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5.9.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR
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May 9, 2024 9:09 pm

5.9.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 9, 2024 9:09 pm

Malik Nabers & Jayden Daniels detail their bet for rookie of the year l Dana Scott, AZ Central Suns reporter l Brian Kelly and Hugh Freeze against spending big money in the transfer portal


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Price and coverage match limited by state law. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here on the Infinity Sports Network coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. Are you at home? Are you at work? Are you know picking something up? Are you picking somebody up? Are you dropping somebody off? I don't know what you're doing, but thank you for tuning in.

Maybe you out there making that money. Shout out to the truck drivers, the hospital workers, the policemen, the firemen. Shout out to all the folks serving in our military. Shout out to the folks who have served in the military.

And also, you know what? A big shout out to all the graduates. I don't know what level you're graduating from. I don't know. Maybe you're not graduating. Tell that teacher, tell that professor to kick rocks.

Or maybe you need to kick yourself. I don't know none of my business. Anyway, I'm gonna be hanging out with you for the next two hours. We have had a very busy show. What is ultimately, again, a very busy night. I get started 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. So I don't know what you're doing or where you live.

Thank you for listening. On the free Odyssey app, your local Infinity Sports Network affiliate, Sirius XM158. If you got a smart speaker, real easy.

Ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. Me, I'm online everywhere at JR Sport Brief. The phone number here is as follows. 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4227. We got some playoff action going on in Boston, Massachusetts right now, in downtown, the TD Bank Garden. Celtics lead Cleveland 51-47.

Celtics are trying to take a 2-0 series lead. Also tonight, we have the Oklahoma City Thunder taking on the Dallas Mavericks. We don't know the status of Luka Doncic.

Luka Doncic's been dealing with a sprained knee, played like crap in the last game. And if Kyrie Irving gets a chance to run the whole show, he will. Either way, I think Oklahoma City, I think they're gonna go up 2-0. Damn it, by the time we finish tonight, I think we're gonna have both the Celtics and the Thunder up 2-0 in their respective series. Everybody's up 2-0. The Knicks are up 2-0. The Timberwolves are up 2-0. Let's just hit fast forward and get to the conference finals. But I'll be patient and I'll wait.

Speaking of waiting, we don't have to wait too much longer. We learned earlier on today, an hour or so before I got on air, that Frank Vogel has been fired as head coach of the Phoenix Suns. Frank Vogel, after one season, and after being swept by the Minnesota Timberwolves, have gotten the boot. Minnesota Timberwolves are undefeated. They sweep the Suns out of the playoffs.

They're two games ahead of the defending champs. And Frank Vogel, with four years left on his contract? Frank Vogel is gone. I guess Kevin Durant didn't like the man. Didn't like his role that much. They got rid of him. Or maybe the rest of the roster lacks depth. Maybe they stink. Had a great conversation with Josh Okogie prior to the season and he's like, eh, we'll be good.

But it didn't happen that way. Anyway, in about 20 minutes from now, let's have a chat with someone from Arizona who can break it all down for us. Dana Scott covers the Suns for Arizona Central. Dana's going to come through and break it all down. We've heard that Mike Budenholzer is a prime candidate already to replace Frank Vogel. This is like musical chairs when it comes down to the coaches. Hickey, I'm gonna, how about we just call the coaches numbers, right? Do they need names at this point? So is it like Coach 36, Coach 59 come on down like you're at a deli checkout?

Yeah, it's just like, who cares? Like, Frank Vogel is going to do what next year? He's going to take a year off and come back and coach the, let's see, hmm, 76ers, right? Nick Nurse will be fired and, you know, and he'll go. And he'll go, I don't know.

It's like they just pass them all around. Where's, speaking of passing anybody around, where's Luke Walton? Where the hell is he at? Oh, blast from the past. Remember when, what did he start off at, like 24 now? Yeah, and then LeBron came, right? That's right. I mean, that was basically it for him.

Yeah, that was fast. Where is Luke? Well, let's see, uh, Cleveland. Oh, he's, he's in Boston right now. He's an assistant coach for the Cavs. It won't be too long before he gets a job. Good for him. Wow.

Unbelievable. Anyway, we'll talk to Dana in about 20 minutes. I got to get this out the way. We talked some football last hour. We had a caller who wanted to let us know that the South Carolina Gamecocks, they got the next amazing quarterback.

Well, thank you. I think he's thrown three passes, which is very nice. Uh, talked about Tua and his contract. Dolphins are trying to figure out how much money they need to pay him. Hickey made an excellent point. You don't need to give him a long-term extension, make him go out there and prove something. And I, of course, if you got a chance and an opportunity to make a guaranteed, I don't know, 45, $47 million. Damn it. You go out there and you do it. Dolphins don't need to tender it to him, but they are, I guess they feel he's their guy.

Maybe they don't know they have to play in cold weather, but that's their guy. It's a few things that you can learn. Speaking of learning, we got some wild stuff taking place today. We have heard for now, Hickey, is it, I feel like it's been two months. When did, was it a month, two months that Ipe Mizuhara, you know, got that whole thing with all time. It hasn't even been two full months, has it?

Yeah, I think it's like six weeks, right? That was like middle of March was that, uh, soul series. And that's when we found out. Wow. That's right.

The beginning of the baseball season, right at the beginning of the season. And even since then, this dude has already been sentenced. What does he got, 30 years? Something like that. It's a long time.

Yeah. Maybe that's why Big Baby is happy. Big Baby Glenn Davis is, uh, he's going to prison for 40 months insurance fraud. Ipe Mizuhara, he looks like he's going to be locked away for 30 years. Variety is reporting that they are making a television show. Lions gate is developing a television series about the relationship between Ipe Mizuhara and Shohei Ohtani. Hickey, come on now.

Why wouldn't they like that? You want to tell me that this is not an amazing story, right? Are they, is, are they having actors portray? Oh, come on. Of course. It's a series. It's not real. I get, okay.

I was going to say, because I don't, I don't really envision a Shohei, uh, giving any details, which I guess part of the reason why I was shocked. Okay. All right. Oh, it's gonna, it's gonna be a series. I'm going to sit down and watch it and laugh. Come on. Like, think about this.

This is a story that you can't, like it's real life, but this is not a real story. This big superstar baseball player comes over to the United States of America from Japan, befriends the interpreter from the team. They're best buddies. They're playing video games. They're going out to eat at, I don't know, in and out burger. I don't know what the hell they're doing in Los Angeles. They're going to Malibu. I don't know what they're doing. And then all of a sudden, meanwhile, they're best friends. And his interpreter has a dirty secret.

He's stealing money from the star. Like this is, I gotta be careful here. This is a movie that would end up on lifetime, right?

Didn't know lifetime does this stuff. Oh yeah. Right up the rally. Like it's a, it's a story. I'm going to watch it. And then they're going to paint Shohei Ohtani as being so angelic and so innocent. And meanwhile, his interpreter, when every time they show his face is going to be dramatic music and he's going into his bank account and calling up the bank and pretending to be him.

And just, you can't make this stuff up. This is what Shohei Ohtani came to America for, to have a series made about how he got robbed by his interpreter. Does the ending, does it end with the Dodgers winning the world series in this TV show? No, it has to end with, with you gotta get a, you gotta get a wide shot. You start off close, right?

And it's Ipe behind bars. And then you slowly zoom out and then the credits come on. That's it. That's it. That's what, so we already have the ending.

That's it. You can't see the season play out and Shohei play with a heavy heart because his best friend lied to him and stole from him. Heavy heart.

Right? I mean, wouldn't you be sad if your best friend lied and stole from you? Robbed me? What if he said he robbed me? But it'd be like your best friend.

So it's like, wow, this guy trusted so much. I can't believe you did this. I'm without a friend now in this foreign country. Be friends with Mookie Betts.

That sounds like a better idea. You're going to be friends with that guy for it. Got you in trouble. Hang out with Mookie. And Mookie has enough money to where he doesn't have to worry about stealing from you.

Oh yeah. Freddie Freeman. Freddie Freeman has a family. Otani just got a wife. You know, just hang out with your teammates. Hanging out with that guy. He robbed you.

Life lesson for Otani. Hang out with rich people. Hang out. That's it. He's the richest of them all. Rich. They don't need to steal from him.

Rich. Ah, yeah. Well, I've heard Freddie Freeman's kids got sticky fingers. Freddie Freeman now just running this stealing ring.

His kids going and pickpocketing every star. It's a joke. It's a joke. Oh, my watch is missing. Where'd it go? I think Freddie's kids were in here earlier. These are jokes, people.

Relax. 855. Freddie Freeman here in Atlanta.

Family, wonderful people. 855-212-4227. Josh is here from Philadelphia. Hey, Josh, you are on the JR Sportbreeze show. What's up? Hey, JR. How are you? I'm OK. Nobody stole from me yet, so I'm OK. Well, yeah, what you're talking about is kind of I don't want to make you have to repeat yourself. I won't.

OK. I was calling about Otani's interpreter and I was actually wondering if you think it hurts the legitimacy of the MLB in the long run, like, you know, 10, 20 years from now. No, people still be talking about it. Yeah, people will be talking about I mean, Pete Rose gambled.

What did that say? Well, they talk about it in a Pete Rose type of way. No, I mean, Pete Rose is a legend. I mean, Shohei Otani, what all things considered, the man is going to have 10 more years minimum of baseball in front of him.

Shohei Otani didn't do anything but go out there and get robbed. I mean, what are we what are we talking about? I mean, I can go back 100 plus years now at this point.

And if we're realistic. Who the hell is talking about the Black Sox? Nobody. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. So what I mean, Shohei Otani has a scarlet letter on him right now. He didn't do anything.

He got robbed. No, Josh. Yes. Yeah, you're right.

You're right. I was just I was just thinking. You're just in Philadelphia.

What happened? The Sixers, they're not keeping you busy. Phillies are doing good right now, right? Well, I think the Phillies have the best record in baseball, I think at the moment. Yeah.

So you got to why you got to why are you focused on a guy who got robbed in California? Go for the Panthers. I'm from Philly, but I'm I called you before and I talked to you about the Panthers and they're 1-1 with the Bruins right now. So, yeah, I think it's exciting. Unfortunately for me, I can't remember where everybody's from, but I appreciate you, Josh. Thank you. Hey, thank you. Have a good show. No doubt about it. I'll try my best. 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4227. And Hickey, after after this lesson that everybody has learned about Ipe Mizuhara and Shohei Ohtani, I think it was just a little bit of ignorance. Malik Neighbors, who we know was just drafted by the New York Giants at number six wide receiver out of LSU, was on the receiving end of passes from Jayden Daniels.

For the life of me, I just just hanging out guys having a good old chat. Malik Neighbors. He was on the Pivot podcast and he publicly shared that he has a friendly wager with Jayden Daniels.

Listen to this. You know, going against them is going to be it's going to be fun. You know, we got a bet going for Ricky of the Year. Whoever whoever whoever lose got to pay.

I think it's ten thousand cash. Oh, boy. Yeah, it's a big life.

It's life. So did y'all make it? Did y'all make that bet before the draft?

Yeah. You can only make that bet when you know you're going top eight. So they made they made a bet. And then Jayden Daniels was asked about it on All Gas, No Breaks on that podcast. Listen to what he said. Is it facts or fiction that you and him have a rookie of the year bet going on? Man, he wasn't supposed to tell nobody.

It's supposed to be. We got we got a little something. What's the bet, though? Is it money as it was?

How much? Ten. Who won rookie of the year? That's nothing for y'all now. He put it out there. So it was like, I can't say he kept. Whoa.

Wow. I mean, the NFL and I get it, this is a different type of gambling. They're not running into the casino and placing bets on each other. They got to be careful with this. Are they going to get in trouble? Hell, no, they're not getting in trouble, but they got to talk into this conversation that they had on two separate podcasts is something that's going to be brought up. Stay the hell away from wagers and gambling. NFL players are not supposed to wager or gamble on anything related to the NFL.

And I get it. These guys are friends. I think they're going to get a pass.

NFL can't be happy to hear this. Hickey, you think they're going to get in trouble? I don't I think you're right. I don't think so.

But I mean, this it's like one of those lines, like it's kind of gray everywhere. I mean, it technically is gambling in a sense of you're putting up your own money and betting that you're going to do something. You're not losing to Vegas. And you lose right.

You're going to lose to a friend. But it is money being exchanged based on outcomes on the field. This is this tricky stuff, man. We're going to talk about this some more. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. This portion of the show is sponsored by the new Hyundai Tucson.

It is available with complimentary class leading Blue Link Plus. Now it's easy to use your phone to control your Tucson. We're going to get back into this, but I told you in about five minutes from now, we're going to have a conversation. He covers the Suns for Arizona Central. It's Dana Scott. We need to talk about what the hell is going on, why Frank Vogel got fired. I think I know.

And his booting holes are going to be next. And can they improve the roster? We'll talk about the Suns on the other side, the J.R.

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Price and coverage match limited by state law. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief, the J.R. Sport Brief show here on the Infinity Sports Network Coast to Coast. Earlier this afternoon, we learned that the Phoenix Sun said goodbye to Frank Vogel. Eleven days after being swept and eliminated by the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Sun said, well, we can't get rid of none of the players, at least right now. If Frank Vogel, he gots to go to talk about the Suns, the season that happened, what took place today, what might take place in the near future and what's going to happen with this roster. Joining us right now is someone who covers the squad from the Arizona Republic, AZ Central.

It's Dana Scott. Dana, how are you? Great. Thanks for having me. How are you? Absolutely.

I'm very well. Any any type of shock or surprise? We heard Matt Ishbia say that he was going to evaluate Frank Vogel.

Any thoughts that it took eleven days? Well, no, because there was speculation that it would happen this week for the final season. Obviously, Matt Ishbia coming to Arizona last week to speak to the media was just a gloss over what had happened. He tried to spin doctor the sweep and say that the team is in a great position right now. It's like he's the ultimate salesman, always trying to make the customer feel right at home. And the customer is always right. Right. As Americans, as we say.

So it's just I feel like but this was wrong in a way for for me, in my opinion, because this falls on Ishbia, to be frank, and excuse the pun. But it's it falls on him because he's the one who constructed this roster. He's the one who wanted Kevin Durant within his first two days of office in his first order of business. And he's the one who engineered the Bradley Beal deal with Josh Bartlestein. Frank Vogel just happened to come in, you know, last June, right after Monty Williams was fired in May following the West semifinal series against Denver.

And so then it's easy to put the coach in the bullseye, like you said, the players and the coaches always the easiest to go ahead and get the boot. Now, if the players wanted him around, he wouldn't be gone. I think the loudest noise that we heard, Dana, was that Kevin Durant was not happy with how he was being utilized. I mean, was there was it Kevin specifically that wasn't happy?

Did we hear any other rumblings? No, it's not Vogel's fault, but did anybody else speak up? Yeah, I read the article in the Athletic and shout out to Doug Holler, who I share many media scrims with and also with the, you know, the Athletic, Sham Sharanya. And so, yeah, the thing about this in terms of player empowerment and Kevin Durant wasn't happy, as that article said in the Athletic, yeah, that could have been true. But at the same time, what is Kevin Durant happy when they lose? I mean, Kevin Durant, he's a very sensitive guy when he doesn't see success or what, as you see on Twitter and, you know, just the way, I'm not painting him out to be, you know, this miserable person, but, you know, the thing is that he is a very highly sensitive guy from what we see in the public online and also from what we saw in that media scrum, you know, when he addressed the media, it's asking him, who is your leader? And he said, coach is the leader. So that kind of, you know, put the bullseye and frank as I keep using that term. So I think that when you have a guy or two guys that are making 220 million and Kevin Durant making 194 and you have Bradley Beal is making over a quarter of a billion, they're going to have some say who's going to be on the sidelines with them.

So let's make no mistake about that. Dana Scott is here with us from the Arizona Republic. It's been reported earlier this afternoon as well, not too long after the firing of Frank Vogel, that Budenholzer is in line and he is a prime candidate to be coach. Outside of Budenholzer, is there anyone else that the Suns may try to bring in? Yeah, I have seen a couple of days ago that their Portland Trailblazers, Chauncey Billups, he might be having mutual interests, uh, according to one of the insiders, a man flex, uh, you know, if you Felix, uh, is, is, is somebody who I trust and talk to online. Um, you know, he's with pH and exports, but the same time is that, you know, there's going to be a lot of names that pop up, but Chauncey Billups, so he kind of surprised me when the Trailblazers are looking to possibly move on from his coaching staff, which means inherently, that would be him, uh, to move on as well. But that is up on the air.

Uh, that's the only other name I've seen. There are other coaches available, but I think this is a wait and see thing to basically figure together how this is going to shake out once the playoffs are over and coaches get their walking papers or they're on thin ice depending on how bad they lose or, uh, their expectations fall short, but pretty much there's a lot of jobs that are set, uh, for a lot of these teams in the semi-finals, but a lot of these teams that are in the semi-finals have continuity. Uh, so the coaches, such as Joel Missoula with the Celtics and, um, you know, JB Bickerstaff with the Cavaliers, who was kind of in the running early for the coach of the year. And Mike Malone obviously isn't going anywhere from Denver. Either is Mark Dagnall from OKC, who is the coach of the year. So, uh, we'll see who, who actually shows up and maybe Billy Donovan from the Chicago Bulls, who there has been some speculation that he could be out of the Bulls with the rebuild and he was, his name was thrown out for Kentucky, but Mike Moonholder is the front runner right now. Well, Dana, you also mentioned all of the salaries. We know about Beal and Durant and Booker, Kevin Durant being the oldest of the group, getting ready to turn 36, you know, later on this year. What can they do with this roster? Do they have to hope and pray that somebody is out?

Do you expect all three to return later this year? They're top heavy. We all know that. Yeah, they are top heavy and it's basically like a very expensive, it's buyer's remorse. And what the Suns are looking at right now is if you ever bought something so expensive and you realize like, you know, why did I do this? You know, like knowing that the wallet is short after you buy it, but you know, it looks good on you, right?

Or it looks good when you drive it. And so, you know, you want to find ways to kind of trade it in to get your money back, but that's where the Suns are at right now, I think. And they want to move forward with this team with coverage that has Beal and Booker and Durant. And so who wouldn't want to play with Booker? Who wouldn't want to play with Durant? Who wouldn't want to play with Beal? And that's where the minimum, the vet minimum paid guys wanted to become last summer with this buzz around this team that was the hottest team to get around in free agency.

And now this summer with the influx of basically the fluctuation of this team, I should say, coming with the firing of Frank Bogle after one year, I mean, it's still a super team. So there were people, there are going to be players who weren't going to want to play and work for this organization in Phoenix. So we'll see who is willing to come. And once the market opens up, uh, you know, as of, uh, the new year or the league, uh, July 1st, uh, when free agency starts to open up, uh, it's going to be interesting. And I think there's going to be some young vet minimum guys that are coming off of room contracts that might want to come in and play with Phoenix. Um, and there is going to be some shakers. It'll be interesting to see if guys like bowl bowl comes back and forth. So Neil gets an extension. Um, if the Grayson Allen did not get traded after he got his extension for 70 million and such. So, I mean, they, they want to continue to build around that big three.

Well, but you know, the bench is really the biggest concern and figuring out who's going to want to come and create a final question for you. Dana are the fans buying this? I mean, Matt, it should be a, you said it, we've all heard it.

He sold the bill of goods about how everything is fixable. Are the fans rolling their eyes? What is the fan base feeling about these sons right now? Well, every team is fixable. It's just a matter of who they can get. And so the fans, they been through a lot. They've been through a lot in this past month.

I mean, from, I'm just going to be real about it. I mean, from the biggest super fan of them all, the sun, Mr. Orange, having those crazy, uh, child sex allegations, uh, that he was put up on charges for and brought into custody and awaits trial. Uh, cause he played not guilty and he got his season tickets paths, uh, revoked, uh, by the organization seemingly. And of course, sons get swept out of the first round by a team that they swept in the regular season and their three game series. Uh, and they got basically annihilated for the first three games. And then the fourth, they lost at home for the second year in a row, actually the third year in a row, and then, you know, they have their coach that's fired. And so I think the fans right now are feeling pretty low, but there is optimism when you start to see a team that will have a new coach and they do have the big, huge investments by the owner who's willing to spend the money on the team. And because they had a former owner, Robert Sarver who didn't have much that he wanted to spend on and let the team be dormant for 10 years until they made that 2020 run in the finals before his exit. And so, uh, because of that league suspension, uh, from the toxic workplace culture, uh, allegations. And so, you know, that was two years ago. We'll see what happens.

Everybody always got to look for the silver lining. Hey Dana, where can people follow you and your work with the Arizona Republic? They can find me at, uh, at I am underscore Dana Scott that I am underscore Dana Scott on X. Also on Instagram.

And you can see all my posts there as well as Well, thank you, Dana. Appreciate you, man. All the best. Okay. Thank you so much. Appreciate you.

No doubt about it. It's the JR sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network. 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27, but whatever reason the coaches in the news a lot today, right? Rick Carlisle is complaining about small market Indiana, not getting calls.

Frank Vogel gets of the boots. And then over the past couple of days, there've been some college football coaches in the news as well as they have tried to lay the standard down for NIL. It's like the coaches are like, we're not going to take it anymore. Like you can't boss us around. I'm going to get to your calls on the other side. I want you to hear from some of these coaches. And then at the top of the hour, we are specifically going to talk about Rick Carlisle, big city, small city, like, can't we all just get along?

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Visit slash wealth investment minimum supply Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC member NYSE SIPC. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief, the JR Sport Brief show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Or you can hate me now. Hickey who's who's hating? Help me who's hating? Well no one. Nobody? No I just want to play a Nas song with the Nas rejoined so I just kind of randomly picked one. Okay.

No real reason for the the name. No wait I know who's Rick Carlisle is hating. Yeah oh he's not like you.

Me? Not after the the bad things you said about him rightfully so about an hour and a half ago. He's saying bad things though you can't say stupid things right? Can't do that.

That's true you're right you get you deserve it if you say dumb things like blaming the rest for a game you just lost flat out. You can't do that's one of my new favorite cliches. I see it on the internet all the time past couple of years it's really blown up. What do you say you play stupid games you win stupid prizes right? That's a saying that's a good one. Yeah you've never saw that? I don't have I like it.

Oh yeah I like it too. It hasn't gotten played out yet but it's on its way. You know what we're going to get into Rick Carlisle at the top of the hour. He did so much complaining after he got beat up by the New York Knicks guest last night I should say and all he wanted to do was pretty much blame the refs and like and then he started talking about the whole big city small city thing it's like like really like you're not a dumb human being. Rick Carlisle is for years has been the president of the coaches association he's won a championship he's been around the block I don't know if the officiating is the button that you want to push right now and we got some other coaches that we need to get into on the college football side because these guys are complaining too.

They don't want to pay no more NIL money. We'll get into that let's get to some of your calls first 855-212-4227. Eric is calling from Texas nothing small about sex is everything is big you're on the JR Sportbreeze show what's up Eric? Hey not much JR survived all the hail storms today so I got to call in. So all them storms that we got here in Georgia came from you?

Probably so. Okay I'm glad you made it go ahead. Hey you know if you ever you know what reverse psychology is don't you? You tell a lie and you try to trick your children and your wife I've heard of it Eric yes. Yes sir well JR I want to say you're the we love you here in Dallas because you are the reverse Dallas Whisperer and let me explain when the Rangers were playing you picked the Phillies the Rangers won you picked the Diamondbacks the Rangers won the World Series then the Mavericks go to play the Clippers you pick the Clippers. Wait wait hold on a second what did you tell the who the Diamondbacks? Yeah in the World Series Arizona. I don't think I don't think so brother I don't I don't think I picked Arizona I don't think so.

You don't remember picking Arizona? I'm almost certain I didn't. Okay you have that you got you have everything that I've ever said on the radio has been documented if you can go back and find it send it to me okay? Okay I sure will sir.

I doubt it but go ahead since you you're just saying things to about me go ahead continue it's okay. Okay well here's I think the Mavericks got it and let me tell you why because uh before the season ended they went 16 and won 16 out of the last 18 before the last two games they benched people because they already had their seed in order and then in the uh playoffs they were just as hot and their uh see last year they were slowest in pace this year they're playing with more pace they're doing a lot of lobs for dunks I can be lively and gafford getting it going tonight. What does that have to what does anything having to do with the regular season have to do with what's going on with the Dallas Mavericks today? I'm just saying they're riding hot and they still are riding hot and even though they're not riding they're not riding the hot I mean this is a team that they're busted up we just learned that Luka Doncic god bless him he's gonna he's gonna try to go out there and play on that bum knee like you it don't matter what you did more than a month ago that's that's over this is the playoffs this is the regular season is done we can throw that in the garbage. Okay I will say this if it's close watch out for fourth quarter Kyrie because he's one of the best closers I've ever seen. Yeah I've seen him hit a shot or two in the finals I'm familiar well thank you Eric appreciate you.

Have a good one JR. You as well thank you. Hickey I didn't know where he was going hey JR do you know reverse psychology I'm like uh I think I've heard of it a time or two I think I've utilized it a time or two you know I think I'm I think I've been human long enough I didn't know where he was going with that did you? I did yes I had an idea I think what they're calling you now in Dallas is the metroplex mush. Whoa did you make that up or did he say that? I said you like that that was that was right from this old brain of yours. I like the metroplex I like it Dallas is nice hang out in Deep Ellum I like Deep Ellum they got they got a brewery over there that I like. Hickey if there's one thing I think I know well no I don't that's not true in Los Angeles I have I was getting ready to say I think I know a brewery in every major city.

Oh. I don't know no brewery in Los Angeles I don't. All right well just gotta get out there look and then you can check that off the the list and you'll be good to go. Do I do I want one in like Los Angeles I don't know if I want a beer out there.

Uh that's fair you know get in get out. Have some wine you know. Okay now we're talking. Have some wine go to the beach but. Stiff drink maybe? A what? Stiff drink? Like what a vodka so like what? Yeah a mixed drink you know. Oh a stiff drink oh that's just drink whiskey neat man. Oh well actually there you go. Is that a stiff drink?

Can't get any stiffer than that. Yeah man I drink gasoline if it's available oh yeah having a glass of wine okay anyway I think I know where a lot of breweries are you see the woman called yesterday from Rochester and I'm she knew exactly where I was talking about. Impressive. Yeah listen man I I get around I know where to find me a good beer. I also know what city not to have one and and maybe this is Rick Carlisle's point he's like hey big city but even in Portland I was in Portland Oregon they don't do anything but drink beer that's not true.

Uh hello to everybody in Oregon and Portland don't don't be upset and don't be mad at me. Anyway what was that guy's name Eric from Texas? Eric in Texas.

Well thank you Eric I appreciate you and good luck to all of your uh your Dallas teams. Notice hickey he didn't say a damn thing about them cowboys. Hmm.

Nothing. Seems like he knows. Oh he needs to inform a lot of the mother folks they think that that DAC is gonna you know have cowboy fans it's died down over the past few years I think right like that eternal optimism it it doesn't feel as optimistic you know it doesn't it I don't know I feel like there's a lot of fans have come to the realization the cowboys are just eh they're good but they're not good enough to win anything they come on Monday Night Football and Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football they come on Thanksgiving I think their fan base understands that there's there's nothing there I mean they're bringing back Ezekiel Elliott for what so he could jump in the Salvation Army pot on on Christmas Thanksgiving like this there's nothing there but speaking of nothing there Boston better get it together. The Cleveland Cavaliers currently lead them 82 to 72. Two and a half minutes left here in the third let's see what Tatum is doing probably being terrible oh yeah 20 or 21 points 5 of 14 shooting he's gonna get cursed out a Jalen Brown has 13 and Donovan Mitchell 15 points Evan Mobley leading away 19 points here for the Cleveland Cavaliers 855-212-4227 that's 855-212-4227 I told you at the top of the hour we're going to talk about Rick Carlisle someone who cannot stop complaining well I don't know if these guys are complaining but let's let's talk about them right now before we hit the break Brian Kelly the break Brian Kelly head coach of LSU Hickey does he still have an accent no he has somehow lost it he says he doesn't want anybody at LSU who's just looking for a payday he's not the only one Hugh Freeze from this week he says I don't want nobody here at Ole Miss who's looking for payday let's listen to you first it's a challenge to know if your way is the right way I just don't feel comfortable with some of the bidding wars for some of the top guys in the portal and not that we're not very fair I just it's just I want to build the whole roster and and try to do it with guys that fit somewhat your culture and that's very hard too because you're dating them for about 24 hours I think our collect is very fair but if that is the only purpose in a kid's decision I feel uncomfortable about that going that route he spoke to a Greg McElroy show listen to Brian Kelly tell this to WAFB we were in the market in recruiting in the transfer portal looking for defensive linemen it hasn't fared very well quite frankly because you know we're selling something a little bit differently and and that is we want to recruit we we want to engage build relationships we want to develop retain and and have you and have success we're not in the market of buying players and and unfortunately right now you know that's that's what some guys are looking for they want to be bought and look I understand NIL is part of this and and we have an incredible collective we have very very generous opportunities around the greater Baton Rouge area for NIL opportunities so they are here but we're not going to go out and buy players that's not what this is about this was never about that we will develop you we will get you ready for the next step as we did with Jayden Daniels as we did with Malik Nabors as we did with Brian Thomas we developed three defensive linemen that all got drafted this year and we'll do that again but if you're just looking to get paid you're looking in the wrong place damn the the schools are going to start paying the players anyway I think that's that's the next step and even outside of that how many how many coaches have to subscribe to that I'm not paying anybody before they get kind of left in the the dust I mean one of the reasons that that Nick Saban ultimately left is he's like me and my wife don't want to sit down and quote-unquote like pitch-free agents I don't know you're gonna need a whole lot of coaches and a whole lot of programs to come on board because the money situation hasn't been hasn't been solved yet Hickey do you think that's a I mean if you're LSU sure you can get away with that some of the best football talent in the country is coming out of Louisiana but most programs I don't think can sustain themselves by saying well we ain't paying what do you think I think the message is a little wonky but I think overall he means like a little bit of a market correction we're like just because you're in need of a d tackle right if I'm Brian Kelly and you're a d tackle in the portal you can ask for three million dollars doesn't mean you're like it's almost like in the NFL contracts like you can give a guy a massive contract but if he's only worth a fifth of what you're paying like you're a fool I think we're starting to see a little bit market correction in college football where the prices are now starting to come down because it's more just about value than it's just getting everyone to your team yeah we're going to see if the top coaches can go ahead and enforce us such a thing we'll talk more about this on the other side we'll get into the comments made by Rick the complainer Carlisle head coach of the Indiana Pacers and we'll talk to you hopefully you don't complain it's the JR sport reshow the infinity sports network this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law here's why April chose to vaccinate her child I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children talk to your pediatrician or visit why brought to you by Merck. Okay picture this it's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you I can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild conquer the weekend in the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe visit or call 562-314-4603 for more details Hyundai there's joy in every journey
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