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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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April 19, 2024 7:14 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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April 19, 2024 7:14 pm

Do the Lakers have a chance against the Nuggets? l Law Murray, The Athletic Clippers reporter l Will the Clippers fill their new stadium?


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A U D A C U I. Download it today. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta Georgia. Much love to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. Happy Friday.

I'm going to be hanging out with you for the next four hours. Getting you all ready and set for all of the action that we have this weekend. NBA playoffs. NFL draft is next week. Major League Baseball is going on.

Damn it. Stanley Cup playoffs are going on. And then the thing that everybody can't wait for. U F L football as well. Yeah I'm going to be hanging out with you having a good time.

And cracking jokes at the U F L's expense. My bad. Okay if you want to holler at me it's simple. 855 212 42 27.

That's 855 212 42 27. Me I'm in Atlanta Georgia. Our super producer and host Ryan Hickey is in New York City. Shout out to everybody on the West Coast. All my folks in the Midwest. What up Chicago. Kentucky.

Indy. What's up my mountain people. What's up Colorado. All my people in Texas. What's up Texas.

And everybody near me in the south. Hello Florida. Tennessee. Louisiana. Mississippi. Alabama. North Carolina.

South Carolina. Everything. Okay. Listen this is when the show gets started. Every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern.

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Probably not. But the Odyssey app is free. You can also listen on Sirius XM channel 158. Much love to my folks who have Sirius. You can listen on a smart speaker. Just ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network and boom we're there.

We pop up everywhere. Of course we got a lot to discuss today when it comes down to the NBA. We got two games. First of all we got the Bulls and the Heat.

They will be in action in an hour from now. This is a loser leaves town type thing. The loser this season is over. Miami Heat will not have Jimmy Butler. We know he's dealing with an MCL injury. And then later on tonight if you go ahead and take a look at the Western Conference as we get this play on or excuse me this play in the hell up on out of here. We got the Kings and the Pelicans. No Zion Williamson because Zion is dealing with an injury to his hamstring.

Not good when you weigh almost 300 pounds. Anyway to talk about it all in about 20 minutes we're going to chat with Law Murray. Law Murray is out here covering the Clippers for the athletic. The Clippers playoff matchup is already set as the Clippers are going to take on the Mavs.

Later on in the show we're going to chat with Jim Ozarsky. He covers the Milwaukee Bucks. The Milwaukee Bucks are dealing with their own injury issues as Giannis Atetokounmpo is not looking real good right now with his strained hamstring or excuse me his strained calf. And we may not see Giannis for quite some time here or maybe we won't.

We have no idea but we do know the Milwaukee Bucks are going to take on the Pacers. And then later on in the show we're going to have a chat with Rex Walters. Knows all things basketball. Announcer, broadcaster, assistant. We know all of this.

Rex is going to come through and join us later on in the show as he has some first-hand experience against many of these teams. I'll say it again if you want to holler at me it's simple it's 855-212-4227. You can also find me online. I am everywhere at JR Sportre.

At that point following me you will already know about everything that we're going to discuss this afternoon, this evening, and tonight. Ryan Hickey how the hell you doing? You good?

JR, I'm doing great. Let's go. Playoffs are basically here tomorrow.

Draft's less than a week away. A lot of stuff that we could stop talking about what could happen. Now we can start reacting to what will happen and what did happen.

Yeah soon soon. I mean we got a guy who doesn't want to maybe doesn't want to go play for the commanders. How about that right? That'd be fun to see the drama play out next week. Maybe a little John Elway, Eli Manning what 3.0.

Oh my. Is he is Jaden is Jaden that damn good to call the shots like this? Come on now. Ironic by the way we were talking about this with Caleb Williams like two or three months ago that he could be the guy not want to go to Chicago all all along. It actually happens in the draft and it's the guy the number two pick. Hey look look you have to have some cojones and not only have cojones you actually have to be good if you want to kind of switch up your tune or try to dictate where you're going to be drafted at least in such a public manner.

I mean in a lot of cases you will have agents who will work behind the scenes and people will will put information out and there's there's an art form it's politics like everything else in life. There's a there's politics to trying to get drafted or trying to steer where you get drafted. I mean early in the process from not giving a team an interview or declining a workout. I mean there's a million ways to kind of put a message forth that you know don't draft me like like don't do it and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I think one of the most famous instances not even the NFL outside of you know Eli Manning he got traded immediately the same day the same night. I mean you can go back to the NBA Steve Francis a lot of people don't remember this because Steve Francis is pretty irrelevant when it comes to the NBA right now Steve Francis did not want to get drafted by the Vancouver Grizzlies he didn't he's like man I'm from Maryland I'm from the East Coast I do not want to go to Vancouver and they drafted him anyway and he went up there and ultimately they still traded him because he made it very clear I won't be here and so sometimes it can work sometimes it doesn't we'll talk about Mr Daniels later on in the show as he tries to figure out where he wants to go and Deion Sanders also had some words about his own his own team where he wants his son Shadore to go or not go as well as Travis Hunter the wide receiver slash defensive back slash everything for those Colorado Buffaloes so we got a lot of time to go ahead and talk about some football but let's let's get this out the way because of all the matchups that I've already mentioned in the NBA playoffs this entire weekend yeah tonight we get to play in games it's kind of like okay we're gonna find out who's the first place loser and who's gonna go home we see all of that but I would say the premier game of the entire weekend we gotta go to Denver Colorado we gotta go hang out with the defending champions in prime time tomorrow we have to take a look at what the hell is about to go down between the Los Angeles Lakers who beat the Pelicans to get to this spot and the Denver Nuggets who ended up with the second seed a lot of people said before we even got here that the Los Angeles Lakers should do everything in their power to lose the to lose the first playing game so they could end up as the eighth seed to potentially let me say this again to potentially take on the young Oklahoma City Thunder because who wants to face off against the defending champions the answer is nobody and unlike Mr. Paul Reed said for the Philadelphia 76ers you're not supposed to admit who you'd prefer to face because you look like a scared fill-in-the-blank you don't want that and so the Los Angeles Lakers if they want to advance if they want to make their bones in the Western Conference they got to knock off the defending champs right away and if you saw if you remember how Nikolai Jokic played last postseason he's a bad dude he's capable of going out there and giving you I don't know 30 15 and 10 on a consistent basis he abused the Los Angeles Lakers last postseason the Nuggets swept the Lakers Jokic was doing step back threes Anthony Davis who's one of the best defenders in the NBA god bless him Anthony Davis actually played this season he didn't fall down for from a broken fingernail Anthony Davis would be in Jokic's face Jokic would hit turnaround threes on him with ease and Jokic is on his way to a third NBA MVP award yeah if you're the Lakers you don't want this it doesn't matter who's on the team LeBron Anthony Davis they would have to bring back a prime shack and god rest his soul a prime Kobe and a magic to guarantee a victory against this squad the Los Angeles Lakers they got their work cut out for this is the matchup that people want to see are the Lakers gonna get swept again are they gonna extract some revenge because the Lakers were certainly brought up a whole hell of a lot after the Nuggets won their championship LeBron James spoke to the media of course he did and he was very serious in tone he said listen we have to maintain ourselves at all times listen to LeBron James you allow yourself to get away from the game plan when you make it too personal you know we have a game plan you go out there and execute it and you live with the results um I'm kind of the last person you should you know I just stay even keel out there in the postseason way too long in my career to know you don't get too high off of game one and get too high over whoever the matchup is you got to just stay even killed it's gonna be a lot of swings throughout the course of the game throughout the course of the series and it's um you know I want you to just keep in mind even keel and keep the main thing the main thing so um they're a great team um we know we're capable of but the game is not one in the transcripts the game is one in between the four lines oh well thank you LeBron thank you for filling us in on that hey Hickey I love I love the new cliche the latest cliche that I've heard over the past like nine months it's you got to keep the main thing the main thing that's the new cliche have you have you caught on to that one yet I have I like it replaced got to keep our focus only worried about what we can control now it's right the main thing the main thing how long does this uh cliche stick around we got another couple of months the main thing the main does it last until 2025 I would say 2026 2027 oh wow these cliches they don't change hands that often they don't you know what how about this one people one of one that that's that that was hot for like a year and I feel like that's that's kind of slowed down a little bit it's only been a year replaced by I'm him ah yeah you well I I'm him I feel like I'm him started to slow down as well I hate that one so I'm glad I'm the one is him now yeah after you hit the well somebody is gonna hit a big shot is gonna hit a big shot here in the postseason and they're gonna turn around and they're gonna scream down the court I'm him I'm gonna bother you about that's always like scrubs a scrubs like Patrick Beverly will scream I'm him right hits one shot I'm him okay now you hit the shot but let's can we pump the brakes please yeah it will be Patrick Beverly this is the same dude who played for the Minnesota Timberwolves and climbed up onto the the the scorers table like he won a championship and what did they win was that a playing game I don't even remember it was so insignificant that was the playing game I believe they won the seven seed if I'm not mistaken he was crying yeah yeah you you would think that they won the uh the NBA championship in game seven on a game-winning shot with like 0.3 seconds left the way they were celebrating just going to the postseason well you know what they say act like you've been there before but if you've never been there before what the hell are you gonna act like Patrick Beverly believes he's him also no Patrick Beverly is running around with a bum hand right now but we'll talk about him and his team the Milwaukee Bucks later on in the show LeBron James giving the Nuggets a whole hell of a lot of credit the man who doesn't say a whole hell of a lot he had to do the same for the Los Angeles Lakers listen to Nikola Jokic say oh no it's not going to be easy because they're a very talented team it's uh it's uh it's going to be probably the toughest toughest uh series that we had probably since I'm here because uh yes we have been we beat them 4-0 but I think they're they're really talented team they're really well built they they're even they have a couple guys got a couple guys get back I mean I have a huge respect for them and I think it's going to be interesting series okay you know well that's what that's what you're supposed to do when you're the champ right you give them credit you don't egg them on in regards to or before the quote-unquote battle throw them some roses and just go play in between the lines in between the four lines like Lebron James just said we don't need all the back and forth and the huff and the stuff the Lakers want revenge the Nuggets want to go ahead and repeat and this is the premier matchup of the weekend if you're asking me we can get through the playing games tonight with the kings and the pelicans and we can look at the heat as well and forget all of these teams forget all of them give me the defending champs and the Los Angeles Lakers America is going to be tuning in tomorrow evening tomorrow afternoon depending on where you live as game one goes down in Denver Colorado the Los Angeles Lakers trying to represent the city of angels and just give Lebron James a little bit of an oomph because if they beat the Nuggets I wouldn't be shocked if they went on a run towards a championship not at all so the JR sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network we're just getting warmed up we're just getting started you know speaking of Los Angeles teams I know sometimes it's difficult to remember this there is another LA team they're the Clippers and they got stars they got future hall of famers they got Kawhi's and Hardin's and Walt Westbrook's and I guess Paul George will get in that's for what I don't know but I guess he'll get in they got hall of famers they're going to take on the Dallas Mavericks Luca Doncic Kyrie Irving and the mother guys that they play with well maybe Kawhi will play a matter of fact we're going to get an update on Kawhi we're going to talk about the Clippers their construction we're going to get into hard in his contract you know what we're going to have a chat with Law Murray who covers the Clippers for the athletic don't move we're going to talk about the other star-studded Los Angeles team it's the JR sport brief show happy Friday on the infinity sports network we really need new phones T-Mobile will cover the cost of four amazing new iPhone 15s and each line is only $25 a month new iPhone 15s it's better only at T-Mobile get four iPhone 15s on us and four lines for 25 bucks per line per month with eligible trade-in when you switch minimum of four lines for $25 per line per month with auto pay discount using debit or bank account five dollars more per line without auto pay plus taxes and fees phone fee 24 monthly bill credits for qualified customers contact us before canceling account to continue bill credits or credit stop and balance on required finance agreement do $35 per line connection charge apply see all right football fans the NFL draft is almost here and the free odyssey app brings you the latest coverage from the biggest sports radio stations across the country which players will help your team the most who will make a draft day trade will they be ready for week one the local conversations about the team you love all streaming free right here on the odyssey app aud acui download it today you're listening to the jr sport brief the jr sport brief show here on the infinity sports network yeah we got some basketball coming this weekend man we got these playing games tonight uh eighth seed and then losers go home okay but we got the real action over the weekend right before we went to break we talked about the lakers and the nuggets and we only got to wait until sunday before we see the other los angeles team full of future hall of famers take on the dallas mavericks i'm talking about the clippers and the mavs there's a lot going on with the clippers when it comes down to injuries and availability and even some fines to talk about everything going on in the world of the clippers we're being joined by law murray who covers the team for the athletic law how are you man i feel good man it's good to it's good to get this thing over with this just felt like what it's like to cover a football team a bunch of talks for five days six days until the actual game on sunday i know i know well we we got about a day and a half so you don't have to wait for too much longer before we jump into what the hell is going on with kawhi and his knee and the team i i understand the clippers were fined what 25k for sitting down westbrook a couple of other guys on sunday and not saying anything what was that about that's just a that's just i i couldn't tell you man um we've had a whole season of injury reports and um i i guess they thought that they could just not play guys and it would be cool because it's the end of the season so they got a tap on the wrist for that completely avoidable and um that's all that there is to it um meaningless games but they got the nba is watching all of these games they all count man law murray is here with us the infinity sports network looking ahead we know we haven't seen kawhi and in weeks every time you look up every day his knee day his knee is sore his knee is bothering him he won't be available he will be available it's overstated it's understated what's the latest with the oft injured kawhi leonard well the the tough part about this whole thing is that he wasn't often injured this year he played his most games in seven years this season 68 he plays extremely well in those games like he played more minutes per game this year than he has in his entire career we're just saying a lot we're talking about a two-time finals mvp a future hall of famer of even this year one of the best players in the entire league and one of the main reasons this team got home court advantage in the first round and one of the most competitive western conferences in some time which is saying a lot like you got two teams playing in the play-in tonight both of them well over 40 wins one of them season is going to be over one season already ended in the golden state wars the other night and so the it's tough to see that kawhi is dealing with this at this time a flare-up that's that's really all you can call it i don't think the organization is hiding anything about a more serious injury which unfortunately for the organization if they get criticism now for how things are handled it's because of the previous instances where kawhi had a partially torn ecl but the team didn't announce it until he had surgery for weeks after the team was eliminated in the western conference finals or last year when they said that he had an e-spring but it was actually a meniscus tear which they knew about they just didn't reveal it until they were eliminated so because of the way that the team has handled kawhi's past injuries and recoveries there's going to be skepticism on what's going on now but i don't think that it's anything more than what they're saying it is it's it's inflammation um i think that if he does play game one and i'm not expecting him to play game one anymore information changes daily and it has definitely it has definitely influenced how i feel kawhi's readiness will be i just feel like you're not going to see in game one i think he will be ready game two or is going to push really hard to be ready for game two and whether or not you get peak kawhi leonard that's an open question of whether he plays or not so i think that's the latest who knows it could be different before sunday la you've covered this team all season long you talk about kawhi playing in 68 games paul george was out there for 74 harden played 72 all things considered i don't think you could have asked for more when it comes down to this roster in this team in regards to participation as we do head into the postseason though what are the odds what are the chances that this team can win a championship knowing that you know hey the main guy just just went down momentarily possibly possibly longer i feel like the chances aren't that high but it's not a criticism of the clippers as much as it is an acknowledgement of the strength of how good the top of the west is um even the middle of the west which is more or less where the clippers are i think the teams that establish themselves as contenders wind up being the top three teams in the west that's oklahoma city minnesota and denver denver's the defending champs oklahoma city is extremely well-rounded as far as what they do to make teams uncomfortable on both ends of the floor and then minnesota has the best defense in the nba this season so when you look at the clippers you can't describe them in any of the terms we're talking about a clippers team that hasn't won a playoff series since 2021 when kawhi towards acl we're talking about the oldest team in the league a team that was inconsistent defensively and there are structures in march where they were look like one of the worst defenses in the nba but the thing about the clippers is they do have a level they know how to play without their best players i do believe that kawhi is going to make it back at some point uh before the end of their first series and the they're led by serrano lou a guy who's won a championship elsewhere and has shown that there's nothing that's going to face him as far as deficits unavailability of certain players who they're going up against like taran lou is a guy who's geared for upset geared for comebacks within games and within series and i think that's going to be something that every team starting with the dallas mavericks has to consider no matter where they are in a series with the clippers until the damn thing's over law murray covers the clippers for the athletic you talk about luka doncic any given game you know he can go out there and give you 30 10 and 10 he has kawhi they got a little bit of help now and in pj washington they seem to be a little bit more of a complete team than we've seen uh in the past what do you think happens with this series are the the clipper is going to be able to edge them out or you think the math is going to take it i expect the clippers to win this thing in a game seven which means it's a coin flip series it's going to be very tough i think both teams wind up leading i think both teams wind up winning on each other's own floors and the thing with luka is this is a well-rounded dallas team in terms of they've improved defensively they've improved their interior presence they have tyree irving who is a star in his own right and the only way you beat luka is you have to score on them you have to attack them and challenge that defense in ways that as dallas showed that they were the best defense in the league over the last quarter of the season they didn't face teams like the clippers they didn't face the kind of personnel over the last quarter of the season that is capable of beating you so many different ways and so a guy like james harden for instance has to be great as a scorer as well as a facilitator i have confidence in james as being a great facilitator it's the scoring that takes a dip in the playoffs the efficiency how well he gets shots off and how willing he is to keep going when he doesn't have it but the same guys that criticize james for what his shortcomings are in the playoffs they ignore the 40-point performances in the playoffs as well they ignore the fact that he's there every year and this is the easiest task as far as like his workload is concerned he's playing especially if kawhi's there obviously but he's playing with talent that couldn't take the pressure off of james and allow him to be a whole lot more efficient and effective so this is going to be the most interesting first round series out of the eight that we get i don't care who we get as far as the one eight matchups but uh i expect that that extra push that comes with not knowing that you're guaranteed the same group of guys next year i think the clippers are going to make sure that they win this damn thing somehow and law and law murray is here with us the jr sport reshow on the infinity sports network when you think about the clippers roster the aging hall of famers still a hell of a collection of talent russell westbrook is now coming off of the bench you think about hardin and his contract issues over the past few years win or lose what could this off season look like for the clippers especially as they get ready to move into this new building well i think that the playoffs are going to dictate a lot of what happens and how it happens so you know we can't look at this as the off season going the same way if they win a championship or get to the finals or something as you know the same course of actions if you don't make it out of the first or second round so i think that the contracts speak for themselves when paul george has been extension eligible all year but i think he winds up considering whether or not to pick up his player option as a means of increasing his leverage paul is being tasked with having to be the clippers best player as these close playoffs start and he's been really good he had a downturn in the winter but ever since i would say mid-march he's been playing outstanding basketball and he's a guy who he's going to want to get compensated accordingly uh you look at james harden the reason he's with the clippers is because things broke down in philadelphia and james was looking for what's the next spot that can help him win a championship while also helping him be in a position where he can earn what he feels like he's owed he's taken sacrifices before so that's going to be a consideration and then you look at even toron aloof uh toron i think it's going to get paid by somebody and it better damn sure be the clippers like i don't think there's anyone who thinks that the clipper is going to upgrade a head coach without toron being there so but these playoffs are going to dictate especially kawaii's health situation is going to dictate uh the tenure of how toron aloof is going to approach wanting to re-up with this team so a lot is on the line here i would say everything is on the line as they look to enter a new uh era of going into the intuit dome uh for next season the law final question for you you mentioned the intuit dome i've certainly seen how he wants to have a european style fan wall behind the basket special prices and admission to get the fans up and going we know about the enthusiasm of a mr steve balmer how long is this going to last is this going to resonate with clipper fans are they going to blow this thing up or is it rather gimmicky here at the start i don't think anything's a gimmick when it comes to the clippers or their fans like this is something that people wanted a home court advantage uh playing at staples center now arena downtown la i mean there's been a good environment there this has been one of the most successful nba franchises nc bombers tenure there and it ain't just because of the talent because we've seen kawaii and paul miss significant portions of seasons and the clippers still lined up well over 500 so this is something where next season is just a chance for this fan base and this franchise to have a real home court advantage for the first time really ever we're going back to when they were in san diego and in buffalo playing in the sports arena the dilapidated sports arena by the time the clippers were playing there so they were they were third class citizens playing in this building and now next year yes to have a to have the wall it's like it's going to be it's going to feel different there and yes being a winning team is a part of it being a team with stars is a part of it being a team that can reasonably call themselves a contender as a part of it well they're going to have a good chance to win games next year the regular season isn't the clippers problem it's the playoffs and this playoffs look people are going to show up for the clippers next year but how they're going to show up it's going to be bolstered by how this playoff run goes and they're going to have less of a wait for toilets too steve barmer told us so i certainly can't wait for that it'll be an easy one well law thank you so much for the time where can people follow you and all of your work with the athletic yes well shout out to the athletics uh i actually write so you know i'm not out here just tweeting for my health we we writing stories out here me and the whole staff and i'm active enough on social media so um law murray the new on all the platforms that matter all right thank you law appreciate you and let's see what those clippers do enjoy the weekend okay thank you so much no doubt about it that law murray who covers the clippers for the athletic yeah it's going to be real interesting to see what the clippers can do here in the postseason man you think about the talent yeah they played they played more games than you would even think that they would this past season i'm talking about kawhi hardened and westbrook uh put paul george in here as well but now of course this is when kawhi goes down right before well not even right before like weeks before we get to the playoffs and he's still not eligible to play also might be a little bit of a sticking point kawhi leonard just named to team usa basketball and it's like well damn kawhi can we can we get you in the playoffs first like they named him last 12 out of 12 to make the team usa roster i mean if i gotta look up and down a roster which is rather old and i gotta start making uh you know thoughts as to who's actually gonna play i look at kawhi and i go kawhi leonard's actually gonna play in paris he's not healthy enough to play for the clippers now is he gonna be healthy enough to show up in a couple of months i don't know his knee will be barking by the time we get there won't it off injured kawhi 855 212 42 27 that's 855 212 42 27 the phone lines are open if you want to give me a holler here on the infinity sports network speaking of off injured we saw what happened earlier this week with zion williamson he went down or at least he was able to walk or run fast off with his hamstring injury as someone who had a history of weight issues was able to still have a hall of fame career during basketball and after is charles barkley and of course sir charles had some words about zion and his injury we'll hear from uh charles barkley on the other side of the break you're listening to the jr sport brief the jr sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network thank you so much the law murray covers the clippers for the athletic he joined us in our last break the clippers are going to take on the dallas mavericks this sunday in game one of their western conference matchup the clippers are seated fourth the mavs are seated fifth and we have no idea about the status of kawhi leonard based on that fact and i think he's well we don't know i can't even say i think he's gonna play they say he has inflammation that's still in his knee i mean this man has had leg issues for for years off and on and on and off i can't trust him i'm just gonna go with the dallas mavericks just because now is russell westbrook gonna play harden out of his mind oh hell yeah yes he is is paul george gonna play harden out of his mind yeah i assume he's gonna try and that with james harden he's gonna have an amazing game and he's likely to have a crap game and this is what happens when you have players who are older now i mean even in james harden's prime unfortunately for him he had to do a little too much and they suffered i don't think that gets better as he as he or they get older hey i think it'd be a great story just to see luka doncic lose his damn mind to see kari irving lose his damn mind i'm going with the dallas mavericks to win this series and for me personally it'd be a great story right los angeles clipper's team with all of these uh i don't want to call them controversial names but names that people just go well damn russell westbrook lightning rod don't call that man out of his name james harden lightning rod i mean this man got fined last off season for calling his general manager a liar but he ain't afraid to say nothing to nobody even though he's not the same player he was a couple of seasons ago and then paul george well paul george just plays okay playoff p brick p i don't know what they call him and kawaii he's a robot we don't know what the hell he's gonna do and so the clippers and the mavs are certainly an interesting series and it'll be a lot of fun to see how kari irving and luka doncic uh you know kind of tag team this situation in the postseason i am all here for it i am also here for the intuit dome now i asked law murray about the the idea of the fan wall being a gimmick you know i've been fortunate enough to to go to some of these uh football matches soccer matches in europe especially a team like barussia dortman in germany where you literally have a wall of i don't know feels like 10 000 people on one side of the stadium behind the goal man they got the flares they got the flags they got the big banners they are screaming they're chanting they are standing up the entire match yeah a soccer football match is shorter than a basketball match thank god but they are really into it and if steve balmer can recreate that here in the nba we might be onto something i actually love the idea i just don't know and that's why i asked law how invested are the clippers fans gonna be i mean it's one thing to do this off and on throughout the course of a game but the energy is different in a basketball game there's so many starts and and so many stops that's why i said is it is this a matter of being gimmicky it's not a matter of looking at the clippers and their fans and and their dedication can this work at a basketball game where there's timeouts and it's just like let's think about the last two minutes of a basketball game goes on for like 30 minutes depending on what's happening i'll tell you this we have a section here in atlanta i should know what the hell it's called i think this is the 12th man i think 12th makes more sense than sixth anyway it's a section just up just up from the opponent's bench and these fans these are these are the rowdy fans right these are the this is a group you gotta like join to be a part of the club and what have you these fans will chant at the opposition we don't want you hickey have you have you heard of this have you heard of this this group the six-man hawks six-man yeah we talked about him i'm trying to remember the player i think it was d'angelo russell right like in trade talks at lakers and they chanted at him we don't want you or they don't want you something like that yeah they chanted well i've heard them chant some wild things they chanted we don't want you they have chanted to some guy lebron is going to trade you like they sung this to a guy on the bench and he has no choice but to listen to it because they're right behind him singing this stuff and i like it because it's offensive to the player and it's fun i mean for all the drunk idiots that you have on on the court saying all types of wild things it's a little bit different when you have an entire section who's talking trash to you because what are you going to do they're not saying anything vulgar they're just getting right to hell to the point and and i love it i gotta i gotta pull up some of the wildest things that they've said they've chanted at players at the free throw line and the players can't do anything but just just grinning barrett is there anything wild that you've ever heard yelled at a player oh yeah plenty of things that i cannot repeat on the radio i'm trying to think of like creative ones because i'm not the creative type so usually just more the listener than the chanter i'm trying off the top of my head i'm trying to remember if they chanted westbrook at westbrook like i think i would have remembered that plenty of individuals has had that to them and have gotten called out for it yeah yeah i've seen i've seen westbrook play maybe a couple of times i don't i don't remember them chanting that and now that i think about it it's it's disappointing but that into it dome it should be fun i just hope that clippers fans they show up because like the rest of america who thinks about the clippers like nobody like who's a famous fan for the clippers billy crystal do you know anybody do you know any i know a lot of people who like the lakers do you know anybody who likes the clippers i do not know i mean even it's tough it's tough being a clippers fan they're changing their logo up they're moving into a new arena let's just see what uh mr steve balmer does over the next few years he got a lot of money he got more money than anybody else and so i would think that the clippers will be relevant but one thing is for sure one thing is for certain clippers are always going to be the little brother to the los angeles lakers it does not matter what the hell is going on in the city it's a lakers town and even to think about the clippers is uh any type of relevant is just it's like hey there they go on the back seat like how the hell do you mark how do they even market the clippers are they selling kawhi leonard's personality how do they sell this team great question um come see the new stadium we have more toilets right well see what they're doing with the wall too in terms of first in terms of first come first serve in terms of seats yeah something you bring a friend right and it's also too like you get there you know an hour before the game you go right down to the lowest row there's like no assigned seating yeah but when i get there you know what happens after i lined up outside for like three four hours you know what i want to do when i get inside go pee well no i want to i'm going to sit down oh well that that's true too yeah that but that's that's counterproductive for what they're going for i want to sit well i mean you sit for an get there early sit down for an hour and then all of a sudden you know here's another thing who the hell is gonna wait outside i mean people will right these are the clippers this is why i ask these questions like how invested are the fans gonna be after a while because if the clippers just end up being an average team let's just say they're 41 and 41 squad are people lining up outside i guess somebody always will yeah so i guess i answered my question i don't know i could see the days where this this entire wall is just empty that's just me yeah i think or invaded i think they're also going to try to keep people out invaded by their fans yeah it's hey good good luck good luck to the clippers man they they deserve it they need some positive change i just don't think it's happening this year it's the jr sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network i didn't forget about charles barkley talking about zion we're gonna get into that hey we got an nba matchup that's starting in a few minutes and then we got an nfl player who's not wanted with his current team i'll fill you in the jr sport reshow the infinity sports network we really need new phones t-mobile will cover the cost of four amazing new iphone 15s and each line is only 25 a month new iphone 15s it's better oh only at t-mobile get four iphone 15s on us and four lines for 25 bucks per line per month with eligible trade in when you switch minimum of four lines for 25 dollars per line per month without a paid discount using debit or bank account five dollars more per line without auto pay plus taxes and fees phone fees 24 monthly bill credits for well qualified customers contact us before canceling accounts continue bill credits or credit stop and balance on required finance agreement to 35 per line 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