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10.4.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR
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October 5, 2023 1:52 am

10.4.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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October 5, 2023 1:52 am

JR can't believe how lopsided the MLB Wild Card Round Has Been!

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It is the JR Sport Brief show here on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Wednesday to you. I hope you had a good one. I hope you're safe. I hope you are well. Happy hump day. I'm going to be hanging out with you over the next four hours and this is my job to get you over the hump.

And that's exactly what we're going to do. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you so much to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's holding it down for us in New York City. A big day in baseball. The wildcard round got started yesterday and it might end today. With the teams, every single team that lost yesterday, it looks like they're going to lose today and be eliminated. What a quick wildcard round.

I'll update you momentarily. Of course, it's Wednesday. It's Wednesday night.

You know what I do every single Wednesday night. I bring you a new top six list. There's a lot going on in the world of athlete podcasts. Travis Kelce and his brother, Jason, they sit around and they're talking about Taylor Swift.

I kid you not. They're saying that the NFL coverage of Taylor Swift is overblown. We'll hear from them. We got Club Shayshay, Shannon Sharpe sitting down with Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch, I don't know if he's throwing Russell Wilson under the bus.

Seems like it. We're going to hear from Marshawn Lynch and since there's so many athletes running around and having podcasts and talking about who knows what and just running their yap. Tonight's top six list and if you listened last night, you already know this. I'm going to give you a top six list of the best sports podcast out right now. Forget sports podcasts. I'm going to give you a top six list of the best athlete hosted podcasts out right now and we'll do that two hours from now.

So, if you like Club Shayshay with Shannon Sharpe or you like the Kelce brothers, then pay attention to the list. We're going to talk about it in addition to the the content that they gave us today. Marshawn Lynch on Russell Wilson, the Kelce brothers still talking about Taylor Swift even though I don't want anybody to talk about Taylor Swift.

James Harden decided to show up to work today with the Philadelphia 76ers. Drew Holliday introduced as the newest member of the Boston Celtics. There's just so much that has gone on throughout the course of the day. So much going on tonight including some of this postseason baseball in the wild card round that I told you about. I'm going to give you some scores momentarily but this is a reminder.

If you don't know this then you haven't been listening or where the hell are you? This show is about you and if you want to talk to me, we got a phone number. You can call me up. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. If you follow me online at JR Sport Brief, all over the place on social media, you will already know everything that we are going to discuss tonight. Our super producer and host, future Mike Tyson boxing opponent, David Shepherd. How are you this evening, man? You good? Doing better now that you just said that, JR. Thank you, man.

How are you? You're very welcome, man. We gonna set that up one day. Don't worry about it. We'll make it happen.

I got a lot of anger to get out. So, I am all game for that. Seriously.

Oh, well, damn. Okay. Okay. Well, we'll get into that later on in the show.

Can you hold it in for a little while? Absolutely. Okay. Speaking of angry, if you're a fan of the Tampa Bay, well, Tampa Bay Rays don't have any fans.

Sorry. I was going to say that Rays fans would be angry but maybe it was the 19,000 of them who showed up yesterday. Today, the Rangers eliminated them.

Seven to one. Texas Rangers are moving on here in the post season in the Tampa Bay Rays. They are, they know where to be seen because ain't nobody going to watch them anyway. And Texas Rangers, who had to try to battle it out for the the AL West, they are now going to take on the Baltimore Orioles and the ALDS. That starts this Saturday. And then also, the Blue Jays. They are also going going home. The Twins knock them out in game two.

The final score there, two to nothing. And we got other baseball action going on right now. All things considered, we are probably minutes away from the Milwaukee Brewers going home or staying home I should say. As the Arizona Diamondbacks currently lead the Brewers five to two. It's the top of the ninth and then also underway, we can probably kiss the Marlins goodbye. The Phillies lead them seven to nothing in the bottom of the sixth. And so, up until now, if this lead holds and Arizona beats the Brewers, then Arizona will go ahead and take on the Dodgers and the Phillies.

It looks like they have a first stop against my hometown Atlanta Braves here in the divisional series where people will no doubt be asking me for tickets like I in the Atlanta Braves. And so, speaking of the matchups that took place earlier, let's think about the teams that were swept. And I'm interested in learning about this, especially now that the post season is different, the format is different, wild card round is best two out of three. Have we ever had a series where every single game or every single series was a sweep?

I mean, baseball has been around for 100 plus years. This wild card round is certainly different than the formats than we've been used to. But every single team getting swept, this is something new. Speaking of new, I'm still getting used to Bruce Bochy being the manager of the Texas Rangers. I told you the Rangers, they beat Tampa Bay, swept them, beat them today seven to one. The Rangers are a team.

They lost 102 games two years ago. They're now going to go ahead and take on these Baltimore Orioles who are shocking everybody to even be in the post season right now. And Bruce Bochy said, yeah, it was tough for us trying to get into the post season and battling it out with the Mariners, but we were covered and we are the you-know-what.

Take a listen to this. They reset, refocused, and just put together two of, I think, the best games back to back that we probably have had all year when you look at the pitching, the offense, the defense, everything, which we knew we had to do. Well, what about the loser?

Kevin Cash of the Tampa Bay Rays who play in St. Petersburg where no one shows up to watch. He says, we lost four to nothing yesterday. We got smacked 7-1 today. I got a whole off season to think about getting our asses kicked.

What should we have done? We are who we are and we finished the way that the regular season with the guys that we had. I still feel that we could have had a better showing with the roster that we had. What a miserable way to go into the post season or the off season, I should say. All things considered, hey, I don't like the Blue Jays. I don't like the Rays. The only other team that needs to be eliminated now, my apologies to everybody listening in Baltimore, probably going to get darts thrown at me now. Let's get the Orioles the hell up on out of here and that'll be the trifecta for me. If you don't understand, I'm a New York Yankees fan. My apologies to everybody else who represents the American League East and so right now, as I told you, two outs. Arizona currently leading Milwaukee 5-2. Milwaukee is down to its final out and this is still something to get used to. First we had that stupid one game elimination. I'm used to three out of five.

Hey Shepa, are you used to this? Two out of three? Do you think they should be out there playing? Oh, now it's over. Arizona wins. Arizona beats Milwaukee 5-2. Milwaukee, the other team, the latest team to get swept here and they are going to move on in the postseason. These young Arizona Diamondbacks, they're going to take on the Dodgers and the Dodgers will be favored but let's see if Arizona can hang in there. Hey Shep, do you think these matchups are too short?

Best two out of three? Yes and no. I kind of feel like it's an incentive to do better in the regular season and it gives teams the opportunity and it affords them a spotlight they wouldn't otherwise have if it weren't available. So obviously it's more expanded the MLB postseason than it's ever been before and Jerry you can't really have more than four rounds, can you?

I don't know if it's more than four. I mean they go from wild card to divisional round and then you play the championship round and then you play the World Series. What's different than every other sport outside of you know football?

So this is right. So to your point, football is obviously 17 games, NBA 82, NHL 82. It defeats the purpose besides business operations and finance gain to have 162 games and then to allow as many teams as they're allowing JR. Like I think they should have gone with the old formula to be honest with you which was obviously the wild card round which is now the division round and then that was three of five.

I think they should have kind of stayed where it was. This diminishes the playoffs to me. Some exclusivity to get into the postseason? Well yeah they're trying to cram in as many teams as possible. What I don't like and see it's the opposite for basketball man.

I cannot stand the fact. Like why in the first round they got to play seven games? Like we don't we don't know who the best team is out of five. See like in basketball I feel it should be shortened. In baseball you know this is fine but it's like anybody can win two out of three but I don't know like make them make them play five.

Go deeper into the rotation and the teams and and see who's actually better man. It's just it's wild to me that we are just about going to see every single wild card game, wild card series swept. Like that I'll look it up. I know we'll look it up but that's got to be a record.

Could you imagine that anyplace else? That don't make no damn sense. Well does a sweep you know constitute two nothing because that doesn't really seem like a sweep. I know I know technically it is right it does not feel like a sweep though because it's short. Correct it's very condensed. Yeah we we got to look that up we're not that far away from the last uh you know game coming to a conclusion here uh the Phillies are beating the Marlins in the bottom of the seventh and so I guess maybe that'll take another 20-30 minutes and that game will be over unless the Marlins have some miraculous streak but it's official like the baseball postseason starts in two days in we got we got eliminations the Brewers go home the Blue Jays go home the Rays go home and the Marlins are about to be cooked as well pardon the pun I've I didn't mean to talk about cooking the fish but that's that's exactly what's going to happen so congratulations to all the winners you got the Diamondbacks the Twins the the Texas Rangers the Diamondbacks just beat the Brewers they'll now take on the uh Los Angeles Dodgers and then the Phillies just buying time and so they are done with the Marlins here looks like the Phillies are going to be coming down here to Georgia to take on the Atlanta Braves 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS Bruce Bochy at least he moves on with these Rangers Kevin Cash manager of the Tampa Bay Rays he is going home and then speaking of managers I got to get this out the way there's a team that didn't make it to the postseason and no it's not the Yankees no it's not the New York Mets do you see the theme like sports in New York sucks right now no Yankees no Mets Jets and Giants suck give us some time basketball might be whatever too but if we go out to San Diego and my apologies to everybody listening in San Diego we got a lot of listeners a lot of callers who love us in San Diego but the fact is the Padres are right there with the Yankees and Mets when it comes down to being a disappointment this season we are talking about a two hundred and sixty million dollar payroll Padres couldn't even make it to the postseason the Padres barely finished by five hundred eighty two and eighty injuries all over the place they're just stories about Machado being hated and disliked in the locker room and being a terrible leader and Bob Melvin this is his second year he has one more year left on his deal AJ Preller has gone through five managers since 2014 and the Padres on the outside looking in and so what does this typically mean around this uh this time of year that means that you got some managers that are likely gonna get the boot last night we heard that Aaron Boone is likely to stick around as manager of the New York Yankees the other high payroll team if you want to take a look at the New York Mets Buck Showalter has already been given the boot so what does that mean for Bob Melvin AJ Preller basically spoke about him and uh talked about things moving forward take a listen to this Bob is is our manager and uh it's gonna be our manager going forward um I think uh you know both he and I lots been said obviously in the last few weeks but both he and I are very excited um you know about uh the challenge of getting this of getting this group uh you know back to the postseason next year you know we've had and had it again I think uh you know from that standpoint a lot's been said and and I think with with Bob and myself um you know um you know I think we just even in the last couple days um you know you get a chance to recap and look at some different things and you know both of us feel really good about where things are going forward oh well maybe they can start here where the two superstar players don't hate each other's guts where Manny Machado isn't yelling at Tatis Jr in the dugout and Tatis Jr isn't riding around on motorcycles in the off season and maybe Manny Machado who unfortunately is having elbow surgery is healthy enough to start the season unlikely maybe that'd be a nice start and just maybe just maybe and this is more likely than anything maybe Bob Melvin is just a lame duck manager likely to get the boot in the middle of the season the first time things go wrong it sucks for him still getting paid though his contracts are nice in baseball aren't they it's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS congratulations to the Diamondbacks they advance beating Milwaukee congratulations to the Twins they advance beating the Blue Jays congratulations to the Texas Rangers they advance by beating Tampa Bay and it seems that sooner than later the Phillies will advance as well beating the Marlins to take on Atlanta unless there's a miracle I'm not counting on that it's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio you know since we're talking about managers and coaches whatever the hell you want to call them in the NFL even at this early point of the season we got some coaches that are are they already on the hot seat is Mike Tomlin on a hot seat is Bill Belichick on a hot seat Eber Flus from the Bears he can't win a game to save his life is he going to get the boot we're going to talk about some of these coaches on the other side of the break it's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio it's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio JR wants to hear from you call him now at 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4227 it's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio I told you that Major League Baseball we're about to see a clean sweep in every single series here in the wild card round minutes ago the Arizona Diamondbacks eliminated the Milwaukee Brewers they beat them in game two of their series five to two every series is is best two out of three and so the Rangers eliminated the Rays the Twins got rid of the Blue Jays Diamondbacks smacking out the Brewers and we're down to one more game for the night the Phillies just blanking the Marlins right now seven to nothing in the top of the eighth and we've talked about how just how fast this this wild card round is especially the fact that every team is basically getting swept if you want to talk about winning two games as a sweep there you have it we also talked about Bob Melvin with the Padres for a team that did not make the postseason couldn't win a close game all year to save their lives it looks like Bob Melvin is going to be returning as the manager of the team so I guess he and AJ Preller they got a few more months to just absolutely be at each other's throats 855-212-4CBS let's get to some of your calls and then I absolutely want to talk about some coaches in the NFL it seems like they might be on the hot seat and their season just started Mike is calling from Idaho you're on the JR Sportbrief show what's up Mike hey first time calling I'm what a what a privilege it is to talk to you I'm just yes I think yeah wildcard I think the wildcard games are all too short should be three out of five and then the next that should be out of seven and I just don't understand why on 162 games in a year it comes down to two out of three it's ridiculous but yeah well these I guess the approach I guess the approach is hey we expanded you know now we got an extra wildcard round which has been here now for the the better part of about 20-25 years and they they we put 12 teams in the postseason now I guess this is baseball's thought and so let's just let the cream rise to the top like this is just extra baseball so I guess that's their thought process yeah well you know I I don't understand that but um I'm for the Braves I'm a big Braves fan I grew up in the south but I but I think Bochi he's a great manager with the Rangers and it's going to be him and the Braves in the World Series that's my opinion you were going to see the Rangers and the Braves in the World Series yes sir okay well I've been telling people for a long time and thank you so much for calling from Idaho Mike I've been looking at the Orioles and the fact that they've won more than one one more than 100 games is is still a shock I think even to Orioles fans and so anybody not named the Houston Astros who advances to the World Series out of the American League I think people are going to look at them and go wow damn it we didn't expect them to be here I mean the Minnesota Twins this is the first time that they have even just won a playoff series in 21 years like what are they doing here Texas had to battle it out all year long they were supposed to be a disaster let's also remember this like Jacob deGrom who they signed to a five-year deal hundreds of millions of dollars he's not even playing we don't know if he'll ever come back and play baseball let alone at the level that he was at the O's aren't supposed to be here so let's let's think about that Houston they're supposed to be the favorites and and he's saying Texas let's see what they do it makes it interesting uh just to see some new names and faces a lot of these teams are ridiculously ridiculously young very young eight five five two one two four CBS I told you and I'll be talking about managers in baseball Bruce Bochy and Bob Melvins of the world it's been a lot of talk on the NFL side even though that we've only completed four weeks of the season that we already have some managers who might be in trouble we already have just coaches not managers we already have coaches in the NFL who have to stand in front of the media and tell everybody I feel good I don't think I'm gonna get fired and so where do we start the bears a team that happens to be 0 and 4 right now they just lost to Denver 31 to 28 they blew that massive lead the bears have lost 14 straight games Ibra Flus here in his second season is 3 and 18 as a head coach what are they gonna do fire him like in the middle of the season here at the start of the year they're just going to give him the boot Matt Ibra Flus he was asked about his job and whether or not he thinks he's going to keep it not a question anybody wants to be asked let alone have to answer but Ibra Flus did this is what he said about his own job security you know in this business you know you've been I've been doing this 32 years right so I understand the business but I understand that to do it right you got to focus on your job and you got to focus right here right now so you can think about a lot of different things that's going to do nobody good and you focus on your job where your feet are right now and that's my full sole focus is on Washington have you gotten assurances from higher-ups ownerships a presidential level that they see where this team is going and that they buy into this yeah I just I feel the support I haven't you know talked to anybody about any of those things I feel the support and we're just focused on Washington we're just focused on Washington and by the way we're going to talk about that game tomorrow night because that's Thursday night football we're going to have the Washington commanders taking on the Chicago Bears and not the sexiest of matchups we can probably expect a beat down it's likely that the Bears are going to lose one of the reasons to tune in is to see if the Bears can actually go out there and I don't know win a game because even when they're ahead they can't hold the lead and so Ibra Flus he's probably going to keep his job throughout the course of the season the Chicago Bears have not fired in their history a coach just smack dab in the middle of the year and so yeah it don't matter if you're in major league baseball the NFL man if you ain't producing you're going to be on the chopping block people are going to be looking to get rid of you I mean we talked about this last night with Mike Tomlin about how you got Steeler fans they want to they want to give this guy the boot because he's protecting the offensive coordinator like Mike Tomlin can just dump him at the beginning of the season it don't work that way especially for someone like Mike Tomlin man this this dude is in the top 20 of regular season wins in the NFL all time that matter of fact he's pulling up on number 15 he is 16th overall in wins and I don't know maybe Steeler fans think that they could just get rid of the dude and things are going to be better sometimes you don't know what you got until it's gone 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS we got Phil in Buffalo you're on the JR Sportbreeze show us up Phil hello hola hi hey you're talking about coaches at Belosec he can get to the playoffs but he can't win and that's like the uh the blue jays my kids uh my fifth son is a a fan of blue jays but they never did well in the playoffs as you said that's where the cream comes to the top that's where the cream comes to the top okay the playoffs I don't care what you do in a regular season but can you win when it's tough yeah and uh and that's Belosec he he gets to the playoffs but he can't win you know when it gets tough and uh the coaches that's that's like what they've been saying and you know being a Buffalo fan Buffalo Bills fan I you want to talk about Miami rivalry uh New England rivalry rivalry oh by oh I just tell you I just tell you stories well well I think I think for for your side of things and thank you Phil for calling from Buffalo like if I'm if I'm if I'm a Buffalo Bills fan you know what I'm not worried about right now I ain't worried about no New England Patriots I mean yeah if you think that you're gonna have to go into another shootout or a fight with the Miami Dolphins and you go ahead and do that and thank you for bringing up Bill Belichick people are certainly looking at him and and ready to get him the hell up on out of there but the fact is he don't have a you don't got a quarterback right now that's it I don't care what sport you play I don't care what it is any team needs the quote unquote tip of the spear who is the killer that is going to take the lead in the postseason is it going to be that that Tom Brady is it going to be that Justin Verlander is it that Derek Jeter is it that Michael Jordan that Kobe who is the tip of the spear for the team and if you don't have that killer you ain't winning that's just what it is one of the first one of the first things I look at in postseason baseball yeah you can bludgeon your way throughout the regular season you can smack home runs and you can destroy folks if you can't reliably put out a number one or two starter in the postseason that you feel good about that they got the ball and they can go out there and mow down the opposing offense man you you you ain't gonna win nothing if you're just looking at home run derbies or a shootout it's unlikely to be sustainable through multiple rounds you need that one dude or two dudes give the ball to and they mow you down and for right now Bill Belichick doesn't even have that in the regular season that is not to discount what he's done throughout the course of his career because I know there will be people who kick and scream and oh yeah it was all Brady it was all bright no no no it was not all Brady the players are most important the coach can't go out there and coach tin cans and have success but the coach helps put together the structure but the coach don't have nothing it's not just Belichick it's anybody you can't win a damn thing if you don't have the players to go execute as simple as that eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS yeah you need players and any sport needs players I'm gonna get some more of your calls on the other side of the break and speaking of needing players the Philadelphia 76ers they got one his name is James Harden we don't know how much he has left in the tank but he showed up to work today is he going to help Nick Nurse or is he gonna make Nick Nurse's life a living hell here at the start of his tenure as 76ers coach we'll get to your calls we'll talk about that we'll get into Russell Wilson and I don't know if it's a beef with Marshawn Lynch but it's gonna be real fun to listen to you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio I do think you're one of the best people in radio right now hands down I've heard everybody you got the gift and I appreciate you know your intelligence and your honesty call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS it's the JR Sport Brief show here on CBS Sports Radio it's official folks we've had we have another sweep here in the wildcard round of Major League Baseball's playoffs this started yesterday best two out of three series every game has been a sweep the Phillies just swept the Marlins they're going to take on the Braves in the National League Divisional Series for the second straight year by the way Philadelphia they lost the season series to those Braves eight to five the Braves beating everybody to death with those home runs let's see if they can keep that going here in the postseason as the Phillies beat the Marlins final score there seven to one the Diamondbacks beat the Brewers today five to two they advance the Twins beat the Blue Jays two to nothing they advance the Rangers beat the Rays seven to one they advance it's a lot of beat downs eight five five two one two four CBS Allen is calling from Toronto you're on the JR Sport Brief show yeah the Atlanta Braves that team is really on the beam citizens of Atlanta yourself included have to be real proud of them a hundred three hundred and seven home runs they tied the 2019 Minnesota Twins and one more than the Yankees of that same year and Ronald Cunha 40 41 homers 73 stolen bases lumber at the plate lightning at the base pass if the lumber don't fright yet the lightning will strike you but the biggest surprise has to be Matt Olson 54 home runs you can't possibly tell me that you expected him to hit 54 runs at the outset of the era I had him penciled in for maybe 30 35 you know he's a good power hitter but 54 you know it's uh that is an absolute shock how many home runs did you expect him to hit at the beginning of the year aren't you shocked am I no I'm not shocked I'm not shocked am I gonna sit around and go oh my god a guy hit 54 I mean outside of Aaron Judge you know what player would you say is is is gonna give you I don't know 40 to 50 plus I mean you'd expect anybody with decent power like Matt Olson to crank them every now and then somebody surprised you and has an amazing year so I'm not all that shocked and 938 runs it's very rare did you see it yeah what a lot of people are are looking for here and thank you Alan for calling from Toronto people want to see what the the pitching does though that's it like the Braves have been abusing people all year long people want to see okay well what is what is Spencer Strider gonna do now that the postseason is here you know what is Elder gonna do now that the postseason is here that's it and plus the bullpen that's what people are concerned about I talked about this last break you can bludgeon people to death with the bats are they going to do this in the postseason too you know is Olson gonna hit a home run and an Acuna is gonna hit a home run and an Ozuna is gonna hit a home run and Albies is gonna hit a home run and then Riley is everybody is just gonna hit home runs all over the place what happens if their bats don't talk the same way that it did throughout the course of the year it's kind of tough eight five five two one two four CBS Justin is calling from Nova Scotia you're on the chair of sport re-show what's up Justin hey what's going on JR the man of the hour the man of the power too sweet to be soured thanks for having me tonight my friend no doubt what's up all right just give me a call tonight I'm just trying to pick your head tonight uh calling about the blue jays uh game there um just want to get your idea I don't know if you've seen it but uh the manager mr schneider took a various man of electric with sandy kofax out there um I just think there's too much with the khakis upstairs calling the shots um if you're watching the game the guy was electric there's no reason why he should have been called chikuchi comes in two runs given up the rest is history I'm just curious on your ideas this is this is baseball man I'm never gonna be in favor of it I get it your backs are up against the wall and he gave up a lead off walk and then you're just like oh my god it does he have it does he not have it I mean we can go back now to to Blake Snell being upset that that he was pulled in a game with a higher magnitude like this is this is baseball now when you get to the postseason the manager is either he's damned if he does he's damned if he doesn't and this is what you get in a two-game series I know there are a lot of people are not happy the first two games and everything is a sweep it's not exciting the game's not necessarily competitive but man the manager's gonna get his ass kicked so I'm not mad that he pulled them if he would have left them out there and he got his ass kicked he'd have been cursed out for leaving them out there so being a manager is a thankless job man that's that's that's that's fair just I was literally watching the whole game and he was his stuff was like electric like it's his sinker stop his own come in and be hitting at the ground like pit guys were swinging missing everything I know he gave up the one walk you're almost damned if you do you're damned if you don't aim that you don't I would just I think with the man the way he was pitching it's you'd almost have to be insane to take him out of that that that present time in the game but um John he's gonna get it's kind of a it's a tough decision you you could always hindsight 2020 but and I gotta I if I want to give you an even further view and I understand you are probably much more invested than I am with the Blue Jays being up in Canada I wasn't expecting nothing from them this post-season and so okay they got eliminated here but I wasn't I wasn't expecting them to go further man I I wasn't favoring them I mean what were your expectations for the Blue Jays for the season period I was I was honestly happy to I thought wildcard wildcard or bust like they're in the at least that's murder's row but Minnesota I thought it was almost God giving us like literally a present when Houston won uh Texas loss it's like all right we're gonna get the Twinkies we're not gonna go have to go to Tampa Bay I was I was expecting at least get through the wildcard you know what I mean let's let's get through the wildcards I would have been happy just to get into just play Houston well let's see let's see like I said I had no like like there was no like 92 freaking the world series sure like but let's you know he's not coming up the bat there's no no walk off the win at all let's see if the pitching can be maintained into next season as well if the pitching can be maintained into next season the Blue Jays should still be competitive but all things considered man I gotta be honest here anybody outside of Houston moving on I think the Rangers have a good chance let's see I'm this is what I'm really interested to see how much further are the Baltimore Orioles going to push it they are the real shock here in the postseason in the season period and a matter of fact this is this is a first I knew this was it this is the first time in major league baseball history a postseason round finished with four sweeps first time ever Rangers sweeping the Rays twins sweeping the Blue Jays Diamondbacks sweeping the Brewers and the Phillies sweeping the Marlins online on social media people are already complaining about how boring this initial walk wild card round was and is uh television distributors ESPN can't necessarily be happy on and on and on first time ever I was thinking this has to be the first time and it is four sweeps in all four series in the wild card and so now we move on to the divisional round we're going to have all this action starting on Saturday so if you looking for something to do you're pretty much all set Arizona is going to take on the Dodgers the Phillies are going to take on the Atlanta Braves you're going to have the Orioles taking on the Texas Rangers and then the Minnesota Twins this still sounds odd to discuss them about anything in the postseason but the Minnesota Twins are going to be taking on the Houston Astros so some interesting matchups here I'm glad that we got this uh best two out of three nonsense out of the way and now at least at least we can move on uh two more well-rounded series here instead of this uh this crap I'm sorry to call it crap but it's it's crap winning two out of three games it's just a massive waste of time for everybody and so now we move on to a best three out of five a little bit more uh more reasonable I'll take it it's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio speaking of taking it yes I'm gonna get into James Harden the man who showed up to work I am gonna tell you about Drew Holliday the newest member of the Boston Celtics and oh yeah I really gotta get into this we're definitely gonna do this on the other side of the break too Marshawn Lynch is spilling the beans on what type of teammate Russell Wilson was we're starting to hear and see some themes about Russell we're gonna talk about it we're gonna hear from the mouth of Marshawn Lynch here on CBS Sports Radio facts are facts like how contributing to employees financial security makes them want to work harder for their company in fact according to a 2023 study by principle 87 percent of employers say that better employee financial security means employees are more engaged and productive at work the fact of the matter is that employees want to feel financially secure in their future so consider this principle helps you invest in your employees by providing customized benefits and retirement plans to help keep your employees more engaged and productive when you take care of your team they take care of business that's a fact learn how principle can help you 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