minds. They want to light the beam. Which I got to tell you is one of the corniest things I've seen in sports. It's like, hey, we won a game.

What do we do? Light the beam. A gimmick for losers. That's what happens when you lose so long.

You got to come up with a gimmick for winning because you're not used to it. We'll see the Yankees lighting a beam after victory because they're the Yankees. They're supposed to win. Lakers aren't lighting a beam. They're the Lakers. The Celtics. Hickey, could you imagine them sending that leprechaun? I don't know.

What do you do? Shoot them to outer space after victory? Like, it's gimmicky.

Light the beam. You can always tell. It's like, hey, act like you've been there before because you know sometimes because you know sometimes there are people who have it. And in the case of these Boston Celtics, they've been there a lot. The Lakers have been there a lot. The Kings?

Yeah, you got to come up with a gimmick. And some of their fans delusional as well. Had to put a small market team out there. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network.

If you want to holler at me, it's 855-212-4227. Yes, I am talking about, this is bad, delusional fan basis. And I guess Draymond Green is delusional as well.

And no shadow of a doubt about that. What we're going to do is take a break. When we come back on the other side of the break, it's time to talk to someone who probably got a little bit of a talking to. He also now plays in New York slash New Jersey for the New York Giants. He said he had a gambling bet with a buddy, another player, and it appears that he has a changed course.

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Minimum $10 per order. Additional terms apply. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. It's the JR Sport Reshow here on the Infinity Sports Network. Right before we went to break, it's talked about some delusional fan bases. You know, we got fans of teams who think that they always, they're always going to win.

It's like they're living in a false reality. Oh, this is going to be the Dallas Cowboys here. Oh, we're the Los Angeles Lakers.

We're going to trade for this guy. It just is sad. Really. It is. People be delusional.

It's what it is. And then I also mentioned that you got delusional Nick fans and there's some delusional Yankee fans. They think that they, they're going to win it all. They're going to win everything. Don't work that way.

Does it? Speaking of delusional, I don't know what the hell Malik Nabors was thinking when he decided to sit on the Pivot podcast and share with the public, share with the world. This pick wide receiver out the first round from the New York Giants told everybody, I have a bet with my former teammate, Jayden Daniels of the Washington commanders. We have a $10,000 bet about who's going to win offensive rookie of the year. Well, I mean, Jayden Daniels is going to have the ball in his hands almost every single time on offense. I think he would be a damn good bet.

First of all, right out of the gate. I mean, you got to rely on Daniel Jones to throw you the ball. So I don't know how good of a bet that would be for Malik Nabors. But besides that, it didn't occur to him that the NFL doesn't want its players betting or gambling on anything. NFL players are not supposed to gamble on anything related to the NFL, not even yourself.

And sure, this is a bet between friends and college teammates and buddies, a wide receiver and his quarterback. This is a bet. This is not walking into the casino.

This is not walking into a back alley. This is not calling up some illegal bookie. It's just friends. It's like me and Hickey having a friendly bet of Hickey. What should we bet? I don't know.

Help me. We'll run the 40. Faster 40 wins a hundred bucks.

Oh, wow. You want to do that for real? No, no, I can't run fast. You don't run? Didn't you say you ran at one point?

Not me. It's your former producer, Shep, that runs marathons. Yeah, he runs marathons.

I'm not not doing anything but run into the store myself. But I thought at one point you tried to play football, right? No, I know I did play football. I wasn't fast.

That's for sure. I wasn't blazing out of the gates. You had to run? Yeah, in high school.

Now, you know, 10 years removed from that even longer. Unfortunately, though, those quick moves, if I had any, I'm going to save to say are probably gone. So if we raced, you think I'd beat you?

I would assume so, yes. Do you run? And you look like you're in shape.

Now it's time I saw you, so. Yeah, I jog around. Okay, yeah, I feel like a nice way to say that. You definitely run. Yeah, I try not to. I think you're trying to slow play me here to take the bait, have this race, and then you smoke me by like three seconds and then all of a sudden you get a 300 bucks.

That's what it sounds like. It might be more than three seconds. Damn, wow. How slow do you think I am? You're the one who said you're slow. I don't know. I assumed you were fast. You look athletic. Like a five, probably like a five to 40 maybe.

A five two? Somewhere in there unofficially? Yeah, I don't know. You know, I ran a 40 one time at the combine in Indianapolis.

Not for real though. As like a promo, they let me do it before the athletes actually got there. I don't know, man.

I was, I feel like I ran like a seven or something like that. Hmm. This seems like, you know, if you're at a pool hall and the guy's like, yeah, you know, I just picked up the stick. I never played before. Let's play eight ball here for a hundred bucks a ball. Okay, boom.

Then he starts putting them in there. You think I'm joking? I just, I'm just saying like if we raced, I would not feel good about my chances. That's what I'll say. Okay. All right. Well, we could bet on something else. Either way, Malik neighbors and Jayden Daniels, their bet is off.

Okay. We talked about this yesterday. He was going to, both of them, which publicly acknowledged Jayden got pulled into it, asked about it. He's like, yeah, yeah, yeah. We got to bet for $10,000. I wish he didn't share that publicly. It was only a matter of time before these guys got the call.

It was only a matter of time before, it was only a matter of time before, Oh crap. Oh, Jaylen Brunson is limping around on the basketball court and is now on the bench. His head is in his hands and yeah, the New York Knicks bench might have to win this game for the New York Knicks. But anyway, listen to Malik neighbors because today NFL players all across the country are showing up for rookie mini camp. This is their indoctrination into the NFL. They're signing their contracts. They're getting a hang of the playbook and what have you. And so Malik neighbors had a chance to talk to the media and talk about how much he's learned and that, uh, yeah, the bet is off. You know, I'm educated now that I got here that, you know, about sports betting and gambling. So, you know, we call them the bet off, you know, there's no bet.

Now it was just another brother pushing another brother to try to get to, you know, success. Okay. That's nice. So Hickey, see, no, no suspensions, right? Just a friendly wager.

And then they just got a phone call, I assume from, uh, the teams, which the NFL probably said, Hey, tell these knuckleheads they can't do that. And now it's all done. That's it finished.

No biggie. Could you imagine if they never said this publicly, but this bet obviously was still on. And then let's just say, I don't know, Malik neighbors wins rookie of the year. And there's like a big show. Here's Jaden Daniels coming in.

Here's the 10 K it's a big reveal. Imagine NFL goes, all right, you bet on the NFL. You're out for the next year. Oh my God. Maybe a travesty. Here's the thing though. If this is a bet that they shared publicly, we know that there are other players who are betting all over the place. They are friendly wagers. You want to tell me that even in a locker room, like, like players aren't betting on, on other teams. Like they're not betting amongst themselves. Like we can go ahead and we know that all of the, the betting apps, the gambling apps, the NFL is tracking all of this. The NFL is in text messages. Like is the NFL and locker room conversations. You want to tell me that there's not a player who say, Hey man, I got, I got 10 K, uh, on the Titans tomorrow. You know, like these guys are gambling, even if it's not in the formal way that we think you don't think so. Oh no, I definitely believe so. Especially, I mean, I think more than just that, if I know this is allowed, but like, I mean, but a lot of these guys at their college teams that are still well connected, right? If you have a big rivalry game and they're, your teammate went to Georgia and you went to Alabama, do you think JR they're just playing there for bragging rights or they're just watching the game together for bragging rights? Yeah, but it's different.

I'm talking about the NFL specifically. No, I know. I know. Yeah. Yeah.

That would be, uh, somebody's, somebody's doing it. And so what happened is Malik neighbors of rookie opened up his mouth and it basically, I think that's, that puts some of the other players on notice. It's one thing to have all of these suspensions over the past year or so. Uh, Jamison Williams from the Detroit lions goes down, uh, Calvin Ridley. Yeah, I was over here on his phone out from the Falcons, just gambling his life away while he's supposed to be rehabbing.

Like I say, there's, there's, it's only a matter of time, right? Like the latest gambling story was Ipe Mizuhara from Shohei Ohtani's, uh, or his interpreter. And it's one thing for that to be the interpreter, but come on, we, we got Jontay Porter. There's going to be somebody else doing something ridiculous when it comes down to betting. And so at least from Malik neighbors and Jayden Daniels, I want to say they get away with it, but they just get a stern talking to, Hey man, you can't do that. Just a stern shaking of the head and a reminder that there's no gambling in the NFL, not even on yourself. Put the money away. 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. Yeah.

Only the NFL only league where you can't bet on yourself. Funny stuff. I need to let you know this. It's very important.

You need to think O'Reilly auto parts for all of your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly auto parts. We are going to take a break right now. The New York Knicks are playing the Pacers. Jalen Brunson looks like he aggravated his foot injury. Oh joy.

That's some sarcasm. And the speaking of injuries, Luca Doncic, my God, I thought this guy had a spring busted up knee. It didn't seem like it didn't seem like he was hurting. Not at all as Luca went off against the Thunder. We'll talk about Luca.

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I'm in the studio. I got the Knicks on. Jalen Brunson is back in the game. Good for him.

I guess his foot is OK. And we'll see how things continue to roll on right before we went to break. We talked about some. Some activities that are prohibited in the NFL. Like gambling. And the fact that she would have gone like Malik neighbors who hasn't even played a snap in the NFL, admitting publicly that he had a bet with his former LSU teammate Jayden Daniels.

Malik neighbor says he's been educated on the gambling policies of the NFL and Malik neighbor says. I'm done. I'm finished. The bet is off. He learned his lesson before he could go out there and be punished.

Great. As we continue to move on, I do want to mention this in basketball, because not only are the New York Knicks in action right now, we already talked about the Boston Celtics losing yesterday to the Cleveland Cavaliers. That's not the only game that took place. The Oklahoma City Thunder had an opportunity to go up 2-0 against the Dallas Mavericks.

And they didn't. Luka Doncic, who's been dealing with a bump knee, woke up. The Mavs beat the Thunder 119 to 110. Luka Doncic had 29 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists. And then they 10 rebounds and seven assists.

And this is supposed to be the dude who's just running around with a bum knee. Now, I still feel confident in the Oklahoma City Thunder that they're going to go out there and ultimately win the series. I just don't see a world where two guys, the two guys being Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic can just beat this young team. And maybe they will.

I'd be a little shocked. P.J. Washington having the game of his life, 29 points, seven threes and Kyrie Irving. I mean, they won despite him being crap last night. Nine points, 11 assists. He was two of eight from the field. Shay Gilgas Alexander, he did his job with 33. They just got little else anywhere else. Jalen Williams with 20. And that was about it.

It was ugly. And so Luka after the game does what all the star players do. Luka Doncic, he goes to his press conference. And let's just say the sounds you are about to hear are not typically sounds you would hear at a press conference.

You would typically hear them in the privacy of your home with a partner. This is weird. Listen to this. Just our energy. I think we shared the ball really well. We were knocking down shots. We were open shots.

So just our sharing the ball and our energy was great. What do you think? OK, OK, moving on. I hope that's not live. Luka said, I hope that's not live. If you didn't hear the the moaning in the background, then I don't I don't I don't know what to tell you.

Hickey, how the hell does something like that happen? I mean, did somebody leave their phone, a computer? How do you how the hell is that playing at a press conference?

I have no idea. I've been trying to think about that all day. Like, you obviously have your phone out because most people in the press room are recording either video or audio wise what Luka is saying. So you'd assume, right, that I mean, I don't know, like, is it everything on your everything else on your phone, like off, basically, when you're recording something, I guess, or maybe he was going to record it. And the last thing that he look, I don't know, whatever you want to do at home, maybe instead of exiting out the browser, just close the phone and think that's going to be OK. You open you left something on your phone that you watched and then you opened it back up and it's like, oh, boom, there it is. How did this get here? Yeah.

How did this? Well, who had my phone? Wow. And, you know, we haven't gotten a word. I don't think the NBA is going to release a report on what took place. I wonder what the conversation was like today at the NBA office from Adam Silver. That was I would love to be a fly on the wall for that one.

What the hell was that? And, you know, what did they do? How does this who was that? Like they got answers and damn it, I need them. I don't need to know that bad. It's just very interesting. Oh, we need we need a last two minute report. We need an investigation. So it didn't seem like it. I mean, there's only two ways.

It was either I can't even say it was piped in. Right. Like.

Are people still doing digital interviews? There's still somebody connected via zoom somewhere like, oh, geez, I didn't think about that. I don't know. Is it?

Oh, man. It's like somebody in that was that all the reporters back in the building no more zoomed in. Was that a microphone in the press conference room that picked that up? Did somebody open their phone in their pocket? I just I don't know. I'm going to get to the bottom of this hickey. I'm going to utilize the Google and find out what took place. But the expression on Luca's face as he's sitting up there to talk about basketball and all of a sudden people are moaning.

It's just you can't you can't make it up anyway. Congratulations to Luca Doncic, the man with the busted knee, his own coach, Jason Kidd. He said that Luca, he looked back to normal. He was Luca in the sense of he was aggressive. He was taking the shots that presented. He was attacking early. He wasn't settling. And so whenever he puts his head down and he's trying to get to the basket or his mid range and when you can see he starts to make those and then he start to make the three he was making three.

He was five of eight from downtown. Luca Doncic has struggled from deep so far here in these playoffs. It didn't matter if he was taking on the Los Angeles Clippers or whether or not he's going against the Thunder now. He just had his best shooting game, five of eight. And so let's let's listen to Luca Doncic answer a question.

Let's listen to Luca Doncic not answer questions while he is, let's just say, hearing moans in the background. Luca Doncic answered about whether or not he feels better with a shot. I just try to focus on my balance. Right now it's kind of tough, you know, the step backs, the shots, and get down on my, get down on my legs. But just trying to focus on my balance and then trying to make the team play. Hickey I guess his knee is better, right?

Is that what happens? For one game at least it looked better, especially that start. He looked pretty spry. Yeah, well Luca, Luca feels better.

And I guess it'll still be him and Kyrie going at it against these Oklahoma City Thunder. Let's listen to Luca one more time without the moans as he basically said, yeah, this is tough against Oklahoma City. It's tough against this young squad.

Listen. It was one of the hardest games I had to play. You know, I'm battling out there. I try to do my best to help the team win. It was just my mentality, you know, to have a great start. And then the team is going to follow me, so they follow me and Kyrie and we got to do that.

Good, good for him. Let's make things interesting as they, I don't want to say bomb out. Hickey, you got the Mavs in this, or are you the Thunder? Thunder. Thunder, yeah. You think the Mavs, they pick up maybe one more?

I would say so, yeah. I mean, yeah, I would say go six. I just, it's interesting to me how people's like tides change. So the Boston Celtics, and I get it, you know, you think about the Celtics and their recent history in the postseason. One day they'll go to the finals and one day they'll be eliminated and another day they'll go to the West or East finals.

And like, you never know what the hell you're going to get out of them. And there's an expectation that they're going to go out there and do some, some serious damage. But for some teams like, okay, okay, see, lost the game. And then all of a sudden after one game, I hear people go, oh, the Dallas Mavericks, watch out. The Boston Celtics lose one game to the Cavs. Oh, they get blown out.

Oh, here we go again. I'm like, yo, it's one game. And can it be, you know, a trend here that yeah, as Antonio Daniels told us last hour, that they're, they're complacent, that they're bored.

Yeah. That, that might be the case, but like Jason Tatum said, nobody wins every game. Ain't nobody blowing people out every single game. Sometimes you're going to lose.

That's just what it is. And so I pretty much think that everything that we've seen so far is going to stay the course. I mean, the Knicks and the Pacers, who knows what happens there. The Knicks are even fighting to stay in this game right now, trailing 33 to 35 against Indiana. I would not be surprised if, if the Timberwolves as good as they've been, I wouldn't be shocked if they gave two games to the Nuggets and the series was tied up. But if there's anything, anything that I feel near certain about, it's the Celtics moving on. I said, can't speak for the Knicks and the Pacers with all the injuries, you know, but OKC beating, beating Dallas, I feel good. I feel good about that. And speaking of, you know, losers or teams that are not participating, Los Angeles Lakers, what else is new right there?

They're in the news at least a little bit. Budenholzer is now the coach of the Phoenix Suns. He's not going to go to Los Angeles. I guess J.J. Redick is going to end up with a job to carry LeBron James water.

And Dave McMenamin, you know, from ESPN, he covers the Los Angeles Lakers. He had some thoughts and he had some words here about the Lakers and specifically LeBron James. He was on the Rich Eisen show and he pretty much said that, yeah, LeBron might be able to be a free agent, but the Lakers are going to do any and everything, whatever he wants to keep him. To keep him.

Listen. The Lakers intend to have LeBron James come back on any term that he wants to, whether that be a one year deal, two year deal, three year deal, whatever. They'd love to continue to have LeBron James in the purple and gold until he called for quits, whenever that may be.

Yeah, of course they do. Why wouldn't they? The man is a moneymaker.

Why wouldn't they? LeBron James is box office, even at almost 40, he's going to be 40 picky. He's going to be 40 years old in December.

Like it's crazy. Is he going to, and I get it, he's not the best player in the game anymore. He's still one of the best. Is he just going to, one day is he going to fall off of a cliff?

Like what is he doing? I mean, we kept thinking that with Tom Brady, right, for his whole career. And I mean, his play definitely got a little worse. I mean, LeBron's play, right, has gone down. He's not the same guy he was even five years ago. But like Brady retired and I can't even say left early because he was 46 years old.

But like he left before he was just like a total shell of himself and like, was just like, oh God, who's this guy? I would figure LeBron leaves the same way where it's like, what, two years? Would you say maybe around there, maybe three?

Max two? I don't, three years is a lot. Oh, I agree.

I agree. If I'm LeBron James and I'm turning 40 in December, like to think about playing basketball for three more years, I'm saying to myself, damn, that's a long, I want to stay home. He's been doing this for how, 18 years? He's been doing this for more than 20 years now.

Like, damn. What is his final year in the league? Is he going to be, is he just going to be 20 points flat?

And even that is ridiculous. I mean, I don't know. I imagine as we move and well, we are in the off season, well, at least for the Lakers. I got to imagine that they're at a one and one, right? He's going to sign a two year contract with an option year for number two. I don't think he's going to quit after this year. And I also believe, and this is why the Lakers want him back outside of monetizing LeBron. They want to maximize and monetize the farewell. They need the LeBron buy shirts. They need the LeBron goodbye headbands. They just need, they need it all. The Lakers aren't stupid.

They, this, this helps them as a business, as a company, you know, moving forward. I mean, there was a point in time where the New York Yankees, they had Alex Rodriguez. And one of the intentions of signing him was so he could retire a Yankee and, and have the most home runs in history. And the Yankees just wanted to milk that to death. And then we found out Alex Rodriguez is just a fraud and a cheater that's trying to buy or steal the Timberwolves. Not steal. I don't want to be a jerk.

Anyway. Hey, LeBron James is going to get what the hell he wants. I think he'll get a one year deal with a one year option. Three years? Financial security. I don't know if he needs it or wants it.

Better for him in so many ways to do a one plus one. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. LeBron has been around forever. When we come back, NFL rookie camps are open. We'll talk about some players who are just getting their feet wet.

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