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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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July 13, 2023 1:12 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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July 13, 2023 1:12 am

New JR Top 6 List - Cities Most Deserving Of Another Pro Sports Team!

6- Austin

5- Kansas City

4- St. Louis

3- San Diego

2- Seattle

1- Oakland


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Thank you to everybody tuned in all over North America. You could be at work. You could be at home. You could be on the road. Shout out to all the truck drivers, the restaurant tours, the bar workers. You could be in a hospital right now.

You could be doing something you have no business doing. Don't hurt nobody in the process. Try not to hurt yourself, but I appreciate you too.

I'm going to be hanging out with you for the next two hours. Thank you to super producer and host Dave Shepherd holding it down in New York City. And so whether you're on the free Odyssey app, listening on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, you could be on Sirius XM 158, or you could be tuned in on a smart speaker. I say, thank you. That's it.

Just thank you. Think about this. Maybe you listen to the radio all night.

Maybe you tune in in the daytime. How many people on the radio actually say, thank you. I'm not that pompous. I'm not that arrogant to think that I'm going to be here without listeners.

I mean, damn it. I get it. I've had to build my audience one person by one person by one person to the tune of 83 million viewers on YouTube. So I appreciate the audience.

Thank you so damn much. I'm going to get to the top six list momentarily. I just want to run through a few things that have taken place throughout the course of today. It's been reported that the New York Jets have been selected for NFL's hard knocks. The Jets last appeared on hard knocks in 2010. And you might remember good old Rex Ryan on HBO on hard knocks telling everybody the New York Jets should play a particular way and then doing what he likes to do. Get a snack.

Remember this? Let's make sure we play like the New York Jets and not some team. That's what I want to see tomorrow. Do we understand what the I want to see tomorrow? Let's go eat a damn snack.

I'm sure he punctuates every statement by saying let's get a snack afterwards. That was earlier in the day. Well not Rex Ryan. That was almost 13 years ago. But we also learned this evening LeBron James he announced that officially he will be coming back.

He will return. The ESPY awards concluded about I don't know an hour or so ago. LeBron James awarded with the the most record-breaking performance. I guess they can't I guess it can't be the most but he was awarded with record-breaking performance.

He was presented with the award by his family and on ESPN ABC he made it very clear he coming back. I don't care how many more points I score or what I can or cannot do on the floor. The real question for me is can I play without cheating this game?

The day I can't give the game everything on the floor is the day I'll be done. Lucky for you guys that day is not today. No shock there. I think we all expect the LeBron James to to come back and so LeBron James picking up that award for most outstanding record-breaking performance. Angel Reese from LSU picked up an award for breakthrough athlete. Patrick Mahomes best NFL player. Shohei Ohtani MLB player.

Nikolay Jokic NBA player. Liam Hendrix coming back from cancer won the Jimmy V award and he had a a very important point to make that I think is applicable to anyone dealing with any issue any adversity. Listen if I leave you with anything and I cannot stress this enough please reach out to anybody going through anything similar to this. Whether it be cancer whether it be anxiety whether it be depression whether it be any number of things.

Trust me you are not annoying you will not be an annoyance to us. All that matters is that you give us that a little bit of a text that could be the singular moment of us picking up our spirits and being able to advance to the next stage being able to advance that next day of treatment being able to advance past anything that we're going through. That one text can be the difference. So like Jimmy V said don't give up don't ever give up and I won.

Yeah great words excellent words. Jamal Murray of the Nuggets one comeback athlete we know he blew out his ACL more than a season ago and then also kudos to the Buffalo Bills training staff once again saving the life of Damar Hamlin. They received the Pat Tillman award for service. So a good show tonight a good show all in with the ESPY awards. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio and in a few seconds it's going to be time for a new top six list and this is an interesting time an interesting period in the sports world.

Every time you you get to mid-July NFL training camps for some teams they're going to start in about a week. You know we had the MLB All-Star game go on. MLS is going to have its All-Star game. The ESPYs this is the time they hold their awards because nothing is going on and this doesn't have anything to do with nothing. Beyonce was in the Eagles stadium tonight in the link you know holding her concert and so there's just a lot going on in the world of sports.

The NBA in Vegas with the Summer League gets turned into an entire convention. Victor Winbenyama. But one thing we've heard from both commissioners in the NBA with Adam Silver and then Shep what's the idiot? Manfred.

You're right yes. Yeah lucky for me I forgot his name momentarily. I thought you were going to say Fincham for a second.

Who? Tim Fincham we said idiot and commissioner I didn't know which one you were talking about. Oh no no no the biggest one and I mean there's a lot of biggest ones I mean there's clown shirts of Roger Goodell with a clown nose but between Rob Manfred and Adam Silver they spent quite a bit of time answering questions over the past few days about expansion and relocation and moving teams around and making more money and when we need to do it and who builds a stadium here and who builds a stadium there. Professional sports. Sports in general is big business on earth not just in North America not just in the United States of America everywhere period. Sports is a form of entertainment. Sports is an economic driver and so unfortunately sports is rooted in fandom and where you have people and where you have money where you have folks who will spend money you will typically have a sports team so there's a lot of business involved unfortunately whether people like it or not there are a lot of politics involved internally and it boils down to the people and so a lot of in a lot of cases fans get screwed when a new market pops up and it's hot and it's popping teams move set up shop close down shop open up shop close shop teams don't care they're gonna move the leagues don't care they want to make money they're gonna make business decisions and so tonight with all of the talks about teams moving and new teams and new cities I wanted to take a look at some cities here that deserve professional sports they might already have it they may not have it maybe they're missing a particular team maybe they had and maybe they have maybe they need and now I'm going to give you a top six list of cities that deserve pro sports let's go six five four three two one it's time to get jr's latest top six list only on the jr sport brief that's right it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio we're taking a look at the top six cities that deserve a professional sports team you know what this is a city that happens to be the 10th most populated city in the united states of america and they just got a professional sports team two years ago we gotta go to a place where everything is big we gotta go to texas we gotta go to austin texas just north of san antonio austin deserves a professional sports team now why austin okay fine they got austin fc that's the squad professional soccer they got an mls team it's the first major sports team to play in the texas capital i just i like austin they got population and sure they might be the 10th most populated city in the united states of america but that's that's in a confined space we know we have metropolises and suburbs and in in giant areas that are much larger than austin and you look at austin and san antonio but austin can support i think more professional sports i i think austin maybe not an nfl team maybe not an nba team i think austin can do baseball and the last time and every time i go to austin i think i'm going to be a team that's going to be austin the city continues to grow by leaps and bounds it has grown ridiculously over the past 10 and 20 years you have google and tech companies and health care that all move in it's not just home for the longhorns in sixth street of which i have unfortunately many experiences but cities that deserve pro sports austin okay they got an mls squad i don't think it'll be too much longer maybe 10 to 20 years i don't know who wants to wait that long i think one day austin is going to get itself another pro sports team i got them at number six on the list hey what comes after six number five at number five hey chef i was just hey where was the draft i was here right where was the draft shop kansas city i believe yes can yeah there you go you and gail and pearl off yeah we were yeah kansas city i forget where i'm at kansas city is number five here on the list i've been to kansas city so many times and i like food it's not for the barbecue kansas city has a big town small town feel but it is big time when it comes down to sports and we know kansas city has professional sports already right okay we know this you have the kansas city royals i've never seen a team in my life so much maybe the maybe the pirates that that that loses and the losers and the fans love them we all know about the kansas city chiefs but kansas city the kings are hanging out in sacramento and kansas city basically rented the kings and this was years ago we got to go back to the the 80s they went from cincinnati to kansas city and then went out to sacramento and now they're the kings kansas city can support a basketball team they got an arena downtown the fans would show up if it was any good i don't believe it's going to happen anytime soon but kansas city deserves an nba team it may be a long time but they could certainly support it it's kind of shocking to me that it hasn't taken place over the past i don't know 20 to 30 years and if you didn't know how amazing kansas city was of a sports town i told you patrick mahomes won the sp for outstanding nfl player and he took the time and the opportunity on espn to tell everybody how great kansas city was and is and finally cheese kingdom uh cheese kingdom i truly believe is the best fan base in the world sorry to all the athletes out here uh man uh i start back next week i go back to camp next tuesday um so this is a great award but uh we're gonna do this thing again we'll keep this thing rolling uh appreciate all y'all look i've been to i don't know how many nfl drafts a lot this year's nfl draft in kansas city kansas city took it over it didn't feel like a convention of every team from every city you know joining forces in one town this felt like the entire draft belonged to kansas city are they gonna get an mba team i don't think so no time soon but they certainly deserve one i got kansas city here at number five on my list a city that deserves more pro sports let's move on to the next number number four oh my god oh man we will basically stand in the same region well same part of the country same state it's st louis now these are the these are the type of things that bother me because it's all a money grab and it leaves the fans holding the bag because the teams are basically looking at the fans to pay for it they're looking at the city to pay for it they're looking oh man it's ridiculous the rams we know okay they went from los angeles to st louis and st louis basically had the greatest show on turf and then jeff fisher kind of helped tank them and and now they're like oh well we don't have fans showing up so now we're going back to la and oh yeah you're not going to give us a brand new stadium also we're going back to la and the entire nfl was basically in favor of moving them back to los angeles so they could take advantage of the market take advantage of the money have a super bowl which they did and damn it the rams won it but st louis got screwed they went back to los angeles in 2015 of course they blamed it on the stadium stan kronke had to pay a half billion dollar relocation fee he could have put that money towards a new stadium now couldn't he a matter of fact the city of st louis sued the nfl for moving they agreed to a settlement of 800 million dollars for just basically up and leaving and leaving them behind it's pretty nice to see the city of st louis leaving them behind it's pretty nuts and jerry jones was one of the chief proponents of the rams going from st louis back to la and at the time he made it very clear he's like yeah if they were gonna move it was gonna be los angeles it always was about los angeles and what los angeles and those great fans that we have out there mean to the nfl and it's such a natural to have the los angeles round be in los angeles he sounds like that old man from uh family guy there you go there you you knew it because he sounds just like him he does not a good thing yeah that that that old man on family guy doesn't he have like a name herp is he is his name am i making this up is his name herbert the pervert you're right and and he and he that voice is designated to a certain population in terms of ages say chap what don't beat b a take it easy sorry sorry take it easy now let's leave jerry jones and herbert the pervert or whatever his name is let's leave them in their own category anyway st louis they deserve their football team they really do and it sucks that they just threw them right out in la for a money grab that's just the nature of the beast i got st louis tier at number four cities that deserve pro sports what's the next number number three what a shock it's the other team that went to los angeles except for they didn't have to go far uh i'm talking about san diego thank god they got the Padres thank god they still have them but it's a it's a complete sham that dean spanos basically said the same thing he's like y'all ain't building me a stadium i'm out of here okay i mean they were they have been or were in san diego from 1961 until 2016 when they up and decided to leave and you can bet your ass the fans were not happy about it this is a few years ago on abc 10 in san diego this is a news clip the fans were ticked off well they're still fans of the san diego chargers virginia jason but a lot of them say they will never root for the la chargers and to prove how serious they are they have been destroying a pile of chargers gear look this is a giant sign that came from a fan who brought it here and they were quick to jump on it smash it destroy it we have some video from earlier this morning of people that started showing up even before dawn one woman came in a car with a bumper sticker that said simply spanos sucks i'm pretty sure she stole right around with that bumper sticker too how about this the city of san diego they sued the nfl last year saying that a move was in the works since 2006 that they negotiated in bad faith let's see if they also have to end any up they being uh the chargers in the nfl another 800 million dollars san diego man i know the team only went up the road but they deserve the chargers i'm sorry the chargers are always going to be san diego to me they ain't la okay i got them at number three on the list deserving of more professional sports what's the next number number two now this was uh this is another sham right here same arena thing you know what don't listen to me listen to gary payton tell you that seattle most definitely deserves another professional sports team and they deserve the sonics the team that sat there from 1967 to 2008 listen everybody's gotta understand it's not that easy just to get a team back either we're gonna have to get a team from somewhere else buying from somewhere to relocate them i don't think adam is trying to do that i don't think he wants to relocate no teams i think he don't want to take no team away from a city now the next thing is is can we do expansion these their owners have to agree to it 30 owners have to agree to this you know what i'm saying and then we got to make sure the money is right you got to go to scheduling you got to do a lot of things and i think adam is doing that adam has been to the new arena the new reef refurnished and not refurnished rebuild key arenas not key arena anymore you know that's where the krakens of seattle krakens play he's been in his facility and it's the best facility in the country right now best facility i think that's what it is and i think he wants to get an nba team in there and i think he will look seattle the supersonics should have never left clay bennett bought it from the coffee man and then the next thing you know he's sending them down to oklahoma and kevin durant has talked about playing there and that seattle deserves the team and seattle will get it we know seattle and vegas they gonna get their teams but seattle should have never been without a franchise never and yeah you heard gary payton talk about it climate pledge arena home of the kraken seattle a beautiful place just hosted the all-star game for baseball you have the mariners you have the kraken you have the sounders you have the seahawks you got the storm supersonics should have never left and i appreciate gary payton the minute that they went down to oklahoma city he said i ain't going down there don't expect me to step foot in that place i'm a supersonic seattle deserves its team back it's just a matter of when it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio we're going to take a break and when we come back i'm going to give you number one i'm going to tell you the top city that deserves professional sports don't move it's the jr sport brief show cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio hey jr thanks for taking my car you have a great show i listen to you on my midnight shift every night call in now at 855-212-4CBS it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio with all the talk about expansion relocation and the nba and major league baseball i wanted to deliver to you a top six list tonight of cities that deserve professional sports maybe they don't have professional sports maybe they are lacking in one particular area one particular sport and in a few seconds i'm about to share with you numero uno before we do that let me walk you through uh the five that are already named let me give you a little bit of a recap of what's going on at number six i gave you austin texas the 10th most populated city in the united states of america and they just got their first professional sports team back in 2021 with austin fc that happens to be their mls squad i know it's it's the capital it's big with the longhorns i think it's only a matter of time i don't know if it's a big deal but i think it's a matter of time i don't know if it's 15 years or whatever the case might be but at some point in time austin is going to get its hands on another professional sports team at number five i gave you kansas city why kansas city look people love the royals it doesn't matter if they're good or bad people love the chiefs it doesn't matter whether they're good or bad and thank god right now they are real real good and i've been all over the country and it is not a lie kansas city is ridiculously supportive of its professional sports teams and for a squad that at one point had what is now known as the sacramental kings uh look kansas city can support a basketball squad and number four i gave you st louis i don't need to go into too much detail but i think it's important to remember that kansas city is a great place i don't need to go into too much detail we saw the rams go from los angeles to st louis and then they said that the stadium sucks and they went back to la just for a cash grab pretty much the same situation with number three san diego chargers went up the road they're now the los angeles chargers which is one of the biggest shams ever led by dean spanos and number one i want to talk about a city that deserves professional sports the one thing seattle is missing because it's in oklahoma city it's the seattle supersonics and so that's the five but this is a top six list and so that means we are left with this right here number one you want to talk about a city that deserves professional sports how about this city that just over the past i don't know four or five years i can't even say five has just been stripped of everything worth a damn i'm talking about oakland man yeah oakland the warriors gone they went across the bay those years they stunk they start to win with steph curry and draymond and clay thompson etc and it's just like oh we're gonna move them across the bay and take all of the money out in san francisco okay fine go for it do it how about this the raiders gone what a shock they moved them to las vegas with which is basically nothing but a playground for everybody oakland coliseum is crap well we ain't building that let's just go ahead and move them to vegas and speaking of oakland coliseum oakland coliseum is at the crux of another team we're talking about the oakland athletics vegas the politicians the city of vegas they've already said that they would earmark money to build them a new stadium which would be the smallest in major league baseball also in las vegas the oakland athletics have already applied for relocation and we actually got news today that the oakland mayor who just took over her her spot oakland mayor shang tao that she's on a last ditch right now she had a one-hour meeting with commissioner rob manfred over the major league baseball all-star break to try and give one final pitch since she's coming to office to let everybody know hey this is our plan this is what we want to do to keep the a's in oakland and rob manfred is just like okay well thanks but it might be too late and i i think it is we'll see if it makes a difference and rob manfred throughout the entire process he's just sounded like a politician he sounds like a jerk he sounds like a dude who's just working for the owners and doesn't give a damn about the fans lest the fans or let alone the fans that actually exist in oakland i'm not going to forget this response when the oakland athletics decided to have and hold their reverse boycott showed up in droves instead of only five thousand six thousand fans 27 showed up to let everybody know about their displeasure rob manfred was asked about that a few weeks ago and he basically was just like oh well it's nice that they actually had fans show up this time listen to this jerk did you watch the race a's game on tuesday when the fans came out for the reverse boycott i was actually at a dinner with the owners did you did you read the coverage i did you know i mean it was great uh it's great to see what is this year you know almost an average major league baseball crowd in the facility for one night that's a great thing oh yeah okay sarcastic you know what look fisher the owner of the a's has kind of bled them out that's it he just bled he bled the team out payroll he might as well pay me to go out there and play and so it's pathetic and so if i want to think about a team that deserves professional sports i personally love oakland i love blue collar towns i love diverse towns i love places where you get a mix of everything i love culture shout outs to my main man mr fab i love it all e42 oakland no warriors gone raiders gone a's soon to be gone it's like they just woke up and took professional sports away and if you want to find a commonality amongst everything pretty much that i mentioned it's about public funding the city won't any up and pay the billionaires for the stadium the city the population the fans won't take their tax dollars and pay for a stadium that the billionaires could pay for themselves hey an nfl relocation fee is half a billion dollars you want to tell me that they can't they can't chip that in to help build the stadium instead of just moving you tell me well what do i know i'm not a billionaire it's the jr sport reef show here with you on cbs sports radio phone lines are open that's eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs i gave you a list cities that i think deserve a professional sports team maybe deserve a team back and i got oakland at number one they've taken a massive gut punch over the past few years and the a's they might be the last thing i'm gonna take your calls on the other side you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio and i have all the respect for you first of all jr appreciate you bringing the truth every night i listen to you on my way back from work at this time big fan i just started listening to your show a few months ago and i'm hooked man call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs you hear ice cube playing in the background big shout outs to cube for joining us on the show last week you know i just gave you a top six list of teams not teams but cities that deserve a professional sports team and i asked ice cube about relocation i know he's a big raiders fan and next hour i'll share with you ice cubes thoughts on relocation from what he told us last week but i want to hear from you the phone lines are open i gave you the top six list cities that deserve professional sports i gave you austin at number six kansas city at five st louis at four san diego at three seattle at two i gave you oakland at number one now i'm gonna get to your calls it's eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs let's not waste any time let's go to marlin he's calling from st louis you're on the jr sport brief show what's up marlin there you are i gotta say you are the smartest guy in radio you are you know what if i can give you a sp tonight you deserve a sp for this top six list because i was gonna even i was gonna call in i was gonna name st louis i was gonna name kansas city you already beat me to it man you are good you are you are good and you know what nobody can argue with you you are the best host of radio out there and i i can't argue with you you right don't miss your top six list it's number one and you know what i can i don't think anybody else should call in and say anything because you can't beat that list but thank you thank you for giving shout out to my state of missouri because they are yes and also don't forget we lost the saint uh the cardinals too the football partners team that's right arizona yeah chicago arizona yeah yeah but hey i appreciate you i appreciate you hey thank you man thank you uh for letting uh me get in there tonight thank you thank you for stroking my ego thank you marlin for calling from saint louis hey chef save that whole entire thing okay i already got our next rejoin okay well no say the whole thing the whole thing got it i'm gonna i'm gonna put that as a ticker in my house i'm gonna i'm gonna transcribe every word that he said and when i get up in the morning i'm gonna make sure it just like flashes above in the house okay i'll send it to you in five minutes well thank you so much eight five five two one two four cvs it's eight five five two one two four cvs i'm more so a glutton for punishment i rather people uh tell me i suck that that that makes me feel good because then i could laugh that lee is calling from san diego you're on the jr sport reef show what's up lee hey jr you have the best topic it just keeps keeps going on i keep thinking of new things but but i think oakland and san diego have the same problem they can't get a stadium stadium built and san diego lost the rockets to houston the clippers to la and the chargers to la and i hope oakland can keep their their a's because i used to be a ace fan back in the back in the day when reggie jackson vital blue and um gene tennis i'm bringing back some names from way back that uh man these two they can't build a stadium that's the problem with these two towns well i think i i don't even think it's a matter of the towns and i'm towns and i'm the it's goes well hold on well damn it can i spoil man sheesh hey shep did i talk to lee did i talk to him last night you probably speak to him every night you know what i'm i'm getting to the point where uh i say this a lot i said shep i'm getting closer man i'm getting ready to start smoking cigarettes man i believe it when i see it something tells me you are too health conscious to ever do that to smoke a cigarette yes oh man well i've smoked cigarettes before when you were like 20 when i was 20 now when's the last time i smoked the cigarette let's see what year we in 2023 2023 the last time i remember smoking a cigarette was in uh let's see uh i don't know maybe 20 2018 maybe one cigarette for the whole year i don't know so when you were 20 yeah correct sure yeah but talking to lee oh my god he's gonna he's gonna send me to an early grave lee brings the passion sometimes he's just cannot can i can i respond to what he said or do i just have to sit here and listen to him i hear you hold on everybody it's the lee sport brief show go ahead lee this show sucks he hates his own show he he he decided to quit mid show anyway the point that i wanted to make before lee wanted to speak with me i don't think i don't think taxpayers need to be paying for these stupid stadiums i'm just being real how about you guys take the money that you earn you being the the team in the league and build a stadium yourself take some of your corporate partners and build the stadium you get enough money from the fans and and and all we hear about is well think about the jobs that we're going to generate and the jobs we're going to create like i'm not a mathematician okay i went to school for business and i had to sit through economics uh you know i'm i'm not an expert in any of this crap but i understand common sense if i'm going to spend half a billion dollars let me say that again if i'm going to spend half a billion dollars to pay for a relocation fee just to spread out to other owners why can't i allocate half a billion dollars to the creation of my my own stadium why can't i get the other half from owners why can't i get a quarter from a sponsor with a naming rights deal why do i need to just milk and pay for just milk and bilk the cities out of it it's disgusting it really is but it's so commonplace because everybody needs to bow down to their constituents yo shout outs to the cities and i get it we got they they end up leaving but shout outs to the cities that say hey man screw you maybe they use stronger language than that i'm not mad at them you don't need to own a team if you can't you can't go out there and help build your own stadium that's it stop taking taxpayer money all this money used to build these stadiums and i understand people are employed and this and that this money can go to other things how about the busted up potholes down the road from the stadium how about feeding people who are hungry how about schools and how about protecting people and first respond how about that instead of building a dumb ass stadium a billionaire needs i need the city to build it and then you got it i'm gonna say it i got no problem then you got dumb ass rob manfred who wants to sit around in a press conference and say oh well we we need the city to to you know to put the money out like somebody should slap the toupee off your head don't do it if you slap the toupee off rob manfred's head i didn't say to do it i was joking but come on welcome to the real world rob manfred is so tone deaf you know i get it roger gudel he ain't tone deaf roger gudel and these are all brilliant men okay but rob manfred takes the cake when it comes to being completely tone deaf doesn't understand the temperature of a damn thing basically spitting in the faces of oakland a fans stupid toupee it's the jr sport reef show here with you on cbs sports radio phone lines are still open it's eight five five two one two four cbs it's eight five five two one two four cbs we're talking about cities that deserve professional sports cities that might have had a team had it taken away cities that are anxiously waiting to get a team into the building we got a whole lot more to do on the other side of the break i'm going to get to your calls i told you that we'll hear from ice cube i posed the same question to him last week and then yeah the sbs just concluded we got a lot to do the jr sport reef show cps sports radio you realize we spend a third of our life sleeping i know stuck in 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