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5.9.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR
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May 9, 2024 9:00 pm

5.9.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 9, 2024 9:00 pm

Pacers complain about not getting fair treatment from refs l Julian Edelman details tension between Bill Belichick & Robert Kraft l Will Dolphins give Tua an extension?


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Price and coverage match limited by state law. It is the J.R. sport brief show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Happy Thursday to you. Yeah, we made it to Thursday. Congratulations. Pat yourselves on the back. I don't know if you had a choice in the matter, but I guess you did.

Either way, you got a choice to be here and you are. So thank you very much. This show gets started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. Coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Our super producer and host Ryan Hickey is holding it down for us on the boards in New York City.

And I'm happy that you're here hanging out. We've got a busy show already. We talked about Frank Vogel being fired as head coach of the Phoenix Suns. He only lasted one season.

He has four more years left on his deal. Suns are a mess. Booker, Durant, Beal.

What a mess. Patrick Beverley suspended four games for throwing a ball at a fan twice. Also being a jerk in the locker room. The Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers are getting ready to play in Boston in a few minutes. Celtics trying to take a 2-0 series lead. Tonight, how about this? The Dallas Mavericks against the Oklahoma City Thunder. We don't know the status of Luka Doncic. Not looking good for him with the knee. And then so much news even earlier in the day.

Rick Carlisle, head coach of the Indiana Pacers, blamed the referees last night and whined and cried. It's just a lot to get into and for us to discuss as we continue on. You can always listen to the show on the free Odyssey app, your local Infinity Sports Network affiliate, Sirius XM158, and a smart speaker by asking it to play the Infinity Sports Network. If you want to be a part of the show, the phone number is 855 212 42 27.

That's 855 212 42 27. You can also find me online. I am everywhere at JR Sport Break. So much more news. We got neighbors and Daniels, former LSU teammates now on different teams, New York Giants and then also Washington. These guys are making bets, talking about their bets, publicly wild stuff. The Hornets.

How about this? They got a new head coach. Nobody's talking about them. Charles Lee is coming over to take over from the Celtics bench. So we got a lot to get into.

But let's just get this the hell up on out the way right now. Last night, as I exited the studio, as Hickey exited the studio, the New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers were in action in Madison Square Garden. Hickey, when we left here yesterday, Jalen Brunson had just returned to the floor. The New York Knicks were in the process of storming back.

And you just had to wonder how the hell they were going to hold up because OG and a nobody went down with a hamstring injury. And the New York Knicks end up winning the game 130 to 121. Brunson finishes with twenty nine points. Twenty four of these points in the second half because he had the exit early with a foot problem. And I say to myself, how the hell are the Knicks going to keep on winning with all of these injuries?

Brunson is the star player. Randall has been out for months now with a dislocated shoulder that needed surgery. Mitchell Robinson already had a bad leg and Joel Embiid decided to yank him out the ground. OG and a nobody has a busted hamstring. As of last night, he won't play tomorrow.

First game in Indianapolis, game three. Bogdanovich has a broken foot. Hickey, am I leaving anybody out? What, Clyde Frazier, does he have turntone?

Like what's going on? Mike Breen sore throat. Other than that, no, you hit them all, which is a laundry list of injuries. And let me say again, Jalen Brunson, he didn't want to talk about his foot last night.

And we don't know the status of Jalen Brunson's foot, ironically. And we shared this with you last night as we shared or told you about a few things that took place that day yesterday in sports history. The New York Knicks won their first title in 1970, and they were pretty much inspired by Willis Reed, their captain, who, despite tearing a muscle in his leg two games prior, decided to step out onto the court and score four points to pretty much rally the troops. Walt Clyde Frazier took them the rest of the way.

This was to the day, this was yesterday. Walt Clyde Frazier was in attendance as the New York Knicks took a 2-0 series lead against these Pacers. I want you to listen to Coach Thibodeau. This is the head coach of the New York Knicks. People hate this guy's guts. They feel that he drives his players into the ground.

He said, man, Jalen Brunson, that little small dude out there, the man who's been dropping 40 points a game like it's nothing? Oh, it's not his physical skills. It's also his mental toughness. It's his brain. The mental toughness piece is so important. And so the ability to get through things, you know, to be at your best when your best is needed, even when you may not be feeling your best. You know, that's who he is. He's a great leader.

That's right. He wasn't feeling his best. He was gone the whole damn second quarter. We didn't know if he was going to come back. But despite that, Jalen Brunson, he went out there and played on the bum foot. And then after the game, he was asked about it.

And of course, he ain't want to say nothing. I'm all good. And that's it. Now, that's that's one thing I don't know. Don't know.

I just felt a little discomfort and then went from there. Yeah, we don't know. We don't know his status for tomorrow. I mean, Hickey, I mean, by the time we got to the end of the game and the game was over, maybe last night, he couldn't take off his shoe. We don't know what the hell is going on.

We don't know what's going to happen by the time he gets off of the plane. And this is if Jalen Brunson is done. Are these not the G League Knicks? No Brunson and no Adanobi.

Yeah, they're in trouble. I mean, Alex Burch is coming off the bench. It'd be the Dante DiVincenzo show at that point, right? Yep. And Josh Hart torpedoing in and no one really else.

Yeah, Miles McBride, Jericho Sims like this. This that team that the team that I just named you, they would win, I don't know, 15 games in a regular season. Give the Pistons a run for their money.

Oh, yeah. Well, it can't be can't be worse than Washington and the Pistons, right? But they would be a piece of their mind.

Speaking of a piece of their mind. Rick Carlisle. Someone who's been coach of the year, someone who won a championship with the Dallas Mavericks, a man who's been coaching as a head coach for the better part now of almost 20, 25 years. He was not happy yesterday and he actually blamed the officials. It was reported this morning that Rick Carlisle sent the NBA a memo highlighting 78 missed calls between Game 1 and Game 2. Now, we already heard about the NBA in Game 1 and Miles Turner, offensive foul.

But yeah, we screwed up a couple others. Rick Carlisle had his staff sit down and point out every single play that he feels was not fair to his team. Listen to this.

This I don't want to call him a crotchety old man because it's mean. But listen to Rick Carlisle, championship winning head coach. Just throw the referees in league under the bus. After Game 1, we we always go through the film and games where it felt like, you know, the whistles weren't balanced and we pulled the clips. There's a way you can submit them to the to the NBA office. And so there were 29 plays in Game 1 that we thought were clearly called the wrong way. I decided not not to submit them because I just felt like, you know, we get a more balanced whistle tonight.

It didn't feel that way. Couple examples, 508 of the third. You know, the whole world knows that Halliburton's got a bad back and Hart comes up and shoves him in the back. It's all over Twitter right now because a couple of people, a few people have showed it to me. And J.B. DeRosa is looking right at it. You can see him. He's got he's got vision of the play and he shoves tie right in the corner and there's no whistle right in the back.

That was shocking. But I can promise you that we're going to submit these tonight. New York can get ready.

They'll see him, too. You know, I'm always talking to our guys about not making it about the officials. But we deserve a fair shot. It's just not it's just there's not there's not a consistent balance.

And that's disappointing. Give New York credit for the physicality that they're playing with. But, you know, their their physicality is rewarded and ours is penalized just, you know, time after time. It's just I'm just really disappointed, just really disappointed. You've got to make a stand for your guys.

You know, you got to stand up for for what's right and what's not right. And that was it. This is a basketball game with a civil rights movement.

What is this? At least Halliburton with his bad back. And by the way, he's questionable to play tomorrow. He's playing. He bounced back. He had 34 points last night. If we go back to Monday in Game one, Halliburton only had six points.

Nice bounce back for a guy with a bad back. And so you heard Rick Carlisle basically pitch a fit about the officiating. What he did not mention. Is that his team, they sucked from the free throw line, 10 of 17. What he didn't mention is that the Pacers, when Jalen Brunson went down, they ended up leading 73 to 63. And then Brunson comes back on a bum foot.

And drops 24 points in the second half. Y'all couldn't stop him. I mean, you're pitching more of a fit about the officiating than the defense of your own players.

I mean, come on. We know the Pacers want to get up and down the court at the expense of what? Playing defense. Maybe you should worry about that instead of the officials. And he is 100 percent correct. 78 missed calls.

The video guy for the Pacers is probably sleeping right now because Rick Carlisle had him up all night pointing out every single call. This is a cop out. This is an excuse. This is a crybaby. And there's nothing worse than a crybaby. If you're going to get a whooping, take it like a man, a one legged man, a one footed man.

I made that up. A one footed man whooped your ass in the playoffs. And you're talking about officiating? Like, how did his players feel about that? It didn't sound that they were too enamored or even wanted to agree with their head coach.

T.J. McConnell, who unfortunately wasn't on the court to play defense at certain points of the game, he was asked about the comments made by his coach. And it doesn't sound like T.J. McConnell wants to blame any damn referees. I mean, we love Rick showing that type of energy on the court and unfortunate that he got ejected. But that's not the feeling that we have in the locker room. We're not going to sit here and blame officials. We got to be better.

It's just that simple. They smashed us on the boards again tonight and just brought more energy than we did. So we got to fix that. Oh, so you mean to tell me, T.J., that that's that's not the reason you lost?

Listen to more from Mr. T.J. McConnell. I mean, at the end of the day, we got outplayed. We were right there to win the game. Would I like consistency, more consistency?

Yeah. But let's not pretend like that's the only reason we lost. We just didn't play good enough, you know. But at the end of the day, it's 2-0. We're going back to Indy. And, you know, I like us in any matchup.

So I'm not I'm not I'm not worried. But yeah, we like consistency. Just, you know, the I don't think he double dribble. But if you can overturn that call, why can't you overturn the kickball? I don't really understand that. But like I said, they they outplayed us. So let's not pretend like the refs are the reason we lost.

We just got to be better. That was the ever voice changing Tyrese Halliburton. Have you heard him have three voices?

He does. I was going to say in past interviews. Yeah.

But that was just 37 seconds. And at least to me, it sounded like it was one consistent voice. Maybe when he's a loser, his voice is consistent. I don't know. Possibly. And I like voice when he's sad. Yeah. Yeah. When he's sad, it's one voice. And then when he's in a good mood, he maybe he's multiple personalities. I don't know. Maybe.

I mean, and what voices when he's happy. Yeah. I mean, yeah. I mean, in one game, well, they lost both games, but one game he scored six points.

The other he scored 34. Maybe it maybe there is something to it. Either way. Why do people always have to preface things with all this wasn't fair and that wasn't fair and we don't know why you did that.

Oh, yeah. But then we just say you lost. Suck it up. And I understand this from Rick Carlisle's perspective. He's the head coach. You want to know what the head coach is going to do? He's going to be an advocate for his players.

His players aren't going to go out there for the most part. They're not going to make excuses. They're not going to whine. They're not going to cry.

They don't want to be called cry babies. And so if somebody has to bite the bullet and be criticized, it's going to be the head coach. And quite frankly, what Rick Carlisle is doing here, someone who's coached in the NBA as a head coach for about 25 years now, been coaching in the league longer than that, played in the league. He's lobbying. He's playing the game. Rick Carlisle is out here right now just trying to make sure that by the time the Pacers get back to Indianapolis. That the referees are blowing a whistle for everything. And I'm saying to myself, damn, do y'all not have enough of an advantage to the Indiana Pacers not have enough over the New York Knicks right now?

The last I look, let me run through this again. Jalen Brunson, bumfoot, Julius Randle out for the season. Mitchell Robinson out for the season. Bogdanovich out for the season. Oji Ananobi not playing with a bum hamstring. Mitchell Robinson, I think I said it already, done.

Bogdanovich busted foot. And what you need to do now is go home and whine and bitch and complain. Like, stop it. Like, don't complain about the referees. You're already playing a team that that is short handed and you want to complain? Like, stop.

I saw a logo today of the Pacers that someone recreated that included a pacifier. Rick Carlisle, I understand you're playing the, well, we need the referees to pay attention game. But if you can't beat these New York Knicks, then your team doesn't deserve to win at all.

Suck it up and shut up. So your team to go out there and rebound, tell them to play defense, tell them to hit a free throw and relax. Rick Carlisle took it a step further.

He even dug into the old bag of tricks. And he's like, wait a minute, we're playing the Knicks. But yeah, we're playing against the New York Knicks.

And we were just the Pacers. Listen to this man. You know, small market teams deserve an equal shot. They deserve they deserve a fair shot.

No matter where, no matter where they're playing. Oh, stop. Spare me. Help me out.

A matter of fact, help me. Small market teams need help. I mean, you're you're in Indianapolis, right? I mean, is he missing something?

Did I miss something? I mean, a couple of years ago, there was this team. They were called the Milwaukee Bucks. They they they won a championship, right? This small market, you know, Denver is a huge city. I'm not going to call Denver, New York. It was a guy named LeBron James.

And I get it. It's LeBron James. But the last time I looked, Cleveland is is not a small city. Hey, there was a team that was a dynasty before then. I don't know if Rick Carlisle is familiar with him.

He should. There's a team called the San Antonio Spurs. They had a guy named Tim Duncan for the better part of 20 years. All they did was win. Cut the crap with the small market this.

If you good and you got a star player. And there's nothing to complain about. Nobody was complaining when Tim Duncan was busting ass or when Kawhi Leonard showed up and helped them. Nobody was complaining then about small market.

LeBron James drafted by the Cavaliers, hometown Cavaliers. Nobody complained. Oh, small market. Spare us. Stop the wine and stop the complaining. If you lose to the New York Knicks, it's your own damn fault.

And if you needed the wine to the officials to get the job done. I hope the Boston Celtics whoop your ass on out of the playoffs. Come on, coach, you know better than this. You've won a championship. Coach the game on the court and don't try to coach the game in the media. You're trying to beat a one legged man in an ass whooping contest and you're losing to the New York Knicks.

Do better. It's the J.R. sport. We show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. When we come back from break. There's something else going on in New York City. I don't know if it's a good idea or a bad idea for one of the Giants new receivers. Let's talk about a bet that he made.

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Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. You are listening to the J.R. sport brief, the J.R. sport we show here on the Infinity Sports Network in Boston. Boston Celtics not wasting any time at home if you needed any type of indication on what things would look like. Boston already leads 14 to five. I hope they sweep them. Get it over with.

Get it over with. Right before we went to break, we talked about a game that took place last night between the New York Knicks, the Indiana Pacers. The Knicks end up winning Game two, 130 to 121 in Madison Square Garden.

The next game will take place tomorrow in Indianapolis. The head coach of the Pacers, Rick Carlisle, did a lot of complaining and lobbying last night about the lack of calls. He's looking for calls in the next game, not happy with the officiating. It had more emphasis on that as opposed to his team's defense or their rebounding or the fact that they couldn't beat a team that was missing their best player for an entire quarter. Giving up and blowing a 10 point lead. That wasn't the emphasis. It was referees, because, of course, you've got to blame somebody else.

You can never look in the mirror and go out there and just blame yourself. Can't do that. A little too tough. Anyway, I told you before the break, we were going to talk about a, you know, a guy and his friend having to deal or do with New York. And we'll get to that. OK, if you had no idea, Malik neighbors and Jayden Daniels, they may have opened up their mouths too much.

They may have been a little too frank and honest about their relationship in a wager that they have placed with each other. But I want to spend more time on that. We'll do that at the top of the hour. So give me 30 minutes and we're going to get into Malik neighbors and Jayden Daniels about like, what are they what are they doing if they're making a bet?

And we also have a little bit of entertainment news as it relates to Shohei Ohtani and his former interpreter. Because it looks like we might have a television show on our hands, but we'll get there next hour, get into some college football as well. I got to get this out the way since we're on the the lane of coaches right now. Congratulations to the new head coach of a team that is absolute trash to watch. The Charlotte Hornets. Charlotte Hornets have themselves a new head coach. They pilfered him here. Well, pilfered him from the Celtics. He's an assistant. His name is Charles Lee. The Hornets decided to hire him earlier today and he said he's ready to go.

This is what he told them on a hornet social media account. Every day we have an opportunity to get better. And so whatever that consists of for every player, we have to attack it and be obsessed with daily improvement. The biggest thing that it's always going to come down to, I think, is how competitive are we going to be? And that's a mental competitiveness, a physical competitiveness, and then also the component of how much are we going to do this for one.

Sure. He's an assistant coach. Maybe you've never heard of him.

I didn't hear about him until last week. Yes, he's a new head coach. OK, he's going to be there a while because he ain't coaching no ridiculous superstar or at least a superstar that's there.

LaMelo Ball can never stay healthy. So congratulations to Charles Lee, new head coach of the Charlotte Hornets between him and I guess Brandon Miller is something to build around. I don't know. And Miles Bridges is a free agent.

Hopefully he doesn't commit any crimes between now and the free agent period. Hickey, when's the last time you watched a Hornets game? Oh, I mean, weren't they in the playing? Was it last year? I don't know.

I think I think it was last year. So that's the case in the playing tournament. I watched them. There we go. You know, you suck when Michael Jordan quits on you. Michael Jordan says, man, I'm not doing this crap. I'm selling. I'm out of this crap.

I'm not doing this. I don't I don't take Michael Jordan as a quitter and certainly it was a business decision. But damn. Michael Jordan said, I'm not doing this any more. He's hanging out in NASCAR now. So I got better things to do than watch LaMelo Ball try to be healthy.

Michael Jordan, another thing that he failed that so he can succeed or succeed. There you go. Anyway, speaking of owners, I know yesterday we had a chance to chat about this this roast of Tom Brady, which was very crass. I mean, there were Aaron Hernandez jokes. There were jokes about Tom Brady and his divorce.

It just a little dark, a little dark. I'm not going to say I was surprised. But at one point during the course of the event, Bill Belichick was on the stage with the owner of the New England Patriots, his former boss and Robert Kraft. They had a toast. They took a shot together and everything looked fine.

But before they started filming on Netflix, the guys were in the back. And apparently Bill Belichick was holding court because we know how social he is away from football, right? He's the life of the party. Well, he was very social with his former players, the Randy Mosses and the Gronkowski of the world, until his former boss, Robert Kraft, walked in. You want to know who to explain this and told the world?

Julian Edelman. Why? Because he liked Patrick Beverley and Gilbert Arenas and Trae Young and everybody else. He has his own podcast.

Listen. Henshin in that room, though, it was it was real good cut. It was very real. It was real. I was so awkward. I was like I was watching coach and I tried to give coach a heads up. I'm like, I see Kraft walk in my heel coach, you know, like, you know, this locker room like 5 0 5 0. You know, like he did. Of course, he didn't see it.

Right. And he came in and I was like, oh, it's going to be fireworks. I just walked away. I can't blame him. The guy basically got fired.

Why the hell does he want to hang out with his old boss for? And then the one thing that they joked about Tom Brady was mad at. They made the massage joke.

Tom Brady was upset about that. You want to know who did that? It was a Jeff Ross. The comedian made the massage joke, right? Yes, sir. Jeff Ross.

Jeff Ross. Could you imagine? Now, this I would have died laughing. Could you imagine if Bill Belichick made that joke? Now you want to talk about that. That would have been tremendous.

Oh, my God. Oh, now that you the whole damn roast would have been worth it. If Bill Belichick made that he wouldn't have it with somebody. He didn't get hired this year. There were rumors about Robert Kraft warning Arthur Blank not to hire him. I mean, if Bill Belichick made a massage parlor joke to Robert Kraft, then he would be nuclear. He'd never have a job again. He'd be cooked. He'd be on television with Pat McAfee every week. And I don't know if you're Bill Belichick.

Is that the worst thing? I'm sure you want to catch Shula. It's starting to seem more and more unlikely, but Bill Belichick's sense of humor.

Anyway, congratulations to Charles Lee. That's a punishment, by the way, Hickey. Unless unless Brandon Miller and he's a great player, great shooter. I don't.

Why would I get it? There's only but so many jobs in the NBA. Coaching the Hornets just appears to be crap. And I know Rick Carlisle went on his his rant and his tangent about small market teams. And you need to give them a chance to Michael Jordan on the Charlotte Hornets.

Like, what else do we need? It's even more proof and evidence that, hey, sometimes you, your team and management. Y'all just suck.

Stop looking for an excuse to blame somebody else. Maybe the Patriots won't suck now with with Mayo and may a lot of M's up in New England. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is the J.R. sport we show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Speaking of the AFC East and the Patriots, it appears that there's a quarterback in the division who might get himself a new contract. We're going to talk about that QB on the other side of the break.

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Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. Some like that, yeah, I've honestly lost track. It's been coming fast here. Yeah, it's just, I think Drake needs to relax. No more disc records, just make club music and make people happy music and stay away from Kendrick Lamar. I think that'd be a good idea. I see that they put out so many records dissing and going at each other that the WWE has said, hey, come here and then fight it out. So anyway, we'll see if they come to blows.

Unlikely, just keep it on wax or digitally on MP3, whatever the hell you call it nowadays. Keep it, keep it there. Speaking of losers, I'm sorry. My apologies in advance to all the fans of the Miami Dolphins. I think I've made it clear plenty of times how I feel about Tua Tonga Veloa. And I actually like Tua Tonga Veloa as a quarterback in the NFL. I didn't like it when we had to think about his injuries coming out of college in Alabama and people are giving him crap. How's his hip going to hold up? How's his body going to hold up? Well, he's too small to play and be reliable. And then he gets to the NFL and he has the head injuries and it's just, they're just bad. And then Tua Tonga Veloa, he busts out.

I mean, last year he led the league in passing almost 4,600 yards. He helps lead the Miami Dolphins back to the postseason. And then they go to the postseason.

And what happens after that? Let's just say they get smashed by the Chiefs. 26 to 7. Tua Tonga Veloa, who had an excellent year. Tua Tonga Veloa ends the year with a dud.

The man goes out there, has one touchdown, is playing his ass in the cold, shows up in a hat and coat and scarves and I don't know, an igloo, whatever the hell else you would need in cold weather. That's what Tua showed up in. And they lost. And Tua said, yeah, it was cold.

Of course it was. Unfortunately for Tua, when the temperature is at or around 40 degrees or less, here's a record of 0-6. He's a loser. Now, having said that, when you're Tua Tonga Veloa and you're basically coming towards the end of your contract, drafted fifth overall in the 2020 draft, it's D-Day for the Dolphins. What do you do with this man into the future? Forget his fifth year option. How much are you going to pay this guy past then? What does he want for you?

What has he done? I mean, it was only about more than a year ago where there were conversations where Tua Tonga Veloa told everybody, yeah, I love football. I'm going to keep on playing.

But yeah, I had to consider retirement for the betterment of my own health. We saw Tua Tonga Veloa on the ground in a fencing position, out cold, body not responding. That's what we saw with our own eyes. So Tua Tonga Veloa has a bounce back year. And now they're talking money. A matter of fact, I want you to take a listen to this, because Jeremy Fowler, he's on ESPN and he said, they're talking about Tua getting paid. Well, Matt, I'm told the negotiations have begun in earnest. The Dolphins have at least gotten the ball rolling. Typically what happens is team makes a contract offer, the player counters, and then they go from there and see if they can find a sweet spot.

So the next three months will be crucial. My sense is this has not graduated to something that's imminent, but the Dolphins are pretty committed to this. Their actions as offseason say that they're going to pay him.

They've scaled back a lot of the big money contracts, cutting players like Xavian Howard. So they want to do this. They wanted Tua to prove that he could have a fully healthy season and produce. He did that, 4,600-plus yards, 11 wins. So this could be the path of least resistance among all these quarterbacks that could sign deals around the league.

OK. Am I supposed to believe that? OK. Yeah, they're going to sign him, and he did talk about the money. Christian Wilkins is now gone, did not resign him. He is now a member of the Raiders. And this is where things get tricky, because when you think about the current quarterbacks in the NFL, when you look all around at the money that guys are making, Joe Burrow is making the most per year at $55 million. Justin Herbert drafted right there in 2020 with Tua Tongaveloa. Justin Herbert is making $52 million. Lamar Jackson, $52 million. Jalen Hurts, $51 million.

Kyler Murray, a mistake, making $46 million. Deshaun Watson, making $46 million. Kirk Cousins, making $45 million. Mahomes, $45 million. Josh Allen, $43 million. Matthew Stafford, $40 million. Dak is $40 million. We know Dak is eligible for a new contract.

And then we start moving into even more of a little bit of a Loserville. Daniel Jones, $40 million. Derek Carr, $37 million.

Picky, I want to throw this to you. If you are the Miami Dolphins and you look at somebody like Justin Herbert, who's drafted right there with Tua, you look at Kyler Murray and Deshaun Watson and what the hell do you pay Tua per year? You can't push him into the 50s. Kyler Murray is making $46 million. And we know Kyler Murray is, I know he's happy now with Marvin Harrison Jr., but he hasn't been healthy.

This will be his first full season coming back healthy instead of rehabbing. What the hell would you give Tua like on an average basis? Nothing.

Damn. Have him play out the fifth year option this year and keep your options open. You cannot give him $40 million and above. He ain't it.

You said it before. The guy can't win in cold weather. The Dolphins are going to play a lot of cold weather games in the playoffs. You can't have a guy making $40, $45, $50 million a year where he is basically two different guys at home and on the road. I think the Miami Dolphins are in too deep, though, man. I think they are in so deep right now.

Like you would just blow it up. You would you would say, hey, we're not going to win with Tua. Let's start over. You're going to have to look for that quarterback. At least, you know, Tua is good.

At minimum, he's going to be a top 15 quarterback. If Tua walks out the door, they could be in the abyss for the next forever. I think it's too risky. I think they're stuck unless I don't even say unless he has an injury. I just think you've got to lock him up because you don't know what's on the other side. It could get real ugly.

Well, why do you got to blow it up? You know, like he has a fifth year option. I wouldn't go past that. And if he plays well and there's not a lot of good options, franchise him. Like they have tools where they can keep him around for two or three years. Kind of do what the Washington will say Kirk Cousins, where they went year by year. And like if Kirk, I mean, if Tua is not there, like that's a really attractive landing spot for another quarterback.

You know, you have Tyreek Hill, Jalen Waddle, Mike McDaniel has proven to be an offensive whiz kid. Like if you're a guy right now, maybe unhappy in your situation, like you find out the Dolphins quarterback job is open. I think you'll be getting a lot of calls of guys wanting to get traded to Miami. Yeah, but it's not the NBA.

It's not Kevin Durant. Like if you're a good QB, you're probably in a good situation already, right? Like what? You're going to end up with a scrap. You're going to end up with a I don't know, the second version of Geno Smith who comes on and helps solve a team.

It's it's some tough going out here. All of the decent, all of the decent QBs ain't going anywhere. Joe Burrow not moving. Herbert not moving. Jackson not moving.

Hurts not moving. Watson not moving. Kirk Cousins might retire.

Not not something no time soon. Josh Allen not moving. Mahomes. We know what that is. Dak Prescott. Hmm.

He could be available. Hickey, you know what? You you got a point. You actually you got a point. You change. You change my mind. I like the actually. No, you're part about that.

No, I had to really have to go home. Yeah, Dak. I mean, he's having his own contract discussions. I think about what the hell he's going to get paid. And I just I don't know.

Hmm. It's a good one. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Willy's here from South Carolina. Willy, you got to go quick.

You're on the JR support reef show. I'm going to go quick, brother. How about Lenora Sellers, our stud quarterback for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, the USC.

And I'm going to get off the line. Wait, wait. What what about what about him? He's a sophomore and he is a stud. He can throw the ball 60, 65 yards. He can run.

He's a bad man. And you're asking me about you. You think I've seen him play.

Well, no, I know you have not. Right. I'm just saying, OK, watch out. SCC. Here comes South Carolina. Well, thank you, brother.

Thank you for the random thought. I appreciate you. Well, Hickey, that was a that was a polite call from South Carolina. I was I mean, I had a South Carolina mad at me for a while, but I'll take that one.

That's good. I don't want to say Willy, you know, chickened out. But when he called and I was talking to him, he wanted to give a hot take. He wanted to say that he was going to win the Heisman Trophy this year.

I don't know why. Well, he forgot to mention that, but he wanted to call a shot, not just put the SEC on alert. But he was claiming right now, flag planted in the ground. He's going to win the Heisman Trophy in twenty twenty four. South Carolina. Think about that.

I think so. Well, I know South Carolina sucked last year. That much I know. OK, that part I knew. And I also know Spencer Rattler was the QB. And so how the hell am I?

I didn't want to watch them in the first place. How the hell am I going to see this guy? And so what? I mean, a guy can throw far and he can run. So what is what are we judging this on? Everybody just woke up and heard about, you know, Jayden Daniels and thinks that you can just roll out of bed and win a Heisman.

Not that easy. Slow down, man. Telling me about the game, Cox. And what month are we in?

In May. He's still drunk off the spring game, I guess. Relax. Take it easy. Win 10 games first. Beat George. Do something. I don't know. Relax.

Take it easy. Hickey, is it Thursday or Fridays? Thursday, right? It is Thursday, which some will say it's a thirsty Thursday. Is that what they call it now? It's what some cool people call it. It's like, hey, I'm almost here on Friday. I can, you know, B.S.

my way through work. So let me make happy hour on Thursday and get drunk on Friday. Right. Is that what people do? That's it. Not me, because it's eight.

It's eight p.m. Eastern time here almost. So can't be drunk on air. Not at all. It's the J.R. sport we show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network when we come back on the other side of the break. Speaking of some former college players, let's take a look at this one. We got two dudes who were just drafted into the NFL, letting the whole world know how much they plan on gambling or that they are gambling. Sounds like a bad idea. Or is it? Also, because the Suns want to fire their head coach, we're going to have a chat with Dana Scott from the Arizona Central. The Sun.

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