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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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October 19, 2023 1:51 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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October 19, 2023 1:51 am

JR congratulates the Aces on their 2nd straight WNBA Title. They did something in the WNBA that hasn't been done in the past two decades!


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For important information, visit slash disclosures. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the J.R. Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Shout outs to everybody locked in and tuned in all over North America.

Our super producer and host Dave Sheppard. He's holding it down for us in New York City on the boards. A busy sports night.

It's a great thing, right? We got a new WNBA champion. I don't know if I can call them new because they've gone back to back.

Something that hasn't been done in 20 years. The Las Vegas Aces beat the New York Liberty in Brooklyn, New York to go back to back. Meanwhile, we know we got a team in Major League Baseball. They're trying to be back to back World Series champions, but first they got to get past the Rangers. And at this moment, the Houston Astros, they lead the Texas Rangers 8 to 5. We're getting ready to move into the bottom of the ninth. Texas Rangers are pretty much down to their last three outs as Houston is trying to win its first game of this series as the Rangers lead two to nothing in a few minutes.

They might be leading the series only two to one. Max Scherzer making his first start in about a month for the Texas Rangers. Four innings pitched, five earned runs, four strikeouts. He gave up a home run to Jose Altuve.

He got smacked around and so the Texas Rangers have been playing catch up to the Houston Astros and it looks like, unless Texas got a little bit something left, it looks like the Houston Astros are going to walk away with a victory. And so we got a lot to get into, a lot to talk about in a few minutes, in a few seconds. I do want you to hear about or I do want to talk about the Aces becoming back to back WNBA champions. This was a damn good basketball game to watch. I don't care if you don't like women's basketball or you don't care for league or college or pros. If you like basketball, that was a damn good game to watch as the Aces are back to back champions. Mark Davis, owner of the Raiders, also owns the Las Vegas Aces.

He was at center court hoisting the WNBA championship trophy and I'll get into that in a few seconds as we will also hear from Asia Wilson who was snubbed from the MVP, depending on who you ask. And then also Becky Hammond who has just won a championship in New York. Just New York flat period. New York sports is just, I don't want to say curse, but they got the worst luck, man.

The absolute worst luck. If you want to talk to me here, the number is 855-212-4CBS. If you want to give me a holler on social media, I am at JR Sport Brief. Also keep in mind with everything going on in the WNBA and Major League Baseball with the ALCS, it's still Wednesday night. Every Wednesday night I bring to you a new top six list and we are going to talk about some of the biggest and best sports cities that are currently winning. Like what cities represent winning? What city has its sports teams, not in the toilet, but has had them in championship contention? What sports cities are feeling good about where they've been, where they're at, and where they are going?

I'll give you that top six list. We'll do that in an hour from now. But before I update you on the ALCS, if Houston holds on to win, let's talk about the aces. Let's talk about the New York Liberty because, quite frankly, this was the second WNBA game I watched intently this season. The New York Liberty were winning this game. We go to the third quarter.

Asia Wilson decides to go out there and lose her mind. She finishes the game with 24 points and 16 rebounds. Sunday in Brooklyn, she shot three of 14 from the field.

I don't think that she was going to have the same type of bad game and she bounced back and she bounced back in a big way. The New York Liberty were able to fight and claw their way back into this game and they actually had the ball. An opportunity to inbound the rock. About eight seconds left in the game. They were able to whip the ball around.

Helter Skelter. Courtney Vander Sloot got the ball in the corner for an open three. Had to rush it a little bit. Had a defender flying at her and she missed everything. And that was the game. That was the series. Instead of forcing a decisive game five, the Las Vegas Aces won the game. This was a fun watch unless you are a New York Liberty fan.

Let's take a listen to the final call. This is courtesy of ESPN. For the Las Vegas Aces and for the first time in 21 years, the WNBA has a back-to-back champion. The Aces on top yet again. Yeah, the last time we saw a back-to-back champion, we got to go to 01 and 02 when the Los Angeles Sparks did it. And so Asia Wilson has a bounce back game after that loss this past Sunday. She is crowned the finals MVP. Let's keep in mind last year they won a championship.

So yeah, they went back-to-back. Asia Wilson, two-time WNBA champion. Two-time WNBA MVP. Didn't win that award this year so that's why she hyped for this one. Two-time WNBA defensive player of the year. And now she picked up her first finals MVP. Yeah, you can say that she's one of the greatest who has played here in the WNBA. And Asia Wilson, she spoke to Holly Rowe after the victory. She wasn't drunk. This is what she had to say.

Asia, I see you've already got the champagne goggles ready but we've got a conversation first. You put this team on your back tonight. You're rebounding your defense on John Quell. You're all around effort. How did you find the strength within to come up so big in this challenging moment? My teammates, my teammates, we lean on each other so much at this time. We fought through so much adversity throughout the season and we just kept the mind thing. We kept the main thing, the main thing and we came out on top. And I can't express how proud I am of my teammates. They picked me up when I was down.

We cried together, prayed together and now we puppets share pain together. Oh yeah, she, listen, she was drunk last year at the post game. So, I mean, at this point in time, she might be on her way to being kind of lit again. And the lady who led the team, Becky Hammond, Becky Hammond started coaching the Aces last season. She was a Spurs assistant since 2014. Becky Hammond played for the New York Liberty from 99 to 2006. She goes out here and beats her former team, multiple time All-Star in the WNBA and, and she is now, now a champion on the coach and she beat the Liberty, which is, I guess, has to be bittersweet a little bit. Becky Hammond also spoke to Holly Rowe on ESPN.

This is what Becky Hammond said. You've done something that hasn't been done in over 20 years, a back-to-back title. Before the game today, you're missing two starters. Things look bad. And you say to us in the green room, I am confident AF.

I'm cleaning that up for the family audience. Why were you so confident in this group to win right now? Because I know, I know who I have in my locker room.

There's not a person out here that I don't believe in. I know what they're made of. And at the end of the day, I told them win or lose, I'm rolling with them.

I'm rolling with them all day. The last time the Liberty were in the finals, you were playing for them. Your name is on this court. Is there anything special that makes it neat because you're here in a place where you got your start in the W. I mean, I'm in debt. I'm forever indebted to New York. There is zero doubts about that. New York gave me my first opportunity. And I am not standing out here without the New York Liberty.

There's just zero chance of that. I have a lot of great memories here. It hurt my soul when I saw him playing in a gym that wasn't up to par. And then the size came in and raised the level. And we're going to continue to raise the level. But having owners like the size, Mark Davis, it's good for our sport.

It's good for women's basketball. And we're going to continue to grow it. But I'm forever thankful to New York. But I'm certainly happy to be walking out here with this trophy tonight. What a classy response.

What a classy response. She could have thrown Mr. Dolan under the bus because he's the guy who put the New York Liberty in a gym in Westchester County, far away from Madison Square Garden. But I digress. And this is why New York sports like the New York Liberty, they got to be drinking the same water as, I don't know, the Jets, the Giants, the Knicks, the Yankees have been crap.

Let me put it to you this way. The WNBA started in 1997. The New York Liberty are one of the first franchises.

They are one of the teams that have been around since its inception. The New York Liberty has been to the WNBA finals five times. The New York Liberty have lost all five times.

You cannot make this up. It's just absolutely terrible for the New York Liberty. They are entering into, I can't even say Jets territory. They just, they don't even win.

It's, it's, it's heartbreaking. And speaking of heartbreaking, I don't know if it's going to go that way for the Texas Rangers, but we got a final score here. The Houston Astros, they pick up a victory seconds ago in the ALCS, the final score there, eight to five. Houston beats the Texas Rangers. Instead of Texas, the Rangers going up three nothing. Houston is now down two to one after the Astros pick up a victory tonight.

The Rangers were off from the get-go. You knew Max Scherzer making his first start since last month, September 12th. Max Scherzer was going to step out onto that mound and he was going to give you a good five or he was going to give you a bad five. He didn't even make it to five innings, four total innings pitched. He gave up five earned runs. He struck out four and he gave up a bomb, a home run to Jose Altuve. And so the Texas Rangers basically playing pickup and catch up all night long and the Houston Astros keeping them at bay.

And so Texas now leads the ALCS two to one, the final score tonight, the Astros eight and the Rangers five. Not the best start here for Max Scherzer. He's been getting slapped around in the post season. He got slapped around last year with the New York Mets against the Padres.

He got slapped around tonight. And a matter of fact, I want you to listen to that home run given up by Max Scherzer. Jose Altuve took him deep in a third. This made it four to nothing Astros. This one's clubbed left field and deep going back to Varis. Still going back, still going back.

It's gone. That's how you do it. Left center field for Altuve, six rows deep. Four nothing Astros. And it's Altuve's turn.

Yeah, Altuve got in on the action. Final score, eight to five Astros over the Rangers. They're going to be back in action tomorrow night. Game four is going to take place tomorrow, Thursday, and we just have to just got to wait and see what happens. Maybe Texas can can go ahead and pick things up. We don't know exactly who is going to be on the mound for either one of these teams yet.

Time will tell. I don't think anybody would be shocked if the Astros picked up another victory and tied this series up at two all. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio, 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We're going to take a break. We're going to talk more about what just took place with the ALCS. I want you to hear some more of the runs. I want to talk to you more about somebody else in Houston, Texas that is certainly on a roll.

I think everybody has a chance to be proud about. I'll tell you who it is. We'll talk more Astros here on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the J.R. Sportbree on CBS Sports Radio. I love the show. I just want to say, man, your show is not a show if I don't get at least one.

Oh, God, from you. With this guy talking about Robert De Niro. And you're like, what's the point?

Well, you know, he ate pizza in the sun. And these last five minutes had to have been the most hilarious I've ever heard on your show. Call it a show. It's a show. It's a show. It's a show. Most hilarious I've ever heard on your show.

Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS. Sometimes people say wild things. Sometimes it's me saying a wild thing. I don't know.

But I guess if I hit you with the old God. Yeah. Somebody somebody went out there and is saying something interesting.

Anyway, we may have a few of those tonight. In about 40 minutes from now, I'm going to share with you a new top six list. We're going to take a look at the top six winning sports cities right now in North America. Like what cities have teams that they can actually be proud of? What cities have, are and will be competing for championships like who's who's who's winning right now? I'm talking about who can win, who has won, who's in a place to win, who can, what cities ain't with the craps. Okay, eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. Again, congratulations to the Las Vegas Aces getting rid of the New York Liberty to win their second WNBA championship.

They have now gone back to back and then minutes ago. Congratulations to the Houston Astros picking up their first victory in the ALCS as the Astros beat the Rangers eight to five. This didn't go the way the Astros or excuse me, the Rangers wanted it to go. In game one, Jordan Montgomery goes out there, handles business, Texas wins. In game two, Nathan Evaldi goes out there, handles business, Texas wins. In game three, Max Scherzer, future Hall of Famer, he shows up. He gets handled. Four innings pitched.

He gets slapped around for five earned runs. Not the greatest start. I mean, the Astros were able to score out of the gate. Max Scherzer threw a wild pitch. They were able to score that. It opened the game up one to nothing and then they just started to pour on.

Let's listen to this. This was in the second inning. Martine Maldonado hit a two-run single to make the score three to nothing Astros. Scherzer delivers and that is hit sharply past Young and in the left field. Tucker scores. DuPont around third coming home.

He will score as well. Maldonado racing for second. The throw in the second to slide. Maldonado was out but the two runs count.

Maldonado says take a look at it iffy on whether or not they tagged him. What a big hit for the Astros nonetheless. Astros with a three to nothing lead and the Astros are not going to challenge the outcall at second base. Two-run single for Maldonado. A wild pitch. Also scoring a run and after one and a half in game three of the American League Championship Series, Astros three, Rangers nothing. Yeah and then we went to the the top of the third. Jose Altuve decided to go out there and add to his postseason career home run mark and one hall of famer meets another one. Jose Altuve won this. Listen. This one's clubbed.

Left field and deep. Going back to Veras. Still going back. Still going back.

It's gone! That's how you do it. Left center field for Altuve. Six rows deep. Four nothing Astros and it's Altuve's turn. Yeah my apologies to the Rangers fans.

There's more. In the top of the fourth, Dubon decided to single and then send Jose Abreu home. He made it five to nothing. Swing and a shot to right field.

Base hit. Dubon comes up big time. Another single drives in another run. It's five nothing.

Dubon is coming up big. Okay, okay. I only got one more for you. Okay, if we continue on here let's just fast forward to the the eighth and final run here. Jeremy Pena in the eighth.

A little bit of insurance. Decided to hit an RBI single in the eighth. Making it eight to four. And field come in for the Rangers. They're about halfway up the middle.

Hoping to turn two. Trying to get this ball in the air if you're Jeremy. First pitch. And Pena grounds it.

Through the right side. A base hit. That'll score Tucker.

Down the second goes Dubon. Jeremy Pena checks in with an RBI single to make it eight to four Astros. Yeah and the Astros were able to hold on and ultimately win this game. The Rangers picked up another run in the bottom of the eighth but it was not enough and so Houston walks away with the victory. Let's listen to the final call. All of this courtesy of the Astros radio network.

The one two. Ground ball softly hit right at Pena. Shortstop has it. Shovels the second for one. Out to hit a first.

That's two. And that is the ball game. The Houston Astros take game three from the Texas Rangers winning tonight by the final of eight to five. Rangers lead the series two games to one. Pretty wild and to still see Jose Altuve playing at this level at his size.

I just say to myself well damn it how much longer is he going to be doing this? He's he's not ancient but he's going to be 34 years old by the time we get to next season. He is if you saw this man walking down the street you wouldn't think that he's he's one of the best major league baseball players that the game has ever seen but he is. And so that home run especially in the the third inning that was his eighth home run in Arlington at Globe Life Stadium this year. That was eight home runs that he's now hit at Globe Life against the Rangers. Okay he had 17 on the season and so he's been feasting on the Texas Rangers. And then if you want to think about the totality of his career he now has 10 home runs, Altuve does, in the league championship series.

That's 10. And if you think about his career home runs in the postseason he has 25 career home runs in the playoffs. The only man who has more home runs than Altuve is just some dude named Manny Ramirez and if you know Manny he's not just Manny being Manny he is one of the greatest hitters I've ever seen. Manny made no sense but he might have gotten just a little bit of help and when you go to the LCS for seven consecutive seasons without a shadow of a doubt you're certainly going to pick up some stats you're going to be able to pad your numbers there and that's what Jose Altuve is doing. I would not be shocked if the Houston Astros tied this series up against the Texas Rangers tomorrow.

We just have to see how it goes. That's 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Andrew is calling from Toronto, Canada. You're on CBS Sports Radio, Andrew. What's up? Hey G.A.R. how are you today? I'm amazing man.

What's on your mind? And I just want to say thank you for for the radio show that you do man it helps people that work nights like I do at the hospital. Well kudos to you for working at the hospital man.

Good on you. You don't sound all that you don't sound you got to deal with some crap patients like well that'll you don't sound happy about that. Yeah no no no I'm I'm just doing my residency. Oh so what are you what are you uh what are you trying to do man in a couple years? ER surgeon.

Excuse me an emergency room surgeon? Yep. You're really out here helping the people? Yep I'm trying to.

Damn. Hey Shep this man is going to be helping out all the uh well I can't say that I gotta watch my mouth. You gonna be helping out everybody who gets into uh late night issues? Yes there's a lot of drunks. Andrew you're thinking. Hey I didn't say I didn't call nobody a drunk. I just said late night issues.

Well I was G.R. I was gonna say Andrew's thanking you and rightfully so but Andrew thank you for what you're doing man. I mean the amount of research the amount of reading the amount of late nights the amount of uh little sleep you're gonna be getting for the next you know 20 30 years of your life thank you for what you're doing man. Well thank you guys you guys have an amazing show. Thanks in a few years man it's gonna be 1 a.m. somebody's gonna walk into the ER they're gonna have something stuck somewhere it's not supposed to be uh somebody's gonna walk into the ER uh they have lost their keys I mean it's it's gonna be some interesting stuff man so god bless you. Well thank you. What do you what else is on your mind besides uh doctor stuff? I got a question for you what do you think of the Philadelphia Eagles you think they'll be you think they'll ever win another uh championship again? What do you well I mean come on now again let's let's think about uh what we got going on recently this is what I appreciate and why I like the Eagles even like the Eagles even if they don't win a Super Bowl I don't got no crystal ball I would still take the 49ers over them I like Jalen Hurts I think Jalen Hurts is a class act I think he's the type of dude who can lead a team to a championship I like that he has battled adversity dating back to his time in college uh and has bounced back from that I like the fact that he has earned his way and earned his keep as an NFL QB I liked how he lost in the Super Bowl and handled himself uh I like his skill set I know he has seven interceptions but he's the type of dude that that doesn't appear to settle for being or being complacent and I think that's the type of dude who you want leading your team and I feel confident that the Eagles one way or another I can't predict what the rest of his career is going to hold or what's going to be for the Eagles but I I think he's an excellent quarterback and I think he has the perfect disposition to be a team leader yes uh a little little question for you that you might think dumb but I'll ask it oh wait wait hold on I love dumb questions let me uh let me get myself prepared go ahead who do you think could potentially win the Super Bowl first the Jets or the Bills uh who do I think can can win the Super Bowl first possibly yeah okay yeah I I believe that he uh the the Buffalo Bills are in a better position right now to win the Super Bowl so the New York Jets maybe if they end up playing in New York City proper again maybe they'll have a better chance okay well thank you very much all right Andrew good luck with you and all your studies and uh I know some things about uh biology and all that other stuff so call me if you need a cheat sheet okay I will thank you all right thank you Andrew for calling from Toronto no doubt hey Marco Balletti you you can you help this man out on doctor stuff yeah no I'm gonna pass on that one that's good for you that you can help out though I I studied uh what's it called in high school is it biology of what is it called biology anatomy and chemistry chemistry I know man I don't know about no chemistry periodic that's the periodic table right you'd be correct I mean I've studied plenty of chemistry after school but no listen I couldn't tell you how many elements here here's a pop quiz for all of us right how many elements on the periodic table anybody know I know you're not asking me and I see Shep from here already typing away he's gonna claim that he knows the answer even though he's hitting google yeah man I don't know how many elements in a periodic table here's a guess there are 161 elements in the periodic table am I right Shep is it 163 that's pretty damn good so it's actually 118 oh no that's not good well I said 160 that 118 well it's a 42 differential that's pretty good oh come on that sucks I don't know I don't know if I would have guessed over 100 how many elements would you say there are I want to say maybe night I would have guessed like 80 or 90 but there's 118 here's here's another question for you both how many occur naturally on planet earth all of them all of them how would we know all of them right I'm actually I'm actually saying there's like there's like plutonium um there's like nepotunium so nepa what now nepotunium yeah that's what I'm that sounds made up no that sounds like something from superman right well let's ask Lex Luthor but no I mean I'm seeing 92 of the 118 excuse me 104 of the 118 elements of the periodic table actually have some kind of physical property on planet earth that's what I'm that's what I'm seeing so so the people the people who put together the uh periodic table whenever we went out to outer space they decided to bring crap back that we don't have here and decided to add it to our periodic table yeah I mean the creator of it is that I never thought we'd be talking about this on the jr sport hey hey the doctor called us up we gotta talk any our surgeon at that so Dimitri Mendeleev and this was in the 1860s that this was ultimately originated from oh this guy's a sham he's a sham no he's not wait that's the periodic table when it started or that's when we started to get places from elsewhere to put it into the elements no that's when the periodic table started yeah are you confused me I was gonna say we didn't get the elements in the 1860s that I know okay that didn't happen we almost had baseball in the 1860s but not I mean listen we're fighting the civil war and we're finding rocks on Mars that's not happening look I could see some I could see a couple guys hitting a rock with a stick I don't know if I could see a dude breaking down uh hey man what's that stuff you're breathing well it's a new thing called oxygen well what is it made of you know it's uh it listen people who do these type of things cut people open and and dissect stuff god bless them I cross bridges and I said to myself who the hell's idea was it to build this I mean I can't do this stuff so god bless a man I mean 18 6 I feel dysentery was an issue and we're figuring out the periodic table how does that work out listen I'm just I'm looking at a collegiate uh website right now that has like so it's not that the 100 plus elements actually came together but that's when the data began getting collected and the properties got sorted right you said there how many that aren't on earth uh there's like like 12 or 13 are not on planet earth and so this these must have been founded what over the past 50 60 years I would I would assume so now we're really getting in the weeds um I mean I'm looking up like isotopic abundances and atomic weights no I don't have nothing to do with the periodic table forget that no but that no but that's an indicator on the periodic table though right no like no the I'm sticking to the elements okay got it got it there is what is it this co right yeah oh yeah I figured you know that one I mean you know what number one is right hydrogen good job see honestly I don't know how many people know that like hydrogen is the big one what's number two is it uh is a carbon close is it uh water the um the sink the uh the water is a combination right the combination of uh yeah the abbreviation is h-e oh that's not helium is it bingo is it is it really yes yes it is yes wow wow I'm back in 11th grade hey listen for somebody to cheat over here so there's the atomic number the name the symbol and then the chemical group that it belongs in that's right that's the four things you see on each particular item yeah yeah it's been a while it has been yes hey Marco we need to quit this and we need to open up our own uh what you call it a science lab is that what we need to do yeah for you I'm telling I remember chemistry in 11th grade you know what I remember there was like six of us that were in like this little square you know box almost and I constantly we were cheating off each other and there was a b I was getting c's the guy over next to me was getting d we couldn't even copy off each other properly because we were looking and going what the hell is that and the teacher would look up and be like sorry my bad my bad isn't that how everybody passed chemistry yeah but there was somebody that was actually smart enough to get a's in this class I sat 10 feet from him and couldn't even cheat off him properly because I couldn't understand what the hell he was doing and that only gave me a c I was lucky I passed hey listen shout outs to all of the uh the doctors the chemists the scientists the astrophysicists shout outs to people listening at cape canaveral shout outs to people working for nasa shout outs to all the government workers by listening to this show you are losing IQ points congratulations it's the JR sport brie show here with you on CBS sports radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS you're listening to the JR sport brie show on CBS sports radio JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio hey great show I listen to you every night one of the best broadcasters around really are in tune to what uh what's happening in uh professional sports call in now at 855 212 for CBS it's the JR sport brie show on CBS sports radio in about 15 minutes at the top of the hour it's going to be time for a new top six list we're going to look at the top six cities in north america that are just they're just the title the title towns like they have championship aspirations they got a team or maybe a couple of teams that are competing for championships they're not suffering like new york so think about it that way you know what cities are kind of feeling good about themselves what cities are feeling good about what they've won what they got going on and and what the future might look like you combined all of that these are some damn good sports cities future title towns maybe that top six is coming at the top of the hour we've had a lot to discuss already so far throughout the course of the show we've had two good games two entertaining games and the las vegas aces are your wnba champions they beat the new york liberty in an exciting game it came down to the buzzer 70 to 69 the new york liberty miss a game-winning three courtney vander sleut takes a corner three that hits absolutely nothing she's going to see that shot in her dreams and her nightmares uh for weeks for months maybe her her whole career uh in vegas they win back to back wnba champions and then we've been talking about this as well the houston astros beat the texas rangers the final score there eight to five and so texas now leads this series two to one the astros pick up a victory jose altuve hits his 25th career postseason home run he has 25 in his entire career manny ramirez is number one at 29 home runs and i would think if jose altuve can keep on going i think he'll hit four more home runs he's going to be 34 years old he's not cooked he's not done yet i think jose altuve has a good chance of hitting more home runs and major league postseason history than anybody else what a wild stat to think about for a dude who is five foot six that's what makes baseball such an amazing game if you put jose altuve next to frank thomas you would go y'all do the same thing this is it's amazing and so uh congratulations to the astros for picking up a victory they're not done yet i've seen the undertaker memes people are putting up the post where the undertaker's rising out of the casket coming up off the mat and uh you know at the top of the hour i want you to hear from jose altuve he's just a fun dude to listen to and then we'll also hear from max sherzer as well because max sherzer he was a dude today you didn't know what you were going to get from him going out onto that mound and he ended up only giving you four innings and five earned runs this was the the bad postseason version of an older aging max sherger max sherzer let's go to san diego right now and let's talk to pierce hey pierce you're on cbs sports radio what's on your mind hey so um about that last topic about um the elements whatever i'm pretty sure those elements weren't exactly like found from other planets or like in space or whatever but i'm pretty sure they're like created in the lab with like nuclear fission and stuff i just wanted to let let that oh wow oh well thank you pierce uh yeah we had a doctor call up and we we ended up talking about the periodic table hey pierce what what do you do did you learn this from like an x-men movie or did you study this no um i actually only graduated high school about a year ago but i'm studying electrical engineering right now in college um wow and i remember this from like high school and from this college chemistry class i'm taking oh the more you learn electrical engineering and so what exactly will you be engineering in the future well i'm um actually so i'm part of the california army national guard and i uh i'm a helicopter maintainer right now whoa and i i don't have a specific um like field of electrical engineering i'm gonna dive into but i'm thinking and i know some uh some people who like are engineers for helicopter manufacturers and i'm thinking i might do something along the lines of that impressive army national guard and you are a helicopter engineer um not not an engineer uh just like a mechanic and like maintenance oh oh excuse me listen man you you're still more qualified uh i'm not they won't even let me in a helicopter so i mean god bless you man that's cool pierce yeah all right well all right are you uh are you a chargers fan um no actually i don't really follow football much at all um i guess i decided i was a chief fan though because one time i watched a chief game versus somebody else in a bar and i wanted the chiefs to win because i thought their uniforms are cool and then when i was at my army basic training actually um the chiefs were playing they're playing who the heck was i don't know i watched the super bowl though with my friends i was like oh that's that team that i liked that one time so yeah i guess i'm a chief fan well listen man good selection i think you're gonna be in good hands with the chiefs for probably the next 10 years okay yeah the more i learn about uh the more it seems like i made a good choice for sure yeah be happy you're not a uh a chargers fan be happy you don't like i don't know the team like the jets yeah stick with the chiefs and then when patrick mahomes retires just pick another team okay sounds good all right pierce say good luck with everything you got going on it sounds awesome okay all right thank you man have a good night be safe shout outs to my man pierce hey chef can you manufacture and engineer a helicopter none of my dreams hey listen man that board is not easy to work bro jr this board is very easy to work thank you though there's a lot of buttons and knobs are you kidding no how many how many screens are in front of you right now like seven or eight computers right well i mean what what no no no no no no no no no there's five wait wait wait wait are there not multiple cpus surrounding you right now yes or no there are are there not about i don't know at minimum six screens in front of your face yes yes okay is there not a board in front of you that is probably i don't know six six feet long right uh i i would say three more like give or take okay and then how many mouses are in your vicinity like three or four uh five okay please bro you are like batman in the the space okay chef i appreciate that jr you're being too kind though i'm not i'm just saying you you're amazing man you don't gotta build no helicopters to uh to be amazing thank you hey what you're doing is awesome too shout outs to chef it's the jr sport reshow here on cbs sports radio when we come back a new top six list we're going to talk about amazing sports cities 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