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5.1.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR
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May 1, 2024 8:23 pm

5.1.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 1, 2024 8:23 pm

Deion Sanders clapping back at critics l Chris Webber, Pro Basketball Hall of Fame l Stephen Ross turned down a $10 billion offer to keep Dolphins


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Odyssey app. when you're a public figure can you hide it can you no but there are plenty people that try to you know whether it's a dye job or a hair transplant a transplant try to at least pretend like it's real yeah you don't notice he he did an entire like video series about his head dion i guess he documents everything there is no secret with him literally nothing no no secrets with with dion sanders not at all it's the jr sport re-show on the infinity sports network this is gonna be a lot of fun in about 15 minutes we're gonna be joined by chris weber yeah nba or forget nba basketball hall of famer all nba all star all everything michigan sacramental kings and now an author chris weber i feel like he's been laying low for a few years did you know he was teaching college courses did you know he was getting involved in businesses do you know he decided to step away from broadcasting i can't wait to talk to chris weber i'm gonna ask him about everything michigan nba the kings jokic anthony edwards i want to ask him about nil after his experience at michigan is he going back to michigan i know he was just there a couple of months ago what's going on with jawan howard there's so much to discuss with chris weber that conversation will start in about 15 minutes from now thank you to everybody listening on their local affiliates people tuned in on serious xm 158 if you're on the odyssey app congratulations you can even hit rewind and tune in to the the last hour which was the first hour because i get started 6 p.m eastern 3 pacific and so we'll have a great conversation with chris weber this hour in the next break and then next hour even more fun because it is hickey damn it how do we get here it's wednesday already wow i'm gonna bring you a new top six list and because the nba playoffs are going on we have so much young talent because this is the first time in almost 20 years that there is no lebron and curry and durant in the second round we're gonna look at some of the biggest and brightest stars young stars in the nba i'm talking 25 and under nba got a lot of of stars and it has a bright bright future that top six list is coming next hour we've been able to talk about the new york nix choking against the philadelphia 76ers last night tyrese maxey going off for seven points and 25 seconds to force overtime coming up with 46 points not too shabby helping get them over the edge talked about the bucks bobby portis and chris middleton dropping 29 points apiece for these milwaukee bucks to overcome the indiana pacers and now doc river says that the two of them well they well yanis and and lillard they might be back for the next game i would think that would be curtains for the pacers unless they're gonna up the ante and then we talked about luka doncic this man is dealing with a a sprained knee that sucks it's music to the ears of kyrie irving and probably uh nobody else and so we'll keep you up to date on tonight's basketball games miami and boston they get underway in about 30 minutes from now boston has a 3-1 lead we know there's no chris dapps borzingis with his own calf in dallas and the clippers they go at it tonight about three hours from now and we don't know if luka is going to play before we we talk to to chris weber i i mentioned uh dion sanders and i just said hey you know he's someone who is always willing to express himself we have heard over the past few days you know people criticizing well not people some of his his past players who have entered into the transfer portal some of these individuals have decided to just trash dion on the way out the door not something that you would typically hear from a former player about his most recent head coach and so with all of this going on there's even more dion news and it surrounds his son chador as dion sanders is just getting beat up by some of his former recruits there's word here that dion sanders son chador may actually go high in the draft next year okay there are people who say that he might get drafted number one overall and of course because this is dion's son they're individuals who say that well that won't be the case i mean there was a critic about chador sanders saying that hey you're basically doing this only because you are dion's son and dion basically said on social media where the hell is your son going and dion said listen i got tom today so i guess dion sanders hickey is ready to get back at everybody and i guess for clicks and social media no isn't what he does oh everything right is for the attention for the marketing for the program it's all about getting out there and having people know your name yeah this is this is a guy on twitter on x he told dion tell your son to stop acting like he's the coldest out here and then putting up a four and eight season and that's when dion said what is your son doing he said folks don't hate because they really don't know you they admire you in a negative way they realize they can't be you think like you talk like you or walk in your shoes that bothers them always smile when you see them because that makes them admire you so much more in that negative way i don't think dion has too much to worry about because there are legitimate critics and analysts who think that his son is gonna go high how about this tom fornelli was on the cover three podcast and he said that chador he could actually be number one overall listen to this one of the names that has been floated out there is a possibility is colorado chador sanders which may sound crazy to you now but nobody thought jane dangles would be the number two pick at this time last year as for chador we saw last year he had a very high completion rate within the colorado offense he also had a very high passing efficiency good yards per attempt and a good yards per drop back he was also incredible when it comes to taking care of the football his interception rate ranked fourth among all power five quarterbacks he also rarely fumbled the ball which is a big deal for quarterbacks and something that does not get nearly enough attention the problem was chador got sacked 49 times last season which was far and away the most of any power five quarterback and it wasn't all on his offensive line chador took a little too long to process at times and held down the ball way too long although to his credit he did a fantastic job of not losing the ball when he did that is the one thing chador will really need to show improvement on in 2024 if he is going to impress nfl scouts and work his way into that conversation of being the top quarterback selected hickey what what's the dion story tomorrow i mean if if yesterday i mean last week the uh last week the defensive back cormani is making video saying that dion is in it for clicks he doesn't want to be a part of the program uh yesterday we we got an article in the athletic the other uh defensive back i think uh smith is is saying how uh dion just basically embarrassed him in front of everybody didn't put confidence into the players today dion is responding to just anonymous people on social media chador responded to the cornerback yesterday and basically said the guy must have been mid i don't remember who the hell he is and so tomorrow do we get a video blog from dion do we get a podcast like what's next definitely some sort of podcast appearance i think that's the next move right no more i think the thing is at this point no more football related stories spring practice is over this screams podcast appearance you know i i just want to see them have success i don't want to see prospects and former players you know beating up on dion and his program and to be honest i don't want to see dion like like clapping back at everybody he said he has time today like there's levels to responding to people like when you're up here when you are dion sanders is it necessary to respond to anonymous trolls i mean is it necessary to i i guess make an example out of someone your dion just ignore it he's correct your dion sanders they're them don't justify it with a response is my thing wait until somebody else comes through dion sanders is one of the most accomplished football players and football minds that the world has seen you don't got to respond to everybody just go out there in colorado and boulder and have success that's what i would love to see and i'd like to see shadore have success on the way out the door as well success for all it's the jr sport reef show here with you on the infinity sports network speaking of success we're going to take a break when we come back on the other side we're going to talk to someone who has found plenty of success in life the basketball court and is passing that success and that wisdom onto other people basketball hall of famer king's legend michigan legend chris weber is joining us on the other side he has a new book out by god's grace and we'll figure out why he named the book that and what else he's up to and then we'll talk hoops as well it's chris weber on the other side can't wait it's the jr sport reef show the infinity sports network hey rob bradford here i have set out on a mission with my good friends at fan duel to prove what i have known for some time baseball isn't boring now i have a daily podcast to prove it with some of the most notable people in the baseball world screaming baseball isn't boring for the mountaintops or at least agreeing to come on our show players managers gms and yes even the commissioner of baseball rob manford it has been a constant wave of baseball's both powerful voices so join the revolution subscribe and soak in baseball has been boring listen on your odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast you'll be glad you did you're listening to the jr sport brief it's the jr sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network we going coast to coast and right now we got a hall of famer here we got a five-time all-star we got five all nba we got an author we're gonna talk about his book in a second by god's grace it's my main man chris webber c web how you doing man i'm doing great baby thanks for having me on absolutely first of all we're gonna get into the book god's grace the league is hot right now playoffs in full swing we got teams pushing game sixes and sevens what are you excited about man i'm excited about this man named anthony edwards i don't know if you ever heard of him but if you haven't heard of him boy somebody do your research because uh i just love the league it's in great hands and i specifically love his storyline in this playoffs because i remember playing against my heroes and he's embracing going against kevin durant one of the best and you see how he's earning that respect i really like that and it takes a uh humanly uh a vulnerability and a passion to be able to say one this is my favorite player and two i'm gonna try to bust your ass today what is it about anthony edwards that's different like we see all these international stars in the league right now shake yokus alexander doncic yokic honest onto the kumpo he's from right here in georgia anthony edwards is what separates him what makes him different i think when you look at his story of him getting into the league he embraced a lot of hardship before that and i think it's his passion i think what stands out with a lot of guys is their passion because passion makes you consistent consistent with effort uh consistent with thoughtfulness on the court and you see him becoming the leader i mean how to you know right now the league with okc and minnesota being two of the top teams in the west being that young that's something man so that's what that's what makes him different having the same talent as a few other teams that are six on up uh but his impact and the way that the you know the veterans on his team embrace him that says a lot about how he is in the locker room off the court so i think a lot of his intangibles is what really i'm a fan of chris weber is here with us the jr sport reshow coast to coast on the infinity sports network you talk about what makes ant-man special i mentioned the european players that are driving the league right now when you play chris blocking shots rebounding coast to coast passing the ball in a crazy way what makes mvp soon to probably be three-time mvp like jokic so spectacular i think what makes jokic spectacular is one uh his skill set the way that he plays um a lot of people were criticizing him just like lebron and others for playing the right way so one he went through that criticism he plays the right way two he trusts players i mean a lot of times you see guys taking bad shots ill-advised shots because they don't trust the player when that's really why he's getting assists you know when you're a good passer guys run harder when you get the ball they cut with integrity they make sure that their spacing is correct because they know that whoever's in the right position will get the ball it's not just standing around and watching so and and lastly i think the the coaching staff of denver is the most slept on coaching staff all coaches on denver are coaches sons all coaches on denver dad's coached in the nba one takes a lot to be a coach's son two to be able to have that historic value and be able to bring it and adopt it to the game today that's that's that's something special and so i think it's the perfect storm but it all starts with his heart passion and the way that he plays the game is iq chris you played with an excellent passer as well when you were with the kings and blade and people saw how he moved the ball around do you see similarities there and why do you think he gets bad so much jokic is it just because he's from europe is unconventional um i i don't know you know to me i think that maybe because he's not as athletic i'm not sure but to me you know it's it's between you know uh uh shy gill just up in uh okc and it's with him with with the mvp because he does so much more scoring and rebound is great but some guys can't get out of a playoff round because they can't make everyone else better and we forget about that you got to make people better and jokic does that if all you can do is shoot he'll make you better if all you can do is dunk he'll make you better and that's what people are forgetting about the skill set of the game and i think that's what we don't appreciate about brian chris webers here with us infinity sports network the jr sport reef show when you play the game was more slow grind out as you got later in your career especially with the kings y'all were going up and down the court what do you think about the current pace and how things have gone well i love the current pace and i mean man you know the game because uh the east coast that's why i didn't love playing on the east coast earlier in my career and then we went to sacramento we led the league and pace uh for four years and so uh pacing is everything the west coast is more of a flow offense um and our our system our style is the same one the golden state used and took to another level and won championships with but it's all that corner action the spacing and getting up and down the floor but you need guys that can pass in the offense like that you need a guy like pager that can shoot in the offense like that you need others on defense that can make it go so um you have to have the right players in the skill set not just the big three not just great talent but if the big three doesn't cut hard that means nothing because it stops the offensive flow and so um i i love the flow of the games now um i think players are given a lot more freedom to take shots there's a lot more bad shots uh in the game with guys i don't think should be trusted to take those shots but however the flow of the game is something that's awesome and these young players man they're taking the game to another level you gotta love it chris weber's here with us it's just crazy even you think about 75 plus years of basketball okay i didn't see all 75 plus 80 years y'all have to have been the kings one of the most exciting teams ever period in basketball history jason williams you everybody flying passing shooting granted no championship but was that one of the best experiences you had basketball wise in your career yeah definitely uh sacramento was one of the best uh uh experiences and i talk about that in the book uh because a lot of the times at the end of the day when you retire i talk to a lot of guys and one thing that that guys go after is the ring and so i definitely want a ring and and and love that i competed at that at a high level and that i was i was the engine that drove the car however the love whether it was at michigan whether is it a sacramento love can't be duplicated with some guys that have multiple rings and so for me i appreciate the journey that i have i take the wins that i have because at the end of the day the accomplishment is to do your best to win a championship to be remembered to to inspire to to be in the hearts and minds of the of the fans and and and i have all of those but one and i'll take that because some guys have one and none of the rest and so um it's a blessing man internationally playing with guys like pager he the turkeloo uh vlade devox or when you know you go internationally to see those people and then again you know from the time of college having that experience with players so yeah man this has been a blessing and a wonderful ride and that's that makes it sweeter to watch these guys like an ant man like uh like a donch on their journey like a kyrie irvin on their journey to see how they're going to define themselves how um they're going to handle one misfortune will they be defined by that can they get through it can they be consistent because at the end of the day everybody's going to talk about you but can you be consistent is the thing that i take from it and something i used to talk to coby about and some things i talked same things i talked to some of the young players about today is can you be consistent through the storms and i think that applies to anything chris rubbers here with us on the jr sport b show you talk about the book by god's grace took you about a decade plus to put this together why now you you ain't elderly you know why did you want to do this now well because you know sometimes as you said earlier it doesn't just apply to basketball so uh whether you're a journalist a tv personality a doctor you have to put blinders on is what i call it in focus to get to where you're going to end up and many times you can be distracted you can be distracted by emotion you can be distracted by rumors you could be distracted by the truth and so for me on this journey i did a really great job at having blinders on however when you have that focus sometimes you miss some of the journey along the way and so when i retired i set off to really go on a journey of self-discovery to talk to my family uh from my great aunt who is 93 and uh would tell me stories about my grandmother and others and family that that helped pour their prayers into me getting through the league um all the way to really just excuse me talking to coaches and players that i played with from michigan to sacramento about the journey and so for me it was one of being grateful one of being thankful uh after i was inducted into the hall of fame i wanted to take a a kind of a self-account of what had happened you know the wins and the losses not just in the game but in life and so uh for me it was a great uh opportunity to go back and um relive some wonderful moments and um really see that it was god's grace that sustained me uh that helped me through those moments and hopefully it inspires people to understand that your words mean a lot the love that you have mean a lot you know we can encourage someone in their worst moments and not even know that and uh hopefully that affects our attitude every day with the grace that we give others because we can be that person's angel just to get them through another second and it was so many coaches parents teachers that for me reinforced certain um principles uh that kind of made it easy for me to focus and know i was on the right track they kept the narrative the right way for me and um i just thank god for that chris weber is here with us the jr sport reshow on the infinity sports network coast to coast this is a lot of depth in this book man you talk about coming up through high school your experiences of michigan experience in the league post league hall of fame that's the cover on the back is there another book are you diving a little bit deeper into some future things yeah there's another book and uh working on that now but with here i had to go so deep because you know since i was 12 um i was blessed uh to have a tv interview to be be known as this great player at 12 and so at 12 everyone started telling my story for me so from what high school i was going to and why did i go to that high school to the college i went to why did i go there to being the number one pick after calling time out you know it was so many things to address for basketball fans i really wrote this book i'm an avid reader i really wrote this book um for myself because i didn't want it just to be four pages in the middle of just pictures i didn't want it to be a bunch of things that didn't give context and to me you know it's over 400 pages because i wanted to give people that supported me i wanted to something to say look you were right i wanted to give haters something to thumb through and look for look for the the moment that they were trying to figure out in there and that it never happened and so and also celebrate the players i played with i was you know you know dennis rodman gave me my first job man and to be a basketball player and to see that in a week of camp or to see isaiah thomas become a mentor of mine my junior year in high school that's what i mean about god's grace you know they didn't have to they didn't have to say these things i had friends that uh unfortunately uh were murdered and and other things and and if not for god's grace i wanted to do what they were doing you know and all it takes is a positive word and so i had a lot to be thankful for i had a lot to make sure that young people with with parents understand you're not going to love this discipline now but discipline gives you safety and so um i had a lot to celebrate and uh been through a lot and uh just wanted to share with the people well chris we appreciate you you sharing that i'd be remiss for all of our listeners in michigan right now not to ask you about michigan you went back earlier this year we know your buddy jawan was there and now he's an assistant back with the brooklyn nets now can we expect to see you up in michigan more into the future um i i would hope so i thank uh jawan for really bringing all of us back um and so i was just uh talking to the fellas the other day and you know we'll see what happens i'm glad that jawan's back in coaching but he's going to do his thing and be successful but uh we love michigan we're part of their history and um you can't erase you can't erase the love out of people's minds you know i can ask the the best sports fan who won a championship four years ago and they wouldn't remember but that love for us is there and so i would hope the university embraces it the people of michigan embrace it so if it's never embraced at the university we're we're fine because as long as you have a love of people um i i'd rather have a love of people uh than uh than the love of a brick and mortar place where where people aren't from that area so hopefully something can happen but it hasn't happened in 30 years so uh the book talks about discipline perseverance and that's just the perseverance of keeping it moving but of course and i think too that there's a lot of self-examination that's going to have to be done by institutions in the ncaa uh you look at it i mean how can we talk about the fab five and not talk about um the fact that reggie bush just got his Heisman back you know how can you not talk about that how can you not i mean you know uh a generation has had a chance to to grow older and wiser and the narrative has changed and um i talk about that too if you stay consistent time will be your alibi and i feel the time has been my alibi and i think that uh for that reason hopefully um michigan will embrace the the fab five again because it looks weird having those numbers not even the banners who cares but having those numbers uh on the court and those players playing with that expectation that's unfair to them chris weber's here it's been 30 years it's ridiculous and i i've been screaming for a long time for years it's it's been robbery i mean things have been hung over your neck 30 plus years ago and you look at way the sister it was robbery i mean it was the ncaa and organizations just they were taking money that belonged to the players there's free labor don't get me started i sit here for a long time there's other things we can compare it to yeah and what's crazy is i explain it in the book and so there's two things did i take money to go to the university of michigan hell no and then there's another thing the fact that what would we have been owed what would we have had black socks because the story and here goes that uh after we wore our black socks and found out that there was approximately 250,000 socks sold that weekend we turned our shirts inside out to come to the next game because we knew what it was so all this nil and everything else we've been the proponents of that so why wouldn't they shut us up who who's easier to vilify than the than the than a teenager you know and so i go into that deep deep deep in the book and and how it happened and relationships and other things so yeah it's something that behind the scenes we've all worked with players uh coming up in the system making sure that they aren't exploited and very happy about that um and hopefully we're part of the change going forward chris as we start to wrap things up you've you've lived a full life man broadcasting playing business book author what's next man what are you rolling out next i tell you what there's some high aspirations that i have especially being in sports um and hopefully i'll be able to come back and talk to you about those things uh really soon uh really really soon uh but but yeah just uh wanted to make sure man that that i i embraced my children the fact that i have six-year-old twins i've been able to set the foundation and and be there and so for me just from a guy that was on the road every day of his life being able to have that time and set that straight but from business i've taken um the entrepreneurial world uh just as seriously as i did the sporting world and so there's a lot of ventures there and it's the same tenets of sports or being a great uh a news personality like yourself get there early leave late get the best mentors work hard communicate don't be selfish the same tenets of sports um and and hopefully to take that to another level and just really excited about some of the opportunities but i'll definitely be back brother to talk about it and i've been able to do some things while doing it be a professor at moral house be a professor at wake forest and so um i've stayed busy but now it's time to get back on the road chris weber is here with us chris tell us about the book by god's grace fill us in my man man i tell you what you can get the book uh at i'm very excited about it it's something that um it took many years to write uh but to me it's so rewarding and i hope that people really get out of the book that this is in you my story is not unique because i'm a basketball player my story is not unique because i'm a black male there's many people that go through these and hopefully um you'll see and you'll celebrate the wins in your life and not concentrate on just uh uh kind of the down moments because you can see those down moments propels you i look at it more as what how did that moment define you not to be who you were and i think that whether you're a student of sports and say what was this guy's worst game and say wow he made it to the league or the reason why dion sanders and reading his book the reason why dion's personality is the way he was because his mother was working so hard she couldn't come to the games you know how do you encourage yourself see those are the things i have to take from people because i want the best if you want to be the best you better take the stories and not just the the stories without the process but the the proof of process the fact that you have to work through it and earn it that's what i love because that's what makes us all everything else is smoke and mirrors and if you think you got there by yourself then you don't understand god's grace it's a legend you just heard it chris weber it's the jr sport b show here with you on the infinity sports network coast to coast you're listening to the jr sport brief it's the jr sport b show here with you on the infinity sports network i need you to think o'reilly auto parts for all of your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at o'reilly auto parts thank you so much to chris weber for joining us in the last break just just so much he dropped in what was i don't know a 15-minute conversation uh if you missed it just hit rewind on the free odyssey app you can go back and listen uh everything from the nuggets to michigan his approach to life why he has a book out god by god's grace is what it's called bigged up yokich talked about the kings talked michigan hickey man there's a reason why this man was a broadcaster he it was great to chat with the dude he he put so much information in in such a a short amount of time it that was fun man that was fun i think it's the best way to describe it it was a really fun interview like you said it was laid back but it was also insanely informational it was inspirational as well it could touch so many different points so many different emotions i guess if you will um yeah you forget he's not only a great basketball player he's a great broadcaster that was awesome yeah it was awesome to hear him and and then when it comes down to michigan and i didn't want to go into a long back and forth because like every every subject that we touched upon we could have sat and chatted about it for like 30 minutes a piece and and he really said enough when it came down to michigan when it comes down to them being accepted being acknowledged is it going to happen is it not going to happen i i don't know i don't know but he really hit the nail on the head when he talked about how like the love that he gets from people and folks from michigan is really what counts and it's not exactly like reggie bush who's you know had his Heisman taken away and then they gave his Heisman back and they said hey you know we got NIL now so yeah here's your your Heisman back i don't know if we're gonna get that from the the NCAA it's one thing for the Heisman trust to say here's a physical award it's another thing for the NCAA to say you know here is here are you you know reinstituted the NCAA is just too old and and too stodgy and too backwards and for the longest time for lack of a better word they've just been a bunch of crooks like forever and i mean just over the past few years they've had to adjust things and what's allowed and what's not allowed and what you can do and what you can't do and ultimately it was it was highway robbery forever to not have the athletes the student athletes able to go out there and and make a dime and that's that's a shame and i know we're moving into a place where one day that might be the case there's actually a couple of schools that are looking into you know paying the players as they should i mean it's enough to say hey you got a scholarship but like chris weber said when you're making so much money off of folks but they can't participate that's that's robbery that's ass backwards and i'm glad that that he's been an advocate for 30 plus years of turning that around and i'm glad that he's still speaking about it today i mean a lot of people can run and hide and go oh i don't want to talk about it oh i don't want i don't want no backlash man if you stand on what you believe in and you spit the truth then what the hell is there to be afraid of nobody got time for that living life and fear and living life and worry some people would never never understand what real fear is let alone having to address things for people that are robbing you like there are worse things in life and so thank you again to chris weber later on in the show we'll play you a couple of clips before we get out of here and and what was uh very insightful and great conversation chris weber thank you so much you can hit rewind on the free odyssey app now i do want to mention this because this just popped into my head while i'm thinking about uh michigan steven ross this man is the owner of the miami dolphins i'm sure you knew that maybe you did maybe you done it who cares steven ross turned down 10 billion dollars to sell the team to sell hard rock stadium basically for a company that that wanted to come in and just buy it all and also buy the the formula one grand prix which he holds down there and steven ross said no no thanks the dolphins they're valued right now at 5.7 billion dollars okay steven ross has owned this team since 2008 he bought this team for about one and a half billion dollars in 2009 and if you can do math it's increased in value in excess of about four billion bucks and so i don't know maybe at 83 years old he wants to sit on it for a little while longer and pass it on to somebody else and i must also tell you steven ross isn't just some guy who owns the dolphins and also a michigan alum and grad steven ross this is a guy who basically owns half of manhattan he owns almost half the west side of manhattan he's into real estate and all these other ridiculous business deals that net him ridiculous amounts of money and so steven ross looking at 10 billion dollars i guess if there's one guy who can say ah no thank you shove it it would be steven ross hickey when you turning down 10 bill i'll say this never except if i was in steven ross's position i would absolutely there was no amount of money i think that would make me sell you you wait if you were him you would also keep the dolphins absolutely why i mean outside of the value he's 83 years old years old but at that point like what's the money gonna do you know you're already a billionaire how much more do you actually need to like his life is not gonna get exponentially better with 10 billion dollars in his bank account compared to where it is right now you are one of 32 people on this planet that own a football team with a chance to win a super bowl um or at least compete for one here in the next few years i think to me that'd be much more exciting and fun just to watch the team and say you own it versus getting a massive payday 10 billion dollars and then what like like you said 83 years old he's not gonna spend that money and go broke it maybe and i guess this this is the same thing like maybe you pass it down you know as as long as i've known about steven ross i haven't heard or known him to have like a family you don't hear about 20 steven ross kids the way you hear about jerry jones and not that jerry jones's 20 kids even though there is that story about that lady well anyway uh you don't hear anything about steven ross privately and so maybe there is no intent to say hey i'm gonna pass this down the money to my son or daughter or i want to keep the team from my family i i have no idea you know i don't got steven ross's 4 billion dollars nobody offered me 10 bill i mean uh hickey i guess you got a point like how much more money do you need a generational wealth he's like what am i doing this for right right i mean like you said it's just like 10 billion for how rich he is now 10 billion dollars as crazy as it seems is not really changing his life you know what how about this if we go back four years ago four years steven ross was on bloomberg tv because that's what billionaires do they sit on another billionaire's network hickey think fast how much money is uh michael bloomberg worth uh 800 million 800 million i don't know michael bloomberg is a bill you didn't know the mayor of new york was a billionaire no i did not know that i figured the politics you know maybe you're not worth that much money for in politics bro michael bloomberg became the mayor because he was a billionaire he's worth 106 billion dollars what you didn't know that way bloomberg yeah it's a a tech information system for the stock market yes yes i didn't even think there's that much money out there to be honest oh no you did that's that's false i did but it's like i mean you look at the the richest owner is what david tepa or the 20 something is like 20 and he's five times richer than that michael bloomberg 106 billion dollars network hey michael there's somebody downstairs who's hungry i'm hungry can i get lunch for the next i don't know five years 20 years i need lunch yeah hickey this man how long was he the mayor of new york three terms was he three times something like that it was when i was younger so i can't exactly remember it was for a long time yeah this man basically bought his who's gonna outspend it what what's what's the guy's name adams eric adams that's still there new york oh yeah would eric adams outspend him in advertising uh knocking on for president no one's outspending him that is insane knocking on doors yeah what was what was his donate what was his budget for uh and go look up his budget when he ran from there he's like oh tv got that radio got that how often do you want me on oh billboards yeah i got that could fly around the city 24 7 blumberg flyers got that come on oh my yeah and so steep by voters too let's listen to steven ross on bloomberg he said man four years ago i'd never sell this damn team listen to this rich man so you bought it the subsequent year and you paid roughly 1.1 billion or 1.1 billion or whatever it was something like that 1.1 billion okay so is it worth 1.1 billion today uh no it's worth more a lot more and would you ever sell no never gonna sell no well hickey there we got it four years ago right ironically i met steven ross when he first bought the team and i think and i could be wrong i think it might have been at a bloomberg summit how about that was it on a yacht no it was that head coach that's not supposed to be there uh which one was that again brian flores ah yeah and then he sued everybody after yeah yes trying to get tom brady to town yeah yeah they got punished they got doc picks for that no it was actually on a brian park in new york city very nice yeah i spoke to david stern god rest his soul he was there too this must have been i don't know 20 2009 2010 something like that yep me hanging out with the rich folks hickey asked me how many billions i got i'll say any of that rub off on you anyone drop like a hundred dollar bill in your vicinity i i wish 100 bucks i wish i need to shake down steven ross with some money for bill i need to get at michael bloomberg next man a hundred and what did i say 106 billion 106 with a b how many houses you think he has on earth oh i mean gotta be 12 at least right 12 houses from bluebird 106 billion dollars i hope you have 12 houses this man got 106 billion dollars and what he decided to do run for mayor of new york city he's not the smartest guy now is he let me relax let me shut up and leave it's the jr sport b show infinity sports network we got a top six list on the other side we're gonna look at the biggest brightest stars young stars in the nba 25 and under hey rob bradford here i have set out on a mission with my good friend that fan duel to prove what i have known for some time baseball isn't boring now i have a daily podcast to prove it with some of the most notable people in the world screaming baseball isn't boring for the mountaintops or at least agreeing to come on our show players managers gms and yes even the commissioner of baseball rob manford it has been a constant wave of baseball to both powerful voices so join the revolution subscribe and soak in baseball has been boring listen on your odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts you'll be glad you did you
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