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October 18, 2023 1:02 am

JR SportBrief HR 3

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October 18, 2023 1:02 am

JR gives the Phillies all the credit in the world for shutting out the Diamondbacks in the NLCS 10-0!


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Go for it. Anyway, right now the Arizona Diamond Backs, they're wasting everybody's time. Tonight, they got destroyed by the Philadelphia Phillies, the final score 10 to nothing. The Phillies now lead the National League Championship Series 2 to nothing. Game 3 is going to be on Thursday out in Arizona. And so we'll wait on that game to take place. Maybe, maybe the Diamondbacks will find a little bit of life on their home field.

We'll hear from some of the home runs or we'll hear some of the home runs momentarily. Some other news today, just more news for Philadelphia. Julio Jones, the same guy who's just been kind of busted up and hurt over the past few years, whether it be for Atlanta or Tennessee or Tampa Bay. He's now with the Philadelphia Eagles. And so he's going to provide some type of depth for both AJ Brown and Devante Smith. Julio is just a great all around receiver.

He's certainly lost a step, but he's still a big body. He's always been an excellent blocker. He's always been a team first guy. And if he can stay on the field, even in a limited capacity, he should be able to help out the Eagles in multiple roles. We talked about Bill Belichick.

The man can't catch a break. Even Teddy Bruschke is throwing him under the bus saying, hey, man, it might be time for Bill Belichick to get the boot. And we got so much more to get into over the next two hours as well. Women's basketball is getting ready to pop off on the college side. Angel Reese has a deal.

She has a shoe deal. I will explain. Unfortunately for all my boxing fans out there, times are changing. We know that HBO shut down sports and shut down boxing in 2018. They got out of the business.

Well, Showtime is the latest company to get out of boxing as their parent company Paramount says, we're done. And so I'll explain and get to that momentarily. Max Scherzer, he's going to be on the mound on Wednesday for the Rangers. Let's see how he performs. He hasn't pitched in like a month. Anthony Richardson might be done for the year.

Brock Bowers for the Georgia Bulldogs. God knows how long he'll be out, maybe a month and some change. And then of course, there is a weekly update on Aaron Rodgers. So we got a whole lot to do. But before we do anything, but before we do anything, I told you the Phillies won game two of the National League Championship Series against Arizona. Kyle Schwarbert decided to go out there and hit two home runs tonight here.

You know what? Let's listen to a home run numero uno. This is courtesy of the Phillies radio network.

1-0. And he swings and lines went deep to right. This one's got a chance Carol turns and he looks up and it's gone. It does clear over the out of town scoreboard. A low line drive for Kyle Schwarber and it's two nothing Phillies. That was in the bottom of the third. Kyle Schwarber came back again and hit another home run to start a four run barrage in the bottom of the sixth. The 2-1 swung out hit in the air right center field.

That one is walloped. It is gone into the Phillies bullpen. Second home run of the night for Kyle Schwarber. It's another solo shot and the Phillies are on top three to nothing as the fireworks explode off the top of the bell. Yeah, they're just smacking home runs all over the damn place. They got what 14-15 home runs in the last four games. That's a postseason record.

All time just flat and period and ultimately they kept on scoring runs. They hit doubles, they hit singles and sacrifice flies and the Phillies end up winning 10 to nothing. Kyle Schwarber three home runs in the last two games. He also has the most home runs by a left hand hitter in major league baseball postseason history. He's tied Reggie Jackson with 18 total. Kyle Schwarber spoke to TBS after the game and he said yeah well we're sticking to our plan.

Listen to this. The biggest thing is that we're going up there with the plan and trying to execute it. Merrill did a really good job tonight. You know they only gave up three hits. Luckily for us we did some damage with it but once it came out of the game we were able to really work some bats and get some pretty clutch hits there to extend the lead. Yeah all things considered it's so easy to get caught up in the Phillies offense and how many runs that they scored. Aaron Nola had another amazing performance and I know these dudes aren't going eight and nine innings anymore.

Not necessary. He pitched six innings, seven strikeouts, only three hits. Didn't give up a run.

Didn't walk anybody. Only threw 82 pitches. That's beautiful and when the team is scoring that much you don't need to go out there and throw a perfect game. You don't need to go out there and throw a complete game. Get in the game. Get out of the game and make sure everybody gets a little bit of work and that's exactly what the Philadelphia Phillies were able to do.

Two victories away from going back to the World Series. 855-2124 CBS. Glenn is calling from Toronto. You're on the JR Sportbree show. What's up Glenn? Hey, how are you? I'm excellent. What's on your mind?

What's up? I'm just just talking about about the about the LCS and last night I don't know if it's just an indication of the way the game's going but in the eighth inning I forget who the pitcher was for the Rangers. Had a better chance of finding Waldo than the strike zone and I think that McCormack comes up goes let's ball one go in and then and then you have to take the strike if the guy can find the strike zone and swings it to ball two and then grounds out. Is it just me or is the game changed to the point of I'm going to do me instead of trying to do what's best for the team. Maybe it's just me but I've been watching baseball since I got to Canada in 89. It just seems that the players don't work the pitcher nearly as much as they used to.

No they maybe they don't. It's no man where you've been it's all or nothing. I just told you about a guy and it's nice when it works out and Kyle Schwaber who year after year after year his strikeouts have gone up 200 plus strikeouts but right now he's he's helping to to lead just a home run barrage for the Phillies. His batting average on the season was 197.

That's 197. I can't believe it yeah. And he had 47 home runs and over the past couple of days he has three home runs and he's helping to lead the he's the leadoff hitter. So yeah you know listen if it works it works but I've been and you know trust me the the the all or nothing thing as a Blue Jays fan we saw it all year where guys were swinging at first pitches when it's just like work the pitcher because if you work the pitcher you get them out of the game sooner. You know it just I don't know it just infuriates me after being around for you know I'm dating myself but being around for the the Blue Jays teams of the early 90s where they were about the team and about working the pitchers and it is the game is completely changed. I know it's all about the long ball and and who cares if you strike out 200 times a season you know. Ah no nobody's nobody's working the pitcher because how do you work the pitcher when everybody's swinging and missing man. You know you actually have to be looking for contact you have to be trying to foul the ball off. How many how many contact how many contact hitters do you think exist where somebody and even nobody nobody's fouling balls off anymore. I mean Luis Arias is probably the the last dude to just say this dude just puts bat on ball and goes but there'll never be another Tony Gwynn who who strikes out what 20 times a season yeah like even that they'll never be another Tony Gwynn and I miss that I miss I like the long ball I miss that part too.

Well you know I baseball is an ancient game it's an old game maybe there'll be a point in time where it it reverts back a little bit yeah hopefully we're in a cycle right now maybe it changes into the future. Yeah you have a good night man. You as well Glenn thank you for calling from Toronto. Let's go to Phillip he's calling from here in Georgia you're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up JR love the show thanks for taking my call.

Thanks. Just had a just had an idea the division okay the division leaders all went out pretty quick in the in the playoffs. I I had a kind of like idea the division leaders while the wildcard teams are doing their thing the division leaders get together at a neutral site play two or three practice games if you would just to keep the bats moving have the pitchers pitch a couple innings don't steal any bases don't do nothing stupid but keep the bats swinging. I think this lull of all you know several days off because you know the Phillies they did they just kept going they kept going so that's my that's my idea. Yeah the teams as as best as they could the teams that were off they they certainly did try to simulate I don't want to say regular season action post-season action they did try to simulate a baseball game. That's that's something that baseball is going to have to figure out and Rob Manfred has already made it very clear that well listen this is only year number two of the current format and so let's see how things bear out but uh I the teams aren't necessarily going to go kicking and screaming because the guys who are eliminated and lost they don't really want to make excuses.

They're not going to complain about the days but it's it's not natural in baseball to just say hey here five six seven days off and you're gearing up towards the most important games of the year that's uh pretty odd if you ask me. Doug is here from Toronto you're on the JR sport b show go ahead Doug. JR how are you doing?

I'm very well man what's up? Yeah you got a lot of Canadian fans that's why everybody's calling from Toronto. Listen um I just wanted to bring up something about the boxing industry and you mentioned it earlier uh it's in disarray and I don't know how much UFC you cover or MMA but uh Showtime allegedly uh Bellator is is on their way out as well so I think the whole fighting industry is is taken up. Yeah it's Bellator is owned by I'm very familiar we've had on plenty of UFC and MMA fighters over the years I know a lot of some of these guys unfortunately guys like John Jones and Israel Adesanya they're just they have their own issues and problems in life but Bellator was formerly owned by Viacom which is pretty much now Paramount and so what has taken place is Paramount which also has CBS and CBS Sports. Paramount has basically said we do not need a division of Showtime Sports which includes Showtime Boxing and Bellator when we just have CBS Sports and so Showtime Sports Showtime Boxing it's about to be no more this is going on about 40 years we have seen everything from Mike Tyson to Floyd Mayweather be kind of the flagship it's a lot of investment and I can tell you this as someone who at different points in time have worked for Showtime Sports it is a huge operation it's a lot of money that goes into it when you think about the the production from the uh pre well not the pre-fight but yeah the pre-fight press conferences and the travel and the production and the live streaming everything is live and and streaming on YouTube you think about the the productions the hour long uh you know way to the fight that features the fighters all of that is a lot of money and so there's been times over the years where you look at the budget and you look at the money that's generated from the fight and you go there's a lot that gets split up between the fighters the promoters the venues the it's hard to make money right now uh in that and so in all things I'm not surprised that Paramount is saying no and we do have the Amazons and the Zones of the world who are going to pick up a lot of the slack there Doug. So listen you know all of that to say and then you get the corrupt judging at the end right which makes it unwatchable at times I don't know those guys are still biased but anyway the real reason I was calling is um I wanted to call it the best sports city in the worst sports city in my mind if you trained over the last 10 years I would say Beantown, Boston would be up there as one of the best sports cities around and unfortunately I would say Toronto definitely the worst like the Toronto market is so corrupt and uh cursed it's uh it's unfortunate unfortunate we uh well you can just you can start and stop at the uh the maple leaves and just call it a day that's it okay anyway thank you Doug appreciate you no doubt yeah I wouldn't talk about the past 10 years and all that but we we know there's so many great sports cities I was just taking a look at like a city right now this moment this second right now that is just you gotta feel you gotta feel good about you know where your teams are at and so all things considered I said Philadelphia has to feel good knowing that you got the Eagles and then you got a team right now this moment that's staring the world series in the face and they they just went and on the boxing side yeah it it stinks it really does I mean we can look at a lot of the the celebrity fights the YouTube influencer fights and you will look at the money that they draw and it's it's tough from a business perspective it'd be one thing if every month was a major fight if every month there was a a Mayweather level fight a Conor McGregor level fight but they they don't exist and so you can you can throw out these amazing fights but the overhead to produce them to to go ahead and and and hype them up it becomes expensive and like a lot of things streaming companies are the ones that that have lower overhead they're just now getting involved they have different models to make money it's different it was only a few weeks ago that Steven Espinosa who is now crazy going to be the former president of Showtime Sports because it's not going to exist anymore he was just chiding Dana White by talking about how successful Showtime Sports was with some of its recent events like uh Canelo and then also Jermell Charlo who we just had here on the air and this is what Steven Espinosa had to say at a time and yeah forget the numbers the company is about to not exist listen to this the event on Saturday night will generate a gate of over 20 million dollars that's a rare feat in combat sports it's rare in concerts or events of any kind but this will be the third time in the last six months that we've done a gate of 20 million dollars again our third 20 million dollar gate in the last six months to put that in perspective UFC has never done a gate of 20 million dollars in its entire history we've done it three times since April like I said this is special yeah you heard the woo's and the claps and now Showtime Sports I mean they got about one fight left for the year one big fight card and that's it they don't exist anymore and uh Steven Espinosa is uh I know the guy now he's he's gonna be looking for work it's not gonna be tough for him to find work uh we know where boxing stands in the world not where it used to be and we know how boxing has evolved and if you are a boxing fan it's crazy to think about it boxing really exploded with cable it exploded with pay-per-view via HBO and Showtime and now it's over like things change things are different please believe it I mean live sports is one thing don't be surprised that at some point over the next 10 or 15 years that you're watching NBA games on Amazon and not ESPN or TNT I mean we already see it now with the NFL if I would have told you 10 years ago NFL games would have been on Amazon you would have been like Amazon what? Times change man if you don't get with the times you get left behind and so uh rest in peace to Showtime Sports certainly a great production of content same thing with HBO but Showtime Sports, Showtime Boxing, Showtime Basketball is is no more it's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4CBS hey are you gonna miss it did you already stop caring about boxing let me know your thoughts and when we come back I gotta tell you about somebody else who's deciding to call it a wrap and he's deciding the crap on his team on the way out the door it's the JR Sport Reshow CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio hey you make my drive so much more enjoyable coming home from work late at night every day call in now at 855-212-4CBS it's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio I told you I'm gonna be back on CBS Sports Radio I told you that Showtime is is out of boxing the parent company Paramount is saying uh no more no mas we we're not funding it we're done we're out of boxing we're out of sports if you want sports get it from CBS that's ultimately what Paramount said and so after this year don't expect to see a Showtime Boxing event don't expect to see a Showtime Boxing fight because the division is being eliminated that's it and we saw HBO go through this in in 2018 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4CBS speaking of an elimination I gotta mention this Trevor May maybe you never heard of the dude maybe you have we've had Trevor May here on the show before a relief pitcher in the majors over the past 10 years he's 34 years old he spent the most of his career with the Minnesota Twins the New York Mets gave him a big contract and then he finished that contract up with the Oakland Athletics this past season and so he's 34 now all things considered he's made about 25 to 30 million dollars in contracts and he has decided to call it a wrap he's called it a career Trevor May is going to retire not surprising I know he's into gaming he's into streaming uh he's a cool dude real nice guy and so to the shock of no one he went on his twitch stream and he decided to not just announce his retirement but he took it as an opportunity or he took the opportunity to go ahead and destroy the owner of the Oakland A's John Fisher it's kind of wild what does he have to lose now nothing his contract is done this is what Trevor May had to say about John Fisher owner of the A's to the A's organization and every single person part of it I love all of you every single one of you except for one guy we all know who that guy is sell the team dude I tried to get a cell shirt it didn't get here fast enough sell it man let someone who actually like takes pride in the things they own own something there's actually people giving about the game let them do it and also if you're gonna be if you're gonna just be a greedy greedy own it there's nothing weaker than being afraid of cameras so that's one thing I really struggled with this year was not just eviscerating that guy do what you're gonna do bro you're you're whatever you're a billionaire they exist you guys have all this power you shouldn't have any because you haven't earned any of it but anyway whatever it is what it is reality is you got you got handed everything you have and now you're too soft to sit and stand in front or take any responsibility for anything you're doing yeah whatever Oakland is Oakland you can make all the cases it's not a great city but you're putting you're putting hundreds if not thousands of people out of work that have worked somewhere for decades and you haven't acknowledged that at all yeah he doesn't care he being John Fisher the owner of the Oakland A's he has basically bled out the franchise just to relocate them to Vegas that's it I know the A's are hoping to be in Vegas by 2027 and I know their current lease at that dump the Coliseum is pretty much done at the end of next year he wants to leave that that goes without saying they've stopped putting in resources they stopped bringing in players I don't think any starting pitcher on the Oakland A's had a winning record I don't think any pitcher on the Oakland A's any of the starters had an ERA like lower than four I'm talking four five and six it was just embarrassing and the team only won 50 games uh it's just it's terrible that you can bleed out a franchise you can bleed out an entire city and kind of rub it in their faces that we don't give a blank about you we're gonna move and so yeah we're gonna run you dry while we're here and we're gonna use it as an excuse to ultimately leave it's it's the biggest sham that's not a sham in front of people's faces and that is the worst part about sports is that yes it is a business and they're well within their right to do it but they should really have not even a little bit more respect they should just have respect period for the fans and not just utilize them as as as numbers to justify a move it's it's pretty disgusting uh look I personally love Oakland I love the bay I love Oakland I love everything about it but I'll tell you this there is no way in hell no way in hell that me personally I will ever support anything uh that Jon Fisher has to do I also I like going out to Vegas every now and then I like to go to Vegas and I like to leave I'm not a big gambler uh I certainly as much as uh the Raiders drive me up a wall the people with the Raiders have been good to me I got no problem going to Allegiant Stadium I will probably have no problem going into the new Oakland A's stadium but the fact is I got no interest I don't yeah I don't I think it's uh it's just nasty what they've done it really is I know my friends in St. Louis can relate to what took place with the Rams I know my friends in in San Diego can relate to what has taken place with the Chargers but it just seems even dirtier what Jon Fisher has done with the Oakland A's uh and it's a shame that that major league baseball especially the commissioner and Manfred has co-signed it and has pled ignorance as well because they care more about the bottom line than the fan base he's a he's an ignoramus to the highest degree and that's that's Rob Manfred it's the chair of sport reshow here on CBS Sports Radio eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS you got a former Oakland A crapping on the team you got he's because the team is shutting down has shut down in the city you got Showtime Sports shutting down I'm going to get to your calls on the other side of the break we'll get back to some more baseball someone not shutting down Max Scherzer Max Scherzer is coming back it looks like it it's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio first time caller and listener I'm loving to show your show is just absolutely outstanding I gotta tell you I've been listening to you I've been feeling and agreeing with your flow call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS it's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio grand opening grand closing Showtime Sports Showtime Boxing it's over it's a wrap at the end of this year it will be no more grand opening grand closing the Oakland Athletics ultimately we know they're going to be approved likely in the next month or so to be moved out to Vegas former relief pitcher Trevor May he just decided to retire and on the way out the door he said hey I want to thank everybody in Oakland except for the owner John Fisher who is a greedy you-know-what who is too scared to even address or talk to the fans as he basically packs up in front of everyone and leaves and it's just just a sad situation eight five five two one two four CBS there's so much history in Showtime Boxing but you know things change uh Amazon will probably get into the fight game we know the zone has existed for quite a few years now and things are going the streaming route so give it I don't even know how many years the cable will exist but we know streaming is is going to continue to take over Dave is calling for Miami you're on CBS Sports Radio hey JR what's going on how are you I'm great I'm great great to talk to you again um just want to briefly speak on on boxing um I still have my love affair with boxing but it's not what it was when it was more consistent when we had Iron Mike and Holyfield and you know when even the young Tyson Fury but my guy now is Tank Davis other than that you know Canelo is not showing me nothing I think he's done but um I just want to hear your view on that and I'll hang up thanks thanks taking my call thank you Dave for calling from Miami he certainly wasn't finished when he beat the snot out of Charlo and I know Jermell Charlo went up two weight classes to go take him on but he he outclassed him he beat the living hell out of him so yeah I know Canelo isn't necessarily dominating but they're they're good fighters in the sport the interest doesn't exist there a lot of politics in boxing as well you don't always get the best of the best of the best when you want to see it take place uh it's and then we've had these these slop fights you got entertainment fights that I don't want to say take away from boxing but they certainly garner more attention I mean I heard more over the last month about uh Jake Paul fighting an MMA fighter and just uh these are exhibitions you know this there's no real weight there but boxing as an overall is I don't want to call it a carnival sport but you you you set up shop you attract people you scream and yell for people to come see the action you take the money and you leave and so it's not like there's just a hardcore governing body that that operates in the best interests of the sport the fighters are looking out for their best interest the managers are looking out for their best interest the managers are looking out for their best interest the governing bodies it's just there's so many people invested in their own individual success that the overall health of the sport gets neglected it really does 855-212 for CBS Jason is here from Cleveland you're on the JR sport brief show thank you JR um I feel a little conflicted because I was going to say um this stuff has been going on forever but uh what you were talking about the streaming and everything changing like that but uh you were talking about the A's going to Vegas I mean made me think of the Chargers and then uh you know for some reason the Cardinals right the reason they have the biggest baseball fan base because they've been duped two times by the Cardinals that were there and the Rams that were there and so ain't nothing new I mean calling from Cleveland you know we the Browns had that uh weird story and then uh probably one of the most notorious is the uh Indianapolis Colts or Baltimore Colts you know meet middle of the night so ain't nothing new as far as that uh millionaires always know how to do stuff in the down low but uh as far as streaming yeah I think it's messing everything up people I don't stream games it's it's not it's not it's it's not messing anything up but what do you think streaming is messing up um people complain all the time about the quality and I don't stream games myself so I don't know but they talk about the buffer in and the quality and it's not quite the same as when you have billion dollar company well actually Amazon billion dollar company but the technology's not there uh I don't know that's that's that's that's that's not that's that's not true what what is going on is the access to the technology and and the speed uh every company that anybody would dare stream a game on they're all billion dollar companies because they're paying billion dollars uh in rights fees to the leagues so Amazon is paying billions to the NFL uh NBC is paying billions to major league baseball to put stupid games on peacock uh it exists look I can't say streaming is hurting anything because streaming is not going anywhere it's going to be the the dominating force uh if I take a look at what the Phoenix Suns have done it's actually genius and I appreciate them potentially switch switching up the business model Matt Ishbia has bought the Phoenix Suns uh because the cable model for sports for people to pay is is not the same the distributors can't make the same type of money I mean we got Diamond Sports Group that is now out of business with Bally's they filed for bankruptcy what he has done is said I am putting the Suns games live over the air over the antenna which is amazing and if you choose to stream the games maybe you don't want an antenna maybe you want to watch the game on your phone you go ahead and you pay for it and so streaming isn't going anywhere if anything cable is going to continue to dwindle I understand there are people even listening to me right now cable is is what they're comfortable with it's their last line it's much simpler than than buying a stream and buying things a la cart but things change times change so streaming is going to continue to take over they're going to be folks who have cable that's not going to stop I mean look we got one blockbuster I think left in the country so Netflix even for all of these years and thank you Jason for calling from Cleveland Netflix just shut down its business of distributing DVDs Best Buy is moving away from distributing or selling DVDs I know somebody's still sitting around burning a DVD player somebody is looking at a DVD player in their bedroom or living room right now it doesn't change man I mean when I walk into my house I got all types of technology I also got vinyl in my house I got turntables I can play and listen to whatever I want however I want but technology does move that's one thing that does not stop is technology and so it ain't messing nothing up it's change that's just what it is 855-212-4CBS Damon calling from Virginia you're on CBS Sports Radio How you doing JR? What's up? Not much um yeah I'm in Virginia but I'm actually a Philly native so I was calling basically on a red October talking about my Phillies and would like to talk about my Eagles.

Oh you're live on the radio you got to do it and go ahead. Okay all right as far as far as my Phillies we're gonna do it I thought we would possibly see Houston again but it looks like they about to get roasted but um as far as the Eagles I just saw one of my little podcasts that I watched we actually are scoring more points we have a better third down percentage and we have more yards this year even though everybody say we don't look as good and I also kind of agree with that but the numbers don't say that. Well I mean if you sit down and watch the games I'm sure you have the games unfortunately have been closer I mean if I think about if I think about Philadelphia Eagles football I'm expecting the quarterback on the opposing team to get destroyed and I'm expecting them to control the game and run teams out of the field or off of the field with the running game and so they haven't they haven't done that the games have been close. And that that is one thing that I don't agree with I think that we should agree I mean that we should run the ball more but oh here's another stat we're also second in the league in sacks so I mean I understand what you're saying but we are trying to do what we did last year and we're up there we're the second team in I believe points scored and yards per game. Well on an average their defense is middle of the road right now when it comes to the amount of points that they give up which is 20 which is way higher than what you would want it to be. And their offense is fifth so I am not I personally am not concerned about the Eagles it's still early but they should be winning these games a little bit a little bit higher of a clip.

A little bit easier I got you. Do you have anything to say about the the Phillies though? Oh I think they're terrible I think they're garbage I think they're awful. The Phillies? Yeah absolutely Damon they're terrible have you watched them? The Philadelphia Phillies is about to go to the World Series.

No they suck they suck no I don't like them. Oh yeah you're in Atlanta I forgot about that. No Damon it has nothing to do with Atlanta. Have you been listening to the show for the past two hours? Yeah Damon JR said they can't hit to save their lives.

The Philadelphia Phillies. Oh Damon Damon listen listen yeah I might not have heard the last two hours but come on wait no wait wait wait wait have you heard the last two days? Uh actually yeah you kind of asked in the show for the last week? Yeah yeah yeah I've been listening. So I'm just I'm confused about you asking me about the Phillies because I've been sitting here for the past two hours the past two days especially the past week.

Yeah I heard everything about the the 10 to nothing but yeah. Uh yeah I've been talking about how they've been whooping that ass I have. And Damon I gotta tell you this it has nothing to do with you think the Atlanta Braves are giving me a check?

No because you might not actually be from Atlanta you know what I'm saying but I got you. There's not a team that's writing me a check that would uh change my mind on what the reality is Damon so appreciate you my man. How you have a good one?

You as well. Hey JR what you think about the Phillies? Oh they suck right now they're absolutely terrible they are for worst baseball team I've ever seen in my life they're cold cold as ice.

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