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6.8.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR
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June 9, 2023 1:39 am

6.8.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 9, 2023 1:39 am

JR looks at the state of boxing and where Errol Spence Jr. fits into it as presently constructed


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That's slash positive. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Thank you to everybody locked in all over North America, my people at work, my people at home, my people on the roads, the highways, the byways, delivering goods, products, people. If you are a people in the back of an Uber, or a Lyft, or one of these other services, be a good people, be a good person. Tip the driver if they're driving good. If you got beef with them, if your driver sucks right now, then don't tip them at all. Anyway, I don't want y'all having a beef in a car. Just be nice to each other, okay?

That's it. Take some of the JR wisdom from me. I'm going to be here with you for the next two hours. I get started every single weeknight, 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. You can always tune in on the free Odyssey app, A-U-D-A-C-Y. You can lock in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. We got hundreds. We got people listening all over North America, from Pittsburgh to Detroit to here in Atlanta. What's up all my folks on 92.9 The Game? My folks in Dallas, my folks in Houston, in San Diego, in Vegas, Seattle, Vancouver, everywhere. Minnesota, I appreciate you. We've already had a busy night. Thank you so much to Earl Boykins, Denver Nuggets legend, for joining us last hour. Five foot five, 13 seasons in the NBA, getting buckets. Appreciate the words. Appreciate the insights on everything from Calvin Booth to Carmelo Anthony to Nikola Jokic.

Thank you so much. And how about this? In about 20 minutes from now, for my boxing fans out there, it was announced recently that we have a mega fight coming up in the welterweight division. We have two undefeated fighters, Errol Spence Jr., who has three welterweight belts, is going to take on Terrence Crawford, who holds one of the welterweight belts. This is going to be a unification fight, and we got two dudes here who are still in their prime and still at the peak and at the top of their game. And so we will talk to Errol Spence Jr. in about 20 minutes about this fight, which is going to go down July 29th at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. So if you're looking for a big fight weekend, you want to go to Vegas and get into something, go check out Errol Spence Jr. and Terrence Crawford.

We'll talk to Errol Spence Jr. in about 20 minutes from now. Throughout the course of the night, this just took place a few minutes ago, the Las Vegas Golden Knights, they could not get the job done and go up 3-0 here against the Florida Panthers. The Panthers come back and win in overtime, the final score 3-2. They make the series now 2-1.

They have an opportunity to tie it up on Saturday night, so the Golden Knights, instead of being up 3-0, they're only up 2-1. We talked about everything going on in Miami with the sports scene right now, the heat, the Panthers, you got Messi, Dalvin Cook is soon to be a former Minnesota Viking. He wants to go to Miami to play for the Dolphins. We talked about Liv Goff and the PGA. Greg Norman says Liv is not going anywhere. We learned that Tyler Herro, he is not going to play in Game 4 on Friday night of the NBA Finals.

And we got so much, so much more to do. But before we do anything, I want you to hear this. Right before we went to break, tonight, Game 3, Stanley Cup Finals, it finished and we heard the final calls and I had to say to myself, why are both of them from both the Golden Knights and the Panthers, why are they all excited?

I don't get it. But before we do that, I want you to listen to the goal that tied them up 2-2 in a third period. It's everybody's favorite sucker puncher, Matthew Kuchuk. He tied it up 2-2 in a third period.

This is courtesy of the Panthers Radio Network. Over on the far side, it was Haig trying to clear. Barkov kept it in for Hagee. Right point backhand, long shot and a save made by Hill. The turnaround follow-up from Bennett blocked, Ekblad near point. Big shot across, big drive for Haige, 3-0, they score and it's Matthew Kuchuk on the doorstep and this game is tied at 2 with 2.13 to play in regulation time. Yeah, when he's not punching people in the face, he is just scoring goals. He's done a good job of that and good on the Florida Panthers tonight, not allowing the Golden Knights to go out there and put up five or seven goals. It's been absolutely ridiculous from that perspective.

Now, this is where things get funny. I told you, because of that goal you just heard, they went into overtime. They're now in overtime. If the Panthers win, which they did, the series is 2-1. If the Panthers lose, they now go down 3-0.

Just call it a wrap. They won. The series is 2-1. But if you took a listen to either one of the radio broadcasts, they both sound like winners.

Here, let's do this. Listen to the losing team. This is the Golden Knights radio network with the final goal of the game, which made them lose.

Listen to this. Brett Houghton guides it to neutralize. Panthers back from left to right.

In comes Bennett. Delays at the right point. Into the slot. A drive. Score!

Carter for Hagee in overtime. Florida wins game 3. Does that sound like a guy whose team just lost? Like, why are you excited about the other team beating you? No, they have the series in the bag, JR.

So he's going to be excited about losing? Yeah, I mean, maybe they, you know, work, you know, what is it, like per, what's that word for each game? He gets paid more money each game? Yeah.

Per hour per game? That's that's what one would think in this particular case, yes. I've never heard somebody sound so, most people sound deflated. They sound disappointed. Or at minimum, they sound pretty even. They don't give you high. They don't give you too low.

They give you flat. It's like, oh, the Florida Panthers just win the game. And they beat, they beat the Golden Knights, you know, three to two. Yeah, you don't sound excited about it, you just say what happened, man. And so he sounds excited. This is the team that actually won.

This is the Florida Panthers radio network. They're a little bit more excited. Around the far boards, Verhage nearly was able to take that away, tried to nudge it out front of the net, but the Golden Knights move it forward. Now it's Bennett back in. Bennett, off the near side, looks across for Verhage, high slide shot. He scores!

Connor Verhage, the overtime winner here in game three. The Panthers take it three to the final. Oh, I don't know. There's certain things I just don't, don't try to understand. 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS. That's 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS. I'm trying to understand this right now. I just went from watching in the studio, and I gotta find the remote here in the studio to change the station or channel. I went from watching Wayne Gretzky, and now I'm looking at people on a beach.

Like, what is this? First of all, Gretzky's still up after an overtime game? You know he hates those. Yeah, I know Wayne Gretzky. He likes to get back to the private jet and go back to the 20 star hotel and call it a day.

Yeah, one second, I'm looking at Wayne Gretzky in the arena, and then two seconds later, now that the game is over, I'm watching HGTV's Battle on the Beach on TNT. And they're all good looking. Oh, I didn't know that. I guess this is all part of the merger now. You know, there's so many mergers. Since when does HGTV put programming on TNT?

This must be new, I don't know. Hey Shep, you like HGTV? I do not, and not because it's not worth watching, just because I only watch quality TV. Sorry, there's a little bit of a shot. No, I don't like it, but I will say, in the programming you are describing, these are some beautiful human beings on the beach. Are they? Oh my God. How do you say, they all have clothes on? They're not exactly covered fully in clothes. Let's be real about that.

These are very nice people to look at. Let's just put it that way, and I'm going to leave it at that. Oh, I haven't noticed. That wasn't my observation. Really? That doesn't stand out to you? I'm not talking about the one side with all the people with the backwards hats.

I'm talking about the other side. No. You know, my first observation was, I was looking at Wayne Gretzky, and now there's an HGTV program on following the Stanley Cup. That was my observation. He didn't fall asleep on set, and that was a quick pivot, was it?

No, he was there one second, and now he's gone. Hey Shep, are you okay? Are you still dating this lady? I am, man. Oh, good. Full disclosure, you didn't ask me, but you kind of asked me, so I'll tell you this.

Go ahead. I know you're busy working all the time, so you don't experience this. There is something called love bombing. Love bombing? Love bombing. So you love somebody, and then they just disappear?

No, no, no, no, no. That's ghosting. But love bombing is when you meet somebody, and pretty early on, you give a lot of compliments, and you almost feel like the person is saying it to you because they want you to fit a certain role in their life, not because of who you are as a person, and so it can sometimes come off as disingenuous. So I did drop the L word. Oh. I did drop the L word after two months of seeing this. You said you loved this person after two months. I did, man. JR, listen.

And they're still there? Well, I'm very, very pleased to report. They love you back. I know you'll be proud of me, man, that she said I've been waiting to hear you say that. Oh, that's so sweet. And I happen to love you, too. And so then I said, wait, to clarify, to clarify, I don't just love you, obviously. Who would not love you? I told her I am in love with you, and it would only happen to me this fast because it happens to be you.

So thank you for that. Oh, well, man, are you writing letters and cards and stuff? Well, JR, listen, when you work in the industry that you and I work in, unfortunately, there's not a lot of opportunities to meet people. One, the hours that we work, and two, it's predominantly male. So I haven't had the good fortune of getting set up with someone from work.

That just doesn't exist in our business, unfortunately. So things are going really well. When you come to New York, I would love for you to meet her. You're going to make me look cooler because you're JR.

So I appreciate you asking, man. Hey, listen, you never meet. Hold on.

I know you're not a fan of Teddy Pendergrass. Yeah, I am now. No, we went through that. You know what song I'm referring to? Loving You Feels So Good, or So Tender, something like that. Yeah, you understand it. Yeah, you know, a little bit. Thank you. It's so good. Yeah.

Loving Somebody. Finish the Rest. Oh, my God. Oh, come on, chef.

I mean, I could look it up on right now, but I'd be cheating. Can I wait? Wait, wait, wait. Yes.

It's so good. Loving somebody. Yeah.

When somebody loves you back. Yeah. You got to listen.

When we hit commercial break. Right. You got to play this song, like pull it up wherever you need to pull it up and listen to it.

Yeah. And then you will understand. You will love this song. So when you hear it. So go ahead. So this is the first time in my life. Yeah. Because I've loved people.

Me too. Oh, I know you have. All right, watch your mouth now, but go ahead. No, that was a compliment. That's not an insult. I wanted to ask you a question.

You called JR a hoe on the radio. Good job. No, no, no.

It's okay. I can't speak for anyone else listening right now. I can't speak for you. But for me, this is the second time in my life where I have been in love with someone for all the right reasons, not just because it was convenient to be in love with that person. Because, you know, we tend to gravitate towards that in our society as well. We feel like we need to fulfill a certain niche, a certain role.

And so we gravitate towards that. But this particular person I am in love with because I've never quite met someone like her before. Oh, that's beautiful. And the fact that that person then loves me back, that's an amazing feeling. I hope everyone, everybody, everybody, JR, it may be over in 30 seconds, it may be over in 30 seconds, but I hope everybody gets to experience that for as little or long as possible for at one point in their life. It is an incredible feeling.

It's impossible to be in a bad mood. With that being said, JR, and I'm not the only one to think about this, you never reveal anything personal about your life in terms of romantically. Yeah, why would I?

You've got so much game on and off the radio. Do I? In your ability to connect and communicate, you would be a gold mine wherever you decide to go, wherever you decide to pursue. So what's the latest with you in that department?

I don't know. You basically inferred that I'm always in love. I might as well be a hoe here. All I said was you've experienced that before because the chances of someone like you not being in love at one point or another in your life would be next to impossible.

So I was hedging my bets there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've been in love. Well, what's the deal now? Is there any lucky lady in your life? We don't know this.

The audience wants to know. I'm not the only one. No, I'm not in love now.

No. I love myself. I'm like Terrell Owens.

I love me some meat. You're a little more selfless than T.O. No disrespect. I know he's your friend. Hey, that's my guy.

I understand. JR. That's my guy. JR, you're a little more selfless. Do we need to get him on the radio to talk? Listen, it'll be two on one here. You're a little more selfless than T.O. He's one of the most talented players to ever play the wide receiver position, but he thinks about himself more than you think about yourself.

But so right now, there's no lucky lady in JR's life. You don't have to tell me any specifics, but. No, I don't. I don't.

I don't love it. I love me. Okay.

I love me. I don't got time. I don't got time right now, man.

Really? No, I don't. I don't know if I told you. I'm here when I'm not here.

I'm doing work with Special Olympics. I mean, I do so much, man. I do think that's when it is going to happen for you, because I wasn't expecting to meet this person. I wasn't like, I didn't meet this person through an app.

I didn't meet this person through online dating. It just so happened that we connected very randomly. And it was when I least expected it, because I'm busy. I'm not as well. You and I are very busy people.

We work six, seven days a week. So I do think it's actually around the corner for you, whether you realize it or not. It might be. It might be. Who knows? I would I would reference Kodak Black, but I don't think you'd get that reference either.

Sorry. He'd just be like, maybe. I hope so. Anyway, we'll see what happens. This is a hell of a transition. You ready for it, Shep?

I'm always ready for your transitions, JR. We are now going from people loving people to people punching each other in the face. Does that fit? Is that a good transition? I think so. Yes. Yeah. I mean, that's sometimes, unfortunately, and I hope never, sometimes you want to punch the other person in the face.

You're just not supposed to do it. But we're going to take a break. And when we come back on the other side, we're going to talk up to a guy who punches people in the face for a living. And he gets paid. He's one of the best on planet Earth to do it. His three welterweight titles. He's from Texas. Shout out to Dallas.

He's from DeSoto. It's my main man, Errol Spence Jr. He's going to be taking on Terrence Crawford next month. The fight was just announced. We've been waiting on the fight forever. And we are going to talk to Errol Spence Jr. about it. If you're not a fight fan, you don't have to be. Just stay tuned on the other side of this break. All about love.

And then it's all about punching people in the face. The JR Sportbrief Show, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. It's the JR Sportbrief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We got a big fight, a mega fight, a giant fight coming next month.

July 2019, Mobile, Las Vegas. We're being joined right now by Errol Spence Jr., welterweight champion, getting ready to take on Terrence Burt Crawford. Errol, how you doing, man? You good? I'm doing great, man. Can't complain. Healthy, feels good.

Everything's great. Man, people have been looking for this fight for a very, very long time. Now that we're more than a month away from it, what is your preparation looking like?

Just a lot of training, a lot of recovery. Some risk, but still getting my media stuff done and still be able to promote this fight so we can make it the biggest fight. Probably, hopefully, the biggest pack out for it. Man, well, are we going to talk more about the welterweights and you trying to get that one last belt from Bud.

Errol Spence is joining us here at the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. That's the last welterweight belt for you to get your hands on. This fight has been a long time coming. What can fight fans and then just folks in general who aren't giant boxing fans look forward to, man? You're the bigger fighter.

You've had no problem calling Crawford out as being a smaller dude. What can we expect with this fight? I feel like people can expect this is an old-school classic fight. These are fights my dad and all the people I've talked to and they've seen on Fox and CBS and seen on Network TV when they were kids. They were watching Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearn and Marla Hagler and all these guys, Shavette, Pernell Whittaker. Watching all these guys, I feel like a whole year Trinidad, you know, just naming a few guys and watching these fights and seeing how classic fights they was and just seeing the skill set and the level and the talent that not just one fighter has but both fighters has.

We're going to be great. Well, listen, man, you're undefeated 28-0. He's undefeated 39-0. You mentioned Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. That fight was cool but we saw that fight a little bit later. What does it say that you guys throughout all of this were still able to get this fight together while y'all are still in your primes?

I feel like, you know, it's great. I feel like it was, I mean, it was just a lot of, you know, discipline and me one set out to, I wanted to fight Terrence Crawford. Like even when he dropped out of negotiations and went out to fight the owner, whatever the dude's name was, he fought, he fought to be a prime or whatever. He fought the guy, you know, I still stood there and, you know, still waited for him to get from the fight to go back in negotiations and, you know, basically, you know, gave him some of the stuff that he was asking for.

Errol Spence Jr. is joining us here at the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. We don't always get those fights in boxing. Sometimes politics get involved and we miss out on the big ones or they may come later. What does that say about the sport in a general sense? You know, it's not like, you know, this is the Super Bowl.

This is the best versus the best. It's not like, you know, even something like the UFC where you got a matchmaker saying, hey, you can do this or you can just hit the bricks. Does it hurt boxing that sometimes the contracts and some of these issues get in the way? Oh, I don't think so, because, I mean, you got some guys, like, UFC is different because, you know, they just make you, you don't really have a choice. Like, you're going to fight or you're going to sit out five years. So, I mean, with boxing, just more, you know, I think boxing turned into more of a business than boxing. Yeah, you know, it hurt for the fans and things like that, but for the boxers to turn more into a business. Errol Spence Jr. is joining us here at the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio.

Great things come to those who wait. When you think about the fight stylistically, people are going to look at you to jab him to death. I heard you describe the fight as taking a look at you being Tim Duncan and then him being a little bit closer to a Kevin Garnett. A little bit more wild, a little bit more out there. What do you see taking place in the fight?

Is that an accurate description as to how things going to take place? We got fundamentals here versus little wildness? I mean, Garnett had a little bit of fundamentals. He had a little wild personality-wise, but he had some fundamentals.

I'm just saying as a standpoint, Tim Duncan, of course, he got talent. He got to have time to be in the NBA, but he was more using his skills, you know, using his fundamentals, you know, using his base and just, you know, just fundamentally beating a lot of guys, you know, using the backboard, doing things that a lot of guys who flashy, you know, wouldn't do, you know, he wasn't with, you know, using a whole bunch of energy. He was more, you know, conserving his energy, making it look good, but making it look easy to, you know, a little more Garnett.

He was more flashy. Garnett appeals more to the younger guys, like even my dad. My dad used to watch the Spurs all the time and me as a kid, I'd be like, Spurs, they were born, like watching them, like they born as hell until I got older and just realizing what Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are doing in the whole system of the thing. Then you got guys with Garnett, they attract more to, you know, young guys, you know, because he's more just flashy with it and it's easier to see, like, man, he's dunking and talking crap and, you know, just acting, you know, acting cool. So, you know, as you get older, you like Tim Duncan a lot, you know, you appreciate what he done in the sport. You're like, man, okay, you made it look easy, you know, so that's what I see.

I see Garnett as more flashy and Tim Duncan, he's not as flashy, but he's still effective and more effective than Garnett. Well, you mentioned growing up in Texas and watching the Spurs. I know you got a lot of family in New York, you mentioned your dad, correct me if I'm wrong, he's from New York, he's Jamaican, isn't he? Yeah, he was born, he's from Jamaica, he moved New York when he was 15.

You're gonna have a lot of New Yorkers checking this fight out, especially I know everybody back on the island where you fought before and then also the boogie down Bronx where I'm from. Talk about the work ethic of a Jamaican, having that background from your dad, I'm very familiar, man. We were watching my dad work hard, man, like even, like I said, I didn't appreciate it really until I got older. I got like 20-some years old to, you know, just seeing him doing the graveyard shift at work and, you know, coming home 11 o'clock, then resting a little bit and taking me to the gym as I come home from school at three, then going back to work at like 7 p.m. and then, you know, I just got good. So, you know, I try to reward them for, you know, their dedication, their hard work because they put in the same dedication, hard work, you know, with me. So I try to show them and try to, you know, get them certain stuff when, you know, my fight over with or, you know, around the clock, you know, just showing that I appreciate of them. Well, listen, man, you talk about when you got good, I think you've exceeded being good.

You're certainly one of the best. Errol Spence Jr. is here with us, the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. You talk about this being a legacy fight against Bud.

What do you want your legacy to be? There's one other welterweight belt there. You want to move up and wait.

Is that just to check another box? Do you want to hang out in the next division? What are your thought process going to this fight and beyond? My thought process is basically to keep winning and to get out to the game, you know, and be able to retire. And while I'm retired, still be able to do the same things I was able to do when I was still fighting.

Errol Spence Jr. is here with us, CBS Sports Radio, the JR Sport Brief Show. You mentioned your car accident from a few years ago. We know about your eye injury.

Have those things really changed your perspective just as a boxer or in life in general? Life in general, you know, because before all that, well, before the car accident, I felt like I was indestructible. You know, I feel like nothing go wrong, nothing to happen. Like, you know, I'm on top of the world. And I just felt like I was veering off the track, so to say. I was veering off the tracks.

And, you know, God, you know, he tapped me on my shoulders. Hey, man, you're back on the right track, man. You really forgot what you're doing it for. And all that, sadly, you know, I always say I'm doing it for, you know, my family, my mother, my father. Make sure, you know, they live a good life. They don't have to work if they don't want to.

And, you know, doing this for my kids and make sure, you know, they have, you know, the best life. Well, listen, Arrow, you're going to have the biggest fight of your career next month, July 29th against Crawford to kind of start to wrap things up. What don't people see about Bud? And why is this fight going to be interesting when you watch him? It's from a different eye and a different perspective.

What have you noticed that I wouldn't notice with somebody else? Oh, I mean, I feel like with him, you get what you see. I mean, he's a mean fighter. He's a greedy fighter. He's got time to fight.

He's very talented. You know, he has skills to him, but he's very talented and he's just a mean fighter. Well, listen, we're going to see two of the best welterweights in the world. Give us the details so we can all check out the fight on July 29th. Oh man, this is a legacy fight. I feel like, I feel like this is bigger than Pacquiao. May was just on the point you got two guys in their prime, two guys who, you know, they're not as old as they was.

So we're going to put on a great show, great performance. You know, both have mean streets. He's a mean fighter. I'm a mean fighter. I'm greedy.

He's greedy. You know, we both coming to fight. We're both on a great show. We're both looking to top each other because everybody's going to watch this fight. I feel like this is the fight that's going to bring, you know, boxing back to the forefront of combat sports, you know, sports in general. I feel like the who's who's going to watch this fight and just be like, especially the older guys, they're going to watch them be like, man, this is my meal right now. I'm hearing, man, this is my meal for 80s fight. This is like an Ali fight or something.

Like, I feel like he's going to have that type of electricity and that type of energy. This fight is going to be asking Pac from the first bell. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports. Radio Arrowspence Jr. getting ready to take on Terrence Budd Crawford, July 29th T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

You going for one more welterweight belt, man. Congratulations and good luck to you. I'll be checking you out. Thank you. Appreciate it. Long time coming.

No doubt about it. It's the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports Radio, a legacy fight. You just heard it from Arrowspence Jr. This portion of the show is brought to you by Wesley Financial. Stuck in the timeshare and want out?

Contact Wesley Financial Group now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at Thank you so much to welterweight champion Arrowspence Jr. for joining us here on CBS Sports Radio. Yeah, he going to take on Budd Crawford. Let's see what takes place. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I'd rather listen to you than my husband. Okay.

End of story. JR, you're great. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Not the first time I heard that. Anyway, it's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. Thank you so much to welterweight champion holding multiple belts in the welterweight division, Errol Spence Jr. for joining us last break. Has a huge fight. Terrence Budd Crawford goes down July 29th in Las Vegas.

Much love to him. It's going to be an interesting fight. I don't want to say a contrast of styles, but it is. You know, Errol can go out there and hit you with the left. He's going to go jab.

Terrence, smaller guy, doesn't mean he is the weaker guy. And so this should be a real interesting fight. It's been years in the making. It's going to be a fun one to watch. We don't get too many super, super, super fights, but I think we got one. For my fight fans, we saw Lomachenko and Devin Haney.

We saw Javonte Tank Davis and Garcia not too long ago. And so we got another good one coming up. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We've had a busy night. Errol Boykins. I guess a lot of Errols. We had an Errol and an Errol.

Shout outs to Errol Spence. But we've obviously talked about all the events going on with Miami, related to Miami. From Messi to the Florida Panthers winning tonight over the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Man, we talked about Dalvin Cook, soon to be no longer a member of the Minnesota Vikings. He's trying to make his way down to Miami.

And then I do want to give you an update. It appears that we have a quarterback in the NFL who has yet to throw a snap, who is already looked upon as quarterback number one. That happens to be Bryce Young.

We'll talk about that in a second. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. George is here from Miami. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. Hey JR, how are you doing tonight? I'm great, and you? I'm doing fantastic. I am that guy, that Jimmy Butler guy. But I want to start off by shouting out the Florida Panthers tonight and that incredible win.

It didn't look good, but they pulled it off. And I want you to comment on all of them because I have three different other points. Wait a minute. Help us out. Narrow it down to the most important point and let's do one. Okay. All right. It's your show, so we'll do that. My most important point is that it's a great time to be a Miami fan.

And with everything that you just mentioned with Dalvin Cook, with Lionel Messi. But my most important point is that I want to know if you're ready based on talent as we've been discussing for quite a few calls here to give up on the Miami Heat. That's what I want to hear. Are you still here? You still there? Yeah, I'm here, brother.

I'm here. No. Help me out. Maybe I've lost a few brain cells in speaking to you. Well, first of all, did you listen to the first hour of the show? Unfortunately, I didn't. I just came on when you were talking to the boxers. Ah, okay.

Well, yeah, the championship boxer, Errol Spence. Here's the deal. Yes, and all my respect to him, by the way. The open to the show, the entire first break in segment was dedicated entirely to the Miami sports scene.

And so you can hit rewind on the free Odyssey app and go ahead and check that out. And I think also, I've been very, very clear on my thoughts with the Miami Heat and the Nuggets. I've relayed that pretty much for an entire week now, George. Well, you've been doing it actually from the beginning of the playoffs. No, you're asking me. Stop talking.

Thank you. Okay. You're asking me about now. And as it relates to right now, I have talked about it for the past week.

And so my thought process hasn't changed, George. Okay? Okay. Well, thank you. Appreciate you for calling from Miami. All right, my man.

Oh, man. Every time he calls... Hey, Shep, it's starting to become depressing talking to that guy. George, it's calling from Miami.

It should be sunny and bright, right? Oh my God. It's like, hey, JR, you change your mind on the Heat? Like, no. What do you want me to do?

Yeah. JR, you giving up on the... I told you I didn't think they're going to win. How many different ways you want me to tell you, man?

And if I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I don't think they're winning. Sheesh. Talking to that guy is worse than going to the dentist.

You know what? It's worse than just going to the dentist. Talking to that guy is like going to the dentist just knowing that the dentist doesn't have anesthesia.

It's like going to the dentist, knowing that you got 20 cavities and you're going to feel all of it. Damn. If the Miami Heat finish and lose in the series, which I think is going to happen, what is he going to call and tell me then? Well, JR, we fought hard.

You didn't believe that they were going to be champions and there you were right. No, I'm not going to hear any of that crap. 855-212-4CBS. Brian is calling from Houston. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Brian? JR, what's going on? How you doing? Thank you.

It sounds like I'll be able to have a decent conversation with you. What's up? Yeah, just enjoying this muggy night. This muggy 90 degree weather. Mosquitoes are out. That's Houston, though. That's Houston this time of year.

You could be breathing wildfire. That's true. That's true.

We got to be thankful for what we do have. I had about 10 points I wanted to make. Joking. The pause and JR, you're good on your brain cells, man. You're good. We all pause with you right there. Hey, look, man, I try my best. I try. I know you do.

I wanted to just kind of listen in the local sports 610 down here today and yeah, it's becoming more and more clear. D'Amico is one of my favorite all-time players. I mean, great linebacker, great leadership skills. The problem is, is, you know, he's a defensive guy at heart.

That's where his mind is and I'm starting to wonder. I like what Caroline has done. They're not playing any games. Hey, look, this is our starter. Bryce Young is the guy and I'm trying to figure out why we're playing games because we've all seen Davis Mills play and the problem here is, is you're setting Stroud up for a difficult route.

I mean, the journey is going to be tough. You know, here's a rookie. He's going to be the starter. The problem here is, is I'm looking at the roster and Dallas Schultz is looking like he's our best receiver, our primary target here and I know that, you know, there's been bad blood with Bill O'Brien and DeAndre Hopkins, but that's the past. O'Brien, you know, basically ruined our franchise. But why are you going to say Hopkins return? Why would he want to? I understand. I know he's got connections here.

The people love him here. I know he's got that bad blood there, but I think that was with former ownership. I don't necessarily want to say that with, you know, the previous owner, the McNair senior, there were some racial undertones.

It's kind of stepped back with Andre Johnson. Yeah. And so my fear is that here's this guy, it reminds me of, you remember the movie coming to America?

Oh, of course. So they're in the barbershop. Remember those Eddie Murphy's playing a little Jewish guy and here's CJ Stroud. Man, he's got his bowl of soup. He's ready to eat. Waiter, taste the soup.

Waiter comes over the table. Is there a problem with the soup? Waiter, please just taste the soup. Is the soup too hot? Waiter, would you taste the soup? Is the soup too cold? Waiter, just taste the soup.

All right, where's the spoon? Take care, JR. I appreciate you, Brian. Hey, look, my favorite part from coming to America is, I can't repeat it on the air, get me fired.

It involves saying good morning to people. But look, the Houston Texans are at an interesting point. What else are they supposed to do? They tried to get a quarterback and they did. They drafted one. And by the way, they're going to be running that football a whole hell of a lot.

I don't think they have too much of a choice. Houston Texans going in one direction. Carolina Panthers, are they going in the same? I'm going to give you some news. I'm going to give you a news update on Bryce Young. And it's good.

You know, it's nice when the young teams or the bum teams can turn the young quarterbacks to turn things around. We'll talk about it and more here on CBS Sports Radio. with 5g than anyone. So if you need great coverage, especially when you're on the go, check out T-Mobile.

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