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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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April 20, 2023 1:14 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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April 20, 2023 1:14 am

JR reveals his top 6 dirtiest athletes and debates with callers what makes an athlete dirty.


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Live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to everybody locked in and listening. Whether you're on the free Odyssey app, tuned in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, you could be tuning in right now on Sirius XM Channel 158 or you could be listening on a smart speaker. Just ask it to play CBS Sports Radio. Jack Stern is holding it down in New York City.

Thank you, Jack. And right now, how about this? The last NBA game of the night. The Minnesota Timberwolves have gone on almost like a 30 to 10 run. The Timberwolves lead the Nuggets 89 to 87 heading into the fourth quarter. The Nuggets led at one point by 21 points. And so Denver is trying to win this game. Now I can say they're trying to bounce back to win this game and take it to 0 series lead.

They were question marks as to whether or not Nikola Jokic was going to participate in this game due to his wrist injury. But Jokic is playing. He has 21 points, seven rebounds, six assists. Jamal Murray has 30 points. And the streaking Timberwolves, led by Anthony Edwards, they have or he has 27 points. Rudy Gobert 17, Karl Anthony Towns has 10 and Antorian Prince dropping in 12. And so Minnesota trying to not lay down and quit here as Denver and Minnesota now go back and forth here to start the fourth.

We'll keep you up to date on that game as it continues on. Our two earlier games, the first game of the night, the Grizzlies with no drama rant. They beat the Lakers 103 to 93 and the Milwaukee Bucks. They beat the Miami Heat 138 122 with no Giannis. And so both the Lakers and Grizzlies are tied. The Heat and Bucks are tied. And then I would say at some point over the next 20 minutes or so, we'll figure out what the deal is between the Nuggets and the Timberwolves. I get started every weeknight at 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 Pacific. We've had a lot to discuss.

If you missed a minute, go ahead and hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. We took a look at a lot of the injuries in the NBA so far. We talked about Tua Tonga Veloa.

Tua Tonga Veloa admitting earlier on Wednesday that he actually did contemplate retirement, but he loves the game, is not ready to walk away. Trey Lance, the 49ers aren't necessarily running around trying to dangle him out to other teams, but other teams are reaching out to the 49ers to see whether or not Trey Lance is available. And then if you want to talk about ankle injuries, Trey Lance broke his. We learned that Tiger Woods had ankle surgery to correct and address arthritis that goes back to his car accident from about two years ago. And if you were expecting to see Tiger Woods back out on the course, trying to win another major, highly unlikely that ain't happening. PGA Championship is coming up in a few weeks. US Open is in June. British Open is in July. I'm sure Tiger Woods, this man, he had fusion surgery on his ankle. He ain't going to be competing. He's going to be down in Florida rehabbing. Good luck to Tiger Woods who is 47 years old and not getting any younger.

Not at all. 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. In a few minutes, I'm going to give you a new top six list. It's what we do every Wednesday night into Thursday morning. I'm going to share with you a top six list of dirty players in sports today. We have some callers who have been waiting patiently.

I'm going to go ahead and get them on and get to the top six. Let's go to Georgia and talk to Clayton, your CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Clayton? Hey, good evening. Good evening, Jay.

You're a groovy dude, man. I appreciate you. I appreciate your agents of inclusion too because I have an autistic grandson.

He's 13. I just want to promote it a little bit. I appreciate you giving me this time that it's Autism Awareness Month.

Correct. Where I work at, everybody's going to be wearing blue on the 28th of April. If any CEOs or anything out there, teachers, try to do it. Get your school to participate.

My daughter went to the school. Now, our whole school district up in Franklin County, right up the road from you, they encourage everybody to wear blue on the 28th of April to spread the word. Well, I think we got the word out, Clayton.

Unfortunately, Clayton, his phone dropped out there. Thank you, Clayton, for calling from Georgia. Yes, this is Autism Awareness Month. Shout-outs to everybody out there helping to bring awareness to the cause. We've actually had a few episodes this month for agents of inclusion that highlight Autism Awareness Month and individuals who have intellectual disabilities. And in a lot of cases, you don't see it or hear it or even know that it's there, which should be even more reason to kind of treat everybody like a human being because you never know what someone is going through. Or it could be your neighbor.

You never know what someone has overcome. And so shout-outs to everyone who's helping to push the message of inclusion. It is Autism Awareness Month. And thank you so much for checking out our new podcast here at Odyssey, Agents of Inclusion. Let's not waste any time because I think it's time for something cool. Hey, Jack, I got a question for you, man. You good? Six, five, four, three, two, one. It's time to get JR's latest top six list only on the JR Sport Brief.

It is the JR Sport Brief show. I asked you if you were good, Jack. I didn't ask you to play the music. You good?

I am fantastic, JR. I thought that was my cue. I made a mistake. But it's all OK, right? Because it sounds natural anyway.

Everything I do sounds fantastic. It's all well thought out. OK. I was just asking if you were good. I just wanted to know if we had crazy ass Dylan Brooks. Don't play it.

I just want to know if we had crazy ass Dylan Brooks. Oh, yeah, I definitely have that up. OK, perfect. So let's play the fancy beginning one more time. Let's do a reset, dammit. Six, five, four, three, two, one. It's time to get JR's latest top six list only on the JR Sport Brief. There we go. It is the JR Sport Brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio.

And you can pretty much think about, you know, or what individuals helped inspire this list tonight as we take a look at some of the dirtiest players in the world of sports today. And so let's not waste any time. What number do we start with on a countdown? Number six. I got to get this guy out the way.

All right. So here's the deal. First of all, the rookie of the year in Major League Baseball, two time All-Star. Unfortunately, he just had a wild ride through free agency.

Like, oh, my ankle's fine, folks. Giants didn't think so. Mets didn't think so. And he had to go back crawl into the Minnesota Twins and they said, oh, we'll give you less money.

We'll give you more if you can stay healthy. I got Carlos Correa here on the top six dirty players in sports today. And I know, I know. I got friends in Houston who are already mad at me. Get over it.

It's just a stupid sports list. Right. But here's the deal. I don't got no problem personally with Carlos Correa. But when you think about dirty, I can't help but think about cheating. I can't help but think about garbage cans.

I can't help but think about the World Series in 2017. And sure, he's not spiking anybody. It's kind of dirty to cheat.

It's something that they admitted. But I appreciate Carlos Correa because the man. He didn't back down. I remember Cody Bellinger said, hey, man, your ass is a cheater.

And Carlos Correa? He spoke to MLB Network a few years ago and he said this idiot doesn't know what he's talking about. Listen to this. Usually I don't have problems when people talk about 2017 and what happened that year because honestly, we're wrong. Everything that happened that year was absolutely wrong. And, you know, we also show remorse for that because, you know, we feel bad about everything that happened.

We really feel bad about everything that happened in 2017. But the problem I have is when players go out there and they don't know the facts. They're not informed on the situation. And they just go out there in front of cameras and just talk. And with me, that doesn't seem right.

It doesn't sit right at all. So when he talks about that we cheated for three years, I mean, he either doesn't know how to read, he's really bad at reading comprehension or he's just not informed at all. Oh, I like that. Just go fight him. Just look at him in the face and just say, hey, man, can you not read?

Do you have comprehension issues? And then just fight him. I just had to put Carlos Correa out here because, I mean, quite frankly, all that cheating and banging and everything that they did, it was dirty. But I like him. Anyway, Carlos Correa number six. Let's keep it moving.

Number five. Oh, man, there is no doubt that this dude is dirty. Dirty as hell. He is so dirty that his college coach said, you ain't the captain anymore and you are now suspended. I'm waiting on somebody in the NBA to punch him in the mouth.

I'm waiting for it. It's kind of crazy that he's this old, but he played in college for the better part almost 20 years. His name is Grayson Allen. Oh, you know him. Captain Trip a lot. I trip you. I kick you.

I stick my leg out to trip you. Ask everybody at Louisville. Ask the folks at Florida State. Ask the folks down the road.

Tobacco road in North Carolina. Grayson Allen is just the tripping ass. You know what?

Anyway, it didn't just stop in college. Ask Alex Caruso, who had a broken wrist because Grayson Allen wants to fly all over the damn place with reckless abandon. Look, Grayson Allen. Spoke to another Dookie. He spoke to JJ Reddick and he basically had a conversation on the old man in the three podcast and he was asked just like, man. Hey, why the hell were you always out there tripping and kicking people?

And Grayson Allen, his answer was like he was on the street somewhere. Take a listen to this. It was never like there was never this predetermined thing. Like I'm going to trip somebody. It was just like in the moment, like that's all I want. That's I was going to retaliate to somebody. And it just happened to be that was that was the best place for me to retaliate in my mind. What?

And then. Oh, yeah. By the way, he said, I'm sorry. I've learned what that.

How much did you really learn? You over here giggling like that, man. Oh, yeah. I was looking for retaliation.

So me kicking out my foot is what I did. Come on. I need somebody with with some sharp elbows in the NBA to just give him a good one. One good one.

Anyway, you want to talk about dirty? Yeah, we know Grayson Allen is on the list. Let's move on to the next number. Number four.

Number four. Top six dirty players in sports today. You wouldn't think this dude is dirty. This dude doesn't even look like a professional athlete. He was drafted into the NFL and he looked like a tax accountant.

He put on a baseball cap and he looked out of place. His head coach is probably already sick of him. His name is Mac Jones. Don't stand in Mac Jones if he turns the ball over.

Don't stand or get anywhere near Mac Jones if he fumbles the ball because Mac Jones is like the Grayson Allen of the NFL. He's like Johnny Cage. He's going low. He's leg sweeping. He's kicking. He's diving at legs. Nobody in the NFL likes Eli Apple.

People wish that he would shut the hell up. And it was right around Christmas time where the Bengals beat the Patriots and it was a turnover and it was getting ran back for six. And for whatever reason, Mac Jones felt the need to just dive in front of the knees, the legs of Eli Apple. And it's not the first time in his two year career that Mac Jones is out there diving at legs and ankles.

And Mac Jones stood in front of the media and he told everybody, he's like, listen, folks, I'm not dirty. It's the NFL. I'm playing hard. I ain't trying to hurt nobody.

Listen to this this high schooler. Obviously, that's a big part of it is everybody has an opinion. And the biggest thing for me is just focus on being the best teammate I can be and earning the respect of the people in this building and the people I care about. So obviously, I have respect for everybody around the league and it takes a lot to get to this league. And, you know, I know there's really good players out there and we're all playing hard and trying to win. So at the end of the day, you have to keep that in mind. It's it's a game and you want to just have fun and enjoy it and compete against each other. And that's something that I've always done.

And I know my teammates appreciate that about me. If I were Bill Belichick and I had to listen to him speak like that when he walked into my office, I'd be sick of him, too. And stop tripping people.

Stop diving at kneecaps. Mac Jones, Mac Jones, number four, top six dirty players in sports today. What's the next number?

Number three. Oh, my God. This clown played tonight. I don't know who he is. I don't know who he thinks he is. I don't know what he's trying to accomplish. I don't know if he wants Vince McMahon to give him a job. It's Dylan Brooks.

Dylan Brooks does so much talking, so much yapping, so much instigating. For a good NBA player, he's good. He ain't no star tonight. He had 12 points when the Grizzlies beat the Lakers. He shot five of 14. He was two of six from deep. He had five personal fouls. I told you about his 12 points. Draymond Green is calling him a clown. And I mean, and he's calling Draymond Green names.

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And now stream Showtime on Paramount Plus. I'm JR of the JR sport show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm also the host of the new podcast Agents of Inclusion. We talk to a different Special Olympics athlete every week to learn how sports can bring us together. We're bringing both the disability and non-disability community to one community.

All one one people, one family. Took me a little while, but I decided to claim autism as my superpower. When you hear the word autism, don't let that hinder you from doing whatever it is that you want to do. That's what Special Olympics tells you. You get involved in sports, but then you take it from the playing field out into real life. Family means to me community, acceptance, love, embracing a person just as they are. That's what Special Olympics did for me. It's all about family.

Subscribe to Agents of Inclusion on the free Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. This is the same dude who smacked Gary Payton Jr. out of the air and the man broke his elbow. This is the same dude who just a few months ago, Dylan Brooks tried to fight Donovan Mitchell, who's one of the most the most gentlemen. He's the biggest gentleman in the NBA. And then he punched Donovan Mitchell in the groin and Donovan Mitchell sat down after the game. And he said, listen, people, we all know that Dylan Brooks is dirty as hell.

Listen to Donovan. That's just who he is. You know, we've seen it. We've seen it a bunch in this league with him. Him and I have had our personal battles for years. Quite frankly, I've been busting his ass for years, playoffs, regular season.

And the one game he does a high job on me today, I decided to do something like that. You know, there's no place in that in the game. You know, you've got to protect yourself at the end of the day. But this has been going for years with me, with other guys in the league. And you all see it. You know, it's not something that this isn't new.

You know, tonight was just the end of it. But it's tough when you can't guard somebody and can't do something with somebody, you've got to resort to that. And that's what he's done to a lot of players.

You know, off the top of my head, I think it's like Damon and Steph. You know, it's just one of those things that's what you resort to. And that's cool.

But Linus B. Jordan, the NBA has to do something about it. Because like I said, I'm not the only person this has happened to. There's no place for that in this game. You know, like I said, I took matters into my own hands.

But at the end of the day, like, you know, it ain't it. You want to know how dirty Dylan Brooks is? Not only was he punching Donovan Mitchell in the groin and Donovan Mitchell punched him back, pushed him back. Remember when Dylan Brooks just shoved the cameraman and got fined for that?

This man is just on the ground doing his job. Dylan Brooks has been suspended for tax. And you just heard Donovan Mitchell.

This is something that continues to go on. Dylan Brooks was chirping in the face of LeBron tonight. And it's just like, why are you bothering LeBron? He ain't bothering you. And so a few minutes ago, after the game tonight, Dylan Brooks was asked about back and forth with LeBron. Dylan Brooks said, I ain't got no respect for that old man.

Take a listen to this. Couldn't do that with one of the better players in the game. What were you thinking? I don't care. He's old.

You know what I mean? I was waiting for that. I was expecting him to do that game four, game five. He wanted to say something when I got my fourth foul. Shouldn't have said that earlier on.

But, you know, I poke bears. I don't respect no one until they come and give me 40. I don't respect anyone until they give me 40?

He's old? I hope LeBron James busts his ass. I hope so. I hope LeBron James dunks on. And oh, yeah, by the way, I hope one day similar to Grayson Allen. I hope someone one day just gives Dylan Brooks a good elbow. Anyway, Dylan Brooks, number three, top six dirtiest players in sports today. Let's move on.

Number two, we got to go to the NHL, right? We got to have a dirty guy on the list. I mean, these guys are allowed to fight except for this dude does more than fight. This dude will trip you. He will give you an elbow to the head and cause a concussion. He will dive into your legs. And then I mean, he won't lick you.

I'm not joking. He will lick you. I'm talking about Brad Marchand from the Bruins. I mean, this dude was an anger management as a child. He's a Stanley Cup champion. He's been in the NHL since 2009 with the Bruins, and he has had multiple suspensions in multiple seasons over multiple years. And for whatever reason, I guess like my main man, Luis Suarez, wants to bite you over in the Premier League.

You got Brad Marchand. He wants to go out and he just he wants to get in your face. And he's licked. He's licked a few opponents, sticking the tongue out. What is he doing? He was asked about that after a game and he didn't have too much of an answer. Let's play that loud and clear. Brett, the cameras caught you with your tongue out again and the guy's face.

Where did that idea come from? He punched me four times in the face. So, you know, he just kept getting close. Nothing big.

Ryan McDonough said he didn't know if there was a difference between spinning in someone's face and licking him. What do you have to say about that? That's cute. That's cute. I got punched four times in the face. So what you gonna do? I'm gonna lick him.

What? I mean, it's probably a good reason you getting punched four times in the face with all the tripping, the suspension, the elbows. And now in retaliation, you gonna just start licking people? Oh, yeah, he's dirty. NHL got some dirty dudes.

They let him fight it out. But no, that's a dirty you know what? Brad Marchand, he's here on the list. Number two, top six dirty players in sports today. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio.

It is a top six list. I just gave you five. We're going to take a break. And on the other side, I'm going to give you numero uno.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show, CBS Sports Radio. I'm glad to give you joy. Good. I'm happy.

Anyway. Oh, this game is good. Denver Nuggets, Minnesota Timberwolves, the Nuggets have taken control here. 108 to 101. The Nuggets lead the Timberwolves with about four minutes left in the game. And the Nuggets are trying to take a 2 0 series lead. The Minnesota Timberwolves, they fought back, had a one point lead here to begin the fourth.

And now the Nuggets are just trying to keep them at bay to win this game. We will keep you up to date. We will keep you in the loop.

But it is Wednesday night into Thursday morning. I gave you or I started to give you my top six list, some of the dirtiest players in sports today. And in a few seconds, I'm going to share with you number one. But before I do that, let me go ahead and give you a recap. If you missed the top five and you can always hit rewind on the free Odyssey app.

If you want to hear some audio from the players, if you want some explanations, et cetera. But let me go ahead and tell you at number six, I gave you Carlos Correa. And number five, I gave you Grayson Allen. And number four, I gave you the Patriots own Mac Jones. And number three, this man played basketball tonight. I gave you Dylan Brooks. Dylan Brooks came out of his mouth and said, LeBron James is old. He's 40. I don't respect him. I won't respect him until he puts 40 points up on me. That's what Dylan Brooks said. I kid you not.

And number two, I gave you the Bruins own Brad Marchand. And this is someone who went through anger management as a child. He has handed out concussions due to elbows to the head. He has dived into legs. He has tripped opponents. And then he has also been known, unfortunately, to lick them as well. Punch him in the face. Get close.

He might lick you. Yeah, this Stanley Cup champion has, he has issues. He got problems. He's number two on the list. And so where does that leave us? With this number right here. Number one.

At number one. Top six dirty player or top six dirty players in sports today. He is number one on the list.

He helped inspire the list to the shock of no one. It is Draymond Green. How about this?

I had to do a little bit of digging. Not too much. Draymond Green for his career. He got started in 2012, four time champ, defensive player of the year, four time All-Star. He's going into the Hall of Fame. Draymond Green has 162 career technical fouls.

One hundred and sixty two. He has been ejected 17 times. Draymond Green has been suspended four times, which is why stepping onto the damn chest. Well, not stepping on, stomping on the chest of DeMontez Sabonis like he is a WWE wrestler is why he got the boot. I do want to give Draymond Green a little bit of credit. He's absolutely hilarious.

He's absolutely great at pleading the fifth and pleading ignorance and never admitting fault. I don't know if that's funny, but from punching his own teammates from beefing with Kevin Durant to kicking Stephen Adams in the groin, to hitting LeBron James in the groin, to striking James Harden in the throat, to hitting Russell Westbrook, I can go on and on again to his latest hit with Sabonis. Hey, Draymond, I got a simple question for you. Why did you get the boot from the game? What was the explanation? Tell me. Can you just walk us through what happened there? My leg got grabbed second time in two nights.

Referees just watch it. I got to land my foot somewhere. I'm not the most flexible person, so it's not stretching that far. So you didn't really see where you were stepping. I can only step so far and pulling my leg away.

So it is what it is. What was the explanation they gave? I know they gave him a technical that obviously you.

The explanation was I stomped too hard. OK, Joe Dumas says that he is not going to be participating in game three in San Francisco. Because of his history of unsportsmanlike conduct. And you can go ahead and count all 162 of his texts, all 17 of his ejections and his three prior suspensions before he got the boot for game three. And for comparison's sake, Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman is top five in technical files in the NBA. Dennis Rodman has 212 texts.

I get it. Draymond Green is 33 at a pace of about 20 per season by the time that or maybe 18, 17. If Draymond Green can stretch it out for another, I don't know, three, four years.

He may be in the top five for texts. Also Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman. He's been ejected from games five times. Dennis Rodman is long gone.

Five ejections for the worm. Draymond Green has already been given the boot 17 times. Draymond Green did not headbutt a referee like Rodman did. But I mean Draymond Green is certainly on his way. And for his actions, he helped inspire this list tonight.

And Draymond Green, he is number one on the list. The phone lines are now open to you. It's very simple. It's very straightforward. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Who do you think is the dirtiest player in sports today? I don't want to hear about the dirtiest player five years ago. I don't want to hear about the dirtiest player 20 years ago, 40 years ago, 50 years ago. Call me now. Who is the dirtiest player in sports today? Active athletes. I'm going to get to your phone calls on the other side of the break. We'll talk about the Denver Nuggets and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

We should have a final very, very soon. But right now, before I get to your phone calls on the dirty player in the game today in sports, it's the J.R. Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio.

I just gave you a top six list of some of the dirtiest players in sports today. I'm going to get to your phone calls momentarily. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Who's somebody in the world of sports, active, who's dirty? I got to tell you this. Jamal Murray is currently speaking to TNT because the Denver Nuggets, they were able to hold on and they beat the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight in Denver. The final score, 122 to 113. Denver now leads the series two to nothing. The Minnesota Timberwolves at one point in time, or I should say from the third quarter going into the fourth. They basically went on a 30 to 10 run, but the Denver Nuggets were able to get the lead back in the fourth right away and they held off as Jamal Murray was able to pour in 40 points all by himself. We'll share more with you about that game, about this game at the top of the hour. All of the NBA games tonight are in the books. The Grizzlies beat the Lakers with no job or rant. This series is tied one all and the Bucks, the Bucks beat the Heat 138 to 122. That series also tied at one all. 855-212-4CBS talking dirty players in sports.

If you missed the whole list, you can go ahead and hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. Carlos Correia, six. Grayson Allen, five. Mac Jones, four. Dylan Brooks at number three. Brad Marshand, Boston Bruins. I had him at number two.

And at number one, I gave you Mr. Stompalot and Draymond Green. Let's go ahead and go straight to Boston and let's talk to Barry. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Barry? Yeah, how are you, Bubba? I'm excellent. How you doing? I'm doing fantastic.

I'm still a million dollars shy of being a millionaire. But Brad Marshand, he is, I know there's FCC rules as to what I can call him. Whether it's a prick or a dick or a penis, I know he is. But he's an antagonistic and he's fantastic for Boston. We love him. We love him so much and he is fantastic.

And before COVID, my son and I met him at a shopping center, a market here in Boston. And my son was like, he's shorter than me. I'm five nine. He's only five eight. I'm pretty sure he could take me. I don't know how tall you are, but he is unbelievable. He is so good for the sport of hockey in Boston.

I love him. And the day that we went to this supermarket to meet him, did he lick you? One of his one of his one of his most antagonistic people that he hated, I think was the guy from Philly. Don't ask me his name because I have no idea. He got traded to Boston that day. And I asked him, I said, hey, what's up?

So-and-so got not not drafted, but traded to Boston. I said, he says, hey, he's my teammate now. Yeah. My team, you know, even though Barry, Barry, Barry.

Thank you. We can wax poetic about him for the next five minutes. It doesn't that doesn't change the fact that he's a dirty, you know what? And you can love him for all you want. But he got issues and he got problems. And nothing, nothing takes away his play on the ice.

And his accomplishments doesn't take away from some of his disgusting decisions. I'm just glad he didn't lick you in the face. Thank you, Barry. I appreciate you. I'll be on W. Hey, hey, stop. Listen, I'm going to be on WEEI on Friday morning talking about agents of inclusion. Make sure you tune in. OK. Oh, my God. I will absolutely listen. I can't wait, buddy. OK.

Thank you so much, Barry, for calling from Boston. Appreciate you. It doesn't matter if somebody loves you, right? Like you, you probably love somebody in your family.

That doesn't mean that they think they can't be a you know what? Come on. It's my family. We love them. He's our you know what? Then our family say. And so sure, you can love the Boston Bruins and you can go ahead and absolutely love Brad Marshawn.

But that don't mean he's not dirty. Can you imagine? Now, I can think about a lot of sports and OK, we got weird things that happen all over the place.

Can you imagine? This is a Dennis Rodman thing. I think Dennis Rodman looked at Alonzo Mourning and told him like he had a nice ass or something like that. But can you imagine if Dennis Rodman tried to lick Alonzo Mourning? Alonzo Mourning would have sent him to the the upper room.

I mean, it don't it don't work that way. You got this dude in the NHL licking people in the face. Come on.

When he's not fighting and tripping them. Imagine if Draymond stepped on Sabonis's chest and then he got on the ground and licked them like, what are we doing? 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. It's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS.

We're talking about some of the dirtiest active athletes in the world of sports. Keyword. Active. James is calling from Cleveland. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, James? What's up, J.R.? I'm sorry I didn't catch the keyword active players. But I'm gonna have to agree with you on Draymond as being the most dirtiest active player.

I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, and obviously that means I'm anti-warriors to the fullest extent. You know, I can't, you know. You OK? You locked outside.

You locked outside your house. You OK? I just walked in, J.R. OK, you want to talk to me or you need to run to the bathroom? No, no, no. I'm good, man. We're good.

That doesn't sound like it. Hurry up. Finish up. Draymond is by far the dirtiest of dirty players in the NBA.

I mean, in all the sports right now. OK, thank you, James. Appreciate you. Hang your guns up. Go to the restroom.

Make yourself a sandwich. If you want to, crack yourself open a beer and then talk to me another time. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS talking about the dirtiest players in the world of sports today. Mike is calling from Sacramento. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Mike?

Hey, man, I'm doing pretty good. Besides what I feel is like dirty ESPN. You got J.J. Reddick, what's his name?

Stephen A. Smith and the other dude. They all talking about J.Mon Green looking like a saint, right? We all know he's pretty dirty.

He's pretty clever at it, too, so I'll give him that. But I want to make a point to you. Tell me what you guys think. Game one, Sacramento shocked the world.

Nobody gave us a chance. They definitely didn't say dirty games. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's slow down. I don't find that to be accurate, but what is your ultimate question here? Keep going.

Well, here's my thing. Game one, we won. A lot of people think we weren't going to do it. Game two, we won again. After those two games, nobody said the Kings were dirty. Nobody said the Kings were playing extra-physical. But you know, after Draymond got suspended, ESPN starts with all their shows, you know, First Take, whatever they're talking about. And they're on the air talking about the Kings are really dirty.

You know, they're doing a lot of extra in the series so far. Oh, Mike. So, Mike, what's your point? That's my point.

Are they politicking for game three? And that's what really brought me up. Mike, let me explain something to you.

I think you're putting too much thought into it. It's television. And I don't know what you're talking about because for the most part, unless it's a highlight that runs across something on the Internet, I don't sit down and watch that show because it's entertainment.

You want to know what happens? People, a bunch of producers sit in a room and they figure out how to be entertaining and to push buttons and to be opinionated. And they do it. It's entertainment. Nobody is sitting around trying to push a narrative. Nobody is sitting around trying to change the world.

Nobody's sitting around trying to bury the Kings. Nobody cares. They're all just trying to cash checks and get ratings and say wild things.

That's it. I wouldn't give a damn about what any of them say, Mike. OK, well, I do care when they say, hey, I'm pretty sure that Golden State is going to get the calls in game three. So I'm like, OK, why don't you guys come out the gate to game one or game two and say that?

Mike, Mike, Mike, OK, the referee, I know there is collective influence as to what is in the atmosphere. The referees don't give a damn about what they're saying on that show. And if I were you, I wouldn't care either. It's it.

You look like the better, faster, more athletic team. Who cares what some guys yelling on TV say? Like, who cares? If you want to care about what anybody says, how about you listen to a realist like me, Mike? How about that? That's why I love it, because, you know, you're always keeping it real. Right. And if you want to know if you want to be entertained and you want to worry and call me about what they say on TV, knock yourself out.

But I wouldn't give a damn. I appreciate you, Mike, from Sacramento. We got an interesting game. I don't know where the hell he went. We got it.

I got to hit the brake. We got an interesting game coming up tomorrow because Draymond Green is not going to be available because he's stepping on a guy's chest. And the guy who got his chest stepped on may not play because it's chest is bruised.

I think Sabonis will still be out there. But what do I know? It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to get some more of your calls on the other side of the break. Taking a look at some of the dirtiest athletes in the world of sports. We'll hear from Jack and then we'll also hear from some of the. Well, how about this? We hear about the Nuggets. They just beat the Wolves. It's the JR Sport Reshow, CBS Sports Radio.
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