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12.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR
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December 8, 2023 2:07 am

12.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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December 8, 2023 2:07 am

JR is blown away by how LeBron James continues to amaze in year 21 as the Lakers advance to the first ever NBA in season final


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I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia, super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's holding it down for us in New York City. It was a busy night. It has been a busy night in the world of sports. Unfortunately, we had a blowout. We had an ugly game. We have some ticked off depressed fans.

We got some sad people all over the place. Here's a summation. Tonight in Las Vegas, the NBA play in tournament, trying to decide the finals, the Pacers advanced to the finals by beating the bucks. The final score 128 to 119. And then I don't know about 20 minutes ago, the Los Angeles Lakers, they advance to the NBA in season final. The Lakers beat the Pelicans 133 to 89. Your stars for tonight, Tyrese Halliburton, 27 points, 15 assists for the Indiana Pacers, LeBron James for the Los Angeles Lakers, he had 30 points in 23 minutes.

Nice for the old man to go out there and get a little bit of a break. Meanwhile, on the NFL side, Thursday Night Football, the matchup that everybody couldn't wait to see tonight, the New England Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 21 to 18. New England now has three victories on the season. They have three and 10 and the Pittsburgh Steelers, they fall to seven and six. I had zero interest in the game tonight.

None. Bailey Zappi did have three touchdowns in the first half. But I mean, let's be real, the New England Patriots and the Steelers, they have pretty much struggled to score all season long. I mean, for the Patriots to even win this game, let's be honest. They had all 21 of their points in the first half. They couldn't score at the end of the game.

Not at all. And so even though Pittsburgh was able to put up a touchdown late, it was still like, what am I looking at here? Steel is going nowhere this season. Kenny Pickett ain't the guy and he's dealing with a high ankle sprain, needed surgery on Monday. Mitch Trubisky is Mitch Trubisky. What are we supposed to feel positive about here?

Mitch Trubisky tonight had a touchdown and an interception only through for 190 yards. How exciting. And so hey, the next week of the NFL season is underway and we get to at least move on with our lives and not have to watch these terrible offenses play each other again.

I'm going to be here with you for the next two hours. We got a lot of callers on the board right now. We're going to hear from some winners. We're going to hear from some losers. No, I'm not referring to the people who've called up.

I'm talking about the actual athletes who have played. Hey, let's take a listen to a winner right now. His name is Bailey Zappi. He threw three touchdowns tonight. He threw all three touchdowns in the first half of the game. And this is Bailey Zappi talking about how important it is to be a starter and play for the Patriots.

Don't cry. The biggest part was the relationships that I've grown with, you know, these guys over the last year and a half, two years. To be able to be coached by the greatest coach of all time, Coach Belichick, just to learn from him, you know, for me it was an easy decision.

Being able to have the opportunity to play here, you know, win games here for the Patriots was, you know, an awesome feeling and it's something I've dreamed of since I first started playing. Man, has a Patriots quarterback ever talked and sounded enthusiastic about anything? I mean, do all Patriot quarterbacks live in the basement of Bill Belichick? He's like throwing scraps and say, here, now you can speak. They all sound miserable and sad. That's a guy who just won a football game. What does a guy who lost a football game sound like? Well, you don't got to look any further or listen any longer.

Here's Mike Tomlin. Disappointed outcome, you know, a lot to work on. But in terms of how the game unfolded, thought the significant difference, they got seven points off of their turnover. On the short field, we got zero off of ours. And so that's the difference in the game.

And usually it is the turnover component and your ability to to support each other on the other side of it or inability. And that was the difference in the game in terms of the outcome. So that's disappointing.

From a health standpoint, Alex Highsmith. OK. All right. The loss is disappointing.

Yeah, the loss is disappointing. We get it. Come on. He could have had that press conference and said everything in 30 seconds.

And I love Mike Tomlin. Yeah, I was. Yeah, I was just waiting for the point to hear your reaction once again, where he goes, I said everything I have to say. There's nothing else you should ask me.

But anyway, questions. Yeah, no, we don't need to hear. He didn't say nothing.

He just repeated himself for another 30 seconds. I like Mike Tomlin only when he says we do not care. Jerry, you know how they say run angry in the NFL, right? Yeah. Yeah.

You know, I'm going with this. He talks angry win or lose. Yeah. Sounds like he needs to punch somebody in the face, right? He's intense, man. Like he is. He is as intense as it gets as a nice guy. Oh, I bet he's wonderful. I just think that you can't tell with him when he wins or loses. Same with Belichick. Do we have to hear from him, by the way? That's what you would want from a coach, right? There's some truth to that.

Never getting too high, never getting too low. Did you just ask me, do I want to hear from Bill Belichick? Well, I mean, I'm serious.

I am dead serious. Now we don't have a clip available. We're going to find something soon. But do you actually want to, because I mean, we have Mike Tomlin, that's Must Listen Radio. Do you want to hear from Bill Belichick is my question. Do you even want to hear from the guy? Yeah.

Why not? OK. In the general sense.

OK. No, wait, I'm confused. No. Do you want to asking me in a general sense, do I want to hear from Belichick? Yeah.

Yes, I do. OK. Because he's entertaining. He's an ass. OK. Apologize in advance to everyone who wants to listen to Belichick.

Well, forget him. Let's listen to LeBron. We wait.

Wait, let's let's think about this. We heard from Bailey Zappi, who is a winner. Patriots winner tonight. We heard from Mike Tomlin, who's a loser.

And so let's continue to balance this out with some positivity. LeBron James, after dropping 30 points and moving forward to this NBA end season tournament final. So many damn words.

LeBron spoke to Ali La Force on TNT. On 38 and still great. That was your stat line for today. How did you put your team in a position to succeed like always to start? We've got to defend. You know, I think we came out with a defensive mindset. And, you know, when we defend, we're going to give ourselves a good chance to win any ballgame. You and Anthony Davis all season have been trying to emphasize to this team. It doesn't matter what the score is. Every single possession matters.

Did you see that tonight? I think so. I think we're continuing to get better. But the most important thing, we continue to get healthy.

And as we get healthy, we get our length back. Guys are buying into what we want to do defensively. We're helping each other with sharing the ball offensively. We're just playing Laker basketball right now.

When it comes to another championship experience this time on Saturday, what are you most looking forward to? I mean, listen, it's still December, so I'm not getting too crazy about the whole thing. I understand this thing has been great end season tournament, but it's still December, you know. But it is another game for us to get better. And we want to try to win the game because we're a team that wants to get better every single game. We go out there every quarter, every possession.

So we had another opportunity to do that. LeBron James said, spare me with your gotcha question. You think you're going to catch me bigging up the end season tournament like it's bigger than the NBA Finals?

Relax. 855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS. Two basketball games and Thursday Night Football. Kyle, let's call it from Pittsburgh. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Kyle? What's going on, JR?

What it is? So, Mike Tomlin, completely disgusting. Like, it's unfathomable how bad this team has gotten under Mike Tomlin. Like you said, he come up to the podium, says absolutely nothing. He does that every single week. All the time.

Does it all the time. Back to back, doing ten teams, losses. Third and two, we passed the ball twice. What was that? What are these play calls? Matt Canada's gone?

I can't tell. Like, you can't blame the quarterback. Jake Browning, C.J. Beathard, they go out, pull it out 34-31 overtime. We got Mitch, first overall pick. Nothing.

Absolutely nothing. It's just the same thing over and over with this team. Every single year. Oh, but Mike Tomlin got a winning record. Who cares about the winning record?

That guy from Vegas? Loser franchise. He has no idea what it's like to be in a winning franchise like the Steelers. Losing franchise. So yeah, he probably would take Mike Tomlin.

But over here in Pittsburgh? No. He's done. He's done. Absolutely done.

This is pathetic. What would you like to happen moving forward? Mike Tomlin is no longer the coach, so what would you like? Mike Tomlin no longer the coach. I'd like us to maybe get a hire from Jim Harbaugh, Niners, anybody in the Niners organization. Maybe Niners' offensive assistant.

Somebody with offensive mind. Because we got Mike Tomlin, defensive mind. You can't tell. You would think the Steelers were 2-10 coming into this game. How is he defensive minded? The defense is terrible.

We can't stop your nose from running. So you believe if Mike Tomlin wasn't the head coach, that Kenny Pickett would have more success as a QB? No. Kenny Pickett's still garbage, but you know who drafted Kenny Pickett? Mike Tomlin. You know who kept Mitch Trubisky on the roster?

Mike Tomlin. He just doesn't do nothing. He doesn't do nothing to help. Nothing. Nothing. He makes it worse.

And then we just have the highest paid defensive football. He comes up on the podium. He's good at talking. He wants to be everybody's best friend. He's not a good coach.

I've had enough of it. 9-8, 10-6. We're 11-0. They didn't make the playoffs that year. We lose to the Browns in the wildcard game at home with Big Ben.

Give up 40 points to Jacksonville, then to the Browns, back to back playoff games. It's unexcusable. It's unexcusable.

He kept Matt Canada around for three years. For what reason? Zero.

This is all under the coach. Did you go to the game? No, I didn't. If I did, I would demand a refund. I'd demand a refund.

Where would you get it from? Would you call him up directly? What would you do? I would just mentally tell myself I'm getting a refund. Because I know I'm not going to get it. They wasted my time. They wasted my money. I go to Steelers games all the time.

But this year, I got offered tickets tonight. I was like, it's not even worth it. I like the power of the mind.

If I demand a refund, they'll get it from me. Thank you, Kyle. Appreciate you. Thank you.

Have a good night. That doesn't fall on Mike Tomlin. He's trying to make chicken out of chicken, you know what. And the reality is, he doesn't have Terry Bradshaw.

And you know what? Ben Roethlisberger, he's lucky he had Mike Tomlin. Because a lot of guys would have cut him loose after his ill-opportuned, immature behavior and off-the-field habits. He better be thanking his lucky stars he had Mike Tomlin as long as he had him. Like, I can't believe people are being this critical about a guy that went to two Super Bowls in his first four years. The guy can coach.

It's a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world. So even in the case of Bill Belichick, I mean, we got two coaches who have been two of the best coaches in the NFL over the past. If you want to throw it in there, you know, 15 to 20 years. But the fact that they haven't had more recent success and continuing on from what their quarterbacks really helped do? It's, I can't say it's surprising or shocking, but I guess there's also a standard that's there. And it's not just something that's exclusive to the NFL. I mean, we can look at Yankee fans and pretty much say the same thing. How many Yankee fans, and I hear it all the time, all the time on WFAN in New York, because I broadcast on WFAN in New York. There's so many instances where it's just like, we are the New York Yankees. Winning 90 games every season, 95 to 100 games is not enough. We got to win the championship. So fire Aaron Boone and fire the general manager.

And it's just like, damn. Like, what type of sports fan do you have to be? And I'm not, this is not, I'm not crapping on Steeler fans or Yankee fans, but just in general. Are you spoiled?

Or is it a matter of the standard for your squad? That we can win, I don't know, 10 football games every season, that our baseball team can win 90 to 95 games, 90 to 100 games every season. But because we haven't won a championship, we got to fire the guy who put the team together. Now for loser teams, if you love a loser team, does that make sense to you? If your team never wins a damn thing, does that make sense?

You tell me if the fan bases are spoiled or not. Like, I like Mike Tomlin. I ain't got no beef with Mike Tomlin.

I just think he got a crap QB. You know, I mean, people crapping on Bill Belichick. Yeah, his time might be up in New England, but I don't think it's so much to do with his coaching acumen. I think his time in New England has run its course. Bill Belichick, it seems to me, and Bailey Zappi can sound how grateful he ever wants when it comes to Belichick, he's lost that locker room to some extent. They're not going to publicly come out and disown him because he's Bill Belichick and he's got six Super Bowls to his name as the head coach, but they don't want to play for him anymore. It seems like still guys want to play for Mike Tomlin, they just don't have quarterback play the last two seasons. Yeah, true. But then in the case of the New England Patriots, I mean, the guys in the locker room suck anyway. That's fair.

And they suck because he didn't draft well. So that's also on him. True. No, that absolutely is on him. That is.

But when it comes to him as a coach, I don't think there's anything to debate there. 855-2124 CBS. Chris is calling from Chicago. You're on the JR Sport Reshow.

Go ahead, Chris. JR, what's going on? First and foremost, I just want to say I love the show. I'm calling in from Chicago, man. I work for a sports media company called the Bigs Media. We are a black owned business out here, man, and we love everything that you do.

Well, thank you. I also happen to be black. You gonna send me some money? Hey, man, look, man, shoot. When I get it, I got you, bro. How long I got to wait? Hey, man, as soon as I win this lottery, man, you know, the mega what is the mega millions right now, like 550 million or the Powerball.

Let's go. Hey, listen, you can you can also sue. No, excuse me, not sue. You can steal money from the Jaguars.

I heard they're letting people steal twenty two million dollars from. Hey, man, I think that being a being a bearish man, I think we just stole a pic from the Carolina Panthers, so I'll take that. Yeah, I think you're on your way, man. What's up?

Yes, sir. First and foremost, man, I just want to say I got two things to say. Number one, I don't know what's going on with everybody like that's going on about Pittsburgh right now, you know, saying like, come on, man.

That's definitely not the coach's fault, man. Like you can't like you can't do great things with a trash bag. You know, I'm saying like you can't carry a thousand pounds of weight in a trash bag. Have you seen Kanye West fashion? Hey, man, look, man, you know, we look we love old Kanye.

I don't know about the new Kanye, but we love the old Kanye. Okay. I've seen him turn trash bags into fashion. I think I have. No, he definitely did. But you can't turn a trash bag quarterback into a championship quarterback. And you know, got it. So that's what I'm getting at. So it's like, yo, you know, like, I mean, come on, man, like the man had been Roethlisberger.

And like, to be honest with you, I think that he did a lot for him, too. You know, Sam, like, so when we come to that, like, let's let's not like blame everything on him. Not like they got either flutes like I do in Chicago when I have to, like, cover them every week. So it's like, man, I'd rather have Tom and then then then then either flutes.

That's number one. And so I just want to tell everybody out there in Pittsburgh, y'all be good. Now, y'all doing good right now.

Like, you might have like an off season, but at least you're going to make the playoffs almost hopefully. You know, like you could be with me. You know, said I want four games right now.

So I'm sitting here like we're sitting here trying to figure out if we get Jim Harbaugh or not or Eric Bimini. You said I'd rather have this brother than any one of those. That's number one. But number two, I want to talk about number two. OK. Definitely want to talk about the Bulls. I don't want to talk about that.

Well, I just want to talk about that. Of course, now, because I can I can I save us. Can I save us? Save us some time so we can keep to something relevant. Yes, sir. Let's do it.

All right. The Bulls suck. Zach Lavine has asked his attitude in the NBA has been asked for a long time.

He's injury prone and he's just damaged goods. There is Zach Lavine in about 10 seconds. Is that OK? All right, Bam.

You got it. I don't got nothing else to say past that because you basically say what I was going to say. Yeah, well, thank you. That's that's why they pay me over here for something, Chris. All right.

Absolutely. That's why they pay you the big bucks, brother. You know, I steal money around here like the Jacksonville Jaguars guy. Hey, come on.

I know you and you ain't feeling nothing, man. They need to give you more. Do they? They definitely do, brother.

They definitely need to give you more straight up. Well, I will. Thank you, Chris.

You take it easy. All right. All right, brother. You have a great night, man. Thanks for the call. I mean, I appreciate you. OK, thank you.

Thank you so much. And they pay me because I can I can make a point in 10 seconds if I need to about the Bulls. What do you want me to say about them? They suck. I'm waiting on somebody to call me up and ask me about the Pistons.

I think that happened last night. It's another team that's even. How can you be worse than the Bulls?

It'd be the Pistons. It's simple. Eight five five two one two four CBS. People are blaming Mike Tomlin. People are supporting Mike Tomlin. When we come back from break, we're going to hear from Mike Tomlin's quarterback from tonight.

Is he going to blame Mike Tomlin or is he going to blame himself? It's the JR Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the JR Sportbree on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, JR, thanks for taking my car. You have a great show.

I listen to you on my midnight shift every night. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS. This portion of the show is brought to you by Wesley Financial. Are you stuck in a timeshare and want out?

Contact Wesley Financial Group now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at Wesley Financial Group dot com. Right before we went to break, we talked about tonight's Thursday night football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots. The Patriots beat the Steelers 21 to 18. The Patriots scored all of their points, all 21 of them in the first half. They couldn't muster anything at the end. The Steelers were able to get a touchdown in late. Mitch Trubisky kind of throwing the ball over to Deontay Johnson. That was pretty much all that they could they could muster here. Just sad. This game stunk. Mitch Trubisky.

Yeah. In for Kenny Pickett. His numbers tonight. Twenty two of thirty five passing one hundred and ninety yards, a touchdown, an interception.

It is a reason that Mitch Trubisky is kind of the backup right now. And so, yeah, we had a bunch of callers, some defended Mike Tomlin, others kind of crapping on him and ready to to move on. Who is Mike Tomlin? What has he done? What has he done lately? He's making all these mistakes. And then I said, well, if you were a fan of a garbage team, maybe you feel different. And how about that?

Hornets Ron tweets me at J.R. Sportbrief and he says, as a Panthers fan, we'll take Mike Tomlin any day. And sometimes I think it's just a matter of perspective, what you had, what you don't have. And sometimes fans can be spoiled.

Is it spoiled or is it about having high expectations? Eight five five two one two four CBS. It's eight five five two one two four CBS. Mitch Trubisky, you know, people are like, hey, he sucks. I'm like, yeah, he does. He he talked about his own performance tonight.

Let's take a listen. Missed opportunities. I got to play better. I feel like I let the guys down. We got to score off the turnover. A couple of those fourth downs, the one in the red zone and then the one ball to Deontay.

I got to be better for the guys, for the team. He said a whole lot more than Tomlin did. Mike Tomlin just said, hey, we lost, we stunk, we got to do better, we got to execute.

And he repeated wash, rinse, repeat. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Brandon is here from Chicago. I think he's familiar with Mitchell Trubisky.

Go ahead, Brandon. I would just like to tell him to keep his head up. You know, he wasn't a great quarterback, but he's getting all this bad. He just because of his draft status and he was picked over Mahomes. And I mean, when he was here, they all liked him except Bears fans. I mean, that poor guy was playing for everything like puddles to labor unions, squabbles. I mean, he he won the tie for him, but for him to go. Yeah.

Pitchforks and blowtorches to the airport. I just I was a pro bowler that first season. He really played. I mean, you can't take none away from him, right? Oh, not at all.

But because of what they saw Mahomes do, they blamed him. OK. All right. Well, thank you, Brandon. Appreciate you. No doubt about it.

This is why you would consider him to be a bust. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Greg is from Michigan. Hey, good evening, chair. Mr. Positive. Hey, I got to ask you, my friend.

Yes. If I could get you on Chris Cuomo with agents of inclusion, would you do it? I've got some connections.

If you were to maybe interview you and talk to him. My friend Charlie Liddell, Pulitzer Prize and rev run of Run DNC have heard me on the show. The show Cuomo show.

And I just think in everyone want to make the world a better place. You're booking me for my special Olympic show. Yes, sir.

Your agents of inclusion. I want to bring it up. Did he get fired? No, no, no. He's on News Nation to be. Well, no.

CNN did let him go, though. Yes. But he's he's back on.

He's back on. And I just want to put two and two together because you have such a great heart. And you want to help Special Olympics. And I think he might be receptive to the idea, but just wanted to bring that up because I'm going to put it in his ear tomorrow. Yeah. Well, what you do. Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

I think I think between him and his brother, I think I got to stay away for right now. OK. OK. Sorry if it offended you. I apologize. No, no, I'm not offended. I just.

You know, every time I read this, there's some interesting things going on. OK, let's be very good, my friend. Lebron.

My good night told chair. I mean, he is the coach. Do you see his ability to pass to see the court, the intelligence? Oh, my God.

I just go. I can't believe it, Jerry. He's just tonight. Thirty points in twenty three minutes. He's playing. Would you say is as good as he ever played in his whole career? I'm not going to go that far.

I think LeBron LeBron James, when he was in Miami, and he first saw me back to Cleveland, was playing out of his mind. But for a dude, for a dude who's pushing 40 years old. Yeah. Not not too shabby.

What LeBron is doing. Oh, my God, Jerry. Hey, love you. You're the best.

Everybody go for your dreams. Shep, baby. You two. Fantastic. You guys are fantastic. Have a great night, everybody. You as well.

Great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hey, Marco Ballet. I think we got a new nickname for Shep. You ready? Sure. Shep, baby. I'm good. You ready for that?

I love I love Greg. I thought there was going to be the line in there that got dumped. I thought you were going that way for the line. Which one got dumped? You know, I can't say it if it got dumped.

It was started with an O in the in the context in which he did. And Shep got rid of that. You can't you can't say that. I said it wasn't that big a deal.

Shep wanted better on the side of caution. So I can say it. Can I not say it right now?

I don't know. Well, here's the thing. You can of course you can say it. I don't want to jeopardize anything for you, man. Your name's on the show. I respect you too much. But I may say it right now. You can say it, but I'm going to dump it because I don't want that falling on you.

OK. So let's just say that Greg, he decided to describe LeBron James in the climax. He said watching LeBron James was, you know, it's like when you reach the climax and it starts with an O. The big O. Yeah. There you go.

Everybody knows the big O. Oscar Robertson. But see, you're you're you're you're clever enough to to kind of, you know, put a guise on this to work. This is a little bit open for interpretation. We all kind of get exactly where you're going with this.

But you can't really connect the dots where we know you're saying this for a fact. Well, I thought he was just going to call Shep the big O now. Well, I know.

Whoa. I thought you were Shep's girlfriend, fiance. What is she? She's well, no, she's still my girlfriend. Haven't haven't haven't popped the question yet.

You know, guys. Does she listen? She listens to this now every now and then. Yeah, she she she's she definitely listens.

She's not a huge sports fan. OK. Which is good because we're we're around it enough. Yeah.

Who wants to hear this crap when you leave here? Right. Right. And if she liked me for my sports takes, you know, she'd be off base.

So that's how that's how you that's how you know, she she's not picking the right. So you're going to propose to her soon or something? Probably.

You know, if I'm being really the whole country, what are you going for? If I'm if I'm being really honest with you guys. Yeah. Oh, man. So I hope she's really not listening right now, because if because if she is, you're not about to have one of these big Oscar Roberts is on the air. Right.

Good for a minute. You know, the biggest problem I have and I don't know if it's a guy thing. And Marco, you've been married for a long time now. Obviously, you're a dad to three wonderful kids. You know, J.R., you know, I'm like, can I can I can I say it's not for me to say, but let's just put it this way. You're a wonderful family man as well. And I'll leave it at that. I told everybody I got many kids. What are we doing? OK, OK. I didn't know if you disclose that or not, because I know you're a dad, which is amazing, by the way. I don't know.

I'm not sure if I have it in me to be someone that has been monogamous for the rest of their life. That's all. I didn't say that. I just I just I live in New York. I live in New York City. And there is a beautiful woman everywhere. Every street corner, every street corner.

There is a beautiful woman. And you want to talk about being honest to yourself in the whole country. It's fine. Yeah. So like my thing is like the last thing I'd ever want to do to a partner is to step out on her. I would never want to do that. But I have you had this conversation with her? Of course not. That doesn't that's not going to go anywhere. I'm going to be out on the curb in a week if I have that conversation. No woman wants to hear that.

That's the guy they're going to spend. Some don't care, bro. Oh, no, she cares, J.R. Well, she does. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Oh, no. She's not a tripod kind of person. And anyone who doesn't know that means people. There are certain couples that like to have other people involved in their, you know, aspect of their life.

If you get my drift. So I can't have that conversation with her because she's very conventional. She's a J.R. J.R., you got to meet her sometime. What's convention? There's no such thing as convention. I'm learning a lot. The big ho Shep is a swinger type guy.

Is that what we're doing? No, no, no. My mind wants to be because I'm because I love a challenge and I miss the aspect of going out on dates. And miss the aspect of going out to public ventures and public places and showing off my skillset.

You feel like you're going to be stuck and you're going to miss out on something better. No, I didn't say that. What a man you are. You're a man. I didn't say that. J.R., this person that I'm with is truly, truly wonderful.

I just am tempted as a guy with what I see around me living in a big city. That's all. Well, that's why you just use the eyes. That's it. The eyes are nothing else. Really?

That's not that's not that's not a form of cheating? Your eyes? Yeah. Everybody got eyes. No, but guys, but no guy using their eyes is ever just looking. Shep. Let's be honest about that.

Shep. No, yeah, you can. Yeah.

OK, you can talk. You've been married for a long time. I heard this a long time ago. I didn't coin this phrase.

Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu. There you go. Come on, man. Shep, you've never heard of couples like I got friends. Right. You know, I've been out. I'm not, you know, I'm not married, but I've been out with a woman.

Yeah. And another woman walks by. We both go, hey, look at her. You come like. No, J.R., most women are not like that.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. But a woman is not concurring with you that it's OK to look at that woman walking by. That's not most women.

It doesn't matter what most do. Know who your woman is. And that's not my woman. My woman is, hey, we don't see each other a whole hell of a lot. When you were across the table from me, your eyes are on me and me only.

That's it. If you walk down the street. That's fine and you're not with her, you can see other people. I know. You don't have to actually date them or see them, but you can see them walk by.

But then I feel so guilty because my Vietnam. You need two agreed upon girlfriends. That's what you need. Yeah. Yeah. Just make sure they're different from each other.

You know, the kind of judgments and looks I'm going to get from family and friends if I have two girlfriends. Lou Williams has two whatevers. Well, I'm not Lou Williams. I'm not burning out at the age of 35, 36. I'm still one of the 20 best in the world at what I can do.

But yet I allow drugs and other recreational activities to get the better of me. Well, I'm only guessing. I mean, I'm kind of putting 2D2 together here. He has two relationships. Yeah, I know, but Lou Williams should still be in the league. For God's sakes, JR.

He should still be playing. So, I'm not going to model my dating philosophy after Lou Williams, the guy that underachieved in the NBA. We ain't talking about basketball, man. We're talking about the fact that the man has two partners. Come on. Is that a known thing?

I've never heard that about Lou Williams before. He's got two partners and both partners are obviously open and amenable to that. Yeah, they take pictures together.

They go on vacations. Yeah. Oh, man. All right.

I guess three's not a company. Good. That's what I'm suggesting for you.

That way, you don't got no problems, you know? All right. I mean, that's not going to work with her, but thank you for the suggestion.

Listen, if you want two girlfriends, you could dump your current girlfriend. I find you two right away. No, I appreciate that.

I mean, when you find somebody that all you want to do is spend more time with them when you're around them, that's not someone you want to give up too easily. All right. Well, I mean, it sounds like you're doing a good job keeping your eyes in your head, so good for you.

Thank you, JR. I got to keep a lot in my head, so. And backpedaling like a corner in case she's listening.

Yeah. Well, no. She's not listening. She's asleep right now.

If she is listening, I'm going to be out of an apartment and a girlfriend in a week, so. All right. You're welcome.

You're welcome. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Listen to us as we talk sports and also provide marital and relationship advice. 855-2124-CBS.

That's 855-2124-CBS. We're going to take more of your calls. We got a lot of people mad at Mike Tomlin.

We'll talk this NBA end-season tournament. We got a lot to do. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, JR. Thanks for taking my call. Your show is badass and you always have a good quality bunch of callers. First of all, I tell you, man, I'm a big fan of yours, man. You kill it, man. You do great shows at night, man. Hey, JR. How's it going? Just wanted to say I appreciate you.

You're my late night therapist, so I appreciate you. Thank you. Call in now at 855-2124-CBS.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. Man. Hey, shout out to my guy Danny in New Orleans. That's my guy. That's my guy. Much love. 855-2124-CBS.

That's 855-2124-CBS. We've talked about a lot tonight, okay? We talked about relationships and dating. We talked about Mike Tomlin. People want to fire Mike Tomlin.

Some people are like, give Mike Tomlin a break. We've talked about LeBron James and the Lakers and the... What are they going to call... Why don't they... Shep, why don't they call this the NBA Cup next year, right? Oh, I have no idea. In-season tournament is too long. The NBA in-season tournament final. Damn. I feel like I need to take a breath every time I say it.

Ugh. Anyway, we're going to have the Pacers and the Lakers. And so it'll really just be a matter of whether or not the Pacers run the Lakers out of the building. Or whether or not the Lakers just kind of impose their size and will over the Pacers. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pacers won.

I really would not. Tyrese Halliburton is lighting it up. 855-2124-CBS. Oh, how about this? Everybody's favorite coach, he just spoke. Bill Belichick picked up another career victory.

Yeah, I know they're hard to come by these days. And let's see how enthusiastic he sounds after the win. I thought they did a really great job by the players and the coaches this week. Obviously a short week. Tough, disappointing game last week. But they came in a really good week of preparation. I thought the guys played with a lot of effort, energy, toughness.

We had our moments. We hit some plays. The third down conversion was a big play by Juju. You know, 102 big red area catches. I thought we ran the ball competitively.

It's obviously a very good defense. So I thought Zeke ran hard. Zeke made a big play on the interception. Keep him out of the end zone and get a defensive stop on that. That was a huge play.

Yeah, human sleeping pill. Bill Belichick. 855-2124-CBS.

That's 855-2124-CBS. Ike is here from Indianapolis. Ike, you got to go quick. Yeah, I just wanted to say to all those fans from Pittsburgh, y'all need to quit crying and whining. I mean, y'all at least are still in the hunt right now.

There's a whole lot of teams that don't even know what that looks like. So, you know, y'all might wind up like the Detroit Lions who went out and hired Jim Cowell. Second year he was there. Took him to the playoff two years in a row. And then they wasn't good enough for him so they fired him and guess who they brought in? Matt Patricia.

They ain't made the playoff since. So all I'm saying is be careful what you wish for. And I'm just going to say y'all have a good evening and go Pacers and go Colts. Okay. Thank you, Ike, for Indianapolis. Good stuff. Paul is here from Wisconsin. Go ahead, Paul.

Hey, guys, I really appreciate your work. I work in the ER and a lot of times listen to your show on the way home. And I just was laughing with the last segment with Shev. I think that was the new nickname given and the dating stuff. Yeah, you might need to watch out if you've got a woman who doesn't appreciate looking at other things. I had one like that one time and I met another girl one time and she was like, hey, you can't eat chicken every day of the week.

You've got to have some variety in your diet. I was like, oh, that makes sense. A woman told you it's okay to go talk to other women? Yeah, that's right. Oh, great. Terrific. He sees Shep that plenty of these women exist. Shep, come on now. Yeah, no, I appreciate it, Paul. I just know how special and unique this one is.

And it's when you find, and I don't mean to be so corny about this, but when you find someone that is honestly worth spending the rest of your life with, you don't want to compromise on something that is so immature and sophomoric on the physical level, you know? Well, that's good. I just hope your woman wasn't listening tonight because that could get you in some trouble. That makes two of us, Paul. Hey, Paul, it's all jokes.

Nothing here is real. Nothing, Paul, okay? All right. But you guys rock. I appreciate it.

And I don't really have any sports stakes tonight. I was just taking care of a bunch of PR stuff. We got that covered and the relationship stuff. Don't worry about it. Thank you, Paul. Shout-outs to Paul. Much love to everybody working in the hospital. Them jobs are not easy. I used to see those images on the TV show The ER.

I know the real one is worse. It's the JR Sport re-show on CBS Sports Radio. More of your calls and more football and basketball talk and maybe even some baseball. Where's Otani going?

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