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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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February 26, 2024 8:59 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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February 26, 2024 8:59 pm

Court stormings should be banned l Jon Crispin, former college basketball player l Is there actually a chance court storming could be banned?  


I'm Tony and this is the Tony Kornheiser show. Wow, that makes it sound a bit more serious than it really is. So what exactly is the show about?

It's been almost 30 years and I still don't know. Right now we have some of the best voices in football come on to explain to us what we need to know in the college and pro world and we get weekly picks from a monkey. Do you really need more than that? I might just tell you about my bunker game and the latest failed entry in my quest to find the best coffee ice cream. No schmutz please. Listen on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. It is the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta Georgia.

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We get started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern 3 Pacific and so we've been hanging out for an hour already. Where the hell have you been? We talked about some of these NFL running backs not expected to be hit with a franchise tag. That means people like Josh Jacobs, Saquon Barkley, Tony Pollard. That they're gonna be legitimate free agents. That doesn't mean that they'll leave their respective teams.

They may have to settle for whatever deals that the teams want to offer them as they're just squeezing the living hell out of these players. In particular the running backs. We talked about the NFL combine gets going this week. We learned that some of the biggest names to the shock and surprise of no one are not expected to participate in the combine. Some. Is it just the physical portion?

Is it just some of the meetings? Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels who just won the Heisman, Marvin Harrison Jr. all not expected to participate in the combine. There's a lot of players that are trying to improve their draft standing but if you're already sitting at the top of the damn draft standing why in the hell would you compete and potentially fall? Not even a matter of injury risk. Why would you give anybody any additional doubt?

Any additional reason to say that you can't do this or you can't do that when all the evidence of what you've done let's be real. It's all on film. Why they need to compete. We'll talk about it. As we continue on with the show we have so much more to get into. I want to talk about this this fight, this brawl that took place yesterday here in Atlanta Georgia with Cam Newton and some some coaches like what like youth coaches what world are we living in? Cam Newton involved in an altercation. We got Russell Wilson sitting down with I Am Athlete you know giving his two cents on what he wants to do this upcoming season. How about this in about 15 minutes we're gonna be joined from what joined by college basketball analyst John Crispin from Westwood One. Knows everything about college basketball and why is he joining us? Because over the weekend there's a lot of things took place over the weekend including a Duke loss. Duke lost to Wake Forest. This is I don't want to say this is the biggest rivalry in the world but if you got to talk about North Carolina schools for Wake Forest to wake up and beat Duke not too shabby they beat him 83 to 79 but the larger story wasn't the upset. The larger story was that Kyle Filipowski who happens to be a gigantic center for the Duke Blue Devils also happens to be from the Northeast.

I actually watched Kyle Filipowski and his brother play in the junior NBA. It's nice to see these still whooping ass at Duke thinking he's too slow for the NBA but that's a conversation for another day. The game ended and as we see a lot of times college football more so college basketball because of the access to the court the Wake Forest fans lost their damn minds. The Wake Forest fans couldn't scream and chant and clap their hands and say yeah we whooped them Blue Devils asses they had to stand there. Well they didn't stand there they just ran out onto the court like a bunch of nuts. They mobbed the players congratulated their fellow athletes fellow students fellow classmates and in the process Duke is still out there and so what happened with Kyle Filipowski the man sprained his ankle because an idiot ran into him. Yeah what a shock right? Someone trying to go one way like leave versus I don't know a couple hundred people a couple thousand people trying to go in another direction.

You know you don't have to be a physics major to understand that there is some potential danger there and something bad happened. So Kyle Filipowski his ankle and so afterwards via WFMY-TV he thought that this clown who ran into him and bumped him and stepped on him caused him to sprain his ankle he thought they did it on purpose. Really ridiculous of how you know that situation handled I've already heard that there's some videos of you know getting punched in the back and so I absolutely feel like it was personal you know intentional for sure you know like I said is there's there's no reason where they see a big guy like me trying to work my way up the court and they can't just work around me you know there's no excuse for that. Yeah the idiot ran kind of full force towards him and he bumped him and Kyle Filipowski tried to do his best to keep him at bay kind of keep his arms out to brace himself for whatever impact was coming it didn't matter he sprained his ankle all things considered it appears that as of today right now he will be fine and he will be okay and so you want to know who's not happy about this how about his coach John Shire the man who took over for Coach K he spoke about this incident after the game and he pretty much said we need to ban all this court storming. When are we gonna ban court storming?

Like when are we gonna ban that? Like how many times does a player have to get into something where they get punched or they get pushed or they get taunted right in their face and it's a dangerous thing. Yeah it is dangerous and by the way this isn't the only occurrence do you remember it was only what a month ago that Kaitlyn Clark was was pretty much bumped and and kind of spun around and fell onto the floor you know was it an exaggeration was she selling a call I don't know this is after a game this isn't the first time that we've seen someone get injured someone have to be tended to Kyle Filipowski as big as he is he had to be helped off of the court because of these idiots who just ran right the hell on to it and so obviously Kyle Filipowski he's not healthy if you want to call him the victim he is obviously his coach is not happy his coach is an advocate for his player what about the other team what about Wake Forest what about their head coach if I have to go ahead and take a look at Steve Forbes what do you say about what took place on your own campus? I didn't see what happened at the end you know I hope he's okay I don't like court shootings never have I've been a part of those before as a coach just don't feel safe and I'm sure the next time that happens we'll do a better job taking care of that situation uh yeah it doesn't feel safe because it is not safe what's what's so difficult about this I get it it's money over everything that's what it comes down to what is so difficult about this are one of these conferences waiting for someone to be seriously hurt or seriously injured and so what happens if if Kyle Filipowski what happens if it wasn't just a slightly sprained ankle what if they broke his ankle okay what are the folks that Wake Forest gonna do there besides say sorry what's gonna happen with the the ACC what are they gonna say then they're gonna unbreak his ankle in that case and and so here's the deal out of every conference that has a basketball program only 16 of them at least on record only 16 of them have pretty much said hey yeah we have punishments here for example I saw this congratulations ESPN the SEC and they got fines that escalate for court storming but if you ask me these fines are nothing these fines are garbage these fines are non-enforceable the SEC $5,000 for a first offense $25,000 for a second $50,000 that was 20 years ago they've now since moved the fines more recently in 2015 up to $15,000 so excuse me 50 100 a quarter million and then last year they upped it up again 100 for first offense a quarter million dollars for a second $500,000 for third and on and on and on hey why do we have to go through a first second and third how about we just punch them in the mouth right out of the gate something bad is gonna happen that's just flat what it is and it's like a lot of things in the world why do we have to wait for something bad that happened before we have any type of change it's it's pretty pathetic and just looking at the SEC just over the past 20 years and I know this number is big but it sounds small when you really boil it down they've only enforced about four million dollars in fines that's it four million dollars in fines and so unfortunate the NCAA can scream and yell and say what it wants on court storming is bad it's not good we don't need to have it it's up to the conferences to actually go forth and impose the punishments like we don't need this this is not necessary and if I have to take a page out of the book of I don't know football international football when the fans behave badly it's not just oh we're gonna tap you on the wallet the team is punished as well you want to know what happens you're gonna play the game in an empty stadium you know what that does that affects your bottom line it punishes the team it punishes the the players it punishes the fans because at least the team is supposed to be the one that stands up and so if any of these conferences actually had some I don't know some balls and actually cared about the safety of the players and the people on the court it's real simple there would be no court storming because the punishment would be ridiculously severe and if we got to move to a place where hey you storm the court then the next game you have no fans in the stands I think that would change things I think the teams and the schools would start employing security enough to prevent this from happening I know we live in a different world right now and I can't go to an NBA arena I don't see nobody storming the court security in the stands there's floor people there's not an expectation it's not a culture yeah you might have a culture in the NBA idiots that a drunk cursing at the players ain't storming the court then I'm messing around with that money and so I think the punishments need to be a little bit more severe but you want to know something it's about money and the conferences don't have the balls it's actually stand up to safety they're gonna allow something bad something worse than what happens a Kyle Filipowski they're gonna wait for that to happen before they implement change and that's just pathetic eight five five two one two four CBS it's eight five five two one two four CBS hickey what are your thoughts man you went to a big old school in Penn State more so football and basketball but how do you feel about this I think there's a happy medium I think we can live in a world where player safety is taken care of and especially the opponents are off the court while still allowing like the awesome scene that it is of fans running on the court and celebrating a big-time win and kind of living in what part they makes college basketball so special which is these court stormings and is having a great atmosphere in the arena I think you can have both if you wait like 15 seconds get the players off the court then allow the fans on I think we can achieve that and make sure players are safe also still promoting what is a fun time which is you know celebrating a big-time win yeah but that's that's why they're spectators you know and if you want to do all of that then have a pep rally and yeah you want to be in the moment but it's proven to be too dangerous I don't think there is any type of way that when that final buzzer sounds that you can get that I don't know 10 and 15 and a group of 20 off the court that are gonna behave because there is no medium when it comes to just fan behavior it's typically extremes and to think that you know we can have a little bit and let people on it's still it's still dangerous I mean if I gotta think about Cameron indoor stadium and I want to think about the the atmosphere I'm I'm I'm absorbing the game I'm thinking about the chance I'm I'm thinking about the the atmosphere I'm thinking about what makes the stadium will be arena unique and yeah court stormings they look good they look nice on TV that's why people do it you get to be on the court which isn't typical you get to stream and yell potentially you could be on television I don't think the I don't think the risk is worth the reward I mean if you want to celebrate do it a lot of other people do no jump up and down scream high-five the idiot next to you that's drunk you know go home go have a party I think there's enough that can be done where you just keep the court the court and that's for the players for the coaches for the staff for the you know the refs I don't I don't think we need to let folks on to the court it's like let that be the sacred ground for the athletes eight five five two one two four CBS it's eight five five two one two four CBS we are going to take a break when we come back on the other side we're gonna have a chat with John Crispin covers college basketball for Westwood one we'll get his thoughts on the issue also try to get up on what's going on with March Madness because yes selection Sunday is now only a couple of weeks away it's the JR sport we show here with you on CBS Sports Radio more talk on college ball don't move Dana Carvey and David Spade here you might know our podcast fly on the wall featuring guests from across the entertainment industry we decided to spin off called super fly and it's fun it's just two of us riffing on current events pop culture catching up impressions joke Trump's trying to be a dictator yeah you know bump on the tater tots Joe no listen to and follow super fly on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio the lake has done it the Deacons upset Duke by the final score of 83 to 79 and for the first time in four years mark the Deacons off or knock off a top ten team wait stays unbeaten at home 15 and all the students have stormed the court we know about the storm court storming we know about the the sore ankle that was Stan cotton with the call Learfield IMG College Wake Forest couldn't contain its excitement and Kyle Philipowski has to go down at least temporarily in the process right before we went to break we talked about court storming we know that we're storming quickly towards March madness so to talk about what took place over the weekend and more what has taken place what could potentially take place over the next few weeks joining us right now is John Crispin covers all things college basketball for Westwood one as well as ESPN John thank you for taking the time to hop on my pleasure best time of year it's just like when I'm at my peak of relevance so it's good happy to join no doubt about it there's a lot of people as we know that are directing their attention towards the March Madness tournament but before we get there what are your thoughts on what took place this past Saturday out at Wake well I'm I think I'm maybe I'm contrarian in some ways but I also think I'm a bit of a logician when it comes to things that happen and in our sport what we do really well is overreact like we do that like the earlier this season campus look good we're like there's not a team better than Kansas they might win it all they're gonna win it all final four bound and then they lost and then it was like but Arizona Arizona looks as good as anybody that's Purdue like we overreact everything I mean how many times have we had a little scuffle in a handshake line and it turns out that we go we just need to do away with the handshakes and it's like really how about being adult right there's a there's a better first step than just do away with it because recently something happened and I look at court storming and first I got to put it into context storming the court is a bunch of people who are excited that that a win happened against somebody you're not supposed to win that's a good thing it's fun but it's also something that gets people to want to go to games right if you're a student you want to have reasons to go if if we're not being honest with the reality that college basketball is down like viewership is down people in attendance it's down so if that's the case and there's this kind of waning interest in the game we need to do a better job of giving people reasons to want to be there reasons gonna say hey maybe there'll be an upset we can storm the court if that's what gets you there and I'm sure there was a few people in that Wake Forest crowd that that's all they wanted been great but what what's the logical next step the logical next step is saying all right you've got 70 you know yellow coat security guards whatever they are ushers you know in the in the arena to just stand there while the the Roman mob just piles through them why don't you take 10 to 15 of your best your most experienced security guards ushers whatever they are and say look what a court storming situation your job is to get the opposing players to safety that is your sole purpose your job is to be there with them your job is to be around them your job is to witness anything that happens to them because I want you to report on it right like a bouncer right give these players a bouncer if that's the case they're already down on the floor they're prepared for the court storm they're just not going to do anything about it so instead of doing away with something that I do think is it's fun for students it again connects students to college basketball at a time where there's a lot of other things that people could be doing just like like sitting at home and looking at tik-tok or played Fortnite or god knows what else is popular these days like I just think we should be careful not to overreact and be a little bit more I don't know calculated about it right let's actually say look we like this it's a fun thing good for them they beat a team that they're not supposed to be and oh by the way it's Duke anybody who beats Duke wants to storm the court even if Duke is it even ranked so I just I think there are better ways to go about it instead of being so absolute with everything and say like let's just do away with it let's let's be a little bit more calculated and consider the fact that we like the fan engagement we just don't like when it becomes an issue well there are ways to keep it from being an issue as opposed to just doing away with it completely John Crispin is here with us Westwood one covers all things college basketball well John I feel like that the no fun police because it didn't take this incident for me not to necessarily be a fan of it well let me ask you this that's your thought process on on what they could do what do you think is likely over these next several weeks months or years ahead I even know your mark is saying all the commissioners we're gonna get together and figure something out what do you think is likely to happen as a result you know what that sounds like it sounds like the federal government that just got caught doing something right which Lord knows what they you know pick one you know it's like oh no bad press we're all gonna meet and figure this out it's like well you didn't think about this before so you're only meeting to figure this out to appease someone right who is that someone is it Duke is it John Shire is it Kyle Philip asking or is it just the mass of people that are sharing opinions on this like at some point I mean that's what we did with NIL it's what we did with the transfer portal it's not like we were ahead of that issue no we were behind it like everything else it is is you know cover your own you know what I mean that that's really what this is oh we're gonna make sure we get this right well if you really cared to get anything right you would be ahead of it you would say hey you know what we've noticed player safety is becoming an issue what about Kaitlyn Clark wait we forget about Kaitlyn Clark that got hit now all of a sudden it's another player at all you might get hurt so we have to we're going to address this right now I feel like that's very lame and indicative of who we are in society as opposed to saying look this isn't right we should work towards something that makes sense we wait till something happens and then says oh wait we're gonna get on this because this is a serious issue I feel like that's lame I really do I feel like that's lame and very reactive it's no different than us as analysts you know I'm in the studio at ESPN you know Purdue wins five in a row is produced unbeatable no stop being reactive you know the reality is there are a lot of variables to everything there are a lot of variables to a team being good and being good consistently and sustainably and there's a lot of variables for something as simple and silly as court-storming right there's a lot of things you should consider and what's gonna end up happening is you're gonna put a a bad band-aid over it over something that really didn't need a band-aid in the first place it just needed attention right it's just a scrape it doesn't need a band-aid just put some aquifer on it like hey look this is an issue but this is how we're gonna go about it because we do like score so and I think court storm is fun for these kids as the kids storm the courts the greatest thing in the world for them and I don't think you want to take that away I just don't trust anybody who in a reactionary way has to get together with all the presidents and the commissioners and we're gonna discuss this because it's a real issue it's like but this has been something that you should have considered a long time ago and the only reason you're doing it now is to save face so I look for leadership not not followership because that sounds like a bunch of followers yeah that I would definitely agree with you on John Crispin to see with us from Westwood one when you think about action on the court it seems like over the past week a lot of the stories that we've had have dealt with Rick Patino losing his mind we've seen yeah we've seen Yukon lose to Creighton and we had this nonsense over the weekend what's actually going on on the court and what can we look forward to over the next few weeks as people really start dialing in well that's that last part you just mentioned start dialing in I think I've been waiting for that all season right that's that's been the biggest challenge in this new era with transfer portal and name image and likenesses is finding this continuity to be able to find sustainability and consistency we usually talk about culture and identity well it's really hard to have culture without consistency and it's really hard to have consistency with a new team every other year and and a new different payroll every year which completely changes dynamic for these guys so I do think what we're going to continue to see is what we've seen it's a lot of inconsistency for reasons known and unknown there's a lot of things beneath the surface that we just don't know right that the dynamics of social dynamics of a team 50 players really like each other two coaches even like their teams I think that was evident with Rick Patino it's like do you really like your team I mean I call games in the American at times that I got a lot of FAU and Memphis penny frustrated with his team and you sit there goes like well well because you just you brought them in you didn't recruit them it's a big difference and I think the world is different in that sense right now so we're dealing with instability we're dealing with this inconsistency but there are a lot of teams out there I say 20 teams that could win a national championship if they just put it together for the right amount of games I mean it's that wild we talk about parity I don't know if it's parity or if it's potential right parity is like everyone's pretty much the same it's like no no everyone has the potential to be really good but they also have the potential to be pretty bad I mean that's a Yukon at Creighton Creighton makes a lot of shots Yukon can't figure it out they have the potential to be bad just like they have the potential to be really good and while that's frustrating at times for the game of basketball NCAA tournaments gonna be wild and anybody that that puts you know more than a few pucks on the line it's crazy because I think we've learned in previous years like you know predict the unpredictable this year you know times that by a hundred well John let me ask you this we know that Houston is sitting at the top of the rankings right now yeah everybody crows about the defense that the Kelvin Sampson employees would you say that in a couple of weeks that they will still be the odds-on favorite as we move into the tournament and selection Sunday you know it's hard to say because the Big 12 so good it's their first year in the Big 12 and they're one of those teams where it's like some teams when you move to a conference you really have to adjust to the conference you have to adapt to it in a wedding Marilyn went through that when coming to the Big Ten in a Rutgers in a way Nebraska in a way like they move conferences there's there's an adjustment period for Houston they have such a strong culture and identity with what they do defensively but it's really more so their toughness like their collective toughness it's something that everyone else has to adjust to and and I think that's why Houston's consistently good is if they're not changing for anybody they're forcing you to level up against them so I'd have a tough time thinking that they're not going to be in the mix will they win the Big 12 and win the Big 12 tournament I who knows I mean it's really still wide open and it doesn't mean that you're you're playing the best teams of the Big 12 like you could be playing the top five teams of the the bottom five teams in the Big 12 and still lose some games it's just the way it is in college basketball but once we get to the NCAA tournament I do think Houston is you know at least a second weekend team I think they know how to score you got LJ Cryer and Jamal shed I mean those two guys alone you've got guard play that that allows them to win at a high level you go back to you the Calvin Sampson teams you know years ago like what was his name gray that Boston Michigan on that buzzer beater that was a final four level team they had great guard play they could score it they were still tough they still defended but they could score it this team can so if they continue to kind of explore scoring opportunities while being who they are defensively and in that regards to that toughness yeah they should be one of those teams that you're talking about as a legitimate final four contender any team that you feel has yet to peak here as we go towards the tournament John all of them I mean I could even even Houston like there there's there slow at times when they could be a little faster which means they could get games in the 80s but they keep them in the 60s right I think Carolina is one of those teams you look at Armando Baycott nor J Davis like there's two really experienced guys but the other thing is the program guys right they've been around this program they've been around the institution they've been around the community so they understand the value of winning at North Carolina and I think that's one thing that jumps out to me that I can see a late-season run from the other ones Arizona I think Arizona's is one of the most dangerous teams in the country and the best thing that happened to them is they've struggled right they've they've struggled a little bit and they've they've faltered but you're gonna get that sense of urgency late in the season and once the NCAA tournament starts it's a new season you know they're no longer going to be in the PAC 12 next year so it's a weird year right now kind of a purgatory year so so I think Arizona is one of those teams if they find it at the right time you could be looking at national championship good Arizona okay well we don't gotta wait too much longer to figure out what these seedings are gonna look like in a couple of days or a couple of weeks I should say and then we're all going to be firmly entrenched and March madness as we move towards the week of the 17th selection Sunday we know the tournament gets going first for there's also been word now about an expansion of the tournament do we really need the widen it anymore no I heard my boy Jay will in studio or maybe those game they talking about that it's over 90 some teams and I'm just like for what like and here's the irony the same people that are asking for an expanded field are the ones that are saying that you know the the NCAA is evil and and they're just sucking the money out of everything I the only reason you expand the tournament is for money right and if that's something you're gonna do maybe just to pay players then you're gonna lose the interest in the tournament people people aren't really going to be as interested in it because you're gonna have teams that everyone knows aren't really that good in the field and you end up watering down what is a very competitive field and when I say very competitive look at the 16 teams that have won right look at the 15 seeds 14 seeds 13 seeds and then even the FA use of the world last year I believe they were an 8 or a 9 seed I mean those teams are capable of getting to a final four and I just think if we expand the field you're bringing in what I would just consider inferior teams that still have the capability of upsetting someone but probably don't have the capability of sustaining that high level long enough otherwise they would have made the steel of 64 so I just I feel like once again we we kind of take talking points and we roll with it but the reality is you'd be welcoming teams that barely have a winning record just to make more money and at some point the whole narrative and rhetoric that is like this evil NCA it's gonna look even worse if we do that so I like the competitive field that we have I'm sure back when it was 32 people were you know going crazy when they moved it to 64 so you know we don't really I guess we don't really like too much change and there's been a lot of it in college basketball yeah sons and sons I hope that what they don't expand the field well John thank you for taking the time to hop on with us and and share your thoughts and give us some just perspective as to what we can expect as well over the next couple of weeks where can people follow you and your work is your own air yeah I'm on air I'm on air with ESPN do a little studio do a lot of a lot of games I can actually have UVA at Duke this Saturday at six o'clock that'll be a good one be interested to see what what Duke team shows up and how healthy they are it's gonna be it's gonna be interesting but I also do the tournament for Westwood what I'll be doing the American athletic tournament down in that Fort Worth for for ESPN but then once once that uh once that selection so starts man I'm getting ready I'm not sure where I'm going yet but I'll be someplace with Westwood one for the NCAA tournament so it's a fun fun month and a half or so and then I'll take a breath and play some golf bags all packed and ready well thank you John look forward to chatting with you on down the line okay all right you got it thank you no doubt about it that John Crispin covers you just heard him all the games for Westwood one knows it all about college basketball it's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio yeah I want to talk more about them expanding the tournament because not all change I think as we know not all change is good I'll explain we're gonna get into Cam Newton what took place with him over the weekend you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio it's pretty cool yeah just chatting with folks right before we went to break I had a nice chat with John Crispin calls NCAA games for Westwood one we know we're pulling up on the tournament and then tomorrow actually this is pretty fun too before I go on air I'm gonna be having a chat with NASA yeah NASA NASA has an event tomorrow to encourage imagination and thought leadership and making people think outside the box and so I look forward to having that conversation tomorrow a little fireside chat before I go on air here on CBS Sports Radio if you follow me on social media a tune in tomorrow I'll be sharing information on how you can go ahead and check that out yes NASA the spaceship folks the astronaut people I am NOT an astronaut and I'm not pretending to be one sports radio guy it's having a good time on air eight five five two one two four CBS it's eight five five two one two four CBS thank you again to John Crispin are for joining us in the last break to talk some some college hoops as we know we talked about the court storming I will be the fun police hickey do I gotta I gotta put on a police hat now and and I don't know swirl a baton what do I do blow a whistle let everyone know you are here to ruin the fun yeah I'm here to ruin the fun maybe I am I feel like somebody's dad maybe because I am I'm thinking about safety like I'm just what he see we were on the same page with John and I know you agree with John there's a way to do this I just think about it from the perspective of yes I don't I don't think there's a way to avoid people getting hurt and yeah they're gonna do you well so let me ask you this do you think they're gonna ban it I don't think they will I don't think they will either just because like you kind of mentioned before with the SEC and the fines like the fines aren't stopping the fans are coming on so I just don't know outside of like literally arresting students and at that point good luck trying to have you know arrest 5,000 kids on the floor every time like I just don't know how you enforce it to prevent it from happening yeah I don't know maybe there's I don't want to say barricades but maybe they do a better job with the actual sections I don't know I mean outside of the people who are actually on the floor we know that there's not a template that's built for arenas it's not a one-size-fits-all I think there are ways that you can design some of these places you don't have to be a marvel and engineering to you know figure out how to prevent people from getting onto the court but like you I don't think it's going to change I just feel that we're gonna have more of these instances because they happen you know whether or not it's a Kyle Philipowski or Kaitlyn Clark I'm hoping nothing nothing bad happens and speaking of of changes Nikki did you did you see the clippers and it speaking of design as well we know they're moving into this Intuit dome Clippers are no longer gonna be sharing the Staples Center with the Lakers Clippers might as well be little brother forever doesn't matter where they move so they're moving into this new Intuit dome and today not only did they update us on the dome where the Clippers will play the all-star game will be there next season they also told us the Clippers are going through a refresh no more red white and blue it's a little deeper of a navy color they're embracing the fact that they are our Clippers being ships especially from their history and their time out in San Diego we know that they went from Buffalo to San Diego and so they're they're just starting brand-new like who cares about the Lakers so we are switching up the logo at least having multiple logos and we know Steve Ballmer he's excited about everything he's excited about the new colors the logo you know I won't forget months ago year not more than this Steve Ballmer was was breaking ground on this new Intuit dome and the first thing that he was really excited about was what let me hear it he wants more toilet they have more toilets he wants people in it you know what I need to find out about this Intuit dome hickey he wants more toilet so people aren't I guess urinating and after drinking their beer they return to the seats almost all of these new arenas it's I don't think it's toilets that are keeping people out of the seats it's all these new clubs that they've built behind the baskets in every arena underneath the stands have you seen some of these things I mean they make you like you said not want to be at your seat if you can you know sit in a recliner having beer or food served to you in some club where you know the crystal-clear TV is almost brighter than the actual in-person visual tough to go back to your seat let me tell you something at Yankee and this is it doesn't even have to be basketball at Yankee Stadium behind home plate they have guess what a club for the wealthy people who sit behind home plate and what do you think is back there man they got they got lobster they got sushi they got steak they have food that you would find at a Michelin star restaurant and it's behind home plate at Yankee Stadium and so it always kills me when people go people are not at the stands people are not watching the game people don't care and I'm saying to myself well damn it if you knew what food was back there right behind camera view which you can't see obviously I don't know if you'd be saying that and so I don't know what Steve Ballmer is thinking about with all these toilets and I know he's the he's probably the wealthiest owner in the NBA somebody needs to tell him if you want butts in seats you better deliver steak and sushi and lobster right to him on a court I'm most certain that's not gonna happen a Steve Ballmer also the most enthusiastic owner in the NBA and let's see what a Clippers rebrand does for them probably nothing if their players don't stay healthy eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS I do want to let you know this that you need to thank O'Reilly Auto Parts for all of your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts this is the JR sport reshow on CBS Sports Radio we talked about violence right storming a court what a violent act player got hurt well here in Atlanta Georgia yesterday pretty pretty violent we had some coaches that tried to attack former NFL MVP Cam Newton at a youth football camp like what is the world coming to when you got an NFL player holding a camp and he's getting beat up by the other coaches or at least they tried to beat him up I got to give Cam credit for how he handled himself at least physically some wild stuff you're listening to the JR sport reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio we'll talk about it on the other side hey Rob Bradford here I have set out on a mission with my good friends at FanDuel to prove what I have known for some time baseball isn't boring now I have a daily podcast to prove it with some of the most notable people in the baseball world screaming baseball isn't boring for the mountaintops or at least agreeing to come on our show players managers GMs and yes even the Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred it has been a constant wave of baseball's both powerful voices so join the revolution subscribe and soak in baseball isn't boring listen on your Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts you'll be glad you did
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