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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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October 21, 2023 1:38 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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October 21, 2023 1:38 am

JR explains what is likely to come next when it comes to Jim Harbaugh's future at Michigan


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It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Friday night. Happy Saturday morning, depending on where you live.

Happy weekend. Whether you're still working or relaxed and chilling, you could be a Uber driver right now. If you're driving around drunks, I hope you're getting that money. I hope you're getting them tips.

Anyway, I'm going to be rolling with you for the next two hours. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia, right down the block from me or right downstairs on Peach Street. Oh, there's people out of drunk. I know this.

And shout outs to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's holding it down in New York City. Hey Shep, are there intoxicated people in the vicinity? Yes.

Not in studio or on the honor of 10th floor, but yes, outside for sure. Okay. Like a block or two blocks away? Like a quarter of a block away.

Quarter of a block away. Okay. Listen people, whatever you're doing outside, just be safe. Okay.

Let's just start there. You can always listen to the show on the free odyssey app, A U D A C Y. Thank you to everybody tuned in on your local CBS sports radio affiliates. Oh, we all over the place. It could be in Houston. You could be in Dallas. You could be in San Diego. You could be in Toronto, Canada. You could be listening on 92 nine, the game here in Atlanta with me, you could be listening on the score, the ticket. So if you're in Florida, if you're in Vegas and Michigan, you could be listening up in Boston. Congratulations to you. What's up Austin, Texas. We all over the place, all over the place.

If you've got Sirius XM channel 158, if you've got a smart speaker, ask it to play CBS sports radio. And we've had a fun show so far. Look, if you don't like baseball, it's fine.

It's your prerogative. But tonight or today, I would say was probably the best day of this baseball season because we had two amazing games. The NLCS just concluded, well, not the series, but we got the NLCS going on. We got the American league championship series going on.

And how about this? Just about 20 minutes ago, the Arizona Diamondbacks came back to beat the Philadelphia Phillies, the final score six to five. They were losing five to two and they rally back the wind and tie the national league championship series up at two games apiece. It was almost a foregone conclusion that the Phillies were going to just take a three to nothing lead. But Craig Kimbrel is being destroyed online right now because not only did he blow last night's game, could tell Marte walk off single.

He helped blow this game as well as Alec Thomas. It's a two run bomb for them to tie the game. Marino hits an RBI single for them to ultimately win the game and we'll get into that momentarily. And that wasn't the only good game of the night because earlier this afternoon, earlier this evening on the American league side, the Astros, they beat the Rangers five to four. They are now one victory away from going back to the world series. Houston leads this series three to two. We know the Texas Rangers started this series off by taking a two nothing series lead and Jose Altuve. He basically helped win them the game. A three run home run, making it the final score, five to four, they were down four to two.

Just a wild sequence. Jose Altuve is proving to be one of the best postseason players in Major League Baseball history. And so both the Texas Rangers taking L tonight, the Phillies taking L tonight, Houston one victory away from another world series, and the Phillies, man, they got a game tomorrow, also in Arizona. Either way, they're gonna have to go back to Philly. And so at least the the Phillies got a little bit of life in them. A matter of fact, let's talk about the game that just concluded. I want you to hear some of the calls as Arizona beats Philly six to five. The Diamondbacks were down five to two in the seventh. And then things really started to get popping in the eighth.

I want you to listen to this. Alec Thomas, pinch hitter, steps up to the eighth and hits a two run home run. This is courtesy of the Diamondbacks Radio Network tied the game at five all. Three, two pitch coming and a fly ball deep right center field.

He has done it. This game is tied on a pitch hit home run by Alec Thomas up Kimbrough in the eighth five five game. And so he ties the game up at five all. Couple of batters later could tell Marte hit that RBI walk off single last night. He singles to get on base.

Corbin Cowell gets hit by a pitch. So now you got a man at second base. Marino steps up. And then he says, You know what? Make sure I give us the lead.

Take a listen to this. And a shot to left center. That's a hit. D-backs lead. Other runner goes to third.

Marino delivers on the clutch. It's six five Arizona. Gabby Marino took a three one pitch and drilled it between the center fielder Rojas and Marsh to put the Diamondbacks on top. The Diamondbacks enter the eighth down five to three. They leave the eighth inning leading six to five. They're the home team.

What does that mean? Paul Seawalt steps up, gets onto the mound in the top of the ninth and he is trying to shut them down and close them out. He strikes out Marsh. Marsh wasn't happy with the placement that the umpire set. He strikes out Cave. Kyle Schwarber doubles to right and then Kyle Schwarber can't run.

So you get him the hell up one out of there. So there's there's still two outs. And then Paul Seawalt just basically shuts the door on Trey Turner. Listen to this.

On the way. He got him swinging. Seawalt strikes out Turner. And the Arizona Diamondbacks have come back and won this ballgame six to five. They have evened this best of seven series at two games apiece winning back to back home games. Yeah, and Craig Kimbrel, if you want to see what athletes have to deal with, and maybe he doesn't have to deal with it.

I'm sure he's not looking his name up on Twitter. People are calling Kimbrel trash. They're giving memes. It's just everything bad about the internet is going on right now about Kimbrel as he helped blow last night's game. He helped blow tonight's game. And the Phillies are now looking at a tied up series at two all. Alec Thomas, who hit that that home run to tie the game up at five. He spoke to Matt Wyner on TBS after the game.

And this is what he had to say. You know, you need to use everybody on your team. It's not gonna take just one guy to win a game.

And, you know, we're all about team here and, you know, it was awesome feeling. Craig Kimbrel's been doing this a long, long time. You saw his fastball a couple of times. What were you thinking on three and two? I was looking for a fastball and hopefully, you know, get a good part of the bat on it. And, you know, it went over by the pool.

So it was awesome. You know the narrative here. They've got the payroll. They've got the power. You guys are ahead of schedule.

What have you shown so far in this NLCS? You know, we're not gonna give up. You know, how could we? You know, we got these awesome fans right here and, you know, we're not done yet. So we're gonna keep on doing our thing and hopefully good things happen and good things happen today. So we're gonna keep on doing our thing. Somebody's gonna get that ball out of the pool for you.

Yeah, a little bit of a giggle there. Listen, they play again tomorrow night. Whoever wins this game tomorrow in Arizona will go up three to two in the series. And so if you want to watch some baseball first pitch 807 p.m eastern time, the last game for this NLCS taking place in Arizona on Monday. Win, lose.

There will be no draw. They gotta play on Monday in Philadelphia. Now are the Phillies gonna go home and try to close things out? Or are the Phillies gonna be looking to force a game seven on Tuesday?

We're gonna find out sooner than later. Tomorrow should be a good matchup. Zach Wheeler will be on the mound for the Phillies. Zach Gallin will be on the mound for the Arizona Diamondbacks. And so let's see what happens tomorrow. 855-2124 CBS.

That's 855-2124 CBS. If I had to lean one way, I'm still taking the Phillies in the series. And a big part of that is because they are, they're gonna be going home. The other part about this is the fact that they have experience. But you gotta give credit to Arizona for what they've been able to do. I mean, they got some moxie. They were down in the series.

It looked like they were gonna get kicked to the curb and just kind of laid out. And they're making it fun. And tonight has just been a great day for baseball. And then on the American League side, Jose Altuve continues to let everybody know how great of a player he is, knocking in a three-run home run to basically give the Astros a lead to close out the game. A matter of fact, let's listen to Jose Altuve's home run. A huge one in the ninth inning, making the score five to four Astros.

Listen. And Altuve hits it in the air pretty deep to left. Carter is back at the wall, leaves, and it is gone! It's gone! It's gone! It's gone! Jose Altuve gives the Astros a five to four lead!

How do you like that? Man, I wish I was that excited about the baseball, but I mean, hey, Shep, it's okay for him to be that excited, right? It's okay. Yes, with the comeback they had, absolutely. Okay, yeah.

Well, thank you. Jose Altuve, three-run home run in the ninth. They were able to go out there and have Presley on the mound to close this game up.

Let's listen to that. Let's listen to the final call here as these Astros walked away with a victory. The 2-2. Swing and a miss! Carter strikes out, and that is the ballgame! What a win for the Houston Astros! Their one win away from a third trip to the World Series. Jose Altuve, a go-ahead three-run homer in the top of the ninth, and the Astros hold on for a five to four win over the Texas Rangers, taking three games to two lead in the ALCS. Yeah, so the Houston Astros were down four to two. Jose Altuve hits that three-run home run in the bottom of the ninth, or excuse me, in the top of the ninth, and they're able to to hold on and win this game. They're going to be traveling back to Houston.

That game will take place on Sunday, and let's see if these Astros just close things out as Jose Altuve just continues to prove that he is one of the best postseason performers of all time. 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS. Greg is here from Michigan. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Greg?

Hey, JR, Mr. Positive. I gotta tell you, we're coming at you loud and proud from Michigan.

Now, here's the thing. Oh my god, I almost gave up on the Astros. Do you think that people are going to talk about possible, it's been bandied about on social media about cheating again, and what we need, we can't have Arizona win.

We need Philadelphia. There's cachet there. There's going to be ratings with the Astros versus Philadelphia, and I just need that, but do you think there's an element that people are going to start saying, well, is this a little bit cheating by the Astros because of their reputation? Nah, I don't think anybody is thinking about the Astros cheating right now.

I think outside of historical perspective, that's water under the bridge, don't you think? Yes, yes, yes. I'm disappointed with Verlander. You and I spoke last night, and I thought maybe Verlander was going to come out strong, but oh well.

It happens. Well, he was certainly rolling, and thank you, Greg, for calling from Michigan. Justin Verlander was rolling until we got to the fifth. Nate Lowe hit a home run off of him to tie the game up at one apiece, and in Verlander, he pitched only five and two-thirds innings. He gave up four earned runs, but up until that point, Justin Verlander, he was on a roll, and I mean, every game, he can't give you six, seven, and eight, and strike out six, seven, and eight, and so he was rolling until he wasn't. He gave up two big home runs. You had the home run Nate Lowe hit off of him. Adolis Garcia hit a three-run home run off of him, basically chasing him out the game, and that was all she wrote, but when you got Jose Altuve, 26 postseason home runs, okay? Manny Ramirez is the all-time leader with 29. Jose Altuve, one of the most clutched baseball players that we have ever seen, now has 10 career go-ahead postseason home runs, more than Albert Pujols, so that's the most in Major League Baseball playoff history, and that three-run bomb he hit in the ninth, that was his third go-ahead home run in the ninth inning or later in any playoff game. That's the most by any batter in postseason history, so what you are witnessing with Jose Altuve?

This is not something that's normal. He has done this more than anybody else in baseball history, and kudos to him, a hell of a career that he's put together for himself at 33 years old, and he's not done. They could very well on Sunday be on their way right back to another damn World Series, and would anybody be shocked if the Houston Astros didn't just go to the World Series, but they won it again. At that point in time, we don't need to hear about no cheating. We don't need to hear about no garbage can banging. You just got to give them credit at that point.

Like, leave it alone, please. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Gary is calling from New Hampshire. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Gary? Hey, Gary, you're live on the radio. Hey, Shub, what happened to Gary? He got abducted by aliens that fast, right? I don't know. Gary, when he's called before, he usually comes right on, so I'm surprised about that.

Yeah, he got abducted. It's okay. Friday night. Rodney's calling from Houston.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. How's it going, bro? It's going excellent. How are you?

I'm great, man. Getting ready to go back to this World Series as soon as we take care of that game six in Houston, finally, but I just want to say this, man. I know you know people give out two-way slack for all that stuff in the past, but that's in the past. That's got nothing to do with what he's doing right now, and these Astros are sending a message, and one thing I did do is I listened to some of the Rangers' podcasts after that game, and it kind of shocked me that they said that hitting Garcia was a tactic to keep La Clerc on the bench long enough for us to keep him tired. Man, I've never heard so much trash in my life. Why would we hit Garcia when we're already down two runs?

Down two runs? Well, there's a couple of things. B, I think that's ridiculous, so I don't know why you're wasting your time listening to that crap. Second, and I can only speak for myself, I don't think anybody has had a problem with Jose Altuve.

None. I mean, if anything, he's been painted as the guy who didn't necessarily want anything to do with the banging of the cans. He just went out there and played, so I don't think that there's an overwhelming, hey, hey, hey, he's the cheater. I haven't heard that, and I think more people took issue with Carlos Correa, who's obviously no longer with the team, for his defense of it.

He seemed to be a little bit louder, and the fact that the players weren't punished in really any type of way, shape, or form, I think people got a little bit ticked off more so with Correa. I think Jose Altuve, for the most part, he got away scotch-free, man, so I don't think that's a concern. Yeah. Well, listen, man, you enjoy the game on Sunday, and if they win, congratulations, okay? Appreciate you, brother.

All right, thank you, Ronnie, for calling from Houston. People like Jose Altuve. Am I missing something? He is something else. The fact that the dude is five foot six, I think people give him a little bit more credit and a little bit more respect for what he's able to do, because we don't see too many dudes running around at five foot six accomplishing what he's doing on a baseball field, and so unless you think that he's just been cheating his whole damn life, man, nobody cares.

Nobody's thinking about the cheating. Like, if you're still beating up on the Astros and you don't got no respect for Altuve, then you just got bigger problems. You got bigger issues.

There's something wrong with you. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Congratulations to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Beating the Phillies tonight. Tying the series up at 2-all. Congratulations to the Houston Astros. Coming back to beat the Texas Rangers 5-4. Altuve hitting a three-run bomb in the ninth, and now they are one victory away from the World Series. Friday was an amazing day for Major League Baseball. We talk about this sport a lot.

The attention that it doesn't get, how they don't market their stars, the fact that they have a commissioner in Rob Manfred, who looks like he is more equipped to push papers than to talk to the public. Today was a good day. Sorry for the Ice Cube reference.

It wasn't on purpose. It's the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to get some more of your calls on this game. We're going to hear from more of the players. We're going to talk some more NFL football. We have talked about the Philadelphia Phillies. We talked about the Eagles getting ready to take on these Dolphins. There's even another matchup that I really want to see. We're going to get into the Lions and the Ravens.

We got a lot to do. It's the JR Sport Reshow, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I'm a new listener but a long time radio personality over the years and you're just enlightening.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio and what is probably the best day for Major League Baseball this season. Two amazing games in each individual championship series in the ALCS. The Astros beat the Rangers. The Houston Astros come back from a four to two deficit. Jose Altuve hits a three-run home run in the ninth to ultimately give them the lead in the final victory five to four and they are one game away. One more win away from going right back to the World Series.

This is almost like the Houston Astros birthright at this point in time and then less than an hour ago we had another amazing game. This in the National League Championship Series as Arizona staring a one to three deficit in the face. They come back and they beat Philly six to five. The Diamondbacks were down five to two in the seventh. Alec Thomas had a two-run home run to tie it up five all in the eighth. Marino gets an RBI single scoring Cattell Marte making it six to five. Paul Siewald closes the door in this series between the Phillies and the Diamondbacks is tied at two all and so an amazing Friday for baseball in a sport that that needs excitement.

I mean if I get it it's tough to replicate and do this through 162 games for all year long but tonight was certainly absolutely amazing. Tomorrow we'll have an opportunity and this will be fun to see what happens. Arizona, Philly, Saturday night who's gonna take the 3-2 lead?

We'll find out soon enough and then the Astros they'll be back at it looking to win one more game go to the World Series. That will be on Sunday eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four CBS. Let's go ahead and talk to Matt from Seattle. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. Hey how you doing man?

I'm excellent how are you? Good good. I just want to say that I'm going to continue to make fun of the Astros every day and twice on Sundays because I live in Seattle. I'm a Mariners fan. That's one reason but also they're they're cheating. They're doing something we just haven't caught them yet. It's the most prolific investigation in the history of sports. We could say that that's just misdirected anger because I live in Seattle and have had a long road ahead of us with baseball but that could be it but I'm going to stand by my guns and say no they're cheating. Okay all right Matt thank you.

If you find out some uh some pure evidence please share it with us okay. Okay thank you Matt from Seattle. I get it. I get it. There gonna be a lot of teams that that don't care for the Astros for good reason. When you're on the top and you're winning people ain't gonna like you and then when you end up with a cheating scandal to initiate your dynasty yeah there's there's gonna be folks that don't like you but at what point do you give them their just due? You gotta respect them right?

You have to? No? Maybe?

Maybe not? 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS. Sean is here from San Diego. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. JR hey just wanted to say hey I always appreciate your show and I appreciate your take on things but I gotta disagree with you on this one my man. I feel like I heard you say that Altuve was one of the guys that was not a part of the cheating scandal or was against it and all I can picture is him coming across home with one of his 10 post-season I believe home runs and them trying to rip his jersey off and you say I got a piece I got a piece I can't you can't pull his jersey off but dude is a cheater and he's always going to be a cheater and if that's your take me in San Diego as a Padre fan I'm curious what your take on Fernando Tatis Jr. is with his steroid scandal and how that affects his legacy as a great baseball player here in San Diego. Well I have I got answers for that and so oh my gosh Sean there's so much feedback here when it comes to Fernando Tatis Jr. in the most simplest of terms he's an idiot okay I mean if you want to run around you know doing PEDs and it's now ringworm medication for the back of your neck you want to ride around on motorcycles that is just that's stupidity and you would certainly think that he's a little bit better than that knowing that his dad played in the big leagues but you know what money talks and people do stupid things it doesn't matter how old they are how young they are not now when it comes to Jose Altuve I mean we can beat into the ground and I didn't know we were still beating into the ground whether or not they did or did not want to rip his jersey off from all indications I don't know you don't know but I would think based on the you know all these years later it's 2023 that was 2017 it's been said and I can only go by what I see and what I think is a little common sense he won't wear no won't wear no wire there was no evidence that he did so and I mean for all the lying that people have done I would think by now at this point some of us would would kind of be there for public consumption so I know what has been said I know what has not been said and I just try to look at things pretty even I think we know this because one of their own players ratted them out because there was an investigation they banged on trash cans and they delivered signals and signs I think that was the extent of it I don't think Altuve was running around like he was James Bond or Batman or I don't know whoever the hell else would have an earpiece so look if people don't like him then they're well-known for being him then they're well within their right because the team cheated but I think as an overall when you look at the stretch from 2017 and you look at what he has done between then and now I don't think every time this man steps to the plate he got something in his ear I don't think every time he steps to the plate somebody's banging on a can I don't think he's getting a bat signal I don't think he's getting Morse code I don't think they're throwing up smoke signals from center the guy's just good and I think there comes a point in time where you just go damn he's awesome that's it I don't think he's out there cheating every time he's swinging tonight three run home run to win the game I don't think he was cheating I mean we can kick their ass forever about 2017 but you still have to go damn it the stretch that they're on is awesome I mean if they found out or there's more to it then then we kill them but I don't think there is Tom is here from Illinois you're on the JR sport re-show what's up Tom? Hey JR first time caller uh I just started listening to your show a couple weeks ago on the score um yeah the previous calls were kind of taking some of my uh some of my juice off my call a little bit but with L2A there's no doubt he's an outstanding ball player but first off this is before my main question but if you look at the YouTube clip from 2017 I mean it's pretty obvious he's trying to hold on to his shirt but that's beside the point but my main well well hold on yes that is clear as day now do I think he was wearing a buzzer or a wire I don't think so man I don't okay all right well hey look if you want to get in the man's clothes and I mean you can ask him but I don't think that was the case all right well my my main question is this do you think let's say five ten years from now how do you think the hall of fame is going to look on this current era of Astros compared to the PED players? Well I mean let's let's think about this knowing that the fact that none of these dudes were were were drug indicted no knowing that none of these dudes were Barry Bondsing or Roger Clemens in their way uh through obliterating the record books I don't think people are going to care that as much you know I mean here we are about five and six years removed and it's almost like hey you got to call it for what it is here's here's here's what it boils down to when you think about what has taken place from 17 to right now the key players have changed I mean Correa is not there you can go ahead and look at someone like Alvarez who's a part of the team Jose Abre you didn't have a damn thing to do with the Astros and he's been dealing with back issues and all of a sudden he's whooping ass now you've had Berlin to come on to the stretch to help things out so all things considered if you're talking about the Hall of Fame who would be kind of kicked to the shreds or or you know ran through the ringer it would be only Altuve and I don't think that'd be the case yeah I uh there's no doubt he's an outstanding ball player but I think that there will always be a little bit of a cloud over him it's a question of whether the cloud will be as dark as the PED guys this is my my yeah I I don't think so and you want to know why and I had mentioned and alluded to this earlier on it's because and maybe that's why he's getting a pass if you want to consider there to be a pass to be given Jose Altuve is a likable dude he's not a jerk I mean Barry Bonds is sitting around he's done interviews over the past few years where Barry Bonds says yeah I was a complete you know what okay Roger Clemens has never run from that you got somebody like Jose Altuve tonight hits a three-run home run he talks to the the world on Fox after the game or whatever station it was on and he's just like yeah man I'm just playing a game I love the game and this is amazing I'm happy that was it that's it and that's how he is every single time you know I've had the opportunity to talk to him myself in a private setting and interview him he's a nice dude he is not worried about nothing he's a very likable nice guy and you know what I'm not I'm not Miss Cleo I'm not an oracle I can't read people he comes across as genuine he seems affable he's just he exists he likes life he plays baseball he's not a jerk he's not a you-know-what is he some diabolical cheater behind the scenes maybe he was or maybe he is I don't think that's the case and so I got no I got no concerns about what's gonna take place with him into the future because the man just whoops ass thank you Tom appreciate your man you bet no doubt yeah we can we can beat him break him through the coals when it's time for Jose Altuve to go into the hall of fame is he going in on the first or the second I don't know but he going he's going easy eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS I'm gonna get some more of your calls I do want to talk about another football game I'm interested in outside of the Dolphins getting ready to take on the Eagles we got so much more to do you're listening to the jr sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on CBS sports radio hey what's up jr man I listen to your show every night man I tell you what man you miss your calling bro you miss your calling as a comedian you are a funny dude man nothing I don't mean that no disrespect but you are truly funny call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS it's the jr sport brief show on CBS sports radio I'm not funny I'm just sitting around talking about sports sitting here in the studio watching Victor Winbenyama block three point shots and dunk and shoot like he's a creator player you know and I'm gonna get to the calls momentarily eight five five two one two four CBS a great night for baseball but yeah it when you get a chance look at Victor Winbenyama's highlights I have them on my my twitter at jr sport brief it's it's funny somebody tweeted I can't find the guy's name there's so many tweets that have gone by somebody tweeted me I see it here what's up Dion shout outs to Dion Apollo he says I'm talking like uh Victor Winbenyama just saw basketball this morning he's been playing versus grown up since he was 14 and his mom is a basketball coach he knows the game inside and out well please tell me tell me more that I don't know about Victor Winbenyama I know about his mom I know about his dad I know about his brother I know about his sister I know that he's been playing professionally in France I'm very well aware of Victor Winbenyama as he's been shoved down our throats for the past year that doesn't change the fact that what he's currently doing is ridiculously impressive for a young man who hasn't played at the highest level of basketball and that happens to be the NBA even the fact that he's doing this in the preseason is ridiculously impressive someone like Clay Thompson couldn't do anything with him on offense or defense he is stuffing Andrew Wiggins he is blocking Clay Thompson's threes this is impressive it's not to say that he just learned basketball but for a man his size and for what he's been able to do to already have adjusted it's pretty amazing and has nothing to do with him playing against professionals in France what he's doing at this moment is still impressive for a dude who hasn't really played one real NBA game 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS that's 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS great games tonight in major league baseball the Astros won victory away from a world series Diamondbacks tying their series against the Phillies at 2-all and Craig Kimbrel blows his second consecutive game and so Rob Thompson had to go out there and give him the hook Rob Thompson just spoke a few minutes ago about his closer who can't close a screen door right now this is what Rob Thompson had to say what's been the biggest issue for Kimbrel lately just strike throwing ability and being able to command his pitches do you feel like you can still rely on him the way you have this season yeah I mean I think that he's gone through a couple of spots like this and fought back but you know he's a experienced guy and he's got a short memory and he'll come back you're on the mound tomorrow but are you concerned with how you're going to get through that game given the number of high leverage levers you've had to use here on back-to-back nights well we'll check in with them tomorrow and see how many guys we got available and we're certainly not going to put people in in jeopardy but this is a tough group and they want to play yeah what is he supposed to say I got no faith in a dude I got no trust I mean valid question but come on I could have wrote what the answer was gonna be he can't just kill his dude lie for everybody to hear I don't trust him I'm not gonna throw him out there he stinks I'm done he's gonna sit on the bench all things considered why would he play tomorrow he just played two consecutive nights and he stunk he's gonna sit down tomorrow so we'll see what they do I mean if these uh diamondbacks just show life and take the lead wow eight five five two one two four cbs nick is here from Maryland what's up nick hi uh I'm a Baltimore Orioles fan and we had a guy this year Grayson Rodriguez who was evidently flashing some of his movements when he made a certain pitch and he was getting rocked but he sent them back down to the minors for him to I guess get through that to not show off what he's pitching so I don't understand why everybody's so mad at Houston because they steal signs well everybody tries to steal signs that's part of the game I think I'm like like you said I think they're just mad at Houston because they're winners you know nobody really liked New England when they were winning you know nobody liked the Cowboys when they were winning long time ago so I think they just don't like winners they get mad because they're not they get mad because their team doesn't win but I I don't have nothing against Houston I think they're a good club and you know like I said I experienced it with the Orioles with Grayson Rodriguez now he's back he's not flashing his movements and he's a good pitcher now but anyway that's all I had to say and you have a great show all right thank you thank you so much Nick for calling from Maryland I mean to be honest yes we we know that everybody steals signs but what the Astros did is not just a matter of stealing signs they utilize technology they utilize cameras video monitors they're sending signals up through garbage cans it goes beyond hey I realize what he's doing the pitcher's tipping his pitches and so uh you know a curveball is coming yeah everybody can do that that's fine what you're not supposed to do is start using watches and monitors and cameras that is a no-no and so let's not let's not go too far and I'm very well aware uh about Jose Altuve and his buzzer and oh did he have a buzzer don't rip my jersey off I have it on look it it hasn't been founded so if you want to believe that that's fine I choose to believe otherwise because I haven't heard or seen otherwise so I'm gonna roll with what I think is a little bit more common eight five five two one two four CBS Desi from Houston go ahead Desi quickly thank you so much for taking my call JR I just want to start off by saying uh how much I really enjoy your analysis on every take how intuitive every take is every night I listen to the show uh everything you have to say is just so spot spontaneously uh accurate and uh I'm basically calling because you know as an Astros fan you know someone actually from Houston and uh you know born in 2000 has seen the rise of these local franchise you know smaller franchises smaller markets come up through my child upbringing what I mean by that is you know the media attention you know they grow each of the Texans the Rockets the Astros that even the Dynamo even the MLS you know we've had to come up our fan base is the most organic fan base in the world and it really irritates me when fans from inferior um I'm sorry inferior yes inferior franchises you know want to hate on an honest you know group of human beings despite okay yes I'll give you the cheating whatever you know like I'm not I'm not say what you want have your narratives but you know it's like it's like the previous caller said it's it's when the Dallas Cowboys are winning everyone wants to hear it we have no choice but to hear about it yeah go ahead sorry I gotta hit the break Desi don't go nowhere are they cheating every year I don't think so you gotta give them respect it's really that simple I'm gonna get some more of your calls on the other side we're gonna talk some football as well JR sport reshow CBS sports radio I'm here to tell you about pom pom at home where comfort meets elegance pom pom at home is offering 20% off site wide for a limited time see why so many of the top 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