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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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April 22, 2024 9:10 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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April 22, 2024 9:10 pm

Aaron Boone ejected from game for what a fan said l Dak Prescott not afraid to leave the Cowboys if he doesn't get the contract he wants l Jets trade Zach Wilson to the Broncos


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It's 855-212-4227. We talked a lot of basketball to start the first hour of the show. Thank you so much to Trevor Lane of the Lakers Nation for joining us, talking to us after the Lakers game one defeat. The Lakers will be back in action tonight against the Nuggets trying to avoid an 0-2 hole. In a few minutes from now, the Magic are going to try to avoid an 0-2 hole against the Cleveland Cavaliers. My apologies if I'm not all that interested in that damn matchup.

I think one of the reasons is who cares? The Magic are young. They ain't busting out the seams, okay? 97-83 was the final. The Magic got to get punched in the face.

They basically have to crawl before they walk. I think the Cavaliers are going to handle business in this series even though it's a fourth seeded Cavs versus a fifth seeded Orlando Magic. And then also the New York Knicks, they're going to try to go up 2-0 against the 76ers.

That game is going to tip off in about 30 or 40 minutes from now. The Knicks beat the Sixers on Saturday. We know Joel Embiid went down with a knee injury, was able to come back into the game and then it appears that Tyrese Maxey who earlier today was was out or questionable I should say with an illness. It's Keith Pompey who we had on air last week. Keith Pompey said that Tyrese Maxey is expected to play tonight. Let's see how effective he is.

He had 33 points in Saturday's loss against the New York Knicks. So we got a lot to get into. We've talked some basketball. I want to get into some football next hour as well. Matt Ryan has retired. A lot going on. We even talked about Ryan Garcia beating Devin Haney in Brooklyn, New York this past Saturday night. So a busy sports weekend.

This will continue to be a busy sports week especially ahead of the NFL draft taking place this Thursday. 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4227. We got Andy calling from New Jersey. Hey Andy how are you man? You're on the Infinity Sports Network. What's up? Hey nice to talk to you.

I appreciate it. As a Boston College grad I'm happy for Matt Ryan retiring. Always a class act. But I tell you JR, that fight this weekend a good friend of mine actually called it for Dazon and they all thought he was crazy. I mean leading up to the fight, the press conference, but boy oh boy oh boy he kicked his butt. That left hook and then that right.

It was unbelievable it wasn't stopped early. But Ryan Garcia, he's the real deal man. If he wants to fight and he wants it, he's the real deal. I tell you from what I saw it was an incredible fight. He wasn't expecting it but that kick can fight. He's tough.

Oh well we know he's tough. He's probably also crazy at the same time. Crazy as a fox man. Now how much how much of this do you think is an act?

I think a lot of it personally. I mean you can't be that that crazy and pull yourself together and beat him up the way he did. Because listen you know Devin's a good fighter. I mean he is a great fighter. Yeah he beat he beat an aging Lomachenko. He's he's had his share of handing out butt weapons.

We've seen that. What was shocking to me was when he got hit with that left hook he just never recovered because I didn't think he believed that Ryan had that power. And what scared me honestly was one he got that point taken away from him.

Ryan did. You know for him to do I would swear it was going to be a draw. I figured it was going to be a draw but shockingly that they they did the right thing and it was a really good fight. I'm looking for the rematch because it'll be very interesting to see how Devin prepares for that because that's a lot of power coming out of this kid.

You think that they think that they're going to have a rematch? I think that Ryan Garcia is going to continue to play crazy. I think he's going to take this whole new crazy persona and he's going to use it to make money like he did on Saturday night and he's going to go on to the next thing. Look I don't know I certainly I believe it's an act but you start thinking about a guy who's smoking and drinking before a fight and he's over here dabbling in conspiracy theories. I would take the quick approach that it's a little bit of crazy a whole lot of marketing and a whole lot of money to be made here so he's turning himself into a star and why are people paying attention? Because he's nuts and I guess if you can monetize being crazy look we've seen it before you know. I agree with you and I'm telling you before that fight I wanted to see what he would do because he was just crazy but I watched that fight. He's got talent so I think a lot of this a lot of this is marketing I really do and I do think there'll be a rematch because I think the money is going to be pretty darn big. If they if they marketed this fight the way they did imagine a rematch I think that money is going to be there.

Maybe it's not the next fight they are but I think that that's going to be a rematch. I really do and I'll watch it. I really will.

Marijuana and drugs for everybody and then everybody will tune in. Well Andy thank you for calling from New Jersey man you take it easy all right. I appreciate it thank you god bless bye.

No problem Andy thank you for calling from NJ. Like that's that that's the key to success. I mean let's start thinking about some injury-prone athletes. Joel Embiid, what's gonna fix his knees?

A beer. Kawhi Leonard, what's gonna fix Kawhi? Let's let's give him some greenery okay like maybe that's the key to success. This man got beat up okay by Tank Davis. He beat him up hit him with a liver shot and it was over and I guess somehow that that affected his brain and now all of a sudden he's out here uh he's whooping ass. That's what it is. Shout outs to Ryan Garcia. I guess being crazy can work out for you.

That's just the the way the world works. 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4227. Dan is here from Wisconsin. Dan you're on the JR Sport Brief Show on the Infinity Sports Network.

What's up Dan? Hey thanks JR. I was listening to you Saturday and everybody out in the Bronx and Long Island and all that was talking about booing Aaron.

Good job. Now and do you really think it's necessary you gotta boo a guy a Yankee that set a record like that? And my next question is what do you think of Aaron Boone getting tossed today? What do I think about well first of all well thank you first thank you for listening to the show when I'm in in New York. I really appreciate that.

Anyone who's not from New York yeah I broadcast on WFAN in New York City on Saturday afternoon so not just here in the week you can also catch me on Saturday so first of all thank you for that Dan. Second you heard it New Yorkers they boo. That's what they do. Is it justified or not justified?

You pay money you do what you want for the most part as long as you don't go overboard. I find it to be kind of ridiculous. I wouldn't boo but listen if you want to express your displeasure with Aaron Judge then then so be it. Now when it comes to Aaron Boone I'm going to let you go because I want to play some audio but it was nuts.

I think anybody with two eyes and two ears yeah especially two ears would tell you that his objection was unwarranted. I'm going to explain that right now Dan okay thank you for calling from Wisconsin. Good luck JR thank you.

No problem. If you're not familiar I mentioned this last uh last hour the New York Yankees were at home. Weather's beautiful today in New York. It was in the mid 60s the sun was shining the Yankees played a game against the Oakland Athletics okay. Early in the game and by the way the Yankees lost the game two to nothing. The Yankees offense is kind of crap right now.

I don't even think we were a couple of pitchers into the game. Aaron Boone gets ejected because the umpire thought Aaron Boone was talking crap to him. Aaron Boone had some words uh to him about whether or not there was a swing. The umpire basically told him okay that's enough. Aaron Boone said all right I'm just letting you know and then a fan shouted something from the stands. A fan shouted from the stands and the umpire thought it was Aaron Boone and then Aaron Boone basically told him hey man this was not me and the umpire said out of his own mouth like I don't care who it was it doesn't matter and he had him ejected. Now that has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life.

I want you to take a listen to this courtesy of the yes network. There you go and now Aaron's saying I didn't say anything. Aaron's saying hold on a second I didn't say a word. Hunter Wendelstadt with some aggressive rabbit ears one batter into this game and Aaron Boone obviously frustrated because he's saying you gave me the warning I didn't say anything you heard somebody else you're kicking me out I'm telling you it wasn't me and you're saying I don't care. Hickey you can't make this up like this is I saw the perfect message I shared this on on my my my twitter my ex somebody responded and said this is exactly why we need robotic umpires we need robo-umps because an umpire actually told the manager I don't care if you didn't say it like what what is this this is is this this is baseball this isn't a parent at home like parents ignore the hell out of you when you want something they don't it doesn't matter if you were right or wrong a parent is gonna do what they want to do the umpire just was like I don't care like I hope that guy gets suspended. I'm with you too because I mean postgame and this is also why I think they should make umpires referees like available to the actual media put them on a podium to explain having one reporter kind of ask questions and you're not really allowed to fight back or ask a lot of follow-ups it's like even the postgame the umpires like yeah I heard something but Aaron Boone's in charge of the whole dugout so he's the one responsible it's like he's not responsible for the fans and the yes network too having the camera perfectly on Aaron Boone and you see him just standing there and all of a sudden you hear boom Aaron you're out of here it's not like a he said he said you literally see Aaron Boone sitting there like chewing sunflower seeds all of a sudden next you know boom you're gone it was it's embarrassing for the umps and this is I mean this has to be the most ridiculous ejection right it has to be Aaron Boone the minute that he was ejected he had his sunglasses on was literally looking at the field looked up at his hands like he's checking out his manicure looked up and the next thing you know he got ejected it made no sense the only thing similar that I could think of if anything has existed similarly I remember years ago Tim Duncan was sitting on the bench and he was laughing and maybe it was a dead ball period and Joey Crawford had Tim Duncan ejected from a game because he looked over and then Tim Duncan was laughing and it's just like are you kidding me like what are we doing maybe he didn't get ejected he certainly got a technical foul and this is nuts and and to to your point Hickey Aaron Boone even though he got the boot from the game in the first inning Aaron Boone was available and did speak to the media after the game and Aaron Boone he agreed he found this to be ridiculous I really didn't go after Hunter yeah I was more upset that you know on the appeal and I said Hunter you can call it too and he came back at me pretty hard to which I didn't respond I just said okay went down and it's it's embarrassing it really is a bad really is a bad it's embarrassing I didn't I heard somebody yell but again I was I was standing down and I heard you're gone Aaron and that's what I was like I couldn't you know Hickey I think there's something in the water man there's something is there something in the water and why is everybody in New York mean and angry great question I don't know the fans got it the fans are booing Aaron Judge you know the umpire is drinking the water in New York he's throwing Aaron Boone out of the game did you see also by the way I guess Tom Thibodeau he's angry too did you see the NBA anonymous poll that the athletic released today I did I did 133 players participated in this anonymous poll and speaking of angry New Yorkers Tom Thibodeau the head coach of the New York Knicks overwhelmingly 46 percent of the the participants that that voted in this anonymous poll 46 let me boost it up 47 percent said I would not want to play for Tom Thibodeau 47 percent Doc Rivers had nine percent Monty Williams had six Darwin Ham had five you know who cares 46 percent of players said they would not want to coach for or play for Tibbs I guess the stigma that he just runs all of the players into the ground it exists maybe being a New Yorker being in New York all of these years even as an assistant maybe maybe Tom Thibodeau is miserable and angry like everybody else I know the Knicks are getting ready to play against the Sixers in about 30 minutes from now but Tibbs he actually responded to this earlier today listen to what he said no regard no no reaction I could care less about that oh Hickey is he he's not Belichick nobody's gonna confuse him with Belichick but uh would Belichick have given that same answer or less or more I mean it's pretty hard to give less maybe the only thing Belichick could have done to give a lesser answer his next question or I'm not aware I don't read I don't read that other than that that is basically Belichick in the NBA version right yeah these play I love these player polls because that's not the only thing that these the players said ironically 47 percent of the players that voted they would not want to play for Tom Thibodeau meanwhile they said that their favorite arena to play in 34 percent of the players said Madison Square Garden is their favorite arena that's 34 percent for Madison Square Garden the TD Garden in Boston has 17 arena the old Staples Center is at 13 percent the Chase Center's at three Footprint Center's at three and so NBA players they really don't care where they play they just like to show up at Madison Square Garden and put on the show it's funny also by the way we'll talk about this as well the players still believe Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time okay 45 percent say Michael Jordan and then after Michael Jordan guess who comes after that some guy named LeBron James LeBron James right behind Michael Jordan 42 percent Michael Jordan 45 LeBron James 42 I really don't know how many of these players really even remember watching Michael Jordan but I guess it's a good thing the longevity of LeBron James taking things from him taking things to another level anyway it's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network Magic Cavs just underway Nick Sixer's about to be underway give you an update on Mr Tyrese Maxey looks like he's gonna go out there and try to play after being ill earlier today and also Nick Nurse he spoke to the media and said we gotta control the glass we gotta actually go out there and grab some rebounds so we'll talk about that on the other side and then also you know we talked about the Lakers so far here in the show Lakers a legacy team a legacy franchise the Dallas Cowboys are another one Dak Prescott he just spoke at an event talked about his contract status in his future we'll hear from Dak on the other side we'll talk about Zach Wilson being traded we got basketball and football and we got it all it's the JR Sport Brief Show on the Infinity Sports Network we really need new phones T-Mobile will cover the cost of four amazing new iPhone 15s and each line is only $25 a month new iPhone 15s is better only at T-Mobile get four iPhone 15s on us and four lines for 25 bucks per line per month with eligible trade-in when you switch minimum of four lines for $25 per line per month without a pay discount using debit or bank account five dollars more per line without auto pay plus taxes and fees phone fees 24 monthly bill credits for well qualified customers contact us before canceling account to continue bill credits or credit stop and balance on required finance agreement do $35 per line connection charge apply see Baseball is back basketball is heating up and the NFL draft is right around the corner listen to the latest on the teams you love here on the Odyssey app the biggest sports radio stations in the country providing unrivaled local coverage of their teams all in one place exclusive interviews with players coaches and team executives streaming live and always available on demand stay in the know with your favorite teams right here on the Odyssey app JR wants to hear from you call him now at 855-212-4227 it's the JR sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network 855-212-4227 I also love payroll in Texas shout outs to everybody in Texas you could be in the Houston area you could be in Dallas and San Antonio and Austin and Galveston you could be all over the place west east north south you could be wherever anyway 855-212-4227 that's 855-212-4227 Hickey things are so busy we we've talked about a lot already we've gotten into Aaron Boone's ejection for doing absolutely nothing we have talked about the the New York Knicks it looks like Tyrese Maxey is gonna play Hickey is Joel Embiid gonna like fall on the floor and scare everybody today guaranteed right oh easiest lock of the day without a doubt Joel Embiid gonna fall down and scare everybody hey let's listen to Nick Nurse he spoke earlier today and he basically talked about how the Sixers can be more competitive with the Knicks by actually rebounding the basketball and I guess a big part of rebounding the ball is hoping that that gigantic guy Joel Embiid is out there listen to this I mean I think we didn't obviously do a very good job of keeping them off the offensive glass right like that was a that was you know a major major problem so yeah I mean I still think it's it's blocking out it's to try to get up and in the air a little bit maybe hold his arm down so we can't tap it you know try to run down some more of the long ones things like that oh okay all right sounds like a little bit of a little bit of cheating but who am I I'll tell you this by the time we get out of here Hickey you think the game they'll probably be like three minutes left in the game by the time we leave right by the time we wrap up probably especially since you know that game's not starting at 7 30 eastern probably closer to 7 45 maybe I hope not maybe closer to eight uh than 7 30 so I would assume you're right probably still going on by the time we're done this is one of those flimflam we've been flimflammed again right now it is ESPN's the king it is TNT I don't know maybe if they're trying to be a little more truthful or closer to you know 7 30 what they claim but national tv usually when they tell you what time the game is at at least bare minimum 10 minutes hey listen I like baseball they tell me this is when the first pitch is going to be and almost every single time that's when the first pitch is NFL is the same way NBA you can throw that out the window just tack on 15 minutes to whatever they say New York nixon 76ers will be in action in a little while speaking of action I gotta get this out the way because we this is a story that is not gonna go away until this man gets a deal until this man gets a contract until it's settled but this is the Dallas Cowboys and this is just how things have to go right the same time that I'm on air on Friday night down in Dallas Texas they having a gala or they were having a gala to kind of raise money and awareness for cancer okay it's called a night to remember gala it's Dak Prescott and Troy Aikman helping to lead the way and so what does this mean that Dak Prescott while he's trying to do some positive things in the community and help people out Dak Prescott is going to be asked about his contract of course he's entering the final year of this 160 million dollar contract he signed in the COVID year and now it's it's done they got to figure out a way to extend him keep him around or just I guess let him walk at the end of the season but Stephen Jones who's the son of Jerry Stephen Jones made it very clear multiple times more recently on 105.7 out in Dallas the fan he kept he keeps saying that we gonna sign Dak and it's a priority listen to this certainly Dak's a priority in terms of his contract and you know certainly we'll be taking a look at Trey and I know Trey will look at his situation as well in terms of what he you know what his options are and I'm sure a lot of that will depend on you know how everything works out with Dak okay well how are things will work out with Dak well what did Dak have to say about this on Friday he was asked quite a number of things specifically hey you don't have a contract well not past this year why don't you have a contract and is it because you want to be the highest paid quarterback in the game listen to Dak's response I'm not trying to be the highest paid necessarily so I'll wait till negotiations begin and I obviously want to put this team in the best situation so have your feelings changed at all about your desire to be wanting to be in Dallas past 25 no I'm focused on on here right now where I am that's always happened you can anytime you've asked me it's always been about right now getting better tomorrow and I've been in this situation before so it's okay I'm fine and in any situation at that point betting on myself how stupid would Dak Prescott look and or sound if he stood there and said oh yeah I'm trying to be the highest pay quote I don't even I get it it's a nice quote we can talk about it like right now picky would is the man dumb enough to even say that why would he say yes to that he should have said yes and told everybody he was joking after he's smart for the games that Jerry specifically wants to play right with leaving breadcrumbs and leaving the door open to interpretation and oh maybe Jerry doesn't want Dak back or you know putting just planning stories out there and having discussion around the Cowboys Dak's gonna Dre done a great job the other end of basically putting out every single fire Jerry intentionally or not tries to start it Jerry Jones of runs the Dallas Cowboys like it's Hunger Games like he wants everybody to be on edge you don't know who's gonna get well I never saw Hunger Games hickey did you see Hunger Games I've actually only seen the third one ironically enough so that's one that's the premise right you it's like it's like you've seen squid games on Netflix yes I have right so it's basically you you put a bunch of people in a room and make them go at each other right Dak no contract for you Mike McCarthy no contract for you fight it out only one gonna get an extension who's it gonna be right survival the fittest Jerry Jones is he's here for he's here for rancor he's here for friction he's here for beef he wants people to be on edge because I guess he thinks it's going to lead to I don't know performance but we haven't seen that and so Dak that wasn't the only question that he was asked Dak Prescott was asked hey if you don't get a contract done with the Dallas Cowboys if they don't give you a deal are you afraid to go somewhere else listen to what Dak had to say I'm not gonna say I fear being here or not I don't I don't fear either situation to be candid with you I love this game and love to play and love to better myself as a player my teammates around me right now it's what the Dallas Cowboys is where I want to be and that's where I am and that's the focus and after the season we'll see where we're at and if the future holds that and if not we'll go from there I don't think Dak Prescott is going anywhere and Dak Prescott also doesn't have he doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to asking for more money please tell me fill me in you know when has Dak been to the the NFC Championship game please fill me in the last couple of seasons when hasn't the season ended in something besides a disappointment look you can put up all the amazing numbers that you want and that's ultimately what's going to get him paid but when you think about this from a nuts and bolts the Dallas Cowboys are like the New York Yankees we're not doing this because we want to win regular season games we are doing this because we want to win championships okay Joe Burrow if you got to think about getting paid on an annual average basis Joe Burrow is getting 55 million dollars a season to play quarterback and as injury prone as he appears and is hurt as he's been here and there Joe Burrow is getting this money because he helped take the Cincinnati Bengals to a Super Bowl while he was still wet behind the ears Justin Herbert is getting 52 million dollars not because of the success that he's had in the postseason but because of the success he's had passing the ball around as an efficient passer and just a franchise quarterback and none of these guys by the way play for the Cowboys the Chargers don't have expectations of just going to the Super Bowl is that going to change over the next few years with Harbaugh running the squad yes and absolutely but for the Cowboys we have seen this story over and over and over again Lamar Jackson is an MVP he's making 52 mil Jalen Hurts has taken his team to a Super Bowl he's making 51 Kyler Murray is making 46 what a dumbass mistake that was Deshaun Watson getting a guaranteed 46 and we know why he's getting that money because the Browns are desperate for a pervert at quarterback and Patrick Mahomes is making 45 so you tell me where Dak Prescott should slide in that is Dak gonna get 50 is that what it is is he gonna make 49 he should make 50 right he can't make more than Jalen Hurts should make more than Lamar you can't approach Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow numbers but also let's let's keep this in mind Patrick Mahomes got his 45 mil and for a while the only guy who was right there in that category with him was Dak Prescott making his 40 mil a year I don't think Dak Prescott is going anywhere because let's be real what other option do the Dallas Cowboys have at QB Jerry Jones who's trying to win another championship he's just gonna let this guy walk out the door answers no this man is going nowhere it's just a whole lot of contract negotiations and fluff and noise they're just playing the contract game right now 8-5-5 2-1-2 42-27 that's 8-5-5 2-1-2 42-27 Hickey speaking of of Harbaugh did you see that that tattoo that he got that from Michigan tied it up and listen I gave him credit he said he'd get it followed through Jim Harbaugh said he would get a tattoo if Michigan won the national championship and Jim Harbaugh certainly did get a tattoo he has a Michigan M on his right arm and underneath it is 15-0 Hickey I don't have no tattoos I'm not no tattoo artist I'm not a tattoo connoisseur I'm not a critic I don't know it just looks it's weird man no him is this guy too old to be sitting around just doing these bets and I officially know that Jim Harbaugh is a crazy man now took it that's what it took huh it didn't take the what oh did you see that like that was like when he first was the Michigan head coach like he was kind of talking a lot of crazy talk and one of the things that he said he loved to do uh was have a glass a big glass of milk with a with a steak oh yeah I remember that yeah that's really crazy I remember that that's something that uh a serial killer would do right I mean look Jim Harbaugh and also the video of him getting that tattoo is hilarious stoic face no expression whatsoever it's like pain doesn't even exist in the world that he lives in well he was in his happy place I guess all right you know if you're going to get a tattoo I guess coming off an undefeated season and a national title I guess that pain's got to feel pretty good right yeah I guess I don't know if I do now here's the thing do his players care does JJ McCarthy care does anybody who played for him under that now do these players care these guys are in their early 20s why do they care why do they care why is it in their early 20s why the hell do they care whether or not their old coach who's now gone got a tattoo I guess he did this for himself that I mean he could also say that he followed through on a promise that he made to to do it now you're right I think it definitely I think the message is stronger if he's still at Michigan even though you know a lot of the players are leaving it's still like hey look you know with my guys if I tell you something I'll follow through on it I think it's a little like if when you leads go to the Chargers if you don't get the tattoo or Michigan fans and players going to think of you differently I'm going to say no but I mean that's listen Jim Harbaugh he's committed to the bit I guess if you want to say he's he's all in no doubt about that listen all those fans in Michigan are worried about what other sanctions are coming their way now that he's high and dry they don't give a damn about this man and his 15 and 0 tattoo maybe Jim Harbaugh is going through a midlife crisis he needs to you know what Hickey if he really wants to take the next level of crazy he needs to talk about how he's going to get a tattoo if the Chargers ever win a Super Bowl that's what he needs to do next well he asked her right I mean the bar set you can't win a national title at Michigan get a tattoo and then not get one if you win a Super Bowl at the Chargers where would he put the thunderbolt oh well so what is this on his right shoulder right at the top of the shoulder there is where the Michigan uh tattoos you go left side you balance it out you gotta balance it out right you can't go like the back you're not going to go tramp stamp obviously well hey listen calf maybe I don't know maybe you could join a biker gang uh when it's all said and done uh Jim Harbaugh quite an interesting uh individual congratulations on his Michigan 15 and 0 tattoo mr jr sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network I want you to thank O'Reilly Auto Parts for all of your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts we're going to take a break and speaking of something that was done at least crazily the the New York Jets taking Zach Wilson that went down as a disaster and now Zach Wilson is a member of the Denver Broncos we'll fill you in on the trade on the other side of the break jr wants to hear from you call him now at eight five five two one two four two two seven it's the jr sport reef show here with you on the infinity sports network eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven it's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven at the top of the hour we're going to talk about a quarterback who just retired today announced his retirement from the NFL that happens to be no one other than Matty Ice Matt Ryan this man spent the majority of his career outside of sans one year with the Atlanta Falcons now he's going to be retiring we can look at him on television a little bit more often in a full-time basis and it's just a matter of whether or not he ends up in Canton next we'll talk about that at the top of the hour someone who is not going into the hall of fame at least not on the trajectory or to actually do so is Zach Wilson but i can tell you where he is going Zach Wilson is going from the New York Jets to the Denver Broncos because today he was traded out to Colorado in exchange for a sixth and a seventh round draft pick the New York Jets are also going to pay a part of his salary and what a way to go down right Zach Wilson was drafted number two overall in the 2021 draft and he is the latest New York Jets quarterback to just basically hit the skids the New York Jets took Sam Donald at number four overall and that got them a whole hell of a lot of nothing and the reason why the New York Jets even have Aaron Rodgers right now is because they did not believe that Zach Wilson was going to get the job done we we shared this with you earlier on in the broadcast after being benched multiple times a couple of seasons ago after being kind of uh i don't want to say dismissive but he was just completely tone deaf he was out of touch with with his performance and what was expected of him i mean he finished up his tenure with the New York Jets with the record of of 12 and 21 he threw 23 touchdowns to go along with 25 interceptions like Zach Wilson he stunk like i can't even call this mediocre this man threw the ball and you just had to think about whether or not it was going to go to the opposition and so he's gone he's done he's gone and i remember a couple of seasons ago after a loss to the Patriots he basically stood in front of the media and was asked whether or not he you know takes any responsibility whether or not they owe it uh to the defense who played their behinds off and this is when you knew he was tone deaf and he lost the locker room listen to this super frustrating you know it is it was a frustrating day of course you know i felt like i had some balls that got away from me um but you know we got to find a way as an offense we got to do some we got to do some digging watch the film and see what we can do better as an offense though i mean when you guys are only able to score three points the defense only lets up three points i mean do you do you feel like you let the defense down at all no we didn't let the defense down we we just we just go out and do what we do and he lost the locker room and now he doesn't have to worry about it because he's going to be in Denver Colorado basically competing with Jared Stidham or Ben DiNucci and we also know the Denver Broncos when you think about the NFL draft they may decide to go ahead and kind of dip their toe in in that regard and find a QB if they can get their hands on one there's no guarantee that any of the individuals that i just mentioned none none whatsoever that they're going to be sticking around as the starting quarterback but the Broncos they have themselves some options and i mean the general manager of the New York Jets Joe Douglas it was just last week he was asked about this man Zach Wilson and his potential and listen to Joe Douglas explain away his mistake i know you guys talk to Woody about about Zach and i share i share my my thoughts are in line with Woody Zach Zach is an asset and um you at that same time we're we're obviously open to trading Zach um there have been discussions nothing's really changed since we talked down in Florida um but um you know we're open we're open to trading um there's just no news or report on that with his status Joe did you tell him that he doesn't have to come here for the spring program or what kind of what's his status with that i think it's each player's choice whether they want to be here for phase one of this these are all voluntary um you know there's there's more there's quite a few players that that haven't um come for the first week so um look that that's a decision for Zach to make if he wants to be here yeah well he knew he wasn't gonna be there but why show up to work when they're gonna move you to help on out of dodge and this man maybe maybe he does start next year i have no idea the Denver Broncos select at number 12 in the draft there's no guarantees that well let's just say the best of the best are going to be there okay Daniels is going to be gone may is going to be gone who you going to take Nix at 12 do you want to go ahead and bet the house on that so Sean Payton is probably probably going to find somebody new to yell at and if he was yelling at Russell Wilson i hope Zach Wilson got some thick skin and he gonna get yelled at next and for Joe Douglas i don't want to say that he has um started to write his his obituary as as general manager of the New York Jets but when you take a quarterback at number two and he doesn't work out and now you got to trade the guy you have finally started to put some strikes against your name and it's not looking good and the fact that you gotta rely on Aaron Rodgers to be the the man to save your behind good luck a good luck to Joe Douglas good luck to uh to Rob Salah and uh that's a whole hell of a lot and this is what ultimately was going to be the future looking at Aaron Rodgers to save their jobs Hickey what conspiracy does he uh publicly divulge and get into this week is he going to talk about the aliens area 51 what does he do next i mean is it crazy to ask i feel like he's gone down so many different rabbit holes are there any left for him to to discuss he's done ufos already maybe and i feel like if he maybe not if he did it was kind of early on in his weirdo career if you will we're just kind of like oh that's just Aaron being Aaron you know what we need and god bless him because he's actually been relaxed this year we need a Kyrie Irving and Aaron Rodgers podcast uh are you sure about that yeah everybody else got a podcast let's get Kyrie Irving and Aaron Rodgers together and make them do a weekly show would you listen to that no we should have draymond hosted right i think if draymond hosted the podcast with Aaron and Kyrie we'd be gold major comes into at that point why not yeah why not right it's the jr sport pre-show here on the infinity sports network we're gonna take a break when we come back on the other side we're gonna talk about a good quarterback now retired maybe hall of fame his name is matt ryan don't move it's the jr sport reshow infinity sports network we really need new phones t-mobile will cover the cost of four amazing new iphone 15s and each line is only 25 a month new iphone 15s it's better only at t-mobile get four iphone 15s on us and four lines for 25 bucks per line per month with eligible trade-in when you switch minimum of four lines for 25 per month without opaque discount using debit or bank account five dollars more per line without auto pay plus taxes and fees phone fee 24 monthly bill credits for well qualified customers contact us before canceling account to continue bill credits or credit stop imbalance on required finance agreement do 35 per line connection charge apply see baseball is back basketball is heating up and the nfl draft is 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