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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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October 18, 2023 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR

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October 18, 2023 1:58 am

JR loves that Julio Jones is getting another shot in the NFL after recently getting signed by the Eagles


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For important information, visit slash disclosures. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Yeah, I'm JR.

It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. And this portion of the show is brought to you by Wesley Financial. Are you stuck in a timeshare and want out? Contact Wesley Financial Group now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at I'm going to be hanging out with you for one more hour.

You can always lock in. I get started every weeknight at 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 Pacific. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's holding it down for us in New York.

And we've had a busy night. Phillies smack up the Diamondbacks 10 to nothing. Phillies end up with now a 2-0 series lead in the NLCS. We got the American League Championship Series. We got game three on Wednesday. Got these Texas Rangers. They're trying to go up three to nothing on the Astros. We'll talk about that momentarily as Max Scherzer is going to get the start. Julio Jones signs with the Eagles.

Good move for them. The world isn't expected of him. He's 34 years old. It's still a complete wide receiver. I think his blocking is going to be a very valuable for them as well. I know a lot of people think wide receiver and automatically get to thinking about the yards and the catches.

But he is probably the most complete wide receiver the league has seen over the past decade when he was actually healthy enough to go out there and play. We talked about Trevor May crapping on the A's. We discussed the fact that Showtime Boxing, Showtime Sports, it's over. It's kaput. At the end of the year, there will be no Showtime Sports. No boxing events. No documentaries. Paramount plus the parent company formerly Viacom is saying no thanks.

We're out of the business. Real unfortunate as a boxing. A lot of what has taken place over the years, the past 20, 30, 40 years has taken place on HBO and Showtime. But things change and streaming. You're going to see a lot of boxing take place on streaming. ESPN, as of right now, still involved in boxing. We'll see to what degree. We got so much more I want to get into.

But before I pick up the phone lines, we got a lot of callers here. I told you the Phillies continue to dominate. 10 to nothing. They beat the Diamondbacks to go up tonight 2-0 in the series in this NLCS. Game three is going to take place Thursday in Arizona. And maybe the Diamondbacks will find some life at home. Someone who has plenty of life is Kyle Schwarber. This man now has three home runs in two games. He hit two home runs tonight. He has tied Reggie Jackson for the most home runs all time by a left-hand hitter in the postseason at 18. And so let's listen to both of Kyle Schwarber's home runs. He helped get things going early in the game. Let's listen to his first home run. This took place in the bottom of the third.

1-0. And he swings and lines one deep to right. This one's got a chance. Carroll turns and he looks up and it's gone. It does clear over the out-of-town scoreboard. A low line drive for Kyle Schwarber. And it's 2-0 Phillies. He came back. He had another one in the sixth. The 2-1 swung out into the air. Right center field.

That one is walloped. It is gone. Into the Phillies bullpen. Second home run of the night for Kyle Schwarber. It's another solo shot. And the Phillies are on top 3-0 as the fireworks explode off the top of the bell.

It's Trey Turner. He hit a home run early. He got the first run of the game on a home run. The Phillies had a bunch of doubles.

Realmuto and Marsh, Baum and Castellanos with the last run of the game had a sacrifice fly. 11 straight home playoff wins versus everybody in the National League. These Phillies are on a roll. Six games. Six victories away from being World Series champions. They gotta get two more against Arizona and then obviously pick up another four if if they get to the World Series. It certainly looks like that'll be the case unless the Diamondbacks show some life.

Speaking of the Diamondbacks, Christian Walker said, man, we got our asses kicked. This game was over. On to the next one. Flush it. Move on.

Long series. You know, gonna have to start scoring some runs. Meryl Meryl did good. You know, offense needs to get him some runs there, but yeah, flush it. Move on.

Focus on the next next few games at home. Meryl Meryl did good. I'm afraid he didn't.

He's referring to Meryl Kelly. Five and two thirds innings pitched. He gave up four earned runs. Struck out six.

I don't know in what world that that does good, especially in the postseason. Someone who did do good for Philadelphia. It was their pitcher. You won't hear a lot about him.

Aaron Nola. Six innings pitched. Seven strikeouts. That's good.

Kyle Schwarber? More than good. That man was hot like fire. He spoke after the game. He spoke to TBS and he said, oh yeah, well, it's so easy for us. We're just following the plan. The biggest thing is that we're going up there with the plan and trying to execute it.

You know, Meryl did a really good job tonight. You know, they only gave up three hits. You know, luckily for us, we did some damage with it, but you know, once it came out of the game, we were able to really work some of the bats and get some pretty clutch hits there to extend the lead. Yeah man, the plan is sea ball, hit ball, and they've done a whole hell of a lot of that. 15 home runs in the last four games. That is a major league baseball record. Kyle Schwarber, more than hot. Aaron Nola, I told you, he got busy on a mound. His catcher loves him.

Listen to JT Riomuto. He's continued to be consistent at getting ahead of guys. He's done a good job of mixing his pitches, you know, using both fastballs to righties and lefties, using both sides of the plate.

He's really just being unpredictable and getting ahead of guys and being able to put them away when he is ahead. Yeah, just let's get Arizona out of here, okay? Let's not waste our time.

Let's see what happens. Speaking of wasting time, I am very anxious to see what Max Scherzer does on the mound tomorrow for the Rangers, right? Max Scherzer has been up, he's been down, he's been old, he's been hurt.

You have no idea what you're going to get out of him because for the most part, it's difficult for him to stay healthy. And so the Texas Rangers already leave the ALCS 2-0. The Astros were the favorites going into this series.

The Rangers haven't even really had the opportunity to go out and perform at home, so now they'll be home. And Max Scherzer is going to take on Christian Javier. And Max Scherzer, he's just, he's been MIA.

That's really what it's been. Max Scherzer, you don't know when the hell he's going to pitch. His postseason career is pretty good. ERA, slightly above three. But last time I saw him last year, he got smacked around by San Diego.

Okay? As he's been a Texas Ranger, only eight starts, and he's 4-2 with an ERA of 3.2. But this is the same dude who walks around and says, hey, I can't feel my arm. I can't feel my right side. He has not pitched since September 12th. That's more than a month. They're going to have to patch this game together. And let's see if Max Scherzer can actually go out there and give them even just a little bit of life?

I'm interested to find out. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Their manager, though, Bruce Bochy, was on 105.3, the fan in Dallas. And he said, yeah, I know we're up 2-0. We still got more work to do. Hey, it's the best out of seven.

We know that. That's the way it is. Each series was different.

Each series was different. Best out of three, five. Now it's seven. And nothing happens until you win four games. Trust me, we get it.

I know I get it. Our focus, I don't look at what our record is now. I'm looking at trying to win the next game. And that's how you have to look at it. You get the fourth win, then you've done your job.

But until then, yeah, the job's not over. We have work to do. This is what you deal with in the postseason. And what you got to do is keep your focus.

I mean, maniacal focus. I'm going out there and trying to win that game that you're playing that day. Don't look at what the record is.

Yeah, you don't. I mean, is anybody going to discount Houston? I think you'd be silly to even think so. Obviously, the Rangers, they got the lead. The Rangers are in command of the series.

But I mean, would not be shocked if Houston bounced back. 855-212 for CBS. Let's go ahead and talk to Nick from Chicago. You're on the Gerald Sport Brief Show. Hey, how are you doing tonight?

I'm excellent, Nick. What's on your mind? So I am here to talk about why I think the Diamondbacks could actually come back and tie the series and maybe win it.

Okay, yeah, go ahead, do it. And the reason why I think the Diamondbacks could come back to win it is because you're correct. The Phillies, they just had good offense. And now the Diamondbacks have two home games in the world. And all the Diamondbacks need to do is win in front of the home crowd. And they can tie the series, maybe they can boom win momentum and win the series.

Yeah, that's a possibility, Nick. Easier said than done, man. They look like they're struggling. I think the moment might be better. It's going to be great for them to be back at home, to have that energy behind them. But for them to dig out of a 2-0 hole is not going to be the easiest thing.

They can certainly do it, but I'll tell you this much. I don't favor them. Not at all.

I do not favor them at all. 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to Fairfax, Virginia, and talk to Big Trav. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, brother, nice talking to you again. God bless you, man.

Well, thank you. What's up? I think tonight, and talking about the boxing thing. I've been a boxing guy. I boxed in 88. Mark really knocked me out in Brooklyn in a boxing match when I was a young guy. He had one of his Olympic joints, whatever. My biggest thing of my life about boxing now, and you're totally right. What happened to Showtime today, that was bad. But you're totally right.

The streaming is still going to be there. You know for a fact that someone is going to pick it up, because no matter what the MMA has, they don't have the ability to put the money when it comes to the money that makes a big fight. Dana White is the WWE businessman man of that faction. That's why Francis has taken on Tyson, and he's going to make 10 million more he's ever made in his life fighting somebody. Because boxing still puts more money in your pocket, and the people that watch it, it is what it is. And if you don't understand that, you don't understand what boxing comes from. Regardless of what Showtime is going to do, someone's going to do something with Apple TV or whatever.

You said you're totally right. Streaming is going to make it work, because no matter what, there's more money in boxing there is in MMA when it comes to the fighters. Well yeah, without a shadow of a doubt, there's more money to be made for the fighters. Now having said that, there is more organization, and from MMA, I think we got to be clear, there are tons of MMA organizations all over the world, the UFC.

A lot of them, yes sir. The MMA is probably most prominent, people want to associate it with the UFC, and that's a different animal. That is a corporate beast. What the difference is between UFC and what we typically see with boxing, if you want to look at other boxing promotions, is that the UFC is a corporate owned entity. People, maybe some know this, some don't, but Endeavor, which is a big entertainment company and agency, actually bought the WWE and UFC and pretty much merged them into a new company called TKO.

And so when you think about the resources that exist, it is a different animal. And that's why I said boxing operates like a carnival. I don't care what boxing promoter or boxing distributor it exists, you sign your fighters, you promote them, you wake up, you scream at the world, hey you need to come see this fight, you tell them to watch, you shut it down and you leave. And so there's a lot of cooks in the kitchen when it comes to orchestrating a fight. The UFC... You're talking about a man who did fight, and you're totally correct, and the bottom line is, when it comes to the fighter, I'm not a fighter, the one thing with the MMA fighters, don't make the money because of that or the corporate side.

That's the problem, I have a problem. I said that, I agreed with you on that. I'm not disputing that fact at all.

Well thank you. What I'm saying is, when you look at it from the business perspective, they're in a better position. Because they're not worried about a sanctioning body. They're not worried about, oh we got four different heavyweight champions. It's not... Boxing is the wild, wild west. The UFC has been able to monetize this. I'm not saying it's fair to the fighters. I know they want to unionize and fight back. It ain't no different than the WWE. The WWE wrestlers or entertainers, whatever you want to call them, they would probably love nothing more than to go out there and have a union. But they got the big bad wolf over their shoulder. And so it's like, hey man, do I dare cross the boss? It's difficult. But that puts boxing at a disadvantage.

Because there's not one set governing body at the highest level. 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. Lee is here from San Diego, you're on the JR Sport Reef show. Hey JR, first of all I want to compliment you on your show.

You touch on all the sports and I listen to you whenever I'm up late here in San Diego. I want to talk some boxing and what's wrong with it. I grew up watching Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Ken Norton, Tyson, the Sugarman, Evander Holyfield. I mean, there's no more names in boxing anymore I don't think. I think that's one of the problems. There are names in boxing but people have so many more options at their disposal.

I can't tell you that there are no names. Canelo is a big fighter. I can think about Tyson Fury is a big fighter. I just think that people have so many options. There are YouTube fighters boxing right now and so there used to be a point in time maybe that maybe you were 16 or 17 and maybe you cared about boxing.

There ain't no 16, 17 year old looking at boxing anymore. They may look at KSI. Do you know who KSI is Lee?

KSI? Yeah you know who that is? No I've never heard that before. Yeah my point exactly. This is somebody who fought in the UK over the weekend and made himself a few million dollars and he's a guy off of YouTube.

So there's so many options for people to sit down and watch. It's tough man. I understand what you're saying. I think that there are fighters there but Crawford and Earl Spence who got the snot beat out of them. They're fighters there but it's tough when you think about the way the world is. People got options man.

They do. Ruben is calling from San Diego. What's up Ruben?

Hey what's up JR? Let's do what you said. Let's talk about the wild wild west. The AFC west. The Chargers. Let's dissect this team and see what's really going on with them.

I'm looking at it from a charger fence. You know what? There's a lot of missed tackles. There's a lot of penalties you know at the wrong time. I mean these guys they need to play together you know what I mean and I'm not sure are we on the same page here or what's going on? They suck. The defense sucks.

We've talked about it for two nights now. The defense sucks. The coaching has sucked. The coaching has sucked prior to Brandon Staley being there. I don't expect nothing from them.

Let's put it this way. When I think about teams I'm thinking about teams that actually have a chance to win a Super Bowl, to be competitive, to go to the postseason. The Chargers are good enough to be good and that's about it.

Okay so there was another gentleman that said oh Justin Herbert needs to elevate his teammates. I'm like you know what Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack, Doran James they don't need no self they don't need no motivation they should be ready to play. These guys I mean that roster I mean let's you got to say like it is like so it's just a dog and pony show out there what's going on?

What are you what are you asking me specifically because it sounds like I mean it's oh hold on it sounds hold on it sounds like you you listened to the early portion of the show because you repeated some of the points that I made and that somebody else made so what exactly are you asking me? Okay like if if the Chargers because it's funny when they are hitting on all cylinders you just see the charge like wow this team is elite they got all the star players everything's clicking and then when they when they actually lose you're like what's going on here we think about the Jacksonville game like and they got to get over that there's something going on there. That's called that's called coaching that's called preparation that's what it is.

Yeah so I'm in yeah Brandon Staley he's in the hot seat I mean I got to say like this this is ridiculous I mean these guys there's too much talent on that roster to just fail. Yeah I feel like it's been that way for the better part of I don't know 20 years that that predates Staley that predates Justin Herbert that predates a lot of feet a lot of people man they they can't get out of their own way and they are the Chargers are are what I call a treadmill team they just they run in place that's it. Okay because I was thinking like it's just it must be a losing culture there's something's going on like so like you said it goes back further than Justin Herbert it goes back further than you know I'm sorry.

We had a caller mention Dean Spanos you should look at him and his sons. I heard that too like you said if it's right at the top it goes all the way down. Okay well thank you man I don't want to repeat the same things a bunch of times it's okay. No I thank you thank you for the call I appreciate it.

No problem Ruben yeah I mean listen the Chargers got people talking in circles it's all right the treadmill fans too I guess just keeping them running. It's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS sports radio I'm gonna get some more of your calls speaking or running there is a college athlete who is going to be running in a pair of shoes endorsed by Shaquille O'Neal I'll tell you what is on the other side it's the JR sport re-show CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. I've been listening to you maybe 10-11 months and I always appreciate you being poignant, intelligent, and exactly when you have to be.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It is the JR sport re-show on CBS sports radio. Before I move on and tell you about this athlete who now has a shoe deal, I want to tell you about the defensive player of the week. That player is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the armed forces DOD veterans and their families their members of the Navy who proudly serves the armed forces DOD veterans and their families their members are the mission you can learn more at Last night we saw the Dallas Cowboys come out on top in Los Angeles 20 to 17 against those Chargers. Chargers going down the field an opportunity to either tie the game take the lead they were able to do neither because the defensive player of the week is the man who went out there and intercepted Justin Herbert and shut down the game. This is a former defensive player of the year his name is Stephon Gilmore grabbing that interception shutting things down and these Chargers as we've talked about tonight and last night they lose another close game again. Congratulations to the defensive player of the week Stephon Gilmore wrapping up that week or the last week of the NFL season as well.

8-5-5 2-1-2 for CBS that's 8-5-5 2-1-2 for CBS. I told you that there is a an athlete who has a new shoe deal that athlete happens to be Angel Reese of LSU. Now who did she sign with Reebok yeah Reebok not Nike not Puma not Under Armour she has signed with Reebok and if you haven't heard Shaquille O'Neal has been appointed as the president of Reebok even though he has a pretty damn big stake in the parent company of Reebok. I like how you know people talk about how he's now president of Reebok he's basically the ownership of the the entire parent company anyway and Allen Iverson is the VP but that's a different conversation for another day and so they're relaunching Reebok next year and so Angel Reese now has her own collection that will be released with Reebok and so in announcing this today Shaquille O'Neal pretty much says man it started off with with with supporting her and and showing her love she says he says no one is making a bigger impact on the game right now than Angel Reese she says I've talked to Shaq understand the values that align with the brand as a former athlete he's been announced as their president he's an inspiration to me just being just being able to see an athlete or former athlete shift to not just being an athlete but being the president of the brand is something that's important I would love to do that one day and so good on good on her we know LSU uh defending champions they're gonna look to go back out there and win another title and Angel Reese even for someone in school right now uh with with NIL and the ability to have marketing deals she is making millions of dollars and so there should be really no rush for her has been no rush for her to move on to the pros but when she does there's a huge opportunity for both her and Kaitlyn Clark and Shep and I have talked about this for the two of them to help up just the WNBA to potentially another level you know seeing the WNBA finals on Sunday in Brooklyn 17,000 fans you know in the arena is WNBA they're gonna pack out games like that every time no NBA teams don't even do that on a night-to-night basis but there there's gonna be a lot of interest Angel Reese has an opportunity to be the biggest star this sounds crazy that the the WNBA has had given the exposure that she's had now people's reaction to her the amount of money that she's generating she's gonna get into the league with a lot of hype and damn it she may be she may be that person along with Kaitlyn Clark to help elevate it to another level eight five five two one two four CBS let's go ahead from uh I think uh Larry's still alive Larry's 92 and Roy Jones took over from George Foreman and uh Harold Letterman oh my god yeah he used to like listening to his cards and uh now I won't I won't be able to hear Jimmy Lemon Jr say at the moment we've all been waiting for so it's uh it's too bad Bob Sheridan was uh well Alan he was my favorite all-time announcer Alan and I can understand that Alan yes I got a question sure when you call up do you can you hear me or yes I can yes so you just you just keep going yeah I didn't hear you oh okay okay all right so here's some here's some uh some potential positive news for you you ready yes there's a there's a chance that as things move to streaming and it's a chance it may not be a high one or low one because these guys are older okay I don't think all things considered that you've probably heard the last of of Michael Buffer okay I don't think that's the last time and the same thing for Jimmy Lennon Jr there's a chance that they end up on different platforms where they continue on with their famous phrases and sayings okay yeah yeah that's great oh yeah well cross your fingers it's no guarantee but there's a chance okay yeah sure yeah I used to go to all these bars and uh you talk to people you yack it up and you have it up with uh with people that are next to you and like you've known them for 10 years like they've been their best buddies for 10 years and I just I just missed all that you know it's uh but like I said all good things come to have to come to an end there's declining interest there's declining interest and uh declining ratings so I understand it but uh the boxing is not dead it's uh you know so it's not it's just in a in a different place in a for a different audience in a different way for people to consume I hear you Alan yeah thank you so much always a pleasure chair thank you very much for taking my call no doubt Alan he's real sad about this maybe I can uh I don't know can I get shut can I give him can I just tell him watch the old fights on YouTube you can I'm just waiting for you to talk about the Phillies tonight I know right you show them no love yeah I know in fact that's not what the guy said he's just you know people people don't know what they hear right hey JR what do you think about the Phillies they just want they just want to hear it you know they're excited it's fine hey what do you think about the Phillies no they're the worst team ever man what do you want me to say so I'm surprised that so many people actually have a reaction to boxing and showtime parting ways because I don't think people talk I really don't think people really talk about boxing anymore to be honest you're surprised that people have a reaction to it correct correct because I I listen I know it's still a niche sport I'm gonna be honest like I know the Brock's bomber Deontay Wilder right yes I I don't even know if he's still the heavyweight champion of the world no he's not okay I think 99.9 percent of sports fans could not identify to you the heavyweight champion of the world or 50 years ago everybody knew who the heavyweight champion of the world was 99 percent is a is a stretch boxing might be a niche sport but it is a I'm not gonna say 99 but that is a wide that's a wide range what I will say is that yeah boxing the interest has changed and people don't have the same interest people have other options I mean if we go back to the the 30s and 40s if I wanted to think about sports and won't nobody think about basketball you know there was no no basketball in that regard you could take a look at at baseball you could take a look at at boxing man those those were some of the sports and now you can crack open your phone and you can watch whatever you want I mean we got a younger generation of sports I mean we got a younger generation who's sitting around watching other people play games like that's that's the sport people are participating in esports and so boxing is in a a totally different world but it has a hardcore following it has a global following it it crosses uh seas you can look at fighters who come from the UK and who come to the United States you look at fighters who come from Mexico they're fighters who who participate and come over from Japan we got it's a it's a global sport especially when you tie in the Olympics you got a lot of amateurs and it is it is almost like you got to be involved to really get it it can be a lot like the NBA I can sit here if I wanted to and tell you about the top ranked fighters I can tell you about the prospects I can tell you about the kids that you might see in the gym and you can see these guys come up through the ranks I remember when Gervonta Tank Davis was could walk into a room and I could talk to him and five people know who he is and that's that's cool uh but there's a there's a large boxing has a huge following you you gotta feel it when you go to an arena you go to a stadium and there are 20,000 people there's 30,000 people overseas when you go to a fight weekend in Vegas and it's not just hey here's the fight on Saturday but it's like a Super Bowl feel for three days prior to the fight in Vegas like that's an energy that makes you go whoa I remember seeing Deontay Wilder get the snot beat out of him a few years ago against Tyson Fury and in walking out of the MGM Grand it felt like a parade of thousands and thousands of people just losing their mind over what they just saw and it's there's a lot of boxing fans out there chef it's not at the NFL NBA you know level but they got a crap ton of fans man thousands thousands millions across the world man I believe it yeah it's it's tough but there is it's an a lot of the audiences is older and so there is going to be an adjustment as HBO is gone Showtime is gone things are things are just different now it's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio what you have you can't even put a price on it because you have a platform and you always handle your platform with responsibility and for that I look up to you and I respect you and I appreciate you call in now at 855-212-4CBS it's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio man we've talked about a lot tonight Philly's batter the Diamondbacks tend to nothing to take a 2-0 series lead in the NLCS we talked about the ALCS tomorrow the Rangers have a chance at home to go up 3-0 against the Houston Astros we know what that means you better you better handle business there it's going to be a tough road back for Houston if they don't go ahead and walk away with the win Trevor May reliever Major League Baseball former Oakland A just retired and took a giant crap on the Oakland A's ownership or the owner John Fisher we talked about boxing Showtime Boxing is done Showtime Sports is done the parent company the daddy handing out and writing the paycheck said we're not funding this anymore we're just going to have CBS Sports and sorry there's no more Showtime Boxing Showtime Showtime or excuse me HBO Boxing ended in 2018 and only five years later Showtime bites the dust as well Julio Jones signs with the Philadelphia Eagles he's going to provide some depth Bill Belichick I mean even Teddy Bruschke is talking about how maybe he should step away so we've had a busy night Angel Reese signing to Reebok Reebok brand relaunching she's going to have her own signature line just so much going on and then you know tomorrow when I'm back every Wednesday night I deliver to you a new top six list tomorrow will be no different just stay tuned for the top six for tomorrow and before we get out of here how could I have a show without mentioning a Tuesday Tuesday night Wednesday morning and no Aaron Rodgers because he spoke to Pat McAfee and even Aaron Rodgers is kind of slowing down on when he could potentially return even though he already told everybody months ago he's looking to come back before the season is up this is what he told McAfee we'll see what happens I'm not going to put a timetable on it specifically that makes absolutely no sense anybody that does doesn't realize that there's a lot of things that have to happen to get to that point but it's going to have to be jogging and then explosive moments and then practicing and then everybody's signing off on it and you know hopefully we get to to have those conversations as I said he certainly loves the attention pulling up walking in the background in the locker room throwing around the football on the field weekly updates and he's getting the attention because of his standing as one of the NFL's all-time greats unfortunately hopefully that's not lost on folks as he continues to just run and chat somebody else dealing with an injury Brock Bowers this is going to be one of the best tight ends projected to be one of the best tight ends that the NFL has seen in in recent seasons and he went down with an ankle injury high ankle sprain he's having some surgery he may be out for the better part of a month for the Georgia Bulldogs as they're trying to go back to back to back on championships and Kirby Smart gave us the latest on Brock Bowers the more I've learned and I've slowly become a bigger expert on this type of surgery because not through the Brock because we've had multiple other guys and so have other teams you know I've talked to Hugh Freeze, Shane, several of the guys you know in our conference have dealt with this injury it's much more common it's all over the NFL so it's happening at a higher rate I guess you would say and a lot of studies have been done on it and philosophically to get healthy you need to get back moving that ankle as soon as you can meaning get on it get weight bearing move around and we've had guys going through this process so Brock will take on that same rehab process and his surgeon and Ron will work together on that and it won't be done any different the key is that we are trying to get him back healthy there is no timeline for when he comes back to play the timeline is when he's healthy and I don't think you can put a timeline on it because historically there's been guys that came back really fast there's been guys that come back really slow each one's been different yeah each guy isn't projected to be like a top five pick in the NFL draft and so he's gonna have to think about you know do I come back at what capacity do I come back am I hurting my draft stock if I come back just so many more questions that extend past the Georgia Bulldogs obviously he would love to go out there and compete for another national championship but I don't think at the risk of hurting himself and his NFL earning potential I don't think that that will be the case Joe is calling from North Carolina you're on CBS Sports Radio hey JR thanks for taking the call once again and I wanted to get back into the Showtime boxing conversation and you know with Showtime and HBO obviously there's a ton of history there right you know it you could take it back to before you and I were around the big boxing events you know it was a radio event it was a network tv event and then later on you know that I can take up a time where they went closed circuit tv where you had that giant frisbee looking thing on a pole satellite dish in your yard or there was one time I went with my my granddad to see Sugar Ray Sugar Ray Hagler fight I may have been all about nine years old we went to a movie theater to see that so I'm speaking of the evolution of the sport of the event of the sport the way it evolved well Joe give me your thoughts today because we're we're right at the end of the show my man right right we're coming to a close so I'm speaking of the way it has evolved and it's evolving into streaming services and not cable tv network tv or premium channels within that so unfortunately we're moving away from that and streaming got 10 seconds show well at the end of it all it it's still going to be an event but the luster is coming out of it with hey we might look at that we might have a transcendent boxer who comes through and change this thing we'll see sooner than later okay Joe yeah I hope so all right I hope so thank you for calling the JR sport b-show it's a wrap I'll be back tomorrow 10 eastern 7 pacific thank you chef don't move Amy Lawrence is coming up next the JR sport b-show is done I'm here to tell you about pom pom at home where comfort meets elegance pom pom at home is offering 20 off site wide for a limited time see why so many of the top designers use pom poms luxury easy care bedding they have created a timeless beautiful coastal living look that incorporates subtle tones and natural fibers offering a unique touch create your dream bed now get 20 off 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