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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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June 13, 2023 1:52 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 13, 2023 1:52 am

JR explains what went wrong for the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals


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That's S-E-E-W-H-Y. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia.

Thank you to everybody listening all over North America. And if you happen to be a fan of the Denver Nuggets, congratulations. The Denver Nuggets just won their first NBA championship. Tonight, the Nuggets close things out in Denver, Colorado. The finals score 94 to 89.

Denver wins this series in five games. Nikola Jokic is your NBA Finals MVP. And what a shock, right?

What a surprise. Jokic is the first center to win Finals MVP since Shaquille O'Neal did it back in 2002. And if you want to go ahead and look at what Nikola Jokic has done here, in this post-season, well, just, well, the finals specifically just average 30 points, 14 rebounds, and seven assists. Nikola Jokic tonight, 28 points, 16 rebounds, four assists, and a ridiculous 12 of 16 from the field. Here in the NBA Finals as well, and this is, this is the part that's not fair. Think about all of the players in the NBA who take a shot and you have to go, what the hell are you doing?

Why did you take that shot? Nikola Jokic shot 58% from the field in the NBA Finals, okay? 58% from the field. This man is, he's one of the most efficient basketball players I have ever seen in my life. And typically guys who shoot that higher percentage are parked in the lane.

They're parked underneath the basket. I got to go back to Shaquille O'Neal, the last big man to win Finals MVP. I got to think about Shaq just being down low, just being skilled, but also being just A, being skilled, but also being stronger than everybody. Jokic is scoring from everywhere. And so the Miami Heat tonight, they fought, they clawed, but they didn't have enough. At one point they led by 10 points. At one point the Denver Nuggets got back into the game and then Jimmy Butler got hot. He didn't have the greatest of games outside of that fourth quarter stretch. Jimmy Butler finishing tonight with 21 points, 5 of 18 from the field. Bam Adebayo certainly had a very strong NBA Finals. He finished tonight with 20 points and 12 rebounds.

Tylee Herro, who was available, did not step off of the bench. We know he broke his hand in that first series against the Milwaukee Bucks and we didn't see him the rest of this postseason. So the NBA season is over and the Denver Nuggets are your champs. And this man, Nikola Jokic, he is your NBA Finals MVP. Nikola Jokic, he spoke to Lisa Salters after the game on ABC and this is what Jokic had to say about being a champion. how the team would handle this situation you've never been in a final scores out game before he thought maybe you guys were a little bit tight missing free throws missing some wide open shots did you feel that i mean that's why basketball is a fun sport you know that's why it's a live thing you cannot say this is going to happen instead of you know there is so many factors and i'm just happy that we won the game and now you are an nba champion nikola how does that feel it's good it's good when the job is done we can go home now job is done we can go home if they can get on the roadways i've just seen some of the footage from from denver fireworks not sanctioned by anybody but fireworks being shot off into the sky crowds outside and so denver is certainly losing its mind and well deserved right now speaking of losing minds let's go ahead and listen to the final call of the game courtesy of the nuggets radio network eight seconds left to go cases across the timeline and he'll dribble it out the 47-year weight is over the denver nuggets stand on top of the nba world they are champions and nuggets fans from sea to shining sea can rest or die in peace yeah rest or die whatever happens first well i guess one has to happen before the other but that's a conversation for a different day congratulations to the denver nuggets on being champs congratulations to the miami heat for even getting here i mean even in this game they didn't they didn't just roll over and die like they kept on playing uh jimmy butler had some uh unfortunate plays here to end the game uh one turnover led to some free throws another missed three-point shot led to some free throws and that pretty much ended up icing and calling this game a wrap period you heard yokich talk about how ugly of a game it was it was very physical we saw some questionable calls we saw some questionable non-calls and both teams really went after it the miami heat were nine of 35 from deep that's 25 percent of their threes the denver nuggets even worse they were five of 28 they shot only 18 percent from downtown at the same time the denver nuggets they turned the ball over 15 times so this was not a pretty game uh how many nba games do you recall the final score more recently being 94 to 89 not a lot and so this was a grinded out game and the denver nuggets they grinded things out to their first nba championship and a miami heat all credit due to them for even getting to this point i think if we took this talent and stuck them with another coach or in another organization i don't think we would get the same results the miami heat they're winners they're going to squeeze out as much as they can from the talent that they have in the organization and it starts at the top the miami heat are in that category not necessarily well we won these titles or we created a dynasty but when you talk about winning organizations here in north american sports we can look at the patriots and i know there will be some who go oh it's only because of brady not true you think about the environment it's the patriots you can think about the heat you know i can think about the spurs you can put the yankees in that category even though they haven't won a title since 2009 there are some sports franchises that are jokes there are other sports franchises which are exemplary and how they brand how they market how they build the miami heat are there and speaking of the heat their head coach did speak eric spoelstra chatted it up with the media and he said yeah man nuggets they wiped us out you know congratulations to uh the denver nuggets organization you know they're they're a class act and they're one hell of a basketball team one hell of a basketball team um and we couldn't really find uh obviously enough solutions to be able to get us over over the top balls down to talent he can't say that because he's the coach he'd be spitting in the face of his players he's in the foxhole with them but it boils down to talent the denver nuggets were and or are a better basketball team because of the talent that they have you know i see a guy out there that no other team has his name is nikola yokic 855-212-4 cbs that's 855-212-4 cbs mark is calling from colorado you're on the jr sport brief show what's up mark jr hey thanks for taking my call and go nuggets dude they did it in five parades on thursday i'll take snapshots and send them to you all right well thank you mark you you be safe out there what what's the plan in the lead up what are you doing between now and the parade well here's the plan i i've got to negotiate with my daughter and and her husband to allow me to take my grandson to the parade in denver now he's an all-star baseball player so i've got to negotiate so be praying for us well how how old is he he's 10 he just turned 10 on wednesday night when the nuggets won they won for him for his birthday so we've gotta we gotta pull this off but bottom line is this uh the nuggets 56 years counting the denver rockets in the old aba days up to 1976 when the nuggets merged into the nba 47 years is a long time jr we've been fans for a long time uh i gotta tell you i think you guys like david thompson uh dan issel fat lever lafayette fat lever alice english uh dikembe matombo all those guys coach uh george carl i mean we go way back there's a lot of history here and uh i just gotta mention a guy named spencer haywood back in 1968 average 30 points a game and 19 rebounds there's a lot of history here he went on to the seattle supersonics and signed the first million dollar contract in the in the nba so there's history so thanks for taking my call jr i'll get i'll uh cheer it up at the parade with my grandson hopefully and thanks for taking our call certainly thank you mark for calling from colorado and i think at 10 years old that's that's reasonable uh that's a reasonable uh parade right you can take him to the parade at 10 throw him on your shoulders but he said he plays baseball he's probably tall as hell anyway maybe eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs and you heard him talk about just how long the nuggets have had to wait to win a championship that's 46 years it's the most seasons that any team has had to wait to pick up a championship in their history a very very long time hey somebody else he got a championship oh my god hey shep correct me if i'm wrong didn't jeff green have did he have heart surgery too right who's open heart surgery more than a decade ago and he's still out here balling and playing he's 36 he's gonna be 37 years old he finally has his hands on an nba championship this man has played he originally started his career on the seattle supersonics he was on that brooklyn nets team that was supposed to go out there and win something he was on the cavaliers back in 2017 2018 and jeff green he spoke to nba tv and this is what he had to say about walking away and finally having a ring this is what you sacrifice for the blood sweat and tears the countless hours to go to battle with your brothers finally did it man this is this is amazing this is amazing yeah well that the song i've been everywhere man certainly you can you can plug uh jeff green that would certainly showcase his career and the fact is man he's still valuable can can still go out there and play it's nuts to think about seeing someone come in as a young player and and here he is getting ready to hit 37 years old and and still contributing on a on a championship contender not just riding the bench jeff green this man went out there and he played i mean even tonight well not the most but tonight he gave you four points and an assist he was two two from the field in five minutes throughout the course of the regular season he averaged eight points three rebounds and two assists not too shabby he earned his keep here as a dude sitting on 37 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs amad is calling from va you're on the jr sport reef show hey what's going on jr thank you for taking my call sure man i just want to take the time to appreciate in all honesty the direction of the nba we always talk about stars taking over and in all honesty it's nice to see now the nba is going that international route the last four mvps have been international players uh seeing first the greek freek winner winning championship and now uh jokic finally getting what he deserves i think honestly i think the the nuggets were definitely the best team in the nba and they kind of deserved it and even jokic after two mvps like you said and obviously having a performance after watching him get 18 rebounds against the lakers and still dropping all those points uh you know he was the truth in my opinion it was the best to see the direction i don't think a lot of people talk about it but the international direction even the mvp this year uh i i truly think four of the top five mvp players in the league right now are international and b jokic uh yanis and luka uh i i really think they're the future of the league and and it's just nice to see that uh you know they're getting they're getting in the ring still no i got the bead and luka are next well thank you thank you amad for calling from vietnam well thank you thank you amad for calling from virginia i don't know about him beating luka i mean luka might have some time i saw some some photos and uh of luka he looks like he lost some weight but he has plenty of time to gain it back uh and then in b man and beat is on borrowed time his body is seemingly on borrowed time so i don't know if a championship is going to come his way we certainly know that he has the talent whether or not he has the durability and the wherewithal to go out there and get it done is a different question but i think there's there's been plenty of attention plenty of attention paid towards the international players it's it's talked about it's been talked about for years it's been talked about now for decades it's been talked about extensively i'd really say going back since 1992 and it's done nothing but grow and grow and grow and so i i wouldn't agree with that that oh man is not a lot of attention paid to the international players like it's it's obvious we we see how the nba has changed how it's grown how it's picked up internationally and and here you have a dude from serbia just a giant seven-foot point guard just running running the whole entire show he's a freak an efficient one it's fun to watch it's the jr sport brief show here on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs jimmy butler had a great stretch here at the end of the game to try to get the miami heat back in jimmy butler unfortunately had some key miscues at the end of the game that helped seal the victory for the denver nuggets jimmy butler and kyle lowrey just spoke and so we will hear from jimmy butler and kyle lowrey on the other side of the break jimmy butler has not been shy and and making guarantees and being positive but what the hell else would you want him to do we're going to hear from jimmy butler on the other side of the break i'm going to get some more of your calls as well that's eight five five two one two four cbs what are your thoughts on yokage what are your thoughts on the heat and what more can we see from the nuggets into the future you're listening to the jr sport reef show on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio i rather listen to you than my husband okay end of story okay are you great you're listening to the jr sport brief call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport free show on cbs sports radio denver nuggets head coach mike malone is speaking to the media with a giant bottle of uh mikkelob ultra in one hand and nikola yokic is having a conversation with the media as well in another room uh nikola yokic tonight well not even tonight this post-season 10 triple doubles the most in a single postseason all time i mean there's a lot of boxes of all time this and this was great that that nikola yokic can go ahead and check off the most important and be a champion but having said that we know that you're going to have a winner and you are going to have a loser and unfortunately despite all of the the postseason success and fighting that the miami heat gave and did this was uh this was a tough one it's a tough one jimmy butler seemingly ran out of some some gas and steam here at the end of this uh playoff run especially going into the series and jimmy butler tonight 21 points five of 18 from the field at at one point in time i think he scored 13 consecutive points to keep the miami heat alive but it wasn't enough and they were two critical plays at the end of the game uh jimmy butler having a chance to take control and help tie the game or take the lead and he turned the ball over and i want you to hear that this is courtesy of the nuggets radio network butler down the lane good travel shot clock winding down he throws it away loose ball down to kcp just hold on to it they foul him and denver will go to the free-throw line it became a free-throw contest after that bruce brown was able to to knock him down and then we went to the other end the miami heat got the ball back and jimmy butler took kind of a turnaround three and bruce brown got that rebound and that was all she wrote and so miami not able to get one of those dramatic oh my god shots that would make uh the denver nuggets sweat and the nuggets they win 94 to 89 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs jimmy butler being asked about his his time in miami his four years two trips to the finals not having a championship uh being able to look at at his time in south florida this is what jimmy butler had to say a few minutes ago probably how how grateful i am to be able to compete with these guys you know you never know what the teams you know look like next year the year after that i'm just i'm just grateful i learned so much they taught me so much and i wish i could have got it done for these guys because they they definitely deserve it um but the one thing that i i'm gonna take from it is how grateful i am to be able to compete with them it's been great i've had some hell of a teammate come through and compete with me um and give us opportunity to win a championship um which i still believe with everything in me that we will do as a team here as an organization as a city in miami um the four years have been great it's always great to be wanted and loved and appreciated now jimmy butler not not closing the door and still going out there and and winning that title kyle lowrey tonight and we know kyle lowrey he won a championship with the toronto raptors well closer to the end than he is to the beginning here especially given all the injuries that he's had more recently in his career just turned 37 years old tonight kyle lowrey plays 34 minutes in this uh do or die elimination game of which they were obviously eliminated and in those 34 minutes kyle lowrey scored 12 points gave you nine rebounds had four assists and he used up five fouls 413 from the field he went all out kyle lowrey even appreciates jimmy butler listen we were led by one of the best basketball players on his earth and he instilled confidence in us and you know it's kind of one of the things where you don't know how we're gonna know how we're gonna feel and what we're gonna think right right this moment um but you know we'll look back at some point and uh say hey it was a great year great run but right now just uh can't even think about that right this moment oh it's tough kyle lowrey under contract for one more season here with the miami heat jimmy butler will be back bam adebayo will be back duncan robinson under contract but man the way he shoots the ball you don't know if they'll they'll swap him out same thing here with tyler hero certainly under contract we didn't see him this postseason due to the broken hand and with all of the the trade rumors that are always bandied about whether it's a damion lillard or a fill in the blank who knows if if the miami heat are going to return this same roster or with or without a major addition or subtraction subtraction so uh this is the fun part of the nba season or the off season is figuring out the player movement and i'm sure it's about to be crazy over the next several months eight five five two one two four cvs pete he's calling from san diego you're on the jr sport brief show what's up pete you know man long time listener first time caller uh the one thing i wanted to say is like you know everybody talks about how sloppy the first quarter was but it took me back to 90s basketball you know like everybody just really just going for it uh and like not only playing defense but like yeah the offense was terrible but like just real real scrappy basketball oh without without a doubt i mean after that first quarter of play the heat led 24 to 22 jimmy butler had zero points in that first quarter nikola yokic only had three bam adebayo had 14 points in that first and i mean you think about nba basketball there's some first quarters right now where the score is like 40 to something 40 something so this was a little bit more of a grind out game yep yeah i mean you take it back to the western conference finals and joker like put up the best numbers anybody's ever seen you know um but like like there was one point where it reminded me of like pissens versus chicago you know uh yeah like yeah i don't know i mean i mean bill lambier didn't punch michael jordan tonight but you know like it like it was it was nice to see a scrappy game like that yeah i would yeah i would stop it it's a yes it was much more physical than than what we would typically see and not a surprise and thank you pete for calling from san diego not a surprise in a closeout game you know miami was out here trying to see how far they could push the limits in regards to physicality just to stay alive that's what you would expect that nikola jokic even earlier on it looked like oh my god is he going to be in foul trouble again he only finished the night with four excuse me with three fouls but miami was certainly going to push the limits and and they did eight five five two one two four cbs allen calling from toronto you're on the chair our sport brief show hey what's going on hey what's on your mind hey i'm from chicago not toronto just to let you know okay well happy to have you here go ahead allen all right so i got to let you know just a little prefix i'm from chicago all right 81 i was born i watched i watched i watched i watched jordan fifth sixth seventh eighth grade and then i also watched jordan in high school all right and i want to let you know that i'm not really um a strong guy when it comes to like being a defensive guy but i could tell you that that when the miami heat were coming up it was two things they did they drove towards the hole kick it out to duncan robinson they kick it out to vincent they kick it out the struce or they kick it out to robinson they're going to kick the three if they make the three good if they don't make the three then all of a sudden you got to realize the rebounds and just denver has the bigger arm length and that's where they lost all day uh hold on hold on hold on i'm just uh i want to i want to clear things up here how about denver i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna clear this up denver's just the bigger team denver's the more talented team they they punish them offensively and defensively on the boards and when you think about the role players on the miami heat the guys who you talked about just shooting threes yeah i mean that's their specialty and in order for them to even try to stay alive in this game they would have to shoot threes because they can't match up offensively what what's your last point alan what's up right so my last point is is that all right so when it gets when it gets down to the offensive rebound when you look at yokon when you look at jokic when you look at his his game right now where it is do you think he's better than hakima lajuwan based on he's because he's he's shooting better than harvita's bonus from the top when he's in the box he's doing that whole thing he's switching his he's he's he's gonna battle he's balleting more than that than lajuwan and and i got a lot of points i understand you don't want to let me on but man i got i got yeah well it's well alan it's not a matter of not trying to let you on it's a matter of the phone the phone lines are full the show has structure and i have a lot to to move on so that's that's why i'm just trying to hit your point i appreciate you i'm gonna answer you okay and i want to let um no alan he didn't alan didn't understand what i just said it's the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs i am going to to answer his question the best i can is jokic better than akim allows you on i'll give you an answer on the other side you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio if you end up in oregon uh i'm gonna look me up i'll try to connect i gotta buy you a beer man you you keep uh keep my nights going on the weekends call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs i was just up in oregon a couple of months ago what i need to do is be out in denver uh maybe not everybody out there is having uh quite a few beers i'm absolutely sure and certain of it over the next couple of days the next couple of weeks there's going to be a lot of alcohol being served in denver colorado uh with these nuggets walking away with their first nba championship eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs one of our call is right before the break and and why he brought up a large one maybe because there's also some you know dexterity in his game a whole lot of it but one of our callers asked me about akim and is nikola jokic better than akim and i'm just like i well i didn't answer i'm going to answer now and here's the answer can can we pump the brakes a little bit this is what we know we have seen all all of akim olajuwon's career akim and it sounds crazy to even think about akim hasn't played in the nba in 20 years it sounds nuts to say i'll say it again because it's going to make me feel bad akim hasn't played in the nba in about 20 years okay we have seen everything there is to see about akim olajuwon's career they just renamed the defensive player of the year award after akim olajuwon now let's not be mistaken there will be no mistakes when it comes down to nikola jokic and what he does on defense there is there is akim olajuwon and there's a whole lot of other guys and nikola jokic he's he's not in that category now is he unique yes nikola jokic is one of the most unique players that the league has ever seen but to think about jokic and say is he better than akim let's see what nikola jokic can do let's say i don't know over the next five years 10 years if you want to go ahead and and call it such so let's slow down we saw akim walk away with two titles we saw him only apologies only had one mvp we saw him win two finals mvps we saw him play up until 2002 we saw him be on a defensive teams be one of the greatest defensive players ever also was unique as hell offensively being able to play on the outside and then also the inside so let's slow down if you want to have that conversation whenever nikola jokic decides to quit then we can go ahead and look at it but i think up until now i don't think it's fair to akim to go hey nikola jokic better than akim hey the answer today is is no let's see what else jokic can stack up you know is he getting another championship is he going to the next million all-star games it's tough i'll put it to you this way akima laws you on i think regardless of what their numbers look like i think he'll he'll end up being the better overall player but then when you look at jokic yes he's he's a freak when it comes down to his efficiency but to to shortchange akim played in a different era akim wasn't asked to initiate the offense he hey play down low pick and pop maybe cross over this he wasn't asked to do this and he played a slower style the nba was a slower style at that time let's see what jokic career looks like at the end before we want to say hey is he better than akim i don't think that's fair 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs a matter of fact nikola jokic he just spoke at the podium and he said it's not about me it's about the team since day one in san diego it was something different about this team i felt that i felt that something some different different energy and every day since season series is that it was i had the same feeling so uh i'm not really optimistic guy but uh that that gave me a hope that we can do something i'm not really an optimistic guy he sounds excited to be a champion now doesn't he really does what's on your mind shot well jr now we have full phone line so i want to make this quick off off the top of your head nikola jokic if he retired today is he already a top 10 center in the history of the nba yes i think so okay i mean you you you look at his resume look hey it's it's it's very it's very simple and i'll repeat this i said this a little while ago forget centers in the nba throw throw that out the window guys who have won multiple mvps and an nba title in nba history kareem larry bird walt chamberlain tim duncan lebron james magic johnson moses malone bob pedot bill russell yana satara kumpo lebron james if i didn't say it already michael jordan and nikola jokic but there's there's nothing else to say it's a pretty good list you know who's not on that list that should be though shack shack how how is shack not on that list that's crazy that's a whole nother conversation right though that's that's that's besides that's a whole nother conversation yes shack could have won additional mvps and his teammate yes coby right that's a whole different conversation that's a whole nother spear to think about what did take place in the the company that he's in we could think about a whole lot of what could have should have how did it for what it is for nikola jokic to be in the company of those gentlemen there top 10 this top 10 that yeah no he's one of the most unique and skilled and best players that the league has seen and that's just just flattened period eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs miles is calling from toronto you're on the jr sport brief show uh hey jr i just i want to make a quick uh comment about jokic i'm just sitting here i'm just uh chuckling because i just want to talk about like the timing of this final uh you know you just mentioned too he he doesn't like the spotlight too much he prefers to sit back um he always gives praise to his teammates at the end of the interview said he wants to go home but the timing because when he goes home you know the achievements that he has done in the last uh two weeks will not even be on the front page of uh in serbia because there's you know apples and oranges but you know his freshman possibly broke even bigger records uh in the last two weeks which is which is just i think it's perfect because you know and there's the same letters you know as as in his last name so he can just you know go by the pool go to the stable you know watch the races and it's just like i think the timing of it is perfect for his style just one quick question well make it quick miles your connection is not good quick please yeah no i just do you think this mvp uh this uh sorry this trip he has in his case you know he keeps the mvp behind his horse ribbon um you know uh championship do you think this one will go above the horse will evaluate thank you oh well thank you miles i i don't know i can't answer that i can't answer that i know he always talks about teams so you know where he values this i i think high up on the list eight five five two one two four cbs jason's calling from cleveland you're on the jr sport brief show thank you jr um i'm all with the uh yokich conversation i've been calling you know through these playoffs giving him props but uh what really hit me tonight and i've seen him put up numbers but i think the person i'm happiest for is jamal murray to see him uh his reaction and the emotion and when when we get down to it right what makes sports so awesome is that it's raw true you know so awesome is that it's raw true you know and when it's emotional and to see how he went through the gauntlet and came back i i think uh you know a lot of people i'm in cleveland not east coast per se but we we didn't see a lot of denver games until the playoffs and then to see him come up i mean knew he was talented but i think you can say he's one of the top players in the nba and then to see him uh come through his difficulties almost like uh you know paul george or you know something that looks like you you don't know what's going to happen so i don't know i wanted to put that forward yeah no he he blew out his acl and thank you jason for calling from cleveland and he he said it clearly you know in in his comments post game hey if i didn't go through my injury i believe we would have been here sooner than later and it's not like the denver nuggets have not been deep into the playoffs or they have not been to the western conference finals they've been knocking at the door but how many years do you look at any team and say well damn all they have to do is get over the hump well the nuggets just went over and through the hump this year and throughout the entire season all season long the denver nuggets were the best team we just didn't see them win it all and now we have and damn it they might be around for a few more years and jokic he still might be getting better it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs and everything works around him too man michael porter jr he's had to deal with back injuries and you got aaron gordon he came over from orlando we're gonna take more of your calls we're gonna hear from aaron gordon we're gonna hear from jamal murray talk about why he was so emotional we got more to do the jr sport brief show cbs sports radio walk the dogs school drop-off meetings from 10 to 3 take kids to soccer then no time left for a jog when everyone else is relying on you it's easy to put your needs last betterhelp connects 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