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8.4.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR
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August 4, 2023 11:10 pm

8.4.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief show here on CBS Sports Radio.

I am coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to everybody locked in, tuned in all over North America, all over the world, on the free Odyssey app, on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, on Sirius XM Channel 158, and everybody tuning in on a smart speaker. Thank you very much. This is the beginning of the show.

It's when I get started. 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Thank you to super producer and host Dave Shepherd.

He is joining us live from New York City, and we're happy to be joined by you. So over the next four hours, I'm going to have fun. It's a Friday night. I have fun on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, but I'm going to have one percent more fun here on a Friday.

Unless you're a fan of the Pac-12, you're not going to have no fun, but we'll talk about that. Okay, if you want to talk to me, it's simple. The phone number here is 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. I am at JR Sport Brief everywhere. I'm at JR Sport Brief everywhere, all over social media, and we got a busy, busy, busy night. I feel like every single minute, every single second, we got new teams that are just jumping conferences.

It's like the, well, I'm sorry. The Pac-12 doesn't exist. We're going to talk about that in a second. Anthony Davis got paid. The Los Angeles Lakers decided to give this man a contract extension.

Is he going to be healthy enough to see it through? I don't know, but he going to get all of that money. Speaking of money, there's an NFL player. He's going to be missing money. His name is Alvin Kamara. Three game suspension, punching a guy in the face in Las Vegas.

What a way to end a party. Johnny Manziel details some of his, just, I don't want to say his terrible mental state, but he was in a bad mental state. We'll talk about that. The U.S. Women's National Team, they're going to try to advance in the World Cup.

If they lose, they go home. We'll talk about it. We got a lot to get into. This afternoon, I had a great time.

How about this? We had volleyball here in Atlanta. Every time I looked up, a new college team left. Every time I looked up, the ball was in the air.

I looked down, and a new college team left the Pac-12. We're going to talk about it all before we do anything. Shep, how are you, man? You doing good? You okay? Doing well.

Thanks for asking, JR. I'm ready for the weekend, man. How are you, sir? I ain't got no complaints.

Not yet, anyway, so I think I'm okay. Now, my apologies to fans of the, I got to change the tone of voice right now, okay? I'm sorry to fans of the Pac-12, because it's, it's like cooked right now, okay? Earlier today, Oregon, Washington, they're gone. They're going to the Big Ten.

Not too long after that, we learned this as well. Arizona planning to leave the Pac-12 to join the Big 12. Arizona State as well. And Utah. What the hell is this?

What is the Pac-12 right now? Does it exist? I don't think so. I mean, it was only a few days ago that we heard so many stories about the television distribution and, and maybe a deal with Apple would save them. Apple ain't buying this crap.

Apple is not touching this. And if we have to think about what took place, this is, this is a big deal. All my football fans on the West Coast, this is, this is painful. Traditions out the window. Rivalries have walked out the door. History is changing. History has changed. It is history. College football has been changed forever.

It really has been. There ain't no power five. We said this earlier this week, there's no more power five. This is just a death now to the Pac-12. There was big news earlier today. All my friends in the Pacific Northwest, KREM news, they talked about Washington and Oregon leaving the Pac-12 and, and what does this mean for Washington State? Listen to the news.

Talk about it. Dicker also weighed in on the travel that the student athletes at these schools leaving will have to endure in the new conferences and said he thinks it will be difficult for the schools leaving will have to endure in the new conferences and said he thinks it will be tremendously difficult for them academically. WSU President Kirk Scholten, Athletic Director Pat Chun released a joint statement on today's news saying we are disappointed with the recent decisions by some of our Pac-12 peers. While we had hoped that our membership would remain together, this outcome was always a possibility and we have been working diligently to determine with what is next for Washington State athletics. So Mark, the, with the conference down to four teams, this may be the death of the Pac-12 conference. Will it survive by adding teams? We'll have to wait and see on that. But at this point, it seems more likely WSU joins a different conference such as the Mountain West. Oh yes, it's done.

It's cooked. I mean, we don't have to ask questions. It doesn't matter who they're, they're able to bring in. Pac-12 is done and you heard about the travel. That's the least of anybody's concerns.

Nobody cares. Put the student athletes on a plane and send them to the Midwest and let's keep it moving. I mean, what?

What? Oregon State and Washington and as far away as you can possibly go, as far away as you could possibly go. We're going to have Washington and Oregon going out to Chicago. They're going to be flying out to Indiana. Let's keep in mind, you want to know another school in the damn Big Ten? Maryland. What are we doing here? Who cares? It's a land grab.

Get what you can get and keep it moving. I usually used to, I always used to think about the Big Ten and go, oh yeah, okay. You know, Midwest. And then they went out East and now they're snatching up schools in the West.

This is crazy. Husky's head coach, Kalen Debar. He talked about everything going on with the Pac-12 right now. Yeah, obviously it impacts, right? It impacts me.

It impacts our program. There's a part where there's really nothing I can do at this point so I stay in my lane when it comes to, you know, I mean there's really not a lot of information that I'm even given at the coach level, head coach level. So, you know, try to, you know, you're curious obviously just like all of you are.

So, you know, I'm asking here and there but there's really not a lot of information other than just, you know, kind of being informed on what happens day to day, you know. And, you know, I just always kind of rest assured that UW, and I don't want to take, you never take it for granted, but rest assured that we have a great place here at UW that people are going to want if things would ever fall through with the Pac-12. Yeah, it's things have fallen through guys.

Sorry to fill you in but yeah, things have fallen through. Pac-12 is cooked and it's not just about going to the the Big Ten. I mean we can look at the Big 12. The Big 12 adding three teams. We know already Oklahoma and Texas, they're out of the Big 12. They're on their way out. Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, they're going to be on their way into the Big 12. Are they going to play? They're going to go and play West Virginia? I mean, this is this is odd and weird to talk about.

There is nothing normal about any of this. College football used to be regional. You can throw that idea out of the window. I used to sit on a Saturday and I used to go, okay, well, you know, I'll watch some SEC. Then I'll go ahead and I'll I'll watch some Big Ten. You know, at the end of the night if I can make it through the entire day, you know, I put on the Pac-12.

West Coast, they starting late on the East Coast. I sit down. I can watch football all day long. That's over.

It's done. Everybody's chasing the buck. Everybody is chasing the money. It is every man, every school for itself.

We had a caller earlier this week. He's like, oh man, I'm gonna miss the traditions and and this is what it's about. Yeah, for you?

Yeah, for you. Traditions change. Like, think about this.

Think about think about your family. You do things a certain way and then we all know things change. Nothing stays the same.

Ever. And so we can say the same damn thing about college athletics. Same damn thing about college athletics. It's a money grab. Am I getting 30 million dollars per year when it comes down to my share of television rights or am I getting 50 or 60? Who the hell is leaving 20 and 30 million dollars on the table? Nobody.

You leaving. Everything is always about eyeballs, folks. If if you needed that reminder for everybody who wanted to tell me years ago, college athletes should be happy that they're they're getting a degree and they should be happy they're getting an opportunity to better themselves over the past two and three years. How much more apparent can it be that this is all business? It's business for the schools and universities. It's businesses for the students. It's student athletes.

It's business for the distributors. I don't care if you're Apple TV, ESPN or Fox. We can run around and talk about the goodness and the the greatness of college athletics and we could talk about the rivalries and the purity. We could think about the the the games that we went to. We could think about the parties that we went to.

We can think about it all. Changed. It ain't going back. Everybody is chasing the dollar and the Pac-12, I don't care what teams they add to the Pac-12. Pac-12 is dead. Oregon, Washington going to the Big 10. Arizona, Arizona State and Utah going to the Big 12. You think about the teams in the Big 12 that are getting ready to exit the Big 12. Oklahoma and Texas going to the the SEC. What Pac-12? Where the 12 teams?

Find them for me. Where they at? Big 10 is running everything. Coast to coast. USC, UCLA, that was the beginning of the end. So the writing was on the wall.

If you like tradition, too bad because college football has been changed forever. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. We got Phillip. He's calling from Knoxville. Hey Phillip.

Hey welcome. You're the first caller of the show. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up? Hey JR.

I love your show. You know like talking about the whole college realignment. You know to me I'm like just the playoff situation. It seems like them expanding to 12 teams allowed for maybe some teams that are from the Pac-12 which most of the time isn't considered as strong as the SEC or maybe the Big 10. It seems like that's like an automatic trigger for them to come play in the college football playoff and then now they don't have that anymore. So to me it just seems like more and more we're going to see you know like how like you said like even a big conference like the Big 12 you see Texas, Oklahoma coming to play in the SEC. More and more teams are just going to keep gravitating towards these bigger leagues and at some point I wonder if it's just going to be one single league and you know it's just going to be 50 teams playing in the same league because the thing is to me I don't even like them expanding to 12 teams because like we even saw in the 14 playoffs you got a team like Georgia who above and all you know of course they beat Tennessee. I was upset when they beat Tennessee but I knew they were better teams.

Georgia was so good this year they could have beaten the number two team, the number three team, maybe even by 10 points in the college football you know final. So now well we're going to have a 12 team playoff of maybe all SEC teams and you know like you know this is in the future but all SEC teams and number one it's going to be so much better than number 10 it's it's not going to be enjoyable anymore and like well if we think about that I don't think it's it's any different. I mean how many times and sure the format is going to be different because the format is going to be different because instead of having four teams we're going to move to 12 but come on we just went through a college football playoff where it's just like all right who who has a chance here you know so I mean even before we play a game we know who the top teams are going to be and this is this is not like oh my god this is a the pros where it's a 30 team league or a 32 team league I mean we we got we got we got hundreds of schools here man so right to think amongst all of that in division one that hey these are the top five schools and this is probably who's gonna win I mean where's the parity in that and but I do agree with you man we're going to continue to see consolidation.

The only thing that will stop consolidation of the conferences is the splitting of the pie. You know we just heard you know Florida State talk about how we are not getting our share because we are locked into a long-term deal with the ACC and ESPN. If if a school feels that they can go get money and more money elsewhere they're gonna they're gonna keep rolling. I've also heard and read today that Florida State to try to make up some of this money and to exit out of the deal and basically buy themselves out of the ACC it looks like they're going the uh the financial route like they're talking to bankers who would hopefully invest into a media company just so they can exit the ACC. It's it's wild man but yeah I if you asked me months ago I thought that we were going to move into a a college system a conference system where it's the southeast the northeast the mountains the west the south the southwest whatever the case might be but you can throw that idea out the window man I don't know what the hell they'll call it but in 20 years from now it may just be east and west it may be AFC NFC I have no idea but we're moving in that direction. Right and and just one more thing and I'll get off but but you know recently the the FCC announced that they're getting rid of their division so it's not going to be east and west anymore and to me it just seems wrong for college football because when I think of college football I think of rivalries and I think of the third Saturday in October and I think of the Tennessee Florida game and of course I'm partial that but to me it's like you know like when I think about the big the big games on Tennessee's schedule it's always Alabama, Florida, Kentucky and Vanderbilt and now you're telling me that you know maybe I'll get those games sometimes and maybe I won't so the more and more teams we're going to add to these big mega leagues it seems like we're going to lose those kind of rivalry games and sure we'll have maybe big games you know like earlier on CBS Sports Radio some guy was talking about how how you know Tennessee could play Florida State and I know it's a big name matchup but I think for people in the local communities it's not going to mean as much it's going to be oh it's another big team it's not it's not the yearly rivalry. I said this man traditions are done it's done it's finished and I think it's something we'll have to get used to until we see new traditions and God only knows how long that'll last thank you so much for that thank you for calling from Knoxville traditions come traditions go they do traditions come they go 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4CBS I'm going to take more of your calls here as the Pac-12 just it's having dirt thrown on it right now yeah there's there's a bunch of dudes burying the Pac-12 they're a bunch of schools there are other conferences burying the Pac-12 and college sports is changing forever 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4CBS I'm going to tell you about some changes as well in the NFL looks like Alvin Kamara will be missing some time in the Colts looks like they are adding some insurance in case Jonathan Taylor doesn't show up to work it's just the beginning folks it's the JR Sportbrief show CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio JR wants to hear from you call him now at 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4227 it's the JR Sportbrief show you on CBS Sports Radio I mean there's so many damn teams moving around in college oh man Arizona Arizona State Utah they're going to the Big 12 we could think about Oregon and Washington going to the Big 10 hey Shep they they're not getting rid of they're not getting rid of the music right the music's not going anywhere is it I don't think so JR I mean I wanted to give you some familiarity to the college football considering everything else is going out by the wayside yeah listen listen to the the remaining Pac-12 schools okay tell me if this sounds like 12 California Oregon State Stanford and Washington State I think you know the answer to that obviously it's one-third of 12th oh that's four teams what is what is this I'm I'm fine with change I like change I do I really do it doesn't matter what it is in life I enjoy change you know switch things up maybe you move some furniture around you put this here you put this there you move here you move there I like change switch things up I like variety switch things up I like variety could be a bad thing but I do now having said that I could care less where any of these teams play I just want to see good football I don't care if the players got to travel from Seattle to Miami to play a football game I don't care I don't not a traditionalist not at all so I could care less I can understand anyone who does I know that there's going to continue to be more change I'm okay with this hey shop how do you feel with all of this movement at the same time I gotta say I didn't go to any of these schools okay I went to a city school in New York we ain't had no football team so I like football but I'm not like oh I went to school for four years down the road for me with the Bulldogs I like the Bulldogs trying to buy osmosis sure so how do you feel about this so so JR to me the only focus I have on college football is whether or not Caleb Williams is going to be the greatest college football quarterback we've ever seen that to me has got to be the story in terms of conference realignment I to your point and you have been saying this all week I can't keep track anymore I would not be able to tell you for the life of me which team represents which conference obviously we have the granddaddy of them all that tradition is completely out it's it's out of order and I don't recognize college football the way we were accustomed to growing up and so to me it's not the same but yet at the same time thank god for Caleb Williams because this guy has a chance to be the greatest we've ever seen I don't have anything to do with the conference realignment no and and to that to that point JR like I I it doesn't it doesn't feel the same anymore college football does not feel the same because and by the way we haven't even gotten into how easy it is to now transfer so that tradition in terms of rooting for guys that you know are going to be locked in for at least three years that's no longer on the table so the whole sport has completely flipped upside down and it's not fun for the fans it's not fun for us to talk about honestly I mean and when Nick Saban retires is there going to be any great coach left seriously well I I can see coaches kind of no different than what we saw in basketball is that when when the transfer portal switched up and the players were able to make money a lot of the legendary coaches in college basketball decided to bail and here's the thing we haven't even really moved into the changes haven't occurred yet you know we gotta wait until next year for let's say you know Oklahoma and Texas to be in the SEC uh you know that this is nuts we just said that there are four teams now left in the Pac-12 and then if you look at the Big 10 the Big 12 and the SEC they got 16 teams now and so how long does it take is it the end of another contract are we looking at another you know five six seven years of a television deal before we see even more of these conferences kind of coming together and joining I I think it's inevitable it's just a matter of time. I mean Jay I remember when the Big East tournament and you you when you were here remember that used to matter in college basketball? Oh yeah everybody in the northeast and up and down the east yeah we used to play ball but now the Big East is everywhere it doesn't exist anymore. Exactly tradition and college sports has it it has ceased to exist in the last five years. Well you know this is it's it's quite ironic because forever forever forever forever there was this this veil there was this big curtain surrounding college athletics that it was all good right like this is these are local rivalries and you know you can play here and you could be here and it feels so good and it's just it's before you get to the pros and I've always found it to be fraudulent and now but now we are finally seeing it I mean when you have commissioners and and you have presidents of schools openly discussing the finances for the school when you have athletes who are bouncing around and transfer portals this is what everything everybody's cards out on the table there's no more hiding the fact that everything is and has always been a money grab whether it's the NCAA and its relationship with the conferences or whether it's the schools and its relationship with its student athletes man everybody's just rushing and running to the money in every regard and it's if finances were shared in a different way years ago decades ago I don't think we would have basically what is like a nuclear bomb drop on the entire structure of college athletics like somebody please educate me up until now like right now and into the future what is the role and the purpose of the NCAA like tell me what what is what is their role and what is their purpose going to be moving forward because it looks like the conferences are the ones that have all the power have all the juice and the NCAA has taken a hands-off approach now that they can't dip their money or dip their hands into the money pot eight five five two one two four cbs david is here from dallas you're on the jr sport reshow jr i would like to start out by expressing my condolences for college football and really collegiate sports in general tonight um what just happened with the pac-12 you basically got four dead bodies in those schools out there um there's going to be more of this as time goes by if you're a wake forest or a boston college or any kind of school like that go ahead and get ready for it it's coming eventually to your town um this is going to be the the star of the future uh now i know you said you don't care if a football team goes for seattle miami because you want to see a good game the problem is going to be is what about the volleyball team what about the rolling team okay so they're going to be getting cut out so a lot of people whose kids will get scholarships and go to school on that the olympic sports are going to be getting cut out and that's going to be a huge impact i know a lot of people don't care about them but that part of you know a true athletic department there's not going to be an athletic department these are going to be franchises well i mean that's that's pretty much already how they how they operate and exist and with additional finances and additional money why do you think the teams are going to be uh chopped down not because of travel why do you think so it's going to be do we want to let you know the idea of little brother remember this was the problem with texas texas originally wherever they were talking about leaving the big 12 and why texas a and m left was because texas was wanting was wanting david what david are you getting gas are you picking up food i was picking up food oh man is it for you are you delivering it to somebody i'm delivering oh what are you picking up i'm hungry i was picking up some ice cream for somebody ice cream you're you're going to deliver ice cream to somebody hey you got to do what you got to do man no i'm not i'm not talking about what you have to do how far do you have to deliver the ice cream how far away is it it's about three miles three miles for ice cream okay what is that five minutes in the car you got to sit in traffic it's about five minutes in my car i'm not here in the metroplex so what are you going to do by the time it gets and what is it 100 degrees tonight by the time the people get the ice cream is going to be milk hey hey they're the ones who ordered the jr oh my god what a bunch of lazy but anyway david my question and point to you wasn't so much about the team switching conferences it was about the elimination of additional sports at schools okay we know that basketball and football basically subsidize most athletic departments and their other sports why do you feel that tennis or you know rowing or whatever the case might be will disappear because florida state has just opened pandora's box for the private equity firms to come in i'm telling you people are going to come in these are going to be franchises like the nfl mba baseball you're going to have private equity firms come in and they're going to be looking at making a profit yeah but that that that more so has to do and you are 100 correct i don't i don't believe that at the onset i i think you would have a mutiny if that would be the case and florida state i'm not gonna say it's down the road for me but i've been down to florida state and i know the people down there and i've been to their facilities and i've been so i've walked by the volleyball court in the baseball field i've been through all of that i'd find it very hard pressed for them to get chopped down just because somebody wants to participate in their media rights and i would think that it would become a part of that package but that is certainly a conversation into the future but i don't think some of these ancillary sports if we want to call them that are are in danger into the future hey david man go out there get all your money and uh hey tell those people who you're delivering ice cream to tell them they'll go pick it up themselves next time okay all right all right thank you david for calling from dallas ice cream is about the last thing that i'd have delivered unless you were picking it up from the the curb and bringing it to my house i mean certain things do you want certain things delivered like i like to go to the market and get my own fruits and vegetables i don't want somebody bringing some crap into my house and i'm like what did you pick out it's not look at this cucumber it's rotten look at that apple apple is they got holes in it i don't want this delivering ice cream come on now eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs i'm gonna get some more of your calls on the other side of the break i mentioned alvin camara he might be delivering ice cream he's gonna have to find something to do at the beginning of the nfl season because he is not going to be with the saints i'll fill you in on alvin camara i'll get some more of your calls we'll talk about anthony davis we got more nfl teams well excuse me they're college teams being treated like nfl teams shut by the time i come back from break are we gonna have another school move i don't know p mccarthy might have that in his news update who knows maybe so another school will move it's just another one every second you are listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you are listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio they are every time i get into an uber i always turn the uber drivers onto your show we talk about sports tell them how awesome you are call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs the jr sport reef show here on cbs sports radio oh i love this this is the message i love this broken glass everywhere people pissing on the stairs you know they just don't care i guess i got no choice okay that's enough we'd have melie mel on the show but he curse up a storm shout outs to melie mel look speaking well this is not cursing up a storm this guy beat the living hell out of somebody alvin camara suspended three games the nfl said no man you got to serve your time man it doesn't matter how much you got off legally he pled no contest to beating a man had to write a little bit of a check not going to prison not going to jail but he's being punished by the nfl and roger gadel for violating the personal conduct policy if you need a reminder if you need a refresher as to what took place with alvin camara he was at the pro bowl last year because he is a pro bowl caliber player he's the second highest paid running back per year in the nfl making 14 million behind mccaffrey 16 alvin camara the night before the pro bowl put paws put hands on an individual at a club i've been to the club it's dreas you go upstairs to the roof that's where the party is and you got to go downstairs got to get on an elevator to get up there and so on the way out he had a disagreement with somebody from not a part of his party tried to get on the elevator i guess he tried to get on they tried to push him off and then they ended up beating him up okay that's the short of it there's video of it so i don't even need to say allegedly and so alvin camara met with commissioner roger gadel on wednesday and uh he got a three-game suspension that's what it is to start off the season the saints will take on the titans packers they also got carolina panthers in there as well hey he pled no contest to a misdemeanor settled wrote that check he can move on but the saints are going to be missing him for the first three games speaking of running backs kenyan drake who's on the ravens last year i mean he's been on every team i feel like over the past several seasons it's like he started off with the cardinals and now he's everywhere the colts picked them up with this whole jonathan taylor situation the uncertainty there are they going to trade them are they going to move him who knows they decided to bring in kenyan drake i assume as insurance here's some other positive news for all the indianapolis colts fans out there everything i hear read and see about anthony richardson is how fast he's picking up the offense it would only be so nice if jonathan taylor was there for him just to kind of hand the ball off to let's see how he progresses and moves eight five five two one two four cbs james is here from la you're on the jr sport pre-show what's up james what's up my man hey you know you and seph uh do such a great job or every every day you don't need to be told that though so uh i just want to say for me i'm looking at it from a different point of view you know i'd love to see a couple of big games every week i know usually people like like the guy was saying before they look for the third uh weekend in september and all that stuff but for me i mean i you know i want to see i'd love to see usc michigan usd ohio state every every other week or every week or whatever so it doesn't bother me that much i'm more concerned about the smaller schools like the hbc that would get that money that they used to play i think with this schedule now they're going to kind of cut them out so there is no more apalachian state michigan upset there is no more of these you know doing that because the strictest schedule is going to be so tough they don't have time to do that man yeah and uh yeah i was wondering about that and what happened to syracuse and miami i mean they got tradition what what what playing in the acc like what what tradition you talk about well i mean you know miami's got five titles under their belt q you know i think they got one or they they probably have one anyway they had you know uh there's a big school i think that eventually they're going to get swallowed up by by one of these big conferences they haven't yet yeah jim brown won that well yeah yeah yeah man well that we we can we can go down a long line and a long list of every school and you don't have to have a national championship whether you got one or whether you got three to worry about tradition that's that's all down the toilet man that's it it's done it's gone and how does this affect their uh the college uh the college basketball when they when they do their bids for the tournament man go ahead now we're gonna say now that they're florida states going to the fcc and stuff now they got to play you know they don't rule they can't like get that bitch from the acc no more now how many bids you're going to give the fcc five six probably most two and then you know how does that work i would say expansion would help that but recently it appears that that has been shot down to continue to expand the tournament uh but if if this continues as to the scenario that you just said i i think they might have to but i i don't see it happening or what we might have let's let's be real we got a lot of teams that participate in the tournament they don't have no business being there and so i think we we'd have a widening and we'd have more more credence given as to what conference you play in as opposed to conference championships i don't know maybe they throw that out the window but uh that that could also be some destruction hey james isn't that the purpose of the cinderella stuff that's where everybody gets their you know yeah well let's you can be cinderella and and you could win in a conference that nobody cares about or you could be the you could be a great team and a great conference and not even make it like who would you rather see there right that's what you're saying man you know i'm so maybe they get rid of the the idea of oh you win this conference tournament now you get an automatic bid that that may go away but that's that's really getting into the weeds but that that could be a change james thank you for calling thank you brother no doubt about it yeah i mean there's there's so many ramifications that kind of drip down that you can't even think about that the thought of what does this mean for cinderella team and a a conference that nobody cares about that that wins their conference tournament and automatically gets to the big dance like okay fine all right so what maybe i'm a bad guy i don't care let's pick a school out of uh the lucky conference and so what they make the tournament i mean if we got four or five great teams in one conference and they're balling out of control and put them in a tournament just because this school out of nowhere university you know ends up winning their conference i mean come on let's maybe get rid of the automatic bids but these are going to be some of the ramifications with all of these schools moving all over the damn country big 10 stretches across the country big 12 stretches across the country they each have 16 schools in their conferences in the pac-12 they're down to four i feel bad oh so bad commissioners having a drink tonight probably it's the jr sport brief show here on cbs sports radio somebody who's having a drink he's having a celebratory drink his name anthony davis i'll explain on the other side here on cbs sports radio don't move
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