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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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February 15, 2024 9:10 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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February 15, 2024 9:10 pm

College coaching carousel continues to spin l Bill Bender, Sporting News CFB writer l EA Sports announces college football video game is returning


A peanut butter M&M's production. In a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring, but the runners-up get nothing, one retired cop returns. That's one retired quarterback. Read the script.

Oh, sorry. One retired quarterback returns to claim what's his. Um, that's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter, but you're on a roll. The Ring of Comfort coming soon to a Super Bowl new you.

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2024 Santa Fe available early 2024. It is the JR Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Me? I'm just coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. Thank you so much to super producer and host Ryan Hickey.

He's holding it down for us in New York City on the boards. I hope you're having a great Thursday. I'm going to be rolling with you for the next three hours.

It is a four-hour show. I get started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. Whether you're at work, on the road, sitting in traffic, relaxing, making money, wasting time, being frustrated, trying to chill, I'm here with you. I'm here for you.

Thank you for being here for me. You can always listen on the free Odyssey app, your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, Sirius XM channel 158. If you got a smart speaker, you like talking to robots, computers, technology, ask the smart speaker to play CBS Sports Radio. We've already had a fun show. Thank you so much to Sam Quinn from CBS Sports for coming through to join us to talk some NBA hoops in action. We're heading towards the NBA All-Star break. We got three games tonight on the NBA slate. Tomorrow we get like the Rising Stars Challenge. We get the celebrity game Saturday, the dunk contest.

I guess you could say the biggest and only superstar name in the dunk contest is Jalen Brown of the Boston Celtics. They're pulling out Mac McClung from the G League again. Last year he played on the Sixers G League affiliate.

This year he plays for the Magic's G League affiliate. So it should be fun. Steph Curry versus Sabrina UNESCO in a three-point shooting contest, man versus woman, NBA versus WNBA. Hey Hickey, I hope this doesn't turn into an opportunity for people just to down the WNBA again.

That might be where it goes. I hope not. Well there's always that small minority of idiots that are going to vocalize that and unfortunately you know you do hear the vocal minority but I think a lot like the respect in general I think for the WNBA has really grown and when you actually watch it the basketball is good like really good and exciting. So I think it's going to be more positive than negative tomorrow or I guess Saturday. I hope I hope you I think the I think the majority of people who down it it's the easy thing to do online. I guess the real easy thing to do and I just feel for as interesting as the event could be that there's a almost a certainty regardless of what happens it's going to be a negative. So I would say all things considered you would expect Steph Curry to win this three-point shootout this three-point contest you would think so and if he wins then it's just like oh yeah this woman has no business being there and Steph Curry beat a girl and all this other stuff and if she should win you know I think people are they going to make fun of Steph Curry yeah a little bit you know I give them credit for showing up to do this but for whatever reason it this they're probably still going to down her like I don't know the details are you do you know are they going to be shooting with the same ball different ball right.

So I just want to confirm I thought I read this today I think at least from the arc I believe they're shooting from the same arc. Yeah but different has to be different balls has to be like I can't imagine her shooting with a WNBA women's basketball her whole life and then she's going to show up on this and just say I'm going to shoot with the dude's ball or maybe she does maybe she trains with a man's ball I have no idea I just hope that this doesn't devolve into let's let's crap on the women so we'll see what happens there and so I guess that is the most interesting thing for All-Star Weekend we'll find out sooner than later also joining us in about 15 about 15 minutes from now we're going to have a chat with Bill Bender from the sporting news covers everything college football and this is important right now because we know about all the college coaches that have have moved around in college football over the past I can't even say weeks we gotta talk months okay but like yesterday here in Georgia Georgia State is a five minute three minute ride from me if I got in my car and Georgia State their coach he just bailed Sean Elliott and yeah Georgia State lived not to be confused with with the University of Georgia also down the road in Athens not the defending champs but the last defending champs not to be confused with them not to be confused with Georgia Tech but Georgia State the Panthers who compete in the Southeastern Conference Sean Elliott their head coach listen to this their head coach said no mas I'm out of here I'm gone they started spring practice last week and the coach has bailed and where does he go back to South Carolina which is basically home for the man he his family have split time in South Carolina a home of the Gamecocks he is going back to be their tight ends coach and so this man was the head coach had a seven and six record last year is basically leaving after seven seasons of 500 ball 41 wins 44 losses he's like I'm gone he don't want to deal with the stress of having to recruit and deal with NIL which is basically free agency he doesn't want a damn thing to do with it and so Georgia State in February after they've already started spring practice they got to find a new coach and he's not the only one he is the fifth FBS coach to leave for an assistant job I thought assistant coaches and coordinators I thought they wanted to be head coaches he's the fifth one to say no more I don't want to deal with this crap Jeff Halfley we talked about this Boston College it's one thing to leave college and go to the NFL he did that he's not a defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers how about an even larger example I guess it's one thing to win a championship we already heard Jim Harbaugh for all the talk that he did and left breadcrumbs over the past couple years at least he won a championship and then he left Michigan for the NFL a matter of fact a couple of weeks ago Jim Harbaugh explained why he decided to leave he was talking to CBS it was tough I was torn my wife kids I love Michigan but I love the NFL too and there's no Lombardi Trophy in college football and I got so many sands left in the hourglass and I want to take a crack at that and there's there's nowhere better to do it than with the Los Angeles Chargers Suzy Spanos Dean Spanos and McGuire John Spanos and this and this great quarterback oh okay all right hey Hickey it had nothing to do with the potential fallout you know if he if he stayed it stuck around right none of that right definitely not no chance not at all and he's not the only big name he's not the only former NFL coach who was in college who said all right I'm going I'm leaving Chip Kelly left last week he left UCLA to go to Ohio State to become the offensive coordinator where he formally worked with Ryan Day or Ryan Day used to play for him like this is the world that we live in right now nobody is safe nobody and you know what what's not fair or what isn't fair it's the student athletes they're the ones who aren't necessarily student athletes might as well be employees they get left they get left holding the bags and so it's really a a chicken and an egg scenario are the college coaches leaving these teams because they can't just coach and recruit or are the the coaches leaving because the players are moving around too much and so it's like a catch-22 and so yeah coach leaves and now you got 30 days if you happen to be a student athlete to go ahead and enter into the transfer portal but it's kind of late in the game for that given that I don't know it's it's February you know we have enough 15 day periods here 15 days here where you can enter into a transfer portal but what good is 30 days if most of the damn spots are already filled up already you might as well stay we we've heard some wild things when it comes down to players moving coming going let's remember this before Deion Sanders or when Deion Sanders took over for Colorado with the Buffaloes Deion Sanders walked into the room talked to the current team looked them in the face and basically said you know what a matter of fact let's listen to what Deion said this is from December 4th in 2022 we got a few positions already taken care of because I'm bringing my luggage with me and it's Louie okay it ain't gonna be no more of a mess that these wonderful fans the student body and some of your parents have put up with for probably two decades now I'm coming and when I get here it's gonna be changed so I want y'all to get ready get ready to go ahead and jump in the portal and do whatever you're going to get because the more you jump in the more room you make because we bring kids that are smart say that smart tough fast disciplined with character wow I mean what a way to make an entrance that mess that y'all done had for the past two decades it's over I'm bringing in my own people half of the jobs y'all won't have them and yeah I'm bringing my own luggage and it happens to be Louis Vuitton what a what a way to make an entrance to college students basically telling them hey half of y'all y'all out what a way to make an entrance and by the way Deion Sanders has also been someone who has I don't want to say railed railed against NIL but the way he just spoke he's also a beneficiary as he basically turned over more than half the roster in between seasons that's that's nutty for college you know there used to be something about college athletics where there was some continuity yeah the players didn't have the freedom to move around and and yes they didn't get paid when they should have been but there was something about knowing that hey a guy a guy was going to be there for you know three four years and now they just move around like like it is free agency and college football is is a free-for-all and I'm not someone who is a traditionalist I understand things need to change but when the NCAA was forced basically by the government to enact its name image and likeness policy that's when things really went to hell like the NCAA is being punished it's punishing itself it has punished itself strictly because it didn't want to pay the players it didn't want to share the revenue and now things are falling apart at the seams and so it's not so much about oh well the coaches are leaving because the players are moving or you know the players are moving because the coaches are moving and we are kind of just forced into a disaster because forever for decades upon decades or decade after decade after decade the NCAA was just just greedy I don't know if we'd have this problem where players are going to have to or players go out into the portal looking for money I don't know if we'd have that issue if they had a check at school I don't think they'd have that issue if they got paid their worth I don't think they'd be hunting for money if they were treated fairly and we've heard it yeah we just talked about a bunch of assistance and lower end coaches and no disrespect to Sean Elliott but come on man we got Nick Saban for years been saying that this is this is free agency and and now Nick Saban he gone like why the hell does he want to sit around not just recruiting but now begging people to stay and yeah it's Alabama but every place has to deal with this Jim Harbaugh he's been advocating for years that players get paid well now he gets to oversee a bunch of grown-ass men who get paid in the NFL I just feel like college football is it's a mess it is flat a mess and I don't see there being any type of resolution anytime soon when it comes down to structure the playoffs the players getting paid it is just a mess and that's for me using a word that is actually allowed on the airwaves Hickey how do you feel about this man it's it's it's actually discouraging if you're a fan of college football I'd say it's definitely frustrating because especially in college sports right the coaches are the face of the program the players shuffle in especially on the transfer portal it's every year but even if they stay at one school it's only you know three or four years so the coaches are always the face and it is frustrating someone who loves college football to see faces of the sport leaving because of the way right now the rules are and the fact that the biggest thing is there's no direction you know each school each head coach each athletic director each conference has their own motive in mind and they all try to get everything geared towards them and when that happens you have 50 million people pulling in 50 million different directions and it leads to where we are now just disorganization no leadership and no direction and that's leads to saving retiring Jim Harbaugh leaving and I I hope you know those are the biggest names that leave here in the next let's say five years but right now there's no reason to think that you know the the biggest names currently are going to stay with right now the mess that the state of college football is in yeah it's it's bad teams are moving from conference to conference conferences that have numbers 10 and 12 in them are no longer existing they're getting shut down to two players are moving around at a ridiculous pace it is like free agency with multiple portals and then coaches are starting to bail because there's there's less control for them and less structure it's just it's like a domino effect it's like one domino falls and everything crumbles around it I mean we might have adjustments when it comes down to the college football playoff and and I'm not even talking about the the expansion of it by the time we get to next year there's just there's so many variables that there there is no structure college football right now is a free-for-all and you could probably possibly say it's not just a free-for-all college football isn't a free fall we got head coaches who are leaving not in the middle of the season maybe that'll come later we got dudes leaving the practice session leaving after we've already gone through transfer periods and it's just like I'm gone I'm not doing this anymore is this what you sold the students on when you brought them in and for all the movement why should the the players have trust in the coaches a lot of coaches were leaving and moving around before there was even NIL leaving players that they recruited high and dry with the inability to leave so many rule changes over the years so many adjustments what we're going to do what we're going to do is take a break when we come back on the other side we're going to have a chat with Bill Bender of the Sporting News I'm going to get his thoughts on opinions on so much movement in the the world of college football and and what might be in the future because it feels like everything and change is is just a constant so Bill Bender is going to join us on the other side I want to remind you that this portion of the show is sponsored by the new Hyundai Tucson available with complimentary class leading blue link plus now it's easy to use your phone to control your Tucson you're listening to the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports 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You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio.

So much movement in the college football space recently right here in Georgia Georgia State head coach Sean Elliott said I'm gone yeah head coach I don't got time for that I'm gonna go up to South Carolina and uh I'll be the tight end coach I'll go home and and kind of apply my trade there and he's not the only one yeah even big name coaches Jim Harbaugh left multiple reasons why he boogie Jeff Halfley just left and moved I mean Chip Kelly just moved and a lot of the players are left with hey figure it out you got 30 days to talk about it all what's going on with college football what potential remedies we might have if any we're being joined right now by Bill Bender of the Sporting News hey Bill thank you for taking the time to hop on hey JR thanks for having me on let's do it most certainly I guess the biggest question is what the hell is going on with all of these coaches leaving is it all related to NIL and and the transfer portal free agency etc I think that's part of it certainly I in each case is different I mean Nick Saban nobody's going to blame him for retiring he mentioned Jim Harbaugh I just don't think he got the Super Bowl out of his system and then the latest ones though are a little more concerning for Chip Kelly and Jeff Halfley it's the case where you're coaching at a power four program that probably isn't going to isn't built to win a national championship or get to the college football plus the more concerning one was today though with Sean Elliott Alabama poached two group of five coaches so I'll ask you this back um I think it's easier to become a power four coach by being an assistant in a power four school by being a group of five head coach and I think the path is probably as an assistant at one of the power schools hmm that is so why do you think we have that shift though Bill that's that's what I'm really curious to find out um I'm going to dig into those numbers and find out just how many guys were group of five coaches that that made the jump up um I'll point to a couple examples where you know Billy Napier hasn't had the success at Florida that we thought he might and you know there's others like that that they coach in the group of five and then they struggle when they make that move up and then you get leery of it fat example maybe because Josh Heiple did the exact opposite he's done a great job at Tennessee from UCF but I think as we get into this next chapter of college football and the haves start to resemble NFL franchises which they already do it just makes sense that you would want to be on them those stabs like Sharon Moore and some others that you can slide over and take that head coaching job Ryan Day did the same thing Bill Bender is joining us here the JR sport reshow on CBS Sports Radio you talked about the changes that we're seeing and it's not just coaches moving around we have teams that are leaving conferences or for bigger money seems like buyouts don't matter anymore whether you're a coach or whether you happen to be a team what's what's that reorganization look like it's college football already looks different than it was five years ago and five years from now there's going to be an even bigger difference yeah it is and I think the next couple years are going to be an experiment of sorts and I would start with the college football playoff of you know what if the first round's bad I've been asking that question the last couple weeks is and I say bad in terms of when you and I watch March Madness that first round and UConn is beating the 16 seed by 40 points it's easy to change the channel the college football playoff is going to have less games so if it looks like a week one blowout we're going to sit and watch I think the recruiting calendar needs reorganized I think we need to consider revenue sharing and if you fix those two things the transfer portal will fix itself because I'm all about letting athletes have the choice to play where they want to play when my son gets to college and he wants to go to a different college why wouldn't you want him to do that well without a shadow of a doubt Bill Bender is here with us from the sporting news it seems that from the the introduction of NIL and the player movement players now have the option to go ahead and chase money I mean if they knew that they were going to get money in cash at their current college wherever they're playing they wouldn't have the the same need or feeling to have to go out and chase it it took forever for players to even get to this point how long before you see any possibility of any revenue sharing it's going to be an uncomfortable conversation because it's taken so long to get to this point I think it makes sense I've always thought it makes sense but do you make them employees of the university I thought the path to go with these as I mentioned college football programs that are more like NFL programs why wouldn't you run that like an NFL franchise salary cap it and let those schools do their own thing um I get the dangers of it but I think if we've already opened NIL why wouldn't we go all the way and do something that benefits them because you and I all we all know how much money is being made from the sport and the student athletes if we want to call them that still I have to get a piece of that there's no doubt has the the NCAA run away from responsibility or organization or structure where have they they've been lacking in this process because it seems like everything just went went to shreds and went for free for all very quickly over the past couple years well they're easy to target but I always think that's a little bit of low-hanging fruit because what we wanted we wanted athletes to be able to transfer we wanted athletes to be able to benefit from their likeness um we wanted the 12-team playoff we wanted real I don't think we wanted realignment personally that's the one that's got me because I hated seeing the Pac-12 bye I just and I'm in Big Ten country right so I just hated seeing an entire region of the country go away in terms of the the conference but yeah so I think the NCAA we can target them and say where was the leadership and part of that is maybe the need and we've said it for years I don't know that it'll ever happen to have a college football commissioner but in order to do that all of these conferences have to be on the same page and that's been the hardest part as well because they're protecting their own interests the SEC and the Big Ten they may have a joint venture committee but at the end of the day they're looking out for themselves it's wow wow bill bender is here with us the JR sport research on CBS sports radio coming to us from the sporting news with all the things that are wrong with the college football system what are some of the positives what can we look forward to moving forward well I think this new red condition of realignment is going to be interesting because I like I said I live in Columbus Ohio states right here there'll be better games on a more consistent basis I mean when you watch Ohio state there's really only two games they could possibly lose I think the SEC without Nick Saban becomes much more interesting especially with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma Dion and the Big 12 alternative programming to the SEC and Big Ten and I think it's going to be fun you know and with the wide open 12-team playoff combined with Nick Saban leaving yeah Georgia and Ohio State will be prohibitive favorites but see wait and see if they can get through I mean the NFL playoffs we always think we have it figured out what well now we do because we just have to pick Patrick Mahomes to win the whole thing with the Chiefs every year now well Bill you mentioned Dion Sanders we had mentioned him earlier as well we know he made a big fuss when he came into Colorado about what players will still be there and who will be gone what do you think his second full season will look like at Colorado how long do you think you'll be there what do you expect well more growth from Chidor when your son is that good that helps and I think it's going to be and a little more depth on the offensive and defensive line I think they'll get to a bowl game I think it'll continue to be fun that first month of the season was unlike anything we have ever seen in college football in the last 25 years and then yeah the bottom fell out a little bit but the fact was he took over a one-win team and got four wins almost got to five and and improved the program I think he will still be in the spotlight in the Big 12 fun because look at the parity that you're going to have in that conference I don't think there's a domineering power like Utah Arizona BYU Colorado PCU those will be fun games and somebody will get into that playoff out of that conference maybe two teams as an overall bill and as we wrap things up with all the movement amongst coaches with all of the quarterbacks who are going to be moving on to the NFL and the draft we know the usual suspects when it comes to who's going to be competing for the playoffs we also know about the expansion would you say what teams would really be in the lead to go ahead and and compete for the national championship next year well I'll start with four teams that most people will pick it would be Georgia obviously and there's a big upset right uh Ohio State with the additions they made uh Quinn Shaw Judkins Will Howard killed down he might be the best player in the country next year on defense Texas that no more no more jokes they're good and they've got Quinn back in the loaded roster and then Oregon those are the four I would pick it up the top Oregon going to the Big 10 could create a really good rivalry with Ohio State and uh you know Michigan and Alabama obviously they're still going to have talent even though they lost their coaches I wouldn't like write them off just yet so but I think Ohio State and Georgia is where that conversation starts they played a great game a couple years ago I think they'll play another one next year well bill final question for you mentioned Texas you know Arch Manning is sitting behind Quinn who said I ain't going anywhere what is the most likely scenario for Arch thank you for one more year and you know there was a lot made about the competition he played in high school so why not develop for another year behind Quinn Ewers Quinn Ewers also has missed time in the last two years I think he's missed four or five games so Arch might get his chance I think the Manning family you've seen patience with Eli way back to Archie you know Peyton was the third stringer when he started and had to wait for a couple injuries to get in so I won't be surprised if he stays put and I've had no indication that he's going anywhere but when he does get on the field it will trend I mean I can use our site as proof whenever he got in those articles they went right up on chart beat yeah everybody wants to see Arch Manning out on the field hey bill thank you for taking the time to hop on where can people follow you and all of your work with sporting news bill bender 92 on sporting news and you can find all the work there I really appreciated the conversation tonight it was good college football's a long way away but as you know it'll be here before we know it yeah with a snap of the fingers thank you so much to bill bender for joining us here on cbs sports radio we will be sure to chat it up more with bill as we get closer to the season hopefully we don't see any more big gigantic changes coming from some of these coaches like we saw today with Sean Elliott saying Georgia State no I'm gone I'm good go to South Carolina be an assistant there maybe work my way up the ranks in a in a higher profile position speaking of college football they got a video game announcement we got a college football video game announcement we're going to talk about that on the other side of the break I want to talk about something going down with Lebron James that was mentioned earlier on the show with Sam Quinn we got a lot to do it's the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio Dana Carvey and David Spade here you might know our podcast fly on the wall featuring guests from across the entertainment industry we decided to spin off called super fly and it's fun it's just two of us riffing on current events pop culture catching up impressions joe trump's trying to be a dictator yeah she says you know bump on the tater tots joe nope listen to and follow superfly on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast chris chatman's hit podcast was cancelled as you know my old show the chris chatman confrontation was a victim of a little thing called cancel culture but he's learned he's grown and he's ready to win back his audience I'm back better than ever with the chris chatman do-over starring ike baronholtz I have a new lady co-host on the pod Lisa Gilroy my mic is on and neil casey is the professor greetings my humans the new hit improv comedy the chris chatman do-over an odyssey and paper kite production listen on the free odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio it's the jr sport reshow here with you on cbs sports radio thank you to bill bender from the sporting news for coming through to join us in the last break because we have so many college coaches they leave they quit they go take other jobs and it doesn't matter what point of the year it seems like earlier today we found out that Georgia state head coach Sean Elliott he's like I'm out of here I ain't doing this anymore I'm gonna go up and be an assistant at South Carolina maybe that'll give him an easier path to get a bigger time job we'll see just so many issues in in college football and a lot of them have to deal just flat period with movement eight five five two one two four cbs is the number it's eight five five two one two four cbs speaking of movement at the top of the hour I know we were able to touch on this a little on earlier on in the show Sam Quinn from CBS sports joined us I want to talk about potential movement when it comes down to Lebron James his son Bronny and the Los Angeles Lakers we'll do that at the top of the hour but you know continuing on here with this theme of college football from a different perspective earlier today if you're a video game head then you know all about this EA Sports it's in the game EA Sports the video game producer distributor they announced that college football is going to be back later on this year yes college football 25 from EA Sports is expected to return later on this year I presume sometime in the summer and they said that they will release a full trailer come may so you got to wait a few more months to get a full trailer this game has not been produced since 2013 the game started in 1993 starting off as Bill Walsh college football and then they switched it up 1996 and 1997 and it's been known as NCAA football all the way up until 2013 2014 and why did they stop producing the game because of issues with name image and likeness to go out and have players be a part of the game and then obviously not have them sharing of the revenue was an issue you know how this has been resolved we'll see the cover athlete wasn't allowed to be paid for his name image and likeness and so we will see what takes place in the future I mean in the past somebody like Reggie Bush running around for USC he would just be number five you know Tim Tebow would be number 15 and that's all you got and so now with name image and likeness name image and likeness legal you know we'll know who's on the field and we'll wait for this release date. Hickey you ever play this game? Oh my goodness this was my favorite game. Really? I have not played video games in 10 years.

Okay. I have a PS2 is like the last gaming console I have and I do have one of the last NCAA football games and let me tell you this summer I'm running out getting a new console and getting this game I cannot wait. I never I never played what the hell is the difference between this and Madden? Um well I think it's like the ability to like build a program you can have like you know your player and you can go through four years of college so you kind of you know take over a smaller program build it up get to you know you go go to school like Akron as a head coach build it up and it takes you know years to get you know a better schedule then play better teams and win a national championship it's just like it's different than the NFL because you have to like build when you take a bad score or if it's you know your own player going through the college experience it's like a journey versus just like a one-year only sort of excursion.

Oh my goodness. Yeah I haven't played I haven't played Madden in I don't know I feel like 20 years I haven't played Madden so between Madden and this uh I'm not interested I'm not you you tell me how it is when it comes out all right? You don't want to create a JR sport brief player for like uh Georgia State and then eventually like two years beat Georgia? No no no no no not Georgia State no hell no. Come on gotta beat the big dogs in the state. No I gotta be the big dog I gotta be the big dogs man.

Can't beat no panthers it's terrible. You don't want to go go in there and upset Kirby Smart between the hedges? No. As JR sportproof head coach of Georgia State?

No no not at all. Don't want a national title? No I guess that's the point of a video game right you got to work your way up and that's fun right? Anyone could take over Georgia when this game comes out and take over that roster and win a national title. I think I do uh I think I do too. I think I do tech before I touch Georgia State.

Okay hey look they've had some bad days too. Yeah yeah I take tech first you know what let's take a listen to the trailer this is from uh EA Sports. Got something special for y'all little update for our fans from the big house to the bayou from Carolina to to California. Yeah it's about college football we know you love it us too. The rivalries comebacks the traditions and superstitions built by generations there's nothing like it turns out we've been building too.

So let's address the big owl in the room. Yeah we've seen the posts the predictions the doubts we get it it's been a minute. Let's just say this ain't the only jersey we've been working on. The game this sport deserves. The game this sport deserves. It's pretty soon this place will be full again. Until then cue the crowd noise. Okay all right I guess something I saw a lot of excitement on social media the game hasn't been out for like 10 years and and people are thrilled for it.

People are eagerly anticipating their it's a rival me I don't got no time I don't. I guess it'll be uh fun to play the game at least you'll have a little bit more control than a lot of the crap that we end up getting on Saturday or at least the movement at least there'll be a little bit more structure. You I mean how much freedom do you have in the game Hickey is it just a matter of controlling a team a program a player are we you know can I move schools like is it just d1 like how many levels are there in this game so the last game I think it is just d1 for the most part um I don't think you can do fcs but it was all 130 roughly at least in 2014. Wow uh schools that are available but it's it's all the above if you want to be a player you can I don't know about high school because I never had a memory cards I never did it but I think you can like get recruited and then like play you know and kind of be like a college kid I know you definitely for sure can be a coach where you get job offers and you start at you know val d'asto state and work your way up and then you could say well do I want to work at Georgia do I want to stay here so you can actually go through like it's pretty realistic in the sense that if you go the head coach route you'll get job offers and you can choose to stay or choose to go and start all over it's so you can screw over to students like they do in real life yes absolutely it's february 14th you know what guys I'm out of here see you later so I can play the game without playing the game what I can be the coach and what do I do I make the decisions and then simulate it is that what I'm well no if you can be the coach you can call the plays you can actually play the game you can sim it as well if you want um or sim like half the ball if you only want to call the plays on offense and run them but no like you call the plays and run them you know you control the players this what what new wrinkles do you think will be in this game given the fact that there have been so many adjustments over the past 10 years in real life college football well number one like you said before having the players names not QB 15 on Florida for like NCAA 08 but now actually having it say Tim Tebow I guess in this case say Quinn Ewers who's a you know big name for Texas not having just QB number three that's a big difference um I think the 12 team playoff I hope is included in that that's pretty fast to be has to be now maybe if you're a player all of a sudden the transfer portal gets you know thrown in there so now you have a big year number one at Akron all of a sudden here comes Alabama knock on your door do you stay do you go what do you do it's I hope it's as close to the real thing as possible and stupid question I assume you'll be able to play against people wherever the hell they might be not in your house right oh yeah I assume so I don't know about a season but like I definitely just like a you and your friend want to play a game against each other I'm 95 sure you can do that wow okay are you sold are we turning the corner here uh if I had time to sit I don't have the patience that's the thing it does take a lot of time I don't have the patience a couple of years hey how about this and and I don't know if I had all the time in the world I think we all did in the pandemic the nice folks at NBA 2k said hey JR here's NBA 2k right I couldn't tell you who's on the front cover of the video game I haven't played games in forever I'm sitting at home in the pandemic like everybody else and they send it to me so I'm playing the game I haven't played a basketball game in forever man I quit I quit wow it was so difficult to shoot free throws and pass I googled NBA 2k like ridiculously difficult and there were chat rooms and forums about how difficult the game was and these are from people who played it and so I just I didn't give a damn you know put me in front of Super Mario Brothers NBA Live NBA Jam Mortal Kombat I could do some damage but all of this is just too complicated man too much work Hickey give me a pinball machine pinball machine old school yeah Pac-Man 2 yeah some I was playing Pac-Man isn't there there's Pac-Man in the office in New York that's right like an old school Pac-Man game you're right yeah I played Pac-Man the last time I was there if it's not there the next time you see me don't tell everybody that I took it okay my lips are sealed and so is America's thank you America and thank you Hickey it's the JR Sportbreeze show here on CBS Sports Radio speaking of old school we're gonna talk LeBron James on the other side and new school his son Bronny here on CBS Sports Radio a peanut butter M&M's production in a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring but the runners-up get nothing one retired cop return that's one retired quarterback read the script oh sorry one retired quarterback returns to claim what's his um that's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter but you're on a roll the ring of comfort coming soon to a Super Bowl new you okay picture this it's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you I can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road with available H-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild conquer the weekend in the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe visit or call 562-314-4603 for more details Hyundai there's joy in every journey 2024 Santa Fe available early 2024 Dana Carvey and David Spade here you might know our podcast fly on the wall featuring guests from across 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