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5.6.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR
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May 6, 2024 8:08 pm

5.6.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 6, 2024 8:08 pm

Pat Riley tells Jimmy Butler to shut up l Austin Carr, Cavaliers TV analyst l Pacers-Knicks preview

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JR Sports Brief
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JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief

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Price and coverage match limited by state law. Hey everyone, Boomer Esiason here. The NFL draft is behind us and your favorite team is now gearing up for week number one. The free Odyssey app puts you right in the middle of the pro football conversation with the biggest sports radio stations from across the country.

The local voices who know your team the best, giving you their unfiltered takes on the current state of your squad. It's always football season right here on the free Odyssey app. This is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you coast to coast on the Infinity Sports Network.

Congratulations. Happy Monday to you. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. I don't care where you're at. I don't care where you're from.

I don't care what you're doing. I'm going to be here with you for the next four hours. This is when I get started every single weekday. That means Monday through Friday starting at 6 p.m. Eastern 3 Pacific. Thank you so much to our super producer and host Ryan Hickey.

He's in New York City holding it down on the boards and thank you so much to you. Everybody all over North America because if you weren't listening we wouldn't have had no show right now so I appreciate you and thank you very much. You can always tune in to the show on the free Odyssey app.

You can lock in locally. Whatever the heck your local affiliate is go ahead and listen. You got Sirius XM. It's channel 158 and if you got yourself a smart speaker all you got to do is ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. Me I'm on the internet. I'm where people complain and make noise and waste time. I am at JR Sportbrief.

That's everywhere on social media. If you want to call up you can do so. We got a phone number. It works. It's simple 855-212-4227.

It's 855-212-4227. What a busy, busy show. On to the next round of the playoffs. You knew that right?

Of course you did and we got some guests that are going to join us to get us all set. How about Austin Carr? Remember that jump shot? Yeah, Austin Carr is going to join us in about 20 minutes to talk about everything going on with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cleveland Cavaliers they finally advanced. It looked kind of dicey there against the Orlando Magic yesterday but they bounced back. They end up winning and they got the Boston Celtics next.

Congratulations. So we got Austin Carr, Cavs color analyst who's going to join us in about 20 minutes. Next hour Minnesota Timberwolves off to a hot start against the Denver Nuggets.

Already picked up a game. Chris Hahn from the Minneapolis Star Tribune is going to join us next hour as those Minnesota Timberwolves are going to be back in action tonight trying to go up 2-0 against the defending champion Denver Nuggets. And we don't know if Gobert is going to play because he had the birth of a child earlier.

We'll talk about that. Kids are beautiful. Children are beautiful.

First kid, second kid, third kid. They're beautiful. God bless them. The baby's here but he's questionable. We'll talk about it later on in the show and then of course the New York Knicks. They're going to take on the Indiana Pacers. Game one of the East semifinals in Madison Square Garden and how about this, Tyrese Halliburton is dealing with back spasms. We don't know what his situation is going to be.

My back hurts all the damn time. Matter of fact it hurts right now but I'm not playing basketball in Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks. So we got a lot to do, a lot to get into and in a few seconds I'm excited for this okay because Pat Riley did something that you don't hear or see executives do a lot of. He called out a star player. He called out guys on his team and there's too many damn executives and coaches who are afraid and not too many people have the resume of a Pat Riley. We'll talk about what Pat Riley had to say about Jimmy Butler in a second but before I move on, before we talk about the basketball, before we get into the roast of Tom Brady last night. Yeah they ripped his behind apart on Netflix. We're gonna have find out who the rookie of the year is.

I think it's gonna be Win Benyama. We don't gotta wait too much longer for that and how about this, I told you we got ridiculous bowl games and sports. Even Snoop Dogg has a bowl game. So we got football and everything and all that stuff in between but first, super producer and host Ryan Hickey man. How the hell are you? You good? I'm good JR. Good weekend. Was not roasted by anyone so I'll take it.

It was a fun enjoyable weekend. Round two of the class here. Let's go. You're ready. You're ready for the New York Knicks huh? Oh fire me up. Hour from now, Pacers, give it to me.

Okay and no doubt about it. I'm glad you didn't get roasted. If you did a roast or we roasted you, who should host it?

Oh interesting. Wow there's a lot of people I think that want to make fun of me so there might be a line of auditions. I wouldn't do it.

I'd sit in the audience. I'm not making fun of you. You wouldn't have any jokes? No I don't got no jokes for you.

No no. Maybe just movies. I don't know. It's like you didn't see Die Hard yet right? Still no Die Hard?

No not yet. I attempted one time a few weeks ago but it was unavailable. Okay ah okay. So I tried. I tried. All right I'm not mad at you. It's okay.

I wouldn't participate. I'm not and we'll talk about the roast because some of the jokes yeah I mean I get it they're in poor taste but when a former teammate is Aaron Hernandez you would just go some of it is a little cringe and so we'll talk about and hear some of the jokes uh later on this hour and then we'll talk about it later on in the show. Let me get this out the way because Pat Riley yeah they roasted Tom Brady last night sure okay we get it. Pat Riley had like his end of season press conference with the media in Miami. We know that the Miami Heat they're done.

Boston Celtics beat them four to one. We haven't seen Jimmy Butler since the middle last month. He's dealing with a sprained knee and he didn't play. Well Jimmy Butler had the nerve over the weekend to pretty much say well if I was playing watch out Boston Celtics watch out New York Knicks it'd be different if I was playing but I mean we hear this all the time the players want to complain about you know what didn't happen. Joe Lemb partially is like oh the fans in Philadelphia they didn't they didn't show up I'm disappointed man they can be disappointed in you and maybe even your health and so a lot of times you get these star players who say whatever comes to their mind without a real understanding of well how about you actually show up and play. We know Jimmy Butler is an amazing player multiple time all-star Jimmy Butler defensive team Jimmy Butler in the bubble took the Miami Heat on his back to the NBA championship right. We remember the scene Jimmy Butler bent over he's gassed he has no energy he's done nobody can dispute how hard he plays when he plays. Jimmy Butler turns 35 years old later on this year the past several seasons I mean for the past several forever it's like Jimmy Butler this man can't scrape together more than 60 games in an NBA season we're supposed to think that Jimmy Butler is like fine one is Jimmy Butler supposed to get better as he ages and so to talk crap over the weekend it's just like who the hell are you to say something you weren't even out on the court available to help your teammates and you want to know something about sports and damn it you want to know something about any job the best thing that you can do is be available that's it we got a lot of people who show up to work we got people who don't we got people who show up to work in half-ass it but they at least they doing something they're showing up and I get it injuries happen everybody gets hurt in sports right they happen but don't talk crap if you're not able to go out there and when you got the injury history of Jimmy Butler don't say anything and so Pat Riley a man who's won and coached his teams to five championships a man who won a championship yeah you want no star but he played in the NBA we're talking about the Showtime Lakers he has seen some of the best and greatest talent coached them coached against them he's coached against the Michael Jordans he coached the Magic Johnson's he coached the LeBrons he he brought in LeBron maybe didn't coach him LeBron wanted him to coach him and Pat Riley said no you got Spoelstra Spoelstra now one of the best coaches in the NBA Pat Riley is almost 80 years old he has seen everything he has a right to say whatever the hell he wants and so today when asked about Jimmy Butler the man with probably the most sterling resume as an executive and coach still in the NBA today Pat Riley said hey Jimmy do us a favor you were joking but not maybe you should play first listen to this you know for him to say that you know I thought is that Jimmy trolling or is that Jimmy serious you know if you're not on the court playing against Boston or on the court playing against the New York Knicks you should keep your mouth shut and your criticism of those teams whoa we don't hear strong language like that not in 2024 not when NBA superstars are making 50 to 60 million dollars not when young executives are coming out of the film room and you know running teams not when coaches I mean you're like Darwin Ham we get it you're coaching the Lakers you're coaching LeBron not when Darwin Ham goes to the western conference finals goes back to the playoffs this year loses to the defending champion wins the end season tournament for whatever the hell that's worth and then he's fired coaches get hired they get fired executives are young thank you so much Pat Riley for saying what the hell a lot of fans think the players make so much money the players have so much power but what's Jimmy Butler gonna do be mad at Pat Riley you don't got Pat Riley's resume you might be making the money but Pat Riley is the boss and in a changing time in a changing era thank you Pat Riley we need more of this right I mean you you you the boss you the players and we all notice this is why Jordan and the Bulls and it was I don't want to call it destruction this is why we got a whole documentary because when things really ball down to it is it the players is it management come on now we hear the same damn thing when it comes to Belichick and Tom Brady oh is it is it management of the players well it shows that Bill Belichick is a he's nothing without Tom Brady man the coaches will tell you that you can't be a coach you can't be an executive you can't go out there and coach five garbage cans and expect to win a championship you need talent out there on the court and the NBA is full of talent sports is full of talent people that you want to see come on baseball Mike Trout doesn't make noise but Mike Trout can't stay healthy to save his life Mike Trout's supposed to be one of the best stars that baseball has ever seen but his body won't let him that's what makes what somebody like LeBron does so important you need talent on the court on the field so when you need talent to succeed Jimmy Butler's a talent Jimmy Butler's getting older Jimmy Butler hasn't been able to stay healthy Jimmy Butler in the words of Pat Riley if you can't play shut up and this isn't a matter of shut up and dribble you know Jimmy Butler's not out here on a crusade for ethics he's just talking about basketball and sure he can talk trash but we need more executives who just say hey yo Joel Embiid what the hell you you criticizing the fans in Philly for you can't even play shut up we need more executives who actually put their foot down and I'm all for player empowerment I'm all for speaking up and getting what the hell you want I'm all for players having participation I'm all for players having a voice but you know what show up to work this is like that guy who's at the office and has a job and you know somebody like that it might be you maybe not everybody knows somebody where you show up to work and you go how the hell is this guy still here how the hell is this guy got a job how the hell is this guy make more money than me how the hell is this person tenured and senior they can't even show up to work spare me thank you Pat Riley I know he's 80 he ain't gonna be here forever but thank you and I know there's a lot of GMs there's a lot of coaches who also said thank you because the players oh you love them there's no game without the players but sometimes a little too entitled a little too flippant saying too much without delivering enough and God bless Jimmy Butler he's delivered a whole hell of a lot for the Miami Heat since he put on the uniform but for a guy who's closer to the end than he is to the beginning I think you should take Pat Riley's advice I think a lot of players should take his advice show up and play or shut up as simple as that oh yeah and by the way Jimmy Butler wasn't the only guy that he went after quote unquote had advice for public advice it's about Tolly Hero. Tolly Hero for the past several seasons he can't put on the shoes without getting hurt and Tolly Hero he's just well for for pressure excuse me for a professional athlete Pat Riley just said man you you kind of fragile he is bad he's been fragile a little bit and uh broke his hand last year in the playoffs you know he had some injuries you know earlier in his career and and there isn't anybody who who works you know harder at his game as far as correct he works and puts the time in you put the time in in the weight room so you know how they how does he keep his calorie intake and he might have to go to another level nutritionally he's gotten stronger but you know as the season progresses you know you lose some of that you don't you know pound the iron like you do you know in the off season but he's got to make some some adjustments definitely. At least Tolly Hero is 24 years old this is another dude coming out of Kentucky who can't string together you know a couple of seasons where he's playing I don't know can you play 70 games he's never done that in his NBA career this past season only 42 and if Pat Riley's idea today was to push buttons and this could be a matter of manipulation he said in regards to Jimmy Butler who's been connected potentially to the Philadelphia 76ers Pat Riley said we're not trading the guy well well I guess there's gonna have to be a conversation or maybe there was already had one had with Jimmy Butler but Pat Riley's playing politics it wouldn't surprise me if Pat Riley just played the game just to still move Jimmy Butler you know what either way what this tells people is that Pat Riley is the one with the power not Jimmy Butler thank you Pat Riley. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the infinity sports network coast to coast we're going to take a break when we come back we're going to talk about a team that that's actually advanced here in the postseason and that's actually advanced here in the postseason it's time to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers they haven't had this type of success since some guy named LeBron James was on the team we're going to talk to a color analyst a man who's a jump shot is not too bad as well from the Cleveland Cavaliers his name is Austin Carr you are locked in it's the beginning it's the JR Sport Brief Show here on the infinity sports network worried about letting someone else pick out the perfect avocado for your perfect impress them on the third date guacamole well good thing instacart shoppers are as picky as you are they find ripe avocados like it's their guac on the line they are milk expiration date detectives they bag eggs like the 12 precious pieces of cargo they are so let instacart shoppers overthink your groceries so that you can overthink what you'll wear on that third date download the instacart app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum ten dollar per order additional term supply hey everyone boomer asiasson here the nfl draft is behind us and your favorite team is now gearing up for week number one the free odyssey app puts you right in the middle of the pro football conversation with the biggest sports radio stations from across the country the local voices who know your team the best giving you their unfiltered takes on the current state of your squad it's always football season right here on the free odyssey app you're listening to the jr sport brief it's the jr sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network people are locked in coast to coast and right now right now yeah it's all about cleveland because the cavaliers have done something that we haven't seen since some guy named uh lebron james was around the cleveland cavaliers end up eliminating the magic yesterday a comeback an 18-point comeback to advance to the east semifinals against the boston celtics to talk about it as someone who suited up for these calves we're talking about someone who is known as mr cavalier someone who's been an all-star but now he is a cover a color analyst covering these cleveland cavaliers it is mr austin carr austin how are you thank you i'm doing fine how you doing i'm amazing thank you for taking the time to hop on it's it's great to see the cavaliers back on the scene here we know it was it took seven games against a young team what are your overall thoughts about the series a little bit tougher some injuries here there a lot of donovan mitchell what say you yeah that that uh i mean when you look at our health situation i remember when lebron was with us he used to say we don't care where we end up as long as we're in the playoffs and we're healthy and uh that basically is what it comes down to being healthy because now you can operate at a full efficiency and we've been doing that this all season though kind of having one guy out or two guys out and then all it was was it was like business is normal for us but it was a tough way because the magic team they are going to be there for a lot of years to come without a shadow of a doubt cavalier's legend austin carr is here with us the jr sport brief show when you look at the injuries for instance uh jared allen and like i said the calves are going to be back in action tomorrow what needs to change against this celtics team which is still without porzingis yeah it's going to be interesting because we just we're coming off a seven game hard fort battle with a very physical team now to me the sevens are not a physical team they're more finessed and very good at it so i'm anxious to see how the game's going to be called because with us coming off of seven games of playing this way we're going to start this game out that way and i'm anxious to see how the referees are going to call uh going up against the celtics but i'm looking forward uh an opportunity here we but them being offered no porzingis because you have to change your little things with wharford so you can't be exactly like you've done the season and they haven't had to deal with a lot of that type of adversity this year they've been having having a pretty good healthy year so i'm anxious if we're going to get one it'll be tomorrow well austin you mentioned the referees we know donvin mitchell has carried this team scoring wise is this series i mean he had 39 last night or yesterday afternoon he had 50 the other game he got to the free throw line 17 times how much can he do and who needs to step up to help him on the score inside you're right about that i mean he can't do it all by himself because it'll wear him out in the seven game series but um it's going to have to take it everybody has to step up i mean if if we can get jared back and everybody back into uniform it'll help but if not then we're going to have to get more rebounding from our smaller people and we've got to get better shooting from the perimeter that's the one thing that the magic did to us they shot they shut down our perimeter game and and that's why i take my hat off to donovan those last two or three games he realized that it wasn't going to be an outside game it was going to be a paint game and that's where he did all his damage in the paint so and that's where we got to get other guys to step up and understand that because they sort of stood around and watched donovan as opposed to joining in with him and calves legend and calves color analyst austin carr is here with us on the jr sport brief show a lot of people are familiar with donovan mitchell even dating back to his time with the jazz this is going to be the first time the calves have had this type of of national profile in years i've been watching evan mobley even dating back to college a lot of people are going to learn more about him i mean five blocks yesterday all the rebounds the points how has he changed and grown since you saw him arrive in cleveland and what is more of the country going to learn as they pay attention well i think uh as he has progressed he understands that that it's in that paint regardless of the style of play you got to be a a strong-minded individual inside to do it for 48 minutes and i think he's learned that as he's gone through it he put in an extra uh uh time he put a weight room into his house so he could stay with it all the time i mean he's still not where he needs to be or i think he should be strength wise but he's getting very close and but but as you know mentally he's accepting the challenge and that's half the battle right there and and i'm looking forward to him uh stepping up and making it tough uh inside because if we can do that especially when alan is it looks like he's going to be out we got to have somebody in there who's going to give us that physical presence inside and even though he's not built to where he looks like it he can bring it if he doesn't have to deal with three or four guys all the time well austin at the uh the elimination of the calves last year we heard jared allen a little surprisingly he admitted this out his mouth the moment was too big for the cleveland Cavaliers do you feel that they have grown from last year to what they are now as an overall squad i think is overall they they have learned a lot i mean what i'm looking at what i looked at now it took us six and a half quarters to show what it was all about and to me that last half of game seven we finally got to the point where we met fire with fire and and and it changed the whole situation because what the physical play we had in that last half wrong with donovan doing this thing is the first time in the whole seven games that i saw my the magic have any kind of a doubt in their mind because they were so uh confident about the fact that they had our number but then that last half things changed quickly because we understood the moment and they didn't and that really was a growth period for us well austin carr is here with us the jr sport reshow the infinity sports network you know there's so much attention to donovan mitchell donovan mitchell is he going to stay is he going to go they're going to extend them as he won it has this effect has this affected the team have you noticed that do you hear or see anything or do they just go out there and handle business yeah you know it's funny i haven't really noticed it because they he kind of plays it really to the vest i mean donovan doesn't really get off in that matter of fact every time somebody asks him about it he always squashes it and you know i don't have time to think about that and i'm thinking about trying to go forward in the playoffs so he kind of he kind of squashes it but in but i don't really see or feel anything yet i mean i've been watching looking for it all season but he's done a good job of keeping everything focused on the task at hand as opposed to uh worrying about what's going to happen in the future without a shot of a doubt well austin i gotta ask you this as well today uh the miami heat this this season over uh pat riley someone who you're familiar with both of your times playing in the league and how your careers have gone but today he had comments about jimmy butler where he kind of said hey if you're not playing why are you saying anything what are your thoughts about how the league has changed and somebody like pat riley we we don't hear criticism of the players openly anymore but we heard it from him what are your thoughts well to me that's the sign that jimmy's on on shaking shaky ground i mean i mean pat rally doesn't do those kind of things and if he sends out something like that that message is for jimmy butler it's not for us i mean so i'm i'm kind of looking at it there must be something going on there that he's trying to get a message over to him uh and let him understand what it's all about because rally is old school and your best availability is availability so uh and and and that's what he's trying to send him a message that uh hey you know if you want to criticize you want to talk about what's going on be available to play and then that's old school that's just what it's all about well austin you you played in the 60s you played in the 70s what's the deal with the current group of players are they worked out too much do they not play enough are they entitled like what's going on well it's just a different mindset i mean when i played or in the league a little bit of pain you just play with it and everybody expected you to do that now they don't expect you to do that because they have all these other analytic things and and and different processes that you go through to determine if you play or not even if you don't have pain or if you do have a little pain or pain you can play with there's always sort of protocols you have to go through to make it work and and it has nothing to do with uh the value of the game you have to play or what you're doing and and that's just how it is now because a lot of these guys they pay them a lot of money and they want to protect their investment which i can understand that but as i remember when i was a rookie um i was in the locker room i had twisted my ankle and killed a little ginger and uh the next game uh uh but spirit came up to me and said well ac uh can you walk i said yeah i can walk he said well then i think you better get taped up because we're trying to win the ball game you know that that's kind of how i'm accepting my whole rest of my career even and i had a lot of injury problems and uh but i always that's just how we thought about it now it's just different i mean they they almost give you a way out to make sure that you don't hurt yourself or don't get yourself in any problems physically because they they they pay a lot of money to have you out there and they try to protect it no we everybody trying to protect their investment this is mr cavalier austin carr hey last question for you are we going to see these calves in the the east finals well i'm i'm looking i'm hoping so i'm praying i'm really praying that uh we find a way i mean really during the season we've had some good games against the the celtics that we probably should have won more than the one that we won but at the same time again we're catching them i think at a good time because porzingis is zingers is out and that and as much as he means to them on both ends of the floor that will that should give us a little bit of an edge now can we take advantage of it that's different because what that does though is going to turn brown and tatum loose and they're going to be going for 30 apiece so we got to we got to deal with the rest of the guys so hopefully we'll have our game ready and we can be competitive there's going to be a lot of people who are going to be locked in and checking things out well austin mr carr thank you so much i appreciate the time enjoy the series okay always a pleasure to have a good day you as well that a cavaliers legend mr cavalier austin carr he's now a calves color analyst this and it's always good to hear him pop up you know just just throughout the course of the day when the calves games all throughout the course of the year always a pleasure to listen and hear his commentary and now with the calves back it's good to have him you know on the air they haven't had this success i will say again they have not been to no semifinals they haven't won no round they have not done this since lebron james you know i said last week very clearly who's excited about the calves and the magic well yesterday was the first game that i watched and i got no choice now tomorrow i'm gonna be tuned in and locked in to the cleveland cavaliers and the celtics everybody has a little bit of an injury issue you look at the boston celtics porzingis still dealing with that calf you think about jared allen the other big man he's dealing with a rib issue and so things could be a little interesting donovan mitchell may say hey i'm gonna drop 50 hey darius garland help me out we're gonna find out soon enough we got a lot to do a lot to discuss if you want to holler at me the phone lines are open it's 855 212 42 27 that's 855 212 42 27 me austin carr we talked about the comments by pat riley going after his own player in jimmy butler well on the other side of the break last night on netflix live kevin the heart led a roast of tom brady if you thought some of the things that pat riley had to say about jimmy butler were bad what do you think some of the comedians said about tom brady kind of got kind of wild deep and it cut cut deep let's just put it that way we're going to hear from some of these comedians you're listening to the jr sport brief it's the jr sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network thank you so much to austin carr thank you so much to austin carr for joining us in the last break mr cavalier balled out for the calves in the 70s is now a color analyst he's eager like all of us to see what the cleveland cavaliers can do against the the boston celtics i got the celtics i got them winning in six i mean if it took the cleveland cleveland cavaliers this damn long seven games against an inexperienced orlando magic team i i know the boston celtics may not have kristaps borzingis in this entire series at all but i think given the celtics experience unless they are just gonna show up expecting to win uh i i just gotta i gotta leave it there folks you know i don't i i got the celtics unless they just show up just thinking this is gonna be a cakewalk and i i don't expect don't expect that at all thank you again to austin carr for joining us in the last break if you want to holler at me it's simple eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven that's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven we talked about pat riley throwing darts at his own player verbal darts at his own player jimmy butler i'm like hey man don't talk trash about anybody if you can't even suit up and play we have that great conversation with austin carr at the top of the hour we're gonna talk about the the nicks and the paces because hey they get rolling next hour which is a lot of fun and then speaking of the magic there are rumors that this young team that just lost to the calves clay thompson realistically might bolt for orlando eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven i told you about tom brady getting roasted we'll get into that as well oliver is calling from philadelphia pennsylvania oliver you're on the jr sport b show what's up hey jr how you doing i'm amazing how are you hey jr do you remember on friday when i picked the patients from six uh maybe i think i don't yeah i mean i mean if you don't i picked the bases and sex okay thank you uh i called on friday and i just wanted to say i watched a few games versus i'm a sixers fan and i'll tell you with jaylen bronson with this basketball i keep from villanova with kibbutz with everything the nicks have i i mean i got to take it back i got i i have to take it back what what changed between friday and monday you got you had two days what changed well i'll tell you watching these nicks games over again i mean i i think i watched the sixers games pretty much emotionally as you do with this as as you're watching your team i mean right you watch your games rooting for mb rooting for kelly oubre rooting for cat uh tariq massey focusing on them and you don't really notice what the nicks can do from really a basketball standpoint not a moving on standpoint so i mean i watch those games again and i just think it it it's it's silly to pick the pacers the pacers why the pacers i mean what do they have it uh well no they have pascal seachem who's had a couple of 30-point games here uh you have a tari saliburton who's unfortunately dealing with a back issue he had back spasms earlier today but it wasn't so quick well it's been reported a few minutes ago uh that that he is expected to play i'm assuming his back is fine now you know back spasms it could bother you now and be gone and this is a team that gets up and down the court and they're the highest scoring team in the league and so i mean it's a it's a clash of of styles here and i'll tell you this oliver you only got to wait about an hour to see what happens so and matter of fact oliver thank you for calling we'll take a listen uh to what rick carl i'll have to say okay oliver don't go nowhere all right thanks for call so thank you so much oliver for calling from philadelphia yeah rick carlisle he said himself that this was was not going to be easy i know oliver changed his mind let's take a listen rick carlisle says uh the nicks ain't no pushovers it's always great competition um it's uh it's an important time of the year you know when you get to the second round of the nba playoffs and we're going to have to be very resilient and we're going to have to be very together okay hickey what did i say i said six games for the nicks right nicks and six was your official prediction nixon six he was saying paces and six you said you got the uh the paces winning one game right nicks and five nicks and five okay all right i'm fine with it i mean what are we gonna do is we we can't can't go that further oh i mean we can and for a minute there i said oh halliburton may not play this is easy but then it's just it's just the back hickey has your back ever bothered you oh i mean to this day still oh no yeah need to do some yoga you're doing like what are we doing here what happened i think i i stood weird one day and for like a few weeks it was all messed up but i did you know some yoga poses and uh stretched it out feels better so now i'm back back to normal but for like three weeks it was no bueno what does that mean like you couldn't move and i couldn't move but like i couldn't really do a lot of workouts or i would be afraid that it would like flare up again it's like lower back you know once you know you aggravate it it locks up and and you're basically done you can barely walk it hurts you you can't really sit comfortably whatsoever it's i mean lower back pain i'm so unfortunate i think most people know what it feels like it sucks why why why back's gotta hurt so damn much like it's in the middle of your body i work on my midsection midsection to strengthen my body and then my back still sucks i do exercises the strength that i can't do anything and it's not like we're doing anything crazy right we're not professional weightlifters here lifting more weight than we should in a dead left form you're doing normal everyday activities you bend down and get a sock oh oh oh what was that and all of a sudden you're crippled yeah it's awful yeah well it looks like halliburton is gonna play so i don't think we gotta worry uh too much about that and so you know what before the new york nicks get going against these uh pacers the game has a start time of uh 7 30 so hickey what is that they they're gonna bss they're gonna play it's on tnt so they playing at 7 30 they're gonna play at 7 40 tnt is better than espn i will say ball in the air 737 737 okay seven minutes of lead up this is gonna be a a big game the pacers and the new york nicks historically they hate each other you can really thank reggie miller for a big part of that uh and so that'll be a fun matchup thank god there is no reggie miller and hickey i come on now the the second game of tonight is minnesota and denver we're gonna see what minnesota does in game two we'll find out about rudy go bear and what have you and all this after the birth of his kid reggie miller is gonna be calling this game right he he has to call the game in madison square garden oh you didn't see what happened what happened he's gonna be there oh my god he's gonna be there in the flesh and i saw in an interview earlier today i forget where so my apologies uh he wants the boost he actually said he would be offended if he if he doesn't get a reggie sucks well you know what you the fans in new york are so derogatory right it's so fat the language is so foul it's bleep trey young it's bleep and bead and okay and bead is just like yeah whatever i i love new york i live here he's like i do i got a house here i got an apartment he does actually you got trey young who embraced it took a bow in madison square garden actually showed up on a wwe show in madison square garden just so he could get booed reggie miller is master villain number one for new york nick fans absolutely hated uh nobody hates pascal he ain't do nothing to the nicks yet nobody hates tyrese halliburton you know yeah healthy rivalry between him and brunson and you know wiley serbiak you know throwing halliburton under the bus oh he's a wannabe all-star brunson is the guy like but outside of that there's nobody on a places that people hate i mean even some of reggie's teammates these are new yorkers chris mullen and and mark jackson these were new yorkers and so i will say as much as i can't stand new york fans who want to chant f this guy and f that i find a little too crass i think you can do better if anybody in madison square garden tonight gets an f you chant it should be reggie miller right that's there's no other candidate there's nobody else hickey am i right there's nobody else to boo there's nobody else and you talk about too from a rhythm standpoint how you got to work out the cheer fu reggie right it flows fu tyrese does not really flow that well it's tough you can't say fu halliburton halliburton sucks too much of a mouthful yeah the rhythm too is reggie sucks or fu reggie's perfect no reggie sucks i think that's the classic that's the one from you know the past 30 plus years 30 35 years it was it was it was reggie sucks do you get it now from the tip like when do you do it because obviously he's calling the game so he's going to be there the whole time do you start from the opening tip and just carry it through i think at the open i like early on reggie sucks and then the next thing you know if the nicks lose then the next thing is all nick fans they're not even focused on you know but who cares it's the fans i don't know reggie millie's gonna be sitting courtside i don't know maybe they're gonna put him on the screen for the whole intent and purpose for him to get booed but then it's like the nicks are distracted i don't know the phone lines are open eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven we'll talk more nicks talk more paces on the other side of the break we'll also get into the orlando magic just eliminated by the calves but they're thinking of a clay thompson okay anyway eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven it's the jr sport reef show the infinity sports network hey everyone boomer asiasson here the nfl draft is behind us and your favorite team is now gearing up for week number one the free odyssey app puts you right in the middle of the pro football conversation with the biggest sports radio stations from across the country the local voices who know your team the best giving you their unfiltered takes on the current state of your squad it's always football season right here on the free odyssey app
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